The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 8
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Page EigK T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, July 5, 1914.' What Decatur Spends And Where It Gets The Money Figures Now Well Above $300,000 for a Year. f AST week S. E. Sims made report i I on his audit ol the accounts of the *-J city of Decatur for the year that closed April 30, 1514. In many respects this report goes mure into detail than did anything we have had heretofore. Commissioner H F. RobMns remarked in council when the report was presented that he had been over It care- f u l l s ana was morf pleased with the thoroughness of the work of Mr. Sims. Mr Robbing mnr\clecl that the raport was made as t h o r o u g h , he regarded it as a reimrkable piece of work. The r i p o r t by Mr Sims Is too lengthy » he p u b l i s h e d In full. However, there are f e a t u r e s ' h a t shoulfl be of interest to people l U i n i j in D e c a t u i . The substance of some portions of the repori are here (riven. BIKECT TAX REVENUES. Mr. Sim« nlvo* the e x t e n s i o n antl col- leorlon of iliro-t taxes for the year? 1912 and l'.n?., the l a t t e r paid this year Extension of t a r ^ s for the two years shows TAX FOR 1912 Ra»! and personal property $ 1 2 1 . 1 S S 0 3 Railroad 3,57820 Telescraph and telephone ... 647.46 Subsequently added 11 --"' Total direct tax for 1912 . .J12S.724.94 Not all the above was secured by the c*t There wer« ' credits" because of errors, commissions and uncollectetl taT«s. Thes. "credit" Items are: TCrrors nn real propertv S 15.41 PersonM tax u n t o l l e c t e d 1,543.23 Fc« count? cl»rk for extension 359 M rommlsmon town collector ... 1,161.7s I ' o m m i f i l o n r o u n t y collector .. 1,178.55 which is now in process of collection, is made up of these Items: Real and personal property .$142.601.51 Railroads 5,088.97 Telegraph and telephone .... 1,625,55 Total for 1913 tK9.164.03 Out of this will have to come "credits" for fee of c o u n t y clerk, for extension and commissions to the town collector and county collector. These "credits" will be a little bigger than for the year 1912. The net sum received by the city will be close to (144,500. It is about $20.000 more than was got a year ago. To the above yearly revenues got t h r o u g h direct taxation must be added about $13,000 a year, got as the city's share of road and bridge tax- TOTAL MUCH BTGGBR. But total receipts of the city are much larger A u d i t o r Sims gives these items as m a k i n g up the total received by Comptroller McXabb for the fiscal year that closed the 30th of April last, elvlcs the d i f f e r e n t cltv departments to which the receipts went' Parks and Public a f f a i r s ..$ 11.08198 Accounts and finances . 148,48857 Health and safety 71,68712 Streets and public I m p t o v e ments 4,055 11 Public property 7 0 . 5 7 2 2 0 Library appropriation 8,722.41 Firemen's pension f u n d _ . -. 1,684.61 Interest on overdraft Warrants unpaid; May 1, m* Warrants for May, 1914 payrolls, paid In April Total S 38,441.74 FINAL FIGURES. There are deductions to be made from these "additional disbursements," amounting to J5.160.83. Getting down to final figures, Auditor Sims had these: Total receipts for the year ..$316,866.59 Disbursements for year ... 312,261.90 Balance In bank May 1, 1914 .? 4,593.69 NEW FILTER PLANT. Receipts in the fund for building the new f i l t e r are shown as follows: Sale of bonds $135,000.00 Premium on bonds 3,610.00 A c c u m u l a t e d Interest on bonds 787.60 Interest from bank ........ 1.499.11 Total of "credits" $4,461,84 Thm leaves the net a m o u n t the city got from direct taxation for the year 1912. collected and t irned over 10 the city In the f i r s t part of 191T., $124,263.10. FOR 1*13. The tax lew for 1913. the last of Total receipts . J314.SS4 98 DISBURSEMENTS. D e p a r t m e n t disbursements of the above f u n d s are given as follows: Parks and public a f f a i r s . . $ 23.91S 13 Accounts and finances . . . 47,529.s: Health and s a f e t y 64,923.15 ?treets and i m p r o v e m e n t s . 66,01305 Public property 76.365.92 Total J278.9S0.99 Other d i s b u r s e m e n t s amounted to $3S 441.7 I. These are P i n k i n e f u n d $21,30000 Total $140,896.61 Total disbursements in the filter plant f u n d , up to the first of last May, are shown as $59,347.57. This left i balance in the f u n d of $81,549.04. FIREMEN'S PENSION FUND. The firemen's pension f u n d for t h N e a r had these receipts: Cash on hand May 1, 1913 . T r a n s f e r r e d from licenses .. From Insurance tax Contributions received ...