Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 30, 1993 · Page 11
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 11

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1993
Page 11
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, 1993 — 11 TV Listings l^^y^y^^^^^^^l^l^l^a^JSl^kAtt^ WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 P.M. I Married... With Children g ® CD CD News g World News Tonight g I MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour g "l Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (H) 21 Jump Street g ) Cheers g i Full House g I Star Trek: The Next Generation g ) American Justice ) Wings I Life Goes On g ) Supermarket Sweep I What Would You Do? (SCIFI) Night Stalker (USA) Q.I. Joe (DISN) Movie **'/2 "The Brave Little Toaster" (1:30) giiAx) Movie ** 1 /2 "Necessary toughness" (1:48) I Movie *** "The Man Inside" 6:30 P.M. (D Who's the Boss? g CD Entertainment Tonight g QD Current Affair g ! News Cjo) Emergency Call g Ho) Cosby Show g (44j Roseanne g (A»E) Spies (XMC) Movie *** "Who's Been ping in My Bed?" (1:43) fiop 'Til You Drop j Wild ft Crazy Kids I Real Ghostbusters 7:00 P.M. CD Cheers Cliff's storehouse of irrelevant facts is tested when he becomes a contestant on "Jeopardy." Alex Trebek guest stars, g (T) Unsolved Mysteries Solving of the 150th case, the release of prisoner Tony Miller; a human skeleton found In a footlocker in Wyoming; the 1992 death of an Alabama military policeman. (R) (S) g HD Family Dog When Family Dog falls for a neighbor's canine, he finds it impossible to get out of the house for a rendezvous. (S) g (T) Jeopardyl g CD Wonder Years Kevin rediscovers the spirit of Christmas when he sees Coach Cutlip as Santa at the mall. (S) GO Nightly Business Report (20) Magnum, P.I. Magnum searches for a friend who is a prisoner in Cambodia. (Part 1 of 2) CD All in the Family Mike and Gloria happily prepare for Mike's new job and their move to California. (To) Roseanne Dan's lonely boss comes for dinner and desperately tries to win the family's affections. (S) g (44) Star Trek: the Next Generation While Worf deals with a personal dilemma, Picard mediates a power struggle between successors to the Klingon Empire. (S) g dpNewa CASE) First Flights Tales of aerial derring- do during wartime; the history of air mail. (5isc") Beyond 2000 A talking navigation system for cars; how to control lucid dreams; how whiskey is made; surfing with helmets equipped with radio receivers. (FAN) Waltons Olivia must choose between her family and having a career. ) Unsolved Mysteries ) LooTley Times (SCIFI) Invaders (TBS) (:05) Little Houae on the Prairie Caroline gives birth to a son. (Part 1 of 2) fusA) Quantum Leap Sam lands in 1974 as a young boxer caught between fight-fixing gangsters and hopeful nuns who now own his contract. (S) g (WON) News g 7:30 P.M. CD Love Connection GD Bugs Bunny: Ail-American Hero The rascally rabbit relives key moments in American history to teach his student nephew. (R) (S) g CD Wheel of Fortune g GQ Full House Jesse and Joey go on a camping trip, leaving Danny behind to run the house, g § Changer: A Record of the Times Designing Women Julia jumps to conclusion that Reese is seeing another woman. (S) g dD Cheers Carla must carry out an unusual family tradition; drinks flow freely, g CM) Golden Girls Sophia accidentally comes away with the visiting pope's ring, then refuses to return it. (S) g (NicR) Bullwinkle (5JfN°) South by Southeast At last Nick figures out the mystery behind "South By South East." (R) (HBO) Wimbledon Tennis Highlights Andrea Joyce provides a wrap-up of the day's matches, g 7:45 P.M. CD CM) 055) Super Lotto CD (D Beverly Hills, 90210 As they begmtheir senior year, Brandon becomes editor of the school newspaper while Andrea accuses their faculty adviser of sexism. (R) (S) g QD I Witness Video The fury and devastation of Hurricane Iniki; man uses a hidden video camera to catch a thief; arsonist is caught on tape setting fire to a bridge. (S) g © In the Heat of the Night Parker Williams is placed in a difficult position when his hot-tempered stepfather is arrested for the murder of his former employer. (R) (S) g CD CD Wonder Years Wayne invites Kevin, Winnie and the rest of the Arnold family to dinner at a supper club on New Year's Eve. (R) (S) g (Jo) Movie **Vz "The Comedy Company" (1978) Jack Albertson, Abe Vigoda. An ex-comic fights to keep a falling nightclub alive to give aspiring young comics a chance. (2:00) fg) Movie ** "Every Time we Say Goodbye" (1986) Tom Hanks, Cristina Marsillach. A American pilot and a Jewish woman find romance despite religious differences and intolerant relatives in Jerusalem. (2:00) © Time Trax In the year 2193, Darien Lambert travels back to 1993 to capture criminals who escaped to the 20th century. (R) (S) (Part 2 of 2) g CD Star Trek: The Next Generation ...d ubiquitous Q offers a gravely injured Picard an Intriguing choice that is, as usual, not what It seems to be. (M) Owning at the Improv Host: Vlckl Lawrence. Comics: Dan Bradley; Robert Jenkins; Evan Sayet; Nick DIPaolo; Taylor Negron. (R) CDiso) Hitter' The Whote Story Adolf Hitter fosters bigotry as an Ideal while cultivating his image as a savior of a world on the brink of disaster. (R) (Part 2 of 3) (?Ag) Young RWers The riders move Into new territory when Teaspoon Is assigned to rebuild the way station that was destroyed by renegades In the city of Rock Creek. (S) g ftian L.A. Law Victor represents a fitniry who sues a security firm after they are terrorized bv aunmen. WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 | 6:30 7:00 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 9:30 10:00110:30 11:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS CD nr Married... Boss? News •or nr (D 3) (60) News News News Cheers Cosby Entertain. Night Ct. [Cheers C. Affair Unsolved Mysteries News Fam. Dog Hard Cpy. News News "TNe Jeopardyl MacNeil/Lehrer H. Patrol |Emer. Call 21 Jump Street Cheers Cosby Full H'se. Roseanne Star Trek Gen. Love Wonder Business Bugs Entertain. Fortune Beverly Hills, 90210 Melrose Place Unsolved Mysteries Witness Video Heat of Night Fam. Dog Wonder Full H'se. Wonder Doogle H. Bugs Doogie H, ChangerRecord of Times All out Comedy Magnum, P.I. All Family Roseanne Design. Cheers Star Trek Gen. News [Golden G. Witness Video Law & Order Schwarzkopf Heat of Night Home Home Coach Coach News Cheers Law & Order News News [Hard Cpy. News Tonight Schwarzkopf Johnny B, News Sirens Sirens Movie: "The Comedy Company" (1978) Movie: "Every Time We Say Goodbye Beverly Hills. 