The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 12
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t'AGK TWKLVE, THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY", JULY 4, 1923 0§Q©snl!n@cll Adl 1 Insertion , lr per word , . 3o per word 4 liiflfiliotin 4 tn JO )»«*rtk 'ii ;j , 10 litrvt turns 10 to Zl> iiiht.-i ttnr.s 16 InntMtiona Minimum i:liam*» . • 4 c per -vvt-ril per l;-"iu» "r. \ur word f-lOc pr»r word por Ip.flue . foe iJiir « "i d pur IBHUO 20a ST'ROIAIJ HATH (or mlvci li.^-r« UPIHK 1 or more Inches Per day (or a month, running tin 1 enrnf evt'iy ilay or mibjcct to change, can be abtnlntal bv calling The News On.sHii 'krt I >f |>m t Intnl. Ada under rerultir noun, P'rum i2-.oo ui orrtrrn accepted bn > 1 • •lii.ifllfim'.Jnn muHt h*' H:(>0 p. ni.. i.Aa go ur i on\on!.'(:•, to ho entered or withdrawn Nf^ro T2 o'clock i-n-U-i- "Too I-ii;o lo Cln^alfv." Phone paid upon prt'aentatiun or bill. ANdWICHS TO Hl.IN'ii AOS 1. I,f. I. . I. r, or, 2. 11 r,s <'). 1. H < : '.i 'i 3 s 07 i. I'I -r.s 1. T' r,t, s. I'I -r.s r -OK 1. l'. v os ;. K i-.l', 1. X 0 7 1 WANT ED— MA L E HBL>> 311:1,1' want..-.!, null.' or>:'', 1 "Ml' TK f'M' IH"tllh , '> I'' :• m J\K,li"»c M-.f::,viu II'I.V I 'iiliu.ra .il"! •• .•nils POSITION WANTED— M ALE (Cont'd) '.NTFi i- i.i'.-Mhini; 1'i.sil.ii, outfit. Miami, (ikln 11 H cnstmi-rr with 12 years' ex purience. i. Cone, US K street S 30-9 FOR RENT—HES!t)ENCE» (Cont'd) Foil ItKNT-' Seven looms and bnth, full bivo'liient. ttso-s'.ory, modern, 11 y 0« Purl, house, 102 West Klffhteenth; reas- onubhi. Phono 140UW. 7 £9-41 l 'i 'K UFXT -iturnrnishod rie,ht-r.)nm, modern liol ;.i.., jf /inuxe, 201 West Thlr- li'.nth. Phoiiu 1331.1, imjulre 114 West TI.iM.--.-nth. 7 30-4t run llEST Four-room house, half IIIUL-JC .if Four -lb sienu.t on (,oc;nti street, lii.'f.irn .;\.:,pt furnace. T 'llOUO 12S0W. 7 3-4t K"H KKXT- Pivo-room, furnished cot- tiojv. J20, 322 ,1 .»...*«, OarejyvilK'. Apply Mellimiist hospital, win 17. 7 2-7 K'.iK Hi:XT -Flvo-room. moil^rn. ULSIUM) «otaiK<\ 414 North W'iiimit. t\l luo f.iiHl Fourth. fur- Call ao-'st Ft >R UFN'T -- Four-room, Aeml-trmdtn'n. ti.tvt)in}it:ti housr, cliuap, 30V West Sherman. J'honti J2e r J\V. 7 It modern Innuiru 7 2ii-<t FUR RFXT—Oooil, rivp-rooni, Iunis.j p.t 1H West Seventh, ins West Mi'votii.h. I.awn rind yard WANTKb- J.:nmri ;>t LAWN (in<i Hiirvlon work. V.B..1X. .Shortniifi. work. CaU B 12-7:11 FOH KKNT--Flvp-room houst'. modern t XL'npt furnai'f; (ut nlsht,*d, oak floorR. SoO K«st Kightli. 7 4-7 WANTKD Any I'ttono 2'j:0\V, Call 2294J, 702 i iron RKNT—Oood five-room, stucco 6 17-2ut j bungalow, strictly modern, to urtults. carpentering. — 6 7-2&C 00 ay SB (1) Tour Indepcndenco would b« doubly M If you could say "I own my own HOMK." Wo hav« p«vcraJ IIOMKS that you conU\ buy by malt Ins a small jMiyment down and the b:Uiinr-o In mo»ithly pay mr n tfl noto a «at di'ftl morn limn you are now paying as ix.