The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 4, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1916
Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution. VOLUME XXVIII 4 Pages No 299 CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, SATURDAY, NOV 4, 1916 DAILY EDITION, COMPANY "I" BOYS WIIUOSE VOIE! WTJLL. BE MANX Ol r\rr\T i o TJiLM Sajb \oter Mu*t tee W it! in tin Boundaries of the Slate HI "Which He Ttesulcs Th» members of Company 1 Tom Hi Missouri regiment who arp do ink P 1 troi dutv^on the Mexican bordci vvil lose their vote at the gene: a elec tion next Tuesday There has bee i many inquiries as to whether the b o v c ·would get to vote next Tup'-cli and a representative of The Con u t u t on visited three officials wh o ire a u t n o r ity on the question and each oi then said the bovs "would lose then ballot next Tuesday The Missouri law says th Lt a votei must be witam the boundaries ot th^ state before he can cast his b-illot 11 he is in the state he can go b e f o i P ' the election commissioners in th town where he is and mike in athd i v i t ot his residence and his v o t m precinct and then he will be pormitte to cast what is kno % n as the ibsen tee vote These ballots aiter v o t e are forwarded to the countv cl"ik o the county in which the v oter re ides Many ot the members ot Comp in I -will be greatly dissapomted in nor being able t o cast their ballot is t h i will be the first time some of thei could -vote and to lose thfir nrst \ o t Is a great disappointment to Hie in There are a large number o't noi 5 in Company I who are not vet ot age and therefore not entitled to a votu There are eight seven membeia of Company I ard of tnis number ther» is probably 60 01 65 voters TO JtJK,! S Ol 1P!L OJ \ J K U 1 lj- C no\ ^o^^ uv?i n TJTH E v e i v o n e in Li\ ingston coun tv ifa extremely inteiested in the outcome of next Tuesday s election in this countv "b.ou are interested ~nd so is evcrv other think ng citizen of the county The Constitution is makin 0 a strong effort to have the com plete v o t e o the countv tabulau ed at thu ofnce is soon as pos s ble attei the polls h a v e closed aril viLh v our help this can be done w i t h i n a short time V e · urgp everv judge 01 clerk of ev eiv countrv pieclnct to tal e it · upon themselves to see that someono from that voting pie_ cmct telephones The Constitu tion as soon as possible after tho v o t e has b^en counted read- SIEAMERS COLLIDE OFF M IRISH COAST AND 300 ARE DEAD IN A VIOJjENJ? SEA STORM AM PASSION GERS ALIKE 'VRE LOST Steamers ConnemiiA and Itetnever Bolh Sink and Onlj One Alan of f ither Cievv ACu vcxtlou^ly. Eb- capes, Death fay United Presm t London Nov 4 -- 3 0 0 persons are believed to h i v e perished in the sinking of the small British steamers Connemara and Retriever after a col_'s ty -who attend ing t 0 us the result of the count * I l i a i o n m the lrislft s ^ la -^ night m tli it precinct .This r e p o r t s ! OnU one survivor has been i eport should contain the vote lor Pies ·$ DEMOCRAilC AT COUK,T/fIOt?M3 4T 7 3O t- O\ SATURDAY BVEM^G · The democrats will close their campaign in Livingston ·£ county with a rousing meeting 8 at tbe courthouse Saturday ·£ evening The meeting will be called at 7 3 0 o clock The · principal speakers will be Hon O S Lmton of Carthage Mo who has just returned from a speaking tour o_f Nebiaska un der the auspices of the Demo cratlc National Committee and Hon Roy Ruckcr of Keytesville Mo Mr Barton has some in teresting facts which he will present to the voters of Chil licothe and Livingston coun the meeting DEMOCRATS SUPREMELY CONFIDENT OF VICTORY NEXElUfSDAY ed taus far A. man named Bojle a There will be plenty of good music A special invitation is extended to eveivone to attend all state offices countv of *,} m °mber of the Retriever s ere* mir · this meeting and hear the na ident fee both Democratic and Re- · | acu escaped death He brought miblican and mcnts the thiee amend * PAUL HEWITT WINS LEWIS THE VTDATHI II General!