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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1859
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TUBSD DK1A80HS— Richmond gifes the folia* ^* **&#£•.£ UL ^n^^nsr-TE-^TOTyj-sv *W?P% ^^i^W^JfttotrtisM..*.* **..k.,i __*.»,_ m- -, . ... -. * ,Mr. turners ' NEWS. flN$ MAfr 31, ;?I859. M'MBKR 20s £•«? *PI^ _ , , , ..... „ ,, , -t -, » ' l^ilja'aptr.yuUnhed every jnornlilir, wept Honda*. *»aly r«j<B-. every Tne*a*T-pi° f nI*g- •.. * ^••fc It* ?«?= »^ " ^ X"* V i " %, ** V lantr/ la M OTbMiwi^XJwiiw as ft Is mh. manerly in MOD. .V WeeiclyPaptr Tor one year, payable maav»4?f. Ten line*, OT less, of Hoapareil lattice fcycpar*.' •pl^::::^!!^^^;:^ do. 8 day* ... *M 1 do. 'SaicW.ljiSo do. v 44av .... £,00 " " '— do. , 6da v « .... 8,00 do. Iwcfi..... 5,60 do. Swerta..... 4,00 do. f 8w-g».... fi^BO 1 do. «moD<h>.. l(,e« do. do. . , 8 mm<lln,,, SOJQD 1 year..,.. 80,08 Lnngdon. _ SB* XiRBSVlI.LI J lirfsoner broke aomeglags from his wWdow.— the Sheriff wjsh^l. to^fin^oai whoit^ww convtoced that a plajj to : e«cape was on foot andBhaokeled one of the prisoners, iwnet KUUUee, who retired to a cell, armed -with the leg of a chair. The Deputy- Bheriff attempted to disarm hfm,wnt?B asimffleWned, in which the deputy wag badly hurt on the arm, and the prisoner choked Ull be «av» up. 1 FJHMTS or AH KIHBS.- M. e. Cook & Co , Wisc^nsinjrtreet, ar«-daily receiving ftom the jBast andfionlh, baskets, boxes and barrels "»««» 156 AUJHITS* " 1 rf«k-i^._Vx_i •- ^!^^ fT* 811 '*««8." < P«» app or- AdterUitment* /or jtMe and <iU 1k» l*aH*t\ "JS 68 -^l airsnch go CLOsmtLT avtkortftd Agenti in the Sbrthwutjbr^ majority of them. ', " jnar4 IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. . as nice, clean and.fteab as one could wfah*r. Their prices are low, tuey «r e fooddiberal fel. lows, keep a litrge mpply <* all things in thrir line, fcdm a peanut to" » barrel Vf pine * and sell more tha»^iiy five dpalers*n the oiiy t l necord, for May,So,'« keptbyC. n.GARDINER* 00., DrafglMi, 19Spring street. *a.M. tf.v. Or. if. 88°a A VIONWTE,— The Light Guard bare adopted as a vignette Ihe figure of an Indian. 0 wiso To at St. PanPa i i ^ W :notice"d*%it « doz- ' Presently a hoops came_in,-*>aiteiii sized down the girl. D0MB8WC TIB.—Marrying your servant new democratic paper is soon to be started «t Manitowoc. Hood sells a large lot of ornamental garden trees at auction this morning at 10 o'clock. TH* BEIOHTOH BAHK SWIHDLB.—The entire amount iof the above swindle in Boflalo, was $1,300. .—The sportsmen of Galena hare challenged the sportsmen of Dnbnqne to a trial of rifle shooting, for $100 a side. The streets that are cleaned look so much better for it, -we wonder the city does not clean thpm all. BOOTS & SHOES — See Mnnyan's advertisement elsewhere. He performs all he advertises. Constellation, Park Benjamin's paper, is dead. The publisher lost (7,000 by the experiment. QTTBBE CASK.— A woman was taken In labor, on a bridge, in Buffalo, and threw her child into the canal. She alleges that it was stillborn. tyCharles C. Converse, an eminent musician and composer, has Utely returned from Germany, and will spend • the Summer at Elmira, N. T., the place of his nativity. J®-The Persia lately sailing from New York, took out over three millions of specie, the largest shipment of specie ever made from the United States. aisle, and when she readied her hats >ay piled up by the door of il, gathered In the march triumphant. The owners «f the hats went forward, rescued each his own, and returned to Heir seats, the glossy map <m their hats so tarnished, that all ideas of a nap during the serraon'was knocked endways. LET HIM UP.—For se»era] daye pa*, a game lagged Dutchman, calling himself Jules- B. Smith, has been diddling our citizens out of various sums of money and articles of value, and has suddenly left, with a lot of bills unpaid. He " went in on bis shape" largely. He rode after good livery teams, borrowed money, bought furniture on time to fit np a room with, to the amount of $300, sold it at a discount, and left with the cash in k is pocket, the pjreas will do wdl -to mention that he is a hatchet faced, lame legged, insinuating looking chap, about five feet eight, and twenty .fire years old, whom to trust would be dangerous. HABD SIGHT.—About one of the hardest sight* we ha»«r seen lately, was one we were witness to yesterday, at the Station House A woman by cu means of an ugly appearance at any other time, lay in one of the cells writU- ing, twisting, foaming and kicking in all tbe contortions of a drunken whbk* fit. Jt took two stout men to hold her still, and-even then she would grab the iron bars <tnd compress her grasp upon them till It .seemed as if she would wrench them from their position, and her teeth would grate aa though they were being rubbed by a file. il liluro received no letter from any Pro am acqaalnted only with Prof. Turner Yoj*j t never heanJ of any oilier Prof Tomer ajiywliero 4. tdo not know that there is aProf.Tum- Severn! poor hoaxes have failed I Is this also one t " 6 llutve riot eecn.even in the newspapers, any Mter professing to^be signed by any Prof Turner. 