Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on January 1, 1898 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1898
Page 3
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SATURDAY:MORNJNG, JANUARY 1/98. Jteirjs of '/tews frorrj A!! farts of tlje icited tinker trjia Keal. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MAILS ci.osi-;. 11.45 A. M.--Via Steamer, for River Points. l.OO P. M.--Via Stage, for 1'restou. 1 28 P M.--Via U. it C. R. K., for Points North. ·4 03 F M --Via Q. A. K. K., for Points West. . C.S2 r. M--Vin y. A. K. R., for Points Kast. JiTAII.S ARR1VIC. 7.45 A. M.--Via Q. A. R. K.., from Poinls Kast. 10.00 A. M.--Via Q. A. K R., from Points West. ll.OO A. II --Via Singe, I'rom Preston. H.3O A. M.--Via Slenincr, from Kiver Points. 13 Of -- M.--Via l). C.R R , from Points North. 4.a« P M.--Via Q. A. R R., from Points Host. 7 4i P'M --Via U. A. K.. K.; from Points West. H.OO P. M.--Via from Points North. PUBLIC BUSINESS CALENDAR. CIRCUIT COURT WILL MEET JAN. 10. ORPHANS' COURT WILL MEET JAN. 4. LEVY COURT WILL MEET JAN. 4. SCHOOL BOARD WILL MEET JAN. 11. THE LOCAL DEPARTMENT, DASHES HERE AND THERE. 1898. Good resolutions are in order. Local physicians have been busy for some time. The season for shooting rabbits 'closed yesterday. . - A happy New Year to all the readers of the JOURNAL. The young men of this place gave "a dance in -Masonic Hall last night. Mr. J. D. Downes advertises a- dwelling and stable in Denton for rent for this year. Mr. H. Walworth, formerly of Baltimore, is the editor of the new paper which is being issued at Preston. Governor Lowudes has appointed Mr. John E. Wilson, Centreville, school commissioner in place of the late Dr. Deuuy. John E. Wilson, colored, is in Easton jail, charged with allowing his .- five-year-old son to freeze to death on Christmas Eve. '\ .Now that Denton has begun to grow and improve there is an opportunity for some one to establish an electric Irglit plant. The county commissioners are refusing all applicants for the use of the court rooms as a place in which to hold public meetings of ono kind or another. The demand for wheat in the Baltimore market this week has been active, with limited receipts. Prices yesterday ranged from 92 to98 cents. · Corn prices remain about the same, 33 to 35 cents. Oats, 30 ; rye, 54. iMrs. Martin Wright, a widowed lady, residing in Preston, fell while going to church on Sunday, the walk being slippery, and sustained a severe shock. She was for some time .unconscious, but is now improving. ·The White" and Middleton Gas Engine Manufacturing Company, of x Baltimore, h a v e completed the plac- "ing of a gasoline engine in Mr- M. H. Smith's flour mill at Denton ^Bridge, and the mill is now running on f u l l time. Mr. R. E. Fountain, of this place, ·was attacked by William Strother, · bis colored hostler, whom he had just discharged, on Monday n i g h t last, and received a severe cut on the head. Strother hit his employer with a" stick. The offender w'as lock. .ed np. Mrs. Annie H. Downes, in response tb.a request from the directors of Donton National Bank, on Tuesday - last ' presented the board with a life- .·Hke crayon portrait, handsomely -· framed in dark wood, -of the late - 1 .'president, of the bank, Col. Philip -/?$, Downes.\','- Messrs. W. D. TJhler and A- F. · ,/Honse will in a little while begin ·'\'the lumber, lime and coal business ..' at Dentoa and several other points ·-.-' 'along the railroad. With their cap- .'ital, experience in business, energy, .-. .'and popularity, there should be no .f v .'donbt of their success. · · ''The'c'blle'e'tion of taxes is becom- /"ing easier every year as the working of the law are better understood ; ; the people. During the months '*' of September, October and Novera' ·'· ber of this year the amount collect- · ; ed'.was $33,421.09. During the same ·-'months of last year the sum of $30,' .891.60 was paid in. "^ · Mr. Bay .Wilson, - residing near .Denton, is fond of rabbit-shooting, .but he docs not like to waste time · ·^ va. pnrsuit of the game. He -went ... oat to'cut wood a few days ago tak- ." ing' his t gun and dogs'along. Oc'- easioually when a hare was started te would'stop to shoot it. In a few hoars he had cut a. cord of wood and bagged five rabbits. ·';, '.\'Johu Darling, a well-known farmer, Who resided near Greensborongh, ·'- died very suddenly on'Wednesday -'··.