The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 10
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'AGE TJiSJ. THE H VXCM 1NS0N JIEWSi WELKIiSDAY,'JUL.Y 4. \<J2i Tho im -tnlii-n; of thn MI clui P an all dity Dirtilinu ynsl.rrdiiy at (J llOIIH' Of MilSH AUlH! H "IIlJ))lil}, '•or!b HIP city. A cuviM'»,| dlfth hi'uii was Mcrvt 'd ;it mwin to tho •lull nit-nibpi -H ;i: :1 their ^invis, Mrs. erL 'Mil rt in, MM . < 'I in vk-s AM ;u 'r?on, f MCPIMTSIIII, Mm .1. U. 1N>INWS . Mi 'H. IJyiJnoy Wilson, M rn Sum rrf.atnn, Una Anu'lliv Johnson, .Mis* Kthe-i \VU- 011 ami Uiso lim Uoni-'m. Koliowiiiji I 'lihli-Mfti tho regular ilftlui's;; ','«;!' tlx.' (J-'iy was iMHiriurUMl. 'ho club j)!''!^'- wart t.ikcn and st?vor- 1 club soiiKH were* tniu-Mi. M Iss >nlu;!i rr»-s!.on hail HiurRo of tho dw- 'i>! ionu in Hoi! c;iH ivaa an.-nvert'd fth 1 ioiM for 11 club _picnic to 1* held roin- linn; within tho near full n\ iMiring th* l)Msiin*sf» session. It was loiMUi'-d to h<*M an U'r cream social at (iHson lor tlm Sir n;t 'l -iu .'"i ituve (•!''<•' 3110. !^bi f.-: VlTl' ill!' Intt'i 'i -.t i'u; iriakf ;n:d j »t r>oi! j- bin h .1 — Th- .•!•! Wl'» :i > 1 i Mint It- a r-v clmrch. July 'Hio day wiis on "Tho Cure . ti;.- iionio" and Miss n McPin-rwin county j ! ;.'^AOU uHin.i; llvo • I<"1'!(M:HT rat S»ns wliir-h ^ i!is;r tftivi 1 but. viiry i.jiu,i\t thoni how to a b-*d for a stok .- hoiiK 1 , and 1'i'iw 10 morn i n p a b r e a k [tin t was a 0 r vod 10 tho "»•;(«. Tht* ivutmpuHo tnv tho tablo V/UH a lit-r^o ^la^ bucket flllod with rod, whlto and l)hio flowers. Annniil this w*ro small hluo irb. Tho rTUeHtu word, Mrs. l'\ K. I: Itl. Mina Finm EJJmoro, Miss l'earl McKnUirffor, Miss Ho Inn Hurgofitt, Mls.s l»ui«o Homy, Miss C'huidUi Hull unci tho honor KtitsiL •i' •-*> $> Mnv H. llorlnchor of lUvcti unnmim^ tho m:*i TJFISV of Iw daupht'T, MISB llolon Bayy^r to 'Mr. 'Sam Setty, whifh took -place «t Oaivlcn ru\, Kansas, June. liOlh, 1923. Mw. Sotty is w.dl known in Hiitchln* son, havin;; fe-radu&tiMJ from the Hutchinson HUi'.i -iM-honl with the class of iytS and at present in t/ookkecper Cor the Jobn Hayos (.Jr.ilu Co. Mr, 6>ntty U (.onufCti -d with tlut "Superior Motor;;" (o. They will niako th^ir lionic In Hutchinson ul Ml"> Wcat Shormuu . Alterations free, but no approvals. Wonderful Bargains in Millinery i'.i ui! i^ain in oru 1 thru of Mi <s : -.lie tliy. Muv 'M .r: I;,P'I . liwri .iV 'Ml y .»u;u P"II |'1 M .1 :• ihi* !•>.-!nine nl t V Kichlh Aiiu'Kil S- ' :- ; •• .lat:<.. .'it Hi", '•VI':;;: j'jlu'liij; l':(\i!lcn. w!l«.'tl the ,-rtili. MI '!>. Un>" club sMilrr t:!il!i(! 1 ir;:>' r.i.»m. wllirh Is ]un • i ii.i l .;>- ;in oii'iiair i-avilUti;, v.-as (['•iu;:!ii in r''il. -.'in:- urn] l>!ne. «yni- h<i}<<- H ! in- il'.v Ki-v i-a:l'Ts iTSft- nl (iiirnii: I!II - 'l.ii;'" u';iu*h wwi h -'lil I 'ctwi-'ii tin' liiiurs of J and S u'cl-i .-k tills HI..I-:I'I:B A i-;-- oii'hi'sl i a. iho \'i 'n '-tian playi -ra ti'.ni W't'hila VuvnUlio .l thi* ]nn>ir. an: fniiiav in;; lia- ilaln-". lar^f. VarlM-s "•' iniiiu ].i',ijiji' ni'iNiri -1 !o Kiwlnn ;n:il I 'lip'!- snrr'umlinK ton-nfi 1 'nr IT' .V.:'a-i (Uh'Ts nial'.tiii; up ^\i'iim;::l:.: ;..i !:'' ; i to th^ Slnvcnf Uwinii'UBi: I'.