Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 20, 1987 · Page 28
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 28

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1987
Page 28
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8 -SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 20,1987 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL .. i a Si. i o Saturday (Continued from page 7) WQM GOOD THUS WTB3 HOOAN'8 HEROES MCK MYSTERIOUS OTKS OP QOLD SHOW MOVIE "Out Of Afrlc*" (1986) M*ryl Streep, Robert Redford. Dinlih author Isak Dlneaen'a memories of her 17 years on a coffee plantation in Kenya and her romance with British hunter Denys Flnch-Hatton. Winner of seven Oscars, including Best Picture. In stereo. •PQ'g MAX MOVIE "The Dirty Dozen" (1967). Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnlne. A tough Army major manages to whip an unruly group of misfit convicts Into shape for a deadly mission Into enemy territory during World War II. In stereo. 3:00 O KTVU NEW QIDOET O KRON RANDY CROSS' 49ERS FOOTBALL O KPIX CBS SPORTS SPECIAL Mercedes Mile on Fifth Avonue, Irom New York. Some of the world's top milers, Including Esmonn Coghlen, Steve Ovett and Jose Luis Gonzales, are scheduled to compete In this one-mile sprint. (Same-day tape) O KQED NATURE Examines the variety of plants and' fnlniala living In the Sargasso sea, a gigantic floating bed of sesweed near Bermuda. (R) g O KTXL VEGAS O MCTV CHEF OF THE WEEK WON BU9TW LOOSE Mimi's widowed girlfriend ie torn between wanting a career and raising her soon-to-be-born child. In stereo. DUN BEST OF OZZK AND HARRIET DISC CA8TLEQUARD CAVE A Canadian Rockies adventure. MCK SPARTAKUS AND THE SUN BENEATH THE SEA 3:06 WTB8 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 3:30 • KTVU NEW MONKEE8 •I KRON THIS IS THE NFL A weekly feature highlighting a player or team from the past, a current personality and an analytical preview of the week'a moat important contest. (Taped) • KPIX WAYNE WALKER'S 48ER8 PREVIEW • KQO COLLEGE FOOTBALL San Jose State at Stanford (Live) • MCTV CAR BUILDERS' WORKSHOP WON CHARLES M CHARGE Charles proposes to his former girlfriend who's about to marry another man. (Part 1 of 2) OWN MY FRIEND FLICKA Ken befriends two runaway Indians from a neighboring reservation. MCK STAR TREK 4:00 • KTVU SMALL WONDER O KRON ENTERTAINMENT THIS WEEK William Conrad ("Cannon") diacuaaes his new eeries "Jake and the Fatman." In stereo. i KPIX VEGAS KQED TENNIS WITH VAN DER MEER KICUKOJAK KTXL FALL GUY KBHK ALICE O MCTV SPORTS WON IT'S A LIVING ESPN COLLEGE FOOTBALL CONTINUES DON MOVIE "Treasure Of Matecumbe" (1976) Robert Foxworth, Joan Hackett. In 1869, a treasure hunt takea five companions on a wild trek from Kentucky to the Florida Keya. DISC ANTARCTIC SUMMER A look at the life cycles of varioua Antarctic eeal and penguin species from the eummer months to the onset of winter. MCK RATED K: FOR KIDS BY KIDS HBO MOVIE "Quicksilver" (1088) Kevin Bacon, Jam! Gertz. When hie stock market predictlona fall through, a brilliant commodities broker tredea In hie auit and tie for a job with a bicycle messenger service. In stereo. 