« Pond and Interest paid .... From f i r e m e n ' s payroll .... Interes: from bank Insurance 391.34 Binding 795.86 A. L. A. expenses, attending and dues 101.17 Furnishings 19.91 Dues to sundry association .. 4.00 Pictures 1.20 Ice - S o n Periodicals 410.05 Lamps 40.25 F u r n i t u r e G40.00 Total disbursements $10,001.13 On May 1, 1914, there was a balance of $1,110.20 in the l i b r a r y f u n d . WHERE MONEY COMES FROM. The city's more i m p o r t a n t sources of revenue for the year are here Riven: Direct taxes $128.945.96 I'.oad and bridge tax 12,882.59 Market rent Billiard lici-nse Show license B u i l d i n g permits .... Engineers' l i i e n s e ... Pug license Liquor license Justice of peace f i n e s Insurance tax . . . . . . . Teamsters' license ... Peddlers' license .... Pole tax Filling trenches 317 SO sos 7r, 1,318 12 1,103.13 7t!3 00 30S.50 59,982 87 6,060.50 2,7.i Ti.60 519.7C 1,172.75 1,320.75 Electric inspection 1,122.66 Plumbing Inspection 1,157.50 "Water accounts 76,101.60 DISBURSEMENTS. Some Items in the more Important of the city's disbursements are: Parks $14,068.75 Park sites and Interest 3,100.00 Chamber of C o m m e r c e f u n d .. 3,750.00 I^aw department 2,999.70 Interests on bonds 12,935.00 R e f u n d road and bridge tax .. 10,153.38 R o n t 1,200.00 C o n t i n g e n t f u n d 2,996.47 Salary f u n d 20,244.97 Health d e p a r t m e n t 1,891.68 Police department 26,'3S5.39 Fire department 36,545.48 Water works 30,120.35 Water inspection 17,26991 Light department 15,888.60 Cit-Ts p-irt of p a v i n g 4,126.93 Franklin subway 3,000.00 .Tnsper s u h w a y 11,499.66 Cny yards purchase, account 4,560.00 Sundry expense, detailing special work 1,510.47 Cleaning streets 12,846.11 R e p a i r i n g paved streets ... 3,499.79 Streets and allejs 3,999.98 S i d e w a l k s and crossings ... 5,002.33 Cleaning crossings 1,000.00 Sister: Read My Free Offer! Total receipts .·. $4,5056", Disbursements Bonds purchased $3,1263'' Pensions paid d u r i n g year 441 on Total disbursements ........ $3,567.3!' Balance in bank ............ $ 935 26 LIBRARY EXPENSES Dishui Cements in the l l b r a i y f u n d as shown bv report of the librarian f u r the fiscal e a r , are given by items: Salaries N i g h t and extra work S u n d a j opening Books Supplies Light a n d heat .... Repairs Drawer account 61 06 l,l, I am a woman. I know a woman's (rials. I know her need or tjmpajaxf and help* I£ you, my sister, areunhappvbecauseoffll-nealth, if you feel unfit for household duties, social pleasures, or daily employment, write and te!l me just how you suffer, and ask Eor my free ten days' trial of a home treatment Butted to your needs. Men cannot understand women's Bufferings. \Vhat we women know from experience, ws know better than any man. I want to tell you how to cure yourself at home at a cost ofabout 12 cents a week. 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Our July suit clearance, beginning Monday morning, will save cc -s for you- will enable you to buy Decatur's finest, best constructed, most dependable, biggest value clothing at prices so tempting that no man needing clothes can well afford to pass this sale. There are hundreds and hundreds of men's and young men's splendid suits included m the offers listed below. The pick and choice of them will go to the early choosers. T $15 $16.50 values, July Clearance price. $11.50 ive reduced to $11.50 You will find some extreme values in these lines which we have reduced^ to $11.50. They are our regular $15 and $16 qualities; men's "* ' and young men's models are included. Everything in fancies, all but the plain bine serges and blacks Be sure to see these suits at $14.50; they're a real value sensation; a quality offer K you've waited for this sale, as we know dozens and dozens of men have, you'll find something here in these lines of suits reduced to $14.50 well worth while waiting for. They are mostly regular $20 suits; a few $18 suits also included in the lot and some that sold at higher prices. A dandy assortment men's and young men's models in staple worsteds; fancy eassimero?. chev- iots, and velours. Conservative or extreme models, which- over you prefer. There are hundreds of suits at this price. A' style to please everybody $25 and $28suits, $19.50 $30, $32, $35 suits, $22.50 The very finest ready to wear clothes in Decatur are yours tomorrow at -i22.50. Our regular $30, $32, and $35 suits; men's and young mer/s models; many of At $19.50 you can buy our high-grade Stein-Bloch and Sincerity $25 and *28 suits; theso finest of ready to wear clothes for men and young men. Trie complete assortment"! formerly selling