Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 12, 1975 · Page 4
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 4

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 12, 1975
Page 4
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ul Hints About Building And Remodeling Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Saturday, July 12, 1975 Page 3 THIS TWO-BEDROOM CHALET is one model of pre-cut log homes offered by the manufacturer. Logs, gaskets and spikes for walls are supplied by the manufacturer. Interiors, including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, are handled by local contractors. Real Estate Transfers total 57 This Week Fifty-seven real estate transfers were filed this week in the office, of County Clerk Dean W. Amendt. Of these 57 transfers, 35 were warranty deeds and they are as follows: Howard and Joyce J. Strohacker to William J. and Aletha J. Hunt, Section 10 ToWnship 26, Range 7, Florence Township. > ,WUbert B. and Geraldine J. Winters to William R. and Gloria M. Rundall, Part of Lot 40, Powell .and Waddell's Subdivision. Emma Cole to David L. and Judith A Rampenthal, Lot 6, Charlotte C. Henen's Third Addition, McConneU. Dennis A. and Elaine C. Doornbos to Eugene B.. and Linda K. KUnger, Lot 28 Winter Heights Subdivision. . ' • Gerald R. and Mae M. Abraham to William E. and Patricia L. Lambert, Section 36 Township 29,.Range 7, Village of Orangeville. Martin E. and Nancy H. Wolff to Lester R, and Anna E. Bonebright, Lot 37. Homestead Second Subdivision. ,'Berwyn K. and Brenda L: Polhill to Frederick G. and Clara Bauscher, Lots 2 and 3 H^ttinger's Addition, Part of Lot 7, Block 10 Wright and Purinton's Addition. ;john C. Hastings, administrator of estate of .Mae M. Bartelt, also known, as May Bartelt, to C. Claire Sr. and Darlyne Campbell. Part of Hotel Lot, Village of Winslow "Frederick G. and Clara M. Bauscher to Randal G. Diddens, Lot 6, Block 4, Daw- soh's Addition. Bobert E. and Elizabeth R. Aldrich to Jojin J. and Sherla R. Arp, Lots 245 and 246 Saxby Heights Addition. ; ;Unden B. and Pamela M. Bastian to Dennis A. and Elaine Doornbos, Lot 16, • Block 32; Knowlton's Second Addition. -Roy E. and Iris B. Poe to John K. and Donna M. Pyfer, Section 31, Township 28. Range 8, Buckeye Township. Jerald L. and Marian M. Gallagher to Holy Temple Church of God in Christ, Lots 1, 2jand 3, Coltman's Addition. Marry Earlenbaugh, also known as Harry H.-Earlenbaugh, to Laverne H. and Gertrude C. Kubly, Lot 7, 8, and 9, Block 10, Johnspji.Wheel Co. Plat. "..'•. Elizabeth C. Mahon to Lewis Roach, Section;.3, ,Township-<28,Range 5, Stephenson County. James H. and Phyllis S. Bohlander to Wiiifried K. and Anna Pfeifer, Lot 605, Sec- tio(i'4, Lake Summerset. Carolyn Lee M. Inglesh to Trustees of the Young Women's Christian Association of Freeport, Lot 4, Section 31, Township 27 Range 8. . Eloyd Bicker to Irene Stabenow, Lot 1 and; Part of Lots 3 and 4, Daniel S. Brewster Addition. Edward L. and Theresa P. Challenger to David L. and Janice L. Weber, Part of Lot 1 and-Lot 2, Block 4, Guiteau's Addition. Dfonald W. and Betty M. Jones to Peter R. ano) Trudie L. Beestrum, Lot 10, Block 1 Stayer's 'New Subdivision. l/eroy R. and Lorraine A. Sporner to ChSrles E. and Diane.R. Peterman, Lot 6 and-Part of Lot 5, Plat'6, Park Crest Subdi- visipn.' .-. • • v Mabel E. Liebergesell to Mabel E. Lie- bergesell and Wesley L. Liebergesell, Lot 66, Block 2,3, 6 and 7, Fairview Heights Addition. Joe Allen to-Dorothy Ross, Part of Sub Lot-3 and Sub Lot 2 of Lot 1, Section 31, Township 27, Range 8. La Verne W. and Anna May Lyon to Donald J. and Virginia Runte, Lot 17, Block 6, Weity Hills Subdivision. Edward L., James F. and Charle"s L. Gastel iaftd Deborah E. Gastel Casper to Eliza- betli J. Gastel, Section 16, Township 26, Range 8, Silver Creek Township. First National Bank of Freeport and W L. Kroeger, Trust No. 79, to Keith E. and Napcy K, Zellers, Section 32, Township 26, Range 9. . . Keith E. and Nancy K: Zellers to LeRoy R. apd Lorraine Sporner, Section 32, Township 26, Range 9. Sheldon E. and Ethel J. Gates to James W. and Mabel F. Gift, Lot 1, Homestead Acres Second Addition, Village of Cedarville. . Carla A. Hills, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., to Paul A. and Verna Lee K. Legler, Part of Lot 3, Block 2, Altenbern's Second Addition, Village of Lena. Johnny Meyers to Oliver C. .and Zula F. Meyers, Lot 18, Block 13, Johnson Wheel Co. Plat. Merrill