90210 Time Trax Star Trek Gen. Melrose Place Kung Fu: Legend Deep Space 9 CABLE CHANNELS A&E DISC Justice [Spies First Flights Wings ESPN Major League Baseball: Teams TBA Cont'd FAM Life Goes On LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNT USA WGN Beyond 2000 I At the Improv Hitler: Story Waltons Su- You Do [Crazy Shop- Unsolved Mysteries Night Stalker Movie Cont'd Looney |Bullwinkle Invaders Little House Young Riders [Sportsctr. L.A. Law Get Smart Van Dyke Gallery Hitchcock Little House Our Century: Combat Wings WKRP Newhart Wonder Wonder News Rush L. Cheers H. Patrol News News Gay Untouch. News Married.. Arsenio Hall News Paid Justice J§E! lies Beyond 2000 Baseball [Pro Beach Volleyball [Jet Skiing Father Dowling [700 Club Movie: "Monkey Shines" (1988) Dragnet [Lucy ' M. Moore |M. Moore Battlestar Galactica Night Stalker "Little House: The Last Farewell' NBA Basketball Draft Cont'd I Movie: "Frankenstein" (1993), John Mills G.I. Joe Ghost- Movie Cont'd Quantum Leap News Eden Murder, She Wrote [Movie: "The Diamond Fleece" (1992) Night Ct. [Renegade [Movie: "Taps" (1981), Sean Penn Flights Nature PGA Tour Scare- 30 Hitchcock Invaders Little Hse 'Wes- CD CD CD CD (D CD 02 OS) KTVU fOt OAKLAND » MM NK IUM(A KHUN NK MNPMNOKO 41 KPIX CM IANFMNCIKO 4) KVtO CM fUMKA MM AK tANFMNCMCO 41 JWBMBAM MOVW eUMO CONNMm NtWt AND MOMMC CHAfMH TAHtNPIBNI.H*fUfH •CHWML IM NO tANBMNeiKO MO (ANXMC NO MNnweaco NO •AWTAWJ8A THIMMVCHANNB. O> MMDUMMM 6K> arc naue wtxunaHM. autwitmn OB) WTM ND A1UNTA flffi) TWUAfMMCNMML <BD <•) UNMUMdMOM) 4BD MANcrwom ca*MUMrrv WUITN BOM* icaiMMkiMMhMiMiiM* Babar Movie *** "Shadow of China" PREMIUM CHANNELS DISN HBO Wimbledon Tennis Cont'd MAX "The Brave Little Toaster" Movie: "White Wolves Dave Cl. ["Love-Splendored" Movie: "Necessary Roughness" (1991) SHOW Movie: "The Man Inside" (1990) Movie: "Meatballs 4" (1992) Last Hero Movie: 'Caged Fear" (1992) Movie: "Drop Dead Fred" [Making Sanders [Dream On [Crypt Movie: "Lonely Hearts" •Trancers III: Deth Lives" CD 3D • for Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewers only. QD €0 GD • for TIA only. (NICK) Get Smart Max poses as a safecracker to capture the leader of a burglary gang. [SCIFI] Night Gallery A woman is faced with the idea of life after death. CTBD (:05) Little House on the Prairie Laura blames herself for her baby brother's death. (Part 2 of 2) rOsD Murder. She Wrote Insurance Investigator Dennis Stanton confronts murder and arson while on a case Involving a famous pianist, a (WON) Night Court An offensive comic Is hauled into Harry's court by a show- stopping, conservative minister. folsifl Movie "White Wolves" (1993) Ami Dolenz, Mark Paul Gosselaar. Members of a high-school hiking expedition brave wilderness perils to bring help to their badly injured leader. n(1:30) (HBO) Movie *'/2 "Meatballs 4" (1992, Comedy) Corey Feldman, Jack Nance. A summer camp's wisecracking recreation director aims to blow a rival owner's takeover plans out of the water. (S)'R'g (1:27) ("MAX) Movie * 1 /2 "Caged Fear" (1992, Drama) Kristen Cloke, David Keith. An outlaw risks his life to spring his innocent girlfriend from a maximum security prison. (S) 'R' (1:43) (SHOW) Movie ** "Drop Dead Fred" (1991, Comedy) Phoebe Gates, Rik Mayall. An imaginary friend returns to help a woman put of her melancholy state by wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting public. (S) 'PG-13' g (1:38) 8:30 P.M. i Doogie Howser, M.D. The two Dr. Howsers plan a father-son fishing trip until the elder Dr. Howser's back goes out and Mrs. Howser takes his place. (R) (S) g (AMC) Movie *** "The Carpetbaggers" (T964, Drama) George Peppard, Carroll Baker. Based on the novel by Harold Robbins, a rich young executive becomes involved in many romantic affairs. 