The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 7
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Sunday Morntaff, July 5,1914. THE DECATtTK R E T I E W Steves Some Reflections On a Recent Accident. S NAKE Hllii' Never was a stretch of road more aptly named It nas «· called because its curves re- ·u*ni* the path of a snake But It has othe*" characteristics of the snake. It IP treacherous and deadly It Is the most dangerous stretch of road of any leading- ojt of Decatur W!*en Joseph Plerson lost control of his car on this hill Sundav night and the car was overturned it made three ^tid automobile accidents on this hill 'ulthin six months That Miss Fergu- Bon who was caug h t under this last car escaped with her life was sheer eood luck It Is a l w a s good luck when Kn overturned automobile does not result in a fatality There Is no deadlier deadfall than a capsized automobile, as Is shown b the number of fatal accidents of that kind that can be enumerated And these three are bj no means all the bad accidents that have occurred on that hill, or all that -nil! occur ·WILL LEA.VE THE "SAKE It is proposed by the highway commissioners of Decatur township to ·pend a good deal of money on Snake Hill by »a of improving it It is a highly Important fact which the public should bear in mind that the Improvement proposed by the highway commissioners will leave that stretch of road just what i*t is now, Snake Hill It Is proposed to build a new bridge at a cost of several thousand dollars, to tulld the bridge higher than the present one and to reduce the grade some what but the snake will remain with all Its deadly curves Indeed the present plan adds another curve. Instead of a short turn that has not caused an accidents. THE DANGER What makes Snake Hill dangerous" It Is the curve and not the grade, or to be absolutely fair It is the curve in combination with the grade The hill is 1,300 feet long and has a grade of 5 percent. This is an ascent of tS 'eet In the 1,300 feet Th?t is too sharp a grade for a much tra\eled highway but If the road were straight it would be pe**- fectly safe, though a bit troublesome GRUESOME REMINDER Snake hill from east of the Stevens creek bridge has the general outline of an old fashioned reau-hook a reminder If you please, of the grnm reaper The abrupt break at the bridge Is where the handle joins the blade of the sickle and It is propose! to remedy this bj Betting more land to the south and making this apnroach to the bridge a curve Instead of a break. The road was laid out and built of course before the das of rapid travel on highways when it was the grade that counted instead of the hill 'What makes it esoeciallv dangerous Is that the road is built around the outer rim of the hill so that whenever a -vehicle goes tangent to the road it goes down and capsizes ·WAY TO IMPROVE What would a modern railroad do in attacking a road improvement of that kind 1 * The -verv first think wo^d be to get rid of that curve, to lav the Improved road out on as nearly a straight line as possible It would do just what the Wabash did in building the new bridge east of Decatur The railroads of the conntrj have spent millions in that kind of work In the last few jears and alwavs they elm Inate curves when cutting down hills "But we can t afford to build roads for automobiles alone Is an argument ·wMch sou frequently hear Does it occur to the man w h o makes that argument that a few years from nov\ there v,til be few passenger vehicles upon the public highways but automobiles'* Does he realize that the use of automobiles is just beginning and that the time Is no' far distant w h e n every farmer will have an automobile^ This road Is not being built for todav but for next vear and ten years and twenty years hence And bv the way. a road which Is good for an automobile Is not bad for a load of coal or a hav wagon DO IT RIGHT It would be bet'er to postpone the Improvement of Snake hill until It becomes a state aid road improvement than to spend a lot of monev on it now In an improvement which does not Improve It would be better, if monev Is to be spent on the road now to start the improvement right though the road Is not immediately bettered That new bridge when it is built needs to be set en a line which w i l l permit the elimination of the snake from Snake hill It will be possible to correct some defec s In the grade later but It will not he possible to pick up a. concrete bridge and set it right It is a matter which concerns every owner of an automobile In Decatur and west of Decatur and he should grive some consideration to It SEALY Mattresses 20 YEARS GUARANTEED Will put an owl to sleep. Get them at Beer Furniture Co. 332-338 N. Main St. Where Is Your Ice Cream Made? Visitors are always welcome to go through this sanitary plant--the home of "Purity" and Velveteen Ice Creams. , While a good many ice cream plants merely safeguard the manufacture of this food product BECAUSE OF REQUIREMENTS FORCED ON THEM BY LAW, THE DECATUR ICE CREAM CO. has idealized every detail of Purity, Cleanliness and Sanitation--has utilized every recommendation of Pure Food and Hygienic Authorities. Today the DECATUR ICE CREAM CO. stands as a model ICE CREAM PLANT--experts and makers from other cities are visitors and students of THE DECATUR ICE CREAM 00,'S ideal methods and plant, Our 100% Sanitary Plant The beautiful, large sunlit factory, shown above, is a place to arouse the enthusiasm of those with whom cleanliness is a fad, Nowhere