The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 31, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1859
Page 3
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INSURANCE BUSINESS DIRECTORY , . ^ 4HD FAVOR CT£ E01JTE , taring astaMlshmeBts we among the beat and most *«; DAVIS, »o MILES l!4 J/Be* from Fretporf) ^ •and get them Insured in the Ulats," old .established »nd. prompt, ARCHITECT & SUPERINTENDENT, TOUKG'S NEW BLOCK. Mans and Specifications for ail kinds of Buildings furnished at short notlceand on the most liberal terms. ielS law opened to tako ' AH> Tirtt-dlau Sttam VJJGECOMPAfiV, Cleveland." & URNITLPRE SALES Waukenha C'oim.y Milk. I AH prepared to fornish the «ltl«nj of Milwaukee ualtywith *^ _ v. PURE COUJCTRY 9HX*K rom the *ell known Dairy of U. BARKER, Esq., at a fair price and In quarrUUes from aplnttoapnn- cheon. Those wishing to be supplied, can leave their orden with Mean. Hunn A Crosby, opposite the Walker Home. I. f. ABBOTT, «nyi6 Yankee Milkman^ AMERICAN COR NET BAND! CAPT. ALEX. SCOTT, JLBADE IS NOW READY TO FURNISU AMY L number-of Instruments, froih one to ['te-enty-tiro, lor Balls, Parties, Parades, Excursions, Ac., *c., at reasonable rates. • -. •• .--.• .. A ?* ror address Bant. ALO-SooTTor at Hempiteul Mnslofltore, 118, East Water «t. augll MUKRAY, PKIOR & , Seaman's Mammoth Boose Furnishing Block, Htmoar STKEET, lUXDUOTDUOB Or, OO> DJJOJDtS Vi BTOTKg, TIN, 4 GALVANIZED IKON ROOFING, Gutter and Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Collins' celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Hot Air Furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, Ac. '; * Orden thankfafly received and promptly atten- my89 Jrom facts inarriud b/hlmselt 'Jnsl received by ' maylO J e'-- v -'-' - : • ;: ^'-'8TRKIK:LAHP ; .*'Ot».^ INCORPORATED I N, 1 31 0 . Oaali Capital afrd-Bnrplm,..,.... «7SS,«82 00 JIOMi? INSURAJVCC COMPANY, -, * jOf Nrw York City, Cash Capital and8urplns,...,........t,l 1 OTr,W 40 HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, 1 ' 0'4ttwYota-. INCORPORATED IN 1826.' ~ I CastiCajiiutland Surphar.i,.,.. $8SS,»5032i J , PIIOSMX INStfUANCE COMPANY, I Of Hartford, Connecticut,. Cash Capital and Surplus,. (419,984 U ' LAW All FIRE INSURANCE CO., Or TO Capital and Surplus-,......;.....^.i . "Clevelana," Rehbat4c*& (THoij>U8hiy refitted for this route ) O N AMD ARr&i MONDAY, April n, ISM! singer Trains will run, as follows: GOING WEST t TKR HaCsafillDJLiKA VjER, a ISAAC GAK A SXEAjtl 1>IPH NO. Z91 JSABJT WATER STEEEt, WE6LI6ALI AID ' G»« AND STEAM PIPBJ, GAS, STKAM AND WATER COOKS, • GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES, - QOAOK COCKS, .»«,.. Always on hand, a large assortmein of -* «i A,S Fl X I II U £ H .,-„ . Wort done io a workmanUke manner, at abort :nottm and lowest prices. ; •' • : ;"•'-• '• -' je»-dly - snppiy oTffiese Oele-" » K. b . r «*« a i e «*» sfromttlre imiun&ctcry vi li-t: Kehbach, in Kegenaburg, Bav»rts, -Inej «e carefully assorted, and each grade Is dUUngnhheo' T y jrpopnlar brand, particular attention Is -catted |o (.he Uon Pencil,^ (rotoa blaci%rt;y and "to the " ' UKSOMJfE INSURANCE OOMPAN»' V '' ' ', OfSew 'York City, " ~ Cash Capital and Surplus,..,. »246£S9 iS CIT\* FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, _ Cash Capital •nd.-anrpluSji.v. „.......7j|308^SI 48 - 1 solicit buslnessfcr the sbqve named Companies, en- f refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Lowes 1 . P.M. Hop. Bridge, U f. B30 j i.H. •Detroit, depart. 7:00 Fentonvllle, arrive fcSO »Os»ego» *rr.|vtL. 10:60 '[ r. si. St. Johns, arrlvje. 12:10 Grand Rapids', afrr. 8*5 *i»rand Haven, irr. 4:40 A.M. Mail. Mixed. Accom ,v A.M. 1:80 6:85 T:40 9:85 A. ar iNlghf &prpjs r. M. 4:45 7:30 Milwaukee, • Refresh meDi 2:80 4:00 .il • 14:16 4:85 12:15 _ MONDAY, DEO. Trains wUl run as follows, vti :'• UO1NO WEST. Ltove Kaclne for Davis — freight A Ace., Leave Kacine for IMoit— Passenger, . i ' , some BAST. Leave Beloit for Racine— Passenger, Wave Davis for Raclne-;?relght * Ace., Passengers l»y taking ibe ?. a. n. -train on the Lake Shore Kailroad at Milwaukee, connect at Haclne with tr«lB to Davis ; arriving at Davis at 8:30 r. M. Stkge leaves Davis for Freeport on arrival of train. 8:3« A. 