The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 6, 1966 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 6, 1966
Page 9
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MR. ABERNATHY •y Frank Ridgewoy and Rcfeton (Bud)Jo«*s MR. ABERNATViy, THE AUDIENCE Di DMT UKE MY PERFORMANCE OF HAMLET —THEY THREW BSGS ATMEj .. .YOU CAN ALWAYS GO BACK OUT THERE AND DC OAH£L£T TRY NOT TO BE DISCOURAGED, Joe Dawley 5HH? •/ESTERCWI5AWN TH£ ION6-TAILEP, YEUXW- J BREASTEP LATVIAN ,i ^ THAT'S VERY SERIOUS. •MKE TWO OF THESE PINK PILLS >4NP SO HOME: ANP SHOOT AH ARROW XT •we MOON/ WHAT'S WITH YOU? vou M1SKT A5 \VELL GO- STIKUM HAIR SPRAY JUST ScCAUSE SOV.SCNJE TRIES TO KEEP A NOTCH A3OVE A &AKBASS H=AP ME 8S FIND rr FUST UH--DID V£ EUER FIND YORE RABBIT'S FOOT? NOPE-I NEVER DID — RECKON SO, HONE 1 / POT MAW-CAN VE SPARE LEETLE DAB OF CARD-PLAVIN' DON'T CUT AMV OFF THE SIDES/ LEAVE THE TOP LONG/ BEVEL THE BACK... BRADFOIU By Alex Raymond HOPE I CAM CATCH ANNE. IN HER STATE OF MINC7 ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN... YOU A!?E A , SIR, ANDSHCXJLPSE THOROUGHLY ASHAMEE Sunday, MorcK 6, 1966 XATALKE WOOD Clowns With Lion In Brunson Movie "Inside Doisy Clover 1 Is Branson's Fare Sunday Natalie Wood plays a teenage As Daisy Clover, Miss Wood star in "Inside Daisy the Brunson Theater movie on docket Sunday through Thursday. Christopher Plummer, who with Julie Andrews in Sound of Music," is cast head of a major movie Gordon, celebrated is a 15-year-old vocalist from the wrong side of the tracks. She and her mother live in a shabby trailer on a beach until she gains movie fame. Studio officials decide her mother is the wrong sort for a rising young star and they cart her off to a rest home to live. Daisy's rise to stardom proves MARCH 31 DEADLINE FOR MEDICARE BENEFITS BIDS Broadway star, is (EDITOR'S NOTE: Here qaeottoaa and aa*wer» Ing change* IB the Social Se- cmrity Act made by the last •eafthm of Ooafreav, which, included aa amendment to the taw providing medical care for Ihe aged. If you have a quea- tfOB, aead it to Murray W. Peram. Social Security Admlnl*- trattoa Office, SIS Itaafc, Howton, Tex. Tour question* will be answered to thlc column. Watch tor it wee k i y in. The Son.) i Who said we couldn't "Go Tex-; an" In this column? "We're heading for the last roundup."! We could use this in a joking manner. However, in ail seriousness, this is literally true for not only Texans, but all people of the United States who were K or older on Jan. 1, 1966. Anyone falling in this category must enroll for Medicare benefits not later than March 31,1966 — and guess what, this is the month of March 1966- You can almost count the remaining days on your fingers. Please hurry and contact us in order that we may assist you in filing your application. Q. Smith sends this question along: "I was over 65 years of Natalie! tragic. Wood's eccentric mother. Others Incidentally, the 1936 Roils-j age in 1965. I am in good health the cast are RoddvMcDoxvallJRovce which Miss Wood uses inland may not enroll for Medicare. Bob Redford and Katherine Bard her role as a movie star of the j If I do fail to sign up by March Andre Previn composed the back i'30s was once the property ground music score. ! movie vamp Theda Bara. of 131. 1966. when will I have anoth- Tonight On TV are SATURDAY NIGHT 6:30 & Flipper CD Jackie Gleason CB Qzzie and Harriet 7:00 & 1 Dream of Jeannie O Donna Reed 7:30 €} Get Smart CD Secret Agent IB Lawrence V, r elk 8:00 O Movies 8:30 CD The Loner CD Hollywood Palace 9:00 CD Gunsmoke 9:30 O Grand Ole Opry 10:00 iO News CD News £0 News 10:10 O Sports •CD The Late Show 10:15 €1 Big Movie 433 Sports 10:20 © News 10:35 GQ Weird 32:10 «0 Late Weird 12:30 CO Late, Late Show 1:45 ® Morris Frank SUNDAY MORNING March 6 b:15 d Christophers 6:30 0 This Is The Life 6:58 IS Sign On 1 :30 2 :00 Q 2:30 3:00 © 7 :00 & Children's Gospel Hour CB The Pulpit 7:25ffi Sign On 7:30 & Gospel Show fQ Sunrise Semester Beany and Cecil S Gospel Singing JubDee d This Week in Galveston © Peter Potamus 8:15 CD The Living Word 8:30 CD Talkback © Bullwinkle 9:00 €5 Singin' Time in Dixie CD "Of Heaven and Earth" © Early Bird Theatre 0:00 O St. Luke's Methodist CD Camera 3 0:30 O Frontiers