The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 3, 1916 · Page 15
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 15

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1916
Page 15
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FKJDA-X, NOV 3, 1916 W6ODROW WILSON President of the United States "HE HAS KEPT US OUT OF WAR" This is the face of a man strong, courageous, patient and kindly, a man -Always alert to the aspirations of his fellowman and sympathetic toward their fulfillment; Never complacent toward the encroachments of privilege nor tolerant of social wrong; Always seeking to enhance the dignity of labor and better the state of the toiler; Never lending an ear to the sophistry of exploitation or the blandishments of expediency; Always patient to hear and weigh, .to appraise and analyze, and passionate to find the way of right; Never premature in purpose nor prejudiced in judgment, and never headlong in decision-Such is WOODROW WILSON. | ' S o J M l n J T o i U o i d f i P» ' Atlantic Cit} JN 1 No-v 3 -- S ith out re idling an agieement 0 1 t i n foi LLe ruaintainauce ot peac^, the I ordei the Mexican Vmer ca i joint commission adjouined toi L\ uu til \ o \ c m b e r 9 ^hen the c o n i c i e n c p \ \ i l l be ' e s u m e d here Luis L a b i u I Ignaci 0 Bonillas and -Uberto J Pan tLe ^Mexican representati\es l e i t l o \ei\ lork i\here they h e a d Pie i dent \\ ilson last night Judge Geoige Graj and J R Mott ol the \raeiicin ' com nisoion lelt for then homes ill order to ^ o t e Tue=dai and Socretar ' r r x n k l m K Line their c h v u m a n U i U leave t o d x j toi White P l u n ·« here thev v. ill speak this evening 1 lie v i l l speak Satuidaj night it Pou^hlveepsie Th^ cornmi c sionp] s decl ned to di-cuss, the details of then c o n f e i e n c r CHIJJLICOTHE ASrOMSTCPD Clullicothe people aie astonished ?t tht J N S T A N P action ol Miuplt b u c k t h o i n bark erlcerina, etc a s m\ed \n "vcuOT i u^. C -IE, SPOO\- TLL renio-\Pa such sui prising f o u l mattei it relieves almost WiT CASB I constipation sour ctom ich or so., \ l e c i u o e Aaior 1 ki acts on BOTH lo-«er and u p p e r bowel d tew dose- o f t e n relie-ve or ^prevent appendicitis A snort treatment helps c h i o n L slomach trouble Clark s Pharmacj n i* t oJ 494 or 18F15 [·» ro r, uv R o 00 per cord c3 dr phono Read the ConstltuMou Want ads H B. HOGAN L -_- tf QH3T,L ,OTHE ALL THIS WEEK NEXT WEEK AND EVERY WEEK IN THE YEAK TO_TAK£ YOUR , f .j.A3LRE FOR A TAILOS-ivlADE SUIT Not an ordered suit, irade in a f-story the sa as as readj made, and called Tailor-maae, bul a Tailor- Made One that is made in Chillicothe Tit, cloth and everything about it guaranteed to give ^-·tisfaction. It will cost you no more to have yoi^ suit made in Chillicothe than it will to send to some Chicago house and get a factory-made suit. SEE H B. HOGAN AND GET HI^ PRICES "\O\ r M l l h R A\ P VTFIFR DarH cold snaps stoiras and sleet snoi\ and slush cause coughs and colds Folej s Honej and Tar act ciuickH cuts the phlegm opens an passiges allays nritation heals m | llamation and enables the sutf erei to breathe easily and naturally so that (sleep is not distill bed M h i c k m ^ I cough Sold everywhere 0V******************************** Save Them All. S*v\ o the bo * and you save the auK S.ire the bo s and you save tlie home S w e tlie boys and you save the state Suv e the boj s and you ^ave every institution in Missouri w 01 th saving You cm save tliem all by desttoymg the liquor traffic in Missomi. WON'T YOU HELP DO IT? Where Does It Come From?} The breweis of Missouri claim thvt tliey spend $7,OOO,- OOO annually lor giain products But if so iv here do they get them? Jfot in Missomil They use principally barley, rice, hops and Missouri pro- ! I | !' dnces none of these In quan- i ; titles worth while. Are They Fools? Think of It, Fathers. Chaplain Stilling of the Missour pemtentiarv says that in the three yeais he has been chaplain of that Institution more than THIRTY SE\ EN HUNDRED h a i e been ad nutted as com lets--and mostlj young men More than 1 200 a jear more than 100 a month In rounc numbers f o u r e\ciy daj of the ·« eeU "Vv hat a piocession of dethroned hu niamtj that means And it conie from the homes of Missoun Yours ma-v be the next If not jours you nei^hboi s Think on this fatheu of Missouri A Bad Bargain. If the people of Missouri wer getting all f i o m the 1'quoi tiaffh that the\ claim then it w ould be ai e\ceedmgl\ bad bargain to sell al the 5 ouu^ in inhood and ^oun" womanhood of Missouri at tliat price Don t v o u think 7 I Farmers, Libten. Onlj