'at. train from i>avis connects at Racine with aAeruom trains on the Lake Shore Railroad North and South. "eight forwarded with iiupatch. KUUKUT UARKl»,Spi>erlnl<:nil«il 3 A. M 3 r K T:JO-A. M. S-.SO a. K. NOTES, PLERZHEIM & OOSJT7. CO., p offered at Cos' FURNITURE Pittoburgli, Fort Wayne & Chicago A ceo. PencU,"-<mnnu r «4«Hfc). also to the "Engineer* tea. en," (bexagpjp glli,)^ All O r«hlch will be found super!. or to any-«tkertrt;ne--| In the market. ' ™ AlwajB on hand a complete assortment .of black and colored lead pencils oria the desirable grades A dis- coant allowed totte Trade jM-oportloped -to extent -of orders. . — ' N. 1^. GK1SWOLO & CO., BCTAIL DKAJLKRB IS LADIES', GKSTLEMEJJ'6 AN D CEU.DEEN'S BOOTS, SIEOE8 ANI> UAITEHS, MASON STREET, Opposite the Walker House. toftltare W. BENEf HOLLAND, Jgent Jon» liQLunn, Aat't. - Northwest cor. Main and D. 1'. MaasBAU, Snrreyor. Wisconsin »ts.. MUwaokee. • septo ALUBONE'S • United Staica. tto^CAPITAL 8OKPLUS Office, tuultr Mitchell's Bank, •MUM. Co. »ioo,ooooo , iSi-m Ou SarUettA amnfytoUu Middie of OuntnOtt<.tn Century. Contain- W K I N B H K N N E K , AKD DULXB II KOOTS, SHOES A.KD OAITERS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, opposite American House Buoi «Sai Shoe Store. IV O. 48 EAST \VATEK S f UEET, JOHN FH.EL.AN, K££P£ alw&yB on hand good cufitom made Boots and Shoe*. All kind! of Ladles' and Gentlemen 1 ! Boots and Shoes made to order In the latest stvle and war ranted -to girt satisfaction. aprSS JOHN iiltJK, W 11 O L. E S A L E D K C G «" 1 S T , NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Hw jUEl received a full (apply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured al Cleveland, Sew York. Transpcr*«d fntlrely by verael, it comes in perfect order, and enables me to sell at low rate: I have permanent arrangements to eell thia brand of Glasa hereafter JOHS BJOK. and Literary Hoticei; uith Fortv IruUasa "fSu'ytfti. Prlet »5. M. Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all BcIentiac.ndLHerary-'MenVMeTchwts and Mannfactorers and^lephanlcs; , .,. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. FURNISH KDBV HTK1CK1,AI\» & C1»., BOOK A STATIOIVEBV JOBBCKS, I3E Sosl Water tired, a. M. 7:00 9:40 P. M. fefii Mall ajcpr'i P. M. 8:00 . 7:88 8:8U 915S r. u. MlieJ. 11:20 P. ». 2:16 6:30 A. H. 4:00 ItilgbtU ExprV j i«6o I ''i*' 1 loiso A. :». 1:00 r-k. 4M XU.WACKSJC.... .... 1. A. Helfensteln, Mosa KtiQeland, SamDcJ Hale, B. L. Palmer, . WISCONSIN.' I . 1 " K. Sanderson, g. g. Daggett, Q. D. Dousmau, Edwin Townaend, Solomon Adler. 1. A. HKLFEN8TEIN, Presidect. Q. D. DODSMAN. Vice PreUdsat. . n u, W - T ' PALMKa . General AgenL B. 0. Wssr.Secretary. 8. 8. Daoanr, Treasurer, H. L. PALJUS, Attorney. mario & OONNKL.L,V «; R A I IV E K 8 , AKMSTKONt* I* A 1 Ai T E It S, O1LDERS ANl> SltiA' WRfT£JiS, <Jfaicai;o »u, between ITIaln d: U'ater. £P~ Particular attention paid to Kalsomlnelng C«U- io<ra. ____ _ myl8 [Prom Tbeophlns Parirns, I.. L. D., Professor of Law in Harvard University.! K • CAjtamDaa, Jan 5 18C9 Dim Sia :-I have had the first volume of yiorthc- Monary for someday.. asul have sal.aj, m^dm,, £?££. ««llent, and that you have carried It out with very great industry and with good Judgment— The fullnes, and accuracy of)ts Infor^tion concerning modero authors and tl.elr works, are Indeed remarks- We. To any one who desire Ihe knowledge your b-.ok purport, to glye-and what educated a»S does not ?It must be of great interest a ,d value. a . -, 8. Aostln one, . Eespecttully, 4c , TBKOPH1LD8 PARKER. MILWAtJKKK CITV INSURANCE OVNOI: 111 Miirbell Bnlldlnsr, Bllchifraui. »t. UlLWAOEKa, WlBOOVsn. OHAR1KREI) CAPITAL, - - $200000 Paid in, $100,000. ri. L. I. H. KELLOOQ J.S.HAaam Cans, aiiiazao. DI BBCTOR* O. O. DAVIS, 8. & Oorova'a, J. Hnsmraar, J. U. COSDSB, C. Cosrarocx, W. A. Paawnas, H. EiLaaaicuT JOSIPH W. Unt, ^ Qso Dim , K. TOWNBEHD, President. n , „ *• L. WALRaTB, Becrelarv H. L. PAuna, Attorney. trr and Marine Klski taken al cnrreot rates. Rapldsl a: Ml. Johns, arrive... Owosso, arrive. .[. Fentonville, arrive •Detroit, arrive..i Bos. Bridge, arrlvj •Refreshments4Hotef In Depot at Grand Haveb. ' Boat will Ieav;e Jlllwaakee on Saturdays at 8 i .— izpreas passengers weit, bat 4 A. _ 7 ----- on Sundays. ' I Trains leave terinlol daily, Sunday. CTcepted. I THE TELEGKAPH LINE Is now open for Pnnio Uo- •ISS38. J j • CONNKCTIONS, ' AT OETttOlT-GREAT WESTERN RAI1JWAT for alt points.East—MICHIGAN CKMTilAli and MICHIGAN SOpTHERN RAILROADS, and CLiV«. LAND Line of Steamers. : R. AX ! J H,4S, 1 P "AVESC-Hlih "HURbaf" Bteainer for. CHICAGO, * c ., Ac. j A-T ItlfL \VA a7KEsV>—With the aUSSIBfilPPI LA CROSSE, CHICAGO, WATERTOWN and HuRl- CON RAILROABgi for all Important points West aod Northwest, and on Mississippi River, aod with ateaWrs for Ports on Lake >llcliigan. Passengen for Gt-eat Western Railway go on the Railway Ftaar Srainia, at D. A M. R. Dock, lesvlof Dock at 8:10 A st, i.