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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1859
Page 2
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lBUSINESS O SPEClAi NOTICES or ihe benefit of all who Jt?nkij», - AT ! LAW, , MEW ' " be re-opened ; that Mexiqo shonld that <3uba shonld be American- beraorthVilelegmtfoti eieroisa <*UDreine control purpose or sup,fall's:canvass, the low his lead, de- plying food for the the, lithtolan routes. gentleman and those wb m,th,e-, perfect fullness and nnm» *f<he Madison % of th«e-T«solntionBO that the BotttheriLnlttai do not «Uok*t trifles; and that ed twbikd^ept^eonoealed. Wy OB the floor of the House, ^epl in iome _..._„, ._. 1mn>ortal forty-Jor» did not advocate the 1m- mediate annexation «f * thewhole boundless -**aq/.-w**'l»*™!**~" [ '**:™.* v 4'A re; * 1 V O**Vfv VI- XcJ*<n 'nego andihelOiribbean Archipelago pas- I onr comprehension. An oldiaaw tells ns M* A^&^»^ M^St^f^iM,^ 8 ^ haw Jndg« J*nii«e "J« ttnjujquainted vngaaWejweaionT of November, I860, the territory of the United to khe StnUts of Magellan on. the south ; and tli»t the repnbHo shall also seize and hold per"'' ' at Ue grasiionaVatetrfel wWoh wnb^nearij one; ^tWn^ day» ^1^ of toe fflainlwrj^'w; half of the population . of ithe - State, and;• ao- j know,- of coarse, -that there are some • trifling State is interested, without first oonsniUng the redonbttble Potter. Thereupon l?btter betrays his Ul-breeding by becotaing Bbusive. He pretends that he and hU colleagues had previously exhausted every argument which could be made in favor of paying the State the 6 per cent, fund, and that It was preeamplnous in Larrabee to attempt to succeed where he (Potter) and his colleagues badBignally failed. Well that may be true j but from some remarks contained in .Governor Bahdall's.mef-. sage, we are inclined to doubt it. The po-tion of the message to which we refer reads as follows : FIVI PEH. 0»HT FOKB. , s The five per oentnm of the net proceeds of the sales of public lands in the State, is still withheld by t'ue general government. I employed the Secretary of State to visit Washington and endeavor to secure the payment of the amount due, and myself urged the claim of: the State upon the Secretary of the Treasury. Through the efforts of the Secretary, the amount due the -State was ascertained to be about .$270,000. The necessary evidence of this fact was laid before the Secretary of the Treasury, and strong hopes were entertained that it would be promptly paid. In my last interview with him, however, in December last, he stated that upon full examination and deliberation, he may refuse to pay the amount claimed, or settle with the State, without deducting the amount of a pretended claim against the State, growing out of a diversion of a portion of the lands granted to the Territory of Wisconsin to aid the building of the Milwaukee and Rook River Canal, by the Ter ritory, and appropriating the proceeds of the sales of those lands to the use of the Territory. SOme farther legislation by congress is necessary before the State can realise any thing from this Source I recommend that the legislature distinctly call the attention of our senators and representatives in Congress to this subject and authorize them to prosecute the demands of the State "both before congress and the departments. There is no good reason in my Judgment why this money ie withheld, u&less it is the want of money to pay. I am satisfied that nothing can be gained; fay any more agencies, or incurring further expenses. There are some things quite prominently set forth in the abova extract among which the reader cannot fail to observe, 1st. The govern, or's allusion to his own efforts ; 2nd. His acknowledgment of the services of Secretary. PortngaT, and the Independent States of South Atnerioa, might object to oar Absorption of IhMr provinces In M> 8Jnmmarr a fashion, but what of that 1 ,, ] , . ; Have we not manifest destiny on our Bide 1 and 'is it possible for the whole of the powers of the oiviliied worH combined to make head against manifest destiny 7 Have not grave Senators, and valorous Governors and ex-Governors assured ns that whatever we oovtt, cannot peaceably obtain, assumes at once the character of a nuisance which w» have a perfect right to abate whenever we think proper T Have we not also bean frequently told thnt w« need room to expand; that we shall soon become too much crowded 1 it Is true, H is not a little carious that wltn an average population of ten to the squre mile, we should 'feel to much restricted for room, while in England there are on an average three .hundred and twenty-three persons to the square mile, who yet manage to breathe quite comfortably.. In the two sets of resolutions which were adopted at the Vioksbnrg Convention, there is moreover a manifest contradiction,. Those