Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 11, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
Page 2
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COMMUNITY CLUB IN SULLIVAN WILL OPEN FALL SEASON MONDAY SULLIVAN "ihV" Sulllvnn Com- numllv club »IH IIHVO Its riiMt moot Ing of tho fall doason o evening Oot U with the nirmbi and their wives or women fitandn Tho Hun Onrfie ol SpUnjtfleld piomlront atiotnny «nd counsrlor for the Big Four intlioud company, uvlll be tho pilndiml tipuakcr of the evening He will tnlk on the proposod tax H mo nil m*nt to tho conwtltutlon. which will be befoie the voteis on Nov 4 The banquet will be served at 6 30 o'clock In the Masonic hull dining loom TRAIN HITS TRUCK MATTOON-A large truck of the I*o ml In Electi Ic Co of Mnttoon, d ilven by Clarence Mlngus ot Mattoon WCIH stuiclt Thursday mom- at tho east oioitilng of the Big Four In ritvvn glno 0215 In It was itruck by en charge of EnRlneoi Hvdc nnd Flrrmim Cuny both of Mutt iron Mr Mlngun had almost roatlied safety when tho running board of the online atiuck the back of his tiuck, bnclly damaging It No one wan hurt SULLIVAN LIGHT RATES REDUCED BY CITY COUNCIL SULLlVAN-Thc Sullivan rfiunicl- JMI] light plant has pi oven to efti- clent that the city council bus made a reduction In practically all rates bringing tho coat down to just a fraction nbove tatTM of the C I P S company In other towns On the stialght Ijg-bt i ate the minimum is *1 per month and 12 cpntn per ktlowatt- houi (01 the first SB and if paid on or before the tenth of the month this Is cut to 10? conta p«i k w h . The power late will retnain af) at present night cents |Mi k w.h toi the flist 100 k w h , but has been reduced two cents on all used over 100 Tho minimum is (3 SO pec month Other rotes have been cut and Superintendent Cunningham states that K the city s electric department develops as now contemplated Mull.- van may have another reduction next yeai The light plant at the present time la it well paying i,ro position Practically all of tho pa", merits are being mad* on the iy» equipment due long before they CAB RECOVERED MATTOON--The Chevrolet coupe belonging to Elmer Ganloy, 1020 South Eighteenth stiect, which was stolen Thumdoy evening from In front of Hotel U S Grant, was found Friday morning In Twenty ninth street and Pralrlo avenue, undamaged The lights wire left burn- Ing an a protection lo motorists SPJFFEltS SEVERE SCALDING MATTOON-- M((ta daughtci of Mr and Pern MM Tiacy. Lcora Tracy, residing three miles eouth of Mnttoon, siirterfld a ecoWW left arm and leg In her home Wednesday evening Sho was pitpurlng to waah the auppei dlshift when the pan sho r a rrletl slipped and thiow the boll- Ing water over her arm and leg. CENTRAL1A MAN IS FOUND GUILTY OF SLAYING BROTHER SALEM -- J ,Orvllle Duncan, CO, Cenlralla Insurance agent, was found guilty Thursday In Marlon county circuit court ot manslaughter In t^ie death of bin brother, J. Ornon Dun' can 18, following a right Sept 2 The case went to the jury At o'clock Wednesday evening and th veidlct was given Thuraday noon Duncan's allot noy hni ankcd for new trial and until ilvcialon Is made sentence In being withheld HO QUESTIONS"** D* Can