7. It is not my business (ana\i have other work, too), to ran about and hunt up tUe letters to tne in.aU tite newspapers of the United States.! r A SaaatBtivii DtviHi.—Sunday i we attended St.- Paul's Church to bear fieri /.'O JUobmond-pleach on'American Sbama.1 The house Wat «ij j,' not t' seat being vacant I At least tiro thpniand persons were in aliend-^ knee, and large nbmbers were dotnp'j'tad to; leave for want <rf jrfttlng, or even Standing room. Before ootnnienolng his sermon, Mr. Riohmoud alluded Briefly to his ehnroh, and the difflcalty he bad had with tbe vestry, but which was now ore*, v He stated that A* waa NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. rector, and as snchj considered himself the beadof affairs, and (should allow no one to interfere with lilm itflba discharge ofhlaie- ligiins^nty toGodjlhe ohnroh/and bis congregation. He aafdj bis vestry was unlit for the position tbeylfld- That just inoh men had made Wiscon^the bye-word she Is, but that tbedwil woaldjsomo day claim his own, NOTICE. CrTT CoJUtaOLnaa Urncv I 'act Department, Hay 8I>, 1859. f IHCfolIowinglU aicVdule of lot. and parcel, of Isni" It the 8th Ward of the City of Milwaukee, Ihit w,11 be benefitte 1 by grading (Ta'ker ilreet and ildewalka, from Sixth arenueta Ihe west Ineof Walker'* Addition; al.9 lo repair the north sidewalk*, between lit and 6th avfnnes, and planking th.- no-th aldrwalkl of *a d street, from 1st averue to the west T tine o' WtlkerS Addition. K. n.UAYDEV, FRED. VOGEL, Street Commission.™. and have it too. Hd advised people in took. I do not believe Oiat a'ny Mr.Tumer hashing at the faults of tfthers, to do it and lt>»ro written to me, pr sent a newspaper to me;' for better things, not ioStaitlu, gossip ij« about : h»»e not rtceivtd or seen either paper or le*- 9. I ad vyrtised three week* ago my intention of going toEnrope soon .and I expect to sail with Captain Comstock, my old friend, skillful, oientiflc, courageous nnd fnaliocs (as I told tiltn he was) of, the fcaltio, in the Russian 84 gun war ship, that he \s to take over the ocean rom June 15th to 20th, to the Emperor Ale*, uder, whom I should like to see. 10. Therefore, as I have waited' for all the aruer* four moulna and more, they are po- tely rcq.o«sted to await nay return, and also let me Icnov by mail, or in some way, that they accept my challenge to "an oral debate in New Tork, or in some city between this and that." Those are tbe words. Now 1 believe Stevens Point, "Point Betsey," and Jacksonville, in Illinois, or Egypt, are not exactly between "this aod that,"t. e not on the road from anil traduce others: } : ; Ha said, when pfjoph-worked with their hands, no one wa*> ;*ieafed; bat if men made a Irving by shavingjn; (tel^aaking from ten to fifty per cent, for mbrwf^falling for flfty cents on.the^dollar, and rsioji! pleasantries, somebody got cheated by ^hejtishonesty. Hi a fe3 . fry bad 'said he was 1 c^aay. " It was to make ten men crasy to h*re sach a realty to deal with, bat be thankfcl God he bad health I-of. 13 II- 11 9 7 0 3 1 11 I S 8 u B T 8 8 1 I o 1 M 1.. Block. Of 35 X 86 t£ S6 86 8< 87 81 SI 87 87 37 •it 88 aa J8 8« 3S 41 29 '.•9 H'nefi s, 82,81 83,4* S«.6» 22.CO 23,00 26,66 29,69 31,87 31.25 Lot. Bloc*. H 89 3» 89 89 '89 39 89 Benefits. A.PVERTISEMENTS. NOTICE! CITT CoKpTaoit.n'9 OrwiOM, Ooatract D partment, Mil., May 23, 1859. T HE followlnir 19 an estliuate of tha benefits »r abat- log the Duiian.'e ' . Ward of the Oily of Milwaukee OD the fol'owln; lots In the Bloi;k. 160 165 :K 163 EH 9 W H 9 I 6 3 1 33,94 42,81 38.U6 82,18 31,25 83.M 82,81 17,ia 150,81 lOO.IiJ 11 » 7 & * 1 19 II o 3 111 6 i « 4 40 40 10 40 40 40 41 41 41 41 41 41 23,4-1 94.69 118,12 199 IS 182 19 IT2.S1 155,31 14469 10031 79.38 .•.4.06 82,50 d4,06 168 194 168 160 164 166 166 i or 1*7 » iar Lot I •J 9 & 7 1 9 10 > 11 12 13 14 16 1C 4 Benefits. 1M.44 293,13 7T81 II 3» 449,0.1 4.9.U6 44'.OS 449,0il J. H. BURNING, LOUIS AC KB, Street CommlfS oni-rs. Block Lot. Benenis. 167 10 iua.iie 167 14 410 13 167 15 410.1,'i 1(7 16 410.13 1C2 16 -J73.2S 163 Nhf ,,r 1 16.7'J 163 H <B -.i CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. Common I?L n is follow* N Olt UJM \ •> aj ni.->rtnt «n , r»if t »n.f .•fev^nin W , r L nn^il .%f tfi,. i'j ty 410 1.1 410.13 410.13 410,15 410 15 VS'i.19 8904 •-'60 i)0 ItW i M 139 I-.9 1S9 I.VJ ir.9 159 IM I 111 10 11 U 14 15 16 in. 71! 1' K. L'U OARDMEK. C.imptr NOTICE CITY Couf* ROLLun'-* ( Uoolract Department, MUwnukee, Miy 2* fWlHE following 19 an ..,tlnnte of Ib? >>*ni- 1 19 .'