} fair tonight and Sundae Cooler tonight north poition ConnM Court MuniliM County court mil m»et m t o g a l i r monthly session Mondiv Oulj the regular routine business will conte i p for consideration J"I N K O L N D JOLT Knocked Out ilie lc\ is Cii ulipion at ' O k i i h i n i ( tt--- Icvvitt, Ohecied Dmui-- the 14jut back the storv of the great sea disas ter since the sinking of the Lueitania and prevented the disappearance of t w o -hips with their passengers and crew becoming an untold sea mystery Oulj fragmentarv leports of the disaster had reached London this afternoon Fr'm these accounts it ap eared th^t the Connemara belonged to the London anB Northwestern rail road 1 ne and that t had left Gren r o i e Ireland at about dusk jester day for Holy head England and col ·$ tiona.1 and state issues discussed ""«TtLSOJ \\TVS" Form Chicago Tribune Sept 2 1915 President Wilson s bold stroke in great parties are winding up the cam diplomacy has found its certain mark He has stood unwaveringly for the best that is lecogm^ed in American ideals and for reasons which might be considered and weighed withou lided with the inward bound steamer, lm P° THnt reault has succeeded in ' imposing the will of the American Reti lever onl\ a few miles off the Ir ish coast The Connemaia was car rassengers So far as is rying 51 1 n o vv n i e e r none of thera The funeral ol the late C D Di"n»t -will be held from the residence on East Webster street Sutidu atf-i noon at 2 30 o clock Rev Putst as sisted by Elder J E Pardonncr con ducting the services Interment w i l l be in Edgewood cemetery Ijo.ul oi MtiKs A train load of mules consisting oi 600 head passed thru Chillicothe lite 1'iKlaj afternoon over the Builmgtoi ell route from Lathrop tor Chicago rrom Chicago the mules w ill bp shipped to the coast then to Englan 1 where they will be used in the E u i o ·^ean war The value of the tra^- oad at $150 per head would be t 9 0 000 Those in charge ot the t i a i i said the 600 mules were w ell vvoith 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 This shows *he Missouri mule is in great demand Buyeis, from the old countrj have been, in the state for a number of mouths col lectmg up mules Thev aie stabled at Lathrop until a number a i e ob tamed and then they aie shipped to the old country Vn Okldhom i titv Okli pipei iv es the lollow ng i*co nc ol a boui between Paul Aiaishall Hewitt ^on ot Mi u d ^ v l i s II B Hewitt ot this city md K d Le s is ot D Ulas lexas Paul Mai shall Hewitt otherwise knov n as Chick From Chilli me Kid Le \is of Dallas fexis in a ten l o u u d bout heie list night that 11 i eli i 01 th an\ one s time lud mon w ere Americans Leaving Grennor» the serv ce steamei ran into a violent buricane It plunged along thru the darkness and stoin w i t h evei great er difficulty than the snialler*Retriev cr nbound for her home port of N o w r y which when nearmg Carting ford Lough crushed into the Conne mara. Whether the Retriever carried «.nv passengers is not known It was ippaient that but tew ot the Conne mara s passengers had retired when people upon the G " r n a n people OAJ1PA1GV Ol/OSE-s TONIGHT JP«csident AtiJson bpeal^s to His Old Home Folks, at Shadow Ijawn llns Altomooii « B y United ITH»».) New York Nov 4--Ihe business of preparing the American voter foi the excercises of his choice as t o the next piesident of the United States 4, laws also requires that employe* * came to a close today Saturday night y shall be given time to vote and * Ol'LN 4kT SIX O CljOCIv AT THE ' EI/EOXTOA ON TLI feDAI At the general election to be held Tuesday November 7 for the first time the polls will be opened earlier than has been the custom and remain open later Under the old law the polls opened at 7 o clock in the morn ing and remained open until 6 but a new law ieq.uires the polls in all precincts to be opened at i 6 in the morning and close at 7 in the evening Except at the pi unary last August this is the fiiot time this has been required m a general election ludges and clerks should take notice of th s and be at their voting pre clncts by 6 o clock The election maiks the official end of the campugn --a tree for all scramble for votes that has been marked first by the S' ? that employes of corporations ·G 1 may have time even though they ?