you put these STAMPS together MPS* NATIONS Simply cut these stamps apart, put them together and name them. Open to Men, Women, Boys and Girhl SET No. 1 CUT Him CUT HIKI r*« in tht St^Mh af- _^ ^ . . . , - , ,, - ,, M TUt h ' ' WriMB»»fNMloilM 1 I (A* Slamhaf- * ' Vril**MirNilUnb» ("t Vf Tht Iny pnrtion of rhit coinpo*l(fl it*n\p r4{TTHDnti 4 cmintr/ ot which E tut I* lK« cipiul the middla DOM on i* pflrtat ft »l,inip of a otlton who« rul«r b«m !)io (hto dtofjt V tht lowtrpmtlonienraMiti wtMIt EtltKD botindtTT ll ih* Mtilil«tiuic*n Sen C! UF- Hit opDtr prunen of thu contH»'tt turns rtir«nl · niiion HpirHtd b/llw EiiKljh ctunnil ftutn TtaiKt tho mxUIUi portion ihtmtl nitlon ruled by i Kuij ninud "Alfonin tht loww pwtkm rcpriHnlt i mil nn within wboH boundirlti ttut Mount Dlinc. UshtK ot ill tht piiki in tht Alpp CF UE Th« IIIIIOD r«pr«MM«il hy (he urptr pmiton of thli compmit* tttmf hu u hi cipiul · t«r luintd Madrid t)i «ntnt ponlon reprniMi · nil in in Ewrvpt tarcnwd bn yttindent ind atiett l«t)«liiiT«tuihori(ri» vnmt UiilxCflinhgrofDtpuiltgtiiillhcStnttg tin hutioni portion )t iiut *l * iunp ft i tution upon wbti ttg l«i tud iht Mm amt IM The mcACio TRIBUNE Will Pay '10,0002? IN CASH PRIZES FOR BEST ANSWERS! Lilt Sunday the Chicago Tribune announced a fascinating, new Prize Game-- "Stamps of the Nations." For tho benefit of those who were unable to oftialn last Sunday's Tribune th* Ant «et ot lumps is re-printed here. You can start with these-- they will count. Th«n get Set No 2 in tomorrows Chicago Sunday Tribune The smmpi arc printed in full color each Sunday in the Coloroto Picture Section of the Chicago Sunday Tribune. The Chicago Tribune will pay $10,000.00 in Cash Prizes for the best answers. It's educational, inttructtve and intensely interesting )iut cut the stamps apart, put them together and name the nations they 'represent. This offer is open to every man, woman, boy and girl Follow These Simple inefficient poitage will be lerurncd by the Post Offict Department. A letter mult be tent with your ·0117 giving your nun* tnd iddfeas *nd telling the name of your fkvont* Sttmp ind why you Hke it bttt. Utters must not exceed 50 word*. Contestants may lend *s mtny set* as tbey wish, but no contestant will be entitled to more than one prii*. No entries will be returned, Th* judging will bt based apon (he accumcy of putting the stampi together, cotttttly naming the countries they represent, neatncM and merit of the accompanying letter Elaborate entnci will receive no ((renter consideration than the roost simple entries The prime requirement will beaccuncy. Therefore any tcbool boy or gir) has the same chance to obtain a prize 073 Big Cash Prizes! ht Prize ...... $1,000.00 ZodPriw N*it5Pra». Next 10 Prim Next 20 Prifti izsoooitti flMo»t»i t so oo .td man ot woman prize *i any Pvrrv Stirnlut for M SmuljM the Chicago Tribune will p r i n t * ttt of * com- pimto 'M.ituin nt the Natitnu Tiich let ot tumpi, when cut Apart nncl ·itemhleil p»|erl} will nuke complete itampj 1 he public it invited to put the it-imp* together and name the countne) they repccicni Hie Chicago 1rtb«n« will p»y$iO,OOOW In tain Prices for tht bett toswtts! Set Prue * Th* mnipoiiU' ilinitu