Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on December 12, 1935 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1935
Page 7
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not Shrink Lt water and Rinse in clear, out, and hang Pickard €) Wtnrni Ntu>i|xi|>eT Union LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX, IOWA „ tried serving Apples with a roast_pork has been removed II roast beef gravy If yon wish It to b« put sugar In I pam Uri « in hardwood floors li booi not being properly * when subfloorlng Is omitted ,. narallel to flooring strips. lTeS noor-layer will ~ Roosevelt's Speech at Georgia Homecoming o President Roosevelt JE TIME, CAN'T [AT OR SLEEP •The fat on rnr»tomaoh my bad e»i or tleep. . heart hurt. A frieni _ tlltldAdlerika. Thetital §<»« / took brotitht mf telief. Now I eat at I will;. •Jeep line and never Mt totter."- Mr.. Jai. Fillet. ,J, ,ct. «n BOTH upper and — towels while ordinary laxatives lithe lower bowel only. Adleriku wir .ystem a thorough cleansing; Jig out old, poisonous matter that Kould not believe was in your sys- that has been causing gas stomach, nervousness and i, tour s for months. [Jf I. Shoub, New York, reports: tddition to intestinal cleansing, eriia greatly reduces bacteria [JMton bacilli." stomach and bowels a REAL » with Adlerika and see how Gyou feel. Just one spoonful relieves i and chronic constipation. Sold H druggists and drug departments. NB hundred thousand Democrats, mostly Georgians, gathered In the stadium of Georgia Tech at Atlanta for a homecoming and heard President Roosevelt deliver a characteristic speech, full of confidence, assurance of prosperity and praise for what the New Deal has accomplished. And he did not neglect to attack, warmly **} the critics of his administration. In reviewing the economic and social advances since his Inauguration he out what was considered the keynote for his campaign for reelection, and definitely announced his candidacy — unnecessarily — by asserting that life in the United States has Improved In the last two and a half years and will continue to Improve "If I have anything to do with It." Mr. Roosevelt promised that lavish government spending was over and that the nation could look forward with assurance to a decreasing deficit, and asserted that the government credit Is higher than that of any other great nation. He bitterly criticized the treasury policies prior to his entrance into the White House, traced the relief policies as opposed to doles and declared that the peak of approprl- There were reports that Italian troops were being masse'd along the French frontier. The British government was engrossed with the troublous situation. Sir Samuel Honre, foreign secretary, received timely orders from his physician to take a rest in Switzerland, and It was announced he would stop In Paris for a conference with Premier Laval. The admiralty was preparing for eventualities and ordered officers of the royal navy reserve to report at once for duty at Plymouth. These men have been serving as officers and engineers In the merchant marine. All members of the League of Nations, including Kaly, are exceedingly anxious to know what will be the course of the United States concerning the oil embargo. Death of Dr. J. H. Breasted, ' Noted Orientalist r\R. JAMES HENRY BREASTED *-* of the University of Chicago, one of the world's leading oriental- ists, died in New York of an illness contracted on shipboard as he was returning from a visit to research expeditions in the Near East which were under his direction. He was seventy years old. His expeditions to Egypt and eastern Asia and his excavations there added vastly to the history of civilisation. Princess Victoria, favorite sister of King George of England, died at her home In Buckinghamshire at the age of sixty-seven. She suffered from 111 health through most of her life and never was married. Live Now I one hundred years none of u« j be very important Be kind— (keep It up I ||||J|:Quicl<, Safe Relief ' ' : itH For Eyes Irritated • . L. *iiv:a . • ^ . . sure T To Sun; Wind !, and Dust —..' And Should Help ff» do not expect people to makt I world heavenly, but endurable. NASAL lIRRITATION, f Relieve the dryness andl 1 irritation by applying ' Montholatum night and morning. ENTHOLATUM .J!!g» COMFORT Daily *»u prefer no«e drop*, or .throat spray, C «U for the KWMENTHOLATUM LIQUID le with dropper To Your Gain are not of an exacting na- will be at home anywhere. ations has passed. The President said farm income in the United States has risen since 1932 a total of nearly three billions, and this additional farm income "has meant the rebirth of city business, the reopening of closed factories, the doubling of automobile production, the Improvement of transportation and the giving of new employment to millions of people." "The word 'progress,'" concluded Mr. Roosevelt, "Is a better word than 'recovery,' for It means not only a sound business and a sound agriculture from the material point of view, but it