Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1941 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1941
Page 4
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STEHL1KG DAILY 0AZBTT1, 8TBRUHG. ILLIKOI8, i U8O. Thuf, slackness on the job lis distinct.!? up to th« ! ment. Sterling Daily Gazette P. F Grand on. Omrral ^53^ag?-^ D \V. Grandon. A^sfX-iatr Turn to rornlc psse for s-.i information Th« Sterhne Communists in Capital Representative Dirs, rhainnan of the committpe on un-American activities, has sent to Attorney General Biddlr a list of 1,124 name*, at Icrlrral employes alleged to be Communist' or affiliates of subversive organizations. Mr. Blddlc requested the list. Two yeais neo Mr. Dies made public a list of 563 federal employes whom he declared were members of the American Leauue for Peace and Democracy which Mr. Dies said was a "front organization" for the Communist party. This time Mr. Dies did not ifiak* the names public, but. some of those included are known to be In the $10,000 * year class. Two years ago some of the p«rsona whose names were pub- 'llshed said they did not know the fcind of an organization they had Joined. That may be true now. Mr. Blddle undoubtedly will do his own 'Investigating of the names handed hlni but Mr Dies' investigations usually have been rather thorough. Sometimes they have been embarrassing His report on Japanese activities on the west coast has been held up at presidential request. Why the government should have so many in Its employ In Important departments whose loyalty to thli government is questionable 1« a mystery. If *' ^ir._ Blddle finds that Mr. Dies I is only partially right there may I tw : Mme hesitancy in cleaning bouse because of present war r«- latlons, but the sooner it is done the better for it now has been planted in many minds that all Is not well In Washington. Cutting Things Down After all, it might not be a bad plan if the government did issue some drastic regulations. For, getting down to brass tacks, a bit of dieting wouldn^ hurt any of us. Many people still recall the strict regulations of the World -War tra — Hoover bread, whote wheat (lour, less t.ugajr, TfShf o"Fus was the worse for U» diet; fcr f act, U h«U»d a -lot «C ptopl* who wen living too la*, mn.thpuft* it didn't en- Mr. Hoover's popularity. '• A ftw gasless Sundays might tasw the paunch off from « lot pf overweight chap* by making tb<im walk ah, extra block or twp. Wltoie wheat or graham bread i$n*t_m half bad diet* and soybean floor bakes into excellent bread. Those of us who are too proud to eat cornmeal might come down to it and like it, just as toe like the various other substitutes for the epicurean diet the majority of us are stuffing Into our gullets. _ r Why Th. Delay? News dispatches say Justic* Samuel Roscnmao Is making a purvey of housing agencies for tht President, the Intention be- Inf to end the confusion arising overlapping authority. One the matter may be com- tof to a head now is the delay to erecting clubhouses for the Voice Of The Fress THE DISTRICT OAR TAX State Journal' Raymond S. Sprine- fr of Inflmrm nmy b* t-\tn^(^\ for hit v^hTn^nrc «r>f) slmoit in«ne furor w h^n HP dTitnmcc's 'M^ jtn* !ax )n '.'if Dmrkt of Columbia m a di«crim:nstion *g*in<>t th* rom- mr»!!. oidinniy tax ptyf;* of tlifl tistion and a privil^ur nn.Hi.«-lA' *:i- XH'fd hv !(;<• nrh »nd luxurious o( thf nanons t'spual. HIT t'osition is .oounri O*-; sax in th^ diMiut i«i only rtif. aeauirt nn RmflR? of i\\f c^nt^. plus frrifral Irvirs, thro-.iBiiout th*< United Statrs. B^n^ficiari^ of thi.-! inoquuy, lie .•-a;, •-. air [iinalf car owiK'is. the street, car and bin monopoly of W««hincton. nl! the tnirkrrs Rnd all the toui is!s' anfl iixiu^ulrs iliat can possibly .vqurrz* Hcrox-i the dis- niti line to fill their tank?