Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 20, 1987 · Page 27
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 27

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1987
Page 27
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Friday EVENING 6:00 O KRON • KPtX • KQO NEWS 0 KQED MACNEIL / LEHRER NEW8HOUR B KICU SIMON • SIMON Q KTXL STAR TREK Q KBHK FACTS OF LIFE O MCTV LOOKING EAST ESPN TOP RANK BOXING Harold Knight (17-0, 13 KOs) vs. Anthony English (207-1. 12 KOs) In a junior llgh' weight bout scheduled (or 12 rounds, from Atlantic City, N.J. (Live) DISC WONDER OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Hang gliding from mountains and the ocean. MCK MY THREE SONS MAX MOVIE "Shanghai Surprise" (1986) Sean Penn, Madonna. A small-time hustler and a missionary In 1938 Shanghai search for a large cache of opium that had mysteriously disappeared s year before. In stereo. 'PG-13' g 6:90 • KBMK OOOO TIMES • MCTV INTERNATIONAL OWN MOVIE "Phantom Of The Open Hearth" (1076) James Broderlck, Berbers BoHon. Life In the 1940s as seen through the eyes of e teen-ager dealing with a contest-crsry father and his own junior prom. MCKANNSOTHERN 7:00 • KRON WHEEL OP FORTUNE g 0 KPIX CM NEWS T KOO ABC NEWS p I KQED MOHTLY BUSMESS i KICU HAWAIFWE-0 IKTXLWKRP M CINCINNATI I KINK HAPPY DAYS I NEWS DWG ORPHANS OF THE WILD Two rescues Involving a python, a gold mine, a duiker, and a caracal. NICK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? HBO INSIDE THE NFL Hosts: Len Dawson, Nick Buonlcontl. In stereo. SHOW MOVIE "Bill Cosby, Himself" (1982) Bill Coaby. Family life tskas a ribbing as the comedian finds the humor In marriage, children and everyday frustrations in this concert performance filmed In Ontario in 1881. 'PG' 7:20 WTBS THIS WEEK IN BASEBALL Highlights of Major League action are shown. Host: Mel Allen 7:30 • KTVU MOVIE "The Osterman Weekend" (1963) Rutger Hauer, John Hurt. A controversial television journalist Is convinced by a CIA agent that Ma closest friends sre really Soviet agents, turning an snnual reunion weekend Into a nightmare of terror. O KRON ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Actor James Belushl. In stereo. 0 KPIX EVENING MAGAZINE Festured: visit the set of "The Principal." Jim Belushi's new movie. 8 KGO TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES KQED ADAM SMITH'S MONEY WORLD 8 KTXL BARNEY MILLER KBHK NEWLYWED GAME WON INN NEWS DISC ANIMAL WONDER DOWN UNDER The silver gull's Impact on Ha ecosystem. MCKMONKEE8 7:60 WTBS MQHT TRACKS: POWER PLAY 6:00 • KRON RAGS TO RICHES In separate Instsnces, Nick and Rose must decide whether H's worth cheating to attain a gosl. In stereo, p fat KPIX DALLAS (Season Premiere) Police and firemen try deeperately to pull Pam from the bitting auto; J.R, learns that Jeremy Wendell has acquired Ewlng OH p • KQO FULL HOUSE While baby-anting Danny's girls, Jesse jama with membera of hla rock band, p • KOED WA8HNOTON WEEK M RE- VKwg • KICU MOVIE "Summer Lovers" (1962) Dsryl Hannah, Peter Gallagher. Two American college etudenta spend s free-spirited summer on a Greek Island. • KTXL MOVIE "Quest For. Fire" (1961) Everett McQIII, Rse Dawn Chong. When their continuously burning pilot fire le extinguished, three members of a prehistoric tribe sre sent to sesrch for a new source of fire. O> KBHK MOVIE "Happy Birthday To Me" (1981) Melissa Sue Anderson. Glenn Ford. As a murderer begins attacking her circle of ellllat friends, a prep school senior worries that she may be the next victim - or possibly the killer. CD MCTV JIM YOUNG Army football report. WON TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE DISN ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HAR- RIET DISC PERSPECTIVE New methods of breeding animals that will Increase productivity. NtCKISPY HBO MOVIE "Night.Of The Creeps" (1986) Jason Lively, Steve Marshall. A fraternity prank turns ugly when alien life- forms are accidentally unleashed on the campus and proceed to turn students Into zombies. In stereo. 