Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 20, 1987 · Page 26
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 26

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1987
Page 26
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6 —SUNDAY, SEPTEMBERS, 1987 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Thursday 6:00 IQ KICU "South Of Monterey" (1946) Gilbert Roland, Martin Garralaga. A caballero attempts to outwit a band of outlaws and put an end to their land- grabbing scheme. HBO "The Awakening" (1980) Charlton Heaton, Susannah York. An archaeologist's daughter become* possessed by the malevolent spirit of an ancient Egyptian queen. In atereo. 'R' 5:60 SHOW "Kid CoHer" (1986) Jeremy Shamos, Jim Stafford. While returning home after visiting hie father In the mountains, a 12-year-old boy la throat Info a situation that teata both hi* aplrtt and survival Inatlncte. 'PG' 6:86 • MCTV "Port Of Mlaalng Otrla" (1938) Harry Carey, Judith Alton. A cafe alnger fleeing from • murder charge flnda love end adventure aboard • eMp bound •:90DMN "OMOfOwDmoMuratoMlM- Ing" (1978) Peter Uettnov, Helen Heyee. Mtoton. 'G' MAX "RepftoaH" (1060) Qny Matftoon, FeNcto Ferr. An young Indian women and the deughter of e lend egent Men etrug- "** to "fjfey*.. 1 ** "MM Wtey love from a "Mary Jane Herper Cried Leet NlgM" (1B77) Sueon Oey, Kevin McCarthy. A padtotrtelan *uepacta • mother of chHdebuee. MOHM) "Maito" (19M) Qlenn Ctoee, Mendy Pattnkhi. A demur* Sen Frencleco eeeretery developa a aoW poreonaHty whan the ghoat of an outrageoua '20* llappar inhabit* her body. In etoreo. 'PO' MAX "White Night*" (1988) MlkhaH Bar- yahnlkov. Qragory Hmaa. After hi* plane creahea hi Siberia, a Ruealan who defected to the Waal aaaha freedom with the help o4 en American who left the United Statea during the Vietnam War. In etereo. 'PO-13'g 10fl00KBHK "Fir Whom Th* Be*. Tone" <t»43) (Part 2 of 2) IngrM Bergmen, Gary Cooper. A group of Spantoh loyaNate and en American vow to blow up a bridge during the Spanleh Civil War. W8N "Maryland" (1940) Walter Brannen. Fay Bainter. Following her hue- band'* untimely death, e bereaved widow eella the family (table* and trie* to discourage her eon from hi* avid interest in two particular horse*. HBO "Mussolini: The Decline And Fell Of II Due*" (1986) (Part 1 of 2) Susan Sarandon, Anthony Hopkina. Aa World War II aweepa acroaa Italy, e personal war ragea between members of Benlto Mussolini's family. In atereo. g SHOW "The Comedians" (1987) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. While having an affair with the wife of e diplomat In Haiti, a resort owner an become* Involved in a native uprialng again*! the dictatorial Duvaller regime. Baaed on the novel by Graham Greene. 10*6 WTBS "20.000 Yeara In Sing Sing" (1933) Spencer Tracy, Bette Davla. A prisoner violates hie new-found freedom when It's believed he'e a murderer. 10:30 MAX "Period Of Adjustment" (1982) Tony Francloea, Jane Fonda. Two young married couplee face problems with Interfering in-lawe and emotional Insecurities in this adaptation of a play by Tennessee Williams. 