..I 14 -..VI Ml'.,-Ill 1-M.4U Hfl.4'1 \m 4i> 1.16.40 k^ ty.,1, ,14,).. „„ The north half ,,f Wst. r. >n ,l ,h. w,. lyiotf *D<| ht-mfcr ^ tu Mill* tuket* is ha , t <tan I f,,r L(,H ,,i]^ . ' .<^c. .'. Fhr M i. 1 »u«l J ev^nt/i W ir.1 J i W-lr.l. I.-, 'l^r.-hy , j n,,o. »>wn«-il »» vi..l mil M i • n^i .1 -"< • 1 »n,l rnrly . ». n it,, I th-r»,,n i..r j.r IN , «ii't m » 'e. 4 (.'f / H ' --- t No .,»r,. i ci-.l , Ih. K.r.i 11, i r \:\.* W.r.N. *njl strength to Jti|«|4oVn wch "libel*, it was Milwaukee to New Tork. Chicago ralKht be pressed, into this service, though now we in Milwaukee have a road of oar own, across our Lake to Grand 1 * Haven, and begin to scrre Chicago as I do 'anonymous oommnnications, which I promised to 'ignore.' HICHKOBD, Presbyter. Milwaukee, May 30, 1869. note shavers, »pecnlafor», dorrs of evil things, adulterer*, corruptioijiBts, sabbath breakers, wine bibbers, &c., shonld flght Isim, biu it was not God's will that sach libels on humanity should succeed, tvnii h» felt in his goal and i. 1 bones that he should cbafjacr. He alluded to Milwaukee aristocracy, aod aristocracy in genera), : as on* grand The " npp«r ten" wfere "upper « 3594 K, Cumptruller. ClTt ourriOLLsV* ,)KICB. I Contract l>e|>artmenr, Maj SO, 1859 f ,' KAL6D proposals will be recrtved at th» office, until Vnday. June M. at lu i. M M for furnishing «» st>rials and construct q? ar. Kngme House for Englna . a.H*. T, SCCordinj to the plans and ipMldcatlvni, on fllKlo 'his oB5c* 4 TCh*Comptroller desires t* e right to reject allprn- i —^.. |f considered too h gh. " '" K- L'll. QIRD1NKR, rora,tr-ller W«nl BlorliS 161 163 164 4.'> 43 Una the 'olloirlni; nulaancra -Inli t ' Ibl i; c J II UL'KNIN LOOI.H «I'K1, Lots BeneQt* 14 15 16 i 8od Laaarus waa a truer aristocrat than Uiose calling them9«lv..»»m>li aliont him. He spoke of the poor mui lliat the dog's sore*, and C^~The Berlin Courant was chuckling some days since over the feet that Paine had 2,000 majority in the 3d Congressional Distriot—a clear gain of 3,000 from last fall. Paine did not get a majority in the 3d, IxpROTn>.—The Newhall House has been re-painted and polished inside, and sanded outside, till we must say it looks even better than it ever looked before, which seems almost an impossibility. TBI BoTHscHttDS.—The utmost conrtama- tion is said to.prevaU among the Rothschild*. The Vienna Rothschild lately went to Paris to consult with Baron James, the ablest man in the family. A SLACHTRB Boose »OB TH« CITT.—As b well known in the city, every once in awhile some butcher ii arrested for slaughtering within the city limits, and is fined according to law, but in almost every instance the fine is r». milled by the Common Council. It b impossible, almost, for jjnteben to go onnride of th* city limit* at certa a seasons of the year, to do their butchering. A plan is vow on toot between the butchers of the oily and tt» Common Council, to have a general slaughter house for all of then, t uilt somewhere inside of the city limits, bat at some point wh»re it will not be oflansive and where it can be kept clean and free from bad odor. FIE« AT DO»UQD« —From the herald we learn that on the 27th a destructive fire destroyed tbe People's Theatre, Masonic Hall, Posl Office and several stores. The flre was so rapid that the Odd Fellow's block, a splendid boildlug was in ruins in an hour and a half. The third and last floor wag occupied as lodge rooms by the Masons and Odd Fellows of Dabuque, Everything belonging to both was destroyed, amounting to many thousand dollars. The Odd Fellows' block was erected three years ago, at a cost of over $50,000 exclusive of the fitting np of tbe People's Theatre, which cost some $5,000. Tbe following are the individual losses, ai near as can be ascertained : Stockholders of Odd Fellows' Mock, »10,000 Dr. Munflell, no W.Eobin*on, grocet. 8. W. Gretme, '• Theater, 2,000 UKACCOUHTID ros BiwittonxcBx. — It is a singular fact that persons lost on a prairie, always travel in a circle, tbe aize of tbe circle dinVing with different ages. Philosophers hare failed to account for this most singular fact.— Ktu Tart ' PRBSMTTATIOS.—In New Tork, on Tuesday, Michael Phelan was presented, by a number of his friends, -with a silver tea service, and a gold scarf pin studded with diamonds and rabies. Omce IK Pi;—The office in which the Journal, at teavenworth, was printed, caved in a few days since, throwing jsaseSj presses, type, stands, «to., all into a general pile in the cellar. The paper is now temporarily issued from the Herald of freedom offiqe. VST Information is desired of WUliam Winter, of Lon dpn, England, a young carpenter, 21 years of ag.u.-aeMbate and pal». Please address Mrs. E. May, Milwaukee, Wis., or-Mrs. Ann Winter, 24 Great North St., Edgewan Road, Paddmgton, LondOn.England. OEQAH Music.