The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 6, 1956 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 6, 1956
Page 18
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4-Algona n&.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, Nov. 6, 1956 It seems ihat nowadays almosl everything costs money. We have to pay to cat. to sleep, to be clot lied and to bo entertained. It costs money for the doctor and the hospital when we are born and it costs money to be buried when we die. In between those two expenditures, life is one endless procession of bills. And yet, it has often been said, and most of us believe it, "The best things in life are free." GORDON L. DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR OF KOSSUTH COUNTY NOW PRACTICING LAW IN ALGONA. LIFE LONG RESIDENT OF KOSSUTH COUNTY. MORE THAN 2 YEARS EXPERIENCE PROSECUTING AND DEFENDING CRIMINAL LAW CASES FOR U. S. GOVERNMENT WHILE IN MARINE CORPS. Qualified Through Experience Possesses Ability and Integrity "YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED" (Political Advertisement) I was given a rather broad hint by Dick Phillips that the question of whether or not the best things in life are free might make a pood subject to kick around in this column sometime. An.i what do you know. Just coincidental iy, r.f course, there's a picture by the very same name coming to Dick's Algon.i theater this weekend! The show's setting is in that every interesting period, the roaring twenties which fiaturnlly I am far too young to remember. But I have always like the theme song. "The Best Thing.- In Life Are Free." * * * I am not arguing with the firsi premise the sung states that the moon belongs to everyone, but evidently some of the writers of other songs don't agree. According to their lyrics we have not one moon for all of us. but several moons for several regions. We've got Ailegheney Moon, a Carolina moon, a Miami moon and a moon that shines exclusively over Indiana. I'm waiting for a song that lauds the moon that comes over the west end of State street and shines on the corner of Williams and Nebraska. « « * The stars, the next item in the song, are as far as I know, free of charge and so are, "The Robins in Spring' 1 and the "Bluebirds That Sing." But although I go along \vith the thought that, "love may come to anydne," and I certainly agree that it is one of the very best things in life, I can't quite swallow the idea that love is entirely free. * * » All men, (and according lo the most advanced thinking, all women, too) are born free and equal. But some of them grow up and get married. That is when love stops being one of those best things in life that are free. It can cost something to be in lovt and not get married, I'll admit for I'm not forgetting the candy, flowers and entertainment costs a fellow puts out when he's in love, nor the pretty dresses, cosmetics, etc. for a girl. But it is possible to be very much in love and not have it cost one red cent. It's when that love is con- sumated into marriage that the bills start rolling in. And then if anyone can honestly state that love is a best thing in life and free, yet, I have still to meet him. * • » Any faiher-of-ihe-bride can tell you that love is far from free when he's paying the bills after a wedding. And the prosperous home furnishings establishments all over the country are mute tributes to the fact that the little love nests new couples establish have their financial aspects as well as their, romantic. And about the time the papers on the house mortgage are signed, love, with some wonderful cooperation from Mother Nature, pops up with another of the best things in life. This is not free, either. * » • When Ihe stork hovers over a house, especially for the first time, a couple has the finest gift life can bung. What's a million dollars compared to one fuzzy hair on the head of a baby? Babies are free in the sense that you can't buy one, no matter how much money ycu have, but they are not free when it comes to buying diapers, bathinettes, teeter-babes, whooping cough shots, nursing bottles, strollers, sun suits and rompers. And the trouble is, when the kids are infants you arc only starting to shell out. * * » Pretty soon you have to buy a kiddie car for that wonderful youngster then it's a trike, next a bike and before you _know it you are helping him make a down payment on a jalopy. From buying a little daughter ruffled trim- STRICTLY BUSINESS , 'Oops. Your money landed on the roof! Right where you usually leave our paper 1" In the mall this week earn* a letter postmarked, Lewiston, Idaho. I thought I didn't know