oBered by Mr, Spratt are based upon the asunmpiion that Aero is in the South an abundance of land suitable, for cultivation, but that there-is a great want of field hands, and hence the necessity for re-opening the slave trade. The second aet of resolutions, wbieh wereoffeted by ex-Governor McRae, advocate the acquisition of Cuba, Mexico, and the Isthmian states, on the ground that we absolutely require additional territory for the purpose of relieving us of our surplus population. If there is a surplus population at the South, there can be no need of re.opening the slave trade. If, on the -contrary, there is tu more land than laborers to cultivate it, there can be no occasion for annexing Cuba, Mexico, and the Isthmian states. These gentlemen, moreover, agreed to take it for granted that if wa want any cr all of those countries, or if we choose to declare the Gulf Stream an American sea, and close it against all commerce but that which is carried oniby our own vessels, none of the other maritime powers Would venture to contest our right to act according to our pleasure in tire matter. It would scarcely be prudent in us to put their oondesnention to the test. But the Vicksbarg gentlemen do not apprehend any trouble on that score j their source ol uneasiness is nearer home They doubt whether the federal government wtll co-operate with them, and they are perfectly satisfied that the North will vehemently oppose • every «ne «f the projects they hare broached. Mr Win'. H. McCardle, who acted as B-cretary of the con veDtlon, was espeeUllrimpre&sed by these mi.«- givlngs — he wonted the slave trade opened.— •yry iT? : -JJ •.« r "•T'T*"' ,, . - , ,«nd^tooiiWgh;* sense o^justiw to refaaeto^M thf3»frJ«B:it. : ::,.V^-:,-,- .:,-;sS.-.fcut,' I abstain frdni any sUMment in detail in Te- laUon.^t^tnat^ for t^e ?ole reason that I " 'result ivorabfe ..-,-,., _ ."can in embajrassing, i If r»t preveh:'' action oh the part of'Congress.' ever tbe pleasure of'Informing him thatins recent interview with Senator Doolittle, baa before .the publication of the '"Journal letter, we bothiagre*d that further legislation by Congress was neoessary in order to; relieve the BUte from.her liability; and we.were of one opinion as to the particular legislation required, and limited tn a determination to submit the matter to the rest of the'delegation, and invite their co-operation in carrying ont our ^_lheimij|«n!ifie B«|--. |i> h'4 Uffe BirhrlUalVaT>Ba4Uto|«elradtT "' fr"i wlh sell so that dealers ma irodlibf seUlnraataettrBei.- ! ;:Q. 3d. His recommendation that the leg- j islature should dittinctly call the attention of our mefnbcrs in Congreu to this subject ; 4th. He'does not intimate that Potter and bis colleagues have ever given any attention to the matter 'bat leaves us to infer that they have not, and his recommendation that their attention be distinctly called to the matter, implies that .he thinks that they have heretofore neglected U. If Potter had not been a potty head he would have taken exception to that pan of the Governor's message, or forever after teld his peace. Judge Larrabee never insinuated as 'Gov. Bandall did, that Potter and his colleagues neglected the interests of the State. Bandall treated Potter very shabbily indeed, if Potter's version of the affair is to be credited, and the stupid fellow proposes to call Judge Larrabee to an account for it— Well, that is just like Potter—he don't know any better. • Church Eaveadropplng. PREPAKATOBT. KBADIKQS.—A gentleman who, for the first-time, visited Mr. Beecher's . church on Sabbath last, hag stated in a public print that tbe congregation were busily employed in reading the Sunday newspapers prior to the commencement of the service. Their preparatory studies iq\this valuable kind of sacred literature, doubtlsss whetted their ap. petttee for the more amusing and entertaining performance that followed.-~JT. T. Chrittian Jnteltigeneer. To the above Mr. Beecher responds as follows { : Which paper was it, the Intelligencer or the Dbttntt? , If the Utter,,the act wag;wlckea: if the former, only foolish. If it was afiun- day .Herald, or 'to&tury,^<prtitiMy some poor sinner, not,used to ohurches r on looking over the newspapers to select that : whif>h*8eenred the most religious, picked ont, not the Jxtelli gtnccr—poor fellow!