Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 20, 1959 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1959
Page 2
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2 TOfc PAMPA 0AM FRIDAY, FErfRtJAfty 20, 195H \/U omm6 DEAR ABBY.., Sy Abigail van Buftn Doris E. Wilson Dally News Women's Editor Area One Homemaking Instructors To Convene For Spring In-Service Meeting My wife thinks on the verge of a nervous ! break-down and is seeing a doctor. He claims 1 am the cause of her trouble because I have a room in the house which 1 Keep locked up. Tt contains my business records, 'Mrs. Chifwocd Has Marks Circle Meet CANADIAN (Spl) -The Grarft Mark* circle of the PlrAt Baptist Chtif'ch met in Ihe home of Mrs.! Thoma* ChlUvooit recently, with 1 Mps,HIgginbofham Has Dorcas Meef *» * n ^ «m , IA u«^ Church niet recently with Mrs. Mr*. Hugh Wilson, circle chair- fi H , w , nbDthftm 5,2 p owe ,,. man conducting the busmess ae»-, MM Wnr ?,f s , lf , ntt e ; ve lne ..._, E>. L. Litoitefd, f flftfe fhi hermit crib mifct* Ttl lit , A. P. tfolilgan, J. M. .tack-!ln *6me6fiS ilit''* *fi«tt, son, f. C. Nftrrofi, 0. C. Stark,'itch time it dtflgroVift I Stun, it. O. Qroves,. fearl Taylor, C. C.| I Miller, Albert fa,yl6r, Margie Sals- Iman, J. W. Oamblll, Ws& 8. fi.| Dorcas Class of Central Baptist,Higginbotham. j tornadoes visually m»v* The progfflmvvflS given by Mrs.;^ ^ F d w ,,,, AmS| fllftM .,ngh Wilson, Mrs. Thomas Chit-: ^.j „. _ .„ ,..,, »,. A and die. H* didn't haVt any tern- wo £ d flnd ^r$ orad v Burnett iP rc * lderit ' conducted the perftlure, fortunately, So she let UK, Th< J M tttl ^ ndln(J wer ' e M mes. r..} 1 "" 11 "*- , , . „ go. But I would like to know your R o \vens A L Selby Don Kln» ! Onmes were directed by Mrs. opinion of a. mother like that. t ' n .-, ut ' cn ' , oe ' Ve V n0 n Gradvi F ' nrl Taylor, Refreshments were *«i*t-klt^*tlne*v*r'tl • '. ' . ' ' * l _-l *.*. i U & !*,*«.* AAA A AAl ttf Af4 Kir per Dear Embarrassed: T. think She'* wonderful. EMBARRASSED j Burnett, ..... Hugh"" Wilson." Loren 1 " J *"--'•"•"*' by the hostess assisted by teachers in Area man A Model of Charm." personal correspondence, maga- ( izines tools etc. If she ever wants' DEAR ABBY: My husband has i anything from this room, she has; been "losing" handkerchiefs at the) loniy to ask for it when I'm around. Irate of four a week, t have been | One will convene in Pampa on Luncheon will be served at noon ; j spe nd most of my evenings in | finding lipstick on his collar lately' Saturday lor the Spring in-service in the school cafeteria. Mhis room because I'm tired after j so t put two and two together. He j conference sponsored by the Tex. Tne afternoon session Is plan-'a hard day's work and don't want j has been throwing away his hand-; a* Education Agency. '. ned for t p.m. with Mrs. Barbara''to be disturbed. H t don't keep'.kerchiefs I am ./»""? aUre ' " e Registration will begin at 8 p.m. TnljU of p alo Duro High School in 1 this room locked, she'd be snoop- comes home right after work so; In the Robert K. Lee Junior High lhe presiding chair and'Mrs. Para- ing around and would mislay ,he must be fooling around on his; and continue until 8:55 a.m. Mmes. Reba W. Miller of Robert E. Lee, Maurita Taylor of Mo- hostesses. get upset beetle, and Bonnie May Whitener ,. The N Fabrjcg an d our Wav entitled to my privacy? of Wheeler in charge. of Life" Is lhe topic for the after-: WRONGED .for. NOBODY'S The first general session of the e k D Gene SneWoni j Dear Wronged: This is more; Vnlwil , v .,. t AV •»! conference will begin at 9:10 in the hefld c / othinK anri Textile., Divi- than "privacy" it's secrecy. A Dear Nobody s: Lay All Lea cafeteria with Mrs. Clara sjf)n o{ TpxRs Technological Col- man does not need a room in,cards on the Long Of Canyon, member of the j • which to lock up his "business rec-jto do likewise. At Area Advisory Committee presid- , dpmonqll . a ,,_ „„ .