The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1971 · Page 16
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 16

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 25, 1971
Page 16
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TUKftH,\XOSi*ORT FACTS, FYcepoH, Testts, Thursday, November 'is, l&tt, |»«g c is (<tuHut '.ConlinuiMl from Pngc I) Al vin olficc might bo possible bul did not .e tmiiHy t( x nn expenditure. < Hiimksidc Villngi* businessman, said he was nlso S >t ih*- ''county's, plans for sanitnry landfill c.\» * >\ pollution control. A>«i-!<i ',, \\ r.n details are available at this time but he told ,,!! imiM city-operated sanitary landfills have been >>u tv residents and that some solution to the refuse l«i»liii-in i>t nin; city residents will have to be reached. \m»iU> «• eommrnts on pollution' control were brief but he tmticaipti t ho money would be used for testing services and ]»s-i!>U' U j;,il actions. (VmniK-nmen. Court budgeted $50,1X10 each for sanitary i.tiuil'.l! 'i>e ard poll.itton control. Krwpori Kiu\rr J. P. Bryan questioned the percentage of ma e.u-i i'i th ' budget and asked Arnold if it was In keeping "with \\-u i \\.i5-hmKtim is trying to do," HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS | I Scars SAVE $ 50P° Our llesil Selling Console Color TV hax a 25-inch diayonal meas diayonal measure picture • I'.vautiful i-ithitu-i designs in :i stvk-s am) \VI1IHTS • Aulum.if ic Kim- Timing and Automatic Tint l«uk train up for tlu-fiisk-M to turn- TV • Holl-mil control pani-l for trim cahiiu-j ry f:,,sy I'nymrnt I'lan *K\ K AMI l u FREEPORT LAKE JACKSON 1W451 297-7263 "This shows a tremendous Increase In valuation and a one- fourth Increase in Inxes. Nobody's business Incrcoses like that," Bryan said. Arnold's answer that demands from county-provided services are Increasing each year led Into a discussion of new courthouse facilities,. Hie county judge said new facilities would require a bond election ami that would require, more taxes. New facilities are just one example of the demands being ma<le on county government, he said, Mrs, Frances Landsborough of Krcepurt asked Arnold "if the county has been putting anything away for this purpose," "Tills has been recommended for a number of years. WJwl do you need?" she asked. Arnold said a bond election is the only way such n large expenditure <">nld be financed. iHlier cituens had questions about plans for use of other rounty-owned buildings such «s the old Angleton sctxxil building and the newly-purchased National Guard Armory- Arnold said no plans have been made to me the old school building (or other Hum storage purposes and ttiat the old courthouse building is not planned for any expanded use, Arnold Mid. however, that plans for using the armory are being made. One project might be to lower the building'* ceiling and convert the space for offices "It's mi excellent building ami a good investment. It could relieve some o{ the crowding in the main courthouse," he said. Arnold indicated that part of Uie biuldtm; repair budget ol S6a,OOU in the Permanent Improvement t'und might be uied in the armor)'. The $68,000 figure is an increase at atxiut J^^WJO Tin- lotul Pennanent Impruvemertt KUTK! Is up from atx«j( $4t.0*w to $104,000. Arnold said the tural has been negleclexi lor many years and CommisSsiunors Court is attempting to replenish it "Al one lime some $4i!O.MX) was carried over in this fund every \i-nr. but it'* been nltowvd to decline in rvct-m titm. 1 *." he M»id According to Arnold, all county employtv* will U 1 rvct'ivtng u JSt^amonth raise M M. Jones ol Wild Peach suggested that this (igure. alth«ugb it might apply in some ca»n, vkil;itv> the cvtlmg st-t in Witshington tor wage i»crea.