Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 24, 1955 · Page 2
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 2

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1955
Page 2
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Ktdf Name It! HNCNLY, Aril. *>— The kids W4 • chance to name th«ir new MhM y eater day and una* name 4M *•* pick? Yup. Davy Crock-all. "Only M parents voted," •feted W. A. Griffith, tuperinten-dent of the school district, "so them waan*t much doubt what 10 ussons $15 Omty $1.50 Wtmkly wutiini* organs "~ <«m In todny Phont 2-7861 MILLER MUSIC STORE *CT Peoria Ave. — Dixon r School Principal Rules Out Shorts For Male Students OKLAHOMA CITY cJ) —An Oklahoma City high school principal has ruled that Bermuda shorts are not appropriate classroom attire for young- men. "We didn't make an issue of it," Clarence Bteithaup*. said. "But Quick Relief that Lasts! /"PILE PAIN , Thorotem-Minor Ointment is a compltt* formula with special ingredients to relieve itchinj, burning, pain and reduce swelling. Goes to work instantly; lasw for hours. Proved clinic formula — ointment or suppositories, 51 00. Insist on Thornton-Minor Pile Ointment— at all drug storm. V ' ^^^^^^ |; The Dixon Evening Telegraph' Tuesday, May 2±, 1955 Page 2 I couo: if ;ne bojs wl~ wear them tomorrow." Three or four students, including: a football player, leported to classes Monday in the walking shorts. One v,ote a bright orange and yellow combination With final examinations coming t>p. Breuhaupt *aid he felt the bare knees might be a distracting influence SAN ANTONIO. Tex. <J» —Bermuda shorts and knee-length socks are out for his men, We Squad Lt Wilton Shaw said Monday. "Not in this line of work," he said of tne style set by San Antonio college students and mtlk- Detective Fiank Lombaidmo and Chesley Jones appeared in the vie Monday, but not for wok. .thei. Smartest, Lowest-Priced By Far! LZ Z —1. .rTaZhil.^^ J SEE YOUR HtUh. DEALER FOR AIR CONDITIONED SEDANS AND STATION WAGONS FOR HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS LESS THAN OTHERS ARE CHARGING! See something absolutely new in two-tone styling in the dashing new Rambler Cross Country, America's lowest-priced 4-door station wagon. Test drive a Rambler, miles-a-gallon champ of the 1955 Mobilgas Economy Run— 27.47 m.p.g. with Hydra-Matic Drive. 1955 Goo Country wift fluhins n*w Spring colon AIR CONDITIONED TtamJbie/L HEMMINGER NASH - 316 Hennepin Ave., Phone 3-8461 Hey FrjUra! Tni» fa. Dl.nerfand on ABC-TV. »e TV u.ttoit. for Tito and Channel. Officer's Defense Seeks [Skid Row Other Motives in Slaying HUNTSVILLE, Ala Capt. Marcus Bluth s attorneys apparently will attempt to show that someone othei than the slight Army officer had a motive for killing the 32-year-old wife of a fellow officer Only four witnesses weie called during the first day of Bluth's trial for manslaughter in the slaying of beautiful Mrs. Helen Mei-ghen wnose body was found Dec. 5 in ner apartment bv a postman. Solicitor Gienn Manning dropped murder charges in a surprise move and said ne would seek conviction of Bluth on a cnarge of criminal assault and assau.t with intent to ravisn. FamMv Art\i«er Bluth is tne loimer chief legal officer at Redstone Arsenal, and played tne part of trend and adviser to the Meighens before the Polish immigiant wife was found dead after a Thanksgiving weekend drinking; bout. He is a native of Johet. Ill , and was a member of the California Bar Assn Meigien and nis wife came to Humsviile onh five davs after Blutn Meighen is a native of Wavnesourg. Pa He met his wife in Geimany m 19-5 and they were married about a \ear later Cucu't Judge Eloert Parsons knocked aown two attempts to snow that owners besides Bluth mignt ha\e had a motive for the woman s deatn. Find Letters, Ke\s Foimer Coioner Bog Rigsby had mentioned