Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on December 12, 1935 · Page 3
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 3

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1935
Page 3
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ptr.r.F.MBER 12, 1935 THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA ol Newton. He had twenty- and Mrs. Glenn Justice and ,hree grandchildren and twen- "-"' - E fl. Baxter Baxter was L j, Kentucky died at the John Baxter aged and 20 survive him. In 1894, he , of 20 years he en- Service in Regiment, infantry, , from the After army, his he i Love, Jill V"- his parents to in- he marreid Mary them were His wife, him in I he moved from Indi, residing on a years. In 1895 from Illinois to Iowa I spent four years on a then went into the e business. surviving him are two and one sister; six George of Hume, 111. J'ofBenton City, Mo ! a nd Joe of Clearneld. ' took two grandchildren i home and raised them Mrs. Ethel Beeler < »•"•• — • . . and Clarence Wood , ;y-one great grandchildren, to united with the hristian church and when he moved to Florida he united with ;he Methodist chtfrch. He was an Odd Fellow for more than fifty years, and a member of Clearneld Lodge No. 11. He retired from business in Clearneld in 1915. After the death of his wife in 1922 he moved to St. Cloud, Florida, where he resided until May, 1935, when he came back to Iowa, and resided with his son John until he passed away. Funeral services were held at the Christian church on December 4. Rev. P. O. Nystrand read the scripture and led in prayer. The address was by Jas. E. Dun- son Bobby, all of Milo, Iowa. J. D. Coble and Blanch Neville are the only two surviving members of the G.A.R. now left. Both were able to attend the funeral of Mr. Baxter. McCreight-Cling Miss Martha Cling, daughter of Mrs. John Cling of Medlapol- is, Iowa, and Lorraine L. McCreight of Clearfleld, were united in marriage Friday, Nov. 29, at noon, at the parsonage of the Frist Lutheran church, Hector, Minn. Rev. Ernest A. Palm, brother-in-law of the bride, officiated, using the double ring ceremony, in the presence of the bride's mother and other members of the immediate family. They were attended by Rev. and Mrs. Alex E. Falk of Lutheran church can, fulfilling a many years ago. was filled promise of The church with friends and neighbors. Interment was in the Clearneld cemetery, beside his wife. Those attending the funeral of Comrade Baxter from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson ol Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beeler of Creston; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wood of the Swedish Hector. The bride wore a floor length gown of fushia velvet, with rhinestone ornaments, and a gold necklace, a gift of the groom. She carried an arm bouquet of tea roses. The groom was attired in a dark suit with of white swee a buttoniere peas. he funeral of Mr. Baxter, last it Mr. Reynolds, who 11 still con- Wednesday, fined to the hospital there. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Spicer and, Tne old produce building, Milt Jones of Benton; Mrs., owned by Jay Henderson, was sold to Mr. Dalby last week, and Monday was Wrecked, thus another land mark Is gone. »**iu UVJ11CO Ul J^TCUl/UJLl, AV11O, Maude Hogue of Diagonal; Mr. Rev. and Mrs. M. R. Tally of Winterset spent last Wednesday and Thursday with their daughter, Mrs. W. C. Henn and :amily. While here 'Mrs. Tally gave a report on the annual convention held in St. Louis to ;he Womens Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist church. Thirty-five members were present to hear her. Will Bruner went to Savannah, Mo., Thursday, for treatment of a skin cancer on his Friends hope for him a face. Newton; Mr. Baxter, Mr. and and Mrs. John Mrs. Ralph Barr and daughter Lavonna, NOTICE p PROBATE OF WILL No. 4051 | in District Court member Term, 1935 IN PROBATE LWHOM IT MAY CON- Kie Hereby Notified That of writing to be the last Will and t of Nydia Stephenson eased, dated August 30, been this day filed, and read, the 30th day mber 1935 is fixed for proof of same at the [House in Bedford, Iowa, It the District Court of said . or the Clerk of said [and at ten o'clock A. M. (eday above mentioned, all interested are hereby 1 and required to appear, cause, if any they . why said instrument i not be probated and al- and for the last Will nent of said deceased. I at Bedford, Iowa, Nov! 26th, 1935. PRANK HERRIOTT, Clerk of District Court. i & Kirketeg, Attorneys. "led in Lenox Time Ta- (c. 5-12-19, 1935. F"S SALE NOTICE [ATE OP IOWA, TAYLOR !S, IS HEREBY GIVEN on the 19th day of Dec- f. A. D. 1935, at 2 o'clock P the residence of Arthur and Laura Calvin, in [Township, near the town , Iowa and Count will be sold at Publi • to the highest bidder . the following describ Property levied up on and taken by virtue of a Special execution issued from the office of the Clerk of the District Court, within and for the County of