means, with equal importance, a sound Improvement In American life as a result of continuing and forceful effort on the part of our people, and, through them, on the part of their government. I am certain that that Is your purpose; and that is why I continue my confidence, my faith In the people of America." In those phrases and In his high praise of the New Deal experiments, the President made clear his intention of carrying on his program for altering and bettering the social and economic life of the American people regardless of the return of material prosperity. Governor Talmadge of Georgia, who, though a Democrat, is a severe critic of the President and many of his policies, pointedly absented himself from the meeting nt Atlanta, spending the day on his farm. Several days later he replied to Mr. Roosevelt's speech in a radio address. Republican opinion of the President's address might be summarized In the remark of Harrison B. Spangler, director of the Chicago G O. P. headquarters: "Gulliver has started his travels again and we'll all be hearing some more tall stories." Situation in Europe Is Becoming Tenser E UROPEAN diplomats, especially the British arid Premier Laval of France, are exceedingly clever End of Federal Relief Shifts Millions to WPA Rolls W ITH the end of November direct federal relief came to an end, and it was officially announced that 3,500,000 persons had been shifted from relief rolls to the WPA pay rolls and put to work. Other millions of employables who have been receiving the federal dole but who cannot be hired by 1ihe Works Progress administration because state quotas have been filled must be cared for by the states which will be helped by the final allotments made by the FBRA before it went out of existence. As for the "unemployables," numbering perhaps 4,000,000, Aubrey Williams, assistant administrator, said the problem of their care would be solved satisfactorily. Statistical charts on the relief situation, prepared by the research section of the FERA, were Issued in pamphlet form and show that unemployment decreased about 3,000,000 in the first two years of the Roosevelt administration. War Between Japan and China Draws Nearer D OWNRIGHT war between the Chinese armies of Dictator Chiang Kai-shek and the Japanese appeared almost certain when the autonomy movement in north China was revived in eastern Hope! and Chahar provinces by Tin Ju- keng, the administrative commissioner and friend of Japan. Leaders of the rest of the region were undecided on their course, Gen. Chiang kal-shek BRISBANE THIS WEEK Paging Japan Black Gold Best for War The Mighty Airplane Two Kinds of Treasure When the Japanese plan to absorb a section of northern China with population .of 95,000,000 seemed to have been abandoned, chaos broke loose in northern China. Industrious bandits, without fear of Japan's efficiency, began looting stores and Chinese merchants begged Japan to restore order. Eleven Japanese 'divisions quartered outside the Great Wall are ready to move In, and Japan will hardly have the heart to stay out under such circumstances. Later Japan will not have the heart to stay out of the Philippines. Japanese confidence In the sun goddess seems justified. The drift Is Japan's way, with westerners busy Petal Pillow or Bag for Pajamas Br GRANDMOTHER CLARK Arthur Brlnbnne but Japanese planning to kill each other. New Corn-Hog Program Announced by Wallace S ECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE WALLACE announced ttie corn- hog program for 1030-37. Designed to maintain a balance between the interests of the producer and the consumer, this new plan will permit a 30 per cent Increase in hog production next year over 1935, thus preparing the way for possible reductions in pork prices to the housewife; and to restrict corn acreage to about 95,000,000 troops began tc pour in by the tralnload. Three thousand of them with full war equipment arrived In Tientsin, and the garrison at Pelplng was more than doubled. The Fengtal railway Junction a few miles from Peiplng was seized, Colonel Takahashl, military attache, asserting this was necessary because the rolling stock was being moved south threatening the Isolation of the Japanese forces. In Nanking officials said the national government was determined to meet with force any attempt tn force autonomy on the territory south of Hope! and Chahar provinces, and the executive Yuan pro claimed five sweeping reforms designed to stop the spread of the movement. Chiang was hurrying large bodies of troops to the northward. He also sought to hold thf Amnesty for Greek Rebels Decreed by King There are, California tells you, several kinds of gold: yellow gold that took crowds to California In 1849; another yellow gold that grows on orange, lernon and grapefruit trees; the white gold water power rolling from the mountains, to produce black gold, power and fertility, and the oil In the ground. A S ROSS HUTTON finished telling his little daughter the story of Christmas, of the shepherds and the