·morning. Mrs. Darling discovered '··' quite early that her husband was "·· 'Buffering,.and in order that he might ·; j -_.irest easier raised him up in bed, and ·V,:/hastened to n o t i f y other members of /,.the family. .Before sho returned he i ; ;,r.had expired. Hearl disease was his %·{'·fatal .affi iction. - u ; -'·;,-/Miss Susie E. Walls, daughter of %j»;Mrl William H. Walls, who resides ''-'at'-Denton Bridge, died on Sunday --. *!-i -'· "s' "afternoon last, of typhoid-pneumo- · - ni»y.:aged twenty years. She was ·'-.-siiiiloply a few days, and was cou- '·_ herdeath. AN INTERESTING_CAROLINE ROMANCE Marriage of Civil KiiRliiecr l:iiiiciiinl Jliss Beanchniiip--"uttlc-llxoii. The culmination of a p r e t t y little romance 1 in the lives of two y o u n g people of Cai-olino couuty, says t l i e Baltimore American of Thursday, occurred last night in the marriage of Mr. M. Raleigh Lane and Miss Eva V. Stack, at the residence of Mr. James Tilghinan Wright, No. 1401 West Fayt-tte street. Some years ago the young people attended the same school together, and while there plighted their childish troth. When about ten or twelve years old, their parents changed t h e i r places of residence, and the y o u n g lovers were parted. The boy, however, still kept the momory of his childish sweetheart, though he did not again see her until they met last winter at tho house of Mr. Wright. It was soon proven that the flame, though dormant, had not died, and the j'oung people conceived an affection deeper and more lasting t h a n t h a t whiuh had cast its golden halo over their earlier years. Since that t i m e they have regularly corresponded, and last night witnessed not tlie mid of their romance, but the a t t a i n m e n t of its gotil. The Rev. Herbert F. Wright, of the Fairfax Circuit of Virginia, united the couple. The bride wore a gown of Nile green Irish poplin silk, and carried · a bouquet of Marechal Neil roses. Miss Ify McGill acted as bridesmaid, and Mr. W. J. McMiun as best man. Misses Mamie and Sophie Wright, l i t t l e daughters of Mr. Wright, were flow- ev-girls. In the parlor of the Choptauk Hotel, which was artistically decorated with holly and mistletoe, Miss Laura Estelle, daughter of Mrs. Eliz.a Bcauchamp, of this place, aud Mr. Hibbard Atwill Paiue, a Queen Anne's railroad civil engineer, were united in marriage at half-past nine o'clock on Wednesday morning last. The ceremony wns witnessed by ouly a few of the yonug couple's n u m e r - ous friends. The bride was a t t i r e d in a handsome traveling dress. The ever-popular march of Lohengrin was played by [Miss Emma Shields as Mr- Paiue and his bride-elect ad- vauced to the presence of the officiating minister, Rev. C. E. Drydeu, j u n i o r pastor of the Methodist Protestant Church. After warm congratulations the y o u n g couple were driven to the depot where they took the 9.50 train for Lewes, Del., where Mr. Paine is s u p e r i n t e n d i n g tho construction oE the railroad. The good wishes of a host of friends follow the young couple. The bride received some very handsome presents. Even those advanced iu years are not always exempt from t h e sharp arrows of cupid, which have been flying thick aud fast this season. One of the latest weddings reported is that of Mr. Tilghmau N u t t l e , of AmvriiMii CIU-IHM-S. The ofiieors aud teachers of Laurel Grove M. P. S u n d a y School gave tlie school a very pleasant e n t e r t a i n m e n t and t r e a t on Tuesday e v e n i n g . Tlie c h u r c h \v:is h a n d s o m e l y decorated, presenting a C h r i s l m n s scone, with a laige tree loaded with presents for the school. The recitations and songs by tho scholars was very entertaining. Mr. Thomas Towers, of Trappe, made a very interesting address. Miss Euiina Q t i i u n , who has had charge of the millinery stove of Mrs. B. W. Parker for several m o n t h s , left on Wednesday last for Queens- t o w n . A f t e r remaining there a while she w i l l proceed to St. Augns- tino, F i n . , whore sho i n t e n d s to locate permanently. Miss Quinn leaves a host of f r i e n d s here, who regret her departure. The youug folks of American Corners enjoyed a straw-ride on Wednesday night. They also gave Mr. aud Mrs. B. W. Parker a surprise party on Christmas evening. Mr. William Parker and Miss Maud Parker, of Bridgcville, have been visitiuyr Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Parker; at American Corner. Miss Ad die Edgell visited Miss Katie Covey, at Hynson, this week. Mr. L u t h e r Covey, of New Haven, Conu., is home. Andersontown, one of the county's most p r o m i n e n t citizens, aud Mrs. Elizabeth Dixon, who resided near that village. Mrs. Disou formerly lived,in Denton. The ceremony was performed at the Williston Methodist Episcopal parsonage on Thursday afternoon by