Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 18, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1897
Page 5
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FROM OUR NEIGHBORING TOWNS. I BY REGULAR CORRESPONDENTS, ^ iHsasasssBESsssssas! Delos Crsddock re- West Science BWge. i are prevalent, Thft ungraded schools of Sterling and €oloma will hold an elocutionary contest at the Woodlawn School on Friday «v*ttlng, March 19, An admission fee o£ tea cents will be charged.. All are fiotdlally Invited. * Miss Mamie Relsner spent Sunday 'with her parents in Sterling. Miss Anna Genkinger is in her accustomed seaC in school after a leugthy absence. Charlie Schrader moved last Monday "toa farm in Jordan owned by his wife's father. .:."..• ...'..:.."..• Al Harting was unable to work last Saturday, rheumatism being the cause. Mlas Bessie Ebersole spent, last Saturday with Miss Edna Metzler. Manuel Landla visited with his father in Woodlawn Sunday. Miss Mary'Ebersole spent Sunday with her parents, Manuel Jones and family entertained last Sunday Harry Jones and family, Percy Danrieter and hia father, Charlie Danrieter; of Pennsylvania. Christ F. Miller had his-wood sawed * Tuesday. Stern Bro's. did the work. Miss Beulah Bush is on the sick list. Miss Margarite Has spent Thursday night with friends In Morrison and at' tended the Bebekah reception. ' Mr. and Mrs. James' Sanders spent Sunday with Mrs. Sanders' parents, Mr. and MrsrB. Mlllhouse. . Mrs. Bressler, of .Sterling, Is visiting •with her son, Frank. : David Ebersole and family spent Sunday'with Abe Frey. Gardcnplain. . • Mrs. A. J. StowelJ visited in Fulton Friday. - , Mlsaes Buth Parker and Belle Kerns came out from Fulton Friday evening ' to spend Sunday. . Mrs. Grant and children, of ^Clinton,, -spent Saturday and Sunday with her ". parents Mr. and Mrs. Burghardt. Miss Etta George", Who has been vis- • itlng in Gardenplain for a week or .more, returned to her home In Clinton ""Monday morning. - , Mr. and Mrs. Marcy spent Saturday .and Sunday in Sterling and Bock - Falls. . ••'••: • - " .'•'•- ••.-''••.• .. £* Nearly all the G-ardenplain; teachera ^ attended the Institute in Bock Falls Saturday-. '•'.:'..•';. :'"> "•'•.•'•••'." ".• •••'. • > TheToverty Sociable Friday night was well' attended considering the roads. All report lots of fun and a good time. . • " Mrs. A. J. Stoweil ia spending a»few " days in Clinton this week. Mr. Kremer spent Saturday and Sunday in Fulton. . , " JIlBS Ida Clark, of Morrison, is the guest of Mrs. William Montgomery. Frank George was home over Sunday. Miss Emma Sweet spent a few days of last week with her aunt and uncle . v"In Fulton. , —Mrs.i_Hare_returned home Saturday Evening. '..:.'. f . .Mrs. Ellen Sweet entertained Miss 1 Emma Sweet, Mls,s May Montgomery • Bev. MoMaken and! Mr, and Mrs. Marcy Thursday, at 5 6'clock tea. Mr.EmmonB, of Walton, is visiting Sis slater, Mra. Ellen Sweet.;* , .'. ••.•.'•••'••'.:,: ;* March 15. : tlce in this place. turned with him, E, M. Jleaton was doing business in Princeton a few days last week. C. H. Marcy attended the teachers' Institute at Sterling last Friday, as-a consequence there was no school in his room that day. Your scribe wishes to state that the statement in the last week Tampico items that "Delos Craddock, A. Z. White and John Eaymon had gone to Mississippi," was not so. They are here In the body.and seem to have some spirit with them too. Mrs. Payne, of Kansas, arrived In n Tampico last Thursday evening and Is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Mary Glassburn. .. " B. E. Whealocfc attended the teachers' Institute in Sterling last Saturday. Ford Smith, of Sterling, spent Sunday In Tampico. Some way there seems to be an attraction for the young man in this locality. Will Mclntyre returned Monday to hia home in Ladd, after a week's visit with his sister. '..".'