-nt. (2) 304 West "7,'* 4 roOniB— wnior. Ujrhts, ga.s. rrlcu $2.100. 1300 "6,'* E room;*, screened poivh, (far.'ifi'e. Trk -R $1,800. 121* North Whiteside, lot SlxlHO. Price f2.r»00. Kcaltor, ll.lV.! 1'l.i I:NI f i" il,,.in.. liliBlll.. 11W II V AM'li I'liL.-i .•ni|.i'. Ml. 11 jl, ;H17\V ar..l IIRVO your hnUHii rooftid joiJiiljed. Satl«/actlon su»*i"i'lfli-d. E-23-25t. fonetal 20-2ot I'nK Ili-INT'Onr- of the beat ropmlnt; and l.uiu-.ilnff h.mmiB tn llulfhlhson. 2t)0 l-'.iist l-'irst. ^-4^ 1 I'AI'.TIKS winning [ miifton w.iiK, plastering or oni. l.-i7a. ' 1 1 l'ATKH . ; Ciiiii'. .1.1. • I»' i,"W 111 tl..' Suit cn>- „,i,l In r.'i. Il fill" !•••> Int. i in uiiliH 1"'^' 1,1 lull ur!:.i[:. ri'H 1 ,::'!!!. 1 ^li"ti" 'jr ^ j I!-' ' 1" hiui«tnij, UA -tntlng. Harry F, I /noun 2328W. t Jl-liil. j WAJITKD--Furniluro 10 rs^ulr, r«flnl»lh ; mid iiphulitt-r. Call 7*i. 6 27-30t :.\ !'i:itti:Ni.-l',li chiiu'Teut- \vant3 I'l'f : \V AM TBI"-All ( >'ilmlt 17SVW. ktndii of traen rtaullng. » 13-2bt HtllS rXTKA Kl' in !, K I.l.lNll Tin-: v M. i.-.i'H yi.r /,1-i'l.Y To Mi u I--I-T <A\VS filed Ht »tio|i; bit Went Klrrn. !--ri:r. ' SI-A I'.Ti, , w A :• ITI ' POSITION WANTED-.PEMAUE .lillull " • •1>.'|. I aa , ouk in i.-cok i;.-n.-.'.l r.'llal.!... lailj-. A.lsn ,r ini.-h.'l,,:- nr in lit.-tl]'-!-- 'i'li.-ss Anna lowing, K^: 1 1- K'.lisas CUy, Ml^Houri. 0 2t'-7 KnR Ul'INT-Klvp and atx-room, mwlorn h .>viHfln. now onk floors, $20 to jut* 1'honn 2217. 7 2-26t FOR Kl-JNT or a.lle—Ifour-room, inodmn tuiiur-ilow, splendid terms; 211. Eaut 11. I'hun.i J04O. 7 25-tlt 1.1'K lll'lNT llBllla. 117 17SMW ,S.'vr>n-n>om house, gaa and l-'-nat Fifth; ftdulta. Fhoni- 7 a lit 1'ljll H1-:NT - Flvc-ruom, im.Hlarn UunKa- in.v furuiHri.'tl, for three iiMinths. 100;i Hunt A. I 2-<t 1-T' KNISl lli'.D hjtia.; for rent, all nuidt'rn t-xt.(.;n In -at, no thildron. rhonu :t57SW. EsUblUhed 1888 70 Reasonable Commission RKALTOUS % No. 4 Bust Sberman "STAR BRAND SHOES ARE BETTER" Shoes for Boys and Girls, Shoes for Men and Women, Shoes for Infants, Shoes for Children. PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE 50c A WEEK. CLOTHING FOR MEN, WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS. Part Payment Down, Balance $1.00 a Week. COMER COMMERCE CO 17-19 North Walnut St. an Y@Qnir Fosrionra© 1 OS -r.ll llKNT 1-lvc-rooin, moclurn liouae, to; Ka^t Fourth. Phono 1493W. 7 30-4 y il.-sti-.' of "talihi' l.'ci.'c. lu^mi.n ua l-'i i.-. r,.:>. .Mm. f'iiiid.,r, .SOU ,\oi w SALESMEN an ik '41 i .i^ irui.i:, uiu I 'ho :NT — Scvon rooms and bath, 211 Tenth avenue. CaU 1213 or 7 2f.-C.t W. t 7K..I. l-i »lt Hi:NT--Cottago at S2C Kant Third. 7 B0-4t IXili K^.XT--I--|ve-room reaideni-e, 1502 l-.'KHt S^.-ond. Inqulr*211 Tark atrpet. 7 26-5 t Itl-'.NT .-I.'oiu-] oum house, fine con- :iou, JIT, per month. Fhone 400. 