Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 20, 1959 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
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Friday, February 20, 1959
Page 4
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4 THE PAMPA DAtLY HEWS ftUDAV, FEBRUARY 20, 1059 61s! Year TOURIST—Sir Winston Churchill wears an outsize stct.son and smokes a huge cigar as he goes for a walk in MarraUrsh, Morocco. He is vacationing with Lady Churchill. 'Consider The Lily' Willie Attack's Subject Sunday "Consider the Lily" will be the sermon topic discussed by Rev. VVoodrow Adcork at the two morning services of the Pampfl First Methodist Church Sunday at 8:30 and 10:55. t'hft 8:30 a.m. Service is broadcast over Radio Station KPON. The special music for this service will be. the anthem, "Carol Of Jacob's Ladder", an English Carol sung by the Carol and Wesley Choir. The special nitisic for the 10:55 service will, be James', "Almighty God of Our Fathers" j sung by the Sanctuary Singers, i Sunday Evening Fellowship will: begin nt 6 with a light supper for the entire family in Fellowship Hall. At 6:30 p.m. children, youth and adults will separate for one hour of planned activities according to interest and needs. "Being Calm in the Storm 1 ' will be the subject Rev. Adcock will use for the Sunday night service at 7:30. The special music will be the anthem, "The Cnrlstian Battle" by Douglas sung by the. MV'F Singers. The fourth session of the Church Wide Mission study will be conducted by Mrs. Glenn Cox who will give an introductory study on Hawaii at the Adult Evening TCU Slates Three Ballels By Members Of Ballet Division FOURSQUARE i FoRf WORTH (Spit -- Tliree 'original created by mem- 'bers of the Texas Christian TJnl- i varsity ballet division will be pre- 'senteci Friday and Saturday, Feb. 27-28. in Ed'Landreth Auditorium let students will represent slave i girls and courtiers. CHURCH SERVICES CHUfiCM Ufsti §APtl*'t t, rtev. Dxvayne StAHInfr, p««lor Hllloil, paMor, Hurry Rftv J«n« . , , , ..... Rimrinv R<>rvi('P9; 9:15. Sunday School nlns?, Sundfty School sufieflhipmlcnll * "LeS Chapeatl/., With ehorog- for B if ntre.<; 11:0'X Mornlnjr Worship; nil! .\frmroft, Trftlnlmr Union dlr«"t6rl v nliv hir Prp«itnri ftrpnprv and 7:30 P.m. KviuigellMIe Sftrvlte. fuM- fUrlck millfndfcr, Mu.-ln direr-tor. .snn« phy by rieston, *"»e<> «™ fr* v p - 7 .,-- m * O hiidr«n'* church, dny Service: ni.trch School 9 :4ft ,. m., utilities by Harvey Hysell, tella ThuVminy, 7::to p.m., Prayer And Mornin* Worship I0:«p, . Trnlnjn* . raphy costumes the story of two widowed Pftriesi- rraig* s«rvu-e. HOBAftf BAPtlSt CHUfiCH 1i.11 WISt Crawford PEACE MAY TROUBLED CYPRUS KHONA ,., on cotntilittpp Pampa Girl Serving On OU Committee on rampiis. jehne hnt shop owners, Mme. An- ( The program, under the super- got a^LM. foerain, who are bitter! vision of Ballet Master David comniWora, each claiming to j Preston, will Include "Romantic create the highest fashions inj I!iM . , o|)n r , ypr pn ,, or Reflections," "L,es Chapeaux" and hats. Vet, beneath their rlvarlry.,school 11:45; s , tr " r "i l "S*. W t 0 i rs i h L p "Black favane." |»es a secret love which ^nnot'^' lf ^ mn '-^. f *^ Fvenin? performances are'bloom because of their mutual slob p.m: scheduled atS:15 on Friday and;stubbornness. The. road to their) ...... mi|rL with « qnpcial Saturday admission of love is paved by, IMMANUEL at oV 1 portion of the'their children, a fabulous countess; <N<m.o«,o«ln.l.o«.l> will" be'telecast from thejwho buys their hats, her wealthy S(V| . V|( . PK . Sm|j| gl .,- loo| ,„ aiiditorttiin over KFJZ-TV, Fort patron, M. Dodo, and a thief. ;„„, y 0 ,, -ng .' roopie'sService 7 >n>. Worth, starling at 2:30 p.m. | The thief Is danced by Ronny ^"^^^."