Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 20, 1987 · Page 25
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 25

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1987
Page 25
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THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20,1987-5 Wednesday DAYTMEMOVIM 6:00 • NCU "RWert Of The Rockioe" (1937) TM RUter, Yakhna Cimrtt. A cowboy lumi metier to catch • gang of outlaw* miking border raid*. 6:20 MAX "Shanghai Surpriae" (1»M) Sean Penn. Madonna. A amall-tlma hue- tier and a ml**lon*ry In 1938 Shanghai March lor a targe cache of opium that had mytterioutly dieappeared a yaar be- fora. In ttarao. 'PQ-13' g 6:660 MC7V "Loat In Tha Strato- aphere" (1934) WIHlam Cagnay. Edward Nugant. Two (un-loving army offloara ara aitlgnad to flight duty and ona fatla for a girl whan ha raturna. 9:30 SHOW "Exeapt For Thaa And Me" (1976) Richard Kllay, Shlrlay Knight. A family of Quakara rlak their llvat to help a pair of runaway elavee In ChrH War-ara Indiana In IMa adaptation of two novala by Jaaaamyn Waat. 7:00MAX "Back To School" (t9M) Rodnay OangaftMd, Sally KeHerman. Cam- put Ufa la turned upeMe down whan a apadatty dotting tycoon anroMa In col- laga In an aftort to maka aura Ma aon won't drop out. In atarao. 'PO-13' g 7:06 WTBS "Tha Suepact" (1046) Charlaa Laughton. ENa Ralnee. Scotland Yard goaa altar a quM man who mur- darad Ma domineering wtfa for tha (ova of • youngar woman. 840 HBO "Agnaa Of Ood" (1966) Jana Fonda. Anna Bancroft. mveettgatlng a nawborn Want'* daath at a oonvant. a payoMatrlat'a aaaroh lor a rational explanation la ekMidad by a young nun'a fatth and myetlclem. hi atarao. 'PQ-13' g , 8:30 SHOW "Onea BHtan" (1966) Lauren ' Mutton. Jhn Carray. A hlgh-aehool etu- dant la purauad by a vamplra who re- qulraa Mood from mala vkglna to maintain har atarnal youth and baauty. 'PQ- 13' 9:00 MAX "Angal And Tha Badman" (1947) John Wayna. Qall Ruaaall. A notorious gunallngar la raformad by tha lova ol • Quikar woman. Colorlxad varalon. 10:00 B KBHK "For Whom Tha Ball Tolla" (1943) (Part 1 of 2) Ingrld Bargman. Qary Coopar. A group ol Spanlah loyallati and an Amarlcan vow to blow up a brldga during tha Spanlah Civil War. DISN "O. Hanry'a Full Houaa" (1962) Marilyn Monroa. Dala Robartaon. Adap- tatlona ol llva of O. Hanry'a ahort atorlaa: "Tha Clarion Call," "Tha Laat Laal," "The Ranaom Of Rad Chief," "Tha Copi And The Anthem" and "The Qllt Ol The Magi." HBO "Bronco Billy" (1960) Clint Ettt- wood. Sondra Locke. An ex-ahoe •*!**• man, living out hit cowboy draama by running a ramthackle Wild Weal ahow, take* on a atranded helreaa aa a partner In hit knife-throwing act. 'PQ' g SHOW "The Haaty Heart" (1960) Ronald Reagan, Patricia Neal. A terminally III aoldler llndt peace when ha la befriended by five wounded aoldiera In a military hoapllal In Burma. 10:06 WTBS "Female On Tha Beach" (1955) Joan Crawford, Jell Chandler. A woman begin* to believe that her hut- band It planning to kill her for her money. 11:00 MAX "Champagne For Two" (1987) Klrtten Blahop, Nlcholat Campbell. A career-oriented woman flndt her retlttance to romance colltpalng at the becomet emotionally Involved with the hot! ol t television cooking ahow. 12:00 HBO "Mandela" (1987) Danny Glover. Allre Woodard. A facl-batad account ol black political actlvltt Nelton Mandela's eltortt to bring world attention to the injustices ol apartheid In South Africa In the 1950s and eacly '60s. In stereo, g SHOW "The Turning Point" (1977) Anne Bancroft, Shirley MacLalne. As her daughter rises to prominence In the ballet world, a woman who gave up her ca- reei lor marriage beglna to wonder It her late would have been the tame aa a Mend and former rival had ahe continued to dance. 