—Yesterday a traveling organist located h*m«<>»f and commenced grinding in front of onroffiM. His music was delightful, lint not appreciated, and if he calls again, we hope be will make bis stay about as long as a mole's tail—no longer. Nothing singular mahout it that we can see. The circles were described by men like our friend with the leide voile, having on*ltg shorter than the other, brought on by indiscretion. Like him, they cannot see far enough ahead to " gage" their line of travel. In the East, (his kind of people are useful, as they can plough around a Bide hill, bnt' in the West they are utterly worthless. Oar wide walk friend would not be safe on a prairie, unhss be wks linked in with some unfortunate chip like himself, with the limp in the ether legl • H. QrandjMB, canlecrttmer, Clark <t feaob, Welsh Edwards' CompaoT, Joseph Rhomberg, L. E- Wright, cigar stei- Odd Fellows and H. H Heeth, Total insuraooe on building, " " on Block, Total Total loss 6,000 s, 600 8,700 6,000 300 2,200 200 100 300 1 100 SOU $69,000 8,000 3,500 $11 500 958,390 The .theatre was better than any wot of New Tork. The Port Office matter »•• all saved. Lois of thieving was carried on. The Odd Fellows' Blook U the third valuable building that has been burned down In Dubnqne within the Hit 18 months— the other two being the Merchants' Hotel and the St. Cloud Hotel, the first of which cost $40,000, and the other 95,000. EXCUESIOH TO dKCiHHATi;— On Wednesday morning, June 1st, the new direct route 'between Chicago and Cincinnati will be formerly opened ly'a .Urge party of excursionists. Ae the train will leave Chicago at 8 a. m , it will te necessary to leave here by the train, this evening. ; NEW .8MAMBOA* LIBS.— The Bufialo Jfe Lake ErieSleamboat Company, lately >r>jin. Ized, will run the line steamers "City of Buffalo" and *'^es*ern .Metropolis" between Bnf. falo and Cleveland, commencing thdr regular^ trips on the 8th >f Jnly . This will likely induce the Michigan Central to put a line of boats between Detroit and Buffalo, to oonnect. SIMPJ.I EiDionLons.— Paul Morphy has returned from Europe, and ie beslobbered from head to fbot, by eocieties and meetings iBjrW- York, or Boston. JBeis a good chess player, bnt we, for one, dislike all this nonsense ov a single individual. It Morphy and the Savionr sliould arrive in thig country by the same boat, Morphy would secure all the attea- ' Siswims POIST.—The .Pinery sayetha'tBfty passenger!ri^ayarrlre^^t^'by thecoiwi^of : the Wisconsin Stage Company—^U on time. Bnt little lumber has been sold below this season, and that at abort prices, ranging'from • The Wisconsin is no win good shape for rafting. -~- 1 -' -y The^teagwj li City of Stevens Point' 4 makes regale trijf*_iioa4p8inee and back. ' NAEROW ESCAPE. — The way a good-looking man in this city came near .getting into trouble was this : He waa walking along the street, his thoughts on the dinner awaiting him, when a 'tap-tap-tap" on a window, on the corner of the 'street he was crossing, eansed him to look up, and to see a handsome lady kissing the tips of her dainty fingers to the sweetest 'possible style. -- Determined not to be outdone in politenesSjhe returned the compliment with a bland smile, and just escaped feeling the toe of a No. 6 boot, immediately in the region where a man don't like to be kicked It seems tbe lady's husband was walking along jnst hack of him,and who no doubt very natu rally claimed tbe kisses as his own. The good* looking^man Bays he will have an eye out backwards hereafter, hut we always did,and always will, return each little marks of attentioD.un- lesscrrtatn they were not intended for us. How 10 TAKE A JOKI. — Saturday evening a gentleman was returning from Kicbmond's lecture, in company with three ladles. Noli oing Cook's (rait store open, he leltthp ladiei on the corner of Main and Wisconsin streets, in company with a gentleman friend, while be went after some strawberries. Before bis return, a party-of«h»ps came along, and one of them rudely insulted one of the ladies, where- npon the j g«ntleman standing with.' them, proceeded to give the young blood a handsome drewing flow-ri wilb. 1 a etput hickory canp, some three qnarte« of aft inch" through. The jb>irs:>rere i jtaia^liliriUi *^rili;t|H the cana was broken, and the wclpfent of a practical n.«;' ftlBonV with tjw head - '* '" HORICOH ITBMS.— The Arffru aaya that Paul Dierline has started t a brewery there, and makes good beef. Tbe Kakoska mills depot waa broken in the other night, and a lot of flour sjolen there- from. The second annual meeting of the Wiscon. sin New Church Association, will be held in Horicon, aommenotng on Friday June third, continuing three days. The Boricou water power will not long remain unimproved. Already tbe work has commenced to rebuild the saw mills, sash and blind factory, and planing mill. The sash and blind factory and planfng mill, will be built of stone and much larger than the old one. Arrangements are being made to put np a shop for doing all kind of plain and fancy turning, and we hope to see a good substantial flre proof building. Taking Into consideration location and facilities for transportation, the water power at Horioon is the best in the Stale.