· have to walte their turns it re COW6ILL CONFIDINI OF ViGTOY TUESDAY 1VOT IrLUEOE quires that they be given four · hours Any corporation refus ·? ing to give this time maj be fin- 3 most strenuous stumping tour a can didate has ever took second by o supposedly le-united manifesto by a great many leaders ot the twol4 ed not to exceed $-500 wings of Republicanism that was split lour vears ago and third by raising the issue of war and ppace Both democrats and republicans are supremely confident pf victory Botn paign with a flood of advertising in the newspapers thruout the country 11 Inch in v o l u m n nevei has been sur passed in the political historv of this countrj ind tonight they will burn their last jed fir» and shells and tlie iinal words of oiatory will be poured out beiore the celebration of the vie Germany whatever Us ulterioi'tori luesday night reasons mav be has consented to con form its sea operations to regulation President \\alson spent his last d i at Shadow Lawn on Old Home Day upon iv hich the American government j Candid ite Hughes scattered his par has insisted So long as the matter -was open for argument the lubune msistej upon arguing 'We thus appealed ev Hewitt u^on enteung the ring I the collision occurred l a d the tape lemoved from his brok I Ci cw s of both steimers apparentlv en nose ind de=pitc its swollen cond tiou piep ned foi his b itlle The flist tvv 0 l o u u d b w e i e about even but the fight liom then on went to Hewitt h s Uassv f o o t w o i k and speed had Lewis gues ng most of lh= time In thr I'tll lound Lew is landed a haid i t,ht cioob to H e w i t t s nose and hi= nose continued to bleed liom this to the finish Hev itt was =o dazed n tin. stxtu ard seventh rounds that h did not know his own cornei at the close of the round» but despite hi= h i d condition ae c ime back in th~ ughth and showed moie bcien.ce m l pep th 11 ev ei putting Lew is to tht c nv is s, twice in this l o u n d Hewitt now seemed to be ible to put Lewi o the c i n v a s s almost it w ill and w i t h either h i n d The ninth w is a iep- t tion ol the ti 0 htch oiiH Lewis went r 0 th cauv s ti i ee limes and show ed his te-ir ot H e w i t t s Jios by hi as critics of President Wilson s policy | W e knew that the American peopl not only were unprepared but did nol want war with Germany Wee knew that thev did not vvint and were noi prepared for -war at all We knev; that a method of compiomise w a opened by the Ger nan overtures an 1 thought it the best policy to accept port towns near the scene of the dis I the arrangement vvbinh would protect astei reported the sea tossing so viol (the 4.meiicm flag and American cit I tv s injunctions in New Toil l _ c last Hughes speech will be made in Madison Square Garden tonierht Of the o her aspirants or preai dentiol honors candidate J Fiank tried to launch the life boats Sea ently last nigtt that it was doubtful i f a single boat weie put over they were either crushed agunst the side of one of the steamers or capsized and c unk in the boiling waters' The first bodies were washed up plong the County Down coast just nnnna 00|Cu a wioodora nba'ihc north of Carlingford Lough At th» office of the T ondon and Northwest ern it is feared that with the excep tion of VoAle every man aboard both steamers perished London Nov 4--From 90 to 100 persons perished when the steamer Connemara of the London and Northwestern railroad company collided w i t h the steamer Retriever during a storm off Carlingford last night ac [ie jueiit clinching TUP tenth lound | CO rdmg to the latest estimates this afternoon It -vvas at flrst feared that upwards, of 300 heves had been lost Only one surviv 01 has been accounted for A checking of the number of passenger;, izens under it and thus keep us out ot the European disaster President Wilson 1 as had the for time"-oT making h s uncompromising policy stand It triumph not onlj o an extraoidmaij foi the American "The Thoughtlnl Voter is Going to Tx*t