'PG' 12:30 MAX "A Patch 01 Blue" (1966) Sidney Poitler, Shelley Wlntara. The friendship provided by a aympathetlc black man glvea a young blind woman dominated by a ahrewlth mother her llrat real aenae ol aall-aaauranca. 1:00 B KTVU "Honeymoon With A Stranger" (1969) Janet Leigh, Roaaano Brazzl. A woman'a aanlty la quatllonad when aha clalma that tha man who ap- peara to ba har hutband la an Impottor. 2:00 O MCTV "Tha Private Llle Of Don Juan" (1934) Oouglaa Falrbankt Sr., Merle Oberon. Don Juan, tha lamoua romantic, cavorte hit way from ona adventure to another. SHOW "Except For Thaa And Ma" (1976) Richard Kllay, Shlrlay Knight. A family ol Quakara rlak their llvea to help a pair ol runaway alavat In Civil War-ara Indiana In thia adaptation ol two novels by Jetaamyn Watt. 3:00 DISN "The Dog Who Stopped The War" 0984) Cedrlc Jourde, Julian Elle. During their Chrlatmaa holiday, two groupa of children engage In a anowball battle for poaaaaaton of an lea caatle. '0' MAX "Raatkna Natrvaa" (1986) Vincent Fried. Joa Muflaney. Two young Scott become unlikely folk heroet whan thay quit their dead-end lobe and taka to robbing tour buaaa.'PQ' 3:30 HBO "Reppln' " (1986) Mario Van Paablaa, Taala Valenta. After hla re- laaae from priaon, a young man return* home to rid hla neighborhood of untcru- pulout land developer*. In ttarao. 'PQ' 4:30 SHOW "Kid CoHar" (1988) Jeremy Shamoa. Jim Stafford. While returning homo after vltHIng hla father In tha mountain*, a 12-year-old boy It thruat Into a aituatlon that teat* both hla apirlt and aurvtval Inttlnctt. 'PQ' . MAX "Stalag 17" (1963) William Hoi- dan, Otto Pramlngar. Billy Wlldar'a Oacar-winning atory of tha war Of will* ex- latmg between Amarlcan prlaonert and their Nail captor* In a prlaonar-of-war camp during World Ward. 6:00 WON "Hopecotch" (1980) Walter Matlhau, Otenda Jeckeon. A former Intelligence agent la aided by an old flame In dodging the KQB and tha CIA, who ara trying to prevent hhn from puMlahmg hla EVENING 8KJO • KTVU THREE'S COMPANY • KT KRON txm • KOO mm MACNIIL / LIHRER I nCUMtfONkMMON KTXLBTAftTMK KBHK PACTS Of UK ESPN AWA aiAMPK**BI8» WMSTUNQ OMN MOVK "Brother. By Choice" (1988) Yanlck Blaaon. Chariay Hlgglne.A teen-ager, thinking he'a the raaaon hla adopted brother left home, aeta out to find him, encountering adventure and danger along the way. DISC UNDtSFARNE • HOLY ISLAND The cultural and natural attractlona of Holy la- land. MCK MY THREE SONS HBO MOVIE "Feat Forward" (1986) John Scott Clough, Don Franklin. Tha chance to compete In a hlgh-atakae ahowdown leada an Ohio high achool dance group to New York City. In atereo. 'PQ' g 6:30 • KTVU JCFFER8ON8 B KBHK GOOD TIMES DISC SPICE OF LIFE The laland ol Banda, captured by the Dutch In 1621 lor Ita nutmeg-yielding treea. NICK ANN 8OTHERN SHOW MOVIE "Once Bitten" (1986) Lauren Mutton, Jim Carrey. A hlgh-achool atudent la purauad by * vampire who require* blood from male virglna to maintain her eternal youth and baauty. 'PQ- 13' MAX MOVIE "Sherlock Holmea And The Secret Weapon" (1942) Baall Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. Sherlock Holmea dona a variety ol dlaguiaea to make aura arch- emamy Proleaaor Moriarlty doesn't discover the whereabout* ol a .weapon created to daatroy Hitler. Newly color- ized lor television. 7:00 B KTVU M'A'S'H § KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g KPIX CBS NEWS KOO ABC NEWS CJ JKOED NIQHTLY BUSINESS REPORT K1CU HAWAII FIVE-0 KTXL WKRP IN CINCINNATI KBHK HAPPY DAYS MCTV HELLO AUSTRIA / HELLO VIENNA WQN NEWS DISC WILDLIFE CINEMA Newfoundland's villages and the surrounding wildlife. NICK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YpU? 7:16 WTBS MOVIE "Skyjacked" (1972) Charlton Heaton, James Brolln. A mentally deranged veteran hllacks an airplane with a U.S. senator aboard and demands to be flown to the Soviet Union. 