Christ child, and had as tactfully as possible explained about Santa Glaus, Polly heaved a sigh. "Well, I think there's a Santy Glaus and I hope he brings me a sheep like the ones In the story." The day before Christmas, Ross saw a white woolly lamb In the •window of a toy shop. He was glad he had walked to his office. Otherwise he might not have seen the lamb. He would stop on his way home and get It But one of the men In the office offered to drive him home, so the lamb was forgotten until he heard Polly as she was being put to bed tell her mother she hoped "Santy" wouldn't forget about the "sheep." Ross looked at his watch and decided the shop would probably still be open. Anna called to him to ask where he was going, and he answered, "Back In a few minutes." When he parked his car before the shop, the thought tha 4 - the lamb might not be there struck him for the first time. He felt much relieved, therefore, when he saw the lamb in the window. As he tucked the package under his arm and turned to leave the This Is the dainty pillow that y<m have wished for but, being expensive, possibly did not buy. Here is your chance to sew up this one and the. cost will be very little. This can als» be made Into a pajatna bag. This package contains silk and rayon cuttings In white and peac* sufficient to make the dainty petals; also full directions for sewing petals •nd pillow. The work Is simple and you will be more than pleased with the beautiful results. Package No. 46 sent postpaid for 40 cents. Instructions only, 10 cents. Address Home Craft Co., Dept. A, Nineteenth and St. Louis Ave., St xmls, Mo. Inclose a stamped ad- ressed envelope for reply when wrlt- ng for any Information. Mussolini's determination to keep oil flowing Into Italy, even at a risk of European war, shows that oil Is more important in war now than yellow gold. It moves great tanks, keeps the planes in the air; it means motion, and successful motion means victory. K Sec'y Wallace ed this year. After appraisal acres, an increase of about 1,400,000 acres, over the amount harvest- by community committees" and review by county allotment committees, a corn acreage base and a market hog base will be fixed. Co-operating producers must agree to plant corn next year on at least 25 per cent of their base acreages. They will be permitted to retire from 10 to 30 per cent of their base acreage for soil- ING GKORGE II of Greece has decreed amnesty for the partlcl pants In the abortive revolt of last March, but he specified that "persons considered dangerous" may be confined, If necessary, to certain localities. The confiscated fortunes of the leaders were returned. The king succeeded In forming a neutral cabinet with Constantine Demerdjls, a law professor, as premier, though the friends of General Kondylls. leader in the restoration coup, werf displeased. German Pastors Rebel Mighty Is the airplane In northern Brazil, where the "elbow" sticks out into the Atlantic. Soldiers said by the Associated Press to lie guided by Communists decided to run the government and make it better. They locked up their officers and were just starting the new "better" government when official airplanes came along with bombs. "Bang" went one or two bombs, aerial machine guns said "rat-tat- tut" a few times. The revolutionary soldiers said, "That will do," and scattered In the Interior. It is hard to "rise and throw off yous chains" while capitalism Is dropping bombs. shop, a little boy came in. Ross heard him ask the proprietor If he still had the lamb that was In the window that morning. He was tolc the gentleman just leaving ha< bought It. "Oh," the disappoint ment showed in his voice. Wasn' there something else he would like But there didn't seem to be any thing else. As he got Into his car Ros caught sight of a small boy stand ing before the window, his gaze fas ORK.."FUN IGAIN" improving or erosion-preventing purposes. Hog growers must agree to produce between 50 and 100 per cent of the base market produc- Against Censorship H ANS KERRL, German church dictator, has stirred up another great row by placing a censorship on the Confessional synod to prevent the pastors from sending out communications which have not received his approval. The pastors resented this hotly and adopted the course of making all announcements from their pulpits rather than in pastoral letters first submitted to Kerrl The preachers also told their congregations frankly Just what they thought of Kerrl and his orders. Potato Control Act Is Now in Effect In Jacksonville, Fla., gentlemen fitting out iin expedition to hunt for pirate treasure think they know where the gold Is. They may find It; probably will not. Other gentlemen are figuring out similar treasure expeditions in Wall street, regardless of what happened when they did that in 102'.!. Men hunting pirate treasure and Wall street treasure will have I'M SOLD It always works Just do what hospitals do, and the doctors insist on. Use a good liquid laxative, and aid Nature to restore clocklike