— Now in the time for capitalists to make a good paying investment upon the power, as leases for a term of years, or perpatnal leases can be had at rate* that will make it an object to improve the povrer, tbe present proprietor* being determined to sell or lease upon terms that cannot fail'to suit. For any manufacturing purpose, the location is desirable, wood and timber being cheap and abundant, and lumber cheaper than at any other market out of the pine region. The energy 1 and go-aneadltivenest displayed bythelosgraln the recent flre, in commencing to rebuild in a substantial manner, indicates the character of the business men of Horfoon. tbe rich m»u who »ou!4 not give a drop of water to cool his parched tongue. Had t»i« rich man lived now, he would bare l«eu a Bank Prasident—a railroad president pr director, and would have taken at leant a hund red thouxand dvltart in corruption band,! The fate of.such men, he feared, would be similar except that now, such men did not u,e voter, except outwardly, t/u: tame as tkey did , religio* ! Be did not know but be was, in Mling the** truths, casting pearls before swin-, bnt the truth must be told—and tall it he did.-He was going to Europe, to stay thre« months, and should come back armed anew for the fight His cburch had bired him to teacb them religion, and he was trying to do it.— They were oonaUntly telling him how to manage Ihe institution—trying to do tbe labor be was getting pay for. H« paid woman a high compliment ; said he would rather have a My vestrj than any other , that they were by nature honest and religiously inclined, and less oodfishy in their notions generally. He Uked to gee bonesty of purpose, honesty of heAri, bonesty of 8onl,an.l honesty of religion ; not suc-h boneaty as m«u liad for Bale at so macll a lie, or steal. He liked to Mb bonesty of purpose, especially church members—man who wben they could keep the angel that carried th^ir prayers to Heaven, awake, and m^n whose prayera,if they were macked as express goods, "C. O. D."(collect on ftnllvery,) wonia not be Bent Uitk aa damaged, -staff. In some places, people's religion improved with age. Here it did not. lo some places men knew more as they grew older. Here, if they lived to the age of Methuselah, they would be as much behind hand In knowl-*ige, except of wickedness, as at present. : TltEK.S .IT A I' T Hood's Auction U.. .ma. N'.,. 4 Spring .tree ,u Tuesday morning, JUy aim »t lo,,,io<-«. J.,n ; listing nf the follo«-ny 8pccies, Bla't Hprucr Bslm n fir, Bonble Spruce, and Krb» Vtue posit).e. Terms c«»h. j i. UOOI), Auctioneer j NOTICE. | I AVING purchased of Mablejr t Co , the r .to.-k m ! J. trade,coDdstlngofCloUui, i lotblnu tnd Oenu Cur- '• .lln< Oooda, vlth Interest tn the htulnenm I . 1W *»«t Wa'er street, w =rp I Int.--,,) cirr>in« D sli e«s in all Iti branch™ ! , Uay 80, 1^69 C. K. ilA', LBV 9 < & 14 4 4 ,.( * In 13 •i \'l 11 ]•-' I.! •J 0 li -'CO, 5 •-! 60,18 416 flil 416.61) U;l,44 ISA, 09 104,011 4ti H EJ fl ;f W &\ ft . f 1 14 111 3« S 8U (l u( d in u *ct\ ,»(T-l,r^ .r 1. L.. ui-Llit W C h«ve iclj lo C K M«l)lry .ur .tockiutr.Je <rlth Inter s . Mc _. »t in nu. bu»in t ,,. No 1 »1 K«it We recnmmelid him to nur cu^tomen an,l u 'Contract 1 an tistim . IT.M •urn 1.5 1*11,40 f4,69 14.69 t. L'H N< JTICK. I.TT C.'UPrn., irot, Sl,lw»uk-r. »l T 1 :.. M.l»a-.krr, May 30, 1S59 putt- MABIKY4OO Mlio C'ti.i« «»D nrrm. bucxi rx Gentlemen's, Misses' & children ' BooU. SUOKS, Nl.lPi'f-JltS FJXE BOOTS MADE \o 22,» Ka*« Uater (Oppoilt • Walker Uuu MIL.VADHEK, ..... [maiSlJ.... III HKKUS. To »Hl>ER.' « I 'C.J N - 1 N. AUCTION SA1.K OJ€»<»<>!>». VA\KI:I-- -, tino>>i A ; «< It 0< • K |{ I !•>. W ILL be tt-ld M H,,oil'i Auction Kponi*. No 4, ' fipnogfL^ on M ednesda? morning. ju',« 1ft. at lu ' n'<lock f a tArKi; aasorCme j W|ni«r Clothing, a gtarrtl V«ok»-« N. IIOQJ and (iroce/i -« Stte potiuvr Tertni cs»h uf ripriop, ^umoifr aod nriiiieii »• \irjitao-i , J HOOD, -l- IT rt following n aschc'tulf i.f i,,i a i n t> ID L. nattf i-tion and •t;t *i 51 •< L 1 .' 1 4 S rt J lo 11 U U> 14 11 id l - 4 r, ii fir. 'tti Ward •»( ih • Cuv • f Mih nf the b ritffHi f .r :>i- H u:)f, -.1 "f thf 1-w^r, »rii.--i n lo |.^ f- wti( JtM-ys »/ in-1 r>!.,.-«, froin t*l of in- -si** :i/ir of rJth in,?, t.'.tf -aji iuif •>! 4<1 itr--»-t J H BL'ENIN LOC IS Al'KR, ^tn-tfi Corn 'I B- rllC* H,0. K !,,,! i - 6i 11 -. 1 <,(•.", il i -" ji i- ;.i Ju.4-3 ;•» 1 1 M rV. ',-. '•> 1- 6t in : i 'iO,4-" i- ' 4 'io.-ii i-^ n ^D *i -.a T^ t>." jy i U,8^ I'j iU,4- .'J 4 Jit, 4i i^ 1't ^ ', i j ft.* • -j ; ^U , 4-^ 3 •« 4 .''i. 4i iy j '^ \ ;! .3 fa w 1 • V'i.4" :-j :•-, WllIOU i* Ihe frel ealT Vthile the ooe h»-i rxp-'urrHj thd a* most intcressltH? mouni*.in rex ton* .f a^.uih e-d|e, ti.