'PG' (2:30) (ESPN) Sportscenter (NICK) Dick Van Dyke While his wife is away, Buddy accepts Rob's invitation to move in as a house guest. (SCIFI) Alfred Hitchcock Presents An older woman tries to convince her young lover to end her husband's life. (TNT) Movie *** "Frankenstein" (1993) Patrick Bergin, Randy Quaid. Based on Mary Shelley's classic about a brilliant scientist's efforts to create a living being. (2:30) t WONi) Renegade Reno and Bobby are taken hostage by a brutal drug lord when they travel south of the border to avenge an ex-policeman's murder. (R) 9:00 P.M. I rip) Melrose Place Billy and Amanda's romance is heating up, and Alison discovers she is becoming increasingly jealous of their relationship. (R) (S) g (T) Law & Order Cerreta is shot when his cover is blown while investigating a South American gun smuggling operation. (R) (S) g (5) Schwarzkopf in Vietnam: A Soldier Returns Retired Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf and Dan Rather return to several battlefields which evoke memories of America's most unpopular war. (S) g (T) CD Home Improvement Jill grounds Brad for hiding a dissected frog in cafeteria food and throwing bricks at a greenhouse. (R) (S) g GO (:10) All out Comedy CM) Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Kwai Chang helps a physically abused wife who happens to be married to Peter's new work partner. (R) (S) g (55) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Bothersome Q and archaeologist Vash disrupt the routine of DS9; Quark smells profit In Vash's artifacts from the Gamma quadrant. (R) (S) g (7SD Our Century "Air Combat" The flying aces of history, from the World Wars to the present. (R) (5isc) Wings The F-117 Stealth Fighter evades enemy radar, while AWACS detect and track whole squadrons of planes. (R) - —) Baseball Tonight _j Father Dowling Mysteries Father swling discovers another woman impersonating Sister Steve. (S) g (tiFE) Movie *** "Monkey Shines" (T9B8) Jason Beghe, John Pankow. Injections of human brain cells trigger homicidal inclinations in a monkey meant to help its paralyzed owner. (2:00) (NICK) Dragnet The smoking habits of a murder victim help Friday and Gannon nab the suspect. (IcTFi) Battlestar Galactica The hot- blooded commander of the battlestar Pegasus tries to convince Adama to attack the Cylons. (Part 1 of 2) CreD (:05) Movie **Vz Little House: The Last Farewell" (1984) Michael Landon, Karen Grassle. Walnut Grove citizens vow to destroy their homes after learning that Eastern financiers own their town. (2:00) "^ Movie ** "The Diamond Fleece >) Ben Cross, Kate Nelllgan. A thief is prematurely released from prison to troubleshoot the security system protecting a fabulous diamond. (I)C?(2: ° 0) 9 :30P.M. (T) (T) Coach Kelly decides to move to Bangkok when she meets and falls in love with a foreign correspondent who is twice her age. (R) (S) a IJSPN) Pro Beich'Volleyball "Four-Man Tour From Hermosa Beach, Calif. (Taped) (NJCK) Lucy Show Lucy is discovered by some Indians who are convinced she is their Rain Goddess. (WON) Movie ** 1 /2 "Taps" (1981) Timothy Mutton, George C. Scott. Cadets take extreme measures to ensure the future of their financially strapped military academy. (2:30) (TjisN) Making of Snow white The history of making the first full-length animated film. (R) g CHIP") Last Action Hero: First