Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 11, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
Page 1
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THE WEATHER . i Fair DECATUR HERALD IN TODAY* MFEB Aik No AuitUon* ,, PH* 3 Women'* N«wi P*jt 4 UPOTUNMM r Pig* 6 Editorial* ........... PM*« Camlet ........».,,.. P»t« T 51ST YEAR 10 Pages Decatur, Illinow. S A T U R D A Y E V E N I N G October 11, 1930. * * THREE CENTS BRAZIL'S WAR EXPECTED JO LAST MOUTHS Conflict Brings Clash of Old and New Methods of Warfare FEDERAL TROOPS ROUTED, REDELS CLAIM Car Thieves Balk * At Kidnaping Efiingham Girl to lh« Hcruld) »t i ii «· SUM A.NA UO M V I . A M h N T O ' RIO f « U A N n l I'O **' ' 'Ii"*" t t U - The K i H f H l n n i l i l I "in innflld n[ a c h u r n ' t i n -.11 I l l c l v i n lie son -,Lnln In i n i n l ' r i i l i l ' t u i I h n u l l ii"l Intui 1"V to I " ni'i* 11 1' "t- l l l ( ' ' " ' " 1 ' H ' l N d H A M Ocl 11 -Cm i l f i c H -H ho t i n l n l c n t l o t i f t l l i kklnitp il w * M-ars old KfflitBhtini coitnt\ l i l nnii t h i n i punned IHT to the iKhtrr MIMA 1/iMcnu. can » Cattle Car " u n l i » tl i M i ii d i ( h K e en u l i l i l n ( I n in xt fi w ilini i. tiilk of M-tfiuili.!) Itlrre I" nn m i i l l t m n l hen fui mwuluti ftf [hi I ' l d Millie* from the I'M nl j ln n " 11 PITH it IA h n the i i n o l H i k i n K-j.i'1 H'lth m l l l r i n i unit rhlllini" '· u f r t I'lcu I l n l t t h e m , \\n Hi i / t l l n t i M n l i u Hie K i l t ' pnnilf-fit itiiUid u l i l i nil ( t i m c r i t * in ]h* ninth" iti H J,ln» In Ihf i l ' t c i niliiiitli n ff tin i r \ u lutlowtl' 1 * tn i M i l l i i n w tilt ^i i M il nwril ( f W n i l i l i i k l ' f l I ' l l ' ond ptc \i-l\t ihc liviiit.iiifitii ti of lull") Cr 11 * t-* Ih' prdlilpnl 11* I It "T'l 1 f u e l 1 llni dill-, ilu t r u n i ' d l i i i P r f u l r n n t l n i i l df trie p c t - d l ' i i l r m l l | rcM'Ot thr» MiMwll"" f-'mlllfi In 'hi hlit 11 ^ of Ihf "iititi And It « « « nut (nnilri -frl nl;ch llinl 1'r* lilent V* i i h l n r leu f n l ' «·' H r e us t ( n n f t l i I nf I i|ill]inieiit TliN 11 il is i i In i liiniii'lit l u l u » Ii n i I i i r u " - n i« rtn f-nl nf [ipil'ni, It |i U l i l u l l l l nil l | l m n i U t l l 11 tin t i t Um I en to (rt i l flpliflriK i t n u t i n t i l l hill It In nl«o n imr "f th, 1 pi ilii u u e n fi run thi suulh ot Efflnehnm on itut« 2G 'Iheh 4 years old daughter WB.B ntleep In the teui of the cnr and lhf pmnnli left Hie gill In the cur and nf lh( klrltiinilnti; threw I h e j went Into Iht (.huiOi n hiilf «C RfflnKtioni tounti | When they reluimil io the neult- lrt(0 ft ritrtinill ( " l i r l a i n l t h t j ins J-JHIP nhoul J orhiek thry found Miiti |iiillrc find county offlduh the die Jnd hRhy Kone An Immedl. J i i i u i d In » hum foi tin- tin lhie\u* lite u l t i t m W H H s p i t i i d und seutch foi ulc LIU titllumubtU Iwlrmhltif, I 1 ll/j,ertild n l t h d i i t mtu (sf rn no liare of Uic t h f c i e ^ tu,d t i 11 Mr und M i s to a pit hart gone nl the Hoard (.htliih ihi lohbcis Htailed Trie hunt had no stumi't t-ulten umlei way when m'juthcJft uiU the j, r lil hem a ntore In Hoaid sh. aiitd t h a t the had beett taken foi a i ld« nnd brought back and tolJ lo go to h« patents pniii Ho ntvl lli* 1 d t t l l l n n u n , l » i i linri r ' 1(1 " nf "dine "did lili r u n in n\ U" n 1 ' i t i i i i i i t n i HI un ( f i n ' d i n ti Mi 11 nit i- I In l l n i 11] i , k I I) H I ! H l the i IIID',1 lllMlt Of lioupi to the SIK (| ,jj' ( fit the I i deinl t 11« 11 11 i ri r i ir i tid · ii m k ilk* I M I I t" i ' m n I h 11 a II \ J l I 1C I n I q u i t k (l !ll"f 