The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 11
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"WEDNESDAY, JtTLY 4, 1923 THE M U 1>C HlWSun JNJ1W3, . -1- Jtily COMMENCING Clearance THURSDAY, JULY 5 Spring and Summer Apparel at Drastic Reductions BIG MARK DOWNS—GREAT SAVINGS One's summer wardrobe must include one or more smart, cool silk dress—and these are decidedly the thing. Coolness as expressed in their extremely short sleeves and £ilkeu fabrics. Knife pleated skirts, trimmings of paisley printed silk, and panels are introduced in many smart yer- sions. For Summer's informal outdoor affairs—for sport wear •—for afternoon—these pretty lQw-priccd dresses are very smart. 35 "CANTON CREPE DRESSES / Values to $19.50 io 70 PRINTED CREPE DRESSES Values to $35.00 Choice of entire skirt,stock. No exceptions— White an ("•rev Combinations 'lain and pleated Flannel Rashanara Canton Wool Crepe $g .50 115 DRESSES '! Values to $12.75 j Ratine Voile linen Tissue Gingham Entire Stock of Summer Furs Discounted 20'* GYRUS GROTTO TO HAVE CIRCUS Immense Attraction for Hutchinson, July 28, to August 4. TENT LIKE RINGUNG SHOW Its Size 110x250 Feet—Located on Some Down Town Con- j venient Place. I Cyrus Cirotto has secured the Jloti­ gers & Harris Circus of Dailae, Texas, •for flevem uijrhts, beginning .with Saturday night, July 28, and thou continuing the six nights of tno following week, ending on Saturday night. August 4. There will be no show on Sunday. j It is to be-shown under a tent that ' is as largo as the IttngLing Brothers [circus, 110 by 250 feet in slzo. having: room for 15,000 people, the -blgK^t lent ever used in Hutchinson. The location hay not yet been fie- lected but it -will be at a convenient down town place. Laid the l^lans. M-pmherti of the executive committee of the Or otto met lust, night at tin: Chamber of Commerce and laid plana for the coming circus. With UK> committee was R. IK Cjonzalos of the circus who Is making the advance plans ||l for Ha appearance hero. , M There are to he souvenirs (jach O'n'^hr, ft Pord scdau having been «e- heted if or this and someone getting such a pouvenir each night, at the CIOHO of the show. To Use the Calliope. Hfg (plana are being made by the prophets of Cyrus Grotto to advertise this circus far and - WU1'J, In all of the section not too faj^distMt from Hutchinson. The -Grotto calliope with a party of entertainers in to help to do this nei£h-borhood publicity work anil everyone will know that something is going on in Hutchinson. Tihero are to be eight of the best va.mlev.ille and other aeu to be secured in the country for each show, most of the acts being changed night after night. A 'Thin Dime." The admission is to bo 10 cents. Tho show will be on each night •from 1 to 13:30. The band will play. There will be "unusual' circus features and a great many of them. ' The Officers Named. At the meotimj held last night Bert Snyder, monarch of. Cyrus Grotto, w.'W named as chairman of the executive commitleo anil Krnie Gallup in to be in charge as secretary, giving al! of his time to UVIK from Thursduy, ihla week, until after the nhow iu over. The otfices will be in tho Midland hotel lobby and Mr. Gallup will be there all of the time, Practically day and nig'ht for a while. Mr. Snyder will Hjgivo largely of hi*! time to make the circus a success and there will be others at work from now until the big whow is over. "Jim" Davis' Is in charge of publicity and advertising and will have a great deal to do. Mayor Heads Committee. Mayor {Waller V. Jones is named as the chairman of the., Popularity Contest Committeo which is to have charge of the itaining of a queen for circus, the lady chosen to be the Cyrus Grotto queen for tho entire year. A. purse of $5W in gold will be given to the three contestants having the highest numbers. ?300 to the winner, $lli5 to the second choice, and ?75 t» the third choice. Rogers Is to Come. N-ato D. Hog era, director general of the circus, is to -be in Hutchinson on tho evening of Kriduy, .July 13, and will attend a regular meeting of Cynui Oo*to at the Grotto hall, ti(rG»fc