7 20-Cl -'.it ItKNT-- .MX-room rottal;.. with px- riiB... m K»« <•• Vhoae 3«W. 7 3-6 Your fortune will never come milos you start lo suve. Buy :i homo or tract tin small payment down. You will ho surprised. r>Vi Mock west on Firth avenue M. -l.lock north N'o. t .12 north .Inckaon, f. rooms anil bath nlco"locution, chicken out blukling. $2,000.00 small paymont down. 100 Twelfth west, G rooms with bath, ti very large gartigo for 8 ears. Como in and talk It over, -we'll see -what \vi can do. New house, on 1*4 acre tract built hi fenturo, close in, oast front all fenced, |S00.00 down balance on terms. Buy aji acre in Olenowood on torms on hard road. ®dl@ina HI©!sa(g <s>m N@irftEa Mm ONE OF TUB FtNKST LOCATIONS S-room house, 4 rooms down and large reception hall with largo bevel plate mirror size of door. 4 rooms, large sleeping porch, bath and toilet upstairs. Kaoh bedroom has good clothes closet. Bdge(min, yellow pine, double floors throughout. Furnace heated. Ceinont, 2-rooni basement. Large garage with gasoline pump Installed. - Will consider small property In exchange. J04 First Natl. Bid*. Ka«I««n Phuno JS7I. 0 East Sherman Phone 42 Asa ndWl H@ima In (he 100 block an ir.fh Eaat Seven rooms, rfieeplnff poroh and breakfast room. Fh-Bant Jarffe bfdroom on first floor, toilut up«talra and do%vn, fireplace, hot air heat; para go, front drive and Kood Mutdo; hardwood fl<.x)rs with nice finish, hardwood and white enanv-Ud woodwork, bearh c«.Illngit and built-in flxturea. On a of the best homoH In the city. IVlce $9,000. Term* given If dtalred. No. „ Forty-nine Year* in Hutchinson. II Sharman East, Ground Floor Office Telephone 31M FRANK PILE. Manner Real Estate. Phone HI After 6 P. M. [AK.KK k 11. I Mil. J. 28MJ of hauHiii: li 21 -2it of Mit-Ill NT--1211 North Monroe and , 8,-.-. ..wn.'r. 612 Ka.-t 1-:. 7 I'-i'H 111-: KHHI 11 ].|>H HUNT—Xini'-rooiii. modern housn at ;:17 Kaat yhevtnan. Call at 215 Huat T 111-251 ii-.'ioTnakljiB. h.-rostltcli • ^oi-nila. 1.30 Ka.i Thll it, 6 .It HUNT—Nine A. t'a'.: 104 '.Veil 328 Knit 7 29-121 -li!N.; alul . TK1.> - rrn.-tl.-al phone ; 2;'-2^t K-itVolk, i til St li 2.->-tlt ! Kil'.liT- li.l -'!,-'.l Fi lit in-: Nllilil house and barn, ..lie 2(jSi.. !3 West 7 23-lOt ST - Four-room eotta^-i l'l-.or.e 11-.'.. fitly Kant 7 11- it :li -Wa.^hij.K. iii.iiiiif; un.i j WAN n WA'SHIMI and Ironing. Call KiKh'-h Of phone 3874. :lean- 25-2.'n 320 i:aai tl 2-2Ct >itl..m i.v •i-e-ie m"l. ' ;n-a! riuinini.-. !'!u •I lit ili:NT M A. 1 'nl! 1 •i •!! RKNT- -T«vi taffes. Fall 11'" -i 'It UKNT- Flvi I'll..!!.- 2GCCW. "iein flve-roorn houae. 701 lt.24. 7 3-l(Jt modern, live-room cot- M. 7 J0-4t -room, furnished house. 7 27-101 LIOHT HOUSEKKEP1NQ BOOMS) S IB !<snaiis(lillGilii>img Work cuaranteed. Mall ordera anawered pronif.lly .Free delivery .Mrs. Mendall, 10» lii.ut Tenth. 