-<*4 County Aixlitor T. I. Kolwt* and Jinijjt' An»W ajir«-tl (tat Hum 1 salary merease* uill gi> mvr the i "j p«-r cent niarlt. but they indicated that no problem would ixxur "If tiy !he first of si-ar wv sev we can't j>ive tt«- propuMnl increases, we wm't," Arnold sAid. Tht- ont- I DC tor lhat u\ pouting mixst l.t\j>a>cr* i* the ititf wbt'iitax strttcmttits will U? mailed t>y Tax .Vs.M-s.xjr-Coltectur H A 'fliiMiuis' office Mrs John Caldwvll u( Krwjsort asked Coiiinusstoiwrs t'otirt thai (|u*.->tKi(i and it n'fiTritl to tfuvry liirrtlly to Thomas. T)ioma« said he is hoping to mAil »iiiu < nu > n(» t>> tk-« 15 Hut tien if !.ix[iiiyi-rs rrtxive tht-ir M<tte«nvnlA then, t»« up (jurtuiutifs for discuujvls 011 st.uo taxes will be p.wt State taxes are collected by Thumib' otf'u.v on I[M- K>.si> of the i-oimty valuation, tess thv homestead etemp«n«i. ;uut tla- su»l«-'s t;ix [Me A lhrti v yn'r cent discount is offvnit b> thf ^t.»t«- !or fti vmrns m OeUiUT. A two per cvnl discuunt is ulfrrni in Novernt«rr Ji*i » we per c«it discount t*> offi-reU ut li«xvnit*r According tit'tlionuis thi- Ixx'i'mbtr dtxoinu is itw onlv OJH- thai taxp,i\iT* «ill qualiiy (or. c%ai itt»x«h it '*as «!»tl«- tm possible lor them tu pay slate ta\w in Itctirfwr or November Itussfll Starrer of Bra^orsa iM CocnnitMiorivr* t'ouri trat he iiad np^H'arvd e;irlivr in an attempt in paj taxi-*, "lioesn't willingness to pay taxes coiait (or aumethmg' 1 fault Is It that I couldn't pay my taxes in (X-tolwr or Nov«n> ber?" ho (Hketl, Thonuis said the Stale comptroller told him no discount could 1* offered for tiro past ivto months II taxes were not actually paid, regardless of the reason. One taxpayer pointed out that the Increase in valuation had iiclunily furnished the state with an increstM? of (nor* than $400,000 in taxes from Uraioria County taxpayers CommiMloners Court did not formally adopt » tax rate VVt-ditcsilay but the budget oulliw* a total county rate of II CO per $too valuation, compared with $l 3J last year, Cornr. Urtiinncv said the court will adopt this rate early in December. ThtrouMm It wasn't adopted Wednesday Is tux-aits* the heuring was a sp«x:ial session of Commission?™ Court The lax rate can l« ailopted only in a regular tirigance said, »(,UMMl'MfV HtWMTAl, Or' HUA'/.USl'OrtT WKDNfcSDAVt Jarrwl Wayne Jones, Anglelon Mre. U F. <Hetty KllenJ lllckwwn. Mr* Kirk (Mary Ann) Slaughter. AngMon Dow... (Continued from Page 31 cementing nuilerlnU. in- eluding Ccalment service which Mill is in us*. He was inntrumetttal In establishing ulandard cement tenting procedure* awl wtved as chairman of the c#m«tl testing tomJiiilire of Ihc American Petroleum In xitute «t«o fl" motliwl for Dowell »nd developed mimlle cleaning proc«l«re« which **« ' »tlopt«d a» iiMve specilkaUora, K IJeale rtwivwl a US m clwmiitry and ph>*Jc* in Museum library's moldy Mecca of scholarship moml and an .VUS in I»U swi » fit 1) in 19W in chemuiry alw ** LONDON' «AIM -- Hush, hush, whisper who darw, the Heading Hoom of the Uritwh Museum w saying its prayers The glass-domed, circular cloister where Karl Mars wrolo "l)a» Kapltal" and I,<-mn and Trotsky plotted tin- KEYSTONE WHEELS f ^^ 20% to OFF ORIGINAL RETAIL PRICE OF ALL WHEELS IN STOCK! (SOME USED, DEMO AND DISPLAY) High fttiotmanta Tut T«re$font SPORTS 500 HURRY,., FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED Quonliliej limiud on iom« mok»», typti and uttt. All wkt final. Mounting Super Sports WIDE o OVAL Sup-R-Belt AS LOW AS p)«i»>l rw M. M««»J lift «ff isvf C0f RAISED WHITE lETTERS WIDE^OVAL "Our widest street lift" AS LOW A5 51 J lvi ») 00 M.