of Faith iD Your Area Churches © Discovery '66 11:00 & South Main Baptist ID Comic Strip Capers © First Methodist 11:30 fD Face the Nation SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 €3 Movie CD Changing Times © Houston Home Show 12:15 CD Sunoay Movie 2 :30 © Gulf Coast Jamboree 1:00 © Income Tax Phone Forum Sports Spectacular Shell's Wonderful World of Golf NBA Basketball Bob Hope Golf Tournament Big Three Golf Car 54 The American Sportsman Big Picture Wild Kingdom Mr. Ed © The Sportsman 4:30 €1 GE College Bowl CD Amateur Hour © America 5 :00 O Frank McGee © Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea CD 20th Century 5:30 & "Stuart Little" CD Westinghouse Adventures 6:00 ID Lassie © News SUNDAY NIGHT 6:30 8 Walt Disney CD My Favorite Martian © Dobie Gillis 7 :00 <D Ed Sullivan © The FBI 7:30 e Branded 8:00 0 Bonanza CD Perry Mason £B Sunday Night Movie 9:00 O Wackiest Ship ID Candid Camera 9:30 CD What's My Line 10:00 Q News (D News ffi News 10:25 O Cinema H 10:40 © Theatre 13 CD 3:30 4:00 Q) Q <D 12:20 © Conaway Comments MONDAY MORNING 6:25 e Sign On CD Sign On 6:28 © Sign On 6:3v, 0 American Government •CDSunrise Semester © Cadet Don 7:00 0 Today fD Weather, Surfing. Fishing © Morning Edition News 7:05 CD News 7:25 0 Weather 7:30 0 Today CD Morning Show © Cadet Don 8:25 0 News 8:30 0 Today CD Captain Kangeroo © Kitty's Corner 9:00 0 Eye Guess CD I Love Lucy © Jack La Lanne 9:25 0 News 9:30 0 Concentration fD McCoys © Girl Talk 10:00 0 Morning Star CD Andy of Mayberry © Super Market Sweepstakes 10:30 0 Paradise Bay fD Dick Van Dyke © Dating Game 11:00 0 Jeopardy CD Love of Life t0 Donna Reed 11:25 CD News 11:30 0 Post Office CB Search For Tomorrow © Father Knows Best 11:45 CD Guilding Light 11:55 0 News MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 0 Midday with Ginny Pace CD News at Noon © Ben Casey 12:30 0 Let's Make A Deal CD As The World Turns 12:55 0 News 1:00 0 The Day s of Our Lives CD Password © Nurses 1:30 0 Doctors Q) House Party © A Time for US 1:55 © News 2:00 0 Another World CD To Tell The Truth © General Hospital 2:25 CD Douglas Edward News 2:30 0 ^'ou Don't Say CD Edge of Night © Young Marrieds 3:00 0 Match Game CD Secret Storm © Never Too Young 3:25 0 News 3:30 0 Marijane's Magic CD Early Show © Where The Action Is 4:00 0 77 Sunset Strip © Kitiriks Karrousel 5:00 0 Chris Chandler CD Wells Fargo © Yogi Bear 5:30 0 Huntley Brinkly 6:00 CD News © Leave It To Beaver II God Be Dead? 1 Dowler's Subject Psalms 96 Cigarette Imports AUSTIN, Tex (AP) — The Texas Comptroller's Department is tightening enforcement of the limit on the number of cigarettes that may be brought in from Mexico. KWBA SUNDAY SCHEDULE SCHEDULE KWBA 1360 KWBA — SUNDAY 7:00 Heaven and Home Hour 7:30 Mutual News 7:35 South Main Church of Christ 8:00 Bible Truths 8:30 Central Assembly of Got 9:00 Great Chapters 9:30 That They Might See 10:00 Sunday Gospel Music 10:30 Mutual News 11:00 Memorial Baptist Church 12:00 Mutual News 12:05 Report From NASA 12:10 Sen. Ralph Yarborough 12:15 Mormon Church Choir 12:30 Dallas Theological Seminary 1.00 The Baptist Hour 1:30 Radio Bible Class 2:00 An Hour at Calvary 3:00 Mutual News 3:05 Reporters Roundup 3:30 Mutual News 4:00 Delayed Worship Service 5:00 The Voice oJ Revival 5:30 Trinity Tabernacle 6:00 Billy Graham 6:30 Mutual Sports 6:36 Sign Off r opportunity?'' A. I might mention that there for signing up for Medicare by March 31. 1966. If you should pass up «M« opportunity, there will be no other chance until the next general enrollment period. The next general enrollment period for people in this age bracket will be from October 1, 1967 through December 32, 1367. If you decide to wait until then there are several things you should be aware of: I.) You v?ill pay a higher premium for the same protectina and, 2.) your coverage wfll not begin until July 1, 1968. The premium increase takes into account the higher cost of insuring a person; who does not enroll and begin paying premiums during his first enrollment period. Q. I will be first to admit that Baytown Sun subscribers and readers really come up with some intelligent questions. B. wants to know: "If I enroll for medical insurance benefits under social security