•'> March 15. was given in Burchell's Op«ra House and banquet at (the St. Kenneth. Misa Mary Barries came over from Morrison Saturday evening on the freight, Intending to teach school on Monday, but an the School Board had decided to continue the school vscsttoh another week, she returned on the passenger. The schools are closed on account of the prevalence of colds, pneumonia and several cases of diphtheria, March 18. Mrs. Bolt on is very sick with pneumonia at this writing. Dr. Smith, of Sterling, !e attending her. We learn that IHp Wolf, of Walnut, died today. He was one hf the early settlers of Bureau Co, March 15. South Gencsee. Misses Louise and Emma Maberry visited the Washington School last Wednesday afternoon. They also called at Charles Tough's. Messers. Will Lynch and Forrest Lenhart attended the debate at the WdodmairHallfin-Malvern, Tuesday evening. Fred Dutcher, of Sterling, was the guest of J. C. Taylor and family Tuesday night of last week. Judson Doud and Miss Bertha St, John were Sterling visitors Thursday^ Misses Emma and Louise Mayberry and 'Messrs. Thomas Broderick,of Ster. ling, Will Lynch and Forrest Lenhart spent Wednesday evening of last week at the home of J. C. Taylor. J. C. Taylor was in Sterling Wednesday on business. , . ' Will Stern and bride moved into the house, recently vacated \jy Mr, Cramps, In Hopkins, last week. Henry Johnson, the barber, is moving into his new home today. Town office seekers are beginning to make themselves heard. Those who are in need of a first class road cart will do well to give J. E.Taylor a call.- • . ' "• James Sherry, of Malvern, Is becoming quite proficient In the art of crayon portrait. The writer was permitted to inspect a sample of bis handiwork the other day, and to say it was a neat job, Is putting it mild.' Lisbon Wick had; the misfortune to lose one of hia driving horses the other day. Consequently he is on an equine hunt. Hopkins. Quite a snow storm we had Saturday^ night and according to our prophet we" are to- have twenty-two more snow storms this season. Eoads are rough and in a bad condition, » , Miss Mary McCauley is on the sick list with grip. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson are the proud parents of a baby girl who came to brighten their home last week. All are doing well. Garret Ackerman, of Malvern, spent Tuesday night with his sister, Mrs. Wesley Wink, while her husband was detained in Sterling with a sick horse. Cassias Flemmlng Is helping Edgar Holt, his brother-in-law, to erect a new addition to bis house in Sands Station. Homer Baird had corn shelters one day last week. Ye correspondent, in company with friends, drove across the country to Prophetstown and spent a portion of last week with acquaintances. To say the least we were well entertained and had.a pleasant journey. March 15. came vaca- . : Tampico. , Mrs, E. L. Wroten visited last Thursday and Friday in Fairfleld township with-Mr. Wroten'a parents. Jn the ojeantlme, Ed and Will were, keeping "bach." . A. 3. Brewer returned last Thursday from the East. He took. In the Bights In Washington and attended the in- Augural of MoKitiley. ; •" Fay Stewart, who lived in Tampico since teat fall, haa moved to Thomas, where he ia engaged In running a creamery. ; v ' ;•• Fred GlaBBburn returned Jaat Tfauis-^ day from his trip to Chicago, \ Charlea Powell was kicked ttr the stomach by a horse .last Thursday at Mr. Bullock's sale and quite seriously' hurt. Mr, Powell was leading the horse around to show it to thoae bid ding, when some one on the opposite Bide struck the animal with » whiip, whes it wheeled toward the one hold- log the halter and kicked, striking Mr. Powell in the stomach knocking, him, <Jown, The laat report was that the man was getting along nicely. • JJlcbolaa Luytens, «n "old resident flf Tampicp,, died at his borne three milea Bouthweafc 9* thia place last Thuvaday Jilght, and was, burled from theBaptiflt church at 2 o'clock Satur<^y. Mr. Lutyeaa lived t« T*iuiplco tot me&y years; be wt&a «soldier in the Uaion Amy, a member of the Grand Army, was » membbr of the Baptlet church and highly respected by all who bins. He leaves «i wife and eix , all growa up. OsUorn jind Mie, Msry Ua, of C«a|,8E¥iUJ'» 14. Y.» umved in Proplietstown. \ Mias Josephine Barnard home Friday tor' a two weeka tlon. . ' ' Mrs. John Blchmond returned from a-viait with friends in Mollne Thurfl^ day." '• -: '.';.' ••'. • ' ' • Miea Lillie Dail IB visiting friends in Walnut, ' .