mtiit be tut apart, a^embletl and paited or pinned initetber Btluw «4tn tamp (inm b written (he name of the country it represent*. A total of -12 mmpi will be printed-- 3 each Sunday for 14 SuoiUyi IMPORTANT! IteM all tiampi until ?ou trart tin ftntplttt itt cf 41 t h e n «nd them to "Stamp).' Chicijo Tribune, Pojt OflSte Btm 1}J9, Chicago, 1 1 lino i) » Thu epnieit (i ppen lo everyone-- men, women, boy* and girls-- except em- ' pirn 01 nt the Chicago Tribune and their families. It docs not matter where }ou live ^j ( You pay nothing. Ju« prove j our ikill m Alt *Mmp* nun b* la by midnight ll dan after Set No U i» pubtuhed * Eieh entry should be sent hy First Cla« Mail, Poitage Prepaid Entries with 7. SCHOOL TEACHERS, NOTE To interest School Teichen in encouraging their pupils to enter thu instructive and educational garni, the Chicago Tribune will award 5 prixet of $100 00 each 10 the teachers of public, parochial or ptrvate schools of grammar or high tchool grades, whose pupils rank highest among the winner), Teachers! This rww game will familiarize your pupils with many fortign countries Help them win, 8, You need not purchase the Chicago Tribune to compete You nosy copy or trace the stamps from the Tribune and assemble the sumps from the copies ipu have made The Tribune may be examined at «ny of Its offices or at Public Libraries free of chatge O. The judges will he a committee appointed by the Chicago Tribune, EntnnH agree to accept their decision as final In case of ties a duplicate twtrd will be given each tying contestant Next 100 Pritct ttaw«(i Next 490 Priwi » M «ca S Award* to School Te«cb«r». . jiwoo«A 500,00 300.00 1,250,00 1,000.00 ] ,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 2,450.00 500.00 «73 Prize, totib^r $10^000.00 The Stnmp» Shown in Sel JVo. 1 Are Among These Don't miss thu great chance to win · big Cash Prize. Note the clues printed t*low the sumpj. They will help you. If you with you may obtain Set No. 1 in full color in tomorrow's Chicago Sunday Tribune It will be M-printed tomorrow, together ·with Set No. 2. Get the complete U set*. Then send them in. To avoid disappointment order your Chicago Sunday Tribune tn advance from your newsdealer. The edition is limited. wllh ih« *tum V * etliown nliovr. Tliwy will count. Then get Set Wo. 2 In TOMORIIOWS O'ribtinc DECATUR NEWS AGENCY Dldtrlhiifoir rhliumo Tribune--Hear ISB E Wood--Dion* Editor Talks to Chorus Girl Left Flat By Terhune In His Apartment Jl'MAT IIAH «ONK ON IMSFCHIK Mi SB Annassa Wes loaacs Btkle'tt Houac, no-oil led because a, hi ld« v, ho had nought shelter ihcio with hei husband, hud Miangely dtaappeaied The leawi np«clfl«d that the tenant mum M»h no questions nn matter what happened in the holme Annmw) find* that one of the grave* lii the private burial ground hai been opened Her slHblo boj, Ol to. In murdtred John Diamond ownoi of a New Yoi k newnpu per, tries to Induce Anna^n ti. leave the place Jsbc iffuacs Dei kk Cranson, a formal CIILUI athlete, and admirer at Jam Uiinnella, one of the Ural ten antii of the houae, calls to lakt care of Annaantt'M polo pen ion Draculn, a eavag* fttalllon flghtr. off Cran*on, wlw athliten tin new tenant to leave Bride h