-. Among them. h« charges, they support an expensive lobby to protect tlirm- sehes in their privlk-Rf. Mr. Sprinirer makr-: ih? point that congrc.vs appropriates \ery iarge sums out of public funds each year for the support of the district. Portions of these appropriations annually aie expended upon object* toward which an adequate end just tax Miould be applied. Mich «s the repair and upk«r> of the streets which usually «re in disreputable condition. All of thl« and much. more IB true with respect to taxation In Washington. Its syatem is unequi- table, antiquated and Ineffective, working at all times In favor of those who enjoy the advantage* of residence in the capital and should bear a h«vl*r burden. Despite frequent oulbuiaU against these inequities, nothing hes been done to modernlM the taxation system in th« district. No congressman is nufliclently interested to knuckle down to th£ gruelling task of solving the problems that Washington endures as the nation's,, capital, beholden to congress for everything It needs, which refuses to act or does the wrong thing, if it does act. The dumbest exhibition of impotence and Jncompetency in government la the District of Columbia. There, great wealth, luxurious living, political and Industrial power, barbarian architecture and grandiose landscaped dUUnces, stand fnoe to face with scandalous police paralysis, ab)ect poverty, humiliating public welfare services, broken down, disreputable institutions, the most blighted housing area in the United Stales, the alley settlements, the Negro's cabin town*, the poor whites' hovels, all under the shadow of the magnificent, danllng white capitol. SERIAL STORY MURDER IN PARADISE By Marguerite Gahagon COPYRIGHT, IMl. NEA THE PTORV: Qn!*t r«r*<fl«w h Ihf «-»ne of two iwnrdrr* h«rtd*<HW>> Herbert- < «rd, who a «*•« fjanrre, Maitie r»l*«n, fn Ihf fare nf his lust *nm- mrr'n l«ve, .feanir >!nrrli. and who police sa«.pfrt jant^lfr Stitch Veretll of killing; -tern. str*Uht- Ured Mi«s .MilHe .Morris. Jennie's aunt, who find few friends but no fOfmiM. It is Manriie O'Connor who flnd» holh bodies, and hoth hrr daughter, Mnr.T, and reporter Dennis Fljwn suspect hrr of knowing more than she revralv Maudir !-.;»•• done some sleuthing, talkrd with lo- ral editor Tod Palmer. t*ho ohvi- onsly Imes .Iranie, and innkeeper Chris <lordon, a contemporary of >!i*s Millie's. M*urlir wonders 11 Jeanie and I.i»a Holme*, her maid, thouJd stay in the big .Morris hnn** alone. After Flynn ha« gon« back to the (ity,'**ome«ne enter* the cabin occupied by Mandir and Mar?. gets away before they ran dlM'ove'r who It is. IIEN.NV RETl RNK CHAPTER XVI It was * long night. Maudie and I managed to give each other enough courage to go back to bed. But first we searched the house, tiled the windows Bfid door.";, and locked everything securely after looking «t our Jew valuables. Nothing luul been disturbed. With the \\holr place blazing) with light it seemed hard to believe anyone had been In it. Remembering th* hagiiarcl. drawn look on Maudie.'c lace when she came in after finding Miss Millie, I hated to scare her again. And so I finally suggested thai my nerves wwrn't nny too good these days and I probably had imagined tilings. The next morning it more preposterous. I got n». though. ave in the bright light of day. Mood-curdling scream from audir took rr^ da'hing to her room s rc>!d sweat of fe»r. ' She wa^n t to b» seen, but * rcf h*-v. :ne m».«i unH*r th* T.'ikf''-, 'hn'ar-.-; ^hfre Sh* Wai 'C-.M'i .'-'cod on the b«d, proud'.-, .'cutig hi* :«:i. .Maudie, at mv .Ms"erirr. p-''K'ri her head out id diriered mr to take him awav. ?.hen' I mo-, ed forward he owird ( rr>i>d his wicked. ir h<M(;v r-. r*. a' rne "Wnat s :he matter with t!:? "Oft h;m out of thtre — he* (.fluent a tot—" It wasr. t a :* r hut a mouse, one <•! U:' mm;> tj-.a; kept us com- IHuiv in the cottage. MtCool was justly proud of his kill. Maudie waui't pioud ol him. After he .