*- ot'ier haj ^men rila aiie-itiun t^ th- u,itii'»- , liut of tiatn»D sofft/riop, and m Ms icvcoi. -.n <,< th<- IA- < mops (JeriD.»n Bitters, ICDUWD in the country *.-, •//,-./ | "O m»ntln«l Dyspr|»>», Liter Comf.Uint tin.I N-rr O'i4 Debility ar^ »p-«-tl.Iy ao-l r^rni i n-ni If ,-ut' I ' y ' K !.'•( (i **M N KR. i NOTK.-K. I'lTI l'i < t,Artm.-nt. r At nft vl^^lawl XVOKMS ! \\<>lt M*> W _',) of K 1 * 1'^ f f 0" in the origin of, in : uu an ivvLe-m. i elt<;rt6 I Qjofp & > "' -N'- 'IK i .. profotided rca«Krch ; an I yet ph* r1nr^.l«l moplnlon on th* tr»>j^ct lioWtveT, Ihml, »ft«-r »ll, » T, wutxna t an,l pur.fyln^r KJ« l>o 'y . of more T»|UC lh»n tJtr wiscii origin. The i-ipellinfr &KVDC lir.-tTljjitr'i rirml/uyt. 15 Uie much fought afWr apr BATA.ED TAT LOB'S LKOTDB*.— Bayard Taylor had a rousing house 'full at Albany Hall, last evening, to hear his lecture on Moscow.— It was a Urst-rate thing, replete with valuable Information, beautifully delivered and excellently received by at leasi a thousand per»on». As an easy, iuterastingi graceful speaker, Mr. Taylor has few equals, while the absence of egotism and self laudation in his remarks, makes htm ever a welcotno visitor. Hig de. scription of Moscow, of Russian life, etc., Was excellent, and the hour and a half he talked, passed away seemingly In pne third that time. "Spread yourself Mag, and don't let any more folks ID this seat," said a young lady laM night at Albany HaM,and the "spread" was made accordingly. IJTe never knew before how uaeful hoops Were, as through their aid three girls can occupy lh« room intended for ai« full grown Daniel Lambert's. \ oiher worm ej hj Pur LANDS AND WATErt POWERS. 100,000 i< if • -, (hoio- M'UASKV CELKOttATf.b VKRMlKl'li . *d hy ' We suggest that some one will oil the joints tn the chairs used as seats in Albapj Hall. Their squeaking Baring a lecture is about as interesting as it would be to have a score of pismires fcnawlng a tunnel up your •pinal marrow. ; [r. Richmond was lo lecture last night at Baoine, and this evening in Beloit, on. the OBIAT EtraoFEan WA« OOMIHO. EHTMP*ISIHO.— The ol|nk of hnndreds of hammers can be heard on tbe burnt district from sunrise to sunset. ; We venture lo say that in ninety days the<e will be as many buildings erected and in course of erection on the burned district, as therie was a month ago, and of a better class.— Orb fash Democrat. little steamboat has jint been launched on Third Lake, Madison. It Is designed as a pleasure institution. in comparlsoD arc irorthfe*^ Or M'l.itQe genuine Vermlfuj*, also hi* rel».brs(e<l Livrr I'.ili. t :« now 1 b« had at all respectable ,lru? ftorr* \<,r, genitiru wWunil Ut ti.jaalvn ,,/ (IJ mayU-d*trlm PLKMlNfa B8U:< OI8CC1TCODRT, / Mllrlnkee CoontJ ( Jobn A. Pagr, Plainnn, Orlando Alextader, William A. Darstow, Ed«lnT. «n f ebd, Storer Bines, James Sutherland, Th- Central Blink, of Wisconsin, Horace H. lluoc, Juper E. Ododr.cb, Joseph Carj, Henry Williamj, Con.ia R. Alton, OeorgE B gmlLh, Thomas C. Doren u.<. Jnho M .HlXoo and adward Fox, Defenuanti. The Slate Of Wisconsin, to the above named defendants: Y OU are hereby summoned and required tn aiswrr 'the complaint in Ibis action, which la Bled in t.Se omc4 of the Clerk of tbe Circu-t Ooort for the Countj of Ullwaakee, at the City of Milwaukee in lalj Count; and to serve a Copy of your ansver to the said com- plmtrtt, on the subscribers, at their ofQce, Nos. 3 and 4 albaoj building In the City of sliliraukce, »Hhln '•entjr days after tbe service hereof, exclusive nf the day of Znch. serrlce-, and If you fall to ansver the cnm- plalni vltnln the time aforesaid, the plAlntiff will apply to thi Court for the relief demanded in the complaint. 1 Witness the Hon. AURTUUR Me »BTHUB Judse of the Circuit Court for laid County or Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this '-'ml day of April, 1859. , HOOKKR A PPANGCNBtRG, ap|2»-law6w Pl'lT's AU'ys, Milwaukee, » Is ST*TE or WISCONSIN, Foz ami I O-N M •> A . 1 -I -" i . in y. « -'" o/ N «" .S » ft N II front l •! N 2U of 3 All N ->0 of S 40 ill! I- <i I; i > i i U Itllwaukee County. i | " In Frobait- It if: we we ban behold the emigration aa it bofli " " " "'"• — •• T - vaviit .T^V- ~i ^ • r,^-^r-» J-.^T • .••ya» w . ^*&b#Wtm> :Hi»M «rwriU«n«mttie«»rerorhlg waKou. ti—^-•»»w'i—^— - ^'^|«i,w«|iiSsi«g| ~-"' ii ' a j * '•' : ' '*^ - ••'• i*Ba,and tarn bapk,' *#&*>*$** d»I,; worst of wagons Werepaaalng every tKmrj w« sunnaed ontBelriwafew nihmtes readlnj — — —•-•"•«- - -• - -------- - g 'SSSa^Jne^fepliatftj'' on Mr Eiehmond gives bis lecture on'tlie MadhouBe, and his personal adventures In the McLean Asylum, ^Dr. Luther V. Bell,) near Boston, Wednesday evening at 8 o'doofc, at Albany Hall . , ^ .o,' I .»-. -- -j • PEOOEAHIIS. Tlia Blunder, by Itaao^Day, M. D. TbeTime-servlDg, bj BJcbroend Brownell M.^. .tf U;->- ,:^; .,T.