-OO r M., and 7-30 , * HKfBT TRAIN* 1 on the O W R hi'" ' OARS attached. ' PARCELS leflatiany of the TICKET Oy» ronrarded by PA^raoui Tains AT V«av ATS RATSK. 1 The Company's TJme-Tables ran be had at any o> th» Stations. } W- K. .Ml IK. GenM8op>l WBITHAS t Foasta, Ticket Agent, 280 East Wawr st W«.OB,H»M, Freight Agent at Comoany'i Dock. 1 n M. u M.O.WiQioi, General Wertern Agent i P- * »*. K. OIBcek, April, 1869- , p ri3 1C A HI, KOAI1. f JIUla new and direct Route now open lo New York, JL Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara falls, and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Columbus, Day • ton, BpnngUelU, Urbana, Zanorllle, Steubeoi ille, New ark a"id Whttllu^;, and nil Interior towns of Oh!.., Peno- tylvania, Virginia, Xarylami, Mew Jersey, Ac. one <;ran<l linbrukru it. It. l.iuc BKTWuui cuiuauu AJID raa KAHT. A.-t 1.0 W AS AX T UTIIKli UtiC'ft. teS^~ Those dt-alring to gu by lliia Koutt will be i.^r- ticular anj enquire for Tu-ki-u vn i'i.ri Wayne, l.'.crrl., avoiding the smioyaut-e ol rrriu-cimi; Uieit u-iKxane TKAIAH I.KA \ S UKfoT a* Kj.V Bl'tiKil 'al UAIL), Ai tuU.uW*: S.uo r. k.- Night h.xprtM, daiij, SmorJayi r\cr v ied «:00 i. H.—Muruiug llail an.l I'Jipreaj, Ja.lj, Sundays excepteu. With hut ooe change ul cars to Pitutiuiitli. OHSOSISO KAU<1AUS THBUVOB To Pitt>bur,!li, Pluladel|.hia. Iliiltmiore an.l New York connecting directly with traini i>n in* (rreat feouiylva- nia Oentralttalh-oaU, to all eastern cm™. Also, «it), Cleveland k Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk Buffalo, Niagara Falls via New York Central an.l Nc» Inork A Krie Railroads lo New York ami E,,«tui, Personn going ea>t will ftnd Una route by 1ar the mo»i desirable, both from the advantage in point of distance variety and beauty of the country through which the roads pass, as well as the IMS frequent change* o( can and the annoyance of re-checking baggaifr required b, other routes. , ' iPselUUea for the transportatloo uf Freight and Llvr Block by thin route arc luiaurpuaed. Kales u low »» any other route, and with e^us! dnpatch. Tickets for sale al all! he ^rinnpal tu-kel officei in :h< Wrst, aud at Company'd Orhce, No. ao Liejfburu itr^rt opposite Tremoot Uouae, ClLn-ago, aud at U.i .rti.-e - • the l.ake Shore Rallroail. Mil«aiikce, by A li l.rla-ni JKl. J. HOUSTON, Ueneral rreight Aa-t-rit, PittaburxN, Pa 1». \v BOBS, Ucneral W psteru Agevl, Chicago Ohirago. Mar L *h G, lb£>9 m^r^ ^_ _^ __ _ OTTERED IN TH18 CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NEXT BIXT^ DAYS III F STOCK IS HE IVY, AND MIST BK 218 and 220 East Water Str aprS-J2mo eet, ^MISCELLANEOUS. DR. II. %* " , J-'O^MERLYOFCLEV ELAND, rrtrullj informs ihf ens uf VlilwmK r-»f Uiai, he r times proff*«l We ft-el jDH rlor to lh»- ire n«;ij i lrt^-l in Tail* m 'y f, 4U.J, tiCe '>f the refers Ui ihe follow int( letntJeiiien, who hav« - ra - ployetl Mr, K«M(twiitl ninny the rourte nf len yeari. *»*yIitK 'h;.t h"* pmcricf . . mp^- DRY GOODS, <StC. IK.19. ,\ F, yv IS.3» SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! John C Brr..lhpm<l, W'm. J tmn. Murray, Pryer 4 Co , tliira^o R. |£. 1859, SUMMKIC AUKANOKM K.NT. e Wiisnn, Blubop, KeJIj, And- ewt, Vilrten. IKJ..MH, Brown, A Acl !,.y L. Wrlijhl, L. lli*wu. ner kUn.l, 1 < NOW , ,.l it,,,- *rn.-h will The Latest Novelties IV. J Gain.i. , Wllllr * *fW»l. USMBkH.S -.IT J. K. Curti*, Sllaj B^~ UfflC.-. K.rl, L \R. »-liu,« «<!,. V \|, (Jrea/ United Stale* Mad and Ejjtrett ri\HK only reliable and iu. ftonm »o rn« fci jr. *ICTH M. ami DukTH-Wsar, and tfie i>nly Lmi- makiUK lure Connection*. B»|Cir»|ff check r,l thromrfi |>umti. On uid Ultr principal Harper Brothers in 1S4S.) HOUSE SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAL I'uJuter*, tilsaAeru & I IMITATORS OP WOOD NO. 39 O H E I It A STREET, A FEWDO'ORBXASTOF TBS MARKS J ffOUSX. IT* JONKS" & WtUTKHKAL) General Laud and Insurance Agents WOTAHIES «'(Jm.IC, *•«;., OFFICE, corner ol Reed and Oregon streets, Meyrose's Block, Fifth Ward. Will attend to the buying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings in responsible Companies, Attend te. the Collection of Accounts, Making jut of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on accounts placed in our hand will be promptly paid over. A. o. J03S5 jyis soatsv WDITKEKAD: [Prom B. Iren»ui Prhm», ». D., Editor K. T. observer.] _ N«w Vosi, Feb. 3, 1899 ,r ^I1*fh*" '~^* fll * VOlUme Ot f" « T "*» Diction£«£,, ^""-'nsve penned wi» aatoolshment a. d delight. It is jnst whatl have long desired ,„ have, and hav, sought lor In vain. Thooland. of cler.jn£n, rtadents, and all luera.y and intellU ent men, mw rah to have jut tM, work; and they will have It, when they