North Main street. At that time plans will be made for the final lap in the race to make the circus a success in every way. It Is the plan of t'yrim Groilo to invite everyone to the circus from j outside and to help to bring large crowds here for tho entire seven nig-hts of the show. It will bo the largest summer eiitertafnmont of the year. There will he features that are exceptional and the entiru show, from beginning to end, will be out ot the ordinary. Good Old Summer Time Shoes Cool shoes for street or home; comfortable from the, first. Two-strap fine'black kid, military rubber heel, flexible sole - - $4,75 86 North Main ro north Main v • • : : :—' if UNDER THE SAME MANAGEMENT from 1876 to 1923 There is no substitute for Experience! This bank is fortified with a large capital, also a surplus fund which lias been set aside from earnings as an additional protection for its depositors. Our Cash Resources l^xxcecljfJ^OO^OO^.OO^ Total Resource s $2,70Q,000.00. This represents the cash holding's of t,his bank t/> meet any emergencies, and to safeguard your deposit with us. Deposits $2,191,961.73. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Established 1870—Hutchinson, Kans. NERVE EXHAUSTION CAUSE OF AIR FALLS AT SHERMAN HIGH Principal Lockman Estimates Present Building Will Not Accomodate Enrollment. O. M. Lockman, principal of tho Sherman Junior high school estimates that thla fall thoro will be 600 .children enrollod at that building. This -will bo many nioro than the l>uikllng can accimnnoiiato, and tho nood lor more class rooma which tho addition which tho board of education is (taking; tha city to vote bonds for will lirovido is ahown to bo more than a necessity. At preoent thore are twenty claso roonm. Tho proposed addition will ladd six more clasa roorrtB, and by releasing ll:o prt-Hont nssamhly room With a seating capacity of only 141 Will give an additional room, one which can accommodate • the ontiru •cliool at nni' Unit". Tha bonds wili alio provide.a fluo new bulldln;-; i'-->,- tho Ma-plo street school district, seriating which has been needed for the docade. Tho Jiretsent buildlnt; la unsightly, insani­ tary and Insufficient for KoUlTig tho beat results fro nuSn teachers and th« Children. Tho bond iiwua will oo auo- ttiiltcd. lo (bo voters June 13 at a »pa- X>l:il eleetiwi. Messaoe from Frapce. J'arls — president MlUeratid Franco sent a Fourth of July cable mesHago to President Harding in behalf of tho French nation declaring France -^nseoclateg itself "With, all Ha heart with American Independence day." 19 RENO COUNTY H. S. GRADUATES AT EMPORIA Bmporla, Kan., July i. —Nineteen ^graduates ot tho Ileno county high school are attending tho summer sea- Bion at tho Kansas "State Teachers Collego, Emporia, otitis glimmer. They aro: Alice States, D. S. Lauvor, Mrs. Alma Lauver, Gladys Moats, Jewell Htuson, Cnlllo llenson, Mildred Estey, Mdna Citinu, A-5b%rt Gantz, Dorothy Lauvor, fciteva James, W. E. Beroman, Nicl'-frson; Murlol Amerine, Genlle A merino, Turwn; Anna Kent, Abby- viile; Edna Anderson, partridge; Mrs. Vera M. Gontu, Ijangdon;, Sybil Jienjaniln, Dearfiehi; Mary Williams, Darlmv. A total of 290i college Btudenta ar'o enrolled at the Teachers College this summer, n new record- in summer school attendance. Ninety-four Kansas counties are, represented; and students are enrolled from Texas, Iowa, Missouri, New York, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, Ohio, and. .Wisconsin. Sixty-eight students from Reno county aro enrolled. W« are celebrating today by arlylng ths motorists the bast service for Fords to bo had anywhere, Phone 59. lteslaad-KiugKlay Motor Co, . 