'R'. MAX MOVIE "Missing In Action" (1984) Chuck Norrls, M. Emmett Walsh. An American colonel returns to Vietnam to search for American prisoners of war still being held captive. 'R' 8:300 KQO I MARRIED DORA Dora haa to convince her visiting parents that ahe and Peter are happily married, p O KOED WALL STREET WEEK "Vol- umea of Information" Gueat: Editor-Publisher Mark Lelbovlt (The Volume Reversal Survey). O MCTV SPORTS WON TRAPPER JOHN. M.D. ESPN SPORTBCENTER OWN NEW VAUOEVtUJANS TOO Host Ed Begley Jr. ("St. Elsewhere") Introduces contemporary vaudeville acta, Including a World Champion hula-hooping comedian, a radio-controlled dummy, and a dancing frog routine by the Theatre Mask Eneemble. In stereo. DISC TRAVEL MAQES Angling for giant yellow tuna off the Baja coaat. 6:60 WTBS MOHT TRACKS Included: Bryan Adama ("Victim of Love"); REO Speedwagon ("Girl of my Dreams"); Mr. Mister ("Something Real"). In atereo. fcOO IB KRON MIAMI VICE (Seaaon Premiere) Tubbs apprehends an.eccentric TV evangelist on s narcotlca-posseasion charge. In stereo, p 8 KQO MAX-HEADROOM In stereo, p KQED WE THE PEOPLE (Premiere) Peter Jennings narrates this four-part series on the Constitution. This episode: freedom of speech, religion and the right of assembly. (Part 1 of 4) p CD MCTV REGGAE STRONG ESPN AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL Grand final, from VFL Park in Waverly. (Live) DISC LINDISFARNE • HOLY ISLAND The cultural and natural attractions ol Holy Island NICK DONNA REED SHOW GALLAGHER'S OVERBOARD! Comedian Gallagher presents more of his offbeat humor from the Long Beach Terrace Theater, transformed Into an ocean- like arena with waves snd caves, flying seagulls and an electric watermelon. In stereo. 9:30 CD MCTV LIFESTYLE WON MOVIE "Phantom Of The Para- diae" (1974) Paul Wllllama. William Finley. A dedicated rock 'n' roll composer becomes a disfigured madman haunting a fabulous rock club after he is swindled out of his life's work, an elaborate rock cantata. DISN MOVIE "The Red Badge Of Courage" (1951) Audie Murphy, Bill Mauldin. John Huston directed this adaptation of Stephen Crane's novel of a young Union soldier whose psnlcked reaction to his first Civil War bsttle is ultimately replaced by bravery. DISC SPICE OF LIFE The island of Banda, captured by the Dutch in 1621 for Its nutmeg-yielding trees. MCK MISTER ED HBO MOVIE "The Fly" (1966) Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis. A scientist's telepor- tatlon experiments take a frightening turn when hla genea mix with those of a housefly, cauaing him to gradually be transformed Into an Inaect. In atereo. 'R' 9:60 WTBS NK3HT TRACKS 10:000 KTVU 0KICU0 KTXL NEWS 0 KRON PRIVATE EYE In atereo. • KPIX BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Premiere) Fantasy. Attorney Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton) la attacked and left to die, but her life is seved by s mysterious man / beast (Ron Perlman). 0KOO20/20P O KQED AMERICAN MASTERS "The Negro Enaemble Company" Performance footage and Interviews with founders and alumni highlight a look at this theatrical company's 20-year history, p . CD KBHK ALICE CD MCTV TO BE ANNOUNCED DISC WILDLIFE CINEMA Newfoundland's villages and the surrounding wildlile. NICK MY THREE SONS SHOW BROTHERS Donald muat retrieve the urn with Aunt Billie's ashes from Jerry Lewis. (Part 2 of 2) In stereo, q MAX MOVIE "Reform School Girts" (1988) Linda Carol, Wendy 0. Williams. An innocent teen-ager finds herself at the mercy of sadistic fellow prisoners and coldhearted matrons when sentenced to a sleazy reform school. 