in the numerous departments where the materials for ice cream are received and stored, mixed or frozen, can dust, dirt or the human hands come in contact with any of them. Frequent daily washings are given each and all departments, Shiny-bright, sterilized mixers and freezers, with other sanitary equipment, are features here, There are lavatories, locker rooms and other conveniences for employes -- everything speaks for perfect cleanliness, Absolute Purity of Cream It is not enough that we purchase our cream from dairies practicing strict cleanliness--that we buy pure, clean sugar and the best of fresh fruit--but we also operate a fully equipped testing laboratory under the direction of one who knows the business, who analyzes and checks the purity and wholesomeness of all materials that go into the making of "pur well-known brands and in supervising the methods employed in its manufacture, Absolutely every ounce of material must be the best, purest, cleanest we can obtain, Price must be the secondary consideration, It is well known to those with whom we deal that everything we buy must measure up to the highest standard of quality, Our Annual Output Is $70,000 Gallons What is it worth to you to know that the ice cream you are eating is sweet, pure, clean and wholesome? To know that it comes from, a plant famous for its purity and sanitation; to know that although it sells at a slightly higher price than most ice creams, the cost of materials used in it and the cost of making it is considerably in excess of other ice creams--just so jrou may be absolutely certain at all times of the sweetest, purest and cleanest frozen desserts. If you would show your appreciation of this purity, wholesomeness and sanitation--if you would serve the most delicious and pure flavored of frozen desserts, just order and insist ou VELVETEEN AND PURITY BRANDS OF ICE OREAMS, made by THE DECATUR ICE CREAM CO. More than 100 dealers sell VELVETEEN AND PURITY ICE CREAMS. You can get it at the leading confectionery stores and soda fountains in every part of the city. A fall variety of flavors, as well as our famous Neapolitan Brick Ice Cream. Don't order just "ice cream"--ask for VELVETEEN or PURITY BRANDS. There is no excuse for taking any other kind of uncertain quality or purity. You want healthful, wholesome food, whether it's ice cream or anything else. Our automobile delivery service is your for the asking. Just phone Auto 1906 or Bell 262 and we will promptly send you a quart or more of delicious ice cream, carefully packed from dust and dirt. ASK FOR OUR NEW RETAIL PRICE LIST. Dealers Who Sell "Purity" Ice Cream We are proud of them and they are proud of Purity Ice Cream, and you will be proud of it when you use it, Armstrong, E. W. . .Pharmacy, 117 N. Water Bell Drug Co Pharmacy, 364 N. Main Bunting, C. L Grocery, 223 W. King Davidson Grocery (Rivtrside) Empson, Harry. · Confectionery, N. Edward Greider's Cafe East Main Horrall, E. B. .. .Drug Store, 100 E. William Hilligoss Bros Corn Belt Drug Store Harding, D. T Pharmacy, 1001 E. Grand The Minson Co., Confectionery, 411 N. Water The Minson Co Lunch Room, E. North MichelPs Grocery, 604 E. Condit Maxwell, C. P. . .Grocery, 248 S. McClelland Opera House Drug Store 147 S. Water Pope's. . . . Grocery, 246 S. Fairview Ave. 'Reeves, E. L Drug Store, E. Eldorado R. R. Y. M. C. A Wabash Depot Sams, J North End Drug Store Stone, O. L Bakery, N. Calhoun McCrum, W. O University Drug Store Van Noy News Co. 111.. .Central Lunch Room Winters, F. L. .. .Grocery, 1130 E. Eldorado Woolworth, F. W. Co-- 5c and lOc Store Wiley, R. E Drug Store, 1467 E. William Zellers, Geo. . . .Confectionery, Oakland Ave. Kelley's Grocery, 2031 S- William Sasse's Grocery, 754 S. Coif ax Lanes Grocery, 1512 N. Calhoun Jobe's Confectionery, Torrence Siding McLaughlin's Grocery, N. Edward Bechtel Bros., .Confectionery and Milk Depot Hinton's Grocery, 252 W Main Bean Daniels Blue Mound Back, Geo. J Raymond Bickenbach, A. P Illiopolis Buganhagen, A. C Stewardson Brown, Wm Waynesville Beasley, B. T Cisco Baker, W. E Lake City Clavin, John Momsonville Carr, John Ivesdale Colee, Cecil Sadorus Critchnau, Mrs. B Mt. Auburn Collins, E. B Forsyth Curtis, T. F Bluffs Clark, L. S Garrett Dorr. J H Morrjsonville Dear, T. M Stonington Dingman, C W Niantic Dare, J. M Chesterville Foohy Drug Store Ivesdale Freeman, J. C Argenta Fritts, A. J Newman Green H. N LaPlace Huffman, B. L Monticello Hayden. F Kenney Huddleston. A. E Arcola Hauptman, C. J Harvel Hudson Drug Store Moweaqua Kilhon, A. T Mansfield Liedel, J Palmer McCoy, W. H Hume Meacham, G. T Taylorville Martindale and Lancaster Bement Massey, T. F. Dalton City Mitchell, C White Heath Munch, M. W Lovington Markland, T. J Armington Miller, A. A Lake City Oldweiller, Geo Oreana Riggs, S. M Atwood Sutton, J. W / Bolivia Scott, Miles Osbernville Six, E. N Bethany Selmeyer, F. L Philo Taylor and Son Milmine York, G. W Arthur Zmn, C. A Cerro Gordo Barlow, Jesse Mt. Pulaski Armstrong, Geo Bondville Seal. Geo Beason The Decatur Ice Cream Co. INCORPORATED Auto 1906. Manufacturers of Ice Creams, Ices, Sherbets; Pasteurized Milk, Cream and Dairy Products. 716-722 N. Edward Street. Bell 262. Thousands of people like you are asking, with good cause, too, "Where does our food come from?" "Is it clean?" "Is it pure?" Is it fit for use?" It's but natural that the same questions arise in your mind about the ice cream-you buy. · LWSPAPLRl

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