• ,.:•'-'' MlasKeene Sturtevant la visiting friends in Rock Falls. Mrs. Bert Nash, of Sterling, is spending a few days in town, with her. bus- band.: ; . - ; Atty. Waite'a office ia with S, N. Langdon's real estate ofiice over Stone's Jordan. The-roadu-arfl_yjBry^ rough^in the morning and miiddy in the afternoon. "The sick persons, of whom mention was made last week, are improving; all are out of danger. We should very, much like to go to Springfield tomorrow to attend the State W. C. T. U. Executive meeting, of which we are a member. For |the first time, but the work does not even advance railroad fare. . Mrs. Samuel Talbott has been detained in Kewanee several days on account of the sickness of one of the children. The little one is jo. much better that she ia expected home on Wednesday. *....' If the evening ia pleasant, it ia ex- pected.that the entertainment for. the graduates at the Central Examination will beheld on Friday evening. A number of persons desired to attend the Teachers' Institute at Bock Falls Saturday, but were prevented by the condition of the roads, Mrs.B. M.Zlgler"and.Miss E. C. 'Zigler were out making cells 90 Saturday..' :•-..'. ' _ • ' . , . _ .• _ ; Temperance Day, Neal'i)pwT~b"Efth^ day, March 20, will be celebrated at East Jordan church on Sunday, March 21, at 11 o'clock. A good program has been prepared. The Jordan -W. C. T. U.will celebrate April Fools Day by holding a meeting at Mra. Enoch Beede'a on that day. The topic will be Scientific Temperance Instruction In schools. Reader,ia your teacher complying with the law ? If not, why not?' Everybody is requested to take her White Ribbon Hymnal to the meeting. , Florence Jacobs haa returned to school, after an absence of several weeks. ' ;-'•,' March 16. Peer Grovie..<- . The Grove will have at least one new residence erected this Spring, as Mr. Hurlburt has the timber all framed for Spring 1 Creek*. Eoughl Eongherl! Eoughest!!! Bert Harrison quit school last week to assist his father with spring work. Charles Sherwood moved hie family and household effects to Coleta last Thursday. We wonder what the attraction was over weat last Wednesday night that caused two of our young men to return ho,me so late the next morning. Now, Will! Forrest Lenhart visited wfth hia sister, Mrs. Charles Grubb, a few days last week, Messrs, Lynch and Nance sawed wood for Al Eeed last Thursday. Miss Viola Plttman is assisting Mrs. Earl Gilbert with her household duties. Al Heed moved into the house last week which was recently vacated by David Plttman. Mrs. Andrew Stanley entertained a few of her friends at dinner last Wednesday. Those present were: Messrs. and Mesdames Lewis Peugb, Charles Gleason, James Patch. Misses Emma and Louise Maberry visited at Charles Peugh's one day last week. "McKinley" was seen slowly wend- ing.his way westward one evening last week. Attraction, Foqrest? Coleta. 0. E. Colcord is spending his two weeks'vacation at home. Last Saturday Creno Gelaon moved the - ice-house belonging to Martin^ all spilled. Little 1 damage wst? done to the wagon. OCR of the horses wta badly cut In a wire fence. Mrs, Bender, accompanied by her aged mother, arrived from Dorond, 111,, last Tuesday, T'ne lady will spend some time at her daughter's home, .George Frankf ather will go to Chicago In a few days for the purposs of becoming a tonsorial artist. Charles Sherwood Is now living in the C. E. Grove residence. " . Mr. Gerdea la recovering slowiy. He is now able to leave the house in pleasant weather. Ellas Crom, our tax collector, la now doing some hustling that would be p, surprise to many should they learn of it. Every day he la around the surrounding country looking after delinquents. A detailed acconntjjof the proceedings at the Farmer's Institute Thursday, March 18, will appear in next week's issue. \ COURT, THE ORIENTAL SOCIABLE. First Methodist Church the Scene at a Frankf ather to James Hawkm's, with hla steam engine. , • Oaro Terpenny haa moved from Samuel Eeecher's house to his farm. Lyman Woods and family now occupy the houae vacated by Mr. Terpenny. EdJJronson has been exceedingly ill at hfai home. He is troubled with