—but the. Mercury. jHe ought to be sent to the Tract Society for life! Bnt who is this "gentleman," that seeing, perhaps, J>ne man, in an andienoe of three thousand. Says "that the congregation 7 ' were so employed 7 His nervw-were excited by seeing a wholeandience wideawake in church! Probably he-has teen accustomed to attend oharoh in. Willtamabarg. If the Plymouth shonld not have heard a word about Sunday reading. If any strangers In onr congregation nave made a mistake, and .brought the Intetti- yencerio church for Sunday reading, we wish them hareafter-to know that'such conduct ei- cites remark and Injure* f their reputation for . .. Beecher evidently thinks a man might be worse employed, on Sunday, thaa In reading* *»uUr. newspaper, and better wployed than in reading an old fogy sectarian paper. He is not afraid of a newspaper, but recognizes,the preas «s one of the great .powers of th« age, and is too sensible to afleet a ooutPmptof it. It would nnVlonbteaiy shock the nerves of almost any thorongly orthodox man, t» enter* church where people could read the newspapers, tetow|to»8nric8 commenced, and could •Hot sleepifterwaidg « :: '•-?•- • .^'^.l-^S ' . yA-'f f.i--/i>.-:, l::,a-;:--fe&£5aSi • - *•<•:-"•'•*•'•--' .. •. J'J • 11 . :. ^'-rf>;--.-' If the Sentinel Retires anysatisfactionfrom bellevlngthat Mr. BOlinghnrgt was ^defeated last WLby an anti-Doiiglai der*>ocrti, in the , we srill siot endeav- his speech partook of his martial ardor It WM grandiose, h-lticos<> and "lop-loftical." Standing th«r»- 1.1 Apollo Ha.ll, hudaied lhn Issue. He defied tbn government, and after this magniloqafiH fashion, Ut. McCardle, secretary -of the Vicksburg convention, and editor of tl»e Vicksburg Whi s threw down his gnantiut: " Irrt th« strnggla corns —be was ready for it. Whenever the goverment desijed to order its janissaries, its cohorts, to come down to the Sooth to trample apau tb«ir rights, let them come. The first division that would come would find the South a deadly place for them. They had better come to st*y, tor when they did come they would stay. (Applause.) After the first conflict the star* would shine on many a stiff and ghastly corpse from among those who had led their homes in the North at the bidding of the Executive to trample upon people who had never wronged •them. He believed the collision would come, he believed it ought to came. Would to God it might come in his day. -He wanted it to come now while he wag in possession of his facol • ties." We pause here to remark, in hutn»n« consideration for Mr. McCardle, that if the foregoing remarks present a fair average speoimen of his " faculties," the IOBS would certainly sot be very much deplowd by the world at large, if -he were deprived of them altogether. Again : • " He wished to bear hii portion of the burden. He did not want to leave it to his children. He did not want to leave tliem wiifc a badge of degradation on their brow or manacles on their limbs. He wanted to hear no more of the miserable talk of treason. They had an ally here in the shape of yellow fever, and in the face ot it no army could conquer them. He believed that the man who precipitated a conflict between the South and the federal government would make for himself an immortality of Tame. He would be sowing dragon's teeth, from which armed men would spring up." ''Badges of degradation," worn on the brow, have been rather uncommon ornaments at all times, and at this day they would certainly possess an air of novelty. The reference to wbat the gailors eall " Yellow Jack," isinju- dipions. After such a threat no army would venture to invade the South without beiog prepared to^noonnter " our Attguat ally« with a full snpplr of physicians and calomel ' $Ve have onjy a fragment of ex Governor McBae>s speech, but like Mercutio's wound, though it ia "neither %s deep as a well, nor as,wide as a church door," jet it is enough.— Hear now the ex-Governor talks. His Ian s comparable to <nothing modem It belongs only "to the large, utterance of ib» early Gods 7 '— •—'•The voices from tbe mighty past and the echoes coming back from the mighty future, say to us in thunder tone* i Why wait yon 7 Know you not that Cuba is your own 7" JThereis nothing in Lippard's Works, turgid and bombastic as they are, that is equal to the Above. It la consoling, however, to learn that the gentlemen from Whose rather astonishing speeches we have quoted, were regarded as among tha foremost spirits fa the Convention, and as the martial appeal of the one and" the mystic invocation of the other, appear to have been rapturously received by their friends, we are not at all apprehensive that by the collective intelligence of the ''forty-four" the slave trade will be re-opened, or I he Onion dissolved. . - • Ih lelation to 'the "public add 'flattering announcement" made by Mr. Draper in his Be- 'rt, pfjxny intention to investigate this enb- ti it is hardly Becessary. to Bay:anything.