••talked out to ti.e back \ard. J-he conle.-.sed >•'.',*• didn't enjoy the treat he'd tried to show hrr. "I woke up whf-n lie Jurru>c-d on the bed." she said, *U11 making a mouth of distaste. "He came right «l> to my Jace. Why, I felt his whiskers, and when I looked up there he was with * mouse wiggling in his mouth. Obviously," .she said, feeling gingerly around the How with * bare foot for her slippers, "we need « man in the house. No such excitement occurred while Denny ws» here." 3he put on her glasses and looked over the top.', at me. "The boy was here n week." I said I wns aware of that. "1 hope you aren t slipping. You aren't fooling me, you know. I tan rrad your face, and you mill care lor him. All I can say Is that. i you didn't seem to do much about 1 Ul while he was here." I rft- I «m?d f«el my fact fhi*h, I surtM tow&r<5 th> kitchen thtnktnf that wh«t «•? bo?h ne?d- good strone oofTw. Mill guarding Ms mou.*e- in th* hark varrt when t opened th* door and took ;n the milk. A mows* could have knocked over thM empty botu? 1st; nJRht, I •mppWM'd. But a<; Mauc5!e hid pointed out, mftib« w? dsd iT-rr) & msn !rs thi> hoiw. And T hnp»d np\pr s»*m to fe»l thr ?*rrflr that swept over rn» vhrn I wakened to frel that Haht on mv far* and the presence of fomfon* ';"known in t! 1 ' room. %Vi:o v oiiid f!f?,l in'n r,'.ir ro'- tasf in th<* mirio> of :h» nigh'? YVhK' wn-jld arvonp exiifct to fir.ri? \V;.ai co.ild thrv v.ani, and * ;-.Rd :hr;. planned to rio' Tlie iaur.dry rsrni" hack that d*y *nd ::-. sorin.g it I discovered some of Denn>'s sock 1 ! and handkrr- rr.i?f<. I na'krd tlirm up to Rfnd to him. and thtn wrote a note. • B\ th» way. tiui \o;i ^md a messenger for tliese \»iiiab]c^? We had a raiier last night — one I hope doesn't rpturn vrr>- noon. After the excilemrnt around hi»rf 'he pan? tvrfk I prefer any miters to knock «tyfore entering Thf one camr uninvited and. while neither Maudie nor I have any idrn who n might have bffn, he .nami u.« «illy. I know I'VP developed the Jitters lately, but 1 ajso know I »aw K HasMichVs glare in ray. ey«* and heard someone Such a caller Isn't welcome afj*r two killings." cmjlifn't hav* h«d tlm* to tiw any of that !a«ndry b?c«««i h* w*« Niclt at, th* rattaf« in no time. Th<»re vc?rt imes around hfs eyes »nd hi<s lips were net !n * <fraiirht silt. HL* hand «ho«k when HP lighted hi.* clgsrft and *ft»r a couple ol = quick puffs rip srave !t up. He Jn*(.Med I tfll him everything about that nocturnal visit snri even though I did r»th*r wrll with ih* humorous (ouch'"; hr re- fil.^d to so much as smiip. In<o,d he cumf O\PT and put his hsn^! on mv shoulder 1 . i "If •- if anything h»pp»n»r} <o' \<"i, Mar>. 1 don't kno-A ^.har I'd i ido Riow my top. rrtavb*. I I ! ifiont gft '.he pi'.cn or. ths< h-.i.^i-i • nr '*<- nnr Ail I kr.n?. n (hat.' i when T so: \our letter 1 hud to | come and UPS that you were all • right. | "You know how I i?r\ about' you 111 alvkay* [?fl like tt;st r --5 ! if I don t rrmkr it evident In a 1 Tristan and Isolde way.' ; "Thry wa^'pd a lot of time on words snd music. Denny " I .. said. "Sometimes a little action in bet-i trr." | He was always quick on !he uptake and so we dldn t wait for, mooiilixhi on the lake, but staffed •' our romantic comeback right there j !u DIP couagp kitrhfn We made up lor * lot of the time we had lost during the past year. Finally when I went to straighten my liRlr and give my Pajislon lipstick a workout I felt much better and could laugh at those (ears of a few nights ago. (To Be Continued) "My word. Maudir. don't you "fp «h« Ut warn ovt of th« "Winter sure had me in thf doghouse. I shivered along in summer underwear . . . with my teeth chattering like a typewriter. 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