V ell Fnongh Alone," Says Hfjid of Democratic State Comnntt e St Louib Mo Nov 4. -- Judg' James Cowgil chairman ol the Deni ornuc St te Committee was In. a hap py c atisned mood today We have this election won, both State and \ T ition · Judge Cowg 11 said The Republican millions will not suffice to -buy the voters this year More than a millioji dollars, I am re hably informed is being spent by tho Republicans just now in buying ad veit sing space in the Republican and independent metropolitan newspaper" throughout the country, and even some Democratic newspapers are be jng induced to print Republican ad v e i t i s m g assau'ts on President Wil son and his administration. The State Democratic Committee has accumulated its fund from the ppople donations from 50 cents up and it therefore has no slush barre with which to buy or attempt to cor rupt v oter It is not conducting that OrrjOtAljS HOBrVEn ' chincter of campaign It has appeal ed to the intellect and not the pock etb of the electors I do not believe tnat the Tnillioi: dollars invested n busing page upon page ot glaring advertisments filled with ab=urd ties and g'aring misrepre s rt nt~tions will in n uence a single vote 11 e tuoughtful v o t e i s of this coun try aie going to let Well enough alone They are going to vote for President Wilson in whose hand t^ey kiio-v th"- Nation is safe Busi KEMPERMA1NTAINFD ITS OLD REPUTATION BISIMSS COI II C.E SQL Locals H id l^ecn 1 01 c-"U u ted Otoej C e ams ot Tjusxl Tieat- mnu 1 liei e It i^ the prevailing inle foi Coo ball teams 01 base ball teams w h o -lie beaten to produce the alibi of rottCii nffic a s -- v bicl is snmetimes t e but more often untiue However th~ Chillieothe Business College and Hanly will complete his campaign for Kemper M]ll tary Academv game at votes by appealing to the people ot Boonvllle rrlday a£ternoon seems to his home city Indianapolis tonight 'VnJ Allen Benson will close his speaking tour in Louisville How ever Benson has one more speech af ter the official close of the campaign in Milwaukee tomorrow Probably $2 000 000 will change hands here alone Tuesdav on the ver diet which the American voters w i l l legister it the polls There was a i u s h to get monev down-, todav with the odds fluttering arotfird close to even money Roosevelt who split the republican was the teatme of the bout it vva= u w h ihvmd tiom the s t i l t Lewi Hnd ug twice on H e w i t t a soie nose Lewis led w th a right cioss to the lie id w h ch n as cleierlj side stepped bj H e w i t t and befoie Lewis c o u l l tecoiei from Ins swing H e w i t t drove two punches to his t ice and then a haid l e f t to L e w i 3 v\v putting him. U. the ciiaia°s ior tho count Hewitt un on going to his CO nei tainted hi nei\c v is all that earned him thru tho ten t o u n d b as his nose w is- sc badlv swollen that he could haidly see He w is cneered time ind tinv ..·jam ior his staving qualities ind his pluck \\ e predict a bright t u t u tor the bov and wish him the best sue Second Senior Cainiv il Plans have been termed for th^ Second Annual Senior Carnival The one last year vvas a brillunt but-ce^s and this years promises to be even better The following carnival con mittee has been appointed Mirv Bea hell chairman Mane Macdonald Mildred Goodrich Floia Hewitt Op U Girdner, Blyn Cadv Hugh P u t m a n and Paul Arthaud Monday night the committee met ind made final plans The Cirnival 1 i I I s to be held Fndav Nov 10th at the Jigh School building The entne uildmg Is to be used for thi^ stupen ous performance Everyone of tln» event} odd Seniors is to have a place i| the show Among the concessions [·[ranged for the The Garden of V pj " ' Days of 49 Mexican Booth v\h cli L d feptune s daughter Picture Show j coun _ Remover Trea. -Vnnex , It vv i, a -verv interesting and piofit and numerous other Me mee'ing Resolutions w are paso- I cd hoartiK commending C P Doi sneak at Bridgeport Conn tonight Mtho Roosevelt h is announced on several occasions that this is posi t vely my last appearance on the po litical stage it is believed that he will announce his valedictory