-' < '•*:.• „•:' j. . The Criminality of Luther V. Bell, II. P D, Rector. ; SoioiDi b?. A: ; CHtOAQai A.H. — Hiram Mix, fonaerly of Chicago committed suicide at the Lewis House, iBingbamptbn, N. Y ,a week ago Friday, by making an indsion in his jugular knife, 1 • IHprMslen • of spirits ^ta glvenaa'thioatwe of the sal aflair, &:T - ':•:-' '^"T*; r ;:('*&iiZ^"s — -if- , Circuit Court, Mllwiokee Conntj. Joseph R. Treat, agalnit I Jamei W, Stearns, Benjamin P. Stiles, The Proldent of ije '»m«ri t Millers' Bank,": Dexter B. Briiton, K. W. Wieelock, florae t|J. Freeman and Elizabeth, ]>!• wife ana Oaleb.H. P.Uerson. i ' Judgment foreclosure. ' I N Tlrtaeof and pursuant to a jndcment rendered In aald Court, In the abore entitled action, dated March 6. ISM, I .hall expose for! .ale and KII at pub° lie auction, at the Pon-01Bc« on Hhe eorier of Wiicon- MliiraakeestreeU, In thejclt. of Mllwankee, on *»*» tfce ITtto daVaf 'eptcmber, theTionr of 8 r,«. of tfiat day, the followtoe d mtortgafrt ifttmlsef. or M much thereof .a» nuy benecejaary to raise th« amount of .aid ludu- ment. Interest and coata, together vltli expenses Sf aale, to wit * ' J "The .oath treat quarter of . ictlon Dumber fifteen tlS], In township nnmbe* aeren m, north pi ranje namber t»*nty.on<f [21] east, eaeept- -- Ing nineteen and W-100 acfes!hereto<ore .old to <-• ThomaifW. Biddle by ObrUtlln VU»«nried and •lie: add premises bcln,- sltokte IntheOountv of Milwaukee and State of Wj.conato:» ' Dated Sheriff 1 . Office, Milwaukee, March 10. 1S5» slnand ***«« 185», at In the matter of the Estate of R. 8 O N this26'h day of May, t. D., Ii59, upon reading mnd lllng the petition of Adeline S.-t Klnnry, statlne that dne (I. 8. Klnnry, of the County of Milwaukee, died lOtestate on or about the 16th day of March. 13:9, «od praying that she be appointed Administratrix uu the]Eftate of said deceased : It Is Ordered, That said application b« heard before me at.the Probate Office, In the City of illlwaukee, un 'he IBln day of June, i. D. ISM, at 10 o'clock * n. And It Is further Ordered, That notice of laid appll- Mon And bearing be gi fen by publishing a copy of this order'for three successive weeks, once ID each week, in the Milwaukee News, a newspaper prlnte.l In said city, prior to said hearing. may.27-law3W By the Couit, AUJEBTSUlTil, County Juice. CIBOrjIT COURT, I Milwubliee County. ( Aid a Bull and 1 Henrys D. Hull, Fla'nf.ffs, j against I t ummons for Money De- Anthohy Arlors, f manil on Contract. Cur.l-l Ci Oartmer and | (Com not terv ) 8ylva4ui ; Lyou, J>efend'ti. J The SUM of Wisconsin, to the above named defend antiaad eaeh of taem: Y OO are hereby Sommooed and required to answer the complaint In this action, whlcn has been Hied in the iffifce of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee, u the Court House In the City of Milwaukee, and to s«vr a copy of your answer to the said coaplalnt on tbe subscribers, ai their otace in Ludlng- ton'a Dlock, lo the City of Milwaukee, within twenty days after the lervlce of this summoas on you, exclusive of the day of inch service; and if you fall to answ.r the sslfl complaint wlihm the lime afores!)', the pla n- Uffi In Ibis action will take judgment • gainst you for tbe sum of eight hundred and thirty-fly* dollars and seventf-ooe cents, with tutereil from the fourteenth day of iDecembdr, 164T, besides the costs of tfils action Daud Uay U, 1869. [ i .BCrttitB, BUTTsUCi * COTTBJJ.L, majrll-lawSw •' flalntUTs Atutoeys. E.Sri>aa.ano, •VftAU-y. ,< f . A. JiLANOwORTBY, ; ' B'ftAU-y. f i rBh'a.HU.Oo.rwto. marlO-larofai-laatlawow -• f' ' " g SA - . TATB OrWMOONSUJ, ft OlreultOoutt.iMUwaokee Couniji { 1853] BTATB Or I,E. Bowka -and iad/Jane _hare been bringing .'amber np toe For from Oankoah. — TB - 5 - -• - •*• ••• np aload of wheat Keshend baa bro't h> tb« Department-- B»»Uniatt«rad(Ji.we4 OeorgeW. Jadgmeut of fereelanue I . vf*S* ° r an* Po™>ant lo * udgroeot »enj tald Omul, In in. »>«»• enUtJedTaetlen, I .u. u «. pose for lale aniteH at Public, Auction, at the OoSt IfeSSiA^tSSf-'KW'rtttfc --«-- - v ° 91 ' the «8ih da . r.n.,of th.toay, thefolbsrtng detcrlbea premlfa, or *o much thereof a»V>ar bo nia rilte Die amount due to the pUMnUff tot prJnclppj in. terert anoco«i,tog««ier with tzfeoea of wlti T "All that lot 91 parcel or lani know/ » 0 dae- • wribed aj lot Domber elereii \ll\, Ii block one * hundred and <ix (IOC), (n s the»e»enlb,W»rd, Drrt V.rd.) kijf tb/aaW (Htjor Jtllirinkee.ndSuliof Circuit Cvnrlt County «f Parlafc. William B. Treadwelt, John 8. Perry]and Edward Norton, j . i ' \ ; tgaiDIt H. H. Xoung, Mary X. Young, Jokn W. Bachelor, I D. a; Morrison, William H.81ncl»lr, A. Oan- nlaoai A.TeiTertqo, 8. 