— etla word I can say. Tbe whole State knows toe iuntlring and enthnsinstlo devotion of that gentieman to the position which he occupies 1 , and, the marked improvement evinced in the management of the School interests of the State.' Upon his calling ray attention to the. fact of the retention of this fiv,) percent, fond by tie general government, and upon bis suggestion, I assured him 1 would investigate it when at Washington. Mr. P. was under th* impression that this fund was. wrongfully withheld—an Impression that he would very natntally receive, from the fac t: that he'wasf anxious to swell the ' school fund to. *» large an amount as possible, and, further,because every 8t»te administration had persistently claimed thu absolute right of tb» State to have this fund ptid ovi-r. I desire to deal with tilings plainly, and as they really are. No man or community of men ever .gained permanent ail vantage by dealing Jn any other way. I wiU tlnrefore, for the present, merely say that thf State of Wisconsin has no good cause of cow plaint that this fond is withheld. When at Washington lint December, I had a full and free interchange of opinion with Mr. Secretary Thompson, and Mr, Commissioner Hendrioks. Those gent 1 .-men afforded inn ere-' ry facility in their power lor a thorough 'investigation, and both expressed themselves anx- ions to further my wishf-s in every way consistent with their sanse of pablio duty. Suffice it to say, that I became .-iitircly satisfied that tbx Department could not be justly blamed for ill action; and that th* State of Wisconsin had reason to he thankful for the continued forbearance on the part of tbe General Government. The claim against the- State, growing ont of the diversion of the canal prant to say the most of it, is precisely double wbat it equitably shonld be, even were th* general government to hold us to a strict account, for every cent received by the Territory and State But i( Congress shall be disposed to take a liberal view of the embarrassment and necessities of mere Provincial government euch as was the Territory of Wisconsin, :md the injustice of entailing its liabilities rj[>.>n a young and grow* ing State-, I hare good hope that the matter can be settled to tb»3 Satisfaction of the people of Wisconsin. Anybnw the object fs well worthy of the united efforts of our delegation in Congress, and certainly of more importance to the State than the SUPCTSS of either party in tbe coming fall election. If, however, such favorable result ia not secured—I repeat here what J aaid in tny letter to- Secretary Thompson, the people of Wisconsin will never repudiate aa obligation that tb»y antered into with their «yes) vide open, and wilt pay to the last fart bin?, eves if tbyy bad lo rai«f mnn.r) by dirvct taxation. Vourp truly, CHAS. H. LABHUIIEE Tbe Emperor's Paris. Deparrtim T WOULD , WUTTEB. ; altectlon of JamilleB to tlon« of OtlblOE BUTTEK. '( • 1 am d»Uy receltlog by Kzpren, choice lota of Boiler from the best DiTJes In the State, which for Quality andflarorls unsnrpaJsed. Prices always to dorrit- pond with the -'miurket rates," add quality wamn(ed. Orders tnllelted arid lent lo all ptrts of the city free. | JOHN VT. LEDfaBD, j : Grocer acd Wine Oealeri . 161 Eatt'Water ttfett. SJ. Louis iSngar 1 AU con«t&nUy receiving a mppty et theme celebr*- ted Hams, the lint In the United Stales- Thole who lore good th ingi Ip m] Uae would do well to call and examine my stock^ ' f JOHN W. LEDTABD, maygg Grocer and Wine Dealer,! 161 Eatt Wateritfrn D rPACLT hatlig been eude In the" oondl certain proUiaory note, bearing date D. 1st,, A 0.1857, executed bv W B. Hrbbard and J0fm 8. Harris, anilaJsojm U» condltloo «t k certain Vefiel mortgage of the! same date executed bynld Jlifcb»rd led Harr'i to secure the payment of said note. JC ntlee Is beret)) gives lo (all ptirUes 'Merest*<1 thu »t >bal expose for sale aqd sell on Toesdaj, tbe £0 day uV JUMr, A. D , 1819; at 10 o'clock in Ine forenoon of (tut da/, ftt-thc Sprinp lire.t b»ld|te, Jn the city of Milwaukee, the Schooner'William B. 8 ei.hetu, hrr bsiu, bowtprlli, (alls,, boat, anchor, caplei, and alt other necessaries ther^nbto appertaUilnK and beionguiii to sstoify the axoouo^ remitnlcg dne on saM note and mortgage together with the costs and expenses of stle. : HOSE* A. j«>im. a»d i, : JOSEPH JAMES, ' HortKa^ees. i By W. W. Biowi, Arint. BoTLia, BITTTUCX SJ Cornu-L, Attomefi. \. U. JLOKI> A. 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T, I'eon., Qhln, Tn.lUna, til L, and I (»r<-u(l I «ruf( L..UII i«»{<«i«r . u i s H o i; Kk itlOKMIN 1. 01 IM H URON, near K*st W»ter itr-eU f'.e »a« rBlabllshnl In 1M3, *iid h&4 bern cooilnu the aame |iruprteu>r, «no takes this occasion lo bk« acknuwledjr^nent to hla frlendi and the puD their patronjixe for sn many y<**r* paat, »n<l ii)n continuance of their km. I i.iv.iri The Ltmis FURNITURE WAKE KAt. S »T Vi >N l)K ATTORNEY AND I'Ot ••;SfI.I,. OFFICE— Kraplri- Blo'i, W1 ir«jt Wit-r -I mySO »iLWir«i:i, WIA nxiiw. V. PI, %TTO, & Counsellor at Law. Bank BuJ.lmg, So <, Mil- I furniMitii with fo-t. Thrr w 4f vrj* mil evrrf 'loif hmr ,r ti v Til \ \ 31 K J( ' A M \ •i , N \ I .1. % Attorney faf~ Office In MUffrll' waukee, Wi«c»ns\D. ALBANY RESTAURANT 1 ! N' VITK.M Alf- int, Hi- ft. , . <• ,>f Mai K* >OM. n ^t<t Jft,-Ai,j, i n \ K H A HVANOKNIU-. A. Ci)iiiisri}.'i-« al ; , 3 i- 4. .1. •...., ••• i . KO. 1. • 1 ,^, iitta w. c«ai . V.U.ACM PI«TT C.'