11*11111 Hirniult wrt'i k- i't i n iiiiiii"-flini o i i I 'ill I l l ' l I ' " " 1 I n trtrri.i.1 lllC tn t i r l n - t i r H '( ti ' "1 Ic nil i-i whi (»**« I lio "f "I'i" hi lit I i li'ii' fi t i i r l n l l i f i M ! In h r v l l t t f i i i l i m u men w 11 f i i n l | pM Hurt i i i U--I m r 1 io it' ' ' '"·* ( l t · hdnl ( .nil i L n In h ' "until' nt-lim n i I it ti c n i l l u i n f r t n r i i i m l - n 1 d t ( t j n n d i m t In ill i l i l fi uii « l i l h In 11,111 nlcitllun 1 Ints |, i il I. H ·- l i i i i U' I'm' "f mi (ix UM it, (IK illUc i t I 1 11 I ti l i i it »tl it' ir i |il it i. i Hi Ii ill t I'll" i 'minium I l l l I 1)1 I I I I J H I t O I I I I lit I l fi i uinili'iti Mtii f HI' One A if (lie ),(ii mill' "t w i l l lie i ri n,u ] i l l ^ili n* t ivi etl I ' i tilii nn n tir n in u ith , 1 Ii r,i In t 1i\ i t Ii i '** 1 i Hi ii 'i k in I f « iilr nn u n i t in t l r world the new il i ' \uor\ fird i ,-ilmoir a « h i l c the National Dairy Show Opened In St. Louts I Ot |v \i , ( i l t "" *l l j un j i t i nn I'. »M»y (or t n (hninj,|( 11 ,|,ii, v miild the l,( S | luohtntr Ii ih\ (tuitH|iii,n iunl II, l' . (I i M'nil i" ,,, . (lAtn. noint }· rifr'and, will »oin t* at irs spurtrs, crofttlnl o nf the people m «« he giftanttc (iam, thin -MSPAPFK COL M'RAE, FOUNDER OF NEWSPAPER CHAIN DIES Sudden RrUpsc Claims Re- tucd Publisher In California Home I It I I l l l ' l l ( ' - . H I i,O )O1J,A Cfll O f t 11 rnl Mil nn \ Mi Krie nn»" of the founder! r I h c old ^ r t l p p * MeRse jiettipanfr find tnr X«fii« n ladder In J n i r n n l l i f n dictl siuuicnK turh S n l i i i i t M \ In lh( S( rlppi Me- mm In I li(u)il1Hl Women's Dress More Healthful Than That Of Men, Medico Says (I'll ( J l l l l ' l l I Kit CHIl'AdO Qd IL Mm should wear dresses Prof Albeit Bach- «m of the i r n h « t N l l y of Illinois college of iindlc!nc advlaen TfOi hiii!lh »nd comfort Ihe Itlinl e n t m c n l ftt men would be Iftoie and (lowing vllhoiir blnt- fnff toltir oj- hell he told the A t i i r M i c n n Phvilcttl Thctapy us- We nipn ntnlei our KIM ' In n ( i n p l i N l cliniftt^ Wom- rn y d i t l n n c IB much moi« r*as- onahl* l i| \fcHni u u d c i v i e n l nn oiici- lun luit, Tueeilaj f n r whnt -wni UUK) ' W hHvo ficen efincer of the Um nnd nil In the ilrne of hit " his^l-l"" tmlttl1 TM' hni)M !FORMER SALTIS AIDE M i l l in Alt \nrnl' t \ 1 i R f i e -Ann h f i t i i | HELD FOR ROBBERY in Di tioil Tune H ISW l l f w w en I n e h i in If mad* man »nd ciived hin svas tn f n i t u n e nnd nn emiarde j d i i i e in Aniei Icen Jnuinnllini A l i e i u HiKh -.chciit editcallon ti* il led lo h f r o m c a dortor but lifter \ u n In ri"il« nl cdlleiffe he nas iced tn f-'t to w o r k on MiJinus De- I ill nr%\.|,nreii to iriMe funili \ \ h i l e r o Hie l n t i l t Newi he (it t h e Sc Hp[)!i *Ahi niflnnffti of the HUNT FOR PERRY, BIGAMIST, KILLER TURNS TO ARK, Authorities Unearth Records of New Marriage In Carmi, HI. LEFT CAR FOR LOAN flllC'Af.O Oct U Ucin-ie W E PLUI the modem Bltiebeiiiil who, Ii, wni ohaited, lumd at icuii I'uur MARVEL, NEWLY NAMED BAR ASST1 HEAD, DIES Sudden Heart Attack Claims Prominent Delaware Attorney WILMINGTON, Del . Ot ]1~lo- alah H Marvel prcildnnt nf tht American Bar Association lled at his home near here nnddenly early Saturday Mnivrl was pteoled prrnldcnt of the A Iner ii- an Bur Association *t Itn in Ohkaeo it few f Ihe $100,000 loot Taken Fiom Drug Store Recovered I mm t r i n t em K connection it art* ml IILI fiiioclntloTi M i t h the Intc K W nnd Ihe heplnnlnR nf the i ippt Mi (lie n?nnpn[erji no** the Hoi*!iid of Kj i i" I f i c i . i ' Oi t 11- f IK Firl n t t e n t f o n of