learn t .t It l, in the world. It des.rva Tthe mon cordlM reception, and I trust that rhe auihor and Sfe nl prlse and labor. • Yours truly, i. . Pet< rson. PE1ME. ., _ Inuwno, Jan. SM859 NT DWE Fu : -With better knowlede, of your book from repeated f,asts npon It, I am asham d to have written yon so commonplace » n ackDowledgmenl of Ha first rec Ipt -Of all the storebonse of interestln, and readable matt»rthe -'Dlctionarj- of Anal, ( , r .» see "t" me the most captivatjrg. Tliegood taste, skill of arrangement therein manlfesied . ndnMry, and not 1>« , » ... *•»•»• • i c le I shall try t» make ame»ds I with many sincere thanks for ihe prize I hare In she book, I remain, my dear sir, Tuora, fa O fully, 8. Austin AU.bone, Esq. "' P ' W ^. L /fj n A it IKK AMD riue T HK undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks and tire Risks on rrodnce In atore, in the North W estern Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at as low rates as by Other reliable Companies. The reputation of tliis well-known, long established Company entitles I Ito public confidence. HORATIO UILL, Agent, POV» at office of U. A J. ». UlU. BY STATE AUTHORITY." WISCONSIN OKNEHAI, INSURANCE AGENCY CHAHTEH OAK FIHE INS. CO., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS |S41^5C W WORTH A*IFHIf7*> FIRE INN. < O rt Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS «854,86fl (M -in/ It Cln TEAS AI\« COFFEES, W H O L> K 8 A L, K & It E I 1 A I L —AT— Robert 4*uriiey's <iRE\T WESTERN TEA STORE 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 25 per B) lower than any other store in the city. Coffee Koasted and Ground on the premises by the most improved methods. Java 19o, Rio ISc. St. Domingo 1%. Remember the nmber 174 Bast Water su. Seaman t King's Old Store. jySl SCHNCECKEL. & BRUNOTTO, OOMMISSIOrtf MKKCHAJ<TS, Seal Ettate and Money Broken, NOTABLES pnBLIO, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornos—Ko.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Omce. - ' mar£7 D. OOBSQN, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to 'Office, No. B, State BanV Building, corner ol K.isi Water and Michigan street, Jlliiwaukee. mar20-dSm CAPITALISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their inspection of Bondi and Mortgages and other securities oO'ered for sale- Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgagies or other securities for sale, may find it to their Interest to ffle with me their applications or statement*. C. BCHLET, ylf> Opposite Walker House Jl'YENILS Aunt Judy's Tales, Parables from Nature. Motes In the Sun Beam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Uncle Jack the Fault Kill JtlAKM. ilUK I,\S. CO., 01 Pituuelil, Mass. CAM ABaerrs »2o5,c»9 «i CO^tTAT FIRE li>MIRAltCE CO., Of Conway, alass. CASH ASSETS ... p.m., arriving in Milwaukee al .<,,»,„. Passengers arrlvldg.t Milwaukee br the Milwaukee t Orrlcago K. B., Ijl (Jrosse * Mll.R. R., and Mil. 4 ja," a. K., or by Boat, <^an proceed to Uie above places; Oniinectlons are made at Waienown wtUi btagei ; for »*«e Mills, JeBerson, Waterleo, Hanchwvflle, 8uo pfai- for'Li 0 4L l w e «.rto«*X J M * JiK>n - Au " »} l-'olombas llamden, LowvllleJ tlekora', Vork, Arllngto'u, UrlaJTand for all points to the West sad North West Passengers arrlVlig a. the J«»cUon from U,c aUre place* make connection. h the Milwaukee * Mist 1s- sipj.1 H. a., for Japeiville, MadUon and Prairie du Ohien and ai Milwaukee, wtlh Toadi in ihe South ViW and North. ' •I"* b-S-MERRILL, SupertntendenL i I 8.19. iAKKANUKMKN 1 . AHU.i .'.-,i|, Train) l«avr Depot, corner ul »n U follows . 1O:3(» A. .VJ — Hu-M-a Ifmaaitlt—n cai:o at 2 hi r. M. 8:».1 I'. M.— Lirat^i r^»«s»«x— arm, of at (.In . »i(i/ >t 6:16 r. m , and mat n< rinse i-»nn-ctioiu wiUi f.'Fnmtt Tr»mi KIM and ^outh Wesl, aud *iUi the Kacine an 1 Uiuiuippl Ba.lroai'. ,it Kacm Hinction, f.,r- BHi't and oth^r .tationj un that Lmr Vrelghl Train Icavrt at s:3«i i. K , irrlt^a 1 IKI p > I'reiutil lorwardrd witii drapju-a, »n.J »• ...» rat-. Pauenger Traui« leave Chi-,,,, ; , M tfee North «r»t»l sou . I , », u | 5 i:, Ill Fl A 1,0, <l,h\Kr%> AM) Chicago Line of Screw Steamerg. >T 4 '101 •I o > i -, ' f 1; »nd . apr'i* J.-« ). T UUOUf, >l .«U-r Tr ap.,rm,. NOBTDKHS or THK ( V.N lhe (>i>^n OK ./ 'il iMa L.IK- W.H put Chicaico, »r»fru or»( Claa.i ,trrrj<lb aiul *\>*v i t OK 'I I •>(. UK- Na^ 1 S.-r-w -i,a ,,,, t,,« l>r. Tn.iu Ami ruBiiiDir .1, c YOttK UfcMKAL THAI. LIN£ i..J-L n<i.\\ KI K i \ i i ti<iir-«i-< w -in 'r,.- Hi 1 HUH <> r.-, p K. H., luuchlDrf W'sstiingt.jn, M I kegao. Tins Lin, ,. no r.n-t.on n t K., Hid th LA> t I. hOAl'-, n if,e • L f . V fcL. t Ut-tr-m, \l«. ^ wau.