'PG' g 4:30 • KTVU OUT OF THW WORLD • KQED QREAT CHEFS OF SAN FRAN- O KBHK ALICE WON MAMA'S- FAMILY (Season Premiere) Mama alerts taking clasaea to earn her high-school diploma. ESPN COLLEGE FOOTBALL Penn State at Boston College (Live) MCK BAD NEWS BEARS 4:88 WTB8 BASEBALL San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Braves (Live) 6:00 a KTVU SHE'S THE SHERIFF § KRONNEWS KPIX WIN, LOSE OR DRAW KQED VICTORY GARDEN A review of the four Victory Garden Conteet finalists and voting Instructions. Q 8 KICU FALL GUY KTXL MOVIE "French Connection II" (197$) Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey. A hard-boiled New York cop. Popeye Ooyle, travels to Marseilles to continue his relentless pursuit of an international drug dealer: JS KBHK BUCK ROGERS WON MOVIE "The African Queen" (1951) Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn. A tramp steamer captain operating in the Congo during World War I in persuaded by a lady missionary to destroy a German gunboat. DISC BREAKTHROUGHS Developments :ha! help cure impotence. MCK DONNA REED MAX CHET ATKINS: CERTIFIED GUITAR PLAYER Chet Atkins It joined by Mara who have been Influenced by his talent, Including Everly Brothers), Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, Mark Knopfler, Michael McDonald and Willie Nelson. Selections include 'Bye. Bye Love" and "Corinna, Cor Inns." In stereo. 6:80 • KTVU THROB •I KRON NBC NEWS B KPIX HEROES: MADE IN THE U.S.A. Scheduled: Bruce Jenner discusses his problems with dyslexia; the Rev. George Clements, a Roman Catholic priest from Chicago who fought to adopt a child; Susan Butcher, winner of the 1,100-mile Idl- tarod Trail Sled Dog Race. (R) O KQED VICTORY GARDEN How the small town of Leavenworth, Wash., used flowers to attract tourists; a report from the eastern garden, n DISC DISCOVERY The first-movie pictures of the Aurora Borealls. NICK MISTER ED SHOW MOVIE "Return Of The Jedl" (1983) Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford. This third installment In the "Star Ware" aaga reunites Luke Skywalker and hie comrades for a final battle with the evil Galactic Empire. In stereo. 'PG' g EVENING 8:00 O KTVU SILVER SPOONS S KRON COVER STORY KPIX CBS NEWS KQED FRUGAL GOURMET Jeff Smith prepares Italian dishes, Including sausage, lamb chops and rosemary, and beef etew with marsala. (R) « KKU BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON KBHK MOVE "Logan's Run" (1978) Michael York, Jenny Agutter. Logan, a young man living in a futuriatlo society, la assigned to discover if life exlata somewhere beyond his shattered city. D4SN MOVIE "An American In Paris" (1951) Gene Kelly. Leslie Caron. The music of George and Ira Gerahwin underscores thie Oscar-winning tale of an artist caught between two women In poet- war Paris. DISC TOWARDS 2000 Featured: Improved golf belle and bagpipea. MCK MOVIE "Up The Creek" (1968) David Tomllnaon, Peter Sellers. A British navy officer comes up with a unique money-making echeme to flnence a pat rocket-building project. HBO MOVIE "Feat Forward" (1986) John Scott Clough, Don Franklin. The chance to compete in a high-stakes showdown leads an Ohio high school dance group to New York City. In stereo. 'PG' g MAX MOVIE "Short Circuit" (1988) Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg. A bolt of lightning brings an experimental robot designed for defense use to life, complete with an Insatiable appetite for knowledge. In stereo. 'PG' Q 8:30 O KTVU SEA HUNT 8 KRON CLAIM TO FAME KPIX NEWS KQED GREAT CHEFS OF THE WEST DISC MEMORY - COME TO THNK OF IT An exploration of the memory storage system. 7:00 • KTVU MAGNUM. P.I. •I KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g • KPIX WE GOT IT MADE • KQO DR. EDELL'S MEDICAL JOURNAL O KQED UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS Hazel treate the servants to a day'a holiday by the eea amidct the patriotic excitement of the Flrat World War. (R) 0 KICU THAT'S INCREDIBLE! H MCTV POWER PRO WRESTUNG DISC ED MCBAM Author Ed McBaln goea to New York City streets to examine dreame and violence in Americe. 