E. and Estella R. Diehl to Dalvin and June Dittmar, Section 3, Township 27, Range 5, Kent Township. M. Thomas and Patricia A. Bordner to Freeport Journal-Standard Entered as second class matter at the Post Office of Freeport, Illinois. Published daily except Sunday by The FREEPORT JOURNAL-STANDARD PUBLISHING COMPANY, 27 South State Avenue,- Freeport, Dl., 61032. • MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES Mail subscription rates in Stephenson and adjoining counties: one year $25.00, six months $13.00, three months $7.00, one month $2.65. Mail subscription rates in the United States, exclusive of Stephenson and adjoining-counties: one year $30.00, six months $18.00, three months $9.00. For any other length of time inquire of our office. If you fail to receive your copy of The Freeport Journal-Standard by 5:15 p.m., kindly call 232-1171 before 6:00 p.m., except Saturday call between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.. We will notify your carrier and have him bring you a paper. ' Roland R. and Shirlee J. Munda, Section 17 " Township 27, Range 7. Jay D. and Maxine J. Mitchell to Thomas B. and Ro'mana R. Niblack', Lot 4, Block 3, Mitchell's First Subdivision, Village of Pearl City. Paul M. Maddrell to LaVerle F. Lingbeck, Lot 2 and 9, Block 2, Original Town of Freeport. Marian C. Krogull to Peggy Schoonhoven, Lot 1 and Part of Lot 2; Powell and Waddell's Subdivision. Quit-Claim Deeds Dale E. and Betty E. Leitzen to George A. and Bess.E. Schmidt, Lot 48, Winter Heights Subdivision. Pauline LaGrange to Boise Cascade Credit Corp., Lot 1051, Section 05, Lake Summerset. Elizabeth Dixon to Patricia Dixon, Lot 2 and 3, Dickes'Addition. Jack M. and Barbara J. Hawkins to Jack M. and Barbara J. Hawkins, Lot 16, Block 6. Welty Hills Subdivision. Evelyn Ericksen to Rolf Ericksen, Lot 1000, Section 5, Lake Summerset. Margaret and Walter Bunnell to Lloyd A. White, Part of Lot 1; Section 5, Township 26, Range 8, Silver Creek Township. Glepn and Mabel Anderberg to Rhonda J. Lamm, Section 28, 29, 32 and 33',: Township 26, Range 9, Town of Ridott. ^ : Rhonda J. Lamm to Glenn and Mabel Anderberg, Sections 28,29, 32 and 33, Township 26, Range 9, Town of Ridott. James E. and Sara J. Grdhani to Robert V. Luedeke and Barbara Lee Johnston, Lot 3 and 4, Block 1, )Velty Heights Subdivision. Wesley A. and Wayne A. Newman to Wesley A. and Wayne A. Newman, Section 24, Township 29, Range 8, Lot 4 in Section 19, Township 29, Range 9, Rock Grove Township. ! . ' Johanna Arnold and Wert Lursen Jr. to Fred 0. Lursen, Lot 9 of a Subdivision of. Lots 1 and 2, Section 33, Township 27, Range 8, Stephenson County. '. , Virginia A. Carnow to Bertram W. Car-" now, Sections 34 and 35, Township 28, Range , 5', Stephenson'County. Trustee's Deeds • 'Cosmopolitan National Bank of Chicago, Trust No. 18600, to Robert arid Carolyn'Roh- rer, Lot 1001, Section 5, Lake Summerset. John Untersee to State Bank of Freepori, Trust No. 12-465, Section 24, Township 28, Range 8, Dakota Township. Cosmopolitan National Bank of Chicago, Trust No. 18600, to Robert D. and Dorothy J. Denbow, Lot 116, Section 1, Lake Summerset. Cosmopolitan National Bank of Chicago, Trust No. 18600, to Irvin 0. and Doris Oleson, Lot 734, Section 4, Lake Summerset. First National Bank of Joliet, Trust No. 852, to Ashley Acres, Inc., an Illinois corporation, Sections 25, 26 and 35, Township 27, Range 8. . . . Cosmopolitan National Bank of Chicago, Trust No. 18600, to Philip T: and Donna Miller, Lot 151, Section 1, Lake Summerset. Cosmopolitan National Bank of Chicago, Trust No. 18600, to Richard and Corine Allen, Lot 1064, Section 5, Lake Summerset, First National Bank of Freeport, Trust No. 04-117-4, to Eugene F. and Donna J. Homan, Lot 90, Northern Hills Second Subdivision. Executor's Deeds Barbara Williams, executor of estate of Mary E. Hansen, to Martin and Rosalia H. Ziss, Section 27, Township 27, Range 7, Stephenson County. Marvin Stewart and Donna Ostendorf, executors of Will and Testament of Anna Stewart, to Linda L. Calhoun, Lot 2, Block 4, West End Addition. 