1C33W. 6 27-26t L®w Miift® FariEsi L®^ HQS Permit ue to rruote you lowest rate on your FARM LOAN. Wo have unlimited amounts to loan on good security and can close a loan with least possible dolty. Annual Intoreert. No Commission or Commission Notes. Prepayment Privilege. Over Coniim-rciul NalKjnal H.itiK, Huti:]i:n;jtt MAKJ3 YOUR CASH WORK FOR YOU The man who sings~Hornc, Sweet Home in a rented flat is kidding himself and serenading his landlord. Wc have money to lend you to buy your own home with. Room No. 819 Rorabaugh-Wiley Ublg. Phone 2157 1—North M.onr"e - Five room, 2-tttory, well built home, three rooms down two up, olctilc UitlitB and paa. Tl-.ta iwopeny will p ttv for ilself In rentals or m&ko you » iroo.1 home to live In. The price la Jl.C.OO; i rco cash bajanre covered in- fii-et morltraKe. ' 2—327 Weal First—Five rounw, modern exiept heat, in'rlectly located and priced to sell now; terms: f2.7to. s ' lu<iu ™ 111,11 727 Sherman EajJt—Six I-OOIOB, aurlctly inodern, good Karaea- fina .i* trees, an .-xeeJlent location: ,«4.00O. " l-*™!,*.. tin. ouade 1 -A. very tU-alraUB 2-ao|-e tract, will trade for city properly. CaiP©y Meal EslMft & HaavesilciEienBil C®. Insnror Lloyd 3. Brown Realtor 413 North Main Phone 971 |R HFNT -Two mo ..ern, furnlahed is for lirtht hoUHekeepinj:. J5 per ::0O Fast Third. » 2-101 \V A M "I 1- E>-<s...-, by the t'.-A.NTKH- Wnahlntn. I'lion l'h'inu 0 2S-2r,t 6 7-2'. TWO rooms furnished for light houso- k.-eplnK In modern borne with private front t'lHtfance. 323 Fast Fifth. S 2-4t TW'i thr..e-ri".m h.-iuacs located on East F, lurnluh.'.l for light housekeeping. liiUUir.' 324 WBI First. 8 4-<t i WANTta*— Washings. Phone 2415. .UKTAl.N ipeclallst. Phoae 1'hofic 2-iii'\S". ' A N'Ti: 1' - 1 *i ..'asiualii'i :n I.a i k a t .00 Fast 11. 0 2>-T:J lei. r i o lilt. .11 -'ffil uii.1 lyplhlr ;'ii:i i ..liable si . .'TKJ»- >V-;iabiji^-M. I'h'.ne 3'i; :Ti:U -Hewing. Fhona 1010. 7W. 0 7- 1't'lt KFNTTwo furnished rooms for hElu housi-'keepiiig, also g-arago. 410 Hart Fourth. 3 3-41 F- .It HI-INT- Two or three HKht house- kecfiinK r-xuns. 129 Fast Seventh. S 2 -4t F.H'. l'.F.NT -Two rooms, downslaira. light hous-k. 401 West till,' FFUN'ISHKD houaeke Ea«l H. •pink man S 3-ii rooms; 313 ii J-26t For Rent—F U BN ! S H E O^Pi^Jvl^rj^rct^ KFNT -Three furnished rooms -I lbs. private front entrance. 2*8 ' 9 3-0 pel eh ynoiu 29-!0t FOR dow Wi'.li [IN bedroom with sleoplng _ ory In room. 14 East Sixth, rhoiiu MliliFKN bedroom with sleepinjr porch. 14 East Sixth. Phone ory m room. ••'.lit HF.NT—Nieo lar| rouniB, 924 North larga south Main. Phuiie Bloeptng 21100. TI1KEE furulf! ins, J18 Per : „d rooms for houiii-kcep- lonth. 82S ICaat St'venth. . a 3-2t Foil K|.:N'T--Two^R'ell ruri'lsli.'.i, mtvl- ITII llitht housekeeptnp; rooms, 223 Fast K.' S 2-f. )li:i.l' I '.a .H -l bin' i-i;it .ii.iy an.l -Ik-Mt WFl: ..useli.. |.|,.'li. FOR RE.MT— HEBIDENCr.S t TilI" WOl' MOVES AND SO ItQ WE i Fad.led vhn, and auto trucks, Po'.lud .-'.i- of household goods and automobllss iiliij .