-r, lla.-.n I S M i: prepared t- ««.,e ini, budai . \Vrjt, r-i A Liu,.,, T'vtr L.r,- lh.- Rales of Freight Eeduc-:d Again by *e» Vork A: Fi-iv K;iilr<>a<l — AND — Northern TrausportaUon Co. TNTii ^E f XPHKSS- .s III CLOTH DEPARTMENT IN eu at ,l4>r«-9 : lit Cla.ii. O.ic. ci.t Itili ii,»; , •I LlAAfl. .-,:>.. ..i ru 4 :> J .US II IT ,K«. A U .-^ »•». VTK iCTi.M, N r (. Ap I- t.. 4? ItAinPDKrT riKK INNTRANCE I O., Sprlngfleld, Mass. for sale by TERRT A CLEAVER, 167 Kaat Water si. NEW TERRY 167 EAST B fttTH'8 Travels lo Central Alrica, 1 vol., abridged Livingston's Travilt In Soothrrn Africa, 1 vol BO O K S A * CLEAVERS, WATXS STBRST. s Sermons, 6th series . Higher Christian Life. maylS I^IAN supply thenselvef with Bins of Ladlnu at V TEURYA CLEAVER'S, 167 East Water street. mav20 B O O K » . O PR stock Is the largest In the West. We setl e.ery Book at the Publisher's prtee. We can furnish to order any book which exists, either In the English or other languages. We recerte ww hooks as issued from the PresaT^ •I*"* 0 BTRICKALND s> OO. School Books. "~ W E have every Bebool Book in demand aod them at who' — • CASH ASSETS UIRARD FIRF INK. f:ottPANV, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS ........... ! ..... J. W. OFFICE, NO. S, MARTIN BLOCK, UP STAIRS •°ar2» _ MHwankee. Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargain* in Dry THAI IUMKN8C BTOCK Of Jae20 or retail. STRICKLAND A CO. j B. BVTLtx D.T. roer. I,Every & Boarding: Stable. Fnoi ofMoton tttett, (on the River.) T IKE subscribers have remeved theiratock from the stable formerly occupied by them,, corner of Main and Huron streets, to the old establishment foot of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establishments, making the largest and beet appointed Livery establishment tn the West. W- shall be glad to see our old friends and customers, and feel confident that we can furnish them with as good and stylish a turnout ai any similar e«tiMi«v-<»nt in the city. Thankful for past patronage, we hop. 10 meet a continuance ol thesame. ty Purticnlar attention given to furnishing carriages B.TV! bcnnes for funerals. myil/ « BtTTLER A POST. GOOD OHANOK. HOUSE A!VD JLOT FOR SAE.E CHEaP. f HE undersigned will sell his Home and Lot, DOW li occupied as a Tann by him, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsio, near the Steamboat Landng and the, R. 4 M. R. R. Depot. The loose Is located en the best business place, and lhe~Hon«e as well as the situation of thelxit, wcmld answer for any branch •f ( busl- nest, especially for. Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected »t that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned, JOHN BARTfl. Racine, January 2S, ISM. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! \M K are prepared In our Bindiry to Bind Maeazines n Periodicals or .nythlng eUe In the lorn of.' Book, in-neat and durable styles, at law rates <* oa> STRICKLAND * CO. Stereoscopic Views. W B have reclved a fine lot of Stereseoplc Views embracing views of Interesting localities In RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KG YPT, NUBIA, GRKKQK, ITOKlUCr, l&KLASD, AC., AC Alio a large variety of new'Amerlcan Views. Mew and very desirable (tries ef Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND * CO., Booksellers and Stationers, *«"•' 1« East Water street. i-AT-« IWo. 187 Ei M Water Street, HOST BE CLOSED OUT .A.T OINTOES! BY THE AS&lGNfc.K, —SO— (steal Bargains maj be £spp«ted. aprlt-dtf JOSEPH CAHY. Aislgoee. R EMO Y A L. INCREASE OF DIM \ESS. L ADIES—your attention is now called to the best stock of BONNETS, RIBBONS AND FLOWERS, Ever brought to Milwaukee, to be f*ond at BLAN CHARD'S, YOBJIl.JS BLOCK, ITIAIN VT, april MICHIGAN C ; -AND— l G. Western !(Canada) Railwa^. l inilAl N8 lute the 4 r eat Central Ueiti, footofLake M. street Chicago, at follow, : «:OO A. .Tl.-DKBTOIT ACCOajlODATIilN.iSoi,. daj, exeeple.1), arrive at I < 6.00 7MO A. n.-ClHClNKATI KXTHESa. Ittuadays -TOeptnl ) Arrive at Indlaoap ,iu 4^(1 r. •.;> Cincinnati ban p. a. *:OO A. M.—LlGBTNlSu aXPttlCta. i8ond»y. et. ceptefl.) arrive* at Detroit I.iio p. 4. Balpeililon Ilrl.lBe or ltnll.lo*o t m ; Albany 3.-UO r. »., bew i ,,,l g Ou r. H , KOIUID II r. » 2:OO P. n.—HU.K~ AUtOMUODATlON. eiretft 8ua<l.<T H:<)O P. B1-—AE\f:VORH AND BOSITON VYPBK^j (ne«f>l Saturday.) Arrive at Detroit l: i5 A j r.; Sosjiension bridge ur buHalb tM r, •.; Albany «.-oe A. ».; Nr» York WrfC A. ».; Boston £:•] r. v. { P. l»l.—CINCINNATI AMD LOUISVILLE EJC- I P8E?8- (rjcoeptsatorday.) Arrive at l J B'SI--, A/rnl, H 1 U I U h .. - i i . Ne» V-..