.MiV & i-'KA'l"!'. Allomrjk HIII! « ,iuu«ol lor» Ofilst lu V.iiin* 1 ! 1! ..• r M v, const a street, MILWADKEC feliiO-Um .. in «-. I W.j- A i i H O JANRi'VTLLE . f I^IUH SPLftXDID HOTEL h»J r^enli-y irh J[ {.neton — Gcaersti McMaatnAU miring, Ut-ssri FLOTD •ncc«««linif him in 1U maa*. The Mejurs. V. u-e (»oLTi * C U uiown thr-.a, • esterti country *« ((enUemcn jf ei[>*rienff ii<ffi»ing, an'i on other *4sarsnc* '• ot^^gssr tlyi.ll Huas^ » li herelller b«- n>o.tuci*r>t -n ervinB ^- pftU-'jcatfe of th«; pubtlc. j LOOK HKKt, ^ t \Vt.\KY TKAVtl.EK- < I N > IX.H V Mi ,.n«e.l pr., 4 |l|-»|> f-'.-JlJl [\ <~l W D 4. J. trout tbe En»- '•Age Iiwr*«Iiee>« Letter. HOEIOOH, Hay 35, 1859. To tin Editor of the Horico* Arpus :^Hdn : lja!9 ten' called to a letter from Hoo. Js>ha F; Potter. Bub. p.f«s—His Dlaadrantago In (lie Campaign —M. PmUfny'» Return 10 England—Pop. nlarUw otiiir new French Loan. Kditoriai Corraponitfnct of tiu Evening Pb*t, PARIS, May 12, J859 The Ecoperor made bis departure, on Ta«e^ day, tbs occaeion of no Inconsiderable parade. His escort to tbe depot iras a numerous if not as enthusiastic as be might tipect if h« wer^ rethrning with bii laurels, whiob he is but just setting oat in search of The Empress, who rod* in the carriage ' with him, seemed to be very mneh overcome by the prospect of their separation. She wiped her eyes constantly, and the vieng. of her forehead were represented by a sympathetic observer of her own an, to- be unusually swollen by her straggles to suppress her grief. Poor thing I she may havs more cause to regret his absence from Paris than she yet knows of. Some two hundred blouses came arm in arms down the street from the depot immediately after his departure, staging thexMarsellaise, which has been inter- dieted here for some years; and yesterday morning I heard of an omnibus being stopped and two blouses taken out of it by tbe polica, without any explanation or apparent provocation. . Liberty songs are also sold on the Boulevards quite freely. This morning two legions of the National Guard were paraded through tbe principal streets, to remind tho people, perhaps, that they are not unprotected Tbe Emperor is reported to have said to some of his friends, on taking leave ol them on Tuesday. • hat he should seothern soon again, and ;-lso to have invited some company to shoot with him, at Compiegne in tbe fall. Perhaps he will; but I oonld not bnt think, as I passed the column in the Place Vendome this morning, and read upon one Of its sides that it was raised in commemoration of what a French arm; had ante done in a three months' campaign against Germany, that it would have been -more prudent, not to say in better taste, for the Emperor to have waited until he bad wipp«d his enemy before he determines too positively how long it will take him to do it. It now seems to be pretty clearly indicated thaf the Austrians are preparing «C\I ». STATE OF WliCONSIJv.t : Clrcnlt Court, Milwaukee Co. ) Hani Benrj jargeqs, 1 ' atralnat '. > Jadgment of run-closur^ auJ Daniel K. Con »n. : ) giit I N virtue of an<J parnumt to a jndirmrnt .0 Kk<<> Court, tn the atxjve etittUal action, date.! Nor«cib<:r 10, 1851, I shall etpo.f for ule and ifll at Public -Adc tlon, at the Conn Uou>, , In the City ..f Milwaukee, oc ftalurdu), ilie nd day of Jnlr- l^'O. •> the hoar of 9 '• ».,:of th»l da>, the folloelmrdescVtbtil mbrtg»«ed premises, to wit : ; ••All that err aln >l c» or ptrccl of Un 1, «itn»i(i. IT! g and being In (be Couuiv of Milwaukee ' and Bute of W.«c..t»ln, sad a pan ofthf oprtb west qftairter of section 17, in township t. norm of ranfe 3i cait, aa : htinK tbe K. S ')' Thos* certain 2$ acres. o»nT»jr«d u< Juhn Adarji ~ Mueller and Mivrn T hl! wl(e,&nd Frederick Hup] IIT an« Ctiarlatle Wlihrlmlnr, liis "Ife, b r J im n li. B BITS and wife. t>j warriGtj <tc J, datr t March 11, 1*46,' ail rr-'.rded In th- Otic, rif Ufi^ster of et<Js r.f Aiil«auh^e Countv, ie Vol. R. of Deed*, p»jTmi ?• a-iJTT; boimil-dno the north and BdoOi irf the re«p«et.TC north an4 sogtn lin»' nf dtlil north i..i q u> r ler „( ,., 4 «ect|on 17 »n tbo cut by the wrut line of ri5 acrrs, beli'.' aUo pirt of i\nl nn'th w^ t i|uar^ i<-r. set off in 4 regular f orn , i fr..5i-Ke f-a<t part of said qn^rter %<e t)..n. and nn the vr»l by certnln norti MiJ loutii lino t.. b* ilrswr; through th« oerAre of tivd 25 K-rrv i rine h} c.lltDate 12 50-100 arren, br ttir tvae more ur «.tt \ 1 L> I L N i N S A N M ISIJKJ .1 .A .N K* >l H: <]!, AI'KKANU li\(/ l> \1.I.K> a 'KKANU li\(/ H ut.vr vi t l ar the M 1 1 » » <U ee * \I.Mia i the ])*»<*e to pr<>cur« warm »DI! tucHS, (' r the sinaU mm of 83 cents tvn . Till br «u(tv''^ wuli th*- choii-s-st rt&ii'la »l <*\ XTEIC^ \M> I. A Til ^rfTC'l up in Ptt-ry »tjle, on »hvf\ notit nl wnyi fup'ilinl witli U.