-jK .l to California and other points. : We hu'll anythiHB anywhere. j CEft^? ITiraiiHsSitir A!\'» JiT" HJ.KJK CTOMFATN'T l-'ucno No. 3 19 West Fh-Jl. Hutchlnaou, Kansas. — 7 2-Jtt F F - TO - T111: -111N F T F SliHvm- WANT 10 H ii: no Imiii'liy phon.' t'llyc. PCBITIOIC WAN7liO- General Shtci F U IT l: > LC S I 'jio: & 1G iNuilh U'ulinil. 7 4-27t WK inov.i yuu anywhtT*. 1 ; «ng or abort hau'.s mi.Uu no diff crvnci;; work ari t (.'••!.!. t.'ndy Triu;»r«r Cjinjiiiny. Vh'Mv cr 838, l^3 -ia» Kael Sherman. V VS-2 Fi:»N Irilllin, thr*«e light hous»-ko..plng rounu. J'husif 404W, i!10 K;ust Third 3 4-3t T'Wli-room cottngf W .M Pit at. nicely furriiohud. 2'i\ 3 2-4t TWO or four-room furnlahed apartment, cheap. 30fl W4»at Second. 8 2-35t I-'* >U K1CNT—I louaekceping Kant Fifth. I'OOIIM. lij a 3-at FOR RENT— FURNISHED ROOMS 9 FUR Hi-NT, re;iHuiiablf*—i^Lrg**, cool, Hierplng rooma cinsn in; cur line. Dr. Darland, ZZi Kast A, phone 2006W or 11J8. 9 2S-2&t FOH JU^NT—.South slumping rooms; one wiih Hi'-f-pliiK ltori 'h; in modern homo, •2m KiLit A. Phone. 3997. 0 2-4t I'PHNUSIIKD or unfurnfahed; three-ruurn modern iipin-tnient with aleeplng pon'h. iMil liS'JJ ufter 6 p .m. 'J UKNT itblo for tw Jwt! largf 1 HloeplnK room ,vo. Phono 1M3W. 9 a0-4t UeposUed here or three large furnished, down-stairs rooms. Pjuans 2M4rW. _ 8M-4I upstairs, 13 9 30-4t OL-SBKEBTINO rooms, v.eek. 122 Kast Fifth. MODERN, sleeping rooms, 21i Sherman. Phone 2B68. East B. ft »sr liaot 9 2-26t week, SU 9 i-ast MOPEUN, cool sleeping rami. A. 27 West 9 2-10t FURNISHF.D 216. 318 East B. Phone 9 22-7:Z» RENT—Furnished rooms. FOP. B. SOUTH roont tor rent. NICK, 20C East ii 29-7 :3 ^>70 your cash is sale and available Sal Gfhjr* JBtsnMnog, L®niai Saixy. A^m. Deposit your bonus* with The Salt City Building, Loan and Savings Ass'n Lloyd Brown, Sec'y, 4.13 North Main Phono 972. W@ Aw® Ltfusdl SpecoallsitoiTis . Wo comb Ihe. '-nuntry for r*al bnrgalna. ran soil you woatevn land Wf*rlh the money on ra.Ty terms— li80 acre improved rutirh, Ford County, Kansas llfi.dO per ncro 160 eieres.. TlaBkcll County, Kansaa -112.b0 p«r acre fi40 iicrvs, Stanton County, ICa-tisa« Jir.,0fj per ;icro 24^> atirca, Onoit Ouun'ty, Kaiuia.l J10.00 in -r arre 100 ttcroH. Morton Cnunty, Kansas ?ll>f.> p«r aero ACCOMPANY VS TO WESTERN KANSAS JULY Plh-S1SF 4 THIS COCN- TRY—YOU W1L.I, I4IKB IT. WtW WANT AGRNTS* TO BF.IiL OUR UANi). We make farm and ranch loans In any County in ttan»a .3. L. L. TAYLOR & COMPANY Dodge City, Kansas. Hutchinson. K.insag l©m(Bj ft© L®siis3 B°/o Tsmm 1L®^IES gonadl S% Csfly L^ssas wltti usual commbialon. Theae rates are for the choice loans. We believe we can save you money. Call or write. ©AY EMVEOTMEOT COMPANY 1st Nat'! 151.1K. Farm MortrraEs Bankers, Hutchinson, Kan. Ixiana In Western Kansas imd Oklahoma made at current ra.l,\ FOR RENT—APARTMENT* 11 FOR „„„, %\ 1_ -l-'ose-ln. upatttlra apart- v,..h ' ,T°* ''"?