12:00 HBO "Tribute" (1980) Jack Lemmon, Robby Benson. An Irresponsible Broadway prea* agent begin* to regret hi* wasted life end hla tenuoue relationship with hla grown eon when atrleken with cancer. 'PG' 12:30 SHOW "Rock » Rule" (1983) Voices of Don Frencke, Paul LoMat. An animated rock muaical about an aging auper- etar'a quaet lor power, featuring eonge by Deborah Harry, Cheap Trick, tagy Pop, Lou Reed and Earth, Wind and Fire. hi atereo. 'PG 1 MAX "OMver'e Story" (1978) Ryan O'Neal, Candtoo Bergen. A young widower le unable to eacape hla depreeeton over hi* wHe'e death aa ha become* Involved hi a now relattonahtp with an attractive and wealthy hatraea. 'PG' 1:00 • KTVU "The Way We Ware" (1973) Barbra Streieand, Robert Red- lord. A young cottage couple In the 1930a diecover that their poWtoal differ- encaa are etrong enough to jeopardUe .....r marriage. OJMCU 'Th* KHHng Of Angel Street" OMt) Lli Alexander, John Hergreavee. A woman beoomea Involved hi a political battle over the urban redevelopment of MOO) MCTV '"Decameron Nlghte" (1963) Joan Fontalna, Louie Jourdan. The Immortal battle of the MM* continue* In thi* trio of tatoa adapted from the •lor!** of Boccaccio. HBO "A TMt Of Love" (1066) Angela Punch McGregor, Draw For*yth*. A loving, famHIal pond forma between a aoclal worker'in an AuatreUan hwtltution and the cerebral paley • victim ah* teacM* to communicate. *PG' • - ••>•'•••< • •• • SHOW "Electric Dream*" (1984) Lenny Von Dohlen, Virginia Madaen. An unusual love triangle developa when e bumbling San Franclaco architect programa hi* peraonal computer to compos* love long* for the captivating cellist In the apartment upstair*. 'PG' 2:30 MAX "Strange Invadera" (1982) Paul LeMat. Nancy Allen. Super-Intelligent beings from apace materially In a email midweatern town and assume the bodiee of Its resident*. 'PG' g 3:00 DISH "Hey There, H'a Yogi Bear" (1984) Animated. Voice* of Julie Bennett, Jamee Darren. Yogi and Boo Boo take off in aeerch of Cmdy Beer, whoee own March for Yogi hea tod her Into the , chitchMofaM*tychCMOwn*r. I 3:30 HBO "hi Seerch Of A Golden Sky" (1986) CHff Oamond. George Flower*. To avoid being pieced hi a footer home. thr chNdn tartoMlyi ••Pi thavemy*- Wltfl tnOif IMOOfOtOfldHM WOtO. t*O' Q 4:M MAX " Artie •nmrTliM la M Yaa've Got" (19BS) Artie Shaw. Helen Fomat. NBMhjM Brigtn* Barman'* C*ea7w»V n^^H i^^^P^^^M tA MkA ll^k mmA _* IMV ovewiew 01 ma m* aad aaraar af ...J great ton otortnettot. SAO WON "Aa Eye Per An Eye" (1060 Chuck Norrto, Chrtotopher LM. A Baa Frenctooe oop quite the foree to aveng* th* murder of hto partaar by aft*mbejr* cf e drug ring. HBO "Remo WMeme: Th* Adventur* Begtae" (IBM) Fr*d Ward. Joel Gray. WHh tho hotp of • ohl* tnO OOVOfWHOfN lO MOWOO MtO M ( Me crime tighter, la etereo. 