Rev. F. J. Cochran. The groom is 82 and the bride 74. Mr. Ezra Nathan Wileox, engineer on the steamer Greeusborough, and Miss Katharine M. Stubbs, daughter of Mrs-. Henrietta Stnbbs, were married at the residence of the groom in Greensboro'jgh, Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Kev. A. Green, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, performed the ceremony. The bride was dressed in a suit of lavender cashmere, trimmed in white Dncli- ess satiu, cream silk lace and lavender ribbon, with gloves to match, and carried a bouquet o £ ' bride's roses. Miss Ida Chance and Mr. I. M. Redden, freight agent at Sndlers- ville, were quietly married at the home of the bride's parents at Sudlersville, Monday evening, and left on a wedding trip to Philadelphia .and New York. They will return in ten days to Sndlersville, where they make their f u t u r e home. " lur. George R. Percy and Miss Helen Woodrow, both of Cambridge, were married on Wednesday last at Grace Church. Miss Belle Percy, of Greensboro, a cousin of the eroom, was one of the wedding guests. Mr. Percy is quite well-known in our county. Mr. Ben Welch and Miss Addie Beacharnp, youngest daughter of William H. Beacharnp, Esq., were married at the residence of the bride's parents, near Williston, ou Wednesday evening last, by Rev. F. J. Cochran. They w i l l reside near Bnrrsville. The marriage of Mr. Lewis Butler and Miss Georgia Lister is a n n o u n c ed to take place at the Hillsborough M. E. Church nest Tuesday evening, at seven o'clock. Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Chairs, of Tilghmau's Island, recently celebrated their china wedding. They resided at Willistou a few years ago. ; Mr. William Ernest Saunders and Miss Nettie Jarrell were married at Kennedyville Thursday. Mr. Saunders formerly resided in Caroline. The progressive ladies of Westfield, lad., issued a "Woman's Edition" of the West field iVflws, beatiug lllllsborou^li. Mr. John M. Wilson, of Williamsport, Pa., spent several days this week at the rectory. Miss Liz/.io Barton, of St. Mary's College, is homo for the holidays. Misses Bossio Dcekins and Annie Collins.are visiting in Baltimore. The Misses Robinson, of Easton, have been visiting Mrs. F. T. Barton.' Miss L u l u .Beaven, of Western M a r y l a n d College, has spent the holidays at home. Mrs. Kate Reynolds is recovering from a very severe illness. Mrs. Fannie Legg, of Kent Island, is spending a few clays with her parents. Mr. P. A. Morgan has moved into the house on Church street made vacant by the removal of Mr. Charles Jarrell, who has goue into the Fisher property. Mr. Harry Thompson has moved into the house, on Main street, w h i c h he recently purchased. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bowen. of Wilmington, are visiting at Mr. Charles H. Fleming's. Dr. T. B. Saulsbnry, and Mr. Will Rowens, of Wye Mills, will move their drugstores to Harrington, Del., where they will go into business. Mr. C. Day, of Glenelg, has been visiting his brother. Rev. Mr. S m i t h . Concord. Mr. W. R. F o u n t a i n slaughtered a pen of six hogs iast week which weighed in the aggregate 2,000 pounds. The largest tipped the beam at 514 pounds. Mr. B. Todd killed f o u r , the aggregate weight of which was 1,252 pounds, the largest one weighing 360 pounds. Miss Mabel Smith, our popular school teacher, is spending the holidays with her parents, 'at Cape Charles, Va. She will return to-day. The extra meetings, which have been in progress here for several weeks, closed on Thursday night of last week. They were a spiritual success. The Christmas e n t e r t a i n m e n t to have been given by the Epworth League iu the Church here has been abandoned. Mr. Beuuett Todd, who has been confined to his bed for some time, is now able to be around. Mrs. Horsey, widow of t h e late John Horsey, is quite sick. She is iu her ninety-third year,aud has been totally b l i n d for several years. It is reported t h a t a certain "Grubbing Neck" widower is wearing crepe on his hat since the departure of a certain young- l;uly from the Corners. J U D G E RUSSUM MAVJjAVE A CHANCE. He Is Sulrt til Ho Governor l.oivnilcs' Kosid- of minntes before Her sufferings were most · . - ieYere. 'Her parents and other relatives, and'the numerous friends of 'i^Ttfie ypiing lady are deeply grieved. ^iJ^MS/Wallsba'dniany devoted friends. ''"""'" member of church and y young Christian, was hakfon Wednesday .o'clock, Rev. en/assisted, by. Rev. Z. H. ~ iating. interment took cemetery.: ,, ',-· , date of April 3, 1SOC. The paper is filled with matter of interest to women, and we notice the following from a correspondent, which the editors printed, realizing that it treats upon a matter of vital importance to their sex: The best remedy for eroup, eolds- and 'bronchitis that I have been able to find is .Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. For family nse it has no -equal. I gladly recommend it." 25 and 50 cent bottles for"sale -by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Dnffey, Hillsboro; R. J. Col- atun, Ridgely- . On Friday evening of last week, while friends were gathered at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Francis Nichols a large lamp exploded, scattering fire, oil and broken glass all over the room. Fortunately, no oue was hurt, and very little . damage was done, the firo being quickly extinguished. Mr. J. W. Fr.imptom, engineer in the Hotel Lnray, Atlantic City, bus returned, a f t e r a week's vacation with his parents and friends here. Mr. Francis Nichols has removed to Oak Grove, Del., where he will engage in the mercantile business. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Framptoni, of Philadelphia, are speudiug the holidays with relatives and friends iu this c o m m u n i t y . Mr. C. E. Nichols will reside in the house' lately vacated by his f a t h - er, and will engage in farming. Messrs. Covey Co. have nearly completed their shirt factory at Hynson. They expected the engine and machines -to arrive this week. Mr. E. J. Nichols, of Denton, spent Christinas and a few days thereafter with his parents, at this place. · ··»" I.e\j- Court. Mr. Charles H. Whitby, .treasurer- elect, on Tuesday last delivered his bond for $35,000 to the county -commissioners. The commissioners approved it, and it was filed iu tho office of the dark of the circuit court. The constable's bond of Reuben H. Focht, of Ridgely, was also approved. The commission appointed to est i m a t e the · damngea sustained by George W. Dasher, whose horse fell through n bridge, uiade a report recommending that Mr. Dasher be paid $35. Mr. Matthew Chilton was appointed keeper of Denton bridge.. "Iii case Governor Lowndcs f.'iils to receive enough voles in the Republican caucus to m a k e l i i i u Senator W e l l i n g t o n ' s colleague in the United States Senate, he will transfer his strength to Ex- Judge George M. Rnssnni, of Caroline c o u n t y . " This statement was made to a JOTJKNAT, representative a few days ago by a g e n t l e m e n who is a political and personal friend of His Excellency, the Governor. "This, of course, depends," continued the gent l e m a n , '^somewhat upon how Judge Russum's f r i e n d s in his own c o u n t y , and on tho Shore, will stand by h i m . It would display a different k i n d ol politics from that now in vosjuo should the Governor, or any ono else, transfer votes to tlie Judge unless with them he had at least a fair chance of w i n n i n g . If you can'l drive the band-wagon it is considered good politics, I believe, to get as near the driver as you can. Taking it for granted t h a t Judge Russuni, whose services to ' l i i s party liavu been «s eminent as they have been nm-eninncrative i n d i v i d u a l l y , will have a following d i s t i n c t l y his own when the time comes for him to enter the lists, I cau slate, aud you may safely do so, t h a t George M. Russum w i l l be the next Senator from Mary l a u d , provided Lloyd Lowndes is not. » "At this H m e the Governor is very h o p e f u l of his election, but politics are very uncertain, aud iL lie should fail his strength w i l l go to an Eastern Shoreman. This f n c t is unquestioned. That that Eastern Shoreman w i l l be Judge Jlussnra I have the best reason to believe. Such action would be but an exhibition op gratitude on-the part of the Governor, for was it not due to Judge Ru=-" sum more t h a u to any other m a n , with the possible exception of Senator Wellington, that William T. Malstcr was not the n o m i n e e of tlio Cambridge convention t Tho Governor knows t h i s as well us anybody, and appreciates it. To be sure, he partially paid this debt when he made the a p p o i n t m e n t of Judge Robinson's successor, but when Judge Russnm failed of election last f a l l the Governor felt very hadly about it, and this idoa to make him his residuary legatee is not such a new thing. In case the Governor is elected you may depend upon il t h a t the Judge will bo offered a fine federal position. ' "As far as Senator W e l l i n g t o n , who is c o n d u c t i n g tlie Governor's campaign, is concerned, he f u l l y acquiesces in the Lowndes proposition, and it is good politics, too, on his