Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 26, 1938 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1938
Page 3
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MAIDEN EFFORT Samuel Hopkins Adams 0 Samuel Hopkins Adami WNUSertica THE STORY CHAPTER I--KeJsey Hare, young architect convalescing from a breakdown, meets Martin Holmes, struggling author, in a itorm on a lake near Moldavia. N. Y.. and later settles down with him at his estate. Holtnesholm. Finding Holmes studying a newspaper picture of a Park avenue debu- Unle. Kelsey learns that a story by Holmes has been rejected In a $15.000 contest run by Purity Pictures. A. Leon Snydacker. president, for a novel suitable for plcturtza- Uon. In which the winner of a Mystery Beauty contest will star. Kelsey buys the manuscript from Holmes and rents his house. One of the conditions of the deal it that Kelsey adopt Holmes' pen name. "Tern- pleton Sayles." Alter Holmes departs on a trip, a telegram arrives for Sayles which Kelsey leaves unopened. Clunk, odd man servant, places the debutante's picture on the mantel on lop of the teletrram. «~iuu-*c.j\ u--me rar*Avenue van airai- tens. at breakfast with their niece Marian, are horrified to find her picture in the paper as one of ten remaining contestants for the Purity Pictures award, and leirn that Lie- sett Morse, admirer, has entered Marion 1 ! picture on a bet. After threats ol being taken abroad until the "scandal" dies down, Marlon decides adventurously to go through with the contest CHAPTER ill--In the offices of A, Leon Snydacker, heir to the Pecketfi Persuasive Pills fortune. Marlon finds nine other beau ties. She makes friends with Gloria Clam' our, flip professional beauty contestant. At lunch together, they meet Moby Dtckstein. Snydacker's press agent and factotum. Sny- dacker is overwhelmed with Marion's beauty and "class." to which he is extremely susceptible, repeatedly calls her "Darrling,' and awards her the leading role. Marlon refuses to accept without Gloria, and the two girls and Moby plan Immediate departure for the estate of Templeton Savles. who Is to be leadlne man. CHAPTER IV--Moby is referred to Martin Holmes for information on Sayles. and Gloria flirtatiously takes the call. Meanwhile. Hare is Interrupted In his rewriting by two feminine callers, one of whom he recognizes as the pictured beauty In the paper After they leave, he takes the picture from the mantel, and uncovers the telegram. r.ow four days old, apologizing for a "mistake." and demanding Sayles' Immediate presence In New York for a conference with Snydacker. When Moby and the girls arrive on location. Kelsey learns for the first time that the Holmes-Sayles novel was the winner. He confides his predicament to Moby and Is persuaded to continue the hoax on Snydaeker and the girls so that Holmes can win the S15.000. CHAPTER V--Snydacker's anticipation o' the meeting with Sayles is not shared bv Kelsey. whom Moby advises to say "Yes* to everything. They meet at a Moldavi. Ian, and argue the title of the "sjper creatlonal" picture, finally changing It fron "Virgin Effort" to "Maiden Effort." Wlier Kelsey learns he Is to play the lead, th- embodiment of the insidious Sayles. h: threatens to quit, but Gloria pleads wit! him to stick for a month. Meanwhile. Han ind Marion develop a defensive, almost In suiting, relationship CHAPTER VII Small satisfaction did Marne gel out of her ally, Miss Glamour, when she sought- sympathy in her grievance against Templeton Sayles, Esq. Gloria's opinion was definite but not soothing. "You would take his side." "Don't get sore just because he outsmarted you." "I believe you like him," accused the disgusted Marne. "Sure, I like him. Probably nol as much as you do." "You can have him. With mj blessing." "On the level, kid, why have you got such a down on Tempy?" "I can't stand the lady-killer type." "Where do you get your slant on him?" "From that awful stuff he wrote about himself." "You know darn well that's all fake." "Of course it is. But it shows his character. That's the sort he'd like to be if he could. I'll bet," she concluded viciously, "he boasts about women to other men in smoking