^.^ni«,,..'ord8. Ing. Edith Krai of Pampa HlglV A * - - for Presenting: Blackmore, Bonnie J^rank Gulhrie, Dale Charles Vlgnil. . Goodman, Mrs - J - W ' O an1b111 ' Roth, and Attending were Mmes. Marvel iRake, James Floyd Webb, Fred High the presiding chair and'Mrs. Para- ing around and would mislay |he must be fooling around on his with lee coleman of Wellington a n d things trying to clean up. I don't!lunch hour. Is there any way I obcrt Mrs. Naomi Mounsev of Booker as think this is anything for her to,can catch him. or should I t * I Mo- hostesses. ' set uoset about. Am I or am I not, \ him I am wise? 1 have no chll- ;dren to keep our home together on correspondence, i that he's married to an intelligent etc." unless he!woman. s;,'=r:,^s s«,^;",'™'i s .L H —'- DEr ,BB,: rrr Welcome to the session will be In the concluding business ses- your honest ommon «< extended by Knox Klnnrd. super- ; sion. Mrs. Jennnine Jones, chair-." s i^tlons On Ne« Year s school' with man, Area Advisory committee;! had a dale with a fellow 1 ' ' ' ' ' a few times before. greetings added bv Jack W. Nlch- and Esther Sorenson, area super- a L, Robert E. Lee principal; and'visor, Home and Family Life Ed he ucation. will be. in charge. he looked feverish so. Mrs. Miller. The b« Mrs tor School, Amarillo, on "Every Wo-;tend the conference. DEAR ABBY: T read that letter from the. frirl who said she give me wg<( .. TOO DECENT" and it could jhave been me a year ago. B \\ t inot any more. I am sorry to say II feH for a guy real hard, and T ' thought If T gave him his way and [showed him how much I loved him t wotild never lose him. Well, T er .. . . ------- ___ ..... ----------e morning's guest speaker will Approximately 150 homemaking went and got the j wfl<( wrong Afler j g- ave ; n to him, j rs Mickey McDonald, direct teachers, student teachers a n d and took his temperature. He is a lhe Vfry nexl nli?ht he rame over! Of the John Roberts Powers college persons are expected to at- 17-year-old boy, Abby iT am w] \i o Hee me and took me for a ride. ;and I wanted to crawl into a holeij {ol(1 him T wag | h rough with that | kind of stuff and he told me to get out of the car. I ssked him how I was going to get home (we were miles from home) and he said, "It won't be hard for a girl like you to get a ride." I thought my heart would break. Please, Abby, print this. Boys will lake what they want and call you a dirty nam« the next day. NOT DECENT ANY MORE Confidential To "Crazy Mixed Up Adult": Toke your ourhes To a Doctor with couches For a personal reply, wiite to ABBY in care of this paper. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Slumber Party Entertains GAs FLAG GIFT—Woodmen of the World recently presented a United States Flag to Girl Scout Troop 59 for its use during troop meetings. Accepting the gift on behalf of the troop are Scouts Susan Fos- ter, Carmen Butler, Cheryl Wheeler, Mary Kay and Jean Shugart. Ray St. Clair of Woodmen of the World made the presentation. Mrs. Arthur Kahler and Mrs. Carol Griggs are leaders of GS Troop 59. 8am Houston Parent - Teacher Association met Thursday at Dorene Hawkins, Girls Auxiliary of Barrett Baptist Mission, held » | slumber party in the home of the j counselor, Mrs. James A. Shawn, i 1.053 Varnon Drive, recently. ! Mrs. Shawn presented a portion |of the mission book, "Ming LI." i During the evening, games, refreshments and ghost story-telling comprised the entertainment. Members elected a "Q u e e n's Court" with Miss Jan Porter as Circle 2 of the Woman's Society Queen Regent; Misses Sharon of Christian Service of HarrBh| anr ( Shirley Lister, Queens: Misses In observance of Founder's Day, Methodist Churrh had a second |j Bne( pni'itt, Rdeen and Joleen PTA Study Course Planned In March 'Harmh circle r r u L rjTA u L Studies Literacy For Sam Houston PTA Members ..,.