t n o p°t cent oE tne gran p:oducts oi tin-- n i t i o n are used n the m a n u t a c t i n. ol Ico'iolic liquor ^ot ei oi - i to Leod the staining mil lious ni ic bo o\ the liquor trafD £01 t (.in d \ SPAPLRl Is there a man anywhere, "who honestly Relieves that the people ot Maine would have lived under a prohibition law for fifty years if it hurt their business and increased their taxes' Is theie a man so foolish as to bel'eve that the people of Kansas are silly enough to have lived under piohibition for a generation if that law was oppressive financially and otherwise 7 Would it be in keeping with common sense to say that North Dakota away up in blizzaidly north region, would not haie long since overthrown prohibition if it wag at all burdensome' And is it at all within the bounds of reason, to believe that state after state to the number of nmetepn, would ha-ie followed in the footsteps of Mxine Kansas and No-th Dakota, If it weie true that prohibition was hurting these states' And with the evidence of a halj century before them is it at all rea sonable to belies e that the many oth er states asking for state wide pro hibition would do so' No, no, of course not Studebaker Six, Seven Passnger Touring Car HOSS Three Things to Think of There are three very important essentials which you should investigate in the purchase of a motor car First, the general appearance of the car, Second, the power of the car. Third, construction of chassis, in reference to easy riding- qualities, safety and durability. Beauty Did you ever hear anyone comment unfavorably about the appearance of the Studebaker car? Like the highest priced cars, the design of its lines has been free fiom faddishness and freakishness. The lines are artistic, stylish, elegant and distinctive. This is because good taste and conservatism have depended upon pure simplicity to develop beauty. Finish Theie is no other manufacturer who can ofter ou a car at anywhere near the StudebaLer price that can afford to finish it with twenty-five haiid- applied paint and varnish opeiations. There is no other manufactmer that can offer you a car at this price, and finish it with as good a quality of genuine leather and real stuffed hair--and this, in face of the steadily increasing price of these materials. Power Although announced over thirteen months ago, Studebaker is still the most powerful car within hundreds of dollars of its price. In the test of actual service, this motor has not only developed power to meet every service condition; whether it be slow driving in metropolitan traffic, mountain climbing, or the overloads in stage service, theie has never yet been complaint that the Studebaker car has not developed power for every demand. In gasoline consumption in ratio to power, no car has exceeded the Studebaker--and is the final testimony of efficiency and good design. Comfort Although announced thirteen months ago, Studebaker is still the only seven- ·passengerTouzing Car within hundreds of dollai s of its price, and it is one of the few medium priced cars which still retain the more expensive and better three-quarter elliptic spring suspension, and radius rod and torque arm duvmg members. Safety With 70,000 of these cars in service, we do not know of a single case where a loss of life has happened, or even an accident occurred, due to imperfect material or workmanship or to weakness of any part of Studebaker construction. Strength Although Studebaker cars have been used, as we have said, under the most trying service conditions in the stage service in the mountains, there has been no part of the chassis fail to withstand the strain of the giant Studebaker motor and the big overload. Golden Chassis We believe we are safe in saying that the Studebaker Full Floating, Timkeri Beaung Rear Axle is the best piece of rear avle construction ever put under an automobile at any price. In shoit, not a single weakness or general trouble has developed in the splendid "Golden Chassis"of the Studebaker car in thnteen months of service with 70,000 owners. Is there a better assurance than these figures to protect you in your investment of a motor car^ Is there a better name than Studebaker to develop a car which males these facts possible? Only one of the most superb manufactw ing organizations in the world can develop such a car. Why should you be satisfied with anything short of this when you can buy a St udebaler? Four--$875 F O B Detroit Six--$1085 r O B Detroit ADAMS AUTO VJPPLY *:()., Distributors '. OTdE, MISSOURI I 1 ll tjjlt

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