Look On the set of Arnold Schwarzenegger's new movie. (R) (S) (SHOW) (:40) Making of What's Love Got to Do With It? A behind-the-scenes look at the motion picture based on Tina Turner's life, starring Angela Bassett and Larry Flshburne. (R) 10:00 P.M. CD GD CD News g CD GD Sirens g QD WKRP in Cincinnati C|D Wonder Years g (40) News ! Rush Limbaugh I Cheers g ~) American Justice j Beyond 2000 ) 700 Club I Mary Tyler Moore g fscTFO Night Stalker foisN) Dave Clark Five: Live in the sixties (HBO) Larry Sanders g (M*S) Movie ** 1 /2 "Lonely Hearts" (SHOW) Movie **Vi "Trancers III: Deth Lives" (1:23) 10:30 P.M. ©Hard Copy g (20) Bob Newhart (36) Wonder Years g GD Real Stories of the Highway Patro CJD Arsenio Hall g (Jo) Headline News (MJ) Spies CESPN) Jet Skiing (NICK) Mary Tyler Moore g fowl Movie *** 1 /2 "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" (2:00) (H55) Dream On g 11:00 P.M. (T) Cheers g Q) Wimbledon Update CD Johnny Bago CD News g (a) (56) News CD Lives in the Balance: The Lesbian and Gay Movement in the 90s Cjo) Untouchables — Married... With Children g Paid Program First Flights AMC) Movie *** "Up In Arms" (1:46) laTscj Profiles of Nature HPN) Inside the PGA Tour Scarecrow and Mrs. King UFD Thlrtysomething NicR) Alfred Hitchcock Presents sci FI ) Invaders :05) Little House on the Prairie Wf) Movie *** "Westworld" (2:00) USA) Eden H§O) Tales From the Crypt g 11:15 P.M. CD Tonight Show g ^ 11:30 P.M. CD Murphy Brown g CD CD (:35) Nlghtline g (M) GD Paid Program CD Star Trek: The Next Generation g (g) Montel Williams (ESPN) Sportscenter j Superman (USA! Hitchhiker CHBO) Movie ** 1 /2 "Alien 3" (1:55) sSow) Movie ** "Desire" (1:31) 12:00 A.M. CD M*A*S*H (T) (12:07) Inside Edition g (t) 12:05 Wiseguy (12:05) Whoopl Goldberg Go)(36)(pise)(SCIFI) Paid Program lovie ** Nl ArSsl" (2:00) i Evening at the Improv j Up Close i Bonanza: The Lost Episodes ) Unsolved Mysteries j F-Troop i MacGyver g ) Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing i Movie * "The Hollywood its" (1:39) 12:15 A.M. (T) Late Night With David Letterman 12:30 A.M. i Best of Love Connection i (:37) Studs i :35) Arsenio Hall g i In the Life ID (oisc) (sciFii Paid Program Perfect Strangers g lALFg (ESPN) Boxing - • | e Qiiiia i Movie ***V2 "Superman II" (DJSN) Movie *** "Titanic" (1:45) )Taxl ) (:07) That's Amore ) (:05) News g ) Charlie Rose I Dynasty ) Infatuation I Psychic Answer ) Movie ** "Go for Gold" (1:45) ) Movie *** "The Captive Heart" I Movie *** "The Lost World" cm) Paid Program ysteries j Patty Duke I (:05) Little Houae on the Prairie I Logan's Run CUSA) Equalizer (SHOW) (:05) Louie Anderson: Louie In St. Louie 1:15 A.M. (T) Paid Program 1:30 A.M. CD Jeffersons g QD (:37) Designing Women g m (:35) Movie ** "State Department: File 649" (2:00) i Paradise Beach i (DISC) (FAM) CLJFE) (SCIFI) Paid ram rNicR) Donna Reed GH) Movie * 1 /2 "Tiger Claws" (1:33) (MAX) Movie *** "Damned In the 5A" (1:08) 1:45 A.M. (T) Later With Bob Costas 2:00 A.M. CD Newhart g rjD (:07) Barney Miller [20) Nightowl Theatre dD Racket Squad (40) Movie ** "International Airport" D) (AMC) Reflections on the Silver Screen: Jack Lemmon (oisc) CLJFE) fNicK) Paid Program 8:30 A.M. ) Sesame Street g fz5) Leave It to Beaver (15) Paid Program smes Bond Jr. g I Headline News ) Graham Kerr Getting Fit IPopeye ) What Every Baby Knows I Mowgll's Brothers Dark Shadows eal Ghostbusters Welcome to Pooh Coiner g Plnocchlo