gravel of the gall. . Mrs. Kimbley is now making her home with Mrs. Martha Hoffman. Milton F. Miller novf owns one of. handsomest driving horses to be seen in this part of the country. One night recently as Herman Peugh was returning to his home south of to'wn, the road cart was upset and the steed ran away. Both wheels of the cart were demolished. Hereafter when Herman is returning from town he will be careful not to encounter any more places in the road where there is any chance' of either himself or the' vehicle to lose the equilibrium. Jonathan Patch's household goods arrived from Iowa last week and they were removed Into Mrs. Adeseo Har- William 6lll, of 'Sterling, is calling on his old friends here, Mr.andMrs.Ellthorp left Wednesday morning for California,. . Gus Anderson and family left Tuesday evening for Galesburg where they will make it their home. . ; Miss Agnes Talcott, of Chicago, arrived here Thursday evening for a visit with Mr, and Mrs. Guy Graham, , Miss Battle Parker, or Gardenplain, spent several days of last week at W. E. Smith's.: > ' ; '"'''. '..- ••••• Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stowell spent Wednesday in Denrock at Burt Sturtevant's. M>8. Stowell's mother, who has been visiting in Denrock for some time, is at present quite 111, Messrs, George Wilder and Byland Smith drove to Tampico Tuesday af~, teruoon. on business, , Tim Bourke, our Sterling contractor, came down Monday morning and is looking up wjork for this spring. Mr. Hour be has done a great deal of work here aad the work speaks for it- Miaa Jennie Cleveland went to Chicago Monday morning to' select a spring stock of mUliowry goods. Editor Glfford, of the Tampico, Tornado, was. a caller iu our town l&itur- '' ' '' E. D« GaioeB,,of Sterling, was in town IftBt Thursday looking after his interests In this locality. Mra. Polly Sibley ia'conUned to the house with a eerious ease of ery- Bipelae. We $re glad to hea,r she is improving, although it $a very slowly, M«. Otprge Jteeduaw i one, ' - , ' • Gustavo Stanke and Jerry Breen were introduced into the mysteries of Woodcraft last Saturday night by the Deer Grove Camp of M. \y. A, Keefe & Murphy have the lumber on the ground to put an addition to their building here at the Grove. :, ;We are sorry to learn Mrs. Garrott is sick of congestion of the.Btomach. The doctor baa been called two or three times..,. ' • Melsner & Mathias are putting up a their farm, two and one- half milea^puthweat of here, which, when completed, will be occupied by, Mr. Huff the coming year. Some sneak thelf stole all of James Leigbeys' geese and turkeys, excepting one, last week.. Jim thinks he knows who It was and saya if he catches him on bis place after night it will take more than one bottle of Japanese oil to put him in running order again. We understand that T. O'Neil will occupy the Eeefe & Murphy building* when compfoi«d, with a stock of agri; cultural implements, buggies, and harness. Success to you, Tim. John Flock has a new Standard farm scale, lately purchased of T, O'Nell. We saw Cyi^ue Delecoater in the Grove Saturday with a new set of harness on bis team. ' Wo suppose he purchased them in celebration ot bis recent event of finished corn huakiug, which wo saw the Montcaoreooy correspondent reported last week. Miss Jennie Buxtcmkas gone to Walnut to work for the family ofj. M. Eoois. ? Joseph Mall ww miltd to Lou© iloek, Wis., tost&stturduy by the row'shouse last Wednesday. - Harve Conaway will build a house for Creno Geiaon'a father, near Chadwick. He will also erect a .house for John Wagner as soon as the weather will permit.' a Frank Tuff's finger is about heajed. He aays that he will not "monkey" with Miller's tools in the future. Albert Miller is now engaged in travr ellng in the East. He represent a basket house! It ia said that when he returns home he will follow this for a time. —T— --- — Martin Frankf atber moved into the Longsdon property in the northern part of town Tuesday of last week. An Eloputionary Contest and exhibition combined will be' given in the Liberty school hous,e Wednesday night, March 24. The contest will be a preliminary one to that to be held in