7:30 O KTVU M'A'S'H O KRON ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Michael Douglaa discusses his lateat movie rolea. In ttereo. O KPIX EVENINQ MAQAZINE Featured: John Rltter; travel to the "new" Beverly Mills. 8 KQO TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES KQED WILD, WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS B KTXL BARNEY MILLER B KBHK NEWLYWED QAME fi MCTV INTERNATIONAL WQN INN NEWS DISC IN THE WILD WITH HARRY BUTLER The problem* of a detert. NtCKMONKEES 7:46 DISN DTV 8:00 • KTVU MOVIE "The Martian Chron- idea" (1980) (Part 2 ol 2) Rock Hudaon, Qayla Hunnlcutt. Baaed on a novel by Ray Bradbury. After two prevloua expedition! fail to return to Earth, a U.S. aatro- naut volunteera to lead a third mlatlon to colonize Mara. O KRON HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN Only alter experiencing a devastating blow to their plant to have a family, do Paul and Michele realize the child they want la already in their llvea. (Part 2 of 2) In ater- I K>fX OLDEST ROOKKg KOO pewter STRANGERS (saaaon Premiere) Larry becomea a cub reporter and Bafkl, following hla couain'a lead, gat* a job In tha nawapapar'a mall room. • KQB) EXPRESS "Drug Smuggling" a look at lha problem of drug amuggling In the Bay area and an aaaaaamant of tha "War Agalnat Drug*" program. • NCU MOVK "Not My Kid" (1985) George Segal, Stockard Channing. A eur- geon and hit wife ara rocked by tha die- eovery that their apparently normal 16- year-old daughter haa bean ualng a wide variety^ drug* for tome time. • KTXL MOVK "Scandatout" (1984) Robert Haya, John QMgud. A wall-known and ambttloue tetevlelon reporter ia accueed of Ma wtfe'a murder. • KBHK MOVK "Embryo" (1878) Rock Hudaon, Barbara Carrara. A doctor ob- aarvae lha terrifying effecte of tampering wttfi nature after he craete* a woman who ia bom at tha age of 24. • MCTV LOONNQ IABT WON TALM PROM TH1DAMCBM EBPN TRUCK MB TWACTOH PULL DtMMaTTOPOZHANDHAflMtTT PMC ARTHUR C. OLARKTB WOULD Of •IWWIQK PwrffKnv Topic: DMdtao fittt* al. MOXIBPY HBO MOVK "Mandela" (1987) Danny Glover, AKre Woodard. A fact-baaed account of black political acttvlet Neteon Mendela'a ettorta to bring world attention to tha tnlueticae of apartheid In South Africa In the 1960a and eerty 'SOe. In ater- eo.g SHOW BROTHERS Donald hetda for Lea Vega* to fulfill hla Aunt Blllie'i lait wt*he* -• to tpreid har aahae over tha Golden Nugget Hotel. Queet alar Jerry Lewie. (Part t of 2) In atereo. g MAX MOVK "Back To School" (1988) Rodney Dangerfleld, Sally Kellerman. Cempua life la turned upalde down when e apeclalty clothing tycoon enroll* in college In an effort to make eure hla aon won't drop out. In ttereo. 'PQ-13' g 8:30 • KOO HEAD OF THE CLASS (Sea- eon Premiere) Comedy. Exploits ol teacher Charlie Moore (Howard He**e- man) and hi* gifted pupil*. With William Q. Schilling. Eplaode Information to be announced, g O KOED EXPRESS "The Cannlbat Cruaade" a look at life Inalde the bettle zone ol the marijuana Induttry In Northem California. BMCTVFISMNQ WQN TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. ESPN SPORT8CENTER DISN MOVK "Eacapade In Florence" (1983) Tommy Kirk, Annette Funlcello. Two American art atudenta travel to Florence to ttudy ita great paintings and are thruat Into a chaae to recover a priceless 16th-century painting from International thieves. DISC HISTORY OF CHINA Britaln'a victory over China. SHOW IT'S QARRY SHANDLINQ'S SHOW Garry calls his old girlfriend (Shawn Southwlck) hoping to rekindle their relationahip. In atereo. g 9:00 O KRON YEAR IN THE LIFE Anne and Sunny talk about aex. In atereo. O KPIX EQUALIZER (Season Premiere) McCall'a forced to team up with an ex- terrorist (Telly Savalaa), whom he despises, on a deadly mission. B KQO HOOPERMAN (Premiere) Comedy. San Franclaco detective Harry Hooperman (John Rltter) discovers that a murder victim's pesky dog can