4-lt, police have been unable to find guns on any suspects thus far arrested. SOFT HANDS PLY RUTHLESS TRADE I ROU ® MVENUE IN Harvesting of Harvest Hands is on in Earnest as Workar* Get Cash. The smooth j handed harvest work­ ers aro now IbeKlnuing their operations on the real la1>orcrs,"who havo boon doing the actual work in the Kansas wheat fields, aooordlog to Harry W. Ohabin, director ot the Kansas I\reo linployment Bureau hero. Instead of havlne hliaters on the palms of thoir hands from the uss of the pltchforlt, they have scarred knuckles from rolling dice. Many of them aro vicious and will commit acts of eirtreme violence in order to rob the 'harvest hands of their hard earned money. / i Mr. Ohabln siatea that the farmers should warn their men. when thgy pay theni, that It ia very dangerous to try to carry their money home In cash- Harvest laborers would he wise to get their money exchanged into bank drafts of money orders, to that it cannot he stolen. - .' Reports are already coming in concerning hijacking. Tha harvest band harvesters «et tho money where they can by crooked gambling and if they can't do that they stick che(n uj. Tho JUNE TOTALS $1,194 The city treasury was helped out tflls month by the check from the police department of $1,194.87 which was turned ove.r yosterday. During Juno 164 cases were tried in police court, <1 dismissed, 76 con- j'victlons had and 47 cases otherwise 1 disposed of. Arrests wore made for the following complalute: DruukenoRH, having Honor "in possession, disturbance OS "poiice, assault ou<i battery, vagrancy, running houso of prostitution, lewdly abiding, petit larceny, exceeding automobile speed laws, traffic violations, narcotics, gambling, fugitive, resisting officer, indecent exposure. Tho toUU in fines assessed was $1,411.47. London,—Fear Is nf. H ver rcaponfiiblo for airplane accid<nts. In the opinion of Majar 11. (Ireame Anderson, consulting targcan of the British Koyal Air Koixy*. Kroiii tlie conresslonH of iiupils nnjl his own exp ^rliMiceB, Dr. Andor- flon paid, ho found that fear never asserted itself lu the 1 'irst few flUrMs because the; inipils were too occupied. The chief causes of accidents to pilots, ho explained were duo io nervo cxliausiLion. which might deyt>loat within even an hour after the beginning of a illiKht. Tli-e pilot then fouiul himself unable to use his ancnUl fa-cill- I ties and frequently crime to grief on Undine through Inability to judge liirf speed a.nd iieariv .ss to the ^rour.d. Dr. Anderson said that eiiuo tho Hritlsh loodical service reduced thi* fit practice flights i'rom an hour to ten mimi .tiM, accidents*, front exhaustion had ji ;':'n considerably h 'fiitMn d. They also Imtlslml upon young pilots havhii.' Kooil meal before flying", even at three or four in tho morning. People who fly In <'o'.i:':iicrcial machine:-, the British exp;:.rt advised, (•Continued From Page 10.) HIT BY Hugh Klrkpatrlck Sustains Bruises In Accident Last Night. Hugh Klrkpatrlck, a boy living on Ilfth avenue west, was run into and injured about 9 o'clock last night by Eklwln Gardner of 201. Avenue t! east who was driving a Ford. Tho hoy states that Mr. Gardner cut in behind him Instead of going around on the right Bide. H UR I I was riding his ibloycle at the tirno and he was terribly bruised about tho head. After thejioom, Hue bust.—Atohieou Globe. 1 Mrs. C. C. Corcoran and duughter, Miss Agnes, left today for points In Colorado where they wl_JJ spend the summer. They will bo joined later by Mr. Corcoran. <e> <S' Mr. and Mrs. Lee Detter, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Detter and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Mitchell, spent the day today In Nlckerson, visiting relatives. <S> 4> 'i> Mlsa Helen fitovonson of Salina is hero visiting for a short time at the homo of Miss Margaret Slaven, 122 Blith avonue east. <» •;*> ^> Mrs. Paul Kenny of El Dorado is hero visiting her sister, Mrs. William lluru«tt and other reiatlveu. * <^ ffllTS. C. M. Branch has returned from a visit with relatives uud friends at Qulncy, 111. • • TOMORROW EVENTS. Tho roeular meeting of tjho Past Nablo Grands oltib will be held at Use homo of Mrs. "Walter Meade, 616 Third aveuuo east with Mrs. Bluricho Frame, Mrs. Ksther &utlivan and Mrs. J. B. -Atkinson assisting hostesses. Mre. Wyloy Kitwniller Willi ttroaide as hostess to lie members of the fl. K. M. dub at her home, 113 Thirteenth avenue west. The auonibers ot£ the Jolly Dozen club will gather at tho homo of Mrs. Harry Baker, BH Blxth avenue wast; .. . should choose the back seat