0. Walker, t.f, Dreyfores, G. Satterlee, a. A. Bennett, L. T. Wilcox, O. T. Per- ii, J.!EL Kicker, B White, a. H. Wright, O, 8. Mnr- •fey. J) H. B«n«diei, J. a Meeker, J. K. Perkins and al|l. ; • ii ;of WlsjeoujiD to the abort n%mtu Defend- .anU:| V ' . " . r S IBS:)—fou «re hereby summoned an I required to anf jfer tbe compiatnt In this action, of srnlch a copy Uiutrewlth terrej upon you, aod serre • copy of yoar !»tnwer on u at out office, numbers 3 and 4 la the SUfe iaok of Wisconsin building. In Ihe City nf SlUwanke*,withinthr* months after the icrrlce hareof 'cxeliuhfo.tftfestilarbf inchserrlce; and If yr n fill to aonrer ^hs compUlnl u aforwaid, tbe plalnufls *ui ap- 'ply to the Uoirt for the relief dema»Jed In the complaint, i Dated:¥U*anltee. March id, ISM . G. A. A J. 0. STARK WFATH8B. _ MITa Attorneys, Mil. City. . Wltoesi Bod. Qeorga W Gate, Judge of tbe , J Yth Judicial Olrcjit, at Plcter, the SSd day J> otUafch.A.D.18W. - ' I—V~?i »jOK>.B.WALBRU)Ql.aMk. ThS ctfoiolatnt Intfieabore entitled Ciuse »ill be filed In t>«:omoe Of thti'Clerk'-'of- ttie Glrtalt Ooort, Portafe«< Wtmrj oo the85th i»7ofi Aptll, PUtot'.lPaAttOTttey*. J ...... E 3U of i JS N 5 of i> N S uf s «i A i r "i 8 .'II of E ti) N S Ul.MIt S K S of I )4 W H ofE S K « Mid lie » S. " of a i W 60 of •i sn of \\ tn E 3<) uf W Jill K8U of W 13U E 30 of * ISO E W of W 'JIU 1 1 la U t \! 11 t \t 11 it M 8 •I 6 a 9 1" H I i '. \ t 'i K w of W w s n u W 16 E40 W 86 3 -i a 4 1 1 1 19 30 79 16 15 il it iD'.l > i AMUSEMENT TJ 01 > 4. \ ' 'I- l 1 I I i i> . i -. u TV ii •. i . i . S'i'AMM'.-. 1 ) Al .1 1 1 UK ll.,,r.. -... - -lv . .1 . • . -," rN. - , ... IV ,|r,,,.|,. I •It, \ ^..,,..1 -.„,, I .r M , , ...,., .11 tl <• >. vrr u,..' -,a. ..ft- • . . I,.- r ^U.-HI. \ ± ,. .1 - ,i,.r v., rn-k-t f. r a.- .,.-. -.. i f ••»••!- i.,r i...nil-....i.| ,,, , ,t)*v M VM • '-M »l i r "V . Pic \ie & Plf(i>urt> K\nirsion-. Ii3i0« KU , \ •«» 1.1 M , ' K' i )MN I II I >S I-,-, V N i i H \ i i ^AKTlKS .v ,1,.,.^ .,, -, u . :ll tlir ,.„,,.. ,.- ,' . , .,., Oowners, occupanta and agents of the above deacrlb ed property are b reby notlfled to abate 9*ld nui.suc within thirty days from date, or the Htreel Comra * •toners of the satd Third Ward will cause said nuHan- ces to be abated and charged to the respective luu according to law. mayET-dtt E. L'll. GARDINER, Comptroller. AJV OBDJNAJtCE To prevent the removal of stone, sand or earth from the Beach OD Lake Michigan. The Common Council of the City of Milwaukee d» or. daln as follows : S ECTION 1. No (erson shall take, remove nr carry away, any none, land or earth, from the Beach, or from under the water, within one hundred feet of high wiater mark, along or near the shore of Lake St'chlgan, between the extreme Southern and Northern limits °r the City of Milwaukee, under a penalty of not l.'ss th m twenty-five dollars nor exceeding one hundred dollars. • 1C. J. The provisions of this Ordinance shall not apply to the,awn«r or owners of any lot, piece or par- eel of land fronting or abutting on the LakeShore within the limits above mentioned. Fused May 23,1859. HE all IN L. PAUE, Ma or. K. B. LVICF, City Clerk. maytf-dSt CITT Covranu.u'9 Ovncsj, I Contract Department, Milwaukee, May 2S,-1S£9. f EAlED proposals will be received at tlits office un? til ihnnd.-iy, Jane 2,1SS9, it 10 t. • ,. for repair- Ing stone lattera In front of lota and oonstraciinii and repalilns atone gotten on croulnp In the Third Ward. Blii wan itatt price per square rard for taking up an-) relaying with old material; twice for furnishing me» «tone wten nfcenary. and prlcalor constructing new (nttery, farnUWng att materials. sayM-dU X. VH. SAiDISIH, Comptroller. i .ft O A KSAPP. 0.-uh.,t »"•( \J BuiTalu, N If ,> contJiiuci* tn the ilttht ami hearmtf, *t *'•< J- trt-n Court HOU.HP, Mllirau*'**'. i>r K Ocutlat, liiaar'* the h ** 1 irlit1.-i.'»i --y lak*.' t Olploina, — * n ' 1 '•"H fir'UHf ou Uie Ry«*ii-l K^r, 'rue -ii Titr^-, #h«> d Ha * OiiilTl'ly •>( -'I'l'T iT • N-'-r- Dr. K refor* lo ouuit-r.turt m,li / i. "in.l lu ,liirer»»ul ^.trls -K A' -,- , -,^ui, e( j to liifhi unit h^.trlnif I) Ii. H. K ecvtiit Newh oiouth, e r N. V , II oust- K N A P P . UlU--., H >l,s r ,,. m N , llwauKue. '.Jio rtrti: ,r -vi eaa«8, which h»* tfttW with ••„ II, <ru pi'- uerally uuunced mcurible by th^ medical f-ii-ujtv «leh lu NtjrYOus and Seuralslo .\ilVcu,.n», 'i»i-Ai»ta ,»l iraen, nil forms of Scrnfula, Dy*(.<-|«'"». Citnstip-ii.m. tfLin Diseases, Oiuicerous and runer«ul»u9 AtTectioita, lulling Pulmonary Consumption, iiJi.-umiti.«in, far. the diseases of (JbiUlren, J»o. .»u- 'lie [>enl» anil arosl Of the SUfforln^J of L-'dld-blrlti *r« rurn.iv,.,! Dy «»rly Remember, that the i>o t -tu all itnges of Diseas-:". 'vm if taken to season, ail 91*4*! be curable thin week, not next—to-day, not ! Hence the d:mger of delay. £jp Dr. Knapp will h« at nin Koom^ ftom Uoait.iy .toon, June 13th, tut 4 June l&lh. CausuitaUon r%a«. .|o«f.-i oot prnmisf -.0 cur mi itiauasea »ro cur&bJt &re out. Your C&H« ma ,1 .. (..l^Sfflii, ,atfrl*fl£s&&il*

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