part. If he desires to succeed himself four years from n o w , ho will stand a much better show with an Eastern Shoreman for liis colleague: "It is an open secret t h a t Congressman Barber is in very bad odor wilh both the Governor and the Senator, and he can never hope to d r a w any strength from the Lowndes forces. With Russian a candidate, however, Caroline's two votes, which are t h o u g h t by some to lean toward (he Congressman, would be weaned from h i m , aud his chances cveu for a senatorial compliment would disappear. The Governor would thus accomplish a two-fold purpose -- t h a t of rewarding a friend aud p u n i s h i n g an enemy. Judge Russum, however, w o u l d not only draw from Caroline ami the Barber c o l u m n , but his f r i e n d , Senator Wcstcott, of the Malster forces, would likely r a l l y votes to his s u p p o r t . "Judge Rnssinu is p r e - e m i n e n t l y Ihe logical Eastern Shove candidate, and although very l i t t l e is being said in his favor j u s t now, he has decidedly the besl show of b e i n g elecled of any candidate in the race, Governor Lowndes alone cxceptcd." As the gentleman passed ou t he- reporter stood wondering why the Judge's Caroline friends are so mute! Then as he wended his way down the street he m u t t e r e d : "Verily, 'politics make strange bed-fellows.' " Cliiirck flatter.-,. In the synopsis of a sermon Rev. Geo. S. F i t z h u g h , pubished in the J O U R N A L hist week, t h e sentence "The robe w r o u g h t by the ayencics of Christ" should road, by t h e agonies, oE C h r i s t . Aud in the sentence, "When God condescended to assume man's h u m an capacities" should read "Wneu God condescended to mail's h u m a n capacities." Rev. C. E. Dryden w i l l preach in the M. E. Church tomorrow evening, w h e n revival services bj r the Methodist Episcopal and Methodist Protestant coVgregations w i l l be begun. Mr. Dryden's text will be the 12th verse o f t h e I J G t h Psalm, " W h a t Slinll I r e n d e r u n t o (he Lord for all His Benefits toward Mo." Tho R e v . M. T. Lamb, of Trenton, N. J., will lecture in St. Paul's Rof o r m e d C h u r c h , Ridgely, ou Tuesday even i n s n e x t , sit 8 o'clock. His subject w i l l be "The Value of H Child." A f t e r a short service in tho c h u r c h the scholar-i of t h e Episcopal Sunday School marched to Hejit^oph.s' Hall, w h c i c tin 1 m a r i ' h i n g siround the C l i r i - t u i a s - l r o o , ami the usual treat w;is enjoyed. The Chris-tmas-tree for the M. E. Sunday School. Ilcury E. Lewes, Esq., s u p e r i n t e n d e n t , was held on Tuesday evening. Speeches by the children, singing and distribution of presents, was thp program. Tho M e t h o d i s t Protestant S u n d a y School, T. P l i n y Fisher, Esq., sup c i i n l c n d e M i t , had a t r e a t and Christmas-tree at Downes' Hall last evening. Rev. R. H- Adams, presiding older, has been invited to become pastor of Eastou M. E. Church next year. The f o u r t h quarterly conference of the Donton M. E. circuit will be Tiold on Monday, J a n u a r y lOlh. Tlie n e w colored church ou the road from F o w l i n g Creek to Laurel Grove is a b o u t completed. A tnusic.tlc w i l l be given in the W i l l o w Grove Methodist Episcopal Church on J a n u a r y 5th. .Srrioui Misliuj) :it ;i 111:1 s Cclclinition. There was"a ani-ious mishap at Li- deu's school house, uear Hickman, on T h u r s d a y n i g h t of hist week, during .1 Christmas celebnition. Mr. W i l l Carey, iu the costume of Santa Claus, was in tho act of descending (lie improvised c h i m n e y , when the bench on which he stepped was t h r o w n over, o v e r t u r n i n g a lamp, which fell to the floor. There was au explosion :iud a scattering of flame. Mr. Carey stamped upon it to put it out, and his clothing took fire and burned furiously. Several men w e n t lo his rescue, aud there was great e x c i t e m e n t , many trying lo rush iu w h i l e others attempted to leave t h e b u i l d i n g . Many j u m p e d mit the w i n d o w s . In the confusion a young l a d y , Miss Annie A l f o r d , f e l l between two benches and was ( n u n p l e d upon and bruised. It was some time before the fire could be e x t i n g u i s h e d , and Ihen it was discovered that Mr. Carey had Jbeen q u i t e seriously burued about the face and neck. His heavy clothing had protected his body. He was re- movod to his home and for several days was under the care of Dr. Hig- N n u t t . It was loaiued t h a t - Mrs. Whaley, who was in the audience, had one of her h a n d s cut in some \vriy. and others were jostled and