regularity without strain or ill effect. ...ii A liquid can always be taken to gradually reduced doses. Reduce* dosage is the real secret of relief from constipation. Ask a doctor about this. Ask your druggist how very popular DrGaid- tion. The 1956 corn adjustment payment will be 35 cents a bushel on the appraised yield times the adjusted acreage, less the pro rate share of local administrative ex- ~ Constipation Cleared Up and resourceful, but If they are to extricate their nations from the present threatening state of affairs they will need all their smartness. Though decision us to the Imposition of an o i l embargo against Italy was postponed until December 9 to give Laval a chance to conciliate Mussolini, the duce re- KOTO-NIGHT ' "TOMORROW ALRIGHT. Sir Samuel Hoare Corn adjustment payments will be made in two Installments The first, at the rate of 20 cents a bushel is to be made about August 1. Hie Umd will come due about December 31, 1936, at the rate of 15 cents per bushel. ... P A payment of $1.25 per head will be made on each hog in the base Deductions will be madeat the rate of $2.50 per head if a producer fails to raise 50 per cent of his base numbers. The total payment to a producer will be the same for a Suction ranging from 50 per cent 1 MIE potato control act, which provides for a tax of three fourths'of a cent a pound on all potatoes harvested after December 1 and sold in excess of a national allotment, is now in effect. The first crop to which it will apply, according to AAA officials, will be harvested late In December. An allotment of 220000,000 bushels was fixed by the AAA a month ago. Officials said this allotment was large enough to cover the amount of potatoes usually sold In a year and that few persons would be required to pay th |ach'grower will reecive from a county committee tax exemption Btamps to cover the amount of his aUotment. The law says these s amps must be attached to packages when the potatoes are sold. Buyers and sellers of unstamped po- fatoes are liable to a $1,000 fine. plenty of excitement, and that probably 'is well worth the effort. "A dull life is no life." The great Jonker diamond, biggest uncut stone on earth, is to be cut Into smaller pieces, since no one rich enough to buy It now would wear so big a diamond.. It might have been sold to a Russian czar, Turkish sultan or Ethiopian emperor for use In a "to Increase majesty." But and sultans have vanished, Ethiopia'* ruler Is short of cash. The big diamond will be cut Into small pieces and sell for about crown, czara Santa Claus Had Brought Her a Sheep and a Baby Doll. tened on the place where the lamb hud been. He seemed BO disappointed, It was too bad there wasn't another lamb for him, Ross thought ns he drove away. But probably something else would catch his fancy and ho would forget all about the larnb. Children were like that. Ross wondered though If Polly would have forgotten so easily. He scarcely thought so. The poor little thing would have been mightily disappointed. He was glad he had remembered before it was too late. But try ns he would he couldn't get the picture of the little fellow out of his rnlnd. Halfway home he turned his car around and went back to the shop. The boy had left so Ross asked the proprietor if lie could toll him whore the boy lived. He lived just around the He often came Into the amount of help. „ each tune, gives the bowels a chanco to act of their own accord, until they are moving regularly and thoroughly without any help at all. Dr. Caldwelrs Syrup Pepsin contains senna and cascara—both natural laxatives that form no habit. The action is gentle, but sure. It will relieve any sluggishness or bilious condition due to constipation without upset. Failing of Mirror The reason we can't see ourselves as others see us Is because the mirror always holds something back. corner. on corn UUli LUC u u\.*s * " fused to make any gesture toward peace. Italians were authoritatively warned not to mistake diplomatic exchanges between their premier and the representatives of Great Britain and France as "peace tais, and were told there was no reason to believe Mussolini had modified Us minimum terms already presented to Sir Brie Drummond and »ppy Mcjhlnfl— esmol Laval's representative. **» *"» declined further to conciliate Britain by removing more troops from Libya and has repeated his warning that he will consider an oil embargo an unfriendly gesture He and all Italians are especially re- •entful against Great Britain, which apparently Intends to Insist on the oU ban. And now they are getting wry sore at France, despite Laval's Start, to maintain friendly rela- the two countrK* nts per bushel and the rate on hogs will not be less than 11.25 per head. president May Attend National Convention Na ident is a Possibility that Roosevelt will JSsMwreS Mississippi Valley Body Adopts Resolutions A /r BETING in St. Louis, the Mis- M slssippl Valley association adopted resolutions opposing any attempt to limit the "right of wa- Sr carriers to establish