-i'.Of. aii'l la'.-r gollsK t» thr !i..t. i.-- I !<•'• l.i».kfa«t. Many <<' lb-' VI'I.II.I -- i-i-anla .\.ri. hum oui of 1mvn, :in' inn j'lnly uT tliPsi- bi-lni; fnmi \\'!r! l .ila. ami .Wwlnn wti.'ri' th.-l--- nr. r !u ;Jri';. m til- Id -l KnsO Clll'l. Of ini.ia-s! 'h-ir ir .any frit-mLs Is tin' .naiMin.'. iiii-nl •>( tin- inarrtliir' 1 vt i.U>f <.Cv .t>» iln-/..'ii ami Mr. K. t. ]..•!](;• which w :n !i.i:.-mnli.»l last 'I'linr- li'.' al '!"VniHin. r'an .-laj Mr. anvi Mr. W. [•: [,'. vlil.Tlaimit »H!i a v-rfhima snjii-r a(. jia-ir lianiia iaT i.iin.' 11 \s.s: in tin-ir Inuinr. 'Hia ).-ii">.!.. in. ! ii.!-..i .Mr »» n <l Mrs 11 1» lla/all. Mr ,mi| Mr-;. W \V. iluli'/.l- nl Kick.'j'."...Mrs. T. Iti.v Turn!.nil. Wis, li'-nl'i'i 1 'Mi-.s 1','rn U-nt*. Mr t'a..:i la-n'/.. Mr. N-.v,i*)n Uana. Mr lalaml I'.ak.r ami tlio lioimr (.-ii -'-ft.-i. I :i Hi" i-v. :i!ni; ilin follottins l•"ial(^.s am! :r...:i»is rana. in ami frlii-u! rli» ..>>»!ne. Mr. anil Mra. Will Ku:'..-i.. Mr. .mil Mrs. Kit ward .'ra­ le:', Mr am! Mrs. I>- it :ik nr. Mr ninl Mi- nut,.,- Ilala r. Mrs. H. A. i'l'lin. Mr- '!;;.:•'.'• 1.. n'z. Mrs Ali-J l|..ii|.i:. Mi.-.- l.a. •. Mi. . Ha-.- 1 Liriili, Mis. l.a V.-rn- K .'iui. Mr Jainis K.-mi. »n >l Mr. A. It Hail.a.:.. Tlia folio\-'ini; !in mukt- u\i a -I'icnii V. Smitii larin Iw.'in Ihle rily this .ifl. r;i..i, O. \V. Hpruiisi-, .Mr. Novas. Mr. ai-al Mi- Mr. and Mrs. Oscar July Half Price Clearance Sale at Sawyers $19,500 Worth of Garments Sacrificed for $9,750 THE BIGGEST BARGAINS IN OUR HISTORY Everything at Reduced Prices chinsor. pcoplo < parly to the il- y IUIJL'S H ^utlt oi n : l")r. :) nd Mrs. ITKI Mrs. Ui 'orKo i. l-'i-fti Vb -kcrti, Nolson, Mr anvi Mrs. \-\x-i\ 8tr.-.nd, Mi*, and Mrs. Jack l Miisl"i-.-(>n. Dr. and Mrs .J. U. Sl-'vvnw. j Mr. and -Mrt-. (Iran: Wir.noy. Mr. :ind Mrs. hloyd Waldron, Mr. and Mrs- Axt-i Quarnsirnm, Mr. and Mrs. Kay Myora, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. llolcombc- Miss hui'ili' Si-.iiaU and Mi*s lona Morgan entortatiii'd at br-siknist this mornhif; at tin* homo o!" tho former, 211 Thirt- (MiiU nvouu" f-;^t, following th>> Snnriso danco at Srevtms Pavilion. \ The KIU'HIS included Miss Roma Hun- 1 tor. Miss Sue. (iinty of Newton. 'Mb*.-. \ Marion Hattisf of U'ichita, Mr. M. ' 1 <ehuni:i, and Mr. W:\Uam S'-hrader I of Nowton, Mr. Hmco Kredc-rick. Mr. i t'lialr Markb*. Mr. Ted t'orsaut and tho ho-^tc.-scs. A drdiKhtful picnic supper will servt.d this nve:iin .A on tiuj lawn at. the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. John- j son, US Twvl.fUi avenue .*ast. Tho i v.-;]] be Mr. i\n,.\ Mr.s. (r. S. ! Montlny. Mr. and Mrs. J. hi. Mostutler.! Mr. and Mrs. A, (' Vloa^land, Mr. and; Mrs. V. O. Y/oodf-ord. Mr. and Mrs. t'j. I (\ Hippie and Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Uosovratia. Thy third. w -Midinj; anniversary o-f Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Coopr-r wad ceie- j lira tod t'ocontly, when Mrs. ("ooper 'K ' parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. ('. Parkd en- | i-Ttaiu-'il witli a family diner party at tho BMoiito hotel. Tlie mi^st.s In- rludPil Mr. O. \V. Hen.h.o or Ornaha, Nt«br.. Mr. Carrol Park.