« .-tioic^at Wiuc k i«ar» TT»V^|*TH up a the Mil WMI«: -• A MiBsin »viil n p.l t % *n*l .-'.a v-oifut pU e t.. ^ ni^uli- V* irTE Lur;--^. fr- m I'J tn '.* )'^i .-lc - .•.-pi ii C CCNNl.NOHAM. fr J o Lnim. 11 \ i l; .,«.,, A I B WlU-ii »S * H R . i William* A: ICodw n% Auction and Commission ii? L'MH *''• M- AN.i MO>»V iftk-K •VO. i:» \* INI ««-,M* •» » n \17~IU. CIT- I.A-- - • . 1..-1U . -.. TT lore, ll'l i. • • : • -r-. i • • . : I 1 4. . HI .K PROPRIKTllU OHIO CATAWBA Mil. 1 - Viiili-ly ha.* t>---n in*rit T| O > D BRANDY, A ' F.irnt- f M-r returoi rovlr N.IU — K..I.. D«u-d fherlll ' BODS A PAUI, i Att'yr. ( , Mnwaakee. April t4, l.«S9, A.J J.AN..HUKTUI, Wi'ff Mil. Co., WJs. i^e sirue wrlj, 0. £) bo^nb :F. klakeJ;. The gist of tbe letter, Appears, so far as j canlumerstaed'-Itj-io-Ss* an' "'" '""'' ridicnlp upon iseftalai State-i 51>on myaetf «>r«i efiwi to nseat to the.Slate :of tbe fire and also .a defensive position along the „ end of tUeir line restipg on the edge of the Alps and the other oa the Po, and distant legs than a day's march from Turin. Here it is probable they will await the attack of th 3 allies. Of course th«y have a great advantage in occupying a position of their own selection. The tan- peior of France is In a position which will compel him to move against the Angtrians whtrever they are, for ho. lias gone " to drive the Austrian* ont of Piedmont;" and if he has to entertain his friends at Compiegne in tUe fall, he'must attend to his business at once. Another consideration which invites haste is the «aot that the Austrian arm) is now supported mainly by their enemies, the Piedmon- tese, who desire to be relieved as soon as pos- sibla from their uncongenial guests There are two motives, however, for delay on tbe pan of the Emperor ; the flrst is, to prnpare himself a little more perfectly for the oonlRot • there is no doubt he would have deferred hostilities a month if he could have done it con. venientljr;—*nd the second Is, to-secure tbe >f an ally that may -be expected to fleldinaboula fortnight, I refer to theJlysentery, -which is sore ,to ravage the if it continues to ocen|y the rioe plantations of Lomelllna, so Wcently tendered wore; than usually pestilential at this seasonby tie overflowing o! the Po. Th* wtnrn'of M. Persigny ta England is regarded tew as an 'adroit expedient tot strengOienllagjtlie Ts-enoli party in^^ BugJand and it is now deemed quite certain'that her Neutrality,-sW-least.In the present contest, Is secure. The new loan will probably be all taken 4y the ten-franc subscribers, who have the preference by law . r I am told that more than enough of this class of bidders-are apply ing to take the whole amount. A Ten francs jrepr^ent a capital O f about two hundred francs at flvs per cent and the subscribes to J th1s amorinj come, of •l._i^-li;L'i:,-.*'i:'jlL '»i«: ± ~ :i ^< J •/-'•'** *-* ••-- •••*' -• -----T w *" ClftCOIT COt'rTT, I Milwaukee Cou/ly. [ Bsmnel a. DaneU, PUUililT, aealnn Benry Hitler, Jul'.atis M.llrr hli wife, Nu bus, or Nasali e 8(rcoJ«n3. E|ihralm H. Uo WllhaiDuni, Jr.. Treasurer, J*£ob r> Mi hael Bower, Johji Ulakrly, William Smrj MaUlsrd, IVederlek Altbof, Herman Loals Altbof, Chlrles Althof, John U. Uanalun, James Kneelaod, NoTelij Rubber 'Company, BJU! John B. A. Kern, Defendants 1%« btat« of Wisconsin, to the af>ore named defendant* Y OU are hereby ^annnonetl and repaired t^ answer the complaint |n this action, whtch Is filed 14 the office of the Clerk of tfce Circuit Court, far Ullwaaker Coanty, aad to seirtf a copy of joor answer t« said complaint on us, at our office, mSdi cheU'« Puildlng, corner of HicblffU and lut Water streets. In Hie C ty at stilwaasee, wlthlb twcntf days after the service hereof, eictushr* of ihe day of inch terrier; and If you fkll to answer the onmplarnt as aforesaid, 'the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the eompl*lni_ I \ WUness Hon. 4RTHUB McARTHCR, Jadge of laid Ctrciilt Cuur , at Milwaukee, Ihls 12th day of April, 1&9. , Witness 'the seal of laid Ooart. ; I MATTHEW KKKN AN, Clerk. Paucu t BTSSI, PlalntlB 'I Attorney, Uilwaokee, Wisconsin. ; - aprlC-lawdw Ml l.\S A V '' K I r-. I (A /.A \ I. C, DELORME& OUENTiN S ill the go- 1 -! l liquors, woJ L» • Ljt.n .if »c .viclt > !<• Ai >l as? *t "M. - iKf name <>r Ur<*n ']nalUie§ »' [/effect n r i-nti; I r IS I > I ffFXT OOOIi TO VES" j r»ry QocMj*, Toys, \S .V. j VI DlALtcRJH I1C Wnrc an.) Y s *Q.i Zi-privr , Ooiic, ' FAMILY \v.\u. PAP M SIIOI;LD BK WIT HIM i Krlail Hni-e, »!,-'.> I'IT lioiil, v~ Aecomcaen.LeiJ by iri« physici&n, ftiij Ir IT. I I ^ K 4* * 34 J. .1 Ylrf.-K.\Til A ro.. j i \VIM o-vsi \ •> r i« i ; i IMr<iaTKR.S VVILCHtLK AffD •VTAfl. riKAl.