'R' 10:30 ffi KICU INN NEWS CD KBHK THAT'S MY MAMA CD MCTV LIVE COUNTRY AT THE PALACE DISC IN THE WILD WITH HARRY BUTLER The problems of a desert NICK ANN SOTHERN SHOW IT'S GARRY SHANDLINQ'S SHOW After Leonard Smith Informs Garry that hia newly found dog, Laffie, is not allowed in the condo, Laffie rescues Leonard. Guest: June Lockhart. In ater- eo. p 10:60 WTBS NIGHT TRACKS 11:OOO KTVU OD KTXL LATE SHOW In stereo. 8 KRON 10 KPIX Q KQO NEWS KQED TROUBLE ON BrQ MOUNTAIN An examination of the problems of the forced relocation of the Hopl and Navajo tribes In Arizona. S KICU ROCKFORD FILES KBHK DATING GAME MCTV TO BE ANNOUNCED DISN MOVE "Turtle Diary" (1986) Ben Kingaley, Glenda Jackson. The uneventful lives of two ordinary people take a turn for the better after they discover a shared interest in sea turtles. 'PG' DISC FLORENCE AFTER THE FLOOD The 1966 flood in Florence. NICK CAR 64. WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW MOVIE "P.O.W. The Escape" (1986) David Carradlne, Mako. Captured by the Vietnamese during a mission, an Army colonel has three days to plot his ' and his fellow prisoners' escape. In stereo. 'R' 11:30O KRON TONIGHT SHOW Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: David Brenner, actors Dale Robertson and Alexandra Paul. In atereo. O KPIX BARNEY MILLER O KGO NIGHTLINE p 5DKBHKKUNQFU CD MCTV MOVIE (Joined In Progress) "The Gold Rush" (1925) Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain. The Little Tramp vainly pursues love in the Klondike. t WON LAVERNE & SHIRLEY Saturday 6:00 • KPIX JIM HENSON'8 MUPPET BABIES 8 KQO MY PET MONSTER KOED SESAME STREET (R) p KICU MOVIE "The Grand Duel" (1974) Lee Van Cleef, Peter O'Brien. A courtroom becomes a aparrlng acene for legal minds wrestling over a man's fate. • KBHK ROBERT SCHULLER g • MCTV HAYDEN FRY University of Iowa football report. WON MCREDMLE HULK WTBS NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHP SUPER BOUTS ESPN SCHOLASTIC SPORTS AMERICA DMN MOVIE "Katy" (1963) Animated. A curious caterpillar embarks on a journey filled with adventure and fanciful characters. DISC FIRE ON THE WATER MCK DANGER MOUSE HBO MOVK "Fast Forward" (1966) John Scott Clough, Don Franklin. The chance to compete In a hlgh-stskes showdown leada an Ohio high school dance group to New York City. In etereo. 'PG' g 6:90 • KTVU BULL WINKLE AND ROCKY • KQO POUND PUPPIES (Seaaon Premiere) Animated. X KTXL SATURDAY MORNING MCTV JOHNNY MAJORS University ol Tennessee football report. ESPN SPORTSCENTER SATURDAY: COLLEGE FOOTBALL QAMEDAY MCK DENNIS THE MENACE SHOW MOVE "Betrayed" (1964) Clark Gable, Lana Turner. A woman once suspected of collaborating with the Nazis Is given a chance to redeem herself by working for Dutch Intelligence during World War II. 9:00 • KTVU FUNTSTONE8 • KRON FRAOOLE ROCK • KPIX PEE-WEE'S PLAYHOUSE 0 KOO LITTLE WIZARDS (Premiere) Animated. Magical sdventures ol a young Ince seeking to regain hla kingdom. KOED SESAME STRUT (R) g i KTXL JIMMY SWAOQART | KBHK FANTASY ISLAND » MCTV MEttA ARTS I TWILIGHT ZONE D»C HANDS The traditional slonegrlnd- Ing method of milling. MCK YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVT- MAX MOVK "Armed And Dangerous" (lose) John Candy, Eugene Levy.An ex- cop and • former lawyer uncover corruption wHhkt their union after taking lobe as security guards. In stereo. 