g Movie ** aisa" (1:35) CAMC) Movie ** 1 /2 "Action in Arabia" (T-T5) 9:00 A.M. Family Feud O Live •• Regis & Kathte Lee Vlckl! slly Jessy Raphael ) New Leave It to Beaver (so) Paid Program ) I Love Lucy I Widget ~) Mrs. Columbo ) Easy Does It Bodies in Motion ) Waltons ) Thlrtysomething Eureeka's Castle I Movie *Vz "Phantom From (AMC 1 Movie **Vt "Government Girt" (DISC) Homeworks Mountsin Biking I Trivial Pursuit King Qrizzlebeard I (:35) Flintstones Adventures of the UttJe wid Death on the Job g 1:00 P.M. ) Jerry Springer ) As the World Turns ) QD One Life to Uve g Wild America g ~ ~4o) Streets of San Francisco Aovle **'/* "Girlsl Girls! Girls!" pace" (1:30) (SCIFII Early '60s Rock (TNT) My Favorite Martian (USSA) Equalizer (SHOW) (:05) Movie *'/2 "Eye of the Tiger T1 (1:32> THURSDAY MORNING 6:00 A.M. ) Headline News D Newsg ';.;-,'•'. vi , „„,; World News This Morning Q ) To Lifel Yoga With PrtscJHa Patrick J3 Captain N and the Video Sarnemasters (M) (tiFE) rusA) Paid Program ,. w— _.-ib ) Kenneth Copeland j Movie ** 1 /2 "The Hired Hand" 0) (pise) Wortd Away CESPN) Body by Jake (FAM) Today With Marilyn ' :.1r. Wizard's World (SCIFI) Lost in Space (TBs)(:05) Little Houae on the Prairie (TNT) Adventure Quest (DISN) Mouserclse (MAX") Movie ***'/2 "Hello, Dolly!" (2:26) 1 6:15 A.M. CD A.M. Weather (TiBo~) (:25) Movie ** "Lovesick" (1:35) 6:30 A.M. ) Headline News )News g )News ) Sit and Be Fit Camp Candy g (LJFE) Paid Program j Adventures of T-Rex CJjDAgDay (ESPN) Bodyshaping ) James Robison J Lassie ) First Business ) Bullwinkle ) Music Box 6:45 A.M. (T) ABC Wortd News This Morning g 7*00 AiMff* ) Mornings on Two )Today g ) This Morning g j) Good Morning America g Sesame Street g Woody Woodpecker 700 Club Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles g DuckTales g Robert Tilton , Movie **** "Hail the luering Hero" (1:41) Pasquale's Kitchen Express Sportscenter Augie Doggie ft Friends Paid Program n Yogi Bear Voyage to the Bottom of the 005) Little Houae on the Prairie Charlie's Angels Real Ghoatbuatere Perry Mason Adventures of the Gumml Bears ° WL/TV 7:30A.M. Jetsons BeeUejuice g Stunt Dawgs Great Chefs of the West ) Sportscenter Flintstone KWs It Figures , Looney Tunes G.I. Joe Adventures in Wonderland g Bunch •-- "Santa Fe Trail" I Denver, the Last Dinosaur g ) Geraldo (DISN) Under the Umbrella Tree fRSoT Movie ***% "Reds" (3:20) 9:30 A.M. m Whoopl Goldberg GD Barney ft Friends g 1 Okavango I Paid Program o's the Boss? g (44l Brady Bunch (DISC) Homeworks (ESPN) Bodyshaping I Dinosaucers fpisN) Dumbo's Circus g 10:00 A.M. ) Joan Rivers ) John ft Leeza From Hollywood I Price Is Right ..sadlng.l iBtmahfa 1 ,. , I Movie If* ''AiK1llirig'AffaTr"'<2:00) i Mama's Family • '•—* •' • I Richard Bey I Paid Program ~l Rockford Files g ) Movie *** "The Lost Wortd" I ) Pasquale's Kitchen Express J Pro Beach VolleybaH ) 700 Club I Movie **'/2 "To My Daughter" )'(:05) Movie ** "Terror Out of the ' (2:00) ) American Gladiators (WON) News g fpisN) Mouse Tracka g j Movie * 1 /2 "Police Academy 4: jffizens on Patrol" (1:27) (SHOW) Movie **V4 ''Telefon" (1:43) 10:30 A.M. CD Square One Television g Go)227 g I Headline Newa ) Great Chefs of New Orleans (SCIFI) One Step Beyond atsNfJump. Rattle and RoH 11:00 A.M. Divorce Court Newsg Young and the Restless g Loving g Paradise Beach Where In the World Is Carmen liego? g Cagney ft Lacey Leave It to Beaver Montel Williams Paid Program ~ Movie *** "Rogue Male" (2:00) Movie *** "The House of Gables" (1:29) Low Cholesterol Gourmet: iipTT) Hydroplane Racing °^\ Flashback I Sharon, Lois ft Bram's Elephant i (SCIFI) Doctor Who vie **Vfe "Dead Reckoning" j Joan Rivera foisN) Adventures of the Gumml Bean i 11:15 A.M. " Movie ** "The Texas ) People's Court g ) Newsg ) Loving g ) Club Connect ) Leave It to Beaver I PaM Program I Cross-Wits ) CappeW ft Company Lunch Box I Movie*** "Duffy" (1:41) 12:00 P.M. iwimWedon Tennis g ) Mister Rogers g 1 Flintstones ) Perry Mason ) Family Feud Andy Griffith Movie ** "Velvet" (2:00) I Who's the Boss? g ) Eaay Does It and the Chipmunks g age Mutant Ninja Turiss Morning's Business ) Alvin and the < j Teens ) Thla H ) Fugitive S Low Cholesterol Gourmet j Fitness Proa ) Inspector Gadget ) Everyday Workout ) Cricket In Times Square 1 Dark Shadows (:05) Little Houae en the Prairie , Charlie's Angela )8coobyDoo D Joan Rivera ) Fraggk* Rock g Fred Penner's Place Land of the Giants _ 05) Tom * Jerry's Funhouee Movie **% "Three Warriors" 12:30 P.M. People's Court BokTand the Beautiful g Paid Program MrTBeivedere g I Mov CM) Movie *** "Tell Me Where It urts" (2:00) 1 Fugitive Tourlfic Destinations . Checkered Flag $100,000 Name That Tune Supermarket Sweep Muppet Babies Lost In Space " Jetsons *** "The Rebels" (2:00) Talkabout Hulk Hogan Movie **V4 "Looking for racles" (2:00) 1:15 P.M. Movie *** "Action In the North CD Frugal Gourmet (DISCITOU Wtflc Destinations , World RoNor Hockey League Let'a Make e Deal Shop Til You Drop WorM of David the Gnome C35) Brady Bunch Sale of the Century ) Flintstones I Movie ** "The Last Dragon" 2:00 P.M. ) BeeUejuice g ) Guiding Light ) ® General Hospital ^ Are You Being Served? I Cannon I Paid Program ) Perfect Strangers g ~) City of Angela 1 Beyond 2000 Zorrog Anythmgbut Love D0fini«l vMt RMMC0 0 Voyage to the Bottom of the (:05) Saved .by the BeN g Joker's Wild _ Captain N and the Video imemaatera Movie ***tt "Separate i" (1:39) 2:15 P.M. Movie **tt "September Affair" 2:30 P.M. I Inspector Gadget ) Wild America g Qo) Popeye ) Dennis the Menace J Up Close 1 My Three Sons ) Tracoy Ullman ) Flipper (:35) Saved by the BeN g New Tic Tac Dough ) Charles in Charge g 3:00 P.M. SD Merrie Melodies g sne Whitney j Donahue g (M) Highway to Heaven g MacNeil/Lehrer Newahour g ) Magnum, P.I. I Chip 'n Dale Rescue I iQeraMo ) Rockford FHee g 1 Mother Nature j Inside the Senior PGA Tour (Littles ) Jane Pratt ) Yogi Bear (3CTFD Incredible Hulk ! Jeffersons g s Bunny ft Pale I Press Your Luck ) Saved by the BeN g D Tom and Jerry Kids g itoSpJng WHdNfo Chronicwt .Max Out Super Mario Brothers 3 Looney Tunes 035) Andy GrWftth _ Captain Planet and the ineteorag Scrabble Saved by the BeN g Adventures in Wonderland g Movie **tt "The Naked Gun 2 ie Smell of Fear" (1:25) ... . Movie **Vi "The American iuccess Company'' (1:34) ) G<D Tiny Toon Adventure* g ) Maury Povteh g I Golden Girts g ) Oprah Winfrey g ) Designing Women g ) Barney ft Friends g 1 in the Heat of the Night g I Mattock g I Darfcwing Duck g ) Joan Rivera ) In Search Of... I Movie **% "The White Tower" Wilderness Magic - The vtty of Dan Gibson Popeye Movie **ft "The Woman He (2:0 ) Night Gallery ^OSfBeverty HWbaHee g PGAGoH Paradise Beech Care Sean g " Movie ***^'Monster m a Box" 4:90 P.M. GO) Batman g Inside Edition g Golden Girls g Sesame Street g rQMkjet •eblee

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