'PO-13' g 6:16WTM "Zorro" (1876) AWn baton, Stanley Baker. A Bpantoh nobleman become* a awordemen end UTOM the poor to rebel egemet a daepotle mWtery gov- t^SIJD NEWBIIOUR IIL / LIHNIM • NCUl«*t)NtBMON •KTXLBTAHTPXK KBHK FACTS OP UPC MCTV OPaMAMY TODAY OWN MOVK "Thunder hi The Valley" (1947) Lon McCaHiater, Edmund Owenn. A aedlatic men incur* hi* aon'a bHter- neis when he treata the boy'* dog cruel- DISC LOST KMQDOM8 A profile of Sheik Badji. NICK MY THREE SONS 8:30 • KTVU JfFFERSONS • KBHKOOOOmCS tl MCTV INTERNATIONAL DISC TH8 ENGLAND The railway atatlon bar at Star/bridge. NCKAMNSOTHERN SHOW VALLEY FORGE: THE YOUNG SPY A 12-year-old Brltiah boy working aa a apy during the Revolutionary War la torn by conflict* wMh family aHeglencee when he befriend* en American *oldl*r. MAX MOVIE "Hurry Sundown" (1987) Mi- cruel Ceine, Jane Fonda. When black and whit* families adamantly refute to ••II him their land, a greedy real eetete agent in poet-World War II Georgia take* decperate action. 7:00 • KTVU M'A'S'H • KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g KP1X CBS NEWS KOOABCNEWSg KQED NWHTLY BOBINESS REPORT lOCUHAWAIPIVE-O | KTXL WKRP M OaMCMNATI KINK HAPPY DAYS WONNEWS DISC NEW ANBIAL WOULD A etudy of MCK CAM M. WHEW ARE YOUT HBO MOVK "MaMto" (1966) Glenn CIOM, Mandy Pathikhi. A demure Ban . Frenclaco eecretary develop* a apW peraonallty when the ghoet of an outra- geoua '20* flapper Inhabit* her body, hi atereo. 'PG' g mOW THE TEMPTATIONB t POUPJ TOP* A Mkite to two Motown group* -• th* Temptattona ("My Ght," "Can't Oel Next to You") and the Four Tope ("Baby I NMd Your Loviag," "Cia't He* MyaeH") ~ fMtiiTM Mervtow*. and per- tormanca footage. Ouaala hiowda Aram* Franklin and Dtok Ctork. hi atereo. ^SOfjKTVUM'A'B'H • KMON MTMTABMEMT TONMHT "L.A, Law" co-etara M Elkonborry ane Mlcha*! Tucker, hi etereo. • KPtX EVENBM MAOAZBC FMturod: M Ekenberry and Mtohaal Tucker of "L.A. Law." t KQO TRUTH OR CONBEOUENCES KOEDONLY ONEEAmHThe Impor- fence of for**)* hi Ci*cho*k>valUa, Japan and Central America. (Part 3 of 11) • KTM. BARNEY MILLER • KBHK NEWLYWED GAME WON INN NEWS ONC AL pfMMQ. MAN OP THE MOUTH Hug* hard* of reindeer are rounded up In the Arctic. NKXMONKEE8 7:48 WTBS MOVC "The Prince And The Pauper" (1937) Errol Flynn, Claude Rains. A prince tired of ceremony trades Identities with hla look-alike friend, a pauper who la afraid of remaining forever poor, In thla adptation of the Mark Twain novel. Colorlted verilon. DtSNDTV •SAJS™ " OCKY AHD «^WfNW.E BEUNWN The beat of Rocky and BuHwm- kto I* featured with cartoon cllpa and en IntjHvtow wtthJune For*y. • KRON COBBY SHOW (Seeeon Premiere) Newfywed* Sondra and EMn return " •—"• «»n innrwjiivwn wnil VWEffl nawe for the Huxtabtoa. hi etereo. g • KPW TOUR Of DUTY (Premiere) Drema. Exptott* of an Amerioan platoon dur- tog the Vietnam War. TontghtTAndereon (Terence Knoi) raporta heavy loeeee Mowntor. la Nw'yaar 2oToTtwe dMad* •Her a devaetoMng aartiaf war, a man to 1 to New York to tocate the i to -JKTXL MOW "Prom Nhjht" (19BO) Jamto LM Certto, Laatto Ntotoen, On prom atoht, aucMy *tx ycara aftor a ght 10V hk kOHT ABBOkMa -•*— •..