and agree to pay the monthly S3 charge, is this a permanent arrangement?" A. No, it is not a permanent arrangement. Anyone may cancel their agreement at anytime during a general enrollment period (Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, of any odd - numbered year) and the cancellation would be effective Dec. 31 of the same year. Q. He also has a second question: "If I do drop out, is it possible for me to ever again enroll for social security medical in- A. You may re - enroll once, but only during the last quarter of an odd numbered year. This must be within three years of the time you dropped out increased cost. The prena- an increeased cost. The premiums for late enrollment or re- enrollment are increased by 10 per cent for each 12 full calendar months in which a person could have been but was not enrolled. Everyone please remember— this is the last month to enroll tor those 65 or older on Jan. X several very good reasons surance benefits?" Clip And Mail I am past 65 or wffl b« 65 within the next three month*. I am NOT receiving Social Security, Railroad Retirement, Civil Service Retirement or welfare checks. Please let me know what I should do lo qualify lor Medicare benefits. Name Social Security Number (If you have one) .. Home Address CJty State ZIP Code (This coupon should be clipped and mailed to: Murray W. Person, Social Security Administration Office, 513 Ru»k Ave, Houston, Tex. Ten-Year-Old Is Proud Of His Daddy's Hat "If God Be Dead, What "hen?" will be the sermon topic f the Rev. Burnette W. Dowler t the li a.m. service Sunday t First Presbyterian Church. Jasic scripture is Psalms 96. The Primary Choir, directed y Mrs. J. Bryan Stratton, will resent special music. The Chancel Choir, under direction : Charles Forque, will bring offertory number. Mrs. dai-y Pennington will accom- any at the organ. Church School and adult edu- ation classes will meet at 9:30 .m. D. P. Parkinson serves as Church School' superintendent and Dr. Tad Patton is chairman of adult education. There are-planned courses of study for all age groups and friends are nvited to attend. An extender Church School session is helc each Sunday at 10:40 a.m. for tlwse children who are above nursery age not attendi ng wor- hip service. Other adult educa- ion classes meet each Sunday at T p.m. and each Tuesday am Thursday at 10 a.m. Nursery is provided for each of these sessions. Circles of United Presbyteerian Vomen to meet this week include Emma Mae Large Circle :30 p.m., March 7, with Mrs C. D. Cornell, 1307 Narcille )rive; Marion Morse, M. D. Cir cle at 9:30 a.m., March 9, in the Church Parlor with Mrs Frank Metcalf as hostess; Reba Lois McClure Circle at 9:3C a.m., March 9, with Mrs. O. A Johanson, 409 E. Jack; Gai Maynard Circle at 9:30 a.m March 9, with Mrs -T. H. Spei del, SCOT Somerset. Nursery wil )e open on Wednesday morning BEAUMONT (AP) — Ten- year-old Lloyd Fore is so prouc of a hat be found at an Arm* surplus store that hie wears it to bed. The hat once belonged to his father while he was on duty in England from 1941 to 1945. Lloyd found the hat while browsing through the surplus store. He noticed that initials stenciled on the inside were the ame as those of his father— J. D. Fore. He bought the old wool hat and took it home. His 'ather, after close examination, decided that it was indeed the selfsame headgear he'd worn in England. States Lauded For Elderly Aid DALLAS (AP) — Southwestern States are doing a big job in acceptance of federal programs for older people, William Bechill, commissioner for thej Department of Health, Educa-j tion and Welfare's administration for the aging, says. He declared Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and! Louisiana currently are offering more opportunities for the senior citizen than any of the other states. Bechill said he was particularly proud of Texas' participation in the "foster grandparent" project This is for persons 65 or older and enables the low- income senior citizen to obtain jobs with varied institutions, including orphanages and foster homes. Texas has two such programs in operation at this time — at Denton and San Antonio. AVOID THE RUSH! 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