at $25 «nd ?28 are Included. Only the blue serges and blacks ire exc«ptecL else reserved $19.50 suits; men's and young mer/s models; many of them handsomely silk lined; the very finest fabrics! tailoring that cannot be excelled. Ton . ·annot Imagine finer clothes. Tomorrow at ......... ; C.II . *J\t »v~ MOTHERS-Hcrc's your opportunity on boys' suits We have prepared here some very attractive bargains in boys' suits. Mothers should be interested in this opportunity to save. Ctome in tomorrow and get your choice of the lot while it is at its best. Boys' 2.00 suits are reduced for this July clearance to Boys' $2.50 suits are reduced Eor this July clearance to . . . Boys' $3.00 suits are reduced for this July clearance to (1*1 ^ !·· d*1 . «P A · j»O A A «P*i»'*v Boys' $3.50 suits are reduced for this July clearance t o . . . . Boys' $4.00 suits are reduced for this July clearance t o . . . . Boys' $5.00 suits are reduced for this Julv clearance tc».... QA Bovs' $6,50 suits are reduced J»K Of) .OU f or ' tllis July clearance to «P«*·* v Boys' $8.50 suits are reduced jl»fl CA f or this July clearance to «iv.uw 7K Boys $10 aiid $12.50 suits are JJ7 75 . I U reduced for this July clearance*^ · · · v Reasons Why You Should Trade Here M O N D A Y H IRSCLJ COMPANY! · Everything Ready to Wear. 121-125 N. Water St. Decatur, El. Corsets American Bpauty Corsets, odd sizes, made to sell for 63c Corset Covers 10 styles, elaborate trims of embroidery and lace, s\?es 34 to 44 23e Brassieres Made with 4 front stays and r e - l n f o r c e d under arm . . . . 22e Child's Kimono Aprons Ught and dark percale. 2 to 6 years .... 24e Ladies' Lawn Kimonos Made extra long; coma In very pretty summer patterns, made to sell lor *1.00 88e Children's Parasols 39c Includes silk and high priced novelties all mads on steel frames, good handles, worth up to $1 00 Fans Palm Leaf Fans, extra large ones that make the necessary breeze, sells for 5c 2c Boys Overalls Made of blue denim, two pockets, sizes 4 to 15 years special for Monday 21c Boys' Waist Suits All the newest styles and materials. A. large assortment. Values up to $2.00. Special for Monday.. 98e Boys' Union Suits Balbrigan and mesh materials, short sleeves and knee length, special for Monday 21e Men's Underwear Made of bal- bnggan ma- teriaJ, long or ihort sleeves, per garment 21e Wash Ties Just received a new lot of wa»h tle« that are easily worth IGc. Special for Monday. lie Ladies' Silk Waists Regular 11.60 jap silk waist, cleverly made, all sizea 95e Ladies' Hand Bags Newest shapes in real leather, leather lined, money purse and mirror, $1.00 value 4Sc Gloves The newest Ideas in long: silk button gloves, extra quality, JI.OO value 69c Skirts An all wool serge Russian tunic, black, blue and Mack and white check, regular J3.50 value skfrt, long Bargain Basement Towels Extra size bath towels, good weight Turkish, value 2Sc, Honday 19e Summer Net Corsets, cool and durable,. 47c Ladies 9 Vests Ladies' Gauze Vests, taped neck and arm, always sell for a dime 7c Children's Gown* Made of crepe in white, pink and blue, just like mamma wears, 6 to 14 years 48e Gingham Petticoats 9 Inch flounce, come in plain or striped patterns, always sell for 50c .... 39c Porch Dresses 200 In the lot. goofl assortment of sizes, llg-ht and dark colors. Biles 34 to 44 73e Children's Summer Dresses Made of the popular crepe beautiful selection of etylei, sizes 6 to 14 year*. worth J1.50 In a Rompers Children's Rompers, crinkly seersucker In pink, blue and tan stripe, no Iron- Ing required, aells for 5Gc mad* of 37c Boys* Blouses Big variety of patterns and materials. French collar, el see 4 it 15 years, special for Monday 21c Boys' Suspenders Leather ends, good elastic. A special 25o suspender for 14e Boys' Straw Hats We have 73 -boys' straw hat* left and we offer them to you at the low proce of 19e Men's White Hose A 2 ply hoee with a 4 ply heel and toe. Mad* of fine lisle material. Special for Monday 16c Work Shirts Light and dark colors. Thlt lot include* the famous Blue BelL So) most everywhere for Sue, special for Monday 39e Ladies' Wash Skirts Made of light wslgbt iio» cioth, long RuiElan turtle, all sizes 95c Ladies' Outing Hats Several different models rn canvas and duck. (1.M values 59e Notic* Because the Hinoh Oompanr always have what they advert!**, the best values for the Uait moner. Bargain Basement OU- cloth Bargain Basement, first quality table oil cloth, all colors, regular Me yard, for Monday .. 19e Bargain Basement Bat' her Towels Regular 6c towels for Monday only, special at IN £V SPA PERI N E W S P A P E R !

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