-« * »" fojp iv n0r v*mn onOT OOOlO tOOOOO Oy «•«•*•:»••• oMhoM frtaada beata get- • . • tONXMoV-I 'Trenoere" (19M)rim Thomereon, Heton Hunt. Met M the haete df aM llfe*%BBnMt>^bEbt aMttfeBtta at^alBfe ———* *** •"• •• "•••* • »iw»»i myojiofj mojn lt*0TB07vOol ptoM. a oop travato back to Nma from the year 2247 to LM Angito* of 1006. JftMCTV BO YOU WANNA BE A QAM- 1™ —™ >mi >•• IMW fjaw »»»f~ . ebto ahahtoa to Mtoty carry large toad* at lower coeta. MCKIBPY SHOW MOW "Joy Of Sex" (1984) Cameron Dye, Michelle Meyrink. DaepHe the other eubtocta In their curriculum, hteh echocri atudenta become obeeeetve- ly preoccupied wrth one particular extracurricular activity. 'R' 8:30 BJ KRON DEFERENT WORLD (Premiere) Comedy. DenlM Huxtebto O.l*a Bonet) adjuata to life on her own et Hillman College. With Vemee Weteon-John- son. Episode Information to be announced. In atereo. g • KOO THE CHARMN08 The Charm- Ing* go Into debt uelng their newfy ec- qulred credit card, g • KQED MYSTERY! "Adventure* of Sherlock Holme* H: Th* Final Probtom" Protessor Moriarty pursues Holmes and Walton to Swttieriend where he con- fronta Holmes for whet mey be the leal time. (R)g • MCTVFIBHNO WON TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. E8PNSPORT8CENTER OWN MOW "Hot Million." (1986) Peter Ustinov, Maggie Smith. An ex-con em- beizlor assume* the Identity of e noted computer genlu* aa part of an elaborate acheme to make off with vaet amount* of a large corporation'* money. 'G' DWC PACtFIC OUTDOORS "Snowmobile* v*. CroM Country - Don't Croae My Trecka" •MOfl KRON CHEERS (Sea*on Premiere) Among the aurprleea awaHmg Bern upon hie return from an around-tha-worid •ailing trip la a new bar manager, hi ater- 8 *°KPIXWtBEOUY KOO MOW "Ghoatbuelere" («WM) Murray, Dan Aykroyd. Free-lenc* ghMtflght*r* apring to action whan a Manhattan high rtoe hacomM the gateway for Earth-Invading ghouto. hi etereo. el MCTV MOW "The Ape Man" (1943) Bato Lugoel. WaHaoe Ford. When eome- thlng goM wrong wMh one of hto expert- menta. a aolenttol to traneformed Mo an EBPM BPORTBLOOK DIBCPVOPU OP THE BEA Photography ofthaPatowtotoMte. —-»-» MOK DONNA RBJBO HBO MOW "Jo JoOanoer, Your Life to Calling" (IBM) RtoHard Pryer, Dabbto Alto*. A* dootore attempt to Mve hto Hto after a drug-retoted accident, a nightclub oomadton'a aHar ago travato back through the year* to dtocover what tod hhn to thla pohit. hi atereo. 'R' g MAX MOW "To Live And Die hi L.A." (1966) WWIam L. PalaraM, WHtom Defoe. A Secret Service agent becomea ob*M**d by vengMwe whUe tracking down a ruthloM counterfeHer reaponel- bto for hi* partnar'e murder, hi atereo. 'R' 9:9011 KRON NMHT COURT While attempting to perform hi* atunt on the Brooklyn Bridge, Harry's confronted by a man who intanda to commit suicide. (Part 4 of 4) 0 KOED BORN AGAIN: LIFE M A FUNDAMENTALIST BAPTIST CHURCH This portrait of an Independent Massachusetts Baptist church explores the fundamentalist movement'* Impact on Individual congregation member*, g WON MOW "Shaft" (1671) Richard Roundtree, Moaea Gunn. While Investigating a girl 1 * kidnapping, a black detective become* involved hi • war between the white Mafia and the black mob. fBPM BCHOLABTR OPORTO AMERICA DIOC NATURE OP THMQO The Windy B*y rahifor**!. MCKMRTTBRED 0:36 SHOW BEOT OP BUARRE 0:46 WTBB MOW "Gambit" (1906) Shirley MaeLahw, Mtohaal Cahia. A gtomo- COM ght and an Engttoh eon man ptot to etealavahebtof ' ' bby IhjMa a deeper*!