„_, . Mrs. Ivan Noblilt guve the h us- | esson on •• ut eracy and Christian i Apple, princeasefl. p.m. in the school auditorium with)lory of the organization of the Na- Literature" on Thursday morning., others present were Misses Mrs. Kirk Duncan, president. pif-,Uonal Congress of Parents und Dl . i^u^ch and his work in the phyllts powell, Sharon Powall, Biding over the meeting, w h i c h ; Teachers. She introduced Rex (ie ^ nt literacy were main topics Charis Lynn Monroe, Carolyn opened with .I. M, (Villpatrick, Ci-n-'Rose, president of the P a m p u for discussion. Barber, Sandra Welborn, Ntn'a tral Church of Christ minister, of- School Board, who explained the ThR mpeling opened wiln pra yer Kinkeftd, and Chrlstinft Converse, fering prayer. functions, of school bonrds. hy Mrs D. S Burkner. The group Sam Houston Cub Scouts Den Room count, conducted by Mr. p ai ., iripated in lhe raU , o Worship 3. under the direction of Mrs. Davis. re.tulU-d in the first grade wi(h ft Ula flnf , sang . the hymn with Die most parents "A Charge to Keep 1 Have." Mrs.! P. D. Gross gave the Devotion, I C API A I J^J^ /\L Gwen Masterson. led the. group in winning honor to the flag. present. p D n',. 0 s.s save the Devotion, i FRIDAY During the business meeting, the A cake baked by Mrs. Henry 1|sjnR , Psalm 7g;1 . 4 for tne 9C .,. jp . 7 . 30 p am pa Credit Women 1 * treasurer's report was given by Oindorf was won by Mrs. Jack (u|v lf)k| (he .. gtorv o( j esi | S " Club, City Club Room. Mrs. Chris Walsh. L. B. Penrick Hankla. by D ,. [^ llbfl( . h as j, e teaches it 8:00 — Order of th« Eastern invited the group to a public, rela- It was announced that the next (Q (he ,. new readers .. jn RC hools Star, Masonic Tempi*. tions meeting to be held in the meeting will be Father's Night on Qf Literacy. ~~ Pampa High School on Feb. 2fi at March V Dallao Hrxlees program O. Hall played the piano for the 7:30 with Mrs. Helen Poe of Dal- At the executive board meeting *'*; "alia. Hf«Kes. P. las as speaker. helri pr.or to the general meeUng, ea J^- ^ ™ Q ™™™ L. C. Davis, ^hoc,l principal, an- a nominating committee was nam- ™ «he e. on. Oi^e haU of n^MnnoH thai a «iMirK' course un- pf i constating of Mmes. T n P 1 m a ' u ' «-«.i*noun ceo inai a- SLUCJV («.iu nc, uu & » a ro known as the silont billion session. der the direction of Mrs. Ronald Bray chairman, Bob .Sidwell, and ^ ^ m|lfll ' not rf , main ( . om ,„.; The meeting adjourned with Hubbard, will be held on Mar. 12, Jeff Bearden. ( pnt ., ^^ M ^^ Hodges ,. Ag pra yer by Mrs. J, L. Pierce. IB, and 26 from nine to 11 a.m. in the school cafeteria with qualified people to It-ad disc us? ions on the following subjects: "Science .Makes the Grade"; Security and th« Youn£ Financier"; "Have We Abdicated Our Authority?" Mrs. Charles Duenkel .Ir , . hymn , Following the program, Mrs. peo f P l KI nn l\lliy Christian women there is much we ! The next mealing will be Feb- can do for these unfortunates." ruary 19th. Mrs Joe Sn.gleton spoke on <n »« following members were "What « IJierai-y Teacher Does", • P««nl: Mmes. O. M. Butler, L.z- :.el,ing of Julianna Ma, arae«. a ,it- •«>• .C"" 1 ""- ''• ^. _Miils D S. CANADIAN ,Spl, Tlie Grace e,-a,-y loacher with the Methodist Bll< *™ r - J l - ?'