and maintain such port to port rates as they S6 The convention, which again went on record as opposing the co- of transportation agen- the interstate commerce $] 500 000. The largest "piece" will weigh 100 carats, the rest from 10 to 50 carats. Interesting opportunity for deserving Hollywood stars. John S. Cierniengo, sixteen, sen tented to die next January in the electric chair, helped George H. Hlldebrand, twenty-six, to rob and murder an old poultry farmer. Sixteen seems rather young for an electric chair candidate, but the judge and Jury felt that by disposing of the young murderer now they would avoid robberies and murders In the future. Recent history of youthful criminals makes that probable. "Foreign observers" in Ethiopia believe that Ethiopia is fighting a lost cause; also that, as the number of wounded Increases and the case looks more and more hopeless, there might be a general massacre of whites. If this should happen the "50 to 1" gentlemen of the League of Nations would have themselves to blame. The "sanctions" and boycott will not prevent Italy defeating Ethiopia, but they do make the Ethiopian ruler over-confident, persuading him to sacrifice lives unneces- shop. Tonight he had come to buy the little lamb for his small sister, and was BO disappointed when he found it gone. The proprietor had tried to Interest him In something else but he hadn't been successful in doing it. Ross interrupted to know in just, which house the boy lived. Then In order to have some satisfactory excuse to offer at home, he bought a baby doll for Polly. When somewhat later he cume into the living room where Anne was busy trimming the Christinas tree she wanted to know where on earth he had been. He shook his head and put his finger to his lips as a warning not to waken Polly. He placed the package under the tree and with a happy smile he began helping with the work of trimming. The next morning he was awak- Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines frou have tried for-ycur cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now •with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing ana you cannot afford to take a chanca with anything less than Oreomul- Blon, which goes right to the sean of the trouble to aid nature to Boothe and heal the Inflamed membranes as the germ-laden pmegm Is loosened and expelled. Even If other remedies navo failed, dont be discouraged, your druggist Is authorized, to guarantee Creomulslon and to refund your money If you are not satisfied with, resulta from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) WNU—N 40—85 I! ened by Polly's happy cry that she knew there was a "Santy Glaus" because he had brought her a "Bheep" and a baby doll just as she ' sprang out of this, replied: might want to go, a» u ™ to travel too far. to th« choke of the host city- was money tion again opposed ratification of the Lawrence seaway treaty, sarlly. Bishops of England's Anglican church, the archbishop of Canterbury, leading, denounce Chancellor Hitler's persecution of German jews as they well may, and they hope'that Christians In Great Britain and elsewhere will -exert their • Kto* y«»ture» flWNHeM*. too. • vie asked him to. bed and into the living room. Where could the "sheep" have come from? For there was Polly with a lamb under one arm and the doll under the other. "Where?" Ross asked, pointing to the lamb. Anne whispered that she had bought It "There Is a Santy Claus, Isn't there, Daddy?" Polly's voice Implied she was giving Information rather than asking it Boss heartily agreed with her "There certainly l» a Santa Claua beyond a doubt." western N«w»DM>«r Union. Quick, Complete Pleasant ELIMINATION !..»•• be bank. There "a only one way i<* your body to rid Itseli of the waste m.t- ten that cause acidity, gas, headache!, bloated feelings and a dozen other dl* pomlorts—yoni intestines must function; To make them move quickly, plea*, •ntly, completely, without griping. Thousands of physicians recommend Milneaia Wafers. (Dentists recommend Milnesia wafers a* an efficient remedy at mouth acidity). These mint flavored candy-like wafer* aze pure milk of magnesia. Each wafer • approximately equal to a lull aduM lose of liquid milk of magnesia. Chewed horoughly In accordance with the direo- ioos on the bottle or to, then "wallowed; hey correct acidity, bad breath, flatu- •nee, at their source end at th« cam* lm« enable quick, complete, p/e>M* if- Wi : "i |f: i I) II Milnesla Wafers come In bottles ol 20 tud 48 wafers, at 35o and 60o nmw dvely, or to convenient tins contalnlna 12 at 20o. Each wafer U approximate!* an adult dose ol milk oi maqawl*. JU1 oood drug stores carry them. Start ustnt fliew d«Uclou», «Hecnv« walen ted*yi Professional twaplw Wjt ire* to MO- ktorad physicians or denusU U requ«4 j, made on piolewional Utter head, •UlQMPMODUeft, Hang Pillow C»se* At Christmas In St. Crolx, Ylrgl Islands, the youngsters hang up pillowcases Instead ol MILNESIA :,,,,/ WAFERS

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