Jnmes E J H t r h e i l who polka any once wan a, otfeicd him a place a? «rttlthj ally of Blft foe' Sal tin In the bed bLinlnpHf wiin arrested Snt- urduy In a ixjol tooni baiement where authoHHm found n a t t of tlOOOOO loot which 1fl hanrtltn took f i o m a tlHijr sloie sin dayi ago (jMltert Vnlly oho w a s jmflfllei! unit cliniged with beinK a member of the bnrulll Rnn*f ^ h l l i o\erpo*\ered sev- einl eleiks before robblnB Ihe ilore lait Sundtiy Polite "aid Heibert was ·tuipilie;! ."lltlnff In the fcune ment with a fhotfrun neer him Ho did not reiil^t n i itst A l l t h o i l t l e i twirl U e i b e t t also was n i , ( i i , , , t Wdnled fci tjiroiUonlni, in onm ctlnn (·Fill A( 0\Je't" n"-(onKrcMiluini w l l n th(1 ' et ' fn{ Ilolri "P a " d rohberv I ., ,- t ., i n t-.i.,.rf . »' th « Msvwootl TruKl anil Savlnfre S l i m l r v H Kim* hn" maintained ai u ...... .,*,,..'., ,., ,, ,_,, H t n h l r foi ( h j f e yeurs · n i n he e n l t r e d hlc nl r\r\$ I I M I k Iti $850 WIN ON RACE HORSE OFFSET BY $850 FRAUD CHARGE K Itiiinc hut iKf In t B i ' Hit vicinity i f B tin- I I H I C H lu»t until ? i l di s when Hi'i-iflclil « 4 V f i i t old to \ l i l i i r ^ and won for Knnr " put-" 1 ft tdW The rfttj!ieislii"ii was leaving Uic l i n c k I n h l l H n l OVM til" flut -ftlnnei lv iherltf hivnrind htm a war rein ' nrd' i · liitrfrerl Kunz w l l h fi'lun\ tlu lull ill. bi look money f t o m Mm An mi Ropnl to procure I Hs»fii e (i r her inolher nrid two ".Is" I M S (iDin l.iula|ii"»t «nil Hint thev ltd nut iirrlve The n t i i n i m l named In Ihe wur- i t i n l WHS WW 4 Veteran California Congressman Dies * I ON 1-Rep I'til I fn Ililn c o n K r i H M l i m a l delcffBtlon i l i c i t In lua n|t(iilrrteitt h e r e Fiirta) HfU'i nn IMnwa of f"iit j n M r t H / I H 73 jeni-i old hoi n In N«|ierville \liiich 14 IX'iS nnd mnled to Seattle Wfiiii In 1S"2 srolnor (mm there to \ e s i lalei THE WEATHER Winlhm oullook for the pe- ilnil or Oil n to IS I'm tin- MtJon ot the fired I I II III.'3 H|iowei*t nblilll 'I IK'.ldB) lit W i d m - i d a v eti cpt the west- ot Ihe upper lalie « heie i h o w n x piobablp m n n l h fait laltei p a i t df week mild t e m i i e i a t t i i e dur- I h f f i t ' t hull of uce't cool l a t t e i h n l f r u l r tuolfhl niid pritbnhlv tomor- tnn fonUnneit mild ThMI'Mt-H'IIKIS in ^ c i l t r c l u y U7 USL jesliiuta) SS m tudu . . . . 6 1 tail A v Si todu 1 . KM i lies fi ni of Ktut Hummond Inil +Thompson Hails Passing Oi Industrial Warfare In Memorial Address Ifiir I tilf\ fviffi 1 M T OI.1VF Oct 11-- The dhi him panned when employer and employe aie at wm Judffe Floyd E Thompson told mlneri eon) oneiaton and union officials from nil nnrls of Hie stole hcie S n t u i d n \ In an nddreat nt a ineniorlnl »ei vtee in honor of a rumih«i of mlnerw who « e i e nesussl nulcil iliulng a nut at Vlrden on Oct U IgfWl 'By honoiinft Ihe m l n p i x who were aittaxilnnted at Virden o u honor j on i se[i fi Th(im risen iafl "These r m n were Ihe xlctims ot a vlciou.1 i\tteui tililch plaied Ihe rights of piopeily ulidvc the rlghtt of men Thev fell In d c f p n i e of Ihc-lr ilffhl to e n r n H living: Tor ( h e n f n n i i / t t i ' I In. in i in Hi, Itidiiiili) of Illinois Inn l«n(, s u f t e t r r j tiom lhr shoi l- slt,Htfl p o l U y of an efiul")! who pie Untied to Vm the Intcinallonal head of till? n i l n e i s ' 01 jfanl/atfon wtid who WHS deleimlned in rule or ruin the Industry, Thompson aald E, St. Louis Suspect Shot As He Fleet ST 1 OtilS Oet 11 -Albeit Triady, 10 pjcsldcnt of an East St Louis taxlctjh company, wan shot and wounded by polli e when he xounht to oafdpe rvflei being atreflted