^'^ePk^R^o. 7*"« Tickets which mav be used for!Johnston; the covintress by Mary p,,,,. VrMn y ' any performance, are on sale 1rt RnKbro,*: Mme Angol by Catha- «nd prayer , the office of the School of Flne'rine Urban, Laredo; N. Del airi, Jo HQLY SQULS CATHOUC CHURCH Arts, $1.50 for adults, 50 cents for, Bf >h .Shirley Port Worthy Mme., 612 w Browm , )fl sl\tf.l6nt*t '.*'''** • * ' The first ballet. "Romantic R € .'Deraln's ^1 a tig h t e r. has been set to the Moar . and M - ®<>d°> Harold Black- Ma?*, B, s, Union 6:.10 p.m., -:30. Evening Worship SEfHfL AsSEMSLV 6f tHUftCH A Worrtll R " m "' y 60B Ttev. fntt) f. fcr-yflnt, pastor, Sun- iln.v fsprvlffts: Sunday School 9MB H.m.i Worship 11 n.m.; Kvnnijplhtl* SsrviPi? 7:^0 t>.m. \Vei1ncsflay. HIMa Stndv 7:.1fl p.m. Thursdny: Wotn«nl Missionary Council, 9: IS a.m. BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH 320 6. Tyng RPV. M. H. Jlutchlnson. pastor. evening: HMile study <j, ln ,i a y Services; 10, RiMfi School vk ' -*- In n.m.. PrmchlnR! Rvenln* fiervlr* nesday 8 p.m. Midweek N n. flections,' 'music of Alexandre ,. „,,.„., .... . with choreography and decor by I The ballet Is set to the music Harvey Hysell, New Orleans sen- (ot Charles Lecocq. ior. It has no story but Is dance; movement designed solely to delight the eye. It is a snow piece j for the technique of nine of the. vr™ „„.„>' Tli* T!rv. I'nthrr Kflxvard ,J. Margaiet mni| c.M.. pastor. .Sunday Services: 1":.'IH n.m. Momlny- CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH 513 E. Francis P.PV. T. O. t.'pshRW. pastor; Bolt NORMAN, Okla. (Spl) — Rhona TCU dancers and is the classical; Fcllowsh'o this Sunday ~in~"the Finkfilsteln. Pampa, is on the;ballet of the evening composed. Church parlor' following a film j student committee completing ar-jof eight variations and ensemble; ' rangcmfinls for the annual Con-;work. fere'nce on Religion which will bg | "Black Pavane" is a dramatic February 15 through 18 al the Un-^ballet in one act, set in the stark iversity "of Oklahoma. [gloom of a castle In medievalj All campus religious groups are:times. The story concerns a noble- concluding the Alaska portion of the studv on "Methodism in Alas- jka and Hawaii". i The Sunday Evening Adult pan- jet will have "Prayer" as the i theme of discussion, based on the fifth in a series of religious films over the television program, "Talk Foreign News Commentary By PHIL NKWSOM I'PI Foreign News Kilitor sniper's rifle or a bomb burst in' a vill.i've street. I For th? firmed forces of Britain; on the island n nr l Cor the forces' The following will serve as pan-: cooperating with plans for the con-'man, a courtesan, a young girl ' ferenc-e which will turns snpecheq and trrouo tines, speeches and group russions on the in the Modern World. include lee- and a *la ve - Through a series of events, the nobleman de- Scouts Hear Alford At Banquet Here . ., , , , .. ,. . . . Krlflny: fi-.ts. s,, a m. Ratnr.Uy. rnllnhiti ., minister of fi: I."', Novena. .. , 8 „ „,. \vp.dnpstlay and pd»- JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Kinodom Hill 944 S, Dwiflht :30 p.m. ,. a tion. 'Sunday Servicr-*: CliurcH ;^ {School 9:4."" a.m., Worship 11 R.irt., ,„ ;Tr«inlriR- t'nion fi:ts p.m.. Worship»* \':f,n p.m. WedtK'dnys Prayer Service**" CENTRAL CHURCH OF CHRISf -»>» 800 N. Som«rvill» »5 S. ,1. Tjattflrtim, congregation n«>rv- | nnt. Hilile Study, Tuesday 8 11. I"-!] Service Meeting, Friday, 7::tO p. in. | j jj nilpntrlok, mlnslrr. Sunday .Ministry School. Friday, S::)0 p. m.; e> prv | t . e ,, : 11.43 H . m . Bible School; 11:50 o Watch Tower Study, .Sunday 4 p. m, „ m Morning Worship. 