In actual participation m politics tonight nation but for him personally In the [ -art and who is now trying to lead face of results it is of n o consequence j ins followers back mt o the fold will to say that if the par v m German., j headed oy Admiral von Tirpitz had pievailed we should have had vvai in stead of an amicable arrangement fac ing us Results count and in this case the piesident has all the results on b side It is useless for his critics to point to the consequences on the oth er side of the probabilieies The did not happen Whatever wisdom there was in opposition to him is dis comflted by the result It may have been wisdom hut it is proved fruit less The presidents attitude undoubt edly conformed to the average Amer leans idea of national importance ness men are not ditsurbed, as they usuallj are m a presidential election j eai labor never v as so contented have been, one of the few exceptions It wab undoubtedly the ftiendlinesb I the countrv was never so prosperous Ihe enormous profits of the mu of the offcials that sent the loca l s l "rtions of war plants flowing mto the home with the sho, t end of a 28 to B I Republican campaign coffers cannot 0 e stop the cyclone of sentiment now Gibson' supposedly from Tiyette raging £rom one end of the countrv was the referee His reputation as i football referee is ver., limited or at least his fame in that direct on has never reached these parts Ihe local squad had been warned bv members of hot' \ \ e n t w o - t h ' /cade T to the other in favor of President Wilson Conditions are growing bet ter evcrv hour As to "\lissoun Wilson will carry the State by not less than 50 000 an J hi? m a j o i i t v may reach 100 000 Sen or I j o t 1 \v eui.!\ t, 111 ' i i i t a i ^ ^ - L . M t e i j - , , , i t o i Rp ^rl will run. close to the head and Missouu Militarv Academi te^ i P tcn ne " wl "' of th' ticket Reports from, every county ind cate that the Democratic plurality which have played here this season that they would never be able to ride the top side score at Boonville unless they selected their own officials W i t n j w i l l be materiallv mcrea,«ed in. every this -naming m mind they invadei 1VS COM MIS 3 J1TOU DO M "Uand in publishei ot the Laie do Tubune was at The Constitution office Satin dav and reported the meel irg ot tho Gruntf county press asso ciit on at Laredo Fiidav ifternoon full attendance and all n^-peis w e e iep"esentod iorn Candy Booths de attractions Save your pennies as shows wil' sev who receutlv sold his inteie't n ,,,. from one to five cents The pro the Irenton Republican to l i e p e o Beds trrll Tx, used to pav the debt pie of Lmpona Kas as one of Hi r miblisbfeK the High School Vn bOur. s prominent ma W e n e w s p a p e i r publishing the ual Watch for the Grand Parade riday afternoon -ub isheis nd w h o is held in the and crew carried bv the vessel lower I and the result coincides with that es ed the estimate of the casualty list | timate We do not know hat consid erations moved Germany They ma. have been considerations ot exped lency or humanity Ihey may repre sent the Iriump of diplomatic Ger manv over militant Germany What ever they represent in Germanv they stand m the United States for the clean cut triumph of American prmci pies against great odds The critics of Mr Wilson s scheme merely bow to and acclaim the fact that he has arrived at the desired end ·without use of the methods which they thought necessary He has avoid ed the ultimate although he used the ultimatum The result was the test He met The Connemara carried 51 passen gers and a crew of 30 men The Be ti lever carried a ciew ot 13 men It is not defflnitely known khether there v ere any passengers aboard the Re- trievei or not but the revised figure t u t tl e total number aboard the two ships at not more than 100 Ihe Connemara is floating bottom side up outside Bar Majority late re ports stated today VM1 RIOVS T AVIATORS TRA1S- rERKFD FROM THE A^ERDITV TO THK SOMME TCECIOX IB? United Prex* (By Henry Wood ) Grand He idquarters French ^.rm ie« Nov 4 -- Following a months hard fighting at