HOUM go-called btceunc a bridi who sought shelter Ihere for the night with her husband had strangely disappeared a few months before A deputy IK nut on guard In the kitchen heavily urmcd Aftnasitfl, In the nlghi looks out and *ttn a itlriunt't tiding Dracula about lht» BBC. lure She admire th* sUanget K hoiarmanshlp She h«nra the deputy stirring and cwlln a wain Ing to the hodman There »n the wound of an «*plo*lon. ana MJ»* Banh Ann's houtiekeepei calls out that the deputy ha* been murdered Th* women a f n r i through the wood* f«i Di "run ton « houw Craniion nppronrtn-1 ihrouRh a Hearing drngglim along a wonmn In scmorrow dp- pare), her face hidden by a btaclt veil Tei rifled, the women flee Ann sink* In the maish and In iMciiod h I he rtNtnjtcr w h o had been Hdlne Diacula Rhf tr|e« lo (,ct him 10 ionic with hei 10 the houno vchiire the wnlchniitn haa been murdered, but (he *ti anger disappear* CHAPTER X It WHH hl«h nnon Monda\ Alva CiopMj paused In the mldxt of pitching for his dunimej vacation which was (Hippo«fld lo tun* atoned the Soturdaj before to admlie ..»e enrlv dddltton of the Now Vorh Dllllv Vtfr PlMfl, il copv Of whlct) Inv on hlK bed A special Inwrted Jujtt befoi* the pnnern »«»» ««' «»| n/tlioUKh Vl^ the news (tt»ndi) bore Ih* nwiounre mem In scare ivp TWO DEATHS IN U MOVRS would bt » v , aekH But th«n, (h* i,i, hl , In Canada were always roil ally on Uk« Winnipeg H,. ti tak* both *we«tou If I h l N W M t l t l l l hdd M Mllil ,, ,, ,, on for suylng In th» h«unti»i it,,,, nels house -»nd by (hi* Urn* ih. , could br no doubi hut that di. h«i -II wan a tar* b«» nhm Mich in , certain well-known winiei titr,f nvvt tllttdvlitod but DanK It nil, « nutn i nuldnt M[t bur admire midt Kumenoiw Kit|iec iitiiy , man whi'd fv«i don* any b*M ff,n Ing L*yltw dfide ll)» hl|t binito win, whl«h he hHI b*»n loylng, Crcmpwy t«ached foi th v ti)Aphon* book A f t . or h had found whftl he wanted "Olwe me Pl«»i 8M03 1 301 What's 1h« j«»ti«r with HID I lit hot woalhtr «ff«Pt»ii yam hearing or I h*ft youi pardon " A female voice nt ihe otlmr nd or the wire hud remarked womewhw tartly "Thin is Flaw «2M And wy earn are quite «|| right, h*nk you "M mlMakf T wft» living to *tt Mi GfUcly Tethunoii npartlmeni Munt hnvfi when nr 1 (lie wn'ng num. Rnld Ic Mr do }o» 'So III* v n l i e Idrt i s l t h Thl Tcrhune's »i«rlTn»nt Wh»t u it wlio sri you '- ir j In Hales Cromlnu Deepen^ 1 His prophecv had been fulfilled aoonci than h* expected The Fro* Prow was running «om« e«clui-i\e, front-page murder stuff Not so bad for a newspaper that had a I way* had tha roputnllon of being a shade loo conseivath* Or In $nt»p h) I'ttonr A )iintiiioiij telephone inoiiiute ufuund midnight bad imido tht, ucuu)i puHulbk a meosnge which Ctopitey had taken the precaution lo verily by calling up the chief of police nl the Groaning;, one Seth Toby by namr Thwixh \\hv John nianionri nhoiild Him- tfoticn uo i lied up about. Ill if do ihoti! how ill* t a i jump* ' Crop«ov to hlitmolf Aloud ' I d Ilk* to fpctih u l i h Mr Torhun* If 1 m«y ' 'Well von nmyi) i ' c»me Ih* piompi i-epl\ ' H o Innt hei*' 1 Then In tnor*- citicillatory lino, 'And if you've got nnv iden wh*M Jif In 1 wl*h nit")) onyihme nf him ulnTM