7:16 WTB8 PORTRAIT OF AMERICA "Alabama" The history ol thia state Ie explored through the cities and towns of Magnolia Springe, Selma and Birmingham. Hoat: Hal Holbrook. 7:30 O KRON JEOPARDY! g • B KPIX YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU O KQO TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES ffi KICU THAT'S INCREDIBLE! ffl KTXL CHARLES IN CHARGE WON NEWS ESPN COLLEGE FOOTBALL CONTINUES 8:00 8 KTVU QD KTXL WEREWOLF (Season Premiere) While tracking Skorzany (Chuck Connors) in the Oregon wilderness, Eric (John J. York) unknowingly takes refuge with an ally of the werewolf. !n stereo. 0 KRON FACTS OF LIFE (Season Premiere) Jo, homeless and unemployed in California, fortuitously meets up with "Night Court" co-star Richard Moll. (Part 1 o! 2) In stereo, g © KPIX MOVIE "Gunsmoke: Return To Dodge" (Premiere) James Arnesa, Amanda Blake. Marshal Matt Dillon comes out of retirement to face of) with two longtime foes looking for vengeance. Several cast members from the weekly series, which ended a 20-year run in '975, reprise their rolss. 13 XSO ONCE A HERO Q SS KQED NATURE v3tsasor. Premiere, This series' sixth aeeson begins wflh an exploration of the Nevada deaert and the wildlife supported by He river. Hoat: George Page. In stereo, g • KICU MOVIE "Dead End" (1837) Sylvia Sidney. Joel McCrea. Teefi-agera in an Eaat River alum fight to overcome their environment and the Influence of a former nelgborhood kid turned fugitive criminal. a KBHK MOV* "Capone" (1976) Ben Gazzara, Suaan Blakely. The Infamous mobster Al Capone rlaea to power as a gangland czer. (B MCTV CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING WON INN NEWS ESPN SPORT8CENTER SATURDAY DISN COLLEGE BOWL '87 A quiz show involving four-member teams composed of the country's.leading college scholars who compete to answer questions on science, art, politics, current events, music and literature. Host: Dick Cavett. In stereo. DISC BUCKMAN TREATMENT A visit to Houston to determine the health status of Texans. MCK MAD MOVIES WITH THE L.A. CONNECTION A spoof on "Night of the Living Deed."; also, an interview with the coauthor of "The Golden Turkey Awards." HBO MOVIE "About Laat Night..." (1988) Rob Lowe. Dem! Moore. Two young Chi- cagoane attempt to belance the uncertainty of modem relationships with their developing romance. In stereo. 'R' g SHOW MOVIE "Tough Guys" (1988) Burl Lancaater, Kirk Douglaa. Unable to reed- lust to life In the outside world after 30 yeers In prison, two smell-time criminals return to the line of work they know beet • • robbery. In stereo. 'PQ' MAX MOVK "Armed And Dangerous" (1988) John Candy, Eugene Levy.An ex- cop and a former lawyer uncover corruption within their union after taking lobe aa security guarda. In stereo. 'PG-13' g 8:16 WTB8 MOHT TRACKS: CHARTBU8- TER8 8:30 a KTVU a KTXL NEW ADVENTURES OF BEANS BAXTER (Seaeon Premiere) Beane facee the wicked U.G.L.I. terrorists when he ftnde hie kidnapped tether. (Part 1 of 2) hi etereo. a KRON 927 (Seaeon Premier*) Mary and Sandra disguise themeeh/ee ae men to gain admittance to the club where Lester Ie to be named Man of the Year. In etereo. WON MOVK "The Way West" (1987) Kirk Douglaa, Robert MHchum. In 1843, a wagon train of pioneers bound for Oregon encountere hostile Indiana, a buffalo atempede and a severe weter ehortage along the trail. ESPN WORLD CLASS CHAMPIONS! 