* bettto th* dlne»*r> af llBatotai'e ^^ ^ ejiai ha M har raal father, g BJKBHKAUOB. WPH AUTO RAOM*) NASCAR Grand Mi ttonelBertoe. from Dover. (R) OK.AI4MALBOFTH1M P*XB»% oWT I.— »— ••••• f^.MOW"B*v*rly HM* Cop" llOaBall iTe^EBBB AatmtJ>BJlJtf BBatfO^aak 0^Be^at*tfhU A * ••^•^•W OE*JMt*lV fOt^MT0fiyi 4B0BQW 1^010/1001, n feat-taking oop trad* hto beat friend'* ktttor from the ettay* of DetroN to the pooh gaiertoa of Boverty HMa. In atereo. •R'P 10eSO( 0 MCW'MWH~ ; 7nVMademe Genv btoe" (1981) Rtohard Heeme, Potato Ctork. Oambttoa. debte foroe a dreee ahopownertogtveupheratore. DION MOW '•Merytomr (1940) Waller Brennen, Fay Batatcr. Polowmg her hue- bend'e untimely death, a bereeved widow ecaa the famMy etabtoe and trtoe to dtocourage her eon from hto evtd hitereet hi two particular horee*. DIOC WORLD AUVt A etudy of South America'* Jaguar. 400THERN I KTXL LATE SHOW In MCK ANN I. _ 11:000 KTVU •tocoo « KRON 0KP1X NEWS KQED BRADOHAW ON: THE PAMR.Y The characteristics of a dysfunctional family. ~l KICU ROCKPORD PtJIS i KBHK DATMQ GAME •.w* ww v*r mmwwmm*\ DISC FROM THE SHADOW OF THE GUN A debate between Northern Ireland rep- reeentatlve*. (Part 3) MCK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? HBO MODE THE NFL Ho*t*: Len Dew- con, Nick Buontoonti. hi etereo. MAX MOW "Dead-End Drive-In" (1968) Ned Manning. Natalie McCurry. Unsuspecting teen-eger* diecover that the locel drive-In ha* been turned Into e government-run prison camp. In atereo. 'R' 11^8 If KOO NEWS 11:300 KRON TONIGHT SHOW Host: Johnny Carson, hi atereo. 0KBHKKUNGFU WON LA VERNE AOHMLEY EOPNBPORTOCENTER MCKMONKEEO 11:36 IlKQOMQHTLMEg 12A00KTVUTAXI 0 KTO MOW "High School U.S.A." (1063) Michael J. Fox, Nancy McKoon. A MMweetern hlgh-echool Mater trie* to ouet • anob •• the otoM'e mo*t popular preppto. TV child atara of th* '60* end '60* ptoy many of the teacher* and tchool official*. (R) 0 KOO MOW "Th* Blue Knight" (1073) WNtom HoWen. LM Remtok. A LM Angetoa Ddtoaman muat d*cld* between Maymg M th* foroe or manvhig thO WOMOH ho MVOOt 0 KQEO WE THE PEOPLE (Pramtor*) Peter Jaaahga narretM Into tour-part ee- rtoe oa the ConeOutton. Thto eptoode: freedom of apeeoh. religion end the right of a*«*mbjy. (Pert 1of4)g flMOUHDJorBLUeV WTM MOW "Brother Orchid" (1040) f *»rt Q. ROMMM, Humphrey Bogart. After a period of refuge hi a monaetery growing ftowara, an ax-con ratuma to the underworld to fight the racket*. '* OHCU HORN RAO- DMN MOW "One Of Our DhiOMur* la MbMlng" (1976) Peter Uallnov, Hrten Hayea. A group of Engliah nanntoa (oln* force* with Brttieh Intelligence agent* to retrieve valuable microfilm hidden Intlde a atolen dlnoMur akeleton. 'G' NICK I SPY HBO WARMNQ: FOOD MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH Based on research by Coniumer* Union, an examination of food and how H affects tho** who conaum* H. Include* Interview* with legel snd medical expert*, g SHOW MOVIE "ChooM Me" (1984) Genevleve Bujold, Keith Carradlne. The live* of a bar owner, a radio aex thera- pl*t and a scheming womanlter collide, setting off a barrage of emotional fireworks. 