Rfttur- iluv (jiHdy was ancsled o« a oiHpett In i c i e n t J,BI»B activities said to in- \olve Be rule Shell on not DI I on a Southein tlllnols panjfsto Polka laid the Tasloab company of which Giady Is president ift onned bv bnel Ion Patrolman flalici I»n(r« shot r,in(K In the l e f t U p is he fled In an a t t e m p t to escape while LunEe telephoned for a nMTM 1 wagon Thn noun-ted man was taken to Cttv ho»- Jill I SI'AMMI VI.YI.K HEID [Up l u rrrf I nu i MADRlf), Otl I I -- A n autlioi- l^tlve Ktourte tejiorled Saturday that Ramon franco the famous Sponlth flyci. had been aneated ii'mnco wui anewtet! last \ear bei n u » e of hli. opposition to the rtlcln- lor'hlp of Hie I n l e Gen Pi imo de R l i e r a He fie* nioiuid the world In I?;B and waf sa\-fd n t nea In Jim* 10J3 after *n un | mccM«ful effort to Il,£ Jdm STW-'I to K*w York. women into niainagp by ptomlflPB of n( iillh and muidutetl one ot then) on hei hDncjmdiii) way bellied in hlU- iiiK Sutuida'), autnewheie In Arkansas or MlHsuuil While the araiih (01 P t n y WBJI punheil lu five other sift lot, it cari- teied at Blythoviile AiH where he had left an automohlla once owned hy Cora Bella J-lakttt, who was sin In on a Wisconsin Indian reaerva lion a lev, weeks after «lie was married to Peuy in Chicago Louie* Car Fir Loan Leming the adtotiiobHi ax seujrity (or a (100 loan Perry juoiHlsed to return Lo Blythe\llle Friday, hut did nol do an Police obtained Information which led thorn lo believe, how- evtr, Uiut he either was in the vicinity or In St Loula and many officers Joined In the aearch foi him In both ciUss After leaving hU eecond wife, K/iihpij'n Gehharl Psi ry, in Cleveland earl) In Jtily, Periy rrmda mar- iliige propoHala to l.nda l^owne^ of Eldorado 111 and Dotothy Davis, 21 of Rljthevllle, authorities learned. It nafi considered likely he would return to Bl) theville tn see Mia* DavlB Married Arif 1C Ml«o Downey, It wax lound, iccept- nd the proposal and, not knowing Fei ry already had wives In Cleveland and ChkrtRO and iva,a clnniged with killing another Jit WtsooniJn, wu married to him at Carmi 111 Aug 16 Then h« left her aj he had tha olhers Peiry fir^t wns nuapected of mur ddr and big-umy when the hody of Mm Haekelt won found on the I Du Flnmbenii Indlnn reHervallon Duath wan altrlbnted to A huarl st- U f k Mirvet wan a c n n d i d a f f for the Dcmocraflf nomination at the stair Democratic fonvention hero Innt month He was direnlfd bv foimei Sftnalol Thorn (is Bajanl, He Wat 64 i e a i » old For nmnv veois Mnri'el wan prominent In Delnwuic Demoertitlr poll- tics The law firm of which he wns n member )irr« has a. ATLANTIC FLYERS LAND IN LONDON WITH OLD PLANE Hop From Scilly Isles In Veteran "Colombia" Without Incident BOTH MEN ARE RESTED i K a l nl!i I I ' n M ) C ROVDOiV AIRDROME Or i 11 F l lnj Columbia veteran of two flights UCIOSH the Nonli A t l w n - lio nccan, arrhed at Craydon sir- dome at 3 95 p m (10 IV a m J-JT } fetHXli) . f t r a 300 mil* CHICAGO QUESTIONS STATE GAS TAX LAW Suit Filed To Compel Oil Company To Pay Back Charges SPRINGFIELD. Oct. 11-of the Ktate'i thre* e*nt ftanoltn« Inw Is Involved In the to the state nupreme comt her* Sat- utrd»y, by Atlorney Oen*r«l Orwu'K Cnrlitlrom of ft pelltlon unking lenve to -record «n original Act of debt · Kfllnnl a Chlcaito concern whkh nold naijollne lo the city of Chicago and fulled to pay n *«iri tax ( The (iioceedlntf IK ex(ected 10 lend to an attack *n the net t n n * t i l u lionalllv and uniiid Involve a m n n l h - i ly revenue of abotii IIWO.OOO tn hie slnte rnrldlrom K petition chrtrften that o th* state for REVOLUTIONISTS WIN ENGAGEMENT NEAR SAO PAULO Thousands of Government Soldiers Retire Before Attackers U. S. WARSHIP READY tion and general law pi no tine He was Viorn in Georgetown !