8P WRESTLING DISN MOVK- "Topper Takee A Trip" (1939) Conetance Bennett, Roland Young. The ghoat of Marlon Kirby follows Cosmo Topper to the French Riviera, where hie wife haa gone to eeek a divorce. DISC CANARIES TO CLYDESDALES The veterinerian'a work. MCKMOMtEES 9:00 a KTVU a KTXL SECOND CHANCE (Premiere) A man (Kiel Martin, former "Hill Street Blues" co-star) gete e second chance at life after he dlea and meete St. Peter. In etereo. a KRON GOLDEN GIRLS Roee and her houaematee atend to earn 8100,000 II they "adopt" a pig. In stereo, g a KOO OHARA (Seeson Premiere) Ohara and hie new partner crack open a case Involving a crime syndlcete that extorts money from construction compa- niee. In etereo. g a KQED DAY THE UNIVERSE CHANGED: A PERSONAL VKW BY JAMES BURKE The development of modern medicine and lie reletionahlp to the Invention ol statlatlcs. g a MCTV MOVK "Night Of The Living Dead" (1988) Judith O'Dea, Duane Jonea. A radiation leak createa a race of cannibalistic zombies. DISC NEWPAOIPIC Why prosperity has increaaed the etreteglc Importance of the Pacific. NICK TURKEY TELEVISION 9:16 WTB8 MQHT TRACKS 9:30 8 KTVU OD KTXL DUET (Seaaon Premiere) Laura (Mary Page Keller) turne to drinking after she and Ben (Matthew Laurence) break up. In stereo. O KRON J.J. STARBUCK (Premiere) Crime drama. Eacapades of a Texas bll- llonaire-turned-supersleuth. Tonight: Starbuck (Dale Robertson) trsvels to Beverly Hills to investigate a drowning death. In stereo. ESPN TOP RANK BOXING Harold Knight vs. Anthony English In a junior lightweight bout scheduled for 12 rounds, from Atlantic City, N.J. (R) DISC WRECK ON CAMPESE BAY An exploration of an invaluable wreck. MAX ORIGINAL MAX TALKING HEADROOM SHOW Guests: Gilbert Gottfried, Grace Jones, Don King. In stereo, n 10:00 fj KTVU QD KTXL NEWS O KPIX JAKE AND THE FATMAN (Premiere) Crime drama. The political future of District Attorney J.L. McCabe's (William Conrari) friend is jeopardized when one o* his ass'stants is murdered'. €9 K'3C HOTEL (Season Premiere) A hendeome man datee Chrlatine. Deck Rambo, Ted ShaekeHord and Ginger Roger* gueet star, g j KQED COMEDYTOMaHT a MCU 48ER8 REPORT aKBHKKUNOPU DMN MOVK "The Red Fury" (1984) William Jordan, Juan Gonzalee. An Indian boy becomes a target of racial bigotry at the turn ol the century. 'PG' MCK DONNA REED HBO HOWIE FROM MAW Comedlen Howie Mendel Invite* hie Irienda to a luau in the Hawaiian Islsnds. In stereo, g SHOW PARIS BY MQHT WITH GEORGE BURNS George Burns tours Paris nightclubs and cabarets, stopping at Lido. Moulin Rouge, Folles Bergere and Paradis Latin. MAX MOVIE "Sudden Death" (1986) Denlse Coward, Frank Runyeon. Manhattan's sex offenders become the prey of a businesswoman who turns to vigilante justice following a brutal rape. 10:16 WTBS MQHT TRACKS (0:30 a KOED MAL SHARPE'S SAN FRANCISCO A variety of outrageous clrcum- stancea aa Mai Sharps help* San Franciscan* laugh at themselves. 8 KICU THE NEUROP8YCHOLOGY OF WEIGHT CONTROL DISC CHANGING WORLDS Contraata between two ancient tribes of remote southeaat Aala - the Orogan-Kubue and the natlvea ol New Guinea. MCK MISTER ED 11:00 a KTVU RUNAWAY WITH THE RICH AND FAMOUS (Seeeon Premiere) Jerry Lewie In Parla; the hotels ol Rome; the Caribbean Island Bonaire. « KRON a KPIX a KOO NEWS KQED AGONY Laurence enlists the help of a private detective when Michael la kidnapped. a WCU UNIVERSAL WRE8TUNQ FEDERATION a KTXL MOVK "China 9, Liberty 37" (1978) Warren Oetee. Fabto Teetl. A former gunflghter etegae a