'PG-13 f O 9:16 WTBS FOOTBALL PRE-QAME 9:30 • KTVU CAPTAIN POWER O KRON ALVTN AND THE CHIPMUNKS Q KPIX GARBAGE PAH. KIDS • KQO RYDER CUP GOLF Top American golfers Including Jack Nlcklaua, Ben Crenshsw and Larry Mlze challenge a team of the best European golfera headed by Tony Jacklln. from Dublin, Ohio. The U.S. loat this prestigious biennial match play event In 1986. (Live) • KBHK THE NEUROP8YCHOLOQY OF WEIGHT CONTROL WON LEAD-OFF MAN WTBS COLLEGE FOOTBALL Auburn at Tennessee (Live) ESPN HORSE SHOW JUMPMQ American Gold Cup, from Devon, Pa. (Live) DISN EDISON TWINS The Edlaona attend the. Weaton Fishing Derby, where the boye and girls aide against one another to catch the prize-winning trout. DISC WONDERS OF THE UNDERWATER WORLD The rugged regions and underwater world of the Sinai. MCK MCK ROCKS: VIDEO TO QO 10:000 KTVU WWF SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING "Bam Bam" Blgelow, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Jake "The Snake" Roberta and the Hart Foundation are scheduled for action. 0KRONALF , • KPIX POPEYE AND SON 0 KOED FRUGAL GOURMET • KICU MOVK "Deslry" (1966) Audle Murphy, Marl Blanchard. After becoming the target of ridicule for refuelng to carry a gun, a new deputy flnda he muat prove himself. « KTXL PRIVATE BENJAMIN KBHK MOVK "Madlgan" (1968) Richard Wldmark, Henry Fonda. A New York detective with questionable ethics runs Into trouble with hla commlaaloner. • MCTV GATEWAYS / MMOPOWER WON BASEBALL St. Louie Cardinala at Chicago Cuba (Live) DISN HAVE I OOT A STORY FOR YOU Assisted by her friends Lamb Chop, Charley Horse, and Hush Puppy, puppeteer Snarl Lewis tells classic fairy talaa highlighted with songs, dancing, magic and mime. DISC MAN WITHOUT A HORSE The Afghan refugees' plight, aa IHustrated by • hbfeeman forced to Nee from Invading Russian troops. MCKLASBK HBO INSIDE THE NFL Hoala: Len Daw- eon, Nick Buonlcontl. In elereo. 10:80 • KRON WW ARCHES B KPIX TEEN WOLF p B KOED FRENCH CHEF ft KTXL HOUSE CALLS CD MCTV COLLEGE FOOTBALL Holy Cross at Lehigh (Live) NICK ZOO FAMILY SHOW MOVK "The Iron Mistress" (1962) Alen Ladd, Virginia Mayo. Country boy Jim Bowie's rise In New Orleans society Is paralleled by hie attempte to win the heart of a self-centered but beautiful Southern belle. MAX MOVK "Chlaum" (1970) John Wayne, Forrest Tucker. A cattle rancher battles the growing Influence of a vil- lalnoua land baron In 1870s New Mexico. 'G' 11:00•KTVU SOUL TRAIN • KRON BASEBALL Teams to be an. nounced. (Live) • KPIX CBS 8TORYBREAK Animated. B KQED YAN CAN COOK • KTXL POWER PRO WRESTLING ESPN FISHN'HOLE DISN MOVK "The Red Fury" (1964) William Jordan, Juan Gonzalea. An Indian boy becomea a target of racial bigotry at the turn of the century. 'PG' DISC GLACIER EXPRESS The rivera and villages of Switzerland are aeen aa a remarkable train, the Glacier Express, takes a journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt. MCK THE COURAGE OF RIN TIN TIN Set In the Old Weal, the adventurea of Rusty and his faithful dog, Rln Tin Tin. HBO MOVK "Sphinx" (1981) Frank Langella, Lesley-Anne Down. An Egyptologist .seeks a priceless statue while ruthless black market antiquities dealers attempt to atop her. In atereo. 'PG' 11:300 KPIX COLLEGE FOOTBALL Ohio State at Loulaiana State (Live) R KOED QREAT CHEFS OF THE WEST BC WILDLIFE CHRONICLES Rattleanakea are followed by radio transmitters over the cour'ae of a year. AFTERNOON 12:00 • KTVU SOLD OOLD Scheduled: Donna Summer '.'Dinner With Gershwin"), Glen Campbell, the Whlepera, John Walla; also, Gary Puckett with hia late '60* hit "Lady Willpower." In elereo. • KOO COLLEOC FOOTBALL TODAY Hoeted by Al Trautwlg and Jim Hill. • KQEO DAY THI UNIVERSE CHANOEO: A PERSONAL VKW BY JAMES BURKE Modem acience emerges aa Aristotle's model of an earth-centered univerae ia diaproved through the observed curve in a cannonball's flight, Copernicus' theory of s heliocentric universe, and the works of Galileo, Kepler and Newton, p OS KICU MOVK "UFOs Are Real" (1979) An examinstion