-, tho honor -ni-'sts and host and ho^oss. Thn last me«-ti!ii of t)m S-.vii,-t.:),- (l <•);, riay .i[ the hiamr. nf 71< Avi-nuo A vas! ui: "Tl; 0 or:a:it'j K.-i-r. 1: Tra.-li-r l >i-rs'r.ip tl la. till- la K :i bin no eil Tii 1 K |.|'..-..: Gin', at y en w ibiiuki- M- a,:«!'. 'Ml. Ka: a.. 1<>' ... il til Mr .! la XI nnii'i. . 1 a. 1': ui Itiai'li'! s,' is a la a .a..;'!.' book ' liv.') i-i .•.'."•hi. '.-J by W. II. an a! lla- Kaailaa ^tati.' ii.-K-' a:' l.a par fa. Mem;.: ,-i .-,.r and with It l.'-ac nl' a-irr.i'.viiifr u 'bonk 'ai i In' ( a : '.a" Htirary, • la laiy :ha return rwnJt- •ar"'':'s;i;ii . ar.i iV'ill ha i.s- -•k . III.I ai'l'M- that Um« ;••!• laia-a.-rs -.v 111 bo llHt- • a a. -nia 'T nf the club •!* ! U nan) • i,i Mr. i',<rr <> n.--.a a. .. or twice, a ia-r !rh a a., M talk aliout ailiim an.I aiirri'iit afl'uire. a'.-.' aivrs t!». iK-ivili-i;.' of . .'a ,.anion of tias nl* n' -il.-a.Ium- ill the K.,1- al Ka'peiaa A puat e.inl I'.aaaii'ia, ,.,'iji nrin^ fu:i sant f tho .a .Spniij ilainty refr.^sfirn llie club meui'ei'i for the summer ' iviis held yesler- Mrs. Hinsr. .111(1 a very piea- Some Sample Reductions Only a few out of hundreds more just as exceptional. Equally big bargains in every department. $9.95 Silk Dresses for $4.98 $16.75 Silk Dresses for $8.38 $25.00 Silk Dresses for J12.50 $35.00 Silk Dresses for $17.50 $39.50 Silk Dresses for..' $19.75 Light and dark colors, sires 16 to 44 and 45 to 53. New models and thft new silk weaves in great variety. $19.75 Spring Capes and Coats for $9.88 $25.00 Spring Capes and Coats for. .. .$12.50 $39.50 Spring Capes and Coats for... .$19.75 129.75 Spring Suits-for ...$14.88 $$49.50 Spring Suits for $24.75 $29.75 Pongee Silk Suits for $14.88 $19.75 Wool Sport Suits for $9.88 $39.50 Wool Sport Suits for $19.75 $2.98 Wash Porch Dresses for $1.98 $3.98 Wash Porch Dresses for $2.89 $6.95 Silk Sport Skirts for $3.48 $9.98 Silk Sport Skirts for $4.98 $6.95 Wool Sport Skirts for $3.48 $9.98 Wool gport Skirts for $4.98 $9.95 Tuxedo Silk Sweaters $4.98 $4.98 Tuxedo Wool Sweaters $2.49 COME YOURSELF AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS Every Item Is Reduced Do Not Come Expecting to find all colors in every size. Please remember this it a Clearance Sale of new style, desirable garments, but necessarily the assortment"; are broken. But the prices are only half what they were earlier. But Do Come Expecting to find a big assortment and the most remarkable reductions to be found anywhere and we will stake our reputation as honorable merchants that you will not be disappointed. We expect to lose a lot of money on this sale but the time has come to clean up our stock an dwe'are determined Itoj do this regardless of losses or costs. i This Sale Begins Tomorrow 9 A.M. Continues the Week Out Notice These Big Values They will show you the way we are sacrificing these fashionable garment* absolutely regardless of cost. C3.S3 pure Ice wool sleeveless Sweatart In white, huff and ff i QQ grey for • V ' >HO Pure silk jersey Bloomers In assorted colors. Regular $2.69 garments, OK for this Salo pliJ'U Mussed white voile Waist*; tucked, lace trimmed and embroidered, were OQn $1.98 to $4.98 for UttC Pure silk jersey Petticoats In as- 0«J *Q sorted colors, reQularly $6.95 for. .