n n:s testimony that letteis and kejs were found in the victim s parse Defense Atty. Ralph Ford asked on cross examination • "To unom weie those letters addressed""' The state objected Call Gene Cahill 818 Forest A\e. Phone 3-9961 Folgers brings FULL FLAVOR to instant coffee Here's a great new coffee for young moderns. ..Instant Folger's with a FULL, RICH FLAVOR never before achieved in an Instant Coffee! ftow, for the first time, you can enjoy full flavor in a quick, easy-to-make Instant Coffee! Yes, full flavor has been captured in Instant Folger's. And what a wonderful flavor it is. Full, rich and satisfying, with a distinctive tangy taste all its own. The secret0 Folger's starts with only the finest, most flavorful Mountain-Grown ««wrl|ftU. A. r. » C».. 195» nIewspaplrHRCHIVE8 coffees. They blend and prepare them by a special new, years-ahead process that captures and brings to you all the goodness... all the true rich flavor of these naturally finer coffees. Try New Instant Folger's Coffee. Sene some to your family ... your friends. See if you don't agree that Instant Folger's is truly the modern, easy way to better coffee. iTS MOUNTAIN GAOKW... nWTIJa-iai Ford then asked Rigsby about postmarks on the letters, asking if any had been sent fiom Korea. Rigsby said he didn't remember. Ford sought to bring out contents of the letters, but Manning objected again The judge sustained both objections. George Freeman, tne postman who found the body, was the fust witness called. He was followed by Huntsville Police Chief Gro\er P>-lant. Both described the geneial scene when the body was found lying on the living room floor, fully clothed. The chief told of finding scuff maiks. indicating the woman had been dragged into the apartment ca\ was E. Price, a pnotographer who made pictures of the death scene. Select Jurj Most of Monday morning was taken up with selection oi a jury. Bluth and tne Meignens met ap-paiently for the first time last fall and Meighen and his wife had consulted him about a divorce. Bluth told officers m a statement aftei tne woman s bod\ had been found that he and Mrs. Meighen had kept a date wmch tney made after the divorce had been discussed He aserted that after Mrs Meighen passed out from 'too much liquor, or went to sleep m his car, he dragged her into her apartment and left her there The state accused Bluth of drugging then raping and killing tne Polish beauty. §100 Worth CHARLOTTE, >\ C. t=R — The Internal Revenue office here received a letter Monday which read: "I owe you S3(H> and I haven't been able to sleep. 1 am enclosing $100. "If I can't get any sleep after this 1 11 pay the balance next weeK!" Bums Hide Small Fires CHICAGO iJ*— A Skid Row district policeman savs there is an "unwiitten code ' thar keeps minor fues in cneap hotels fiom being reported. Po'iceman John J. Hennessev testified Monday at an inquest into the deaths of nine men who perished in a fire at the Comfort Hotel on West Madison Stieet May 6. Within th' ee months, fires in cheap Chicago hotels ha\ e claimed 52 lues Tenants who accidently ignite trv to handle the flames themselves to keep from being evicted, said Hennessey who has patrolled the Skid Row district 26 years. Hotel managements, he went on, fear a report of small fires will lesult m higher insurance charges or action by city authorities to close them down* In response to a question. Hennessey said. howe\ei, that he had no mfoimation indicating anyone deliberately withheld an alarm at the Comtoit Hotel Proves Point, But He's Dead NEW YORK (5)— Se- enteen-year-old William Ohvar was to become a paracnute trooper today. Morday a group of pals teased him about his qualifications for the service as they were crossing a Harlem River bridge. Flushed with anger, the youth aulted a foui-foot railing of the mdge, stnDped off his T-shirt and kicked off his shoes. "1 11 show you," he shouted Then he plunged ISO feet mto the river below. It took an hour to recover the body. 