hftotv lad " Crojwwj WH|IPJ tn- nKh*il An.1 (hut it not nn There wan Komthlna; which M ltk» « nlmpoc ' I m Jiinl s friend \ lulling Ml Teihiino for « rf»v Of i w o " I^HM'lt ||i| MUt Cioiwcj hopoil i«th«) she whs htnlng n nie* ' Well I m not ' nc(juiilnlance "I m havln' i tlm" Tlini d l i t y bum h*a Mi mo f)»t Not » nick*) to buy tm n niicknKi of inlntx wilh ' And nH^ht Of llui wionn- hud Kiown too hcnvy to hi' burnc enj, MnKoi uloito 'Got me (u g h up mj Jot), hofoic I Joft the tlicatu ' S K l u r d n j nifilii wlthotii notiie t h » t ' Ve«h, I'm sn With Geoijila Whit*. 1 WHS (he blinil« in the] «ft as t!my come down the slalioarx In Ib4 list act Next nci*on 1 mlghta (tot a line ti too" Tho m MID it in if editor !ld somo ran. Id thinklni! I dqn't blame you ilstir. tut KcUinn sore at Tribune A mnn bun m tlulit to iiinkc » woman «lv« 1^1 hei c«)rti) i:\en over th* phono ono f»»l the ((-whod flowpr int»e Ita drooping hone) Nil lob, ' Mah him wh*! T told the R|I|* wh»n 1 culled thoni ii)i « 11111* whlli 1 KK't gel tho konfltmation first band was moie than bl* niunaslrig editor could fathom Whnt h« did ] j o \ \ ' \ c i \\s* that the own«i of Ftc« 1'ieat, lind drlipn Jo«» befoirl and not e.on · wrist watch to fo It Relieve j( or not, T hadn't been In this hinim 1 iwnl\ mlnutot when the (otophone i f n n anfl »fi«r II mil h» Mt office and tniKcd helt all oter the In fm-t, the office was atll) In on uproar when he, Croiwoj, had left It ai e o'clock that mornlnK, and ihe onlv jMwIble loason h« could ihlnk or for all the excitement on Diamond'* part wad that ihe redheaded Minn West was JUKI HH de- lermlned lo remain *t Brldoa Hou« now a« she had been before Well, women were funnj crea- t»r*' The lon«ei you know thorn the !ri« \ou understood (hcni TlmnK God Ix'tl hud iho ucntiu (o lomain » b»cti»tor till ht« life' Tnhr tho of- n«l«n In hutid for ciiamiil* Tho June rll.ln i tl\o who could gum up u \ i u n t l a n foi him How many mar. rjel men could miv a* much IN lie III DnnB»r" (.iDpi-ey |)arUo(1 a fl rnd H th" wn; thnt T*rhon« fellow hudn I called ugi tha office Must hav« hail th« letter hour* ago loo Special deliveries wet* dellveitd o» Sun- dny^ or In tho mWiHeof tho nlghi for Ibni mntior Bui hell. If the architect ill'ln'1 care enough about hla «"· rinancee to find out whelhor nh 1 weie alive or dead, thai was nobody'* buslnerts but hi* own The noxi thing thai wenl Into the bng v,an a box of ffshliiK lifkle Thou'- n|)Ooiiii w r i e going l« be wood for brtfld The man In Ihe »porUn»- goodn houxo Imd lUVld tho) would hold a 12-pound--Hut wan K nobody's buBtncsn* Mil* Went wa» not the aoit of gill who oughl lo be lei down by a roan al a time like )h! Wer* ih« eircumatancea re,vtra*t) ·nd Mr Gatoly Tcrhun* In danger, no on* would hav* had to write her 8h*'d have bfMi lher», al hi* »tde, ftghitng like a wtid-eM Yo», whatever faultB th* ml-headed hid might have, n lack of lovalty wa* not on* of them Why DOM Kb* t»U? Th* managei of the Dally Km* Prew moved a little uncertainly toward th* bed where hi* clothes lay In ncal pile* all ready to go Into the HultcBHCB WWH he going lo need one sweeter or two? Surely that light Teihuno lint) ,,,,,, ,, w(w ,,,,,,, Jumna Intn