<fO,fO Sllp-on Shetland wool Sweaters with sleeves In values to $2.9fl, Of AO all colors for y litu Choice of our entire stock of $1 .98 and $2.49 white Middles 98C One lot of $1.98 to $3.98 silk Waists and Overblouses In assorted QRf» colors for dOw Regular Dollar fine satteen Bloomers In black and colors. all lengths for I wl» i .'il afternoon was enjovecl. In est that was, belli, Mrs. O. I., won ilir. ]);•!?<.. At fir,. oVJ-iek were served to iMI .13 June an Informal nins. pr-eesi .Sleri'Us ]•;., Win us'ir' aitn-i with Mrs 1.' F, S.hrali v., ; s hasti'-ss yos- til .'.ay a! i i |-l!eni(il! 11 • 111 i u Harlou flir .ikfa t a( her !;..«„., 1102 Si«h | avenue .a .-l. she i nlcrliuneil a- few lie nil.- i 1 e 11ji i 11111 1 n t i r y to Mrs. I'carl l -'isiiar viltu will h-ave Boon to inane in-]- hnine In Kurt Smith, .Ark. (laMen il-ra. rs acre u-ci in 'he tlei-o- railen nl ;h. i .ieins wh.-re brenlifadt M 'il;' iii-n. il. aial luineli icas serveil on the percli nnuieiliate 'y Tollowing j break la;- 1 . A seelal liiiirnlnii: ivas sjienl. The -;ue --!s iiH 'hnled Mrs HOSB J.uiler, .Vlrs. .laiin Sluilh, Mrs. .1. V- ltivers. Mrs l 'earl Fisher, Via. Wtlhs Ilelalii). Mrs. S. tl. ('ai-in-li. Mrs. (alf- furd I-alid, Mr.-. \'erni .n i -'iera of C'hasn, Wis. Levi V'lora, Mrs. Klme-r Uoix, Iilrs. fienrgi.. (Tawl 'eril and l!lu hoatesa. Till ruejnhcr.s of (he. t^ul Vivo club juet >e.ste :aiay afternoon at tho homo vr .Mrs. .1. 0. O'llonnell at 223 Twftltth ,tv. uue ea »t to finish a number of chil'lreu'» gannenls ulnieT'way for tl 'i« huy.nur the club JH lioblifiK Salurday •it the llutelilnsiiii (iffii-o and Supply Cn.'s cifi'lcii. 'J 'hift club iloiiH a groat deal of uuheralue.'] cii.irity work dur- lnn Ihn winter months and lu order to have F .tjne money lu tlielr treasury the club woiiKTi have been devoting their r -.pnro lime malting artlclt^a for the bif/aar. KoU'owlnii: the sewing jaastenlay Mm. O'DonneU Bflrv&d a liiudieon. Cuints rrSflmi- than the club 3ie'iuhor.-i were aim. l'aul Konny of Khloru-'lu and Mni. .lainoH VandWeor. Mr. ami Mrs. 10. 10. (iallup, Mr. and Jlrs. licit Suytlnr ain.I daughter. Dr. end Mrs. C. H. Kile. Mr. uud Mrs. W1U Scliull, Mr. and Mrn. Joaoph Couwlll, Jlr. mid Mrs. 0. h. Prats, Mr. and Mrs. i J 'ercy Waito, and Mr. and Mrs. O. H. ..Tuylor will malte up a FcurUi of July . ^tienlc t>arty (bis afternoon to tho irhur west of Abbyvllls ! * * * ! Mrs. J. W. Blanpied otutarteiruad with a sluuibw party last nlgbt at her Jionio on fourth avenue, east, for Miss Ceclle Jonos who Ii*ave« Boon for Vodi'o City to maka her homo. JW. parly la.s! eve- unris... dance at her home, li'ej .Vili'..>.l'.!!l nii'iin.. - as! Tin- Invited , irnivls were Miss lore' Aspey, Miss ' Margaret Klaven, MLsa Madeline I'.-r- rln, Ml-ss I'olly Ann K-lly au.l Miss Hetty Ilastiliirs, Mrs. A. L. SiHinsler has issued invitations for an informal social afternoon at her home, aj Twelfth avenue \v«,st, Kriday at';-.moon as a courtesy to Mrs. A. K.'-r uho will leave soon to r.uil'.e bi.'T homo in Wichita. 