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Lombardo 11 15 WGN— Buddv Black WMAQ— Jack Eigen WBBM— Sweet Music WCFL— Music You Like 11 30 WGN— Buddv Black W'BBM— Aragon WIND— News, music 11 45 WCFL— Operation Midmte U =>5 WBBM— This I Believe 12 00 WGN— News: Daddv-0 WIND— New s : Nitewatch WBBM— Music 'til Dawn WCFL— Night Train LEGAL PI BMC NOTICE Notice of Chance- in Electric Schedule COMMONWEALTH EDISON COMPANY (Public Sei-Mce Com-panv Duisioni heiebv gives notice to thf public that it has filed with the Illinois Commcne Commission on M?v 10 1955 certain proposed changes in Schedules E-3. E-2, and Sett'on No 1, I'l C C No 4 with legaid to the method of determining monthly fuel adjustment » ma rip .o tetiect \anations in the tost of fuel per theim fiom a base tiguie of 2 70143c which wi'l in e'fett l educe the amount n* the suel adjustment bv 0 15c per ,ilowatthoui This amount is then to be added to the eneigv chaigcs of eacn of the Company s filed Tnese forma' chanees aie proposed to pionde a iuel adjustment which has a cunent pace base, but tnev v ill not inciease the eithei dnecth from the Company or bv addressmg the Secretary o"f tne Illinois Commerce Commission at Spungiield Illinois business office of COMMONW E ALTH EDISON ■COMPANY (Public Service Company Division) Bv D R Bower, PROPOSALS Sealed proposals will be received m the office of the Division of Pin chases and Supplies. Department of Finance, Springfield. Illinois, during the month of June, 1955 on am or all of the items included in the following classifications for which reauisitions may be on fi'e in this office Foodstuffs. Household Supplies, Ciockerv and Glasswaie, Carpets ?nd Rues Furmtuie and Fixtures, Drv Goods Wearing Apparel, Bedding Notions. Drugs and Hospital Supplies Coke. Agricultural Supplies Industrial and Workshop Materials New Automobiles, Trucks Tires Automobi'e Repairs and Supplies .Road Buildine Materials and Equipment and Maintenance Supplies The date of the opening of bids for the classifications above mentioned and sub-divisions thereof will be indicated on the general classification sheet of each ffched- to the Di-wsion of Purchases and Supplies THE RIGHT IS RESERVED TO REJECT ANY OK ALL, BIDS VERNON R FORGUE. STATE PURCHASING AGENT May 10 11 24, 1955 sons that Mondav Julv 4, 1955, is the claim date m the estate of Christina K Haynes Deceased, pending m the County Court of Lee Countv, Illinois, and that claims mav be filed against the said estate on or befoie said date without issuance of summons. Alma Garrison Executor. DIXON BALES & GUNNER, Attorneys. Mav 10 17. 24, 1055 PROPOSALS FOR BiTT MlNOl S COAL AD\ ERTISEMENT Springfield Illinois April 29, 1955 Sealed bids and oioposals will i lecened m 1hf> r>n,isir.n nf Pm chases and Supplies, of the De- Bitummous Coal, at 'its office in the State Armorv and Office Build ing Springfield Illinois until iu au a m usi June S, 1955, and then and there publiclv opened for finishing and delivering the requirements of the State Charitable Penal and Refoimatoiv Institutions the Youth Commission and the State Armories, for the ensuing: vear. nennrl enrlintr .Tunc 3f>. 1956 SPECIFICATIONS AND BIDDING BLANKS MAY BE OBTAINED UPON APPI.TPATTOV TO THE DIVISION OF PURCHASES AND SUPPLIES THE RIGHT IS RESERVED TO REJECT ANY OR ALL BIDS v^KNON R. FORGUE STATE PURCHASING AGENT Get GOOD Help In a Hurry! You can often hire the best help the least expensive way ... by spending as little as S1.05 for a Want Ad. Just give us the facts ... and we'll help you write an ad that will pull results fast! PHONE 21111 For Want Ad Taker READ AND USE THE WANT ADS NtwspAPtRflRCHiVE4

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