anyone in Idaho, but 1 found out that I do. It was from the former Verabel Ulfers, now Mrs A. M. Swinford. Her husband is a shift engineer in Ihe power plant of a pulp and paper mill. They have a son, Richard Dean, 8 and 20 month old, Steven Arnold, both go-getters. Another son, Michael Ray was born in June but he lived only three days. It was so nice to hear from Vera-. bel and ?he says the reason I did after a silence of three years was the column of October 9 about the things I keep telling myself. She said it really gave her a lift. The Swinfords are planning a trip back to Algona soon and hope to see their old friends then. • * • Another item in the mail was the Duluth News Tribune with iheir annual cook book section. It was sent to me by Gladys Barker of Cedar Rapids who did the same nice thing for me last year. | One of the recipes is for Frozen Cranberry Salad. I haven't tried it yet but I will soon. Meanwhile its the recipe for this week: '2 3 ounce packages cream cheese •?'» cup mayonnaise I cup heavy cream, whipped 1 cup jellied cranberry sauce 1 cup drained, crushed pine apple Vfe cup chopped ripe olives '/4 cup chopped celery Blend cream cheese and mayonnaise together. Fold in the whipped cream. Then fold in the cranberry sauce, crushed pineapple, ripe olives and celery. Pour into a refrigerator tray and freeze. —GRACE. CORN Good neighbors picked 6,500 bushels of corn in a single day at the Dr. William Guess farm near Manchester recently. 26 men were on the job. IF ITS NEWS — WE WAMf If 13 COLORS 13 RUSCO WINDOWS SALVAGED STEEL SELf- STORING COMBINATION givil pou more convenience and comfort than any other cotnbinatioi window 1 fttJSCO DOOR HOODS AHD WINDOW CANOPIES add greatly to the beauty of your home I Charles Miller RUSCO SALES Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. Display at 116 So. Dodge, Algortt med training pants, you soon progress to sweater and skirt purchases and all it once you are meeting a request for a full- fledged formal evening dresses Cor her. By the time you buy shoes, insert the proper proteins and vitamins, have the kids teeth straightened, their tonsils and adenoids removed, and their school fees paid, you come to the conclusion that although you wouldn't part with the youngsters for thousands of dollars, you also have about that much invested in them. * * • I Ihink I'm safe in speaking for most parents when I claim that even if children aren't free, they are still among the very best things in life. And we musn't get so mercenary that we look for the cost of everything and ignore the value of anything. Besides there are still many, many things that really are free. * * * Air for example is siill free. It's just that it costs--more nowadays to be able to breathe it. It's free at the gas station, but there's one exception to free air as anyone who has purchased oxygen for a hospital patient knows all too well. But sunshine is free and so is the rain. A baby's smile is freely given for it's not until later that he learns to wheedle something with his charms. A little girl's whispered confidence is free, but her parents often find that they must first earn it by being understanding. * * * A good laugh is usually free and so is a good cry. There are times when either or both are invaluable in setting things in their right perspective. A chat with a friend is free if we but have the time and opportunity to take advantage of it and it costs practically nothing to take a nice, long walk. Sympathy, kindness and a cheerful word are frca and so is a good night's sleep. You may pay for the correct bed, mattress and bedding to accomplish the latter but it costs just the same whether or not you arc able to take advantage of it. Reading a book is free if you bother to go down to the public library and check it out and so is singing a song if you aren't too particular about having your voice professionally trained. So, even though many of the most desirable things in life cost money, there are many of the best things in life that are free. * * * For the past couple of nights our kids have been overworking this free business in their Halloween tricks-or-treats. They were warned, but they didn't heed, about confining their begging to our immediate neighborhood. From the looks of the loot they must have canvassed the entire town. Jeanie came back with the report that they had stopped at one, "rich people's house." 