·), Inn 18 1HS6 and wns admitted to l»w pi act he In 1811 In 1SOA he m u r l o d M|HS Mttjy Belle .larknon, Of Maryland He was president of [the Delaware State Bar association · Sclll) Kroup nit lit' tip of Kniiland The sturdy plane piloted hv Capi I Knol Bojd of Onudfi und nail- of I .omplatert the Wight ftom Ha,h7. '"'mirnHpalitj drifted to pav for ftttfoj'ine Mold to city of Chlc*(to. and on which atate tax *«» not pnkl The company h»i lax uniJer an frnm Corpo-l In Noilhein WlaconBln * week »RO Mi* Hackett hart been shot tn the head On Tune 3d shn had t»»Mi married In Chicago to Perry whom she met thtoii^h a newspaper advetltae- ment Friends said all* gave him MOD after the mnn liijfe and thul uiey atarlect on thcli hon-Jynioon In h«r nittoitioblle First Wile In t hlw*K» ThJH wa« the name machine that hiin been found in Arknnias and w h i i h Ohio police say Pen-v diove t « C l e \ u l a n d un July 7 foin dtiyn afl- ei M r s Huclsctt lust uris li«iil f i o m Wiiry Ptny (he flist wife, no far an \n known, that Peirj had live* tn Chicago She tmy« he teft her several Vents URO after hei t h i r d chlla wan born CRAZED MAN KILLS BROTHER, FIRES ON CARS, SHOOTS SELF iflf thilHt Prr,i ) HUNTI.EY Oet 11 Toiturert by a fear of Itmnltj Julint A Hnke, W a proftpsrous farmei shot hli brolhei to death flrtifl upon paulng moloilsl^ for hours and when j*o- tlcn came to atreat him nttempted sukule early Salitrda} t i e wna In ken to 3t foscph s tins pltal In IClKin w i t h a bullet In bin GRAND JURY MAY SEE TAMMANY JJANK BOOKS Prosecutor Goes Deeper Inlo Charges That Offices Were Auctioned iftV 1 l(lrtj Plfil. ) NEW YORK Oct U -A grand juiy th»l scerrtJt d p t u m t n e d Io (ro Io l he bottom of ritmoin re tier ting on the Integrity of the New York city Judician p Inn nod Saturday to mibpcnn the bank account* of high Tammany hall officials Balked In its efforts to obtuln from Judge Aniedeo A, Bcrllnl the stoiy of liis appointment th« jury wMa preparing to cxnnnlne a i fiord of the flnjnnal trunlai lioM of John P Currj head of the Democratic or- and Chaiicn I, Kohler One With the (tame enflJne whjrh e«r- fag rled Clan-nee Cluin^herlaln and 1 held that the city wnt nnl 1(9111» Other cities of the ulale »r» comply- the 1*« cily buderet dlrectoi lo Wf 1C the fig- Hies would Ihrow llprlit on the charge that Bcitlnl hnughl his poslllon for MOOWX) Inleiest Is at a hi([h plldi hecautie tha Tummany Hnll in«ue In paramount in a close politico] campaign Unsavory report* of the cxlitenre of a ayslem by which public offices aie a-itclloneii at numit t n n g l n R from 510000 to 1200000 hfive btun lrciilat Inii »11 uuouner Ai i imtloni ha\e been lev*l«d ul u host nf clly iimtflii IrultH beuideo Bcitlnl REPUBLICAN RULE IN CONGRESS THREATENED Campaign Managers Say Depletion Injuring Candidacies Ifljj I mlrd t'ri-ti 'I WASHINGTON 1 Ot I t P«i»l- nnvi e l e p o i l s f i n m (Tni])fmtn» In Cho.lM A Levlne fiorn KW Y«h {J|||DK POISON IN DEATH to fiermanj, In 182T. th« Columbia «... /tnnrn UiTr made her second nucccaifnl crosnlnR: (Jf MAIL UKUfcK IH A I L of (he ocean but for the second ___^_ lime fell short of the actual goal. On the tu-ihi to owiwny chotiiberijiin il n diana Woman In (ail For tiaa forced down before reaching- Fleilln "Were a w f u l l y HOrry nhout Ihe TI 101," were Ihe tlr-it woH* of Connor when the Columbia landed Both Are B**l*4 A crowd of WO peisonn includlne' MARION Ind Oet greeled Ihe fl\eri death of GfnrfSf Rhrlver fl North and Connor ware cleanly R* n(1 N*b t«rm*r »fter hi* Intend- «nd wcarlnir Chilian (s)olh«!