*** IM Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. Cr mjK-ttat workmen neni t<> *ii p»rta of the 0-tv *t«d ANGUS SMITH & CO., »nd .5tmtnno.lir.4J ap KJWI W *»*r street, Hy caltintf OQ th<> - /ritutoasly . , the pahtu •» HIvMCV l.AOKK BKKK SAI,(X)N. 4 > D R I 1. I. I A B O II O O M, ISO Fa«t Water Ntrcct. VARIETY of Dishes pr-p»j-r<i »i u. •*. ' H I / nlMr-fi V^^ >• • < J, H, CORDES& CO, LAR<-F M 1 -HCH AN'l 'S. Proprlctort of the F.I.I VA TO It \V \ltrilOI A Laociirs or MKATS, cr,rnstinK o PICKLKD nsn. At ttjc ttirrntniij *•[ L V R' Milwaukre x M L ASI; the .MHwaakee, Watertovn A B-.ralioo Vali«v fdilrnrv.ta. •JW" LllMral aijrancea randr on prr.priiy .n *t.T., or lor intpmentto Kistrrn M\rt"ls. 'i»T23 n! «.. PFISTEH A CO. M&nafactnrvri aoil D^\l<--» in Musical EnutrtAinnienl eTerj ^A littuince free. CIECTJIT OOOBI, I Hllwankee i-'ouolj. ( Charles >r. "'Illarrt, I agauut William Smith, Bern? Bcnftletwn, Lachu E. Walt, John U. Klmball, Christian 11. Meyer, Otto fieblnR, C. .Arnold, A. Y. Snelflohn. Frederick Muellet, Sl.|l*-> Shepard and Augustas r>. Wood, Defeadants. The 8t»le at Wttcoojrln, to the above named defendant.) r OD ARE hereby Summoned and required to >r>. swer the complaint In (his action, |wttich Is died In the office of the Clerk of the Glr<.un Court, for .the County of Mi) wao*9e, »t the City of Mllwsiukee, In ••id Count;, and to Verve a copy of your answef to llie laid complaint oa the subscribers, at their odtcr, NOB. Sand* Albany the said Oily of Milwaukee, within twenty days after the s-rvlce nereof, ex* claslre of the day of «ueh service; and If you fall to answer the complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to:the Ooart for the relief demanded In the complaint, i—^- 1 Witness tbe Hon. Arthor McArlhur, Judde of •<BItl.> the Circalt Court for said County of Mil- I -«— I waulcee, at Milwaukee, thin thlrty-flrsl 4sr of MarchjlSS*. npOKKB *aP*NQENDE8Q, 1 Plaintiff's Attorneys : aayll-lawtw j Milwaukee. Wisconsin. 410] KItERIFF<!» SALE. [Ne«ra STATE OP WJSCONMN, l * Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. f • Henry O. Weart, i against William Draseo, Cbarfes Meyets, Artolph U. Neymsrj, EmU H. Keymui, Emil Welsklrch, John J. Ousel, Frederick Gentner, '8101011 Lery, Josrph II. Cordes and Qoel U. Camp; ? Judgmexit. of foreilosare. 1 H Tirtaeof and pormant to ajodgment rtndercd -In ssl't Court, In tbe abore entitled action, dated 0i cember 81, IKAS, I shall expose for sale and sell at pub lie auction, at the Pos't-Oflice on tbe earner of Wlscdn- alnand MllwanJceest»., tattle City of »atartlaw, tbe l^tb day of August, 1SW, •t the hour of 3 p. n. of thatday, the following described mortgaged premise!, or 10 much thereof, u may be necessary to raise the kmoont of laid judgment, Inter- •-st and costs, together with UK expenses of sal* io "All that piece or parcel of la«d situate In tb» t • Coonty of Milwaukee «nd 8Wte of Wisconsin, i known and descrlBed as that part of tbe earn | i five chains of thi west fifteen chtlns of the , south west quarter of section fonrteerj LH], ' [torn leren [7], range twenty-one (21j, bound- . . ed aa follows! j Being at tbe Janctlon o( > ; th* centres of Ute North Madison and road da . ! Lao Koadt; and i raanlne ~tBenee lUong the I jothfreof tbr'iald;lladl*on'R«ad north «1 «nd I 149 Kast WaUr street, Milwaukee. XV. UMh paid for Hides. I'rlu, Wi.ol. *<• John Architect, JUNt>AU U1.0CK, Is prepared t furnish pl&oa for all kinds nl si the shortest notice. RKlT.nENCKS : J. 3. Ul« LDH5DK9 Si PltLO, OlSTO.TH Ps»ll»«, J<iaB U. .*MLs:ftiAa W. THWAITS, 0. E. Dl«f.i«TB, Locis S. Mtn, i Lac Bold; thence Uor« tbe centre of the said ; Fond, da Jl*e Boad]fx>otb 85 degrees, e at 8 aod . 68-100 chains to th* place of fagtnn.nx.": Dated BberHT's OfilcT, Milwaukee, feb. ^3,1659 f«»**a«JUUll,Ji j A. t, LAHOWOttTUT, i H'lTi Att'jJ fM j Sh'ft Mil, 0o., WlsJ ,msyll-llnSw-fm i ! i 6O2] ! . Ht'iax Clfenit Ooart, MU' i [aeufe ONHN, I Oonnty. | Alonib PolUr, • exaJnst ' " „,„ .-r——. SmltV'he Fsnners ,»:IOU*ri' Bank and. George W. Peckhsm. •Fbrsclomre. --•-1 - ••---•-.' -.. • "T |With; tjie J *cfion y* -other , appUeante, tyiw deep, ex tending from the B • Jonathan Taylor, Ichabo reau de finance In the Place .yendome foil flflyr jdi t halting turn— and tbero are ttlrtj' plaoea at least ^ in ifae -city where irab. ;oti« IOTMT f*iie;iaJ;ea; --i^Tftte plan I olT fr Jondft Jj -onabf tie most adroit KS^S?^!S£«'J tiUl( ' 0 ^2f Mn «^'k«>.<) to say that if J am to ssftornMetal* dlaaffeotlonls moat . At tlie same tlm« it sapplieg ' 0. Jo»«B. Quaker Cily Iii^nraiirr < o., OF PHII.ADEI PIIIA. ADTuOIUZtD CAPITAL, ......... |60«,iuO. PAID CP CAPITAL AND A83ETT3 ....... 27:,S65. ffgttt, franklin Bui'diny, A'o 408 Waiaul ilrn Philadelphia. t for T HE subscriber has been apt olotei* Company for Milwaukee ar.d riclnlty. Rnk nn as favoraole lerms aa other re^ponslole Companies. JAMSSS. WHITE, Agent. Office, corner of East Water and Huron ulreets, up st*.lra, over the Marine Bank. may29 WHOJ.tlHAKK PAPER WAREHOUSE! Haiilbril, Blackiuarr dk i «>. (LATE nABBfso.v, IUSFOED & oo.) Connected with HAHK18ON. HANKOKL) & CO.. UANUrACTURgBS, OUYABOGA FALLS, ............ fiUJO H AVE opened atS Albany Block, Michigan street, op polite Newhall House, a large stock of Boot, Jftmt, Cover, Colored aud Btsfclopt Paper t Alto, Ltdger Paper*, Flat Cap*, folio Post, Letter and A'ctt Papert, Which will be sold very l*w. Oonstaat additions wll be made to the stock to meet the wanu of th« trade. f3T~ Printers and others are Invited to call and ex amlne "or stock and prices. ___ aprl 6 K. DBALCB I K Domestie Exchange and Specie. T HE hlf heat rates paid for all kinds of Gold and Surer Coin and Bullion. exchange constantly for sale at the lowest prices. A* I make dealing In Specie and Exchange my entire and exclusive business, I am «ble to give my customers an adtanUge over current Ognres. JUst of prices Will be furnished at my offlee, 1TOY68 WISCONSIN STREET, Undeithe BapiUt Church, Home. ! nearly opposlta I mar!M-d6m R. A. CLIFFORD'* GRKAT' ! .1 ••••••- AND ART LQALLERY, 'in Eatt Water Strut, UVtSS lecared the aulitanca of the oldest and most expertanced operator In th* West M. Haw- keu, (whote skill ID his department I* well known to matHr 6f tie eltlxet.. of Mllwaake*,) I am now prepared a tttfr to Bier pablio •' eferr desirable style of Pictures mown, to thn community at lower rate»- and exeeated n a ItetUf manner than can be> done (pan; older establishment In the West. • : ; • • lOlirrOBD'S DIQUKEKJAN GALLKBT, Ml ilaiit^fater Itreet, formerly known as «eeley's bpbnuv I | .. .;:r.: v -. . marli O KI eai« of fresh Pigs, rweivcd this day at aprtt; • SUNK * HOOFING, HARDWARE, &C. ii ." .11 E A t: L F A > o ^ : SI ON Oh TriK Bl(jr RED KETTLE ! OKALK&3 IN Stoveti Sheet Iron. Tin, Hardware. —AND— AGKHJILTIUAL LMPLKMEMS, W OULD re«p«etfully inform their friends 'iQbllc generally, that they h&vo openrnl t 3O6 ...... WIST WATER STREET ?or the sale cif the »bot* named irticic^, ton wtLh flPADEa, 8HOVKUI» RAKEg. UOEd, And AgTlcoltnraJ Implement* generally, vt *4 torts of S11KET IHO\ AND TI3MFKV etc. etc. etc. Stove* pat ap to order. tV~ ao<»fln«. REPAIRING of all klmla, and every ior-. ,,f w ..r> I (mr line pnnctuaily attended to. %W ' Order* left will be attended to vlt^out Jeiay. =wjl» MKACLit A SOW. "EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY Wholeaaiu lU'^i N t Grocer I! \ tv I I I K I N !> < re.mi \ I,- »nd thr ^tore »t A 1. t. v A \ ti 8" A 1 > •-. r I II K I Ml I > I 1 Iv I \ M A <J H. I N K Tl UTO.\ it No». -£!>G,^!>8, 3OO, W t S '!' W A T K K H 1 K h Two blocks below the La Croasi R. R. tut BTBAM KN(iLN£8, SBI8T * SAW MILLS, LINK BHATrlMQ, MILL QKAB1NO, uoaas rowEan" KLl DaiVKQ StaOQiNEJ), BRIDQI, RAILROAD tad STEAMBOAT CASTINGS, I BON OOLCMN8, For Bmldlo^s, and every variety of Job Work, In tht best manner, and on the moat liberal terms. The attention of MUl-ownera and owners of W&!n- Power, is particularly called to the 'TUTTLK WATKK VVtiKKl. As being by far the most powerful, durable &uil ta oomlcal Wheel ever Invented—not liable to get nut . order, not affected by Ice or backwater, and using :*•- > WAUr in proportion to the power produced than uiy ether Wheel in the market. A descriptive circular Tor warded upon application, free af charge. vl K 1-. K » I t.Ni. t *L iTA J" H I M i I I COM K A N D s E E A RRIVAL of an entirely new anil splendid 3toc* i< rrench, Kngllsh and American JEWELRY ! Of Latest Styles, at A . B . V A IV C O T T ' S, On-. Soft Water and, Wbcoruin Streatt. Uarlng lately disposed of most of my former stock, I exercised myself In searching at the eastern Markets for all tbe New Styles and Pattern*, Which h»e been Imported and tainufactorwi slnoe the last panic. I save also purchased a large stock ol Ladies' and Gentlemen's Watches, With movements acknowledged u U» most superior by the Amtrtean public. noiao The best asaortment of the finest VCatcAcs, SllTor Ware, Jewelry and FANCY GOODS Krer brought to Milwaukee. Jut the thlox fbt Holl day present*. Just received Terr cheap fur cash. HATiiON Vk L005U8. decia 901 tsrst Watar street, JtUlwrntUeeTwit. ITUtPIBR Mills Bxtra tualij ftonr alw £.at [»prT] on hand, N fe I PALH.' .N >1 HX'AAHN I, K.NS.BKO C ( n ' IN I I A OOOD aprii O NK nut! prt^aa to- 8 O)1K oh mart? V K N I S < > N olc.i v.,n....ii llmin I I Kl > -S A I ,.Vlt (J IHOICK Srnokral MAi'l.K 'it Vl»|,i,. rl, > K V* K EUKIVKO »prT Kl i' >l 01 I -•> I •> .IM IIU.1.11,. >1 ti V N N a 0 -H)^ O 1 N 1 supcru Apr? J I \ A < 0» i Ulr »,• Ill ' AMI I. V 1- l.< W KurH Ml.In ft, nian!7 JOB^L.lllUy ] ll U N , SMOKKL) 11A1.1.IBUT. HOICE Smnkc.t >«i\thin vi marjl G BKAT rnlucllon i , at lapels HI NN » (JUOSBVa. :!in in.I '.oittf.l rr.nLa, t f,n j a _ UUMN » OIIO-SBY'S. NUra JOB! cvlvnt at t oaouirs.

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