1 asked her how -she knew they were so rich. "Well", said Jeanie, "When we knocked on the door, these people didn't have company or anything. But their Daddy was sitting there just watching television. And he had on his good suit!" * * * The Jerry MeV ay's son. Jerry Smart cHick! He knows that FELCO CHICK STARTER with SQ glve$ him all the vitamins, proteins and minerals he needs for fast growth. And SQ (short for sulfaqginoxaline) pro- teets him against coccidiosis. When you start your chicks on FELCO CHICK STARTER *ith SQi you can be sure that you're going to house more healthy, vigorous pullets this fall. Remember, too; You'll share in the cooperative savings. Top quality FELCO CHICK STARTER and cooperative savings, too! You can't beat a deal like that. Ask your neighbor about Felco, then stop in and see us this week. West Bend Elevator Co., West Bend. Fenion Cooperative Elevator Co., Fenlon. The Farmers Elevator, Bode. Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., Swea City. WhiUemore Cooperative Elevator, WbiUemore. Lone Rock Cooperative Elevator Co., Lone Rock Burt Cooperative Elevator, Burt. FELCO5 THE BIS^ SAVING'S THE REST ASK YOUR NEIGHBOR TOPS OH MANY A CHRISTMAS urn \ Smith-Corona WORLD'SFASTESTPORTABU Upper Des Moines PUBLISHING CO. Phone 1100 Algona Dean is a first grade pupil so he's new at this business of staying for hot lunch. Last Friday the youngsters were served one item that m'ade Jerry Dean a little dubious. It was flat, round and crisply browned. "What's that?", the little boy asked his teacher. "It's a salmon patty'', she replied. "Oil, that's good", said Jerry Dean, much . relieved. "For a minute I was afraid it might be fish." L. S. BOHANNON 'The newspapers are full of hunting accidents, but these ire only the serious ones. Imagine all the lesser injuries, and damage to property ihat occur. Will $8 buy a $10.000 Personal Liability Policy cov- fring me and all members of my family for injuries or dam- ige we may cause?" For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. 11 OLDS DAUS has something TERRIFIC to show you on FRIDAY! II 1957 Oldsmobile Completely Restyled Embodying the most sweeping model change in 20 years, Oldsmobile's 1957 Starfirc "98" Holiday sedan has all new styling from front to rear bumper. The exclusive accent stripe starting at the belt line and sweeping rearwards on the rear fender provides an entirely new color motif. .The sculptured rear fenders incorporate a con- 'cave surface that accentuates the long rear fender crown. The twin strutted rear windows include three glass areas. The car is more than two inches lower and four inches longer than last year. Mechanical improvements include a new 277-h.p. "Rocket" engine, known as the T-400 because of its high torque throughout the driving range offering livelier-than-ever performance when you need it; better front and rear suspension, 14-inch wheels and a more; efficient dual-range heater with better heat distribution. FREE COFFEE & DONUTS AT DAU'S IN ALGONA FRIDAY •U!v«/ Having decided to quit farming, I will sell the following described personal property on the farm located 4 south, 6'/2 miles east of Whittemore; or 2Vz miles west of the junction of highways 169-18 at Algona, and 6 south and !/2 mile west, on miles miles Sale Starts at 1 P.M. Lunch Wagon On Grounds AC John Deere "A" on good rubber with cultivator and Heat Houser. CC Case on rubber. John Deere 15 ft. disc. John Deere 290 planter on rubber with fertilizer attachment and 160 rods wire. John Deere flexible drag. John Deere 7 ft. tractor mower, 3 yrs. old with 6 ft. bar. I.H.C. 9 ft. spring tooth. New Idea 48 ft. elevator. John Deere one row corn picker. 2-16 John Deere plow. F-2 Case 5 ft. combine, 5 yrs. old. John Deere 14 in. hammermill, with trucks. 50 ft. hammermiil belt. John Dccre running gear and flare box. John Deer* endgate seeder. I.H.C. milk machine with pipe for 20 cows. Stan-Hoist manure loader with snow scoop. Tractor-mounted hay buck. Hydraulic pump for tractor. Hand operated wagon hoist. 500 gal. gas barrel with stand and hose. Rubber-tired wagon with straight box. Brooder houses, 8x12 & 8x16; bottle gas brooder stove. And many other articles too numerous to mention. HAY - STRAW - and HOUSEHOLD GOODS About 200 bales straw — about 400 bales first cutting brome and alfalfa — about 150 bales third cutting brome and alfalfa — 1 Piano — Combination Gas Stove. LIVESTOCK HOGS - 13 Head Feeder Pigs. CATTLE — 2 Holstein cows to freshen in February; 1 red cow; 1 Holstein heifer; 1 Yearling Holstein heifer. HORSES — Spotted Saddle Horse, 10 years old, well broke; Spotted Saddle Horse, 2 years old, green broke; 1 saddle and 1 bridle. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS TERMS - CASH Auctioneers — Fraser & Colwell - Clerk — Dale Yungeberg

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