|» J wlf * n** bMln ·*i'«H*« I" eerfi|t. milt dnd ernllon with a matrimonial frrtiiJ, null-over sweater w i t h a aprlg o( ciwined a postmortem esnmlnaUon 10 *·- --'--' by a,iilhorltt«N Snurrlay titii i itirJ /'if « i t'Al M), »r»»ll, til J) Ait nM'nnftrmpri ripnrt iSfttnrdflj pwld » ir»tn ri,rryljtf I,*)0» («4«r ·I trriepx l*i tiantiMt hnd Ixen d»- rolM im · rrrrir- nn4 Ml 1,904 j»rrtn down a rrtnuniatnuldt Ntnlo* U DII (*' count, 34 ml|M Minlh if £·*» rmilln r*nt U n t f r il««B' fiiim RIO GRANDt DO SUL Brazil, Oct. I I ---Hevolutioimry hcadquartrrn iinnouncM Sstut- Fraud Charges, Denies Killing Man 11 The flowcru In hln coat lapel 'It ts du* to Boyd thM I m her*.** nald Connor Boyri plMV^ u "v thra* hli arm around lite nitlgatoi and It wai rfu« lo "Don't br? foolish, j o u r be Dr W T Hatiry. the neitro p h \ ·who aU*mi*d Stii-lvm, ed that politon mdr'rt hav« br-en rt- be dity thut the northern revolutionary nrmy in PHVHIIK *tntc hsl buttled Sna Pfluln federal force* nt Jftcarczmho and Sun Joie de I'lmlna, loutlntc thou^unda of govein* Htcnl troopK It alno ·ADH onnoijnccil ihrat jqbel forc.eit finm Minnn Gere** m u t e wtr» ready lo adMinee nn lllo de Janeiro, while fl\i IHHUIgent Ht rnfen totnllinE 30,WO men ar« advnnelnit on Sno Paulo from thn «outh U. S. Warship Ordered To Be Ready For Service 'fly t ttltrQ J'l'Afl J i WASHINGTON, Oct 11 -- Tht · Penoncola tt Noif^lli **n or Saturday, to praoted »t onci to tiuantananiii, Cuba, anl (iwfltt ex (Xicttd Older* to proceed to Brazil to protect AntoHean )IVe* which tu»S itpontilble for the that Hitn fitien Ml as Orin 1,1) Chm^y whom the Nebrsakn f»rnt«r ] e,J by (he ir*\olull«in, It h mall, dr-nl-d there waa any th Hllnd r-f The Columbia'* old motor per-(, m , (nrv | 0 the denth Xrom heri foined ntmoHt perfecth on the r(l) , j n inddin/tpollit w h e j e fttrl*''" rUjrht hul the pilots were forced in -^ f^eml aiithniltlea, *h* inld acute Inrll-tMtion" vian le'orhud nl ih« Sitili! IJepaitment hf cause nt death ( Saturday that the onlv function of l\y blind for ahout ten houis Bomewhat aouth nt their Ret- uled The two flyers wore, pleats of Major Doi-Hen-Rmllh Of Ttenco AbbeJ, bialn iiald he wna dy* Make rcRulneJ conailouinesn lonvr eiiiniBh to tell hospital attendants hi? hilled h)' brolhei, Geoisc Hake Z" bei anse Gcorgf wanted to drain my brain " The Jnimor tor-mejly was enn- f in I'd lo Ihe Etc In fl'ntf hoinpltnt but had heen dlachnrired si ciireri »nd hl|t father said he had been acting normally FEAB STICAMKIt JOST ANTWERP Oct 11--Fcai that thn Belgian sUarnei TtKils of 2TJT tonn was tosl wllh a ciew of S3 men was expi eased by offklnls ^aluitlHy after the body of Uic \e*sela mnflei w«a found on the ihoie at D u n k l t k varloim sectlfin" of the country have convinced Repuhlicsn lenders rhnt thi'j 1 f(ii e n rtespei ite strngple lo retnln preKent mnjorltlcn In Con- It develoixd at (i menllng of pnity Hileftfllnn at Reimhllcnn Nitloniil HcndiViai lent here Friday that the pnrty'i m n j n t l l y of more thnn 11 teuli In the I Ion HP wat wilouity menaced oriel I h n t n few sentti iu)f;hl be lost In thn Stnnle C*uni[)ulKii niiniBReiK woilclnit for tli e entulni; fieri Ion in the turlouji field 1 ) j e p i u t e d t h n t (he lusin*w de- pies'lon was hiirllngr their candl- ("ate 41 nnd t h u t even HepubUcnni W nej a l t j "w e] e n in I he I if about stlp- Ihp Hoo\er n d m l n i K t i n l l o n prohahlj urtv 1 him but I didn't He looked 111 when he came (o Marlon nnd I called Hr Balieji" MlHd IJi)eni Is one of three worn- when the^ spent Krlday nlRhl on t h e ' r n niniit^tt In various I n d i a n a elt)ei« S r l l l y idle HH the 1*111 ill of M fedeinl tnqiilrv The crowd wu# mnprlHed "hv the into -oir«snonilenc*r lourtohlpf In flinallnPHB and the ancient appeal ,·»·])! 