'R' 12:160 MCTV MOVIE "A Suoecaaful Fad- lire" (1934) WHHam Colder, Lucffie Gleeton. A neglected man turn* to the r*dk> held after he toeea hi* Job et a newepa^ 12:3er0KTVUTAXI 0 I<P)ON LATE MOMT WITH DAVE) UIIJRJiAN miltaOJiil: eomto Wayne Cotter, ex-footbal eter Art Donoven. hi UICY PANTAOY ISLAND BOPN TOP UMBt BOX09B John MMhhw v*. Howard Stewert I* a Jenlor round*, tram ANanMe CHy, N. J. (R) MO MOV* "Knah Groove" (IBM) Ok* i to atari a record MAX MOW "Get And Run" (1000) Ltoe •WAaMkO t EMMBEtiTlf ^B^a^Bm A VU a^EaBMBl (IMMeiBK. OOWVI MOOftOO tO fOi tnO toWVOWM OH 0 onu n*wjlMM0 opofotod by o eJoMotowvi l550KTVUTRAPPER JOHN. MJ. 1 nOU MOW "The HeroM" toy group oft hlOO tWO MoW o. Amot- i to •a during World War to 0 KTXL MOW "The Pen* Plata" (1066) Gregory Peck, Wta Mta Then. An RAP pftot ftohta egetaet having a narvoM breakdown after learning of hto wHe'a _) KBHK MOW "The D.I." (1067) Jack Webb. Don Dabbhia. A tough dm taetruc- tor muet prepare boot camp recruit* for combat wMhhi 12 week*. WON MOW "Lee Vega* Lady" (1076) Stetta Slovene, Stuert Whitman. A women end two triende ptot to rob a Lee Vegas caotao. MCK MOW "Th* Scarlet Pimpernel" (1936) Leslie Howard. Merle Oberon. hi dlagulae aa • gentlemen of the English Court, an underground hero reecuea noblemen from the guillotine during the French Revolution. 1:30 0 KRON SALLY JEOSY RAPHAEL 0 KPIX T.J. HOOKER Radicals plan on killing people to build a better society. (R) 1:360 MCTV MCV5 "The Ape" (1940) Boris Kerioff. Henry Hall. A scientist disguises hlmaeH •* an ape and Mile ^ n XS&2S£ 10 !^!£y > ?£S£MOM Qvtuw ffllla;: awKMc, DANOM, HUGH HO From Dlaneylend, Snow White, the Seven Dwarf*, the Prince and the Wicked Witch are Joined by the Dltney land dancera for a mualcal revue lecturing "Somedey My Prince Will Come." "Heigh Ho." "Silly Song" tnd "Whletlo While You Work." 1:66 SHOW MOW "Illegal" (1966) Edward G. Robinson, Nina Foch. A former dlelrlct attorney'* first case at a criminal detente lawyer Involve* him wtth • noto- rtou* racketeer and reveal* some disturbing Information. 2:000 KTVU BtO VALLEY 0 KRON NEWS WTBS GREEN ACREO OWN WALT DMNEY PRESENTS A boat- hig tour of Adventurotond'a tropical water g»y nM ^««^ r *«ffy^ fT Al Franken and Tom Davto eNoH the opinion* ol hlgh-echod eentor* aa they prepare for graduation, hi etereo. g at?Q0 Mg%O MOVEal "TfUtM^EaT Ai^ojy" ifllOiM^ Rog^r WltooMJI OchSL*!?* toS of e rook band rtoe when M Ariiomi !£?* 4y . R ? laM °" •• iMd guHariet. hi PYU , OTooto, MwW Hemingway. WWi me help of fraa-aphttad youna woman, a brkV Jtom but daft MtoMtot MM to **^, M |* hto long-dead wHa from oeHeite'e pre- Mtved for thirty year*. 'R' 8:00 £5™ M(ivB "T*"* Bnoot HOT.•a, Don't They?" (19SO) JaM Fonda, Michael Sarraihi, A Dapraatton-era dance marathon I* entered by • young couple hi need of theprU* money. • KPtXNEWS • MCU MOW " 100 Rifle*" (1969) Jim Brown. Riquel Welch. An outlaw Indian, • black lawman and a female revolutionary . help the Mexican Indian* depot* a cruel governor. • KTXL MOVC "Born Innocent" (1974)

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