Verdun the A.meu can sviation squad attacked to the French aimv has been transferred to, the Somme front now the center ot the greatest aeiial activities The Rmencan flyers after seveial days of comparative cjiuet on the Ver dun front took part in the activities tint preceeded the French victory at erdun Aiding Gen Niecielle in the bold dash that won "back Ft Doua, * PERSONAL AND LOCAL * Mrs W P Clark retained last night from an extended visit with rel the *V[j«bOuri River town onlv t o find to their own complete satisfaction that the fore word had been only too true A sample of the rawness of the official decisions came m the second St Louis with 6Q,pOO plurality- quarter when Kemper s goal was in dange' and they were forced to kick The hall sailed across the field and Behind their own goal line Chilli co the let the ball pass for a touch ativps and friends m Tulsa Okla i back none of the loca s touching the Floyd Claik who has been assisting | sp j, ere A Kemper pliver pounced i pon the ball and the referee allowed him a touchdown To football fans this is recognized as a pla n steal HP might as well have shoved a 32 calibre Colt mto the score keepers face with instructions to add seven more to the Kemper score Texas University players were tram ing at Boonville for their game witn the Missoun U todiy They witne=.b ed the Chillicothe Kemper game and in evangelistic meetings in Fordsville Ky has returned home for a shore stay betore going to Indiana to a~ sist in meetings Mr and Mrs J E V atkins and son Irvin and Mr and Mrs C B Watkm, will motor to IX'orboru Sunday to spend the day with Mr and Airs E G Westrope Mr and Mrs John Walby and daughter and Miss Di^ie Miller anu Claude Miller motored to Liberty to day to spend Sunday with Mr and Mrs Bert Miller S D Rohrer returned last night from a visit with his daughter Mrs C M Lowery at Patonsburg He wa-- protest at tbe unfanness of the game but were forcibly vviven to understand that their advice was rot needed The game opened with the lo , squad tearing up the soldiers line at accompanied home by his grandson J wlll The Da U was carried to tho j; lecinct found in St L o u s probablv will be the Wilson column ano Gardner seems sure to carry the town With the confidential information I have from the S,tate at large, I believe the entire ticket wffl- come to PROHJBIXrO* The Constitution supports prohibition Amendment No 3 because its object is to help humanity A large najority of the voters of Chillicothe and Livingston county have voted for local option and sentiment is strong agnn=t the liijuor traffic Iiito-vicat ing liquor is an international evil which is being recognized the world ov er The great European nations af vvai recognize it and some of them haie stopped its use and the rest or them have largely restricted its use The United»States now have nineteen states having complete prohibition ot a number of them made attempts to j the liquor traffic Othei states are the local that test The method is no longer of any importance OBBBKSFWj TO PFETR\TE SAI35- TJEAVE W1THOIT C \«H for his new home in a tew a ' nv T,»I«-.I Pro,, i next meeting of the Grunds 3t Paul Minn Nov 4--Three men ^ocntion. vv ill be ered the Randolph State Bank at Decell Jer 10 ndolph early todav blew the -afe led to penetrate the inner door an i t wftfc^ttotliing to reimburse them avs The! possible mark of French c a n I m the ability of the American avia held at Trenton tors Ci'rt ot Thanks \\ e w h to tal e tin- opportunltv to t h i n k our many kind fiiends and trouble Peter Scott =if 1 operator of the Great Western __ _ Iroad at Randolph discovered the, n e l g a b o r s tor their manv kind acts ,rf and-fired three shots and the nnt} S A n l p l thv in our bereav s neut ' -' uda Ridgwav and children Ridswav brothe-b UAMv ROB1JRRS $1 o OOO IN CA \T V *nv Unite*] T*ri.*!» 