Coleta March 26. All are working hajd for both the exhibition and contest and all those who attend will be more than satisfied with what they see and hear. The week beginning March 29, will be a great week for Milledgeville. At least 150 of the pedagogues of the county, will be harbored within the city's limits for the purpose of attending the Carroll County's Teachers' Association Institute. Every evening something interesting and instructive will be going on. Martin Franfcf ather states that he has secured- a position with an ice Qompany in Chicago.' He will begin work the second week in April, He will not take his family to the city with him. . •'.-:-' The: Woman's Misaionary Aaaocla- tion will bold their annual meeting in the Kadjcat U. B. church at an early date. A» interesting program will be prepared. .'..'..".; AH who will be participants in the contest to be held in Coleta March 26 are working hard. One night recently, a quartette composed of .'.Messrs., Bender and Buntley and the Misses Grace and Lulu Bender proceeded to; the home of W.C.Vinson and serenaded Uncle Martin "Over- hoUer, who ia just .recovering from an almost fatal attack of illness. The window had been lowered and the quartette sang several beautiful selections -from the put side of the house. Uncle Martin could not; imagine where the mueio came from but enjoyed it Blerrj (lathering;. The Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the First Methodist' church gave a pleasant entertainment in the way of an Oriental Sociable in the church parlors laatftevening. Despite the Inclement weather, the crowd was large and all enjoyed a merry evening, fine booths were erected in theroom.all handsomely decorated, and these were presided over by the young ladles and gentlemen. "India" was in charge of Miss Elsie King and Arthur Fowler. Here tea and crackers were dispensed. ."China," the place were rice was sold, was capably managed by Mlas Elva Osborn and Frank Blfiir. One^of-the guests^annpunced emphatically_that there were [no rats for Bale at this place. George Thomas and Miss Emma Aument reigned supreme in "Japan." This was one of the most interesting places In the room. Here countless interesting relics, kindly loaned by Mesdames Moses Dillon and John G. Wetzell, were exhibited. A crowd surrounded this booth nearly all evening. Next'came "Africa." Eoy Howard and Miss Lora Oaborneheld the reins here and dealt out the coffee to the. entire satisfaction of all. They wore the negro maaka and were appropriaiely coatumed. x Last, but by no means the least, was the booth "America." Mies Lillian Lingel and Alpheus Triggs served popcorn, candy and cake in large quantities to the young—and to some who were not so young. The "fudges" were 1 especially good and were made by Miss Lingel. Shortly after 8 o'clock a proceaalon of the booth keepera was.given; all were attired in appropriate costumes and the feature waa entertaining. The early part of the evening was spent in social chat,-after which small tables were spread and light refreshments were served. These were excellently prepared and were tendered by a corps of the prettiest young ladies in the church—and there are many of them there. ' After another social season and a number of entertaining games, the gueata left for their homea. ~The occaaiorr was given in~honor~~of the society's annual thank offering and was a decided success in every way. Estate of Maria Heliywv Sale b!I filed find approved. Estate of Henry S. Barrett Admin* Istrator ordered to make rinal report on first Friday in April, 1897, and to gtr<S notice by publication and mall eopy of notice to I. W. Langmer, TorontOt Canada, Estate of Wm. F. Geiger. Inventory and Appraisement filed and approved widow's relinqulshment filed. Estate of Ludwig Eosendw . Bepoife filed and approved. Estate of Wm. Alldritt. Final report filed and approved, discharge ordered opon exhibition of receipts for final distribution. Estate of Franklin H. Baer. Eeport filed and approved, petition to sell real estate to pay debts filed, summons ordered to issue. • In re-application for admission of Frederick Slade to Asylum for Blind, cause heard and order entered. \ Estate of Susan Cook. Inventory filed and approved, affidavit of posting notices filed. Estate of S. W. Spangler^ -Claims allowed: First Nat'l Bank, Morrison, ©902.78; Oliver Beach, 350.63; »Cyrua L. Brinker. 