slightly bruised. The P h i l a d e l p h i a and W i l m i n g t o n papers published sensational dispatches about the affair, stating t h a t several persons wore fatally i n j u r e d , but it is learned on good a u t h o r i t y that these dis- pathcs wore w r i t t e n by persons who relied almost entirely on their imag- i n a t i o n - for the stories which they imposed upon their papers. A Cliristmns Fire :it Hj-nsoii. The store-house and d w e l l i n g of A. W. Ruark, at Hynson, were totally destroyed, together w i t h their contents, by lire early on Christmas morning. The flames are supposed to have originated about the stove in the store-room. Ou closing Friday the cler-k took the usual precaution against fire, b u t a live coal, is supposed to have rolled out ou t h e floor. Mr. Ruark was not at home at the time. The fire was discovered about three o'clock, w h e n o n l y the store-house was in flames, but it was impossible to check its headway or to prevent the d w e l l i n g from igniting. So rapidly did the conflagration proceed t h a t there was no time, iu the confusion i n c i d e n t to a midnight fire, to savo many oC the contents of the buildings. Less t h a n $30 worth was saved, and tliere wa only a nominal insurance on tho dwelling. The policy on the store property lapsed only a short t i m o before. The v a l u e of t!ie burned property is estimated at.$±,000. Included among the destroyed articles were the postoflice fixtures and a lot of f i i r n i t u i o belonging to Rev. W. H. Keiiney, of Bnrrsville, which was stored in llie h a l l over tho store. Several of Jthe adjacent buildings, notably the store-house and d w e l ling b e l o n g i n g to W. J. Dnkus, situated right .across the road from the b u r n t buildings, were saved only by the most persistent fighting. One of the publications of which Mr. Elon S. Hobbs is principal owner is the New York, Fruit Tmtle Journal. The Christmas edition of t h i s paper contained s e v e n t y - f o u r pages, finely illustrated. Deiith of Ulr. I.utikfonl.; _ Mr. A l b e r t W. Lank ford, a promi- n e n t contractor and builder, oE Salisbury, member of the firm of Slemons Laukford, who erected our court house, died at his late home ou William street, in that town, Sunday afternoon, of pneumonia, aged t h i r t y - n i n e years. He had been ill b u t a few days. He leaves a widow, who is the daughter o£ the late Harvey "Vincent, and four small c h i l d r e n . Deceased was prominent in business and church circles of Salisbmy. He was an older in Hie Presbyterian C h u r c h , and superin- t e n d e n t of the Sunday school there. He was also a member of the Masonic f r a t e r n i t y , a stockholder in the Farmers and Merchants' Bank and a stockholder in the Laiikford-Slcm- ons Brick Company, of Salisbury. Mr. Laukford went to that town from Somerset c o u n t y shortly after the great fire of October, 1SSC, and was the contractor for the erection of many of tho (incst brick buildings there. His operations were not confined lo Salisbury. He b u i l t the court house and water-works plant in S n o w H i l l , tho large hotel at Seaford, Del., and tho banks in Snow H i l l , Upper Marlboro, Delmar and o t h e r places. He was elected a m e m - ber of tlie City Council of Salisbury lust May, and was one of -the most active members. He leaves considerable properly in that town. A Cure Z'or Lpitmo KurU. "My d a u g h t e r \vhcMi recovering from mi attack of'fcvor, was a grent sufCurur from pain iu the bade aud liips," writes Tioudon Grovcr, oC Sar-- dis, Ky. " A f t o r o s i i i g q n i t f i t i n n n i b c r ' of remedies' without :t»y benefit she I tried one bottle ot Chamberlain's Pain Balm, aud it has given entire reliof." Chamber]nin's Pu,;n Balm . is also a certain cure for r h e u m a t i s m . Sold hy W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh U r i f f e y , ' Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, ' Eidgely. ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIENDS. o C l i r i i t n i i i s Msitorri J l r r o :'.in! Ktscwlu-rr-- 1' Mention. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Dowocso and Mr. F. R. Owms enjoyed their Christmas h o l i d a y n n d u r tho parental rooftree, at H a r r i n g t o n . Mr. Deweese l e t u r n e d on Tuesday and has spent t h e l a t t e r part of the week on a gunning expedition in lower Caroline. Mrs. Wm. H. Anderson attended tfie marriage of Miss Matilda Evans and Mr. Albert F. Polk, at Georgetown; on Wednesday last. The bride is a cousin of Mrs. Anderson. Tlio groom is au attorney of Georgetown. Mr. James P. Neal on Thursday returned to his liome in Tatsony, Pa. He had spent a week visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Neal, and in reviewing the scenes of his boyhood about Willistou. M. L. Smith and wife, of Federalsburg, E. J. M u h l h a u s e n , L e w i s M u h l - hausen, aud Mrs. M. B. Benson, of W i l m i n g t o n , were e n t e r t a i n e d . last week by Harvey F. Smith aud wife. --Smyrna Call. Mr. Elou S. Hobbs, of New York; Miss Katie Hobbs, of Washington College, aud Miss Robie H. Hobbs, principal of Ridgoly Academy, were at home in Fedevalsbnrg this week. Mr. W. R. Allaband left on Wednesday last for Virginia. He will reside .near Waverly, Sussex county. His family weut thither several days before. Judge Francis Adams, oE the Cir- c u i t Court of Chicago, is visiting his brother, the Rt. Rev. William Forbes Adams, Bishop of Easton.--Boston Ledger. Miss Daisy Mai Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Thompson, uear Preston, has returned from a pleasant visit to friends in Baltimore. Mrs. F. W. Towns an,d"Miss Mary Driggus were in Philadelphia this week. The Misses Sparks have also been'visiting in that city. Mrs. John H. Holt, of Cordova, who has been critically ill for several weeks, is now thought to he somewhat improved. Mr. Alonzo S. Whitby and Mr. John T. P l u m m e r , of Philadelphia, have been Mr. Charles H. W h i t b y ' s guests I his week. Mr. Robert L. A n d e r s o n , of Baltimore, nnd Jlr. Henry Wilkinson, of Milton, spent Christmas with their relatives here. Mr. Joshua Smith, accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Addie S. Hopkius, is spending the week with friends in Philadelphia. Mrs. F. A. Johnson, who has bceu with frieurls in Wicomico county for some time, returned to Deuton on Wednesday. Mr. Aaron Kliwansky, of Greensboro, spent Christmas day with his brother, Mr. Samuel Kliwansky, ftlillingtou. Mr. aud Mrs.' Alexander Havd- castle, Jr., of Baltimore, spent several days with Caroline relatives this week. Messrs. Henry R. Lewis and Harry A. Roe spent a few days g u n n i n g in the lower part of the county t h i s week. Miss Fannie Roe, of Sudlersville, has been visiting her a u n t , Mrs. C. M. Lloyd, in Greensborongh. Mr. E. M. Noble, principal of the Keuton Ar.adetny, was with his parents near Dentoa this week. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Boanchamp, of Eiiston, have been visiting Denton relatives this week. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Smith entertained quite a n u m b e r of their friends ou Thursday. Miss Virginia Carter, of Greens- bovough; has been Mrs. John T. Carter's guest this week. Mr. Isaac F. Day, of Baltimore, has been spending several (lays w i t h his f a m i l y heie. Mr. Francis Burns, Jr., railroad contractor, was iu t o w n on Wednesday morning. Senator Thomas A. Smith and daughters were in Philadelphia on Thursday. Mrs. William Crosby, of New York, is visiting her parents, at Williston. Mr. Fred. Masten. of Harrington, was in Caroline ou a h u n t i n g trip this week. Miss Ida Mcllvaino has returned from Virginia to her home iu Deuton. Miss Ella Moore, of Greensboro, is visiting Mrs. W. H. Anderson. School Examiner Stephens visited Philadelphia friends ou Wednesday. Mr. J. Howard Pastorfield spent Christinas with his parents atTrappe. Mr. and Mrs. George H. Short visited Delaware friends this week. Mrs. W. B. Stanton visited relatives in Sudlcrsvillo this week. Miss Belle Percy wn.s Mrs. T. Pliiiy Fisher's guest on Tuesday. Mr. E. L. Mclvin is spending a week in the Quaker City. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Uhler now reside at the Brick Hotel. liev. Edward McVeigle, of E.-iston, was in t o w n yesterday. Miss Maggie Scott has been visiting Clioptank friends. Miss Ibbie Towers lias been q u i t e ill for somo time- Miss Louise Dukes is visiting Balt i m o r e relatives. Miss Bertha Towns is visitiiig f r i e n d s in Dover. Misss Jeuiiie Strflford i.s home from t h o South. Ti'inplcvillr, Christmas was vevy appropriately celebrated at Aiitioch M. E. Church by an e n t c r t a i u m o n t . The children acquitted themselves nicely, showing llmt t h e y had had excellent training u n d e r Mr. J. T. Carter aud Mrs. B. II. Emory. The fan drill, 1)3' twelve y o u n g ladies, deserves especial mention, as does alsx the solo sung by Zeuio Pippin, "The Drunkard's Child," and the solo by Miss Lola Bowen. The house was crowded and the proceeds more than paid expenses. Messrs. James Temple, of Wilmington, Del., and Thomas Temple, of Ridgely, spent Christmas with their