'Thyme' In A Bottle Need some inexpensive storage space for herbs? The National Paint & Coatings Association suggests that painting the caps of tall, thin olive bottles with brightly colored metal enamels, and then fill the bottles with your favorite herbs and spices. Pre-Cut Log Homes Available Log homes are coming to the Midwest. During the past five years, the precut log home market has grown from a $12 million volume to a market which will exceed $100 million in 1975, according to the president of a firm that sells 20 different pre-cut log homes. The firm's pre-cut log homes are sold in kits, which contain log walls, floor joists and supporting rafters. The company's dealers will contract or subcontract completion of the homes: i.e., roofing, floors, windows, doors, interior walls, plumbing and electrical. A two-bedroom chalet contains 750 square feet, and a unique, contemporary design fashioned after the mine tipple of the past features three outdoor balconies and three bedrooms, with 1,800 square feet of living space. A ranch style home is expected to have wide appeal in the Midwest. It features a double entry, front and rear. in the center of the home, and a floor plan with three bedrooms on one side and living room, dining room and kitchen on the other side of the entry. . It contains 1,625 square feet of space. The firm is geared to destroying the idea that log homes are cabins, according to its president. "Many people today are tired of artificiality - they want the real thing. With these homes, they can design interiors as modern as they wish, or they can retain the natural rustic qualities of log homes, inside as well as outside," he said. Herbs Tested As Garden Insect Repellents Biological controls are .good non- chemical methods of controlling insects. But will herbs repel harmful insects in the vegetable garden? ; Roscoe Randell,; University of Illinois Extension entomologist, and J. W- Courter, U. of I. Extension small fruits and vegetable specialist at Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, Simpson, report that herbs planted in close association with vegetables produced no, apparent beneficial effects. The herbs plants, Randell says, apparently did not mask the ajttractant effect of the specific host vegetables nor did they repel the insects. The tests were conducted during the 1973 aijd 1974 growing seasons at the University: of Illinois Dixon Springs Agricultural Center in Southern Illinois, and the U. of I. Drug and Horticulture Station, Downers Grove. The experiment was conducted with cabbage, snapbeans and eggplant, said Randell, because these vegetables are usually attacked by insects. Herbs used in the experiment in- 'cluded hyssop and thyme for the cabbage and catnip; wormwood for the eggplant; and rosemary, petunia and marigold for snapbeans. Although biological controls are good non-chemical methods of controlling insects, the planting of herbs among garden, vegetables, at least on these crops, doesn't seem to be an effective control, says Randell. Not 'all is lost, however, because a garden with marigolds, petunias, and herbs has aesthetic value. Spt Posts Plumb Don't guess when trying to set a post absolutely upright. Use a builder's level or plumb line, preferably on all four sides. ACROSS 1 German composer 5 Chick-pea 9 Marble 12 Chills and fever 40 Feminine name 41 Recorded proceedings 44 Eternity 46 Currier and — By Eagene 13 New Zealand 50 Elevator timber tree 14 Exclamation 15 Composer: Jerome — 16 Declare openly 17 Conjunction 18 Employer 19 Chess pieces 20 Time periods 21 Sweet potato 23 Actress LeGallienne 25 Evasive 28 Vilify 32 Vehicle 33 Press 34 Shed 37 Younger brothers 39 Spanish title cage 51 Navigator and pirate 52 Depraved 53 Before 54 Heathen . deity 55 Existence 56 Arid 57 Female horse 58 Type of tide DOWN 1 Pdrt on Caspian Sea 2 Matures 3 Heal 4 American ' actor 5 Award for recording 6 Talk wildly 7 Expiator 8 Stomach Avg. solution time: 21 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 9 African river 10 Hailing call 11 Conflicts 20 British actor 22 In 24 WWII Day 25 Salt 26 Color 27 Greenland Eskimo 29 Wrath 30 Abraham's nephew 31 Being 35 Toward . 36 Iroquois Indian 37 A luminary 38 Article 41 Made a hole in one 42 Singer Vikki 43 Playing card 45 Aroma 47 Holding device 48 Actress Lanchester 49 Ooze 51 Actress Novak CRYPTOQUIP 7-12 GYIAW WIYDA KOJ NKYJIO T I N I- QKDVIA KYI TKVSKDVI CRY RSY Q K D V I Yesterday's Cryptoquip — WILL THIS PRETTY RED PINWHEEL REALLY SPIN RAPIDLY? (© 1975 King Fc*turei Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue: Q equals T Bridge „ ALFIILD SIIEINWUI D Sometimes you know the whole hand at the first trick. A single revealing play tells you the whole story, and the rest of the play is just confirmation. South dealer North-South vulnerable NORTH 4 K73 Q? K 10 8 . 