tit* IsottH-Krnnrhini and bond! It Wtib- on I posed not" (Hllntt me whether I'm sup- in wall til) h» come* buck ir Him i It'll ·Oh I don't know A little afiw 12 Maybe H |uaiior 10 OBO W* csine strnlKht horn »/t»r lh» uliow" And that w«* S«1ui day nl«ht, ^0ll HHp Suie H »BH Suturdav nlxht What'* oatln' von* And ibl» 1» MOB- day M\ Ood, two whole day*, an) nw with nothliiR 10 do but nlav M*h w i t h tbo Chink the ltd Mine moio thinning n» u roniilt of wliMi ho said not un- Itlndly If y o u i o t h e blonde ) IhlnU IMI me, j'ou'll (to alwlRht to Mr Whlta and «ny ^ot^d Ulto to have your J»h buck a«hi He'll take you on, all l i g h t " And without wattlnr liear wb*thoi his advlr* wa* nble tt the dltehoit dnmsol nr no) him it up tho receiver So Terhune had been colled ·njildertlv SatunJsv night* He P»M left with ovorv appeMranc* of wlta. lion nnd ho h«d not hoen hack alnc* Thlii pul n nomowhsl dlff^renl f*** on Ihe matter Jtlrt w h n l 1l)e purpoH of t h a i mM t*rioua ' * """" ALWAYS CALL ItSS HI N, MHln *. Any PUIn lurmc»l, he no) rtlfflcult to tnmrrln* Bi)t from whom hud (t i-orm-* The pernon who Iwo" f*»*l up th» Prcut Office* Ah, that w*» » queatfon end one ilml lei) o enwea of ronjMture Abruptly Cropnev »·««» h u r h n p tnRn oul of Ih* nuttetwa. Hnl»(f on* W»PJ |tolii(t to Cfttindn. all »h1« hwivy «(uff 1hrr» *(IB » plnre In kepi bv hi* Mwojrrtiph»r where · mull, proiwrtv (»t KM a room and board f«r *" mlBht r»«t *nd il^ep do · H i . ll* «»nltn«t. looh about · Wl couple of mile* 01 no from too If h»'l »i«d«Mt«ort M(P« Blnnott oorrectlv Which would t- h*ndy In CBW the rhl*f Mioulrt rt- him fe-r »ny rea»on Tht aultc*.«e* by th(« Urn* h»d ix- MpMk»d. not it ne»«y M Mwv «*n aceuslomwl to being ptekt«. hui with every r*n«l*(t« for », two w»«k* *uy In * at«ipy Ntw En|laA« town, (To »* C*ttirit*t, (Ml), It ELE i t CMS 'Af yarrow Mltetlon o tb* »***«· a*** Lot , Tb» eonferenc AIM *·*»"·' ssrs ekcltoi followh «*v. E Sow mv K H.I . T r. H, O. 8«hroi j Rodenbur H.O KUin, ThU bow* aohoole ·« S tr»l BllnoU comtnitti Rr on tb* ttrr dlitriet tw h« tatter p»rt of rton of thl» until Motm»y Th« Luthen of HI ewf» pajtora amaller mun ,,( " Th* folio* tor then* p morning R«v. C A »*v B F Circuit rUv H Wl eutt Rev J O DftnHtte Clrc R«v,E. Rl euli The report which Prof J die. Stmlfl*rv ed (hit clinrc trlct had bee pctt f»w yew Ur» e,nd tend to itt«nd the The work aitwl».tlon wi vtntion ThU Rev John : ohalrmMi COT of Bun W id autridt* »' UM local Init Rev. F W union ot v*r Amtrtc* « pointed out t grttt org»nl Lutheran ch hershlp of HI tlud rnemb* icn Lothew Lutheran ch ·conference o t* a, m«mbcr unte-na wbfcl (Bt the pwrt trinkl In eft tatlonat cull ing seailon tollment ot th* \artoua Ut« aynod la Coneordla. with MS cat ·nrolUd, hni icitant s«t 8t»Ui Tht All ovtr ttv« the achool f » record on lUv. K C WM elected Ullnola dla thurch In i winual con\ In e. pr* »ehOk« of Uand, flral Walter Hoi itcond vie* Oth«r o1 trn«oa wer AMlatant Xaytw, Thi · Tr*aauroi tlnuictl -1. C Bt IUV. H W Mcmbcru Korntman, *wro and Uetnbtra Rw. Char Member* itud*Bti-- i »«4BHeh i t«*M. R. t ·ollhont C«tnmkt . Klunnt th» rev C. Heb nl t k tor "Th, »EWSPAPFRf

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