7:10 p LAMAR CHRISTIAN CHURCH l!,'^" 1 ' Sumner A. Bond 'Mi.i'ivrek RP.V. David K. .Mill*, pastor. Sunday,'"" Services: Church School !):40 a.m., Worship Service I0:4n a.m., Second! Service 7 p.m. CALVARV BAPTIST CHURCH 824 S. Barnts CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN 600 N. HPV Darroll Fryman, pastor. Sun* ••••: day Services: Church School !>:I5 A. ^ c -, . FjchristinChurcn andthervi cht.w-h ssmwor- K.hprno and trrouo dls-H'agif events, the nobleman de-, r " al «-""hiian oiiuu.n ana inei7 ; TralniiiK fnlon fl-.irj.jmip Srrvlpp. 7 and group c us , » young ! parents were honored recently at ', , ; vo "ii,i , s p.m. \\>dnpmiay : ,,-hoir i;phHnr«, theme 'Meaning Stro>s u e : si ve a eaoh'i Familv ^WM Banquet in Fel-. WhT* 1 Mpetlnr 7 p.m.. Mid Week-Choir llehpiirwi orld." \S"l because of ehe,. ' ov f for each fc . w Hwv ,,. e „ p . m . , v. Kniil? IIIII. pastor. Siinday^Rer- jjn.'. Mornlnsr Worship 'II a.m., Youth^'J 1 . Service 7 p.m. Thursday: .Tunlof*** •ill 7::in p.m., r 1 -- 1 -' - itl S p.m. el it should i Irvm other and.' in turn, meets his own >°wship Hall. i c ] en th After the banquet, Ben Graham' event will be Dr. Houston Smith.! "^ ba]]et , R rreale() by Ronny |held a Court of Honor in which! members: Fred Gary, Mrs.! The principal speaker for the, . V. Grace. Mrs. j e\ J. K. Gimn, and j philosophy professor from Mas { ' onf>)n loot t u Tttatitlltp n h t Hot ' A feud which threatened seri-1 f Greece a , K ] TurUev u .-.i./.:iui r •',-.., , m u • i.ionnsion, nui OUHM S .-., ouslv Allied defenses of the E ft9 t-', m9an a lvtm . n to thai/normal job ;George Whitten with Rev, Adcock Rn chu 8 ett S Inst.tute of Technology. J ^ b ' v „*„. ero'Mediterranean and splattered of ?UH1 . (Jlnw ,;-, lin doi--bel!v of, as moderator. Smith is an authority on rompar-^ Fo| . t ^^ co , .«r..i tr.inM/^ ii-itln ' .° . . I —- — : ntivf* tVniln^onhv nnH rplisrion flnu ! .. ' . . theirj On The Record a normally peaceful island with Euro p e a nti standing as a buhvari. j blood, apparently is about to come; against , uly .« ol ,th'ern or .c.on ( h-i to an end. westward thrust by the Soviet Un- \ In the near future, probably in ion. j London, H is expected a pact will i Itcarh Crisis In T>5 i be signed creating an independent' The d i s p u t c over Cyprus Cyprus. reached ths crisis stage in 19D5 For a. black-bearded priest of and quickly mushroomed into in- thc Greek Orthodox church, it ternational status out of all pro- will be a compromise victory. ; portion to the island's size. Rr . mvninc , For the half-million inhabitants ; ^1^^^^^. CHfte^Daniels. W N. Well. ed nieiubi't'.s, to the verge of war, Ark. The, two Scouts were awarded Liimp-^nd Class. They ,. . , K11 , run .ri.n,,, costumes by hill, son of Mr. alive p'nilo.-sopny and religion and is the author of a book entitled "The Religion., of Man" which Th • lhe mujjl( . of |Approximately 15 Scouts were was published in 1958. He will : . - - PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH Alcock »nd Zlmmtrs CALVARY ASSEMBLY OF ooo ^ 1124 S, Wilcox Ita Boh Oooilwln, pastoi. Serviced: Sil»->«ii* .•*** Cleve Haubold, coslumer in the'Barnhill and ni1 , l ! C , CI !TCU department of theatre arts.jOf Mr. and Mrs. which • ' H -! • — - • • • Samuel Barber and Bela Barlok.! a warded Round-Up badges. These speak at four general convoca- Ballct Mas t er Preston will ap-iScouts were responsible for other tions. 