0 K843 . * K 9 8 WEST. , 'EAST - '•4 Q J 10 9 6 5 2 4 None 932 V 97654 O 5 o J1076 + 1052 * J741 SOUTH 4 A 84 C» AQJ O AQ92 . * AQ6 South West North East 2 NT Pass 6 NT All Pass . ' Opening lead - 4> Q West opened the queen of spades, and East discarded a low heart. This told South everything. East's most likely distribution was 54-4, and he had probably spared a card from his five-card suit. South won the first spade in his own hand, cashed the ace-queen of hearts and followed with the ace-queen of clubs. West followed suit, accounting for seven spades and four other cards. . South next led a club to dummy's king, and West followed suit again. This accounted for West's twelfth card. It was clear that West could have only one diamond at -most. • > Key Suit South was now ready for the key suit, diamonds. He led dummy's king, drawing West's known singleton. He Bill Increases Interest On Renter's Deposits; Signed By Governor SPRINGFIELD, 111. (UPI) - Gov. Daniel Walker Friday signed into law a bill which increases minimum interest payments on renters' security deposits from 4 per cent to 5 per cent. He also approved a bill which bans discrimination against the handicapped. The security deposit bill, sponsored by Rep. John Merlo, D-Chicago, affects landlords who own 25 or more rental units. It requires payment of interest on deposits held for more than six months. The bill takes effect Jan. 1, 1976. v .,. For All Your Electrical Needs 1650 S. Galena Monday 8 ti teslow's Represents Quality Garage Building Your Teslow Garage can include just the essentials ... or it can be custom designed with countless deluxe features, It can be used only to protect your car ... or it can include a workshop. . . storage spaces fitted with cupboards and closets ... a play area for the children, utility room ... in fact, it can include any extra space your family needs. Some families odd an attached patio to their garage for backyard fun. Free estimates of the many sizes and styles are available. But no matter what the plan you choose . . . Next to your home . . . your best investment u a Teslow Garage. ORDER NOW!!! CALL 232-3572 You Can't Buy A Garage For Less.. Unless It's Less Garage. then led another diamond from dummy, East played low, hoping that South didn't have enough information to play the suit correctly. South thereupon finessed with the nine of diamonds to make the small slam. South had done nothing remarkable, but not one player in a thousand would count up to 13 to find out how to play the slam. DAILY QUESTION As dealer you hold: S- A 8 4; H- A Q J; D- A Q 9 2; C- A Q 6. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid 2- NT. This shows balanced distribution, stoppers in aU four suits, and about 22 to 24 points in high cards. l.os AnRplrn Times That Freeport Ceramic Tile Co. Has.... The Best Selection Of Freeport! Ceramic Ttte . Didn't Know Pt^Ut ^k 447 W. Soulh, on the B.ltlln. Phone, 233-2617 Bullock Builds Any Size Garage . . ^ To Fit Your Needs ... "" rP '*->« QUALITY GUARANTEE We guarantee the quality of construction of materials and workmanship to be of the highest attainable quality. Bullock Company Standards of quality, and workmanship surpass all building codes. *,&: Small 2 Car Garage $j 99500 —No Money Down — 5 Years To Pay— BULLOCK GARAGE BUILDERS "World's largest garage builders" • PHONE 233-4621 Tuel Casts with revolutionary Rapco-Foam Insulation... Insured and Professional Workmanship Guaranteed — Financing Available — Now there's a new way to insulate your home . . . foam your home with Rapco-Foam Insulation. Instead of fiber that can leave uninsulated pockets, Rapco Foam is pumped into walls and ceiling spaces as a liquid foam that looks a lot like shaving cream. It gets into every crevice of your walls, completely filling the uninsulated spaces. In a short time it becomes firm, creating a highly efficient thermal barrier that can save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling bills. Rapco-Foam is non-combustible, it eliminates living space for mice and insects within the Walls, and it can be pumped in with existing insulation. We can foam most homes in a day without disrupting your routine, and the only sign we've been there is your lower fuel bills. If you have an Insulation problem or would like more details call or write: • Rapco-Foam Insulation THERMO-TITE INSULATING EN6. 317 No, Grove Avt., Frteport Phone 232-7030

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