rooms." . "You've got him different from what I have," commented the beauty girl thoughtfully. "1 wouldn't hold up the Sayles Saga stuff against him." "Because you don't understand,"" was the impatient response. "You never studied psychology, did you?" To Marne's surprise the other answered readily, "Sure. Sophomore year, when I was Miss University of East Idaho." "Then do you remember about wish-fulfillment?" "Yup. They used to call it a plain lie when I was a kid, and sock you on the ear for it. Now you can get away with any kind of bunl: and they say, 'Oh, that's O. K. Just wish-fulfillment.' Pretty soft!" "But don't you see, Gloria? That stuff that's at the back of your mind is your real self, the way you want to be. It'll all come out if it gets : a chance. Templeton Sayles would like to be the Great Lover As he hasn't got the equipment, he's just the Great Show-off. He imagines himself getting a medal for life-saving heroism, but when the show-down comes, what does the hero do? Sits on the shore and' lets me drown." "Say, wait a minute," objected Gloria. "According to your prospectus, if he wishes he was a hero, then he really is one, inside." "Well, he isn't," snapped Ma/nS "He's a coward." "Cot ard, huh? Well, I'd like to get his angle on that." "Do. But you needn't tell me. Not interested." "All right; I will. I mean, I won't. I mean, I will ask him but I won't tell you unless you come for it." She did. She got Kelsey aside. "What's the big idea, young fella- Bie-lad?" "About what?" "Marne. Letting her pretty near drown. Why not the gallant rescue act?" The subject of the inquiry settled his perfectly fitting white coat across his shoulders, smoothed out an imaginary wrinkle or two, and pivoted slowly before the intent eyes of his questioner. "What do you think of me?" "You're all right." "Like this suit?" "Very snappy." "Now Gloria, I want you to Intently. This Is important." "I'm listening." "Never, whatever you do, go] water with a white serge suit ·imply will not recover its set. 1 ·t i SPAPFRf at ner swemniy. That's your story, you otoppea and "Hm-m-m-m. Is it?" "That's my story." "Well, you aren't going to tell any more than you want; I can see that. But Marne thinks you're yellow." Kelsey grinned. "I thought it was another color that she played me for. Maybe she thinks I owe her an explanation. If so, I'll try to get one up for her.' 1 "I'd like to be there when spring it." "Right. We'll try to give you notice." "A. Leon's due back tomorrow," she informed him, with a sidelong glance. "How delightful for one and alll" "Hmpph! Chatty like a clam. aren't you! Well, don't take any risks with your precious life before I see you again." As far as A. Leon Snydacker himself was concerned, his return was less delightful than he had anticipated. His darr-ling proved unaccountably elusive. Every project that he devised for getting her apart from the rest was baffled with such tact and amiability that he could not figure out just how it was accomplished. He decided to delay the'playlng of his trump card unti) after his four-day air-trip to Hollywood. "When I come back," he confided to Moby Dickstein, "it'll be with five carats of diamond. Emeralds?" he«Mq*ed reflectively. "Emeralds is just a pass, but a solitaire means business." "That's the talk, Bwana." "You try her out on the week-end proposition. If she still balks it'll be time to play the diamond." "All right, Bwana. My middle name's diplomacy." Behind the magnate's retiring back he made a wry face. Acting as go-between for A. Leon's love affairs was one phase of his job that soured on a stomach long trained not to be over-squeamish. Two days after the great man's departure his lieutenant approached Marne with an air of bonhomie. "Hay-o, kid. You're gettin' a couple days' vacation, I hear." "Am I? That'B nice. I hadn't known of it." "Sure. Friday. You're taking a little trip hi the hydro with the Boss.""Where to?" "You'll find that out when you get there." "Who else is going?" "The oilot." "I'm alraid I'm going to oe uusy next week-end." "What d'you mean, you're goin' to be busy? Get onto yourself, kiddo. I'm talkin' for the Boss, himself." "It's