'pear in the part of the nobleman, boys being registered into Scout- REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS (Non-Utah Mormoni) WELLS STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST Wells «nd Browning Sunday !r<iinmmiion Christy Ann Seymour, 911 of Cypru.s, it sliould merm a re- Uirn to normal agricultural pursuits, instead of the crack uf a mi:l from Arnil. cnst nc:\rly Speakers at special ROTC .;on-;^ Johnst on dancing the role or ing from Sept. 1 to Dec. 15. One' T^jjiml ^""Vl'J^ vocations will be Father John ]>od-; the R i ave fhe courtesan is danced : Scout, Philip Elsheimer Jr., son of r'reachW ii n.m. rnmnmnlon nerved son, St. Gregory's College, Shaw- by Trishka Bennage, Lewlsburg, | Mr - a "d Mrs. Philip Elsheimer, first Sunday of radi month. E. nee: Rabbi Joseph Levenson,jp' n _ ancl tne young girl by Cynthia,w-as recognized with a small ^ift PROGRESSIVE BAPTIST 'Oklahoma City; und Capt. E. Cory Borger Eighteen other bal-j ft "' being 100 per cent at a Roll (Colored* 836 S. Gray Jo|< Richard Barnes, New Orleims, | '- ' '" ' .. _. . KI::IO a.m.. 7 p.m. |,; Mill-week <*!•• 1:3<) p.m. Mrs. Peg.'iy Hathaway, Mobeetie CHURCH OF CHRIST M»ry Ellen at Harvester ones, minister, Sun'l.iy Mrs. Louise Smith, Pampa eighth naval district chaplain. Also on the schedule is an art ft more than 1.200 * Mrs - f Jeal 'Hne Britten. .M" Ciirr, f j| in „„ |,;| rireco's religious For Your Insurance Needs CONTACT Buzzard Agency 1812 N. Nelson AlltomolKie • Hre • ("usually MARK.BUZZARD — 3IO 5-4391 I TALMADGE J. WRIGHT CHIROPRACTOR 1334 Willlston MO 9-9,527 GARDEN TOOLS To Speed Yard Work Home Builders Sup. 312 W. Foster MO 4-8IU first GOO lives and wounded. The difficulty stemmed from the island's grr-at si value in the Eastern Medilerrane an, and second from the tin com promising demands of the island'. 1 100.000 Greek Cypriots for union ; jsjp|,,' on with Greece. ' Mrs Ann;i T)|bbj vvl] , le Dcf>| . Cyprus, about half the size of Now Jersey, lies only 40 miles off! non Drive the coast of Turkey, but 500 milesj Krnest Earl from mainland Greece. For 300!Crawford Mrs. Teresa Caldwell. W h i t e in g. s an rir t inuseinn .show of re- Deer Iligious art, an 'architecture ex* 1 '* H ^ e Ly '^' ^ B ''^ ]ey !" ibit » f ^>^»- n mu S eum riis- Drive iplay on Plains Indians' religion, Mrs. Aileen Gordy, 1837 N. Nel- television and radio programs. by the Univeisity Call and'Inspection meetine;. This K« v ' '<• i:.. i»»vi«, Sunday )( .; s . 9;tr , :,'. ,„., HIM,, suicv: 1 ™ Scrvli'ps: 9:l : :> H.III. Siiinliiy Hrimdi; () ,„ I'hnn-h Sfrvl'-fM: p tn (, llf«a| jmsjiei-tion encourages the boys to u : nn ,,.1,1.. l'r.-:ii-liini(- St-oifr; >linltK | le(1 piM-» int-ciintr. «:"» P Klinninn With :|je nei >t nnd clean ill apnenrftlice l> ""-. Tr:Unlnj«• rnlr.n: B:i:. p.m., Hve- i,; VPMl | IK s«'rvi.'H. U>ilm».iliiy. nuiminy nnn tts wel , a , ,„ Kpep ,. h an ,r ai .,i OI ,. ^/if.jy'^^.^i'.i^^^,;,;-; 11 ,-^-: ^-^^vn^^?' Horses'Will Be Dr. Carver's Topic The highlight of the meeting was a speech brought by Holll.s; Alford, Director of Fielrl Service ' er» .\li.-clinm .«rt» «•*. McphUlip , 1008 Tommy Lynn Harmon, 1100 Var- Parker, 430 W years it had been ruled by Turkey, and since 1878. by Britain. It never hurl belonged to Greece. l v j s Mrs. Lorene Spence, Borger Mrs. Juanita Butler, 610 N. Da- SALVATION ARMY 837 S. Barnes Knvoy mill Mrc. U. «'. S'-«K<>. ofrifprn for the Adobe Walls Council. Al- in ihniK«-. Sunday: CinnpNiiy Alfpnnx, ford took the 12 Points of . h e 'li^^"]-^"^ .^.V *titi So'ClU. , Dr. Douglas Carver, pastor of Scout Law (Thrifty, Clean, Rever- | P ,..