one-man battle agalnat a railroad company wanting to S trecke ecroee hi* territory. KBHK FANTASY ISLAND MCTV MOVK "Where Trell* Divide" (1937) Tom Keene. Old friends find them- aelvee on opposite eldes of the lew. WON SCTV Sketch**: a famous film director (Morania) facee financial problems; Rupert Holmes (Levy) and Chuck Mangion* (Morenls) g*t Intuited on "Shoot lor the Stars." ESPN SPORTSCSMItR DISC DEAF MOSAIC MCK MOVK "Up The Creek" (1968) David Tomlkieon, Peter Sellers. A British nevy officer com** up with a unique money-making scheme to finance a pet rocket-building project. HBO MOVK "The Road Warrior" (1981) Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence. In • deeolate Australia of the future, en ex-highway cop reluctantly sides with en oil-producing community under etteck for Its precious fuel.'R' SHOW MOVK "Perfect Timing" (1982) Stephen Markle, Michelle Scarbelll. An ill-timed cereer change pule a New York photographer'e love life and flnancea on the skids until he teama up with his womanizing brother and a punk rocker. 11:16 WTBS MQHT TRACKS 11:30 a KTVU MAGNUM. P.I. a KRON SATURDAY MQHT LIVE In stereo. (R) S KPIX 8840N • SMON KOO GEORGE SCHLATTIR'8 COME- 'CLUB a KQED AGONY When Jane sets out to steer Rob toward happiness, eh* must also lac* the fact* of her unhappy marriage. 8 KBHK VACATION VIDEO MAGAZINE WON LAVENNE » EMRLEY ESPN COLLEGE FOOTBALL Penn Stele at Boaton College (R) MAX MOVK "Superfty" (1972) Ron O'Neal, C*rl Lee. A Harlem drug pusher decide* to invest ell of hi* energy In • final million-dollar cocaln* deal before retiring from the business. 'R' f 2:00 a KQO D.C. FOLUES 8 KQED MYSTERY! "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes II: The Final Problem" Proleasor Moriarty purauet Holmea and Watson to Switzerland where he confronts Holmes for what may be the last time. (R) g S racu VEGAS KBHK MOVIE "Tom Horn" (1980) Steve McQueen, Richard Farnaworth. In sarly 20th-century Wyoming, a bounty hunter hired by a group of ranchers to track down rustlsrs Is set up for a hanging by his employers. Based on a true story. WON TONY RANDALL DISN MOVIE "An American In Paris" (1951) Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron. The music of George and Ira Gershwin underscores this Oacar-wlnning tale of an artist caught between two women in postwar Paris. J2:16 WTBS NIGHT TRACKS |2:20QJ MCTV MOVIE "Billy The Kid Returns" (1938) Roy Rogers, Smilay Burnette. A man uses his resemblance to Billy the Kid to restore law and order to a crime-ridden town. ,2 10IQ KTVU WWF WRESTLING CHALLENGE S'.neCuiec! matches involve One Men Gang, Junk Yard Dog, Ihe lawnaiefa eno Paul Mr. Wonder nil Oinoui ff. • KPIXHAWA8FIVB-0 • KOO DOM DB.UME SHOW WON INN NEW* p:88HBO MOVK "F / X" (1888) Bryan Brown, Brian Dennehy. A *p*cl*l effect* expert'* involvement In • f*k*d ease**!nation prove* to hav* more complication* than expected, m stereo. 'R' g SHOW MOVK "Legal Eagle*" (1888) Robert Redtord, Debra Winger. Two Manhattan attorneya employ torn* unorthodox methods to prove the Innocenc* of their client, *n avant-gard* artist accused of murder. In etereo. 'PG' g 1:00 B KRON IT'S SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO 8 KGODELVECCHK) KICU MOVIE "Just Before Dawn" (1981) George Kennedy, Chris Lemmon Five young people on a camping expedition find themselves in the midst of a bizarre family of animal-like mountelneere. 