1 Calgarv «lberta Can Isov 4 -- \I ter cutting all of the wires leadm; mto Okotoka 40 miles from here i dvnamit- rfeturned the fire but no one Seventh episode of Peg O -31S »t the Empire tonight the Mrb "Wr and Mrs and »isters vegg"nen today leisurely ed the Merchants bank safe and es cape! with $10 000 TTT a Constitution "Want A« \ Seventh episode of Peg CU. the Ring at the Empire tonight NEWSPAPER PRICES GOING UP Increased Production Costs are Forcing Publishers to Raise Subscriptions But You Can Still Get The Constitution --AT-THE BARGAIN PRICE By accepting this opportunity atonce Just Enough News and the Kind You Want Home--Market--World Subscriptions will cost more after NOVEMBER 18th Send $250 --TO-The Constitution Raymond Rohrer Lowrev Misses Ruth and Ida May Kessler and Margaret Mumpower have return ed to Lexington where they are at tending Central College after a visit with relatives and friends in the city Mrs George Colton was the de lighted hostess Thursday of the Hap py Dozen club visiting guests being Mrs Hamilton Mrs O Kissick Mrs C Kissick and Miss Grothe Th» condition of Millie Spanour | enemv 6 y ard line Levering and Har nsopi working alternately A goal seemed certain so certain in fact that the referee fearing his lolj was at stake ordered a penalty foi the locals Again they appi cached thp counting line and again they were 'aken back try a penalty This un reasonable penalizing naturally dis heartened the local squad and Kern per scored a touchdown easily during the Ust period of the quartei Scor» the Kingston boy who was injured | c 3 C 0 Keroper 7 vhen his lather s car turned over at the lour corners -west of the city Thursd-ay afternoon was reported do ing nicely at the hospital He rested well last night Thomas Gillispie of this city is the proud possessor of a scrap book con tamng manv valuable clippings from news papers and magazines of a cen tury ago including the news ol the The second quarter opened with C B C displaying some ot its accustomed pep again despite the faultv decisions and they dragged the pig skin to within easy pushing distance the enemy goal but were of there foi Kern per was stopping held soon to .follow Why not Missouri Vote for the 3rd Amendment 1 OR RENT--J£ rooms for light house keeping 220 Clay St Phone 7S4J 4-tf WANTED--A girl for general hoase w o i k Mrs J M Davis Locust St Telephone 629 1303 IN 4-3 Seventh episode of Peg O .he Ring at the Empire tonight ducks His vocabulary of "penalty ,ea,ons being completely exhausted by this time the referee penalized mere i) f i o m force of habit and just on general principles The third quaiters ended with the score un changed C B C 0 Hamper 14 By a long forward pass to Clark w h o accepted it m grand style and raced for a touchdown the locals ade their first and only score In* downs It was here that Teteree as a result ot the touchdown forced to punt the Hall, m , nus 13 blond hairs lost in behind the local s goal where Kemp°er man tell on t He receiv time ol war who The decis so rank that even the homji assassination of Pi esident Lincoln in ed fte Messing oL the referee 1865 aind many iother interesting score d him a touchdown pictuies and stones growing out of the Civil War Mr Gillispie was a Union soldiers and knows the priva tions and hardships of the soldiers in etching process designated to ere ate some reason for refusing *o allow he touchdown Tbe soldiers saw his precarious predicament and for fear ,uld ultimately arrive at some iro7ks""duisented but to no avail At conclul!lon that would further impair the end of the second quarter the readv marred reputation thev e en score -tood C B C 0 Kemper 1! hast , ne d things up and started pVay The referee had got the habit bi , aga]Q before he cou ld recoTer either this time and a prettv see-saw wa« h]s corapostire or 13 Wond hai-s the exhibition of the third quarter Kemper scored another touchdown m The locals would make a good gam tbe final warter by a long nass ana make a good __ B C f Kemper Change in Time Burlington No 94 passenger tram east bound local freight for BrookfleU ^ ths reteree would make a gooo. the game ende d- will leave Chillicotho at 1 30 p m instead of 1 50 p m effective Mon day Nov Oth ^am--that Js_ Try a Constitution want A« the 28 Trv a Conatitirtioti Jit J »-"

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