of sightings, research snd theories on the possibility that the Earth Is frequently visited by intelligent life forms from outer space. O KTXL MOVK "Tarzan Flnda A Son" (1939) Johnny Welssmuller, Maureen O'Sulllvan. Tarzan comee upon an orphaned Infant and ralsea the boy aa his own. • KBHK MOVK "Flrel" (1977) Ernest Borgnina, Vera Miles. To divert attention from his escape plane, a convict Ignites a blaze that becomea a raging foreat fire threatening a email town In Oregon. ESPN DRAQ RACING IHRA Motorcratt World Nationals, from Norwalk. Ohio. (R) DISC LONGEST WAVE A profile of Colin Wilson, the man who broke the world long-diatance surfing record In a river with nine-foot wavea. 12:300 KQO COLLEGE FOOTBALL Ne- braaka at Arizona State (Live) MCK CADtCHON Animated. The adventures of a donkey capable of understanding the human language. First of four episodes. SHOW MOVK "Legal Eagles" (1986) Robert Redford, Debrs Winger. Two Manhattan attorneys employ some unorthodox methods to prove the Innocence of their client, sn avant-garde artist accused of murder. In stereo. 'PG' p MAX MOVK "Stslag 17" (1953) William Holden, Otto Premlnger. Billy Wllder'a Oscar-winning story of the war of wills existing between American priaonera and their Nazi captors in a prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. 1:00|1 KTVU MOVK "Shoot Out" (1971) Gregory Peck, Pat Qulnn. An ex-gunman ia torn between hla obsession with revenge and hla responsibility for a 6-year- old girt and a lonely widow. • KQED DAY THE UNIVERSE CHANGED: A PERSONAL VKW BY JAMES BURKE The Industrial Revolution's roots In 16th-century England and changes, brought about by Industrialization, p WON SOUL TRAIN WTBS BONANZA ESPN COLLEOC FOOTBALL Miami at Ar- kanaaa (Live) DMN MOVK "Lota Of Luck" (1966) Mar- tin Mull, Annette Funicello. For an auto mechanic and hia wife, winning a million- dollar lottery Is just the beginning of a prize-winning streak that brings more headaches than expected. DISC SAME GAME, DIFFERENT RULES The story of world-freestyle skater Mike Nemesvsry's comeback from a crippling accident. MCK YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION HBO THE GIRL ON THE EDQE OF TOWN A high-school junior (Patty Duke Astln) is faced with an unwanted pregnancy. 1:30 «D MCTV HONEY HOLE TV MAGAZINE MCK MR. WIZARD'S WORLD HBO MOVK "Mandela" (1967) Danny Glover, Alfre Woodard. A fact-baaed account of black political activist Nelson Msndela'a efforts to bring world attention to the injustices of apartheid in South Africa In the 1950s and early '60s. In stereo, p 2:00 O KRON THIS WEEK IN BASEBALL Highlights ol Major League action are shown. Host: Mel Allen. O KOED NOVA This history of the Galileo project to explore Jupiter examines the U.S. space program's strengths and weaknesses after the Challenger disaster. (R)p • KICU MOVIE "Soldier In The Rain' (1963) Jackie Gleaaon,'Steve McQueen A young soldier and the master sergeai he idolizes share a series of adventures. 8 KTXL BUCK ROGERS KBHK MOVK "Floodl" (1976) Robert Culp, Martin Mllner. Two helicopter pilots rush aid to a email town devastated by flood caused by the collapse of an agir j 'dam. O MCTV SPORTS WON AT THE MOVIES Rex Reed, Bill Harris. Scheduled: "Best Seller" (Jamua Woods, Brian 'Dennehy); "The Prlnceis Bride" (Rob Reiner directed); "The 613 Town" (Matt DiHon, Diane Lana). WTBS HOQAN'S HEROES DISC BARRIERS OF THE MIND A atudy of mental Illness' societal conaequencea. MCKMONKEE8 2:300 KRON BOB UECKER'S WACKY WORLD OF SPORTS The famous and not-ao-famoua are a part of this offbeat look at sports, hosted by the former Ma' jor League catcher who humbly refera to himself ss "Mr. Basebsll". (Continued on page 8)

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