09 KTXL MOVE "The Life And Time* Of Judge Roy Been" (1972) Paul Newman, Avs Gardner. The Infamous hanging judge ol the Old West confronts bizarre enemies while upholding his own form ol justice and loyalty admiring the legendary performer Lily Langtry. WON MOVK "The Longeet Day" (1982) (Part 2 of 2) John Wayne, Robert Mltchum. Allied forces prepare for a massive D-Day aaaault upon the beach- ee of Normandy during World War II. MCK TURKEY TELEVISION 1:10 MAX MOVK "Bolero" (1984) Bo Derek, George Kennedy. After graduating from an English boarding school, • womsn loumeys to Arsbl* and Spain In aeerch of her first lover. In stereo. 1:16 WTBS MQHT TRACKS 1:80 a KTVU MOVK "UntH September" (1984) Keren Allen. Thierry Lhermttte. Strended In Perl* efter being eepereted from her tour group, an American woman meets and falls In love with • married banker. ' a KPIX MOVK "The Legend Of Walks " Far Woman" (1982) Raquel Welch, Brad- lord DHImen. A Blackfoot woman In the Montana territories of 1874 fleee her tribe after committing murder to avenge her husband's deeth. a MCTV MOVK "Indiscretion Ol An Amerlcen Wit*" (1964) Jennifer Jones. Montgomery CHrt. An sduHeroue American wife slon* on vecetton In Hah/ meete her lover for one last time In a Rome train stetlon. 2:00 a KRON NEWS « KQO ABC NEWS g KBHK JMMY BWAOOART 2:28 HBO MOVK "Wild Geese «" (1986) Scott Glenn, Barbara Carrera. Mercenaries risk threats on their own lives to complete e mission Involving kidnapping Imprisoned Nezl leader Rudolf Hess from Berlin's Impenetrate Spandau prison. •R'g 2.40 SHOW BEST OF BIZARRE 2:46 a KICU MOVK "Terror In The Wsx Museum" (1973) Ray Mllland, Elaa Lanchester. A young woman acla ae bait to trap a killer who lurks In the shadows of a waxworks exhibition. 3:00 a MCTV MOVK "Denny Boy" (1946) Buzzy Henry, Ralph Lewie. A German shepherd used In wartime military service Is readjuated to civilian life with a new, younger master. MAX MOVK "Black Venue" (1984) Josephine Jacqueline Jonea, Karln Schubert. A beautiful young woman entrences a 19th-century French sculptor, who proceeds to use her ae a model tor his let- eel work of art. 'R' 3:10 SHOW MOVK "Out Ol Africa" (1886) Meryl Streep, Robert Redford. Denlsh author Isak Dlnesen's memories of her 17 years on e coffee plantation In Kenya and her romance with British hunter Deny* Flnch-Hatton. Winner of seven Oscars, Including Best Picture. In stereo. •PQ'g 3:18 a KPIX MOVK "Women They Almost Lynched" (1962) Bri*n Donievy, Audrey Totter. A Weetern town considers lynching the woman who shsmes the men with her superb hendllng of guns. 3:30 a KTVU MOVK "Rollerbsll" (1976) James Caan, John Houseman. In e rigidly controlled society ol the future, the superstar of the number-one sport challenges the established order by refusing to retire Irom Ihe game. SD KTXL MOVIE "Pocket Money" (1972) Paul Newman, Lee Marvin. Two drifters In the modern West try to stage a get-rich- quick scheme by swindling a gullible rancher. 4:20 HBO MOVIE "Quicksilver" (1986) Kevin Bacon, Jam! Gertz. Wh*n,hls stock market predictions fall through/a brilliant commodities broker trades in his suit snd tie for a job with a bicycle messenger service. In stereo. 'PG' 3 . 4:30 (Q MCTV INSPIRATIONAL 4:40 MAX MOVIE "Armed Ana Dangerous" (1986) John Candy, Eugene Levy.An ox- cop and a former lawyer uncover corruption within their union after taking jobs as security guards. In stereo. 'PG-13'g 4:46 {Q KICU MOVIE "The Last Outlaw" (1936) Hoot Gibson. Harry Carey. In Ihe Ol<1 West, e lawman brings an outlaw to tus iusl 'lessens communtcet*. "»iu» 01 immammi are rounoeq up in

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