still no-thank-you," answered Marnc with perfect good humor. Moby couldn't understand it. Or rather, he suspected that she didn't understand. "You don't know what a swell guy A. Leon is if he likes you," he urged: "You got the game right in your hands." "But I don't play that game, Mo"But this is different," he argued with a pathetic resolution to make her see the light. "You're practically engaged to him." "It's news-to me." "If you ain't, you're goin' to be. Practically," he repeated. "I happen to know." "That's a thrill," she admitted politely. "Even so, it's regarded as unconventional to go week-ending with your fiance. Ask Dorothy Dix if you don't believe me." "I just don't get you," he lamented. "You're turnin' down the trip? Is that on the level?" "I'm afraid it is, Moby." Moby Dickstein's chin declined upon his breast. It was plain that Melancholy had marked him for her own. "What am I goin' to tell the Big Fella?" he mourned. "Don't tell him anything. Let him find put." "Maybe that's the best way," he sighed. "Anyhow, it'll hold our jobs a little longer. And every day is money in this business. Well, let's get down to cases. Are you set for the canoe race tomorrow afternoon?" "What's that?" "We're goin' to shoot that sequence. You and Sayles, paddling double." ·~ 'You'd better tie a life-preserver around him," snapped Marne. "He might fall overboard and catch his death of cold." "Don't get sore, baby," grinned Moby. If Marne refrained from any open exhibition of soreness, when the time came for the test, she was at least painfully dignified'upon meetr ing her hero at the feeding.' blush of shame mantled-n.ta, ous brow. He was, JQ , - . - . . gustingly jaunty. t'f t^t* -»-' ? Convoyed by a cam«ra-b«afing boat, they set. out. Marne jywW»- paddle. This enabled [h«j to present the back of an ing neck to her shipm dured it with silent co til'they came opposite^ bluff. There he dug hi and checked their "This ought to be reckoned. , - "Hey!" protested Ufo man. "The script don f " stop here." "I'm interpolating a logue," explained "Not with me, if you said Marne. 'Just a moment. Th ·e you lost your e it." at of it?" your temper was an expr disdain* us, my tnai we snouia nevur stana up in a canoe." "It wasn't funny the first time you said it, either," she remarked. "But if you must stand up, this is the location to select." "I suppose that means something, but I can't imagine what." "Stick your paddle straight down." "What for?" "To learn something to your advantage." "I'm sure it wouldn't interest me," stated the haughty Marne. But a most disconcerting suspicion was formulating itself in her mind, "All right. If you won't, I will." He drove his paddle downward. It hit bottom with a jar. Two feet of handle were still protruding from the water. "How tall are you?" No answer. "Very well. I think it's fair to essuma--correct me if I'm wrong- that you're over four feet." More and thicker silence. (To be continued next week) aa^g^g^jg^agggEigigt Bulova Watches Just received a large selection of Itulova watches with latest styles at papular prices. 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PREMIUM SODA CRACKERS Orange Juice, 2 cans 19c Pineapple Juice, 2 S± 25c Grapefruit Juice, 3 cans 25c Tomato Juice, 2 cans 19c Widmer's Grape Juice, 2 pts. 29c CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP Cans SOFTASIIX CAKE FLOUR nc. 27C PET MILK 3 Tan Cans Bee Brand Pumpkin Pie Spice Can 9c Bee Brand Vanilla **· BolUe 23c IRISH MACKEREL 8 to 9 oz. for TISSOGOOD PANCAKE BLUE RIBBON SEEDLESS RAISINS SUN-MAID CURRANTS Mie. IOC LAND O* LAKES BUTTER Lb. 34c TISSOGOOD Salad Dressing H.Pta. 19C Qnarts MRS. FILBERTS LUB-O-FLO Margarine Motor Oil L*. 19c With IJc.-lutUnl Glass Free Can Fresft Fruits Veqetables Ready to Help You Shop and Save Denton Food Market, Denton G. C. Cohee, Denton Harvey Fleetwood, Denton T. L. Trice, Jr, Preston Arnie'a Cash Grocery, Preston Milford Kline, HtUsboro Harry Btedma, Ridgefr L Calrin "Butler, Greensboro J. W. Sytaster, Goldstar* J. F. Line, Goldsboro H. A. Porter, Bomnrule R, H. Gibson, Queen Anne Qua/rfy Hear Headquarters SPAPFRI

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