8221.39. ' • • Estate of Edward White. Lettero of administration with will annexed issued to John White. • • ". Estate of Joseph Hicks, Final report filed and approved, administrator ordered to make distribution of balance among, creditors of 7th class as per report and upon exhibition of jypuchers-thatdlschargo issue. -- - ------Estate of Hannah O'Brien. Inventory and appraisement -filed and approved,' proof of posting 'notices filed. MAKKIAGE tlOENSES. ' , TheoHore E. Putman, Dixon, and. Katie Hlnes,,Am.boy. • *J Heln Smidt and Anna Poel, Fultoa. • Henry L. Morse, Morrison, and Lillian Guthrie, Erie. . . Charles A. VanDrew and Kittle E.. Walton. Sterling. STERLING MAESDET. OOKBMOTSD 'BTSBY QBAIN— Corn, No. 2, Yellow, V tra.. Corn. No: 2. Wheat. No. a Oat«,No. 2 Oati.No. 2, WhUe. ttye. 21 18HI 80 31 Cattle. .... V ». 30, ...2 OOQ4 00 MtM O *. U 8 . 18 » bu. ......... . ......... .^w 88 , % ton. ................ ..» 0<XW » Slcflabtirg.Horil* Bon,— —-...... T 08 AntUraolfe ....... . ..... ........... »08 BISXA— V !>-.--.»»...«••.•• potra.TBT— Spring chickens. Fowls ....... ----- .... Dooka— ..... --- ....... Turkeys ..... . ------ .. ..... -, * 6 6, H. 8 * CHICAOO T JOAKKBT8. ' Furnished by Hoatrawaer & Co. Grain .Broken, of Chioiffo; brsnoh office, rear First National Bank, Starling, IllinoU. , '' • B^rrisonJTelepUone, 16. Long Distance Ball Telephone, 80, DR. H.Q.HOOVER MARRIED, AJCXIO&M. OPENr Lust Friday moraiog Creao Geiaon laf t bis te»m btdudlng untied in froct of B. M. Bfcfcr's hou&^whUe be went ia the uijlk. Tlt» auiiusls t-0 Be AVads Bliss Delia Shirley, of Shannon, at Moon Today. Dr. Harry G. Hoover, fof this city, andMiaa Delia Shirley, of Shannon, were married at the home of the bride's parents at high noon today. The wedding was a quiet affair,'merely,the relatives and immediate friends being present. The bride and groom left- on an afternoon train for a brief wedding tour. They went flrat'to -Chicago; beyond that point,, their route is not known. Upon their return to this city they will reside, for the present, at the home of the groom'a parents,.'Mr."and Mrs. George Hoover. Dr. Hoover ia widely known in Sterling and vicinity. He is Assisliaat State Vetinarian, under Dr. H. M. Trumtower, and baa practiced his profession successfully in this city ever since he graduated from the school ia New York City. The bride, though not a resident of Sterling, is well known here. She ia a niece of Mra. M, B. Trumuower and has frequently made extended visits at the tatter's home. Mrs. George Hoover, Ed 8. Hoover and Frank Hoover attended the wedding from this city. Graft'us Hoover, of Chicago, was also one of theguesta, " '"''''.'I —Bill Miokle wadeth ia deep tribulation, The fair object of his affections, one Carrie Cregel, upon whom ,the: aforesaid William haa lavished hie heart and pocket-book,hu8 thrown him over and retains a gold ring, also a variety of articles.of .dry goods whieb had been, paid for by the swain's hard* earuedi coin, when be autyjiptiled. the hoveiing joys of matrimony. To® lady has gfowa chilly ot heai< tiud close of hsad «$d William in inUsrvitving ge- licetaen »u«i lawytu-b willi a vkw to rf- ^b* tuatesl&l pars of tvfc WHKAT. May .... July .... Mar .... Corn. May., July . Mar . Data 25 July Mar Mesa prk May ... July ... Mar ... Lard. May ... July .., Mar ... 73)4 24% 25^ 9.00 9.07 4.35 4.42 73M- 72% 9.00 9.80 4.35 4.42 tow.- 25 8.70 9.07 4.22 4.32 0108*.-' 17k 8.82 8.82 4.22 4.32 . 18 O'OL6(JK— OA8H IIABKOT. Corn. No. 2 White, 2 Yellow, . 3 « 3 Yellow, Oata. " 8 White, 19@20, 8 To-day ... 150 ... 81 231 Last Week •839 81 800 Last Puluth Chicago Total , HOQ AND Mar. 17, W. UMJOH 8*00K Hogs 25,000. • 12,000. . ' . 9,000. Hog* left ever i.&oo," Kansas City iwgt to-day, 8,000. Kansas City ijattla tq-slay, «,m Oiniiha hop to-day ( 4,500, Omftha catfcleto-day, 8.20Q., 104 Hop opened steady. Mtattd, S.870UQ; fa&4 Wi- r ,*

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