«'«• '' oe «»"• °- °- »«»• D "** H ° 8 ' 1 Marks Circle of the First Baptist Church in the Philippines. "To me. noun^iTh-aran-expansmn 'pro- Church me, m the home o f M,, tea-hing these pupUs to read and ° u ^BM Mo, S r and on, gram is underway In the San, J*<* W r^ently with Mrs. Hugh -nte la a v,v,d way or showing ^ l \^^ „, Ve non Houston Cub Srmitlng program. "',1™. "^* .'hHirman. presiding. < hnst s )oy, to people/' quoted Mis - M - >"»'• . . . ' Devotions were given by Mrs. Mrs. Singleton from Julianna s — — .. . Wilson and Mrs. Kini*. The stud', own story. Honored of the book, "Ways of Witnessing." "Who Is the Illiterate?" was the . . . , n' I Dl D f was be 8' UI1 " ll(le ' the 'Erection of title of another talk, given by Mrs. With Pink-blUe rOrty Mission study chairman, Mrs. Gross Concluding the program. Faith Class of Central Baptist Orady Burnett. Those participating the group sang "O For a Thou- Church met in the home o.f Mrs on the program were Mrs L B J. P. Adams, 1068 Varnon Drive. Owens and Mrs. Thomas Chitwood Plans were made, during the busi- Attending were guests, Mmes, Ed ness meeting, for a banquet to be Little, Dale Roth. Don Powell, Ruth held May 1. Ann King, and Lynn FuUh and During the social hour, a pink members Mrnex Hugh Wilson. and blue shower was) given for Paul Read. L. H. Owens. Thoma." Mrs. Dale Pylanl. KrfivHhrm»nis Chitwixnl, <ir<tiiy BunifU. Charles were served. Vignul. Loran Kluckmore. l''r:uik Honoring Mrs. Pylant were Onliiei . mid Joe VHrnon. Mmea. Don KosenLmck, Cuitis Preacott. Kenneth Oslxirne. Making the uf wh<it you George Wing, Robert Shelton, \'er- have saves time and money in lin Rice, Bill Jenkins. John Me- th« kitchen. Recipes calling for Guire. Bill Stephens, Bill E;ilis. chocolate, for instance, bring out W»yne Cobb, Jack Cullison, and the pntato peeler. Use this to Neal Coventry. .shiert the chocolat* It's fast, safe and easier to wash than a grater The Rqthjens Hosts Por Dinner Meeting CANADIAN fspl) — Following dinner at B. J'» Cafe, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hathjen were ho»ta to the iO-60 club in their home recently. Guests (or the evening were Mr. aad Mr*. Jake Hamp and HK-JH Me»«ra. and Mine!). Turn Hilt, M.iU'pby, Warren Harilncrton, •and Tongues to Sing." Mrs. O. From— HAZLEWOOD'S Farm Dairy lor ths by Mm, Harrington Check Your TV Tubts FRIi! We Have Complete Stock of TV T«be» If Replacement Needed Miller * Hood Pharmacy Hi ( SAW Soft Woter is a "MUST" for DISH WASHERS Homofeiiited Part Whol» MILK 'Nothing Rtmpvid' Horn & , Ideul 1 $ 3, Food Store Couutry 1NCOMI5 SEKVICE in Ve\n Mome of BOB RATLIFF H^mlltsn Md 6-330! ROY'S WATCH SHOP WAT CM CLlBANfflti J it*** Slfvle* . . . Uftllit • AM WSfk L • IS .tears* e*p«tenes i ParttpS Roy Horrtll, Jr, Watch Maker PENNEIB A fc W A V S IP I R I T STORE HOURS: Week Days 9:30-5:30 Saturday 9:30—6:00 MKT SPRING'S NIWIST WINDOW FASHIONS... EXCITING SfYLIS.,. ASTONISMINO VALUlf I Curtain and Drapery Show DRAPES PHOTOGRAPHED Permey's is first with heavy jacquard drapes you wash and hang! $ 7.95 48 by 84 inches Look at the picture! Ever dream you could wash, let alone machine wash-fc such sumptuous Jacquard drapes? Yes, five time through the machine and see how beautiful they look! Never ironed . . , just think of the work you save! The intricate woven-in pattern is handsome with great depth and richness in heavyweight rayon and cotton. Champagne, rose. MORE THAN ONE SIDE TO PENNEY'S FLIP CAFES More colors, more versatility In polished cotton at Penney's. White on one siUe, red. aqua, yellow, pink, toast, green un the other, (iolden thread border. 2 98 EASY-CARE PASTEL NET ... LUREX GLITTER! So delicate looking, such serviceable easy - care, go low - priced! Sheer rayon net, oeecU no starch, little ironitiM. White, pink. 4*

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