Taylor, State of Iowa, in favor of and against the Arthur Calvin and Laura Calvin towit: One Spotted Cow One Red Cow with horns One black cow One yellow cow One brown cow Mrs. McCreight has been employed as a nurse at the Iowa State Sanitarium, Oakdale, la., and Mr. McCreight is engaged in business in Cedar Rapids, couple will where the young make their home. A three-course NO DANGER OF SOIL GETTING "FERTILIZER" HABIT"—BROWN "I suppose I'll have to spend a lot ot money for fertilizers again this year," mused John. "Once a fellow starts using them the land won't be worth much unless he keeps piling the stun"I've heard that too," neighbor dim commented, "but old notions like that sometimes don't amount to much. P. E. Brown, head of the Agronomy Department at Iowa ... .... State College, agrees with Jim terian church next Sunday ev-; tnat the old Idea of land becom- ening. She has been a mission- ing a "drug adict" if fertilizer! are used on it doesn't amoun to much. In fact Brown says 1 has been definitely demonstrat ed that fertilizers do not cause dinner at the church last Wed- the soil to wear out—provided ' and the right amounts are edded. Large crop yields use more plant loods than average yields. Unless the fertilizpr supplies this additional food, it will have to come from the soil itself. But that is just what the fertilizer is supposed to do, and il properly used it will supply all the speedy recovery. Miss Aulora Mclntyre, now of Lenox, will give a missionary address at the United Presby- dinner was Nellie Lock property of served after the ceremony by Mrs. Ernest Palm, sister of the bride, Misses Mildred and Marian Fredrickson assisting in the serving. They will be at home to their many friends in Cedar Rapids after December 1. Congratulations are extended to this couple. The Basketball Game Clearneld High school One Holstein cow white) (black and One Jersey heifer 3 years old. or as much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said writ of execution and all accruing costs. T. V. LACY, boys and girls, and the grade boys journeyed to Gravity Friday night. The Gravity grade boys beat the Clearneld boys by a score of 18 to 16. The Clearfield boys first team won over Gravity by a score of 36 to 26. Clearneld girls won over Gravity girls by a score of 29 to 17. and Mrs. Sam Worthington and ary in Egypt and is home on account of ill health. The ladies of the Christian church held their bazaar and dinner ,_. _— ..-. ...- nesday, Dec. 4, with a splendid j the proper ones are used patronage, when all incumbran- ' """'" * ~" J ces were paid, they will have cleared nearly $65.00. F. P. Steward, patrolman far the past five years on the state highway, has bought a half interest in the Hidley and Fulton garage and will take possession 1 next Saturday. E. A. Nelson of St. Louis spent last Wednesday night at the home of his sister, Mrs. F. R. Heyer. Mrs. L. H. Andrews and little granddaughter Marcella Shoen- hair, went to Winterset, Iowa, Sunday to visit at the home of Mrs. Andrews' daughter, Mrs. Ralph Hurley. Rev. and Mrsi. W. Q. Henn and Marian went to Winterset Sunday afternoon to visit over night with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. M. R. Talley. On Mon- oa State College, has been se- ured as the principal speaker. Mr. McDonald is scheduled to peak at 1:00 o'clock. Mrs. J. C. Jeffries in charge of he luncheon, announces that oyster .stew will be served the members at noon. The election of officers and directors for 1936 will be a part of the business meeting. The Farm Bureau program for 1936 will be outlined to the group and reports of the 1935 activities will be given. Farmers throughout the county are cordially invited to attend and become acquainted with the Farm Bureau program according officials. ale recently, but too late for ale on that day. It made lots f fun last night, with Col. Bradley crying the sale, and rebled the amount for the hurch funds taken during the venlng. to the organization . day they went to Des Moines, and will return home Tuesday. Mrs. Stella home from a Witter returned visit with her Sheriff of Taylor County, Iowa. Dated at the Sheriff's Office, edlord, Iowa, November 26th, )35 E. F. McENIRY, Plaintiff's Attorney, Published in Lenox Time Tale Dec. 5 and 12, 1935. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given to all persons interested that on the 3rd day of December 1935 the undersigned was appointed uy toe District Court of Taylor County, Iowa, Ad with the Will annexed of tne Estate of L. R. Barnes, deceased, late of said county. All persons indebted to said estate | will make payment to the, un dersigned, and those having derSign against It *m present daughter at Mapleton, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leach of Creston spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Stella Witter. Mrs. Guy Reynolds and daughter Corrinne and Mrs. Ray were Bedford visitors son James of Maloy; and Wai- Tuesday afternoon, going to vis- ter Jones of Conway. attended food that the increased growth of the crop contains. Instead of causing the soil to be mined, tne fertilizer will actually conserve it. Of course, if not enough fertilizer or an Incomplete one is used, and a larger crop grown, then there may be some depletion of plant food not contained in the fertilizer. TAYLOR CO. F. B. AN. MEETING DEC. 16 James Salter, Arthur Bishop, Guy Miller and Claude Hamilton, officials of the Taylor county Farm Bureau, announce that plans have been completed for the annual meeting of this organization in Bedford on Monday, December 16. The meeting will open at 10 a.m. in the basement of the Presbyterian church. Murl McDonald, assistant dir- jiHiiimiimiimiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiuiiiu I Our § I EXCHANGES | Say: Hiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiimiimimiimmr Turkeys Topped Chicago Markc Corydon Times-Republican— The Grismore Turkey farm, located at the west edge of town, had the honor of having the best car of dressed turkeys on the Thanksgiving market at Chicago, that has been received there in five years. The refrigerator car, containing 12001 dressed turkeys, which were made ready for the market in Corydon, brought the highest price on the Chicago market,] making a new high record for Mother of 11 and grandmoth- r ol 12, Mrs. Lillian Gist, &0. of ialifornia, is studying for the degree of Ph. D. While digging a grave in a cemetery at Rockford, HI., Aug- ist Johnson fell dead. A good luck pin owned by Mi's. Mary Hancock of Maryland disappears and turns up again. Found in a vacuum cleaner; came back with the laundry; and last was found in a chick n gizzard they had prepared for dinner. C. R. Crimble of Brooklyn, who is 100 years old, says one of his favorite diversions is a midnight meal of cheese and crackers and a mug of beer. Andrew Willows, aged 76, of Aylesbury, Eng., had never seen an automobile until recently. -•.Professional Cards:- recent years. The sold lor $6,000.00 1200 birds GEO. L. GOOD ALE OPTOMETRIST „„„ Examined Glasses Fitted GOODALE JEWELRY STORK Lenox, Iowa ~O. P. ARNOLD Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa J. H. BARBER Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa Bantam Rooster Sold for $65 Clarinda Herald Journal — AI Mttle bantam rooster sold for VJ^M***^ *.•*. —.~~ $65.65 at the Hawleyville musi-1 Attorney and Counsellor at Law cal contest Wednesday night. Farmers & Merchants Batik Bldg The amount was not bid by any Bedford, Iowa / . one person, but the chicken was General Practice sold several times during a half finally purchased by R. R. Wat- State and Attention Givon to Settlement of son of New Market for his 4- year old son, Richard, who had originally given the bantam to the church church debt. been given Frank Wisdom Q. J. Wisdom & Kirketeg , LAWYERS to help on the special attention given to settle- The bantam had meat of estates Bedford. Iowa MOTOR TUNE-UP ANALYSIS WITH THE WEIDENHOFF MOTOR ANALYZER Claims again*." — •• them, legally authenticated, to said court for allowance. MabS Jenkins, Administratrix W C Van Houten, Attorney. Published in Lenox Time Ta-1 CLOSING OUT SALE sell at the Cresswell farm, 2 miles north and 2 miles east of Lenox FRIDAY, DEC. 13 Beginning at 12 o'clock I 26 Head of Stock 26 | I 6 Head of Horses 6 W | 1 gray horse. 12 years old. sound-1 »*tf°™'* ^ears •*: 2 «— -""• | I 12 year" old; 1 good work horse; 1 suckl.ng colt. ^ 9 Head ol Cattle 9 , Public Sale L *! l have more property than I can handle. JMWJ[ l£L at , m y. residence better known as the J. J. *« 148 analysis leaves nothing to guesswork. so greatly affect performance. If 1 red If l black ftf roan their getaway. 2 SOWS AND 11 PIGS Machinery , located 7 miles south to the Tuck corner o 1 mile east, % m u e south ol Corning and » west of Lenox, Iowa, on pnday, December 16 commencing at 11:30 _ ___ — . O HEAD OF LIVESTOCK_gO !2 Head of Horses and Mules 12 i Mack Perch" on m"re 4 years oM. wt. 1MO. ••> 1 = i drive in. DEC. 18,19 & 20 % row cultivators; walking plow; wood saw to fit a™", ^ e89 '. i get | % t fflCS? cfe sc"opM.rte; 2 fifty gal. oil barrels; 1 100- | ^"5 r\{lf*lv DcLHU. H»» AI^OO 9 _ t wlai *n|g UfiV'l*. ^F»»»**». — ' ^ i _ —.«««•(•* . M s; l sorrel' suckling colt, a dandy ;i»pPJ$ n ' safe and broke; 1 team mules, smooth mouui. ^ 48 Head of Cattle 48 •^S^^B!S&^W^^& USFSHSSteA 2 » e «3 old, good quality, wt. around 800. n 19 Head of Hogs 19 Duroc Jersey sows; 1 sow and 6 pigs; 10 laupj * Wd Chicken Dinner by Ladies Circle of Tairvn * TERMS-CASH MRS, ELSIE McFEE LIGE THOMAS <** Brown's Garage |t| tons o Iti barn. ffl Terms Cash I f\J JLAM^* w n-»- - —- - — Household Furniture . """^ _ Cloge to Nature incubator; laundry | •ot' bed springs; 2 lawn mowers. =* Feed 48 Head Breeding Ewes Will begin lambing about January 1 Lunch by Lenox Cafe BATTERIES G, A, BOOME ,n**c<i> A in.**. BEN wu PIPER & BEEMER, Aucts. Clerk

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