«> IM-li 8AJ5ED WHITE IEHEBS 8-ineh (reod width) 1M>UX*I* A le* loolTtte^a pa>t Hut uniformed guarth, tail a world away, Uwf IU another ukurld of Charles [Jieken*. William Thackeray. Hardy, (inwge ! Thomas Carlyte, Shaw and so many i out <d the ptwt labored in Mrpuknral dreaming, finittrins 1U »urrv for a no* atnJ «tl4rjjctl The *it* run itltcr much .ttuOy and }Kirtt4itH-nt4r) wransldiijt. If* pjjro un- U-inj; drallcO Uniy Due nsiMvcy It laciitijt, •*.* " hJ-» txrn tur Ibv pa«t two iVcj<!«-i II** much, no (KM? SintMi-* for witt >«•{. !)ut lh<r lnj.ili^» ol the llrtti*h Muteum arr i-un(id«nt I'Ume Kdwdrd Itcaih's i*ovtrrnm<nt i» wa syrtlpalhi-ltc to Tory duo Ihc cunditi<xia in Arnold catlcti "ttwt .i(!O(. thai fupfn Hloomnbury, (he Room o( lh«r Tlvi? tJcjMttnirnl ai a* iht blirary »» of- litre, alien- » cough t» « crime, the rrading radiate (rum the tt-mirni'* high dnk in the vwler ol thr room like ttw npuikts in»n th«! Krvut Hindu epwrtrr <j< 4 mtllwm f» '*>>« toitw r<»vh (rum all |*jrU U tl>c "We arr iw(," hr "ww bijt >ul <u!i erf br<«* all, I)li» U p(uUlbi) thr lll'.wl i!r>l«jfta(tl itfiuUrt) library lr<»d«rr H«f «» drwtur ilu! f»«t uttltt .» »h l(41i><rt(rd to tb* Hritt»h year, tb* p«rt<l«" push for the ?M blue leather seat.* tmrante so unbearable UV muvrum wrote to *ehoUr» at ['i_' !vadmiK universities in Wrsti-rn Kurojw, the I'nit'tl Slali-*. Canada .»«! Auilralu .inJun£ them la 4v»td uun^ the reading room and it* u/iriv.HrO cnHretion el irtute than seven million b«»k» during the peak summer month* if they could | rearrange thetr It didn't work On nvwt day» a wait of (wo houo for twcA.* *a» considered normal A commission headed by Vice Chancellor Frederick D.unton ol Nottingham University tu* recommcndni a new library on the Ilk«>m sbury site with !M-at.» lor t.820 reader* and storage place for seven times ai many books, which now mm! f* "<xil hnused.' to OJu? the Itril»h term, at faraway places hkr an jrtttul in NVovlwich and upstair* over a de(xirtmrnt store in (layiwater Thank* to the Copyright Act, which provides the library with one copy of every book, newspaper, rnagatine and comic printed In Great Uritain and Ireland by agreement more than 500.WM volumes or about wur mile and two-thirds of shelving are added every year So library in the world not even the Vatican, can match the Hnti»b Museum's com- UrulKxi iJ ratlu-dral hutih and buarre brick-a-brack. of wrap(x.>d Kgyptian mummies and scholars rapt in ecstasies and agonie* of concentration Architect Sir Hobert Smirkc's neoGrecian. great pillared colossus on Great fius&ell Street, n«w more than a century old, houses behind iu> gray, forbidding facade one of the most renowned collections of antiques in the world Tourists by the thousands, uniformed school children by the busload, troop through the long corridors to view the Koselta Stone, the Elgin marbles, Chinese ceramics, Etruscan grave jewelry, be jeweled ostrich eggs that once graced the tables o/ Henaisnance merchant princes, a Grecian urn that moved KeaU to iear*, the Horse of Silene - Goddens ol the Moon -one of world's richest piece* of wulplure, the Uoo of Cnidos, the rich ruby red Lycurgiui cup from 4th o( tti<r tri(itm«l with it»lf tcul, w- 30 v«hl«p»r( .>! high p(j)cf trftrvj In orrnirV lilc tlir<rS J (he htk pf ipf.lirt.' i r*.*'>r'» IIMI * iiiii.»n%ii> n> n'» tttltt v\r ; A u <tt ne Rkhard Boonc Bis Jake tritw Vtnevnt I)rw*iw- >xtl> rrccntly, "thr llrituh THE CHEYE/N/NE SOCIAL CLUB .Supcrtntrndcn! (lantro [lurvi, i < k»ok.« in •>(*( tvol NOW SHOWING 6:30 & 8:20 AMUSEMENT GUIDE VELASCO ROBERT MfTCHUM GOING HOME Harry Graham is gwng home after 15 years in prison. Hts son sti wants lose* him hang. :GP •--;-=

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