«. n a.m.: VP i.ejfion. 'a.m.: sal-isorvire^: the Pampa First Baptist Church, lent. Friendly, Brave, Courteous Miss Kinkelsteln. daughter of W ill be in the pulpit Sunday morn-|Obedient, Helpful. Cheerful, Kind/s Mr. and Mrs. Dave. A. Finklestein, |i n ^ Rn( \ w jli use as his sermons-oval and Trustworthy) and 1901 N. Russell, in on the hospl- J topic, "Running With H o r s e s."'pared them, as food for thought, if- EVANGELICAL METHODIST CHURCH 1101 S. Welli HPV. C. K. nii.vne, Pflstnr, S. W. Beck, 108 N. Nelson Terry Williams, Miami Randy Maness, -4^1 N. Sumner Mr.s. Louise Reid, Pampa Dlnmissalx Allen Snapp, -112 N. Zimmer.s Bill Deaton, Pampa James Brakewood, 312 N. DR. R. H! RUTLEDGE CHIROPRACTOR 111 S. Ballard MO 4-4fi27 Raymond Bryant, 525 S. Gray Mrs. Helen .Worley, Perryton tality committee. She is a sophomore in the College of Education. Girl Seoul Week Parade Slated Here Miss Eloise Lane, organist, will play •Beneath His Sheltering Wings" by Clarke for the offertory number. with 12 good ways to help a child 7:30 p.n become a juvenile delinquent as printed in the Jefferson Journal entitled "Holy Lord God." arranged by Nobel Cain. The Chapel A parade of Girl Scouts at 9:30 | T. B. Solomon, will be the guest Hy for a boy to Grow in stature ! !:i'ioir rei'ii-iirMril. Women »i St. .\ini- a.m. March 7, will kick off the speaker at the evening worship, jand wisdom and favor with God ^''^'"ig't'a'iid 3rd 'ninr"uHvs y »t s"p.iii° Mrs. Thelma Darnell, 2201 N.jTopO' Texas Council's observance } Major Solomon will report in Sun 'and man. ' N. of Girl Scout Week, according to | Francisco, Calif. March 2 for over- Mrs. J. W. Dugan, public relations ' seas duty. He and his family ex chairman. jpect to be in Korea for the next 13 HI-LAND WASHATERIA 2000 N. Hobart MO 9-9083 • open 34 Hours Daily Wash 20c Dry 10c 'or 10 The parade, will form on Tyng, months, east of Cuyler, and will disband , Sunday afternoon at S the Train- KEYS MA'DE While You Wait Mack's Shoe Shop 320 W. Foster Crocks In Majority j But the Greeks were in a heavy majority on the island, and, under the leadership of Archbishop Makarios II, in iB.'iO bc'fiin demanding union with Greece. Maknrios played heavily on national sentiments in his campaign, and it was not IGO long before, against its official will, the Greek government also was drawn into the controvresy. At least one Greek government fell because the people felt it had not taken a firm enough Mand toward HtmexMton of Cyprus. In 1955, thj Greek underground on Cyprus declared war on the British, and the shooting In the midst of it all, stood the figure of Makarios. In a crowded village church, one Sunday, he told his followers: "Cyprus has known many con- Christy querors in |he Now it is face Browning ior.-aaion by Mead's Bread Com-, his leaching from the "Book of to face with the last of its con-, Ri ,, kie Q, wi ., es 1008 >s Dwight j pany ' i Mark." Teacher's meeting will be querors. Your church has pre-1 Mrs Mah|e Penn j ngtonp p ampa '• i,; ach troop will make a pennant at 7, mid-week service at 7:45, served the flame of religion and, Mrs ^^ Smitn Pampa ; wilh 1(s , number on it. In and choir rehearsal at 8:.'