'Tho giientu will in- hide only a few of tho moKt intimate friends of the honored. A {trottri of irtrN will Have a jiieuic at Carey's l«ike thiy eveiiinir. Thosir in tho party wil! he, M| 6S Helen Buv- gess. ?.HsH 1-Tore l'linore, MiRH l'earl \ MaBnUrtfer. Miss Mildred Ring, Miss! I.ydia RltiK, Miss loathe,- McMnrray. Mls-s Mayiielle Leonard, .Minn Anna WaiWie and Mls.s ('cell .lanes. Mr and Mrs. A. O. Ilnuclanil will entertain with n family dinner party :i:;ii Ka;st leitinM', conipllinetit- liig their iKipliev.'. Mr. Willis Hoaglaml, on bin blriliday. All Spring Coats, Capes and Suits Half Price Hundreds of Silk Dresses and Skirts Half Price Many Sweaters and Bloomers Halt Price The Extra Specials Below are for Tomorrow and Saturday Aprons 75 Cts. nt their horn. Klreet tomorrow Bungalow Aprons c-f •fine p-rcale in several good styles, blip over and buttCft.-d models delected train our reguhv 91c ilGSort. dents, well mii'Je rod exi-nilent materials for 75c. Also $'..00 voile Dressea in 16 and 18 sizes for 7bc. Limit 2 Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Ilraneh bad jus Uieir dinner k'uesis last eve- uing Mr. and .Mrs. l'hllip Haddeloy,' Mrs. Fred Cnrpentor. Miss Ivilia Saunders and Mr. J. <.' liaddelev of Holly-wood, Calif. Mr, (hirlis McKinney will have ait hln dinner quests this evenimr at the Country club, .Mrs. T. McKiiiiiey, Mrs. W. 1-1. Carr, Mrs. J, I). Whito, Mrs. M. L. Grhiinn and MIKS Luctle McKftiney. . Mr. and Nva. Jainoa I^eo Dick are entertnuilnx tun irunirtw Informally at dinnor this ovenliw? at the CVmntry- club EYMITQI of July dinne-r and dance. # •$> * Mr. and Mrs. J. H, llalixi of Neosho, Mo., are hero visiting their daughter, Mrs. A. B. Theiss-en and Mr. Tlielseou or 308 Oroacoii! iloulevurd. • ' PERSONALS OF SOCIETY. I e>—i Mr*. IA T, Onasrln ami nolco. Rllza- hath Rkihmionrl and nephew. Jack Rlolunjond will leave Thursday morn Inif for Atlantlo City, N. J„ where tliey will vtelt relatives. Thoy will visit other points of Interest before roturu- lng ihore In September. * -» * Mr. and Mrs. EL Rer Smith and ema .n da.u«ht«r left this morning to motor to the Or^irlc momitalns u-here they Willi spand two weeks camping. <?> >3' * Mies Olgia Blankoy of Storlinj? Is visiting at the home of Mrs. Val A4an» of N'lneteenth avenue west. • * Muw Pauline Huston irtll return to her homo today lu IndePeudeuca aJtor Dresses $1.98 Clever new models In Porch DresseB, most of them gen ulna KM- burnio glnQharns In sizes from 36 to 44 in plains, stripes and plaid*, regularly $2,08 :o $3.49 and well worth it for 41.98. Step-ins 39 Cts /Vssorted styles In -repft and check naln- jook Btep-lns In white and light colors, lace trimmed and embroidered, the uaual 50c to 75c qualities, ail sizes for this sale, 39c Limit 2 Hose 98Cts. $1.50 to $1.98 values In full fashioned Silk How In white, tan and Qrey only In sizes 0 and 9</2 for 98c; also fine silk and wool light weight $1.69 and $1.93 in colored mixtures, sixes 8 and 9y a , al! of thorn wonderful values, wear guaranteed, for 98c. Limit 2 Bloomers 39 Cts. Crepo and fancy weaves In white, pink and lilac bolomers of good materials, any of them worth &0c to 75c, In all sizes, elastic waists and double ruffled, for 39c. Limit 2 Slip-ons $198 Fins Costume Slips of extra quality tlngeUs (n both single