The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 6, 1974 · Page 20
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 20

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1974
Page 20
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tWK BftAlOSPQlIf If ACTS County Fair... from P»g« sets improvements on highways in county "tr» Fb«M( expbaa* "Hi Mi *»* tfi tfMt to ft*** N> It »m frM t Ml. » » Ml. ftl* fey, n« Am, K^dnateiittf* ta Ih* audHoriwn and wUJ '' totteft a>t teneV UVKSTOCH mw» The 8Uf» ^ ' tilt vtnittf d*«Ur*4«« tetivday rreatr- TltBftyte *atw<Uf aM <£Tc*?fiNf "— CMSMI tar « |>* BA^^^^A^ y^^^^fu AA^ WtfOTM UMMf •IT te « i«.t ifflprotwaenl |>r«fr«ra for T«» HIDiway Commttticn. OTOCT F. MlQ WW6 wrr»c\n|, resur- cf sibcNiMcf ) ftod ottwf ^jrfmiH Tat Its State Highway Safety and Betteravwrt aad Farm to Market Road to nro*«mcat Program statewide todade JW projects to m counties of state, ia- voMng4,Mat miles of road* Fifty-two per cent of the work Is on US-and state- numbered route*, 17 per cent Is on Farm to Market Roads ntn On^ pi$r cejat is feaWvcd rof latcv/ • ftsigiwunts* Projects tewiuort* County Include: Highway M ~ in Aafteton from Rack Wand Street to Arcola Street. The pruooaed w^esi is toC40ttist of wMtaaiig* curb and gutter, asphaltk concrete pavement; estimated cost &»&»; length of project ft) mite. Highway 3M-fr«nSHH in Braioria^ ;« mile* eastward to Lake Jackson The . proposed work~~oae surface trtatmeti cnrtriay, Ettiauted Cost Park RMd SI - from FM «H3 in Ww« Cohsahta. nor ihward 0 4 mile to wd of Loop Road. Proponed *«rk, lRatra«nt Estimated coal, Speaker's race, P*t« t) Hvad« pfcvaiwd CQ Caktw«U to na to arid-mi At that un»*. C»Jdw*B said be w«s sqpportiof Parker and •quid not eater U* race, to remnt weeks, however. QkUwefl DM had a ctauvje of bean and *ay» be «iU run if and when Parker withdraws. OaytoD, *bo has boBl apaaubBUntiaJ lead. fremy of acthHy OR the Ubcr from. Early U* week, be said. "Personally I ihtok «•» over, The oppMttca wUI probably offer a token candidate, bat I can't ice anytoia* ccoOog of it." If Parker toair«i ifee rae*.. Oaytoasaldai hxut ft««or*ii ot Parkerl 36 comwKitd pledgea wit) jotn him— tocrt«ing tu» total to near ta Hew* reporters aad -«jjsJder»" wcrt barred from the takeway ondFUNI Lois Alien® Afford Billy Joe Gatlin Jr. SWEEX Y- Billy Joe Catlm Jr. *evep^ay-oW*ooo<«r and Mm Billy Joe Gatlm ST., SM Hackberry St.. dMd in TMJM QuJdren'i Hopflal on Ttanday iOct J, If74). Gravccide serricea went held Saturday at Sweeny Cemetery Jerry WEATHER facet W»oth«r FROM Cttt CJUf of Mexico flowed over T**** Bratorta. northward 14 mk>e to IS mUe Kurfh of Highway 3S Proposed work, fUbitlM txtollag base and place asptaltic one coun* i«rta«e treatment Estimated coal. 190,300 F« S» - From (Uheatw- Braieria Ownty Lta» weal- ward t.i milt to Highway » 1? mile to HJgfcway u • awrfae* Irwtmeiti. to cost B>,flO» We*t Columbta northward 1 1 mite to Park Road SI Toe work cooaltu of an MBfeaitfe overlay ettintated to cent -n» Mb* trfihwtr Hwiork en*bl» many Rrwnrta CwMty yotXHltiert to g» to nHe««." ftachaaaa **w. Th* Junta* U*«*t*ek Auction win I* fc*ai Tbertday «fln»«T »p«n taUwraitie arena "Tfcef* art ** many ifepartmeoia «K A* Umtwrk Shew, H'» ten* to knew aha* t exfctttag bate and plaee oo* course aipitaliie »yrf»e* trMtirural KMinuted mil if H7.CWV FM «VS - replace tw» timber bndfts with concrete stab and girder tpao strue< \un* totaled 3 J aed 41 mite weal of Highway tt*. at M eatinuied coal of IM^WJ Fil i«« from nH l»l. »e»i of W«M OotonbU. FM»I« from FMSUi. went of Ch«rch»U Brldg*. *«uthe««l »* ma* to th* Owal PropoMd work, co«irs« avpaatlk ttufac* treatment fJUtmaied COM w Richwood seeks volunteers for disaster leaders R1OIWOOO VotuMttt* (or neighbor hood dt«a»t*r caputzB for CHil 0«f«tM« are reqiMHted to cmfl City HaS a«d lean* tlmr naro*. *»Jdrwi», plwcte OKnnber, aco wbetlunf or «x the-f are en nitwti baed « tuttre an amalear r»«tlo tkitsw Tbrt ane«*UM*8s*tit **» made at it* regular Counsil nwtKtny this week Two people are nrwfcrd for FREEPORT — Mn. lo» Alku* Atford. 