positively identify the killer. In stereo, g 0 KQED STREET VALUE The Impact of the drug trafficking epidemic on the kids 01 Oakland In the (all ol 1985 and an update on how the atreets ol Oakland have changed. CD MCTV MOVIE "The Roguea' Tavern" (1936) Wallace Ford, Barbara Pepper. A couple's placid holiday at a secluded Inn turna Into a nightmare when they become entangled In a aerlea ol grialy murdera. ESPN SPORT8LOOK DISC SMALL WORLD The culture and traditiona ol Louisiana's Cajuna. NICK DONNA REED SHOW MOVK "The Turning Point" (1977) Anne Bancroft, Shirley MacLalne. Aa her daughter riae* to prominence in the ballet world, a woman who gave up her career for marriage begin* to wonder if her late would have been the tame aa a friend and former rival had ahe continued to dance. 'PQ' 9:16 WTBS MOVK "The Glaat Hou*e" (1972) Vic Morrow. Alan Aide. A Ural-offender at a maximum aacurity prlton I* victimized by a group ol hardened convict* who dominate the rett of the population. 9:30 • KQO SLAP MAXWELL STORY (Premiere) Comedy. Dabney Coleman portray* an egocentric aportawriter. Tonight: Slap's encounter with hla editor (Brian Smlar) leada to an emotional exit from the newspaper. In atereo. g O KQED BIQ FIX An Investigation ol methadone clinics and the big money that can ba made In tha drug rehabilitation builneia. WQN MOVK "Cro** Of Iron" (ig77) Jama* Cobum, Maximilian Schall. Brutal warfare on the Ruaalan front in World War II brlnga out tha beat and worat in two German offlcera. ESPN SPEEDWAY AMERICA MCK MISTER ED 10:00 • KTVU • KICU • KTXL NEWS 0 KRON ST. ELSEWHERE Qldeon vow* to "tame" tha hoepltal *t*ff; groom-to-be Ehrlich chase* a wild woman on hi* wadding eve. g • KQO DYNASTY (Saaaon Premiere) Personal challenge* cauta relationship* and rivalries In tha Carrington lamlry to explode; a myatarioua Mrangar pull* Alexl* from the river, g • KOED OVER THE LINE A look at tha anormoue number of drug and alcohol treatment program* that have aprung up. ESPN MAGIC YEARS A look at tha year 1882 with a feature on pro golfer Tom Wataon. OMN MOVK "Baby: Secret Of Tha Loat Legend" (1886) William Katt, Saan Young. In Africa, a aelentlat and her jour- naliat huaband attempt to reunite an Infant dinoaaur with tta captured mother. •PQ' OWC LANDSCAPES A atudy of animate redding in tha two-billion-year-old granite Mile of Alberta. NICK MY THREE SONS MAX MOVK "The Hollywood Knight*" (1880) Robert Wuhl. Topy Dante. On Halloween ava in 1985. a rowdy high achool gang wreaka havoc in Beverly Hille to avenge the cloaing of their hangout. 'R' 10:30 BJ KOEO DRUQ TESTING A look at the corporate and individual inue* cur- rounding drug letting in the workplace. B KICU INN NEWS • KBHK THAT'S MY MAMA ESPN FISHNQ: BEST OF BILL DANCE DISC WILDLIFE CHRONICLES Rattleenakea ara lollowed by radio tranamlttera over the courae ol a yaar. NICK ANN SOTHERN HBO ROSEANNE BARR SHOW Houae- wile / comedian Roaaanne Barr dellvera her views on motherhood and life in a mobile home. In atereo. g 10:36 O MCTV MOVK "The Ranger And The Lady" (1940) Roy Roger*, George "Gabby" Hayea. A Texaa Ranger trie* to •top the abuaea ol power committed by Sam Houaton'a assistant. I1:OOB KTVU OD KTXL LATE SHOW In atereo. ' 8 KRON O KPIX B KQO NEWS KQED IN THE FACE OF TERRORISM The use ol violence by a militant group ol Roman Catholics In their hypothetical struggle lor freedom ia examined by a panel that Include* Sen. John F. Kerry (D.-Mass.) and New Scotland Yard Police Commissioner Sir Kenneth Newman. 8 KICU ROCKFORD FILES KBHK DATING GAME ESPN FISHING DISC DAMS RAID RELIVED A apecial bomb uaed on dams, the result ol Operation Chastise. NICK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW MOVIE "The Happy Hooker Goes To-Waahlngton" (1977) Joey Heatherton, George Hamilton. The irrepressible Xavlera Hollander journeys to the U.S. capital to testify before Senate hearings on morality and uncovers some very sensitive secret documents. 