« A I . , R, IMII> Itreet, No» Vnrk. 51 -I ri k ,,, )OH SKI HI W R, t»,^ un..,..i r ,,«|, hav.ns w. f..r tin- --..h ..... tj and .Irliv. j y OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT mpany, "fflCf ([>0. S April, »liere Mrn can l»e Ufl. l the warehouses < r f « flubt U»nip'>< tatin icatloii al lh- olno, JETKOIT liailuaj- MILWAUKEE Un« '. gn th.-i li ( tor. A. t „ DRY QOOD3 H t YANKEE NOTIONS M'ltraSiki-f, M»r,-h 41. ] ^VJ FAHK t M)K1» A CO. r K I" ' ! i r t.-r J.( >jj » l K^,.. U is ( VII IN). ( A H . Lounrill. 4^10 i thrrnu i aprlO Cincinnati »:l-u r. «. One train on Sunday at B.«W r. •. The8*0 A. M. and Mo r. •. trains connect at ParU with th, buffalo A Lake lloroo Railway, for Butfaic 'and all points c' .u; at loronto with Grand Trunk Rail,way, to Klngsuo, Ogdesisburg, Montreal, Qoekrc and all points In Canada Kast, Nofhrrn Veroinnl, Kew Fiampsbire and Maine.- Br" Uaggage chcc*«l through. Through tickets foi isate at the principal Ralrroad cJBcej In the West, and at th« ganeral olOce, eorntt take t Dearborn streets, oopostte the Tremont Hem,-, Chicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. _ . . R- M. BIOK, flup'l. B. J. B>au>r»o. Gen.! Pass. AcX aprli Detroit A; Mil. RailwayT THK Steamer Cleveland will tak« ___, ber place! In line of the Detroit A Mllwatii :ee Railway, on Monday, the 14th March. Pass ngeri wishing through tlckeu can be supplied on and aftet Monday next, at 830 Kast Water street, or al the offlcei on the dock of the Detroit * MHwaose Rallwat Co.-^ Due notice of the tlm* rjf departwre will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest route Id all points East. * roari NEW YORK & ERiE RAILROAD '11 M. 11H>. Par New I'. H. rk s Krie li«.|rr,«j, J H CRAwrn.ui , Or, n.l M.t- . ..ran.l ..n r,-,»f I NOTJCJi-.. UFFIOK OK BI8UOP t CU., P->a»saiuo» or MIL. t '.a Milwaukee, ajj ucM SIXTH WISCONSIN For sale at febU REPORTS STRICKLAND * CO, 184 bat Water street. PIKE'S PEAK. NEW MAPJ showing the Ronte to the Gold Re' glons in Kansas, just received b " M * ^ JM Dart Water street Lniiiber Teasels for Sale. Sehmner Fashion, 4it"1uns. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tons. " ScoiryScbooner Rugby, 166 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAYLOR 4 JEWETT, •'• •' Bntfalo/HewTork. Enqoire of B. B. Jojrss, Mil, Wisconsin. GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G. NOTICE THE INSPEC'JTUU OF FISH, * iPPOINTED by the Common Council ofjthe City of ilu Milwaukee, In pnKnance of An Act of the Legislature, approved March H. 1859, hereby gives notice that he Is now f ornished with the proper weights and brands for the doe performance of the duties of hlsomce. By the said «Act"lt Is made toe doty of all persons Sealing In Pish to give notice to the Inspector tonave the «ame duly inspected andriranded before packing. M-.Smith will be foand at :ibe 'Her Warehouse of Messrs. John .fnrlbng * Son, Sonti Water St., Walker's Point, where all notices are rtgaesied to be left. Milwaukee, Hay T, 1859, JOHN BUlTH.lojpeelor. HH DOUBLE THREAD 88WING MACHINES. Tliat took the riHHT i-KEMUJM & D1PIXJJMA, eat Family n^,.,!. the Wisconsin State Fair, October », are for sale art the > Dewing machine Emporium YOUNGr»8 tlLOOK. ISAAC A. in A NCR & co. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ROAD. THK SHORTEST AND mOST EXPEDITIOI •« KOI'TK! 1 TO La <3 rosso, ,ing, Sed Wing, L AND ST. ANTHONY. O N and after A;.ril 9th, I<i9, anj li. e, no person i, aolhor'tert lo m»k- p.u "r r-ntract for maler.ali. for the Al^lw.ukpe an.l |io Kal:road wlthoul a wntlen or.ler fruni 11,, an.i ed. llills W7ll be pai.l monthly , n j acci.un , wlli ionlliiue.1 with »i,y r..nrem thai i>. -fir. i. t,, montltl; bll.s 0. U. HALL, Gen'! A K t Hnrti(a;rei »P r 'C J. T. MOODY, Mailer of Tr.n>p<irlat , 1 I M 1 -. lliMlr. of sill II I , A 111«. if u II li in F.VMlLiK> <-.< ) VI i "tlr, JO.I < oin;. N i ' \ U I SHIN 4. Ar i iiran.1 H«|M.I .esr THE \OItTII KIC\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, thfir well Winona, Head's PRE8COTT, OT, PA tmiTE» HTATE8 The Fanners Loan 4 Trust Com 1 vs. The Milwaukee t Superior R.ll- road Comptoy, CityotMllwaakee, John Stewart,Johann a A-AUitralrrg, i Christian flahmtnd I Gottfried.Woo tsch, j IN.pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the J. District Court of the United Stales, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of Hatch. 1859 IDT the •jbrnfo titUdiH *anse, lahalf aelf at PublW AneUon,- HAL.E In the D. 8. District Court lor the District of Wisconsin. In Iqolty. ».a. «TA«.^..., «...,.. Ejan A Jenkin», AT LAW, Comer Satt Water and XftUfon ftr+Jlttuautet. mays , on Tuesday, 2nd !d»y. of Angost, 18»,at Ifl'cloA 10 the afternoon, from the steps of the Cqstom Hoose-ln the City of UllwauJtee, all and singular, th™mortB.ied premises ^mentlonea ,ln the 1n» of ioomplUnriniaid canst, and described as: "All the roUowftg, present and Jnfatore to be.acqnlred^xeal a->d personaiproner- ty and real estate ol the sun defendant, theMJlwaukee CtmnreorTime. Monday, April 4, 1858. Die Brw drvnlon of the J I of said atls'to say,, • BiHroant .and twenty y,and land occupied by said -v—«jBaa«f o> UIV ei, lBel«di nf !h e d flnt:dtvlslt>a of. 1ST TRAIN LEAVES Ulll.WAEKEK 11:00 A. U., Arriving al Janesvtl'e 2.30 P.M.; Madison 3:35 P. M.; j Prairie du Chlen 8.DO P. M. Connecting With the Prairie dn Chlen and St. Paul PaakeU, which leave Prairie dn Chlen on the arrival of the 8:00 P.M. Train. «» TRAIN LEASES niLWAlTKEE U., Arriving at JaUejvllle 8:55 p. u. • Madison 10^)0 P.M. I __ Par, to all pointl on the Mississippi River as low as any other Koote. j ! WILLIAM JKRVI8, _«PM j Gen'l Superintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIIL 1 859. TO KOAD. 1359. AKltANOKMENT. tiBEAT NORTH* WESTERN UNITE n 1:7: EXPRESS! AND ONLY ALL RAIL ROUTE. •luring the preaent 8eaion, ron known and popular Line/of Firm < la«M Nt-rev. Regularly, between OOUKNSHI;KC»H & OHWKOO, AND Till-'. I I'PF.H LAKE!*! forming a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdenshurgh and Oswego, aod Chicago, Milwaukee and Iournie<liate I orts, connecting at Ogdensbargh with the OGDEN8BORGU A VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD UODTE, . Between Ogdenihurgh, Burlington, Cnnronl Man- che.ter, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell. Wore, ,ter and BpuWtj, and atOiwego with the New Oiwego Line of Thirty Pint Class Uanal Boat, on the Knlargtd Canal between c>«wrcifo,STror, {Albany * i% e w , arK, , Connecting also at Dunkirk wllh A^Jr YORK AAL> KK1K.KAII.KOAI>, • Apd forming a Tri-Weekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee &. Cb.cago. ja=sr Property forwarded by this Line will be anhlect to bat On* Transhipment. iw^" Merchandise marked «,N. T. « o. FX. PltES.V," will be forwarded from New Vork by an faprou fright Train over IA« Hew York ar Erit ' Knitrnact, And promptly fbrwarded from Dunk Irk.| ). Mvixa, Agent M. T. Co., in Broadway, New York J. L. VVASIIU, Agent N. 7. Co., 3 Co3nlle« Slip, New PBAS. S. TirrA», corner 6th and Obesuut »u llovsr A OKAwrOED, Osweno N. V. B. D. CAU>*>LL, Agent, Duqklrk, N. T. CHIMSISJJH, CaAwroan A Co, Cleveland O too* Uoccrao, Agent N. T. Co., 95 state it. Bo,t™ A.Cra«iu«iA*ent V. 0. Line, 108 Stalest., Boston' £._». CgDBCB, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. Y. [h, N.Y. >91ce LaCrosse A M Ix-arv tlrai,4 Hai-n ^:*i »rrive ai Milwaukee . ]'2:1S There 19 i ne» «n,l comf,>rtab4» •, lhe Uail»n Depot at Oiai,.l Uaven. fartiej flea.r pi* t., ipenil > few ho.i >.r yo the B^aeh wtueh ia 4 jite -l.i. tiATe tf Tyry iltcnu>in f^" Partirs rroui Colleger, .<oh., 1 , iMtiliitionj, »,|| be ,-arrle.l .n v^r ca n t>e hail on appli<!ali.,n to U,e ,u Ef~ Tickets can be hail »l Dnrk ten on uoarU SU-amen an. I ' JoWr and JK,. neral Supenatendenl, Detroit. I,,, ler.u, , r ,brr . URAHA.M, Lhn-k otli.-e , t>h 185H. DVEK A t«., i:\ST UATKH NTICEKT, A _ A; ........ .......... WISCUNSJN DWELLING w ARE HO U KM. _&(' ' W ODLD resptctrully announce to Lhnr ul,l eis, thai they itlll continue to keep the larjeal and best Selected Slock of Uoo,l» m itieir line to (>,- f.mnd in the 8tate, and will conduct tti«ir bumneM, u heretofore, with the Intentioo of jlvm* jati.factu.n.- To u many new customer] u may feel ,i.<:line.l lo <IT- us a caJI. we woold iay ooe of -iur flrm m New York, and we have facilities for tin purchase >nd manufacture of goods that can not be ejcelletl. We are al all times ready to take vlvantaire o( Kaatern Marten and nave been enabled lu reduce the pri.-e of many Unds of gooda, which we ^aJI continue t.) ,el tl lhe lowest prices in Western \. rHels. We arc constantly receiving adilicloua lo ,.ur iuick and will keep It »o complete aa lo be able »l all time. to lill orden fnr any kind of Sadalers', CurTlage Trim men or Trunk Makers' Stock, and will do so in a man oer lo give satisfaction h» respect to quality aoj uricea We al»o keep an anortment of Bent Stuff Poles shafti felloes, fpokes. Bubs, *c., *c., an.l have conit.intly on bind, or rill male to order, any kind of Coach Car rlage, Wagou or Team Harness. Call and see fur yourselves. no REMOVAL ij ' CROSSE On lhe UPPER 1 If SSISSIPPI RIVER, ..OBa^dafterHiMiday, AirflMth .'I. Two Through| Excess Traini DaUy, J. IIAI7E, ' \ Mllwaokee, Wlsconiin, M n—^i.. ° ffl " n ' mr M * M K- 8- Depot. 5' f*T* k| PP CT »"e requested to see one of the above ,B*nts beforemaking contract*, u they are prepared jJJSer very Urn raws, and their connections wltj with the , onneions w me •jpt IrBiborgh imd Oiwego routts, and especially with » h t*8»Jfw*sMeBalIrttd gtr, them Unsurpassed \\ E Y Notice to C'ontraclori. SaKALEp proposals will be received until noon of the KStMth Inat-Jttw the,gVaw'ng, btldglng and track-lay- 'BgSrtontreu to complete the Kaclne and Mississippi UUrbad from Its present terminus at Davis Station, to '(deport.;-h -5 i " . ConUactors' »ii:l be required to commence the work n the 1st ot JdM, and com lete the same on OT before *e;lst of September next. Infprraauon'concernlog the amount and character of be work to ht.done, may be obtained by application to -OfaERTHARRIS.Saperlntendent, at Racine. Proposals will be addressed to the undersigned, At- orfleys for the Mortgagees of said road, atR;ce, Wls. NEXT POOR TO A. «. VAU COTT»S. OP TEC LAXX IIBH OF , of ma*feg«ald decree, i. l«d>ir which lil road <Jpj»pany,;nai- located tu way, and f«r whJoh no sati-n - compensatiimnas-beenmaiJe to her. he win fee pleas the STipersJrirtureaad track 4hereo«, other raateWals-nsedHbereon, brWge OH A.RLBS QUBNTIN & CO. return: '. i%nd Traini •rrlte M Milwaukee at A. M. AND --" , Close connections are made at LaOrosse. Twice dally eacb. Vay wUbhhe ttiii of aU«li«fM>aiirioe« on. taiy terms. Alto, *<M» acren.near the Oity, for nesota Packet C Splendid of Steamers to asid pany'sM^ew and Malliilie __^ .Vaalf: .vf • intenAqdlate pointn. i ] .__ route, .wurs»»e Wisconsin InquanUtle* to *nlt uy demabd. reMS c ' . 3EAKSS Ballroad; ofCMamerce. In distance and 18 , baun time, from Choaii or MUwaakee to U Orotwi route, , ,»Mond»yi eicepied. ' St. Paul, over any oUiar '" "'•' ' '••••• ttoraey i and, Cooasellort t Law, " " " " «ut>aftr«t. v , SMiSSBfe 1 F . B \ \ L Has removed to hla old jtaod, N0.| 180 BAST WATCH .MTRCKT, , ('ff patrlle J. X. Bonttttei'f Dry (Jon,l* Aim «,> And having made such addlttonfl to hla racllitiea r«>r •xecntlng KINK ' H O K T K A I T S ! Ai to eaab e him to laj to the public with confidence Ibat he l> now prepared to furnish them with every ,le- llrable style of Picture known to the ceiraxuniiy »n,l at such Astounding Low Prices as to defy compeut,on for example, Dagrnerrotypes lor 13$ Cls. FULL SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS For only »l,oo the nrst one, and BOo for the Duplicates nth .IrsiiAts .1. T, L*TT>T *TT1.J£S taj>» aud WHdLESALE Si raw I, AND KKTllL H A.H 1 VV Mil.WACKKK, »•• K 1-. h 1 ATLANTIC CABLE -*NO— FALL KTYLEM UATM Aid In fact every other .style of Picture, at cotres- I ponding low prices. Colored iff either OU or Water Colors, an.j finished In Ihe highest style of Ihe Art.J ^ THE STEKI.UTYPE, A new aud popular style of Picture, Colored In Oil, which far exeeb in Aeeuraoy, Boldness and Beauty o« finish, any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— These Pictures have only to b« seen to be admired. All who an deslrooi of saving money an respectfully solicited to call ami examine Specimens al the Old Stand, ;• • "7 Jfo. 188 Scut Water itnit, JfUwavtu, W. f. BAYLKY, SA I t a • sag 14 At — AT- . 1 t e r < n 14 I I I 8 O W. O. Ure^ury & Co., Lamp. Ifillc is now favored with the USST SAFEST most aCONOMIC.Vl. UGUT aver ur<iiluce<l , , . . not superior to the best Coal Uaas. It m laiplwttaChnrohes-, Hotels, Stores, Beading ttoomj, IMvate, Dwelling,, SsJIroaJ Car,, Jo., *o. A trial will prov« Its MUertorlty o»« r » n p 0 rtabl» Lights HOK in hriili.n> ttlUU " > .» n otnt: r Umps, being aaslly managuu,' brllUanl,-economical, fre. from ,moke, or ,mell,ana imore, entirely .afe from all danger of elplo- ApplJ^t j OH jj GOODMAN'S, 3d Wisconsin itreet v t<> wm what •Ion. "*"" Agent for the State of Wueonjln. .1 o it a I h a u C 1 r o n c b UNUKK.TAKKK Doctor C. Lander, a AVIN6 located himself in MUwaakee, oCers hia services to the public. Dr. L. has served IB the British Army for Ofteenyears, hs India, Burmah and In Ifce Crime*, j •-.-..:..- Sargleal caaes promptly attended. Office/ corner Huron and Tan Burin ft. '«, Opposite yitiserlccui liou*« KEEPS CONSTANTET on hand a largo assortmen jf Mahogany, Black Walnut and other Wood (,'offlus together with risk's U etallo Banal Cases. The o«ce of the jforest Boras Cemetety Uomnanv is at my place, where I have the plats of the grounds. I aalewT O.HABJUN8TON, i. nrrMM «i M aSSPOsUf, •»•»• food .mol ttele, In store, for sala LATTON « PLAHZUJTOSI.

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