<"»• ".leapinif porch, bath, breakfast nook, three closets, trunk ?,?,?„ic? UI « T ,., room; I'" 1 allJ co111 "a-'" runiislicd. Phona 2093 after 6 p .m. 11 29-4t FOR RENT—Flv jnent. furnished Phone U63W, i) 80-4t ool sleeping room, t2J West PlrsL you }il-:ST -l.arge, cool Hk -oplnc; room, r. asonable. Close in; car line. I'hons 2iiCrAV, l''r. lit-riand. 9 lti-26t Nli'KI.V furiilslu-1 IUK bath; priMtto Phone 20:ltiJ. lt-i-lilng room adjoln- faunly; also garaee. 9 2-4t FOR RENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMS 10 FOR RICNT-Ftvo rooms upBtalrs, UVfc South Main. Apply a W. 0"W »M American Steam Laundry. 30 S-o FOR RENT—APARtM«NTS (Cont'd) 11K> trees, laree lawn, flowers. Tn*. desirable Pactola Apartments. One vacant downstairs south exposure. Phone 23S0. room, modern apart, , , - v .,, er'ass Inclosed sloep- ln« porch, 136, water, light and gas furnished. Also garage f 2.E0 per month «*tra. Call at 523 Fast Fourth. n 20 -4t Tliroe-room, furnished apartment, modern throughout; private. Phone 21SS. 623 East First. 11 2C-2»t IPIl @iBlly ©If M@isi®f H® L(§» On choice City Property— 6% and Commission. On Farm Property—• 5% and Commission. Tfo® F®iaftir®isi L®"ais d& TBTH©!. €®. FARM MORTOAQB BAXKEI13 , WW Bsventh and Main. Nicely furnished apartments ana sleeping rooms. Phono 11-28-261. 840. WANTED—One or two girls, employed. to share modern apartment, nlculy fur- ifiJL 'K,?' ? loso » ,n ' V1 f ry reasonable. Call 23i9W after 6 o cluck. -11 30-41 BEAUTIFUL kitchenette apartment, sleeping porchj private balhi 1019 North Main. Phone S840. 11 26-111 mi ti A large five-room bungalow with breakfast room. Living; room across the front, with large brick fireplace. Oak floors throughout. Many built-in features in kitchen. Two room basement. This home was built too good to sell. One look will convince you. The price is right. See— 210 Stato Exchange Bldg. Karl W, Brassier, Realtor. Phone 2055 CONSTKl OTlON HUP i vs t'l'kw wysil-'iiiH, f ii'. i a tai> Hfwi 'i" fjy«unia, fiuuii tanKa, munSioi'- t < work. O. a. Sliort, phi/j Sixth Btrtet. .Ii',. Wllt'il • .tuji 1 'i .intfl, .'uinl- ii'ii 'i 'Hal iiiants, an.l l>ti.'U L'u, i;!'. 1 end painting, it-puiih. J. IrJ. Cloodbrali*', i-n WANTl':iJ-To Kharpcn nnd iiK'Wt-i ft, mmu, turn Hi ii-''. chlin.H, locks :< nd kay.-, l-i.- Brlvforn, Unlvi'h, all kind)* It. LUcyclu Stoiy, ph<jiu*yi470. tij.WIKO umchtny cioanlnp, -w -jrlt guaranteial. P. 1^»: :4ig. 1 ii u A n & 1S-^JI "WUKAT hauh::K' ltiiuUn Mionu 1U-1UW :tn.t Hoof palniliig a Bi>(( guurantoed. 1'lumy "llli. IV In need of , t go ;d 2M from 7.20 a.m. lu : to 8 p.m. :\:v ir.-v. .Jiiiuiii) u.m. and 4 p.m. I 2-25*. WANTKD lJjQi- -nd window si 'j eon worit. Alio porch boxos made lo order. Pnunu Siill. 6 -22-261 FAJNTIiVQ and Woao S027W, lsUHor decorating. £ 4-HH The Doo Dads—Peter Serves His Master. By Arch Dale

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