'R' 11:16 WTBS MOVIE "We're No Angels" (1955) Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray. Three Devil's laland escapees unexpectedly come to the aid ol a family whose clothing store Is threatened by the manipulations of a relative. 1:30 O KRON TONIGHT SHOW Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: actors Kirstie Alley, Dudley Moore and Bob Decker. In stereo. O KPIX BARNEY MILLER BKOONKJHTLINEg BKBHKKUNOFU ESPN8PORTSCENT6R DISN ZORRO Zorro help* two Indian servants who want to gat married. DISC PORTRAITS OF POWER "Truman -Year* 01 Decision" NtCKMONKEES HBO MOVK "Wild Geete II" (1986) Scott Glenn, Barbara Carrara. Mercenaries rlak threat* on their own llvea to complete a miaalon involving kidnapping Imprisoned Nazi leader Rudoll He** from Berlin'* Impenetrable Spandau prlton. 'R'g 11:36 MAX MOVK "Teacher*" (1984) Nick Nolle. JoBeth William*. A lawsuit brought against a zoo-Ilka urban high achool for awarding a diploma to an Illiterate *tu- dent tpurt a burned-out Inatructor to aearch for hi* discarded ideal*. In *tar- ao. 'R' g 11:488 IV.CTV MOVK "Abraham Lincoln" (1930) Warier Hutton, Una Market Tha poor boy from Illlnola rite* to lead the nation through It* darkaat momenta of di- vltlon. 12:00 •KTVU TAM • KPIX MOVK "Tha Coming" (1881) Sutan Swift, Tiaha Sterling. A teen-ager la purauad through time by a man who naada har halp to aava hla daughter from being bumad aa a witch. • KQO MOVK "F. Scott Fitzgerald And The Lad Of Tha Bailee" (1974) Richard Chamberlain, Blythe Dannar. Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald meet* hi* future wife Zelda while ha It ttationad In the South. O KOEO MA8TERPKCE THEATRE "All for Love" After her domineering mothar'a death, a woman accapta a paying guad into har houte and become* increaalngly fond of him. Evelyn Laya, June Ritchie, Benjamin Whitrow alar. (R) g Q KICU HERE'S LUCY B KTXL BENNY HH.L ESPN NFL YEARBOOK Featured: Highlight* of the Tampa Bey Buc- caneera' 1986 aeaaon. DISN MOVK "Brothers By Choice" (-1988) Yanlck Blason, Charley Hlgglna.A teen-ager, thinking he'a the reaaon hla adopted brother left home, aeta out to • find him, encountering adventure and danger along the wey. NICK I SPY 12:30 B KTVU TAXI B KRON LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN Scheduled: Billy Cryatal. In atereo. 8 KICU HERE'S LUCY KBHK FANTASY ISLAND WQN INN NEWS ESPN BILLIARDS Mike Sigel va. Joae Garcia. International 9-Ball Championship, from Atlantic City, N.J. (R) 12:40 SHOW MOVIE "The Texaa Chainsaw Massacre Part 2" (1986) Dennia Hopper. Caroline Williams. The cannibalistic Sawyer family continues their search (or the apecial ingredient that makes their chili ao good in thla sequel to the 1974 cult classic. In atereo. 1:00 B KTVU TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. 03 KICU MOVIE "Cosmos: War Of The Planets" (1978) John Richards, Wanti Somer. A loat spaceship crew attempts to preserve peace In tha galaxy. Op KTXL MOVIE "Moulin Rouge" (1952) Jose Ferrer, Colette Marchand. Amid the cale life ot Paris, renowned artist Toulouse-Lautrec struggles with the disasters and rejoices in the loves of his life. CD KBHK MOVIE "Ralferty And The Golc Dust Twins" (1975) Alan Arkin, Sally Kellerman. Two young female drifters kidnap a depressed driving instructor and launch a zany crime spree. WGN MOVIE "Zorro" (1975) Alain Dalon. Stanley Baker. A Spanlah nobleman becomes a swordsman and urges the poor to rebel against a despotic military governor. NICK MOVIE "Topper Returns" (1941) Conversion Chart Originating Channel TIA , -t QC <JD Af\ •HJ AA A-J jy •. 41 43 40 Oa O/ N/A •-'• - • b 1 • A~l *»/ Cable 2 . M/ A •••IN/M 22 ... M/ A

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