1)1 her pltolovrAttih tv»N tnalled In mien of the Columbia as well fti hyiniHiiy men Koui men nlsn ir« held the cnbtn « a n Jammud tn th« I'aHi apalk 1 in hei all with RtKlKetH itich nit flux's ])iifn nnd oJd toiih Wlie mv nmlher thut right ' Uo\d s«ld 'Ami «!' lo\ e " SLEEPING MAN SHOT; WIFE, BOARDER HELD FOOLISHNESS PASSES i FOR CHIVALRY; COPPER SNOW HOSPITAL PATIENT (Bjf t litlr* i, NEW YORK Oct. I I PdUdmian r »i(«f i . i Oel 11 Rtllph rjindinpham W wan shot fotit t l m e « In Ihe head nnd serlonclv wounded an he slept In n bed In hlji home heie inlurdnv Mr' Van Iji»diMRbnm. s lhe viounrted man n mite nnd Tohn Bohn :(ed 50. t telefiinph opi'inloi are t-ordlhc lo r-jllid to Ai ·an* liid Ide tile hci Michael 'iinmaxima SH. »fu tn a hnii)it*Bl ^ntilrtlav feeeaitw )i||r nen*" V n n nf chlvnln proved a little ntronpi'r thnn hi* phull 7(* had nn '*ngnsemen! w i t h M t * Kloreiie* nnnntn 14 a wldon They ·went foi n ilrte tn tha patrolman'* nutotnohlle and An aifr/iiment a t n t t e d rinnlly rmiamaci'lma confefnei) he , «·(» In the wronff and Mo|ip*d h« )i T F Hill \itmi mrtt-hlne Rlt out nnd offered Mt*n Vtn I,»tiillni,lmm'ii noiinlo hh hlacltjaclt telllrlft her lo iKlmllled ^h-mtlnt; * ih" « fice nwlnp, «t him " dl I w l i l i \ U u t anj although crulliei would h» to tftkfl oft Mhone liven mlehi b» *n* reri Theff Bin Ho o(het Arrt»l'- lean nnvnl ve«il« in )\i nrlltrtn w*- tern nnd (he ren^neoln tx 'hit only ship heing ordered io ntnnd by (or i Ills dwj, il *nnn explained i . . Government Claimi SubitanUal Victories ittv "ttir«f i'i' i KIO Dtt WNKlltO, O t i:~The nilnUliy of jutttloo unnounoMl Sftiilr- J«y ihnL f i'd e I B I troopn In Santi. CnihttitntL and Hlo cji'ande do Stil KUIe« wet* "fiKhllnu heroloalh ' th« (jrfvuruP of fiom Ihe South Th* IT) In In tn alxn nnnoiimed unit revolul lonlfUM h»t been dr»f-«t«d »t Helen cttpllnl of Para, plate, In th* North, MASK KOrt ATT\K Vnn 1 nndlnKham taken TO ISSDP- WABRANTH i »(i Mi'inl f'MTtl SPBINGFIKLD Oc U--Fear that miiif) than a^xcore of achool diMilcta In Sangamon McConpin Monlgnm- eiy and Chllsltan cnnntle-a affected by bank failures, would havs to close watt allayed Snliiuiny In the annouriLfrnfnt nt Ihe state superln leiident of puhlli Instnii lion's otflce thttt anllolpiitkm witrrnniB would enable the schools to continue Chorus Girls Stop the Show, But Do Not and Will Not Wear Corsets to the Kenan! county j»ll at PeterH- hliilf Pohnflted iifl» i Imflliler In the Vnn LntullnKlMin home + 12 Rnbbers Forced To Flee By Forgttfulness the rmtli i-iiuin luul to Iw 1 lift] to the iiottpllrtl they 91 ( fiiendK again LABOR CONVENTION TAKES BRIEF RECESS blllera nnd drlvern of John ·R Sexlon and eompanv. wholewale proePM %eie overpowered early Saturday by 12 1 mashed men, who held of thr More for more t h a n ll I Hllrtl p t f n \ Oet H - Under I K l ' K p i o h t h t t l n B futnnlav ne^nlonn the nnnim) convnilnn of Ihe Ameilcnn rederatlnn of T.nhnr vt** fidjotirned Satnrdny unill Ti|inrlss Rom* nf 41 S deleRntea w*r« O l»k« a from Woslon irv Prmberton an ff-iie^tn or the RoMon central labor union Otheri were to attend the Harvard-KprlngfleliJ footbill game the iRy Vi lirit Pf«i 1 CHICAGO Oct H--They hnd to stop the dhow and gain the »upport of no lean n person than J ,1 Shubert himself to win theh point, but --the chorus dancerfi of the play 'Three Little niils" wre not woatlnff coI acts any more Threo member* of the chorus Lillian Lane Patricia Allen and At'- ten n la Faque, led (heir 33 