father, Mr. J. T. Temple. Misses Mary and Fraukie Roberts, of Ridgely, are visiting friends and relatives iu town. Mr. Harry Gibson aud his sister, Miss Maud, of Queen Anne, are visiting Miss Katie Knotts. Miss Mollie Merchant, of Red Lion, Dei., and Mrs. Mary Palmer and d a u g h t e r , Maggie, of Cainden, Del., are visiting Mrs. J. H. Emory. Miss Hattie H u m m e r is home this week, speudiug the holidays with her mother. Mr. Howard Smith has left our neighborhood aud moved near Camden, Delaware. Our revival meeting is still in progress aud will c o n t i n u e for some time yet. Mr. L. N. Evaus, of Washington, D. C., is visiting his parents. Mrs. Henrietta Rash spent Christmas with her in Wilmington, Del. Mr. William H. Lane and son are visiting friends in town. Mr. Hurry Cooper, of Price's was a visitor here on Christinas day. Mr. Ira Griffith, of State Road, Del., is visiting his father, uear town. Miss Octavia A n t h o n y , of Anthony, is visiting frieuds in town. Miss Topsy Fallowfield is visiting frieuds in Chestertown. Miss Elsie Davis is visiting her parents in Ridgely. Mr. J. Harry Temple is visiting his mother. DOINGS WITHINJTHE_SOCIAL REALM. Several I'Jo.isunt Kntortalnments In Denton-- A Christmas Dinner, Quite a number of young folks wero very pleasantly entertained by the Misses Valliant and Miss- Me- Shaneat an nnprotntu dance Wednesday evening. The carpets had been taken from the floors, and to the music of the piano the young people waltzed and made Officers KK-cU-cl. Officers of Caroline Council, No. 175, Jr. 0. U. A. M., were elected last Monday night as follows: Councilor, Edmund L. Melvin ; vice-councilor, Harry B. Mason ; recording secretary, W. P. Draper ; assistant, Elmer J. Nichols; financial secretary, W. Henri S m i t h ; treasurer, C. H. Stewart; conductor, R. Boon Beauchamp ; warden, Charles K. Evans ; inside sentinel, Willoughby Nowell ; outside sentinel, Thomas F. Roe ; trustees, James T. Cooper, J. Ed. Nichols and Fred. R. Owens. These officers will be installed next Monday eveuing, when Councilor W. F. Murphcy will become the Junior Past. Messrs. F. R. Owens and N. L. Tribbett will go as representatives to the next meeting of the State Council, and Mr. E. L. Melvin will attend the approaching meeting of the Sick aud Death Benefit Association. their heart's content. Thccog,. dispersed at eleven o'clock- /"tinong those present wero Mr. aiKi,. Mrs. L. R. Beauchamp, Misses Besiie Rochester, Mary Garey, Nannie' I^jh- ols, Genie Redden Downes, Emma Reddon ardson, Anna Dukes, Ella- Messrs. A. G. Towers, 6 m'- Dowues, Charles E. Stevens, Er' G. Cooper, J. Howard Pastorfi W. P. Draper, Milton C. Green / seph P. W. Richardson, John I C. Harry Whitby, Fred. N. N? A r t h u r Fisher, Charles Re'dden, Fred. Towers, :iud G. C. Skirven. ' A very plcasaut social gathering -- a semi-surprise party -- was held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Z. P. Steele on Monday -evening last. It was quite a surprise to Mrs.Steele's guests, Miss Eleanor "-Turner and Miss May Chilton, when the callers began to arrive. The evening was spent at whist, euchre and in social chat. Coffee, cake aud caramels were served about ten o'clock. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. John S. Barn hart, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Anderson, Mrs. Geo. M. Russum, Mrs. Wm. F. Towers, Mrs. Geo. A. Deakyue, Mrs. Lucy Griffith, Miss Ella Moore, of Greensboro, Miss Ella Downes, Mr. M. B. Stephens and Dr. J. R. Rochester. Quite a number of friends of Judge and Mrs. Geo. M. Russum made them a concerted but informal call Tuesday evening, and passed tho time from eight to ten o'clock very pleasantly with various games of plain and duplicate whist, euchre, etc. The refreshments were oysters, . Maryland biscuit, coffee 'and cake. The visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Barnhart, Mr. aud Mrs. Z. P.vSteele, Mrs. Lucy Griffith, Mrs. Elizabeth Pippin, Miss Eleanor Turner, Miss May Chiltou, Miss Lena Fitzhugh, Miss Ella Moore, of Greonsbcroi" Miss Ella Downes, Miss Helen Rich-' ardson, and Dr. J. R. Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Sapp, near Whiteleysburg, on Saturday gave their annual Christmas dinner to their children, grandchildren and numerous friends. Among those present were Mr. aud Mrs. James Townsend and children, Mr. and Mrs.'' John Harrington and children, Mrs. Samuel Smith and daughter, Clara, aud Mrs. Lizzie Masten, of Masten's Corner; Mrs. George Smith and children, of Goldsborough ; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sapp and children;. .of Whiteleysbarg ; