Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 26, 1938 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1938
Page 4
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Fare 4 MELVTN ft JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Sautrday Morning, November 26, 193 BIG TOP ByEDWHEELAN I fej -- IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL S UNDAY I CHOOL LL By HAROLD L. LUNDQUIST. D. D. Dean of The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. © Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for November 27 HONESTY IN ALL THINGS LESSON TEXT--Exodus 20:15; Mattl.SW 19:1-10: 45. 40. GOLDEN TEXT--Thou shall not steal.-Exodus 20:15. Lesson subjects and Scripture texts se lected and copyrighted by Internationa Council of Religious Education; used by permission. Honesty in all things would seem to be what one should have a righ to expect without question. As i matter of fact, dishonesty has be come so common wherever man is found that people look on the par son who is strictly honest as a pe culiar individual. Try reporting an undercharge (everyone complains about an overcharge) or returning excess change, and you will see how unexpected honesty really is today. Under such circumstances the Christian needs to be vigilan lest he also accommodate his own Ideas of honesty and begin to justify little evasions rather than being ab solutcly upright. I. Honesty Respects Property Bights (Exod. 20:15). The very commandment against stealing implies that men have a right to that which they have made earned, or saved. If no one hac property rights there could be no stealing. Some of our modern isms reason along that line, but their reasoning is clearly not biblical or Christian. "Thou shalt not steal" forbids ev- - ery kind of theft. It includes robbery, burglary, safe - cracking housebreaking; but it covers far more than those obvious wrongs. It refers to such things 'as loafing on one's job, "borrowing" money from the cash drawer, taking goods from the stock with which one is working, stealing another man's sermon and preaching it as one's own, "lifting" material out of another man's book without credit, contracting debts which one can never pay, using false weights and measures, adulterating food or other material, "watering" milk for sale, selling worthless stock, dodging taxes or lying to the tax assessor, using a slug instead of a nickel in the telephone to escape proper payment. It really means something to be honest, and it is a great testimony to the unregenerate world. n. Honesty Restores Stolen Goods (Luke 19:1-10). The story of the conversion of the despised Jewish tax collector Zacchaeus has many interesting features, but for our lesson we stress but one, namely, that the reality oi his conversion was demonstrated by his honesty in restoring that which he had obtained unjustly, and that in fourfold measure. Insofar as it is possible to do so, the honest person will make right any known injustice. To be right with God must mean that we are to be right with men. The testimony of many Christians could be presented to show that they have only entered upon real peace and usefulness as they have made consistent effort to right every wrong, to pay every debt. Often such actions open opportunities for Chris t:an testimony and point others to the redemption in Christ, which makes a man live right as well as talk right. HI. Honesty Resents Crookedness (Luke 19:45, 46). In sharp contrast to the prompt restitution by Zacchaeus, the converted publican, was the stubborn disobedience and dishonesty of the priests in the temple. Jesus had already cleansed the temple ol the traffic in money-changing and the sale of animals for sacrifice practiced there (see John 2:13-17). On that occasion He rebuked them be cause they made His Father's house "a house of merchandise." Had they known the change of heart of a converted Zacchaeus they would have heeded His admonition. But they did not believe in Christ and went on with their ungodly desecration of the temple area until it became "a den of thieves" (v. 46). The Lesson Commentary of the United Lutheran Church makes an unusually apt application of the truth to "the goings on in our own churches" in the following paragraph. Read it, ponder it, pray about it, then act, if it describes your church. "Is a church honest when tt assumes obligations that it cannot meet, and is then forced to use all sorts of questionable means .to raise money for the benefit of the church? Is a church honest when it turns a building consecrated to the worship of God into a restaurant or a theater, regardless of whether it is done to make money for the church or to attract people who are more interested in eating and drinking or playing than in the preaching of the Word and the worship of God? Is a church honest that turns its pulpit Into a lecture platform for the discussion of current events or the review of popular books or plays while the world is destroying itself because it does not know the time of its visitation? The answer . . . is that the church is dishonest that permits any such things, because it robs God of the honor and glory due to Him, and it robs people of their chance of salvation by giving them stones when they need the bread ol life." Answer To Last Week's Cross Word Puzzle OR THOSE \*HO CAME IN ALTA.THEFAMOUS PERFDRMINGr ELBPUANT OF* 5ANG-S BROS. MAMMOTH SHOW; HAD ATTACKED THE RINGMASTER. SiLK" FOWLER , DURING-TVC MATIMEE PERFORMANCE . LATER "SllX" WANTED TO SMOOT THE EAST E-UT MVRA LAELLt. A .,_C IRC US PERFORMER V/HOSE FA1HER BEFORE- HIS DE-ATM, HAD EtEN ALTA'S . TRAINER. .... APPEALED TO 3EFF ANG-S. OOJNER OF-THE SHOUJ.To GNE ALTA XVNCTHER CHANCE." SILK" WAS rueious . -*, · v /*ND HAD TWE ELEPHANT DEPRIVED OF WATER '^ , ;'.!·!"'"''/;",!! 1 ;'"UNT|LT1ME FOR UlSACT WEN HE ORDERED ONC CF f. r. · '. ·- · · fO £1 T*rjnk J.iy Matke*. Inc. TO Gwe HEP A BUCKETFUL OF MJATER AHO PEFPEJ?. AlTA ENTtREP THE RING IN AN ANGR/ MOOD EUT VJENT TU!?U THE Fif?ST PART OP AN OIS ACT FBACEAELV BECAUSE OF THE MANVEOTOES OP WATER LABELLED "HOOCH" vjJMlCH SHE MEANVJHILE;'SKOOK)E". M EDUCATED CUIMPANZEE: DRESSED AS A POLICEMAN WAITED FOR H13 CUE To ENTER ANP "ARREST 'ALTA. S PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE Under and by virtue of competent authority, I, the undersigned, will offer and expose at public sale in front of the Court HOU.--C Door in the town of Denton, Maryland, on Tuesday, December 13, 1938 bf-tween the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock, the following described prop- son 1926. Wentttn Nenipaper Unlun.) Horizontal. 1--Bird of fable 4--Before (poetic) ~--Direction to cancel something In type 8--Rents 10--New England town, formerly noted for Us alleged witches II--To die down 13--Distant 14--That Is (abbr.) 15--Greek letter "N" 16--Abbreviation for a commund IS--untouched, esp. by something harmful 20--Hard kind of quartz which strikes fire with aleel 22--Pau«e from occupation 23--Impressive buildings 6--To take quick steps ·;7--Deprtvi-d of spirit ·?2--Wise man ;g--Coat of mall ·'.7--Pendant of frozen water 19--Dismay, di'spalr 10--To leave 2--ERtahllshlng corporation (abbr.) 13--Hastened on foot 41--Southern Belgian province jg--Trapped tn a tree (8--Bamboollke grass 43--SnaJtcIIke fishes 50--Piece of writing (nbbr.) Vertical. 1--Related (nbbr.) 2--Derived from oil 8--Graveyard 4--Enthusiasm 5--Repulse 8--Greek letter for "E" 7--Runs q u i c k l y 9--Impervious to path or h u n g e r 10--Mentally sound 12--Sea eagle 13--Pine tree 17--Disease resulting from persistent d r i n k i n g (abbr.) 19--Preposition denoting location 21--Island near New York (abbr.) 2--Appointed to arrive ·25--Charged w i t h an offense (legal term) 27--Species of blackbird 2S--Kind of metal 29--To smudge 30--Mlddlewestern state (ubbr.) 31--Debates 32--Seventh note of d i a t o n i c scale 33--Unit of land measure (pi.) 31--Joyous 35--Poetic form of "even" 38--Territory of Japan 41--Ordinances (abbr.) 4 5 -- M e m o r a n d u m (abbr.) 47--Kind of tree Solution Trill appear In next The Maryland Merry-Go-Round I'luiiimer got uuckhtg on these teinus, and Govemor Mice u|i})uinted him. lie wus riijipused tu be a bitter foe ol' lirooke Lee, strung Jis (Jibrul- ter auaiiist teinplntiiiii. But three months nfter he became Cominihnioner, he made an agreement with Lee to tlnow his vote to the or! Kiinixai.iun, in return for being put on I tlie titkut i'or re-nomination. I Diistaully was the only word King I could liiul. A dastardly iellout, he tr.llcd it, iind he became bitter si^ainst I'iunimer from that time forward. Word yot around Gaithersburu thai Kinfj \\iii, b!iiiii£ unprintable things about Plummer. Next step was that. 1'lumuier, as Commissioner, ordered the .-choul bus to be moved from Law- King's ganige, when: it meant for Kin^. A ease of bad blood, with a break inevitable. The break came just one wi;ok after thu election. It was not a night fight. It stnrted at nine o'clock in the morning. Fiirl there were hot words in Lawson King's ollke. Then the pair moved outdoors to tliu front of King'i; gar- siue. A blow was struck. People came uir.ninjf. All Gaither.-burB ,'jathered 'lound. American politics gave vent to itself. No prize ring ever suw a pair like thiii. Plumnicr surpassed King in weight by 100 pounds and in height by 15 inches. King had on his side nothing but pluck und u bitter spirit. These were not cnougii. Plummer re-ached out with a long arm, hooked King around the neck, held his head tiglit, and battered his face with the other fist. It got to be pretty na ; ty after awhile, and onlookcis broke it up. Just a weuk before, voters hail turned out and voted for baseballer Wsiltcr Johnson against Plummer for tho Coinmissionou;!iip. Plunimcr lost tlml fight, but he won this one; there could be no doubt about it. A lot of high toned things arc i ; aid in nraiby Washington, and u lot of bills are written thut people can understand. But twenty miles away, in ClaitliLTsbuvg, demos spoke in primitive- language, and everybody uncle rKtood. iMc'rry-flo-Uound Tommy D'Alesandr-.) is boasting By DREW PEARSON The Tyclings-for-President boomlet is floundering badly, causing its leaders ncute embarrassment. The Tydings group decided the strategic spot to form the first Tyd- ings-for-Prcsident Club was near tho D. C. line, in either Montgomery or Prince Georges county. Reasoning behind this was signifi- club would be in Washington newspapers, but more important to the anti-New Deal Tydings clique, it would serve to harass the Roosevelt Administration. Montgomery cant. First, such a given page-one play Democratic leaders were sounded out on the proposal to form Tydings clubs at Bethesda and Silver Spring. They replied with a polite but firm no. Prince George, was next. Democratic leaders there frowned on the idea, even though Senator Tydings had amassed a 12,000 majority in the county in the general election. But Hobert W. McCullough, Tydings' Prince Georges campaign manager, took over the task. A meeting was set for November 18 at Bladensburg, in the heaviest populated section of the county. It was highly advertised, with sponsors predicting that 500 would be present. As the time approached, McCullough sensed it would be a washout, rle phoned a score of Democratic icnchmen and begged them to attend. The result: A mere baker's dozen attended. They shook hnnds, chatted awhile, shook hands again, and went lome. Clean House A movement is on foot in Frederick to shake up the local committee for the U. S. Housing Authority. Thu dea is to drain olf some blue blood and bring in some new blood. If Millard Tydings himself had licked the members of that commit- «o, he could not have found an assortment of more unregoncratcd die- lard Democrats. The group includes William B. Jennctt who signed the newspaper ads of the Tydings-for-Senate Club; W. Clinton McSherry a strong Tyd- ngs supporter; and Holmes Baker, (r., a wealthy banker and a bitter anti-New Dealer. In fact, the most acceptable man on the Committee is a Republican, ..owis H. Dertzbaugh, a man of .trong social conscience. The other Republican member is Charles Ma- hias, who is high in Republican cir- [ce, and a bitter critic of the Now Deal. He is not surpassed in this respect owcver, by John Shaw, Executive ecretary of the Committee. These gentlemen arc all leading EEE QUODS' Hdffl 3EF33 DED E3HHB SHE EDBDB 3IT1B 1YIOIU1TIHI onca itizcns of the town, and with the exception of Shaw they have served without pay. They have done a good job in the preliminary survey, recommending the construction of 100 housing unite at a cost of $500,000. But before the permanent Authority is established, there will probably be a shape-up with tho introduction of members more sympathetic to the Roosevelt program. Chances arc that the new Chairmanship will fall to Amon Burgee, former principal of the high school, now County Commission ur. G. O. P. Looks Ahead Republicans, sadly disappointed in being unable to break up Maryland's ITlRlAlYl solid Democratic congressional front, already have started building for 1940. In the Sixth District, Walter Johnson, the old-time baseballer, I; being groomed for tho 19-10 r;ue. Thut Johnson's name has politic-ill nmgic was demonstrated in the recent general election when he was tho lone Republican to be elected in Montgomery. On election even he shared a 11:1- tion-wide radio broadcast \vith National Chairman John Hamilton, though the former fire-ball pitcher was running for a purely local office. Republicans believe their next be-t chance of success is in the Fourth District. Representative Ambrose Kennedy squeezed thiough by a 280- vote margin over Baltimore City Councilman Dan Ellison. If Kennedy takes the House DUtrict Committee chairmanship, as he has intimated, G. 0. P. strategy will be to ;.ttuek him on the ground that lie is working for the welfare of the District and neglecting his home city. Nute: Tommy D'Alcsamlro used .similar strategy successfully in ousting Chairman PalmLsano. of the House District Committee. Nice Plans Governor Hurry W. Nice, whose political sagacity is unquestioned, is quietly trying to infuse the Maryland G. 0. P. with young blood and new faces. The first attempt along this lint- will come next spring when Baltimore chooses its mayor and other city officials. Governor Nice will be in the- thick of the campaign backing n ticket of political newcomers, picked fui iheir political appeal. But Nice is headed squarely into u battle for control of the party mn- chinery, presaging a cat-and-dog primary. Reactionary industrial and financial interest^ that have dictated the party's policies for generations won't relinquish this power without a fight. Instead, they are determined to "purge" the party of 0. E. Weller, Harry Levin and others of the Nice inner circle. One old wheclhorsc the Governor won't overlook is himself. He foresees himself occupying the Semite seat of George L. Radelilfe in 1040. Primitive Politics When the sages of trio next century write the saga of Maryland politics, we hope they will reserve at least a footnote for that now famou = fight that took place in front of Lawson King's garage in Gaithcr.sburg. on Tuesday, November 15, 19IJ8. We nominate this fight for a place in history because it shows that in politics, America Is still rugged, adolescent, and untamed. Further, because it shows that the spnts and top hats of Washington are only window dressing, and that only twenty mile- away lies Gaithcr.iburi;, where virile Americans settle their scraps with an uppcrcut lo the jaw. If you don't live in Montgomery County, mnybc you don't know how it happened that Lawson King and Clsiy Plummer got that-awny. READ THE AD$ Along With the News WANTED Man well informed to act as credit investigator in Denton and vicinity, Part lime work, fee ba is. Write Drawer 722'J Philadelphia Country Department. (ll-2C-2t) STEADY WORK--GOOD PAY RELIABLE MAN WANTED to, call on farmers in Caroline County. No experience or capital required. Make tip to $12 a day. Write MR. THOMAS, Lock Box 5, Baltimore, Md. For Sale A Pierce, Butler and Pierce hot water furnace. An oil burner with clock thermostat. Both in perfect condition. Cheap. DR. FREDERICK N. NICHOLS, (11-12-tf) Denton, Md. For Sale 00 acres woodland near Henderson, Caroline County. Mil. Estimated 1000 cord of wood. Write S. E. FLICK. Rock Hall, Mil. For Sale Or Rent House on Market Street Extended, six rooms and bath. Reasonable. Apply Thcis Motor Company Office. (11-12-31) For Rent All my farm buildings, consisting of G-room house, barn, corn crib, hog and hen houses, garden, meadow and 2 iicres for truck patch. For rent in 1939. This farm is within 2 miles of Kidgely, Md. Fnrm luml and woods is reserved. My automobile is for i-alo. Apply to (11-12-31) DR. R. IIACKETT, Churchville, Md. It started some month; ngo when King, a short but substantial citizen of Gaithcrsburg, backed the appointment of Plummer for County Commissioner. This was after the resignation of Charln? King when the Fusionists wanted to get a man on :he Board of Commissioners who would never above all things, sell out to Brooke Lee and the Democratic organization. Housekeeper Wanted Middle aged woman with one child wanted by lone widower to keep house in small country place. Permanent homo. Write-JOHN PARKER, (ll-19-2t) Route 1, Newnrk, Del. Good prices paid. WANTED yellow corn. Higher that he will ' ;m |;L t «ny in naming tho now U. S. Mnvslinll. His carnliihiti' is Edward Giiinv'z, a Inhor loader employed by the Amoiican brewery in Baltimore.... Djrtha Joseph, Secretary to tjonutor I'liilelilfe, says with a Ri-m that she shntilil be the new Disti-ict Commissioner fur D. C. "I'm the bust !::· -KIVOI- you over ,--u\v!", says Ik-.lha . . . F r a n k Revell has heard llu- report that, he is to pet the a.xo, und he is worried. His henchmen aie even more worried. If you sr-o Ir.ohiiiK f"r a political name that wtuild bo a natural vote- getter in Maryland, pause a moment on this nuc-: Kilirar Alton Poe, Jr. AMAZING ESTATE OIL HEATROLA brings comfort and convenience of oil heat io thousands 9 Mado by tho originator oi tho cabinot home heator. Simple. Beautiful. Economical. Roquiros minimum of care. Circulates clean, odorloas warmth throughout the rooms. Como in. Leam how easily you can own a genuine Estato Oil Heatrola. f w E " SHOW KCM GO-lSlG ON ; . D. RALPH HORSEY HARDWARE Denton, Md. PUBLIC SALE OF V A L U A I I L E PERSONAL PROPERTY Having accepted a position, I will discontinue fanning and will on MONDAY, NOV. 28, 1938 commencing at 10 o'clock sharp, sell at public ,-nle where I now reside, on the John Horsey farm, on the Stone kuud iriim Denton Bridge to New Bridge, my entire lot of personal property as follows: LIVE STOCK One pair mules, weighing 1,100 Ibs., 13 yeais old, well mated in every respect, an excellent team; 1 loan mare, 11 years old, been bred, good brood marc, good in all harness; 1 bay marc, good all around; 1 C- month- : -olcl mule colt, 6 milch cows, ranging in age from C to 2% years. An accredited herd, all good / milkcrs and should be fresh at the pail from January 1 to February 10. These cows will be recommended just as they are when sold. 3 heifers, 2 years old; !5 heifers 1 year old. 3 of these heifers will be fresh for late winter milkers. 1 brood sow, with 7 pigs, 8 weeks old. These are especially fine pigs. FARMING IMPLEMENTS One 10-20 McCormick - Deering tractor, plowa and disc, Ideal manure spreader, Deering binder, Deering mower, John Deere corn planter, 2 riding cultivators, No. 20 Oliver riding plow, No. 40 Oliver walking plow, No. 19 Oliver walking plow, 1 1-horse plow, 3-section spring tooth, land roller, walking cultivators, farm wagon, hay rake, disc marker, 4, 2 and 3- horsc trees, chain harness, double reins, bridles and collars, hoes, forks and i-hovels, and many small things not mentioned. This sale will take place on the date and hour mentioned. I will sell rain or shine. It will be worth your while to look this stock over before the day of sale. TERMS--Cash ROBERT NEIGHBORS, Owner. J. A. Bec-k, Clerk James Temple, Auct. Annapolis - Matapeake Roman coke - Claiborne Ferries FALL WINTER SCHEDULE-1938 Effective September 20, 1938 DAILY AND SUNDAY (Eastern Standard Time) BETWEEN ANNAPOLIS AND MATAPEAKE Leave Annapolis 7:25 n. m *8:00 a. m. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a. m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. c2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 4:00 p. m. *5:00 p. m. 0:00 p. m. 7:00 p. m. 8:00 p. m. Leave Matapeake Our Business Has Been Built On Prompt And Courteous SERVICE Established Over 27 Years I FuneralDirectors Phone 126 Denton, Md 7:25 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a. m. *11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. c3:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. N *8:00 p.m. ^Denotes bus connections via Mata- pouke, Romuncoke and Claiborne. (c) Denotes bus connections via Matupcake only. BETWEEN ROMANCOKE AND CLAIBORNE Leave Romancoke Leave Claiborne **9:00 a. m. 8:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. *»10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. **G:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. "7:00 p.m. NOTE: **Denotes pedestrians will be transported by motor coach between Matapeake and Romancoke and Romancoke and Matapeake on these trips only. THE CLAIBORNE-ANNAPOL1S FERRY COMPANY, ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND p. in., erty-- No. 1. ALL those two lot?" or parcels of lund situate, lying aT'J being in liie Third Election District of Caroline County, State of Mui-yland, on the side of the Denton-Williaton County road or Fifth Avenue Extended, BEGINNING at a point 200 feet south of Fountain Avenue, 10 feet west of raid Denton-Williston County road, and at the corner of lands 'belonging to Sallie E. Trazzare an-J runs south 100 feet parallel with said road; thence runs west 200 feet to u PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY and 15-foot alley; thence runs north fc-et to lands belonging tr* 100 . A . Trazuurc; thence with the same 200 feet to the place of beginning, con- tinning about SEVEN PERCHES of land more or less, being Lots Nos. 6 and 7 on plat known as Towers and Redden Land, which said plat is duly of record in Liber T.L.D., No. .69. folio 573, one of the Lund RccorJ Books for Caroline County. LMPROVEMENTS: Large dwelling equipped with water and electric lights, garage and barn in good condition. No. 2. ALL that lot, piece or par- eel of land situate, lying and being in the Third Election District of Caroline County and described as follow,;; Beginning for the outline.' thereof at the northeast interscctior of Maple and Sunnysidc Avenues- thence with said Maple Avenue and in a northerly direction a distance ol 200 feet; thence at right angles with said Maple Avenue and in an easterly direction u distance of 165 feef to u 15-foot alley; thence with suit alley and in a southerly direction £ distance of 200 feet to Sunnysidc Avenue, thence with Sunnyside Avenue and in a westerly direction E distance of 165 feet to the place o) beginning, said lots being- Nos. -35 36, 37 and 38 on the plat above referred to. No. 3. ALL that piece or parce'i of land situate, lying and being ir. the Third Election District of Caroline County, State of Maryland, and described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the west side of Maple Avenue a distance of 50 feet north of Sunnyside Avenue; thence with Maple Avenue in a northerly direction a distance of 100 feet to Lot No. 65; thence at right angles with said Maple Avenue and in a ··" -'erl direction a distance of 160 fece to the Carter land; thence with Cartel- land in a southerly direction anc parallel with Maple Avenue a distance of 100 feet to Lot No. G8; thence with Lot No. 68 in an easterly direction a distance of ICO feet to the place of beginning, being Lots Nos GO und 67 on the plat above referred to. ALL the above land being the game land devised to Carrie Deen by th r . Last Will and Testament of Willian' H. Deen, which said Will is duly ol record among the Will Record Bookf for Caroline County, and being alsc the same land devised to Elbcrt Deen by the Last Will and Testament ol Carrie Deen, which said Will h dulj of record in Liber J. H. C., No. 13, folio 90, one of the .Will Record Book? for Caroline County. TERMS OF SALE One-third cash on day of sple, balance in two equnl installments oi three and six months, respectively deferred payments to bear interes! from date of sale, and to be secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned. W. BREWSTER DEEN, Attorney. James Temple, Auctioneer. Order Nisi STATE OF MARYLAND vs. THE GOLDSBORO BANK In The Circuit Court For Caroline County. In Equity. No. 2949 Chy. . Ordered this 10th day of Novcmbei 1938, that the sale of the p.-'2r"ty mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by WARREN F. STERLING, Receiver of the Goldsboro Bank be ratified and confirmed unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 12th day of January next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline Couuty once in each of four successive weeks before the 12th day of December, next. The report states the amount of sales to be $1.650.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Teat: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. REAL ESTATE Haying decided to discontinue farming we will sell at public sale on the farm where we now reside, known as the Clinton Williamson .'arm, about 2 miles north of Concord, Mil., on Wednesday, November 30, 1938, at 1 o'clock p. m. sharp, ruin or shine, the following personal property: Twenty Plymouth Rock hens, blood tested; 35 pullets, 5 months old; 7 roosters, 4 bronze turkeys, nil household furniture, consisting of beds, springs, mattresses, feather beds, pillows, spreads, blanket;, quilts, 1 International inner-spring mattrs, nearly ntw; bureaus, wash stands, bookcase and desk combined, library table, stands, chairs, 1 Morris chair, rocking chafrs, porch chairs, 1 i-tudio couch and ovestuffed easy chair, nearly new; sewing machine, 1 Alladin lump, 1 Rayo lamp, several glass lamps, mirrors, set fitove, oil stove, kitchen range, 1 dinner set for six, extension table, side board, refrigerator, linoleum, carpet. 80 quarts canned fruit, vegetables, preserves and jellies, cooking utensils, glassware, dishes, stone jars, lot of glass jars and gallon jugs, copper wash boiler and 1 clothes wringer. IMPLEMENTS 2-row plant duster, 1 "Old Trusty" brooder, 240 Ib platform scales, grind stone, block and fall, grass seeder, spray pump, eome carpenter tools, cross cut saw, wedges and iron maul, corn sheller, one hole; scoop shovel, fodder sled, 24 white oak sawed posts, .veil seasoned, never used; 1 1-horse ilow, 1 1-horsc cultivator, 1 dear- jorn, 1 cream separator, DeLaval (No. 12); 1 bramble scythe, 1 post Irill, 1 shop vise, spades, shovels, forks, hoes, rakea, 1 carpenter bench, 10 foot long, well built; 1 iron wheel vagon, with tomato rack and regular box; a lot of turkey coops, 1 Planet Jr. garden plow, 1 12 foot ladder, 235 feet poultry wire, 24 in.; some potatoes, seasoned stove wood, 2 pair of harness hames, with chain traces. · REAL ESTATE At the same time and place we will also offer for sale our farm, consisting of 32 acres. 2G acres are clear and 13 acres of woodland. All buildings in fair repair, which include G-room house, barn, chicken house and other necessary outbuildings. There is a small mortgage that :an be retained on same if desired. This farm is well located and very suitable for truck and poultry. Half interest in 12 acres of rye will ga with the farm. TERMS: Cash S. A. LINN and WIFE, Owners. J. L. Stevens, Auct. Order Nisi WESLEY E. THAWLEY, Assignee vs. C. CLARENCE DEEN and EMMA F. DEEN, his wife tn the Circuit Court For Caroline County. In'Equity. No. 3505 Chy.. Ordered, this 27th day of October 1938, that the Sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by WESLEY E. THAWLEY, Assignee be ratified and confirmed unless cause o the contrary thereof be shown on Dr before the 29th day of December iext, provided a copy of this order je inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline County, nce in each of four successive weeks, before the 28th day of November next. The report states the amount of sales to be $10,000.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test:-T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. Equitable Life Insurance Company Home Office, Washington, D. C. Raymond R. Fisher Agent LIQUID-TABLETS SALVE-NOSE DROPS relieves COLDS Fever and Headaches due to Colds I WILL SIT FOR THE PURPOSE , OF COLLECTING TAXES on the following days and dates between the hours stated. Pederalsbnrg, Saturday, Noiember 5th 1 p. m. till 4 p. m., Covey Williams' Store. American Corner, Thursday, Nov. lOtti 1 p. m. till 4 p. m., Sartain's Store. Greensboro, Saturday, November 12tb 1 p. m. till 4 p. m., Fire House. Ridgeiv, Thursday, November 17th 1 p. m. till 4 p. m., Mitchell's Store. Preston, Saturday, Moiember 19th 1 p. m. till 4 p. m., Covey's Store. Hillsboro, Wednesday, Hovember 23rd 1 p. m. till 4 p. m., Thompson's Hardware Store. Henderson, Saturday, November 26th Try "Rub-My-Tism"-a Wonderful Liniment ERNEST G. COOPER .General Insurance The Oldest Established Agency On The Shore. Auditor's Notice WESLEY E. THAWLEY, Assignee vs. FRED B. PICKERING and NELLIE W. PICKERING, hjs wife In the Circuit Court For Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3483 Chy. Upon an order parsed in the above entitled cause on the 10th day of November, 1938, by the Circuit Court for Caroline County in Equity, thcsi proceedings were referred lo the Auditor of this Court, and I, as Auditor of the Circuit Court for Caroline County, hereby give notice this · ix. · day of November, 1938, to all judgment creditors, lienors, assignees, or person,; claiming an interest in tho equity of redemption in the above entitled case, to file their claims with the vouchers thereof duly authenticated with me on or before the 14th day of January, 1939, WILLIAM J. R1CKARDS, Auditor. NOTICE TO CREDITORS This is to give notice that the subscriber, of Caroline county, has obtained from the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, in MarylanB letters of administration on the p. Bonal estate of * IDA M. THOMAS late of Caroline county, dec__._ All persons having claims against t* said deceased are warned to ezhilj the same to the subscriber, with U.- vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or before the 12th day of .May, 1939, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of g a id estate. All persons owing this estate are required to make prompt settlement. Given under my hand this 7th day of November, 1938. ROLAND THOMAS, Administrator. Notice To Creditors This is to give notice that the subscriber of Caroline county, has obtained from the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, letters of admin is trntion on the personal estate of 1 p. m. Store. till 4 p. m., J. C. Mclvin's cash . A. NEWTON SON CO;, (7-9-tf) Phone 2551 Bridgerillc, Del. DR. E. F. WITHERS OSTKOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 92 201 Franklin St., Denton, Md. This office will be closed at 12 o'clock noon on the above dates SHERMAN L. TRIBBITT, Treasurer of Caroline County. DR. F. J. WRIGHT OPTOMETRIST Denton, Maryland Eyea Examined. Glasses Furnished. NOTICE TO CREDITORS This :s to give notice that the subscriber of Caroline county, has obtained from Tlie Orphan's Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, letters of administration on the personal estate of NELLIE PEARL WILLIS late of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased arc warned to exhibit the same to the subscriber, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticat- SAMUEL D. TASSLER late of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are warned to exhibit th.e same to the subscriber with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated on or before the 12th day of May 1939, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All persons owing this pstate are required to make prompt settlement. Given under my hand this 9tb day of November, 1938. LULA TASSLER, Administratrix. Notice To Creditors This is to give notice that the subscriber, of Caroline County, has obtained from The Orphans' Court for Caroline County, in Maryland, letters of administration on the personal estate of TILGHMAN HARRIS late of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the uid cd, on or before the 26th day of (deceased are "warned "to exhibit the May 1939, or they may otherwise, same to the subscriber with the vouch- by law, be excluded from all benefit era thereof legally authenticated, on of said estate. All persons owing this or before the 19th day of May estate are required to make prompt | 0:00 Phone 61 HOURS: a. m. to 6:30 p. m. settlement. Given under my hand this 22nd day of November, 1938. ' WILLIAM PENN WILLIS, ' Administrator. Subscribe for the Journal. IN £V SPA PERI 1939, or they may otherwise, by law be excluded from all benefit of said ei- tate. AH persona owing this estate are required to make prompt settlement Given under my hand this 16th day of November, 1938. EMMA FLORENCE HARRIS, Administratrix. iWSPAPERI

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