companion dancejs lit revolt when the show was In New Yolk two weekn ago 'Coiseti a i e not n«eeiH»ty and beiirtea Ihej 'poll our tshapcw, dc* elarad the ^irls "Thev ore nereisa-iy In thij eld fashioned number and you can wear em or B*t out, 1 declared the man- -h a i Departed an hour The hartdltM fulled tn theii pur* pose when n bniKlfir alarm pi evented robbing the snfc The hundltu then. Hccot dtnu In emplovei, dlncimwd pin us foi HldnapiiiK official* of (he cnmpitnv nnd brlnnrltiK them to the plant to open the vault Woman Accused of Murder Repeats Self Defense Plea ittlf t nil :t ,nl ) CHTOAGO, Oet )1-- Weak »nd ntrv- Bgement out" notice expired Friday fciit when the time airlvrsd for the thiee to denait Ihe other S3 went on irtiilce and d PC In rod they too] would lertvo imleHH tho cotset wear Ing order was remanded The ho it i foi the show arrived The curtain remained down There ivns m rbotus Frank Dire of actors and' ehomf fdr)*' etjiiity wao called He oiden»d Ihe gttl't tnro the nt'ifhV New Modern Woodman Thev Shiibi'H In York was called hi telephone Me ruled cut th» corsets -- SS mlntitea and the Case Up In Supreme Court itia Uitllfil I'iftt I SPRINQFIKLD. Ool 11--Tha utale funicme coutt Saturday denleil t mo- llun of the head catnp ot th* Modem Woodmen of America to file * writ ot prohibition agnlnst th* circuit couit of Wtmhtngton conn I v The writ wait sinKfht to prevent the court fiom taking jurisdiction In a petition for temporary Injunction ngalnut the head camp, now pending tn the low* er (curl. Mm S«turd»j She WAI hei A yearn old opted daughter, Kewple, on* of the causca, ahe (tut I (led, of h«i eonlitel- hutlMtnd'n dtkll) lo the Onlv one mori wllneae to be e«ll«d hv 1hi rtefenM ·ft»i' 111O 1B lANHIKO, Oet 1)~COB* i-entratlon of Hrn^lllNn ·f»dei il troop« for nn attack nn Fiollo Horiiontu ·tppetire-J (nintlneni Snluilay, wltn lepurierl fi-iii'tnl go In* nipilnftt ttbttn in Centta! U i A X i ) I Bcllo llorlroiite IA csul off f t n m Klo i ile Janeiro lv n nionntaln inne«, serra (to Mar, and IK the moM atral* egj« point hi'W by Ihe Whr'tn In (nenr plan to nitnrk Ihe fmleinl cnpital It IK the on))ll(il nf 1he »t)»ti- of Minn* O'rileA nnd Itn high nltltiule offera o p p o i t n n l t y foi itiroiiK dcfi-niw Jt wnN te)t(iiti(t ie!liihly her« ftint fednraln liHrl captured Jlflilnvenn, tn Impoiliint pinltkin In 'IN »t»*lt nn Bello HOI l^ome Puro Fino, In Southern Minim (*,·*»ft, *)i«i wna reportmt in fedotat hnnd« and K'\ernnten( Iroopa w e i e lepfirted marching on BURY R-101 VlCTIMft IN ONE GRAVE NEAR DIRIGIBLE'S HANGAR lltu t'Hlli-4 tn* 1 "AnDmOTON Una Orjt It -The vkilni* of Oi* dlrlKlhlii R-lfll wci-« hulleil Sntutday tn k K«-nv« In Ihe almdow of the Bri»l Hh»d from vvhloli Ihe departed J'tst n weeh »*'» Thin Riav* clone to the norne* of moot o Ilio dead, wnrtteri h\ with th* apl'ndoi of the official cor- emnnle* »t St Ponl'n In T.Andrn And the ma(Enlf|eenre of the »-"*nfl *t W»irtmlri»ter (fall, wn-r« rhotmndi Irtnutd In trlhuis. Hit and Run Driver ~ KiHs Pedestrian »¥ llHlttit PtHt } ~~. Ocl, U--W. K, Po»l«i, ihiuraitcit rtilJUNtoi', wit tttul* ly Injiirrd by H hit untl )un ·utorne- bll« driver hem Srtttirtlay H* WB* fotmd imronirlotn on » ulcjewilk In » re*ld«ntlat aection What** h« t* tM- Ilev«d to hive h««n pl«e«d by th* WASHINGTON,' "6rt. Jl-Th* Iritnmiry n«l lwl«nc« on Ocl * wita VZnWMZn I"I27TIH*,I22.T1) exp*n- dltiirM for the Mitn« day wi-rt fn,* S02.M3S7 (i1J-30S,M)3.-7) and cuittnmi receipt* for tha month to that d»ti driver of th§ Mr which vtruek him, were «0,71M1011 (|IO.T16,7W U). H« dt«d wirou'),' to hoiplUl. ii-WSPAFFRl

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