7X of SO* A»*. 8,, died catty Saturday (Oct. 5. HK4I at Community Hospital after a week's Btaest, Mrs. Alfard had been a resident of Freepon tor 33 year*. The body will be at Lakcwood Fuacrai Qiapti aottt I p m today. Funeral strvkea wffl be held at 2:» pjw. Mocday at the Gipaoa Funeral Home Qiapei ia Urfkm. Burial will be fa HUfcreB Cemetery at Uftio She to sunrtnd by a daughter. Mn, P 0 BcSard of Uke JJMtan; tw« amber*. R. C. VfaOiftg of TcmO. Tn.. J. C, HWtofofSpkodora.T«,: B«*tater», Mrs. J, R ttempeaaof ^pieodora. Mrs. J, K. Oardoerof Hoattoo. Mrs .Frank Prat er of Tyter. Mrs. Charlie Ceteof Terrefl. Mrs. V T Bailey of loffca. and lour grandcniidrtn Shelby Sampton FREEPORT-Fitjera! services for Skeiby Sampton are acneduted for 1 pm Monday at First Mnaionary Baptist Chorcfe, SO] B. Saab SL, wua the Re*. C, L. Stewart oflkiattag Boriml wiB be ia Oaktaad ConunuoMy Cemetery uadcr lae dvectta of Viola and Soas Fuoeral Home Sampton dwd at Ms reaidencv. 486 EState St.. Tuesday tOct, 1. UMKttenad been a nwMeal of Freeport for 49 ytars and wa» a retired raBrasd employee. with iKe Rrv. Bobby Good official** Sbrvhors in addtUea to the parenu are two brotlim Me and Jimmy John, sister. Anita Gale Gatlin; graodp Mrs.LoaJ.Cook.S«eeny,andFr«dd»eL««erUOaUa» Arraagemenu were by Sweeny Kuarral Home. Ophelie Merchant ftawrat service* for Mr*. OpheUe Merdsaet. 7J. wiO be bridal i;*pjn. today at TareeCfaurdito Bay CHy Mn. Merduut *ed Thursday lOcf 1. 1174) in Matagorda Sorvhw* l«tMe four stepsons. N«r»» Parfca. Cedar Uk«. I T. Parka. of Bay Oty. feur stepdavghlen, Evangio l*e SroMb of Ba* City. Joyce RJdw and WUUe MM Bright, both of rnwport. md frMres Jone* of Bmeria; 47 grandth»«lren; and « great-graadduldrni Amtj/nuatu *«* b> puDca»-Hoben» Kunenl Homr m B*> Cfcy, Wtwa* W«tf «*j*»in«d oiptaift wtB be mpxtubfe for gcttiBf in taaeh widt » if^tfic numtwr at j*tapj». VottBttwr* are aHo «t«d»d in the artfta of For«M. H4t«n»« Bayou fotalts, and Seitrader Uutr. «9 tbooW contact IUd» •wd Cltj Ilitt PRI^CHOOt SCREENING SCHEDULED Oo you hJt* a litre* or fowyear-oid ctald at teeo* tn ihe Co»«j«nJ>v» Br»i«wi» lodrpendeitl School DnlrKl 1 If w. (be chOd may b* th&btf (a par tiapat* in Uw pr«-«»j«4 profram *» the Jkttr? O Taaaer Sclwoi'« Br*»rt» In order to drtrrma* •twl cteldrai «r« riigiJbtr to participate IB !hi» special prognuo, a .ipevtal screenicg wi« be b<rfd at thf Taaner School on Monday. Oct 7. Wed ne*day. Oet f aad Thur sday. Oct 10 from * » am u>3»pm Parents arc asked to caO Brenda >Wltr»un at H*> 77H or TMMmt to amtajt* for a tutJeitix* durtftg these ttmea with a prr Mrbool teacher W«i Cotombia parent* may cat) rotted The prvsrhooi program t» designed to heip the younger cteld find kindergarten and first grade a happy, tucresaftfl «•»• pcrteocr. a »p«kesman said Fair leaders to appear on television A high pmawt. rid*. «M **** «*rty taof Kreepon, prtai4*at of ta* Braioria County fit Stock aad Fair * TrT JH Jr., Bratoria, publicity rittinwui tat tba fair. wUI be on tfaa Dick OotUMt Sw» m aigBt to pnb«et» U An«M»l Brworto County Fair. I W* l|Waflf Wlii WP ^ff^^HP^W^^P Y0dttl .-fL.-- Tfce t*H ItrtMTta Cewtfy mtmttmi* "«"* -^-- ^ ^ -W W T ^ Itt & ^tHFl^ Wftllilatf t w* Of ye*** pee** Wti •*» **»* Thw year"* snaw *«« tack** Brtette* B**t Cattle Car WM» CenteM. Steer $&*•, Dairy Sfc** Jwu*c Steer. Puwby and ItabbH Sfcww, £*«»$»*« I* CHMMJMM UM4 » MHffarn {ft** BMW* *nj<fe*» wtt t* it* T*trlM« HOMO 4 *itt ,]r, MHl WfMMIMI ll^ riMf hlr- Mn. fa «• HMW it«m-i» <MM »«• ' fwaavSDMw «M am »«MWM» a <**«»* «**>« •W* fWMI «*•*. naVAftVUww ft» (40W 0*41V I139M »ow o5JV I17M8 UW MCHION FPKPOHT

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