and double panel styles In white and Hght and dark colorn, ail regular elzea, reduced for this sale from $2A9 and $2.89 to $1.98. Limit 2 Dresses $4.98 New..clever models In With Dresses of rat­ ine, ginghams and voiles, some plain tailored, others elaborately trimmed in g>eat variety; over 100 to choose from, regular $6.93 to $3.75 dersses for two days only at $4.98. Hose $2,95 Choice of our entlr« stock at finest illlc Hose of every descrlp. tion, formerly pried from S3.49 (o M .9B for 12.95. Black, white and colon, vlzea V/t to 10. a -w -iKek 's visit with Mrs. L. D. UriKBS. ; 31.S Avenue (1 east. Miss Ilno.-ene j Hus-ion will remain for several days. ! Miss: 1-Mna Porter, of Wichita, Miss . Hetty Stoven.s.iu and Miss Jean j Steven-ion of Turou, are guests for a j few days at the li hn- of Hetty | Hastings, ail Kast .Sherman street. j Miss Fay On- of St. Louis, Mo., will come .soon to saiei)!} a few days visiting he.r sister, Miss llallie Orr. They will later go to Meade and spend two weeks, on a ranch near there. Mr. Harry Ilitas of Oklahoma City, Okla.. is hero visitlni; his brother, Mr. Ed Haas and Mrs. Haas of 108 .South 1'Jlni, enroulo to Iyits Angeles, Calif., to make his hr .ne. Mr. H. V. Bullock of Lawrence who haB been visiting here the past week at tho homo of f)r.' am] Mrs. O. YV. Sprouse, !i Crescent Boulevard, returned to his home today. (Continued on Pago 11.) Hair Bobbing has corae to slay. Have it done our way. flilllo Cain Clean Towel Barber Shop. 27-261 Fifty children's garments for sale at Qui Vive (Tub bazaar Saturday, July 7th at Hutchinson Office Supply & Printing Co., 40S-1U' North Main. All -have hand work. 4-3t Ladles We can please you with a hair boh. Blllte Cain Clean Towel Barbor Shop. 27-25t Danes. Night at Stevens, 2-3L Eastman Kodaks Edison Phonographs 148 YEARS ago Washington assumed command of the Colonial Army. Our stock and our services are at your command always. The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The House of Quality. Henry Zh.n Jno. P. Blrchflold Fifty children's garments for sale at Qui Vivo Club 'bazaar Saturday, Julv 7th nt Hutchinson Office Supply & Printing Co., 408-10 North Main. All have Jiand work. ' 4-3t An Atchison man is so hat that he Is called "The Uilnd Corner."--Atchison Globe. Dane* tonight, M.W. A. hall. It Our excellent organization plus our fine Motor equipment will MOVE your home's furnishings best and at moderate cost. Call Phone— 210-838 CODY TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO.^ 123-125 Sherman East mmmmgmt Automobile and •••• ••••a Household Storage MHsaeS MULTIQBAPHINQ Mailing, Foldina, Addreeslng. ~PHONE 670 We writs sdvertlelng campaigns. All kinds of Milling Lim. EUQBNI HANDLES ADV. CO. Euaene Rsnetlss—W. Raymond Allen S WEST SHERMAN An Historic Door Knocker Blended with the memories of stirrintr Colonial davs. trives an added interest and stately aooearance to the entrance of the home. The "Art Colony" knockers we are shovy- ine arc faithfully reoroduced from the orieinals made famous bv the heroes to history. Fashioned from $8.00 each. pure brass—$4.50 to rhons SIM U Nortk lishs St

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