!0. Tlie nationalism through nil thf*? cen- Mr3 Eula Klllian 522 N stark- ; ,. he event of fcad weather, the pa- Cub Scouts of the Church will be tunes. Jl will lead you yet to lib- vveather | rade will consist of a cavalcade of honored at the annual Blue and erty and wlwer you Irom toi'Pign| CO N(iRATi:LATIONS jear.s. The parade will start form- ! Gold Banquet Friday evening. Feb. rule . | To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hatha-' j ns at f) :10 a.m. 27. This banquet is given by the Shocks Hritish | way Mobeetie, on the hirth of a { ?;j r i Sroul Week to be observ- Church each year to show its ap- The British were .shocked at daughter at to :24 a thi.s high churchman's "complicityj 1^3 is oz which is published by the inmates The Church and Chapel Choirs of the Missouri State Penitentiary, will present an antiphonal anthem Parents, if Interested, can con-.'a.m. suit the Scout Master or church'"'onary Volunteer office for a list. i SEVENTH DA-» ADVENTIST CHURCH 425 N. WARD P. A. .!*»nUln.«, pas'or. Patuprvlren:'.h S'-hool, !»:.1(1 Church Sprvlcp. II a.m.; Ml». -- • \ p.m. Choir will be seated in the renrj Alford reminded the Scouts balcony in order to have the prop- and their parents that Scouting is! er echo effect for the C h u r c h -19 years old. Scouting is for the! .j- l)p 1tev . -\vmiam K. WP.M. rertor. ST. MATTHEW'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 727 West Browning .*. CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTI»T^ 101 N. FROST t;', .Sunday Services: am.. .Sunday- School; 1l:nO a.m., HunOay Service.-^ \\>dn«sday: 8:on p.m., WcrlnfKday ^ $ervlc<'. ItfadliiR Tlooin hniim: 2 la *"• TiiCRdav nn'l Friday nnd »ea»., v lemlay evcnlnR aftpr the iiervlce. f> REVIVAL CENTER Dw Qht A Alcock (Borger H'wy.) . Unl>y M. llnrro.v, pnstor. Wells V. L. Hoff, Skellytown Mrs. Shirley Runyon, 2101 Faulkner Mrs. Ann Taylor, 2H2 Aspen W. W. Chambers, Borger Patricia Tolbert, Miami Mrs. Sue Thornton. McLean O. G. Miller, 4lfi Purviance Jessie Wright. 506 Oklahoma Mrs. Ethel Seago, 611 Albert Mrs. Lizzie Whitson, Pampa Pari.-h Pay School. thrmii;li third srade -Mrx. I'lem l''ol- lowi'II flinn-li secrdHry. I'lein Kollo- At the beginning- of Girl Scout well, siipcnnKMidcnt. Week, Girl Scouts attend religious services in the church or synagogue of their choice. This is one of j ST. PAUL METHODIST Buckler A. Hobart CHURCH Of GOD IN CHRIST (COLORED) 404 OKLAHOMA EVANGELISTIC TABERNACLE 324 SUrkweathtr Hi-v. I^ninlf imvU. vft"t 01 " fiuuliiy Sj>rvh.-i>»: \Vr»rslil|i. HI a.m. mid 7 p.m. Dr. rturgln Watklnn, pastor. Sunday Tuesday and Thiimday: 7:1". p.m. If, a.m., Sunday School; Moniiiifr Worship; K:'!0 TH£ C HUtlCH OF 7:00 p.m , ^Kvenlng: U'or-1 QOD OF - PROPHECY to each girl as a courtesy of Citi-Departments will meet to plan! duty to God and my country, to n'r'.s.Vai. """' ^ " '" P ' j Zimmert A Monugu« 7.enx Bank and Trust Company. . their activities for March. We s he |p other people at'all times." ST> MARK , 8 MET HODIST CHURCH ]n W ?™.*^M™ SZi^"^*'^ on Browning, by Parnpa Junior ing Union will have its monthly the many ways In which G i r 1 ;S( , rv j ( . P! ,. High Scnool. At the end of t h e council meeting. A light supper i Scouts carry out their Promise :iii:oo a.m., parade, a treat will be presented j will be served, after which the "On my honor. I will try to do m During the parade, Girl S c o u t Langham, Training Union director, songs on record will be played, will be in charge. Wednesday eve Ann Seymour, 911 E. from a sound truck, loaned for the ning the Pastor will continue with HE FORGOT to send flowers DON'T YOU I! ** t FHONI MO 4-3334 4)9 f. f0»H Man Is Strong, Group Believes Man's God-given dominion over m. weighing 5 . e ,i March H, through March 14, preciation to the boya and their {commemorates the 47th birthday leaders. George Etheredge, Cub ~ jof Gin Scouting, March 12. Master, will be in charge. with bloodshed and intimidation.''; Girl Scout Sunday. March 8. will Bui even exile failed to shake be marked by tioop members at- Makarios, who