as being (•on:'td<'.rul>l]y Kafer than tho front, where there Is danger of being crushed by the online In case of trouble. Ho also rmi<Eo -3ted that some method yboul.l be dovlf;od whereby In case of fire tho pilot-oculd liberate the cabin, to which a parachute of sufficient strength should bo attached to carry it and the pasengers safely to earlh. Warship Is Used. St. Johns, N.F--The British warship Wistaria left for Sydney, N. It was said, In connection with strike disordertj at the plant of the British Cmplro Steel corporation there. y Soma Fine. rirunselK The minister ot dofonso has imposed a fine ot twenty billion paper marks on the town of Oulaburg because of the recent crimes there. Flight Postponed. New York- -[.lout- 11. I.. Maughan postponed his pi\)posod dawn-to-dusk transcontinental flight until Friday. Tomorrow Morninu is tho beginning of Cxuin & Campbell 's Shoo Sale. Bo at Cain & Campbell's to;norrow morning. H OUSEHOLD H INTS By MRS. MORTON MENU HINT Breakfast. Cracked VVlient with l .^itea. Cream. CodfUed KKI;.«. Luncheon. Corn Custard. Spinix-h. Brim M lift ins. n ;ttUr. ytruwbfrry T 'TOticrvt'.s. ' '.."Ot'<X(, Dinner. EscMlfi**?d I'otutoe.'j with Pork Ohoi.M. New Cari'ttts, JSutttnod. IsvUucrj £ t i l( J (Ji-*.:fc'» Saia'I. O nihilm Brt-iui. <.}uint-o Jelly. Canjied 1 'carM. Spons« Oal'.o. Ct/Xfce or Kubstltuic. TODAY'S RECIPES Crocked Wheat With Date» •• Cook it tbo ovenin-g be-faro a:i it ivu-tla to bo cookeil slowly iov at If.aat a;i iiom*. Kohtiiit in doublo boiler In morning. In the 6 'ummor it in nii'o molded und sorvotl cold. Wljyn ready to survo add chopped <l ;Uou. Coddled Ecjgs — To conk ogca ao they will not be tou;;h and livl: tiblo, x>ut them lu a tmucoi>un 01* boiling •wtitor, W)V».T cloHiily and 'ytuco on tho Htove WIUTO tho wutor vviil rornala very hot, but not boil, fur about Uui minutes Tho amount of water and tho number of egfc;u govern tho tlmo limit Eomowhat. Corn Custard —• Corn custanl, eerved as a'vogotablp la not a now dish lu Bomo localities, and Is fio good It dofiorves to bo mora widely known. Ono can of ooru, ono teaspoon salt, popper to t&ato, ono and ono^haK cupa muk, ona (AbleBpoon buttor, two tea- ffpoona sugar, two egga, &c-ald oorn w^tk milk, and when, ooole-d a llttlo frdd ibeateu eifS» and aeaHouinga, your into a ibu-ttorod baking dieh and liake In a Blow oven In a pau of watur until Potatoes With Pork Chop* • Wa:ih, puro and cut i>oU«.;rs Into thin -.iiu'^ti. l'ut layer in well buttorod raj4surt)]»j, sprinkfo with suit and I'l-iipcr, d'le-djjo with a iiill'.: Hour .unl dot witli Idtii of batter. Ucpeat until you huv.. tha amount iH't:eyj»ary. Add hot milk until yuu van s.-n it lhn»u«h U>\> layor . I'laco on top ot potatoes aeu- Boned pork chops, and bako aboui un hour in modtaatit oven, ri'ini>\ mix eov^r toward tho laot to brown choi.uK Lettuce and Cress Salad 'AVu^h, drain and uliil 'lla small head of liM- tuco and. a bunch of v.atw crMis. Tho t.ittfir hfiould bo v«ry car<-tuiiy ^loau'ul and washed. Shred a fr;w loriu-. 0 leaves and tho crest!. An\mtr<' th*» )ioart lo;ives ov' Uttuco a.roui:d :>a!a>'l l>ow|. Mix nix tabb^iHJOns oil with throo of vin*!i;ar, nnchalf tea- (•pooii i-alt and ojio-fourlh t'-anpoou paprika. .Mix: liijhily w'.tu iii-> aijrud- dod Uatui:i3 and cr..^K and hvai* in tho I'iMiti.'r of tit** ;.;Uad liiiwi. ^arni.-iH with bard-boiled or tiiui'fed olivt'S j thinly ulicod. i Cream Sponfle Cake — Oao cup^of i rtiigar und two bt-att-u i<jr fll 't -.H-u j mfniUoH. T M thiri «yld oat.'-hali '.:up boiling milk ('. MUM - may ln> v^Ai. Add ono cup bo^r. paltry iluur. 'A':.Lli ;h had "bocn Hiftt^l four Um^H, on*- fni- apoon bakiiii< powder and o :ii >-»virilt teaspoon <Tt 'ain of tartar, Flav.r '.vt'.h almond or vanilla and bako foKy mia- «t «B in aa UIIJT 'I oa .iotl pan. Pla"^ eako lu ovou tliat in JuHt warm «u«>i.:>;h to knor/ there is firo insido until it fcaa raise11, i)i«n inr-r-ja^c heat gradually until cako is browned. Ho suro it iti trowned in bottom. WI 'LUI romoved from OVLU , Invoii. and U laLi; In the paa until <o'.d.

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