at 37 had become tending church in uniform. Some the youngest archbishop in the: troops will attend the same church history of the Greek Orthodox ! together Special Girl Scout Week church. j bulletin covers will be used by the The Turkish-Greek compromise First Presbyterian Church. First which promises to lead to Cyprioi Methodist Church, Harrah Melho- Inf! bandage "of materialism will independence is aot what Maka- dist Church, St. Matthew's Kpisco- be emphasized at Chris- rios wanted. pa i chuirh. First Baptist Church, Uan science Services Sunday. Nor is the system of checks and Central Baptist Church. all of: 'r ne lesson-sermon to be read, balances designed to protect both: Pampa, and the Community entitled "Mind," contains the tic- Greek and the Turkish minority ; Church of Skellytown. : count of Christ Jesus' healing of likely to please anyone for very; Displays of troop handfrafts will n ie rnan "whose right hand was be set up in windows of the J. C. withered" (Luke 61. The proposed new constitution Penney Company, Pampa Hard- Selections from "Science and specifically prevents union with ware and Tarpley Music Store in Health with Key to the Scriptures" i >!? Greece, but it is unlikely that it Pampa, and are expected to be set by Mary Baker Kddy will 'include will satisfy Makarios or his fol- up in store windows in McLean. n lf . following i307:25i': "The divine long. It seems more White Deer, Skellytown, Shamrock Minc j is the Soul of man and gives is biding his and Miami. nian dominion over all things. | Tliree members of Senior Troop'Man was not created from a ma- U-7 will b* guests of the Pampa, le ,.j a | basis, nor bidden to obey At a recent Girl Scout Arts jayrees at their luncheon meeting material laws which Spirit never Festival in Brevard, N.C, more ' March 10. made; his province U in spiritual than 100 teen-agers from a half-' Members of the public relations; statutes, in the Higher law of dozen countries shared new ideas committee who made the arrange-j Mind" and skills in music, t h e a t r e, | ments for the Girl Scout Week ob-; The Golden Text is from Ro- dance, and hand arts. They were ' servance are Mrs. J. W. Dugan, ! mans ,il:34. 36K "Who hath united by two strong bonds, their chairman, and Mmes. John Glkas,' known the mind of the Lord? or love of the arts and their mem-:D. N. Gray and Ray E. Wilson. who ha ih been his counsellor?' . . . (COLORED) 408 ELM j KvangellHt ic Scrvlr^. Tnendny ncrvlc'et: 7:J!H p.m., I'raver Me«tln(t. Satur. liev. r. ('. Camplifll, pallor. Sunday (|H.V sprvlcen: 7:HO p. m., Y o ti n f j.Scrvi.-cs: 3:15 a.m., Siindny Seliool: Veop|e'» V. h. B. 'l(|-fi.'. H.III, Moriiinir U'orxhlp; lir.'ill (i. m., l-'iiworih I.piiRUi" ":'o p.m. HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH 1301 N. Banks Rev. M. H. Smith, pa.itnr Boh Mam- lltnn. iiiiish- dli-eclur. Sundiiy St-rvii-cs: at i Or. FIRST BAPTIRT CHURCH 203 N. Welt Domjlaa Purvfr, pantor. .1 H. en. minister "t iiiu-ir. It. R. UNITED PENEC08TAL (10 Naida CHURCH FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 201 E, Fotter Hev. Nrldnn Krem-hman, pastor;! ,...,, . Sund-iv Services- V-4'\ a m Sunday "«v. W. \\ Adcock, past School; 11:00 am., 'Uevotlo'nai, 7:30 J'' 0 ™!""'! 1 - f) i!' (M lor "' ''"'M ,, ... l.'.-u nir,.]lKn,. Ssrvice Tufudav ' " m Alkln. -Mliilhier or MUM p.m., MBIIRI num. >eni<e. i ue»oa>. ,,, «,. K |«tant to Pastor. Sunday* S:30 a.m. morning: worship, em JlectliiK. ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH ,o~i r> 1200 Duncan A. Brims, pastor. Sunday Services: p.m riiiirdi School »:«5 a. m.. Worship | Service II a. m. Weekiv Meeting*: Junior Kinhei.s of Men. Monday. 7::IO Ii. m ; Adult Hilda rlas.«, Tuesday, 7::i» |> tn.; \Vallher l.caitue, Wfdne»- ilay, 7::>ti p. in. Sunday School teuch- er« meci ThuiKday al 7::io p. in. Indies' Aid. evi'ry second Wednesday at 7:30 P. in., and Men'* Club every 1th Monday at 7 :V> |(. in. Boh Morniiia 'Worship; 5:Sn p.m. Youth Choir Rehearsal: fi:''0 pin, Intermt- dlate and Senior J1VK: 6::',n p.m, Kel- luwihlu studv i lasses for all ages; 7:30 Kvenlng Worship. THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS (MORMON) Kentucky at Sloan E. P. Holllnnshead, hram-h presl- FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 600 E. Kingimill lowers for 1 likely he merely time. BANG-UP JOB — Doing a booming business in West Berlin, Hertha Hahr pauses for a smoke. As Germany's only woman dynamite expert, she placed the charges to blow tip the. 100-fuot-high main portal of the Lchiter Railway Station, behind her. The portal was all that was left from a demolition job carried out by Allied bombers during World \V»r II. Sundav Services: I'rli-^tlioC'l Meeting'* 9:30 a.m.. Chiirih School ICIM'i a.m., Tueedav 7-:i'i p.m.: f!el'ef So'-iely,,.,' Primary W i- I|MV 3:15 pin MI-V.. \Vt-dnesdii\ : 7-10 p.m. .-^ berahip in the Girl Scout move- j merit. Head Tbe \ew s Classified Ad*. ifor of him. and through him, and Afloat and ashore the Navy. lo him, are a!| things: to whom serves more than 519 million be glory for ever." meals a year. Miller-Hood Pharmacy fcVi'ttHM * 8«ttff Prfe^nption Service fllf PEUVIBY MO 4 8469 VVusliablt- New \\ll-MAMS 1 lu S. l!u>l.-r PAINT CO. All Work Guar 40 Y«.iri>' Experience Day and Night Service Get. 6ett:r Wurk fgr LeM ROY HARPER S'. Bu>J,c-lJ JJO a.Q-i \ Hev, l!i. liacil Trews, minister: •' ednesd !(<vurti? Taylor, dirt, lor of Christian 1 „! Kducailon.' Mrs. "(..-»vlnla" SVebh. FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH,? ;inu.-»i<- dire. lor. Suiid«y Service.-': i 221 N . w»rren iciiurcli School 8:1.1 a.m., V\or»hlp •» land Communion 1U:50 a.m.. Chi Hho Rev. Kail Maddox. paelor. Svmday * U-Vllnwsliiu :>:'M>., Chiislian Youth Services Hihle School. 1« a m.;'» il-'ellowshlii 6 p.m.. Worship 7 p.m. Preni lilng. 11 a. in.. Kvenini: Wor.~* i Wednesday: I'rayi-r Meeting 7 a.m. «hlp. 8 u.m : Mid - week Woifhip f ^Choir I'l-aciico 7 p.m. Siervloe, t P m.. Wedneaday. ; FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD : 515 N. Gray , 500 S. Cuyler P.ev. Konald K. llubliuid. minister. |>,. v Juhn S. Mi Mullen, pa.sior. Sundav services: Cliuri'li .School 9:4j g U)1 ,| a V Svrvlces: Church .SU'i.ol :<:15 .. n.m.; Worship service 11 am.; W»al- a . n i , Mnrnlnif Worship. II. c\ Sor- ininiAter 1'Vllowshlp. Junior MlKb and \.|,.^ ( r } -.\h lOvangelisiic Sctvi.^, Senior Ilinh. f:iO p.m. Sunday ev#- - \:,' p ,„ °Tu'csdH> ' WAIC Si-rv i'-« . lain- .srr\lci-s »t j::'.». Hible study j,. ;t (i a „, " v\>dnc.-d»y: Jlldwfk S'-r- urunp.-. Monday 7:.'lu p.m. a:id Tues- t j, „ 7 ,,, p ,,, ilay S:30 n m. | i HARRAH METHODIST CHURCH CHURCH OF COD C*mpb«ll and FU'd 631 S. Birnet O. M BuiU-r, pastor Sundajr *' •x: Chnn-li School '•< I•"• a m.^ ,. 7:30 K CHURCH OF THE NAZA8CNE 500 N. We»» A T. it., ore. pajilot. tinlid.t!, Si-i-iirt-n- 9-«"i a.m., .Sunday Srliuol; I ii -.".,'. H.III, .Morning VVoitlilp: 7 pin. \.V.I'..s Hiid Junior Swiriy; 7:4-'i p.iw. Wi'Jntuda} Mid-»etN t'r»)tr Ser< ice. TI-» : ,, „, rjn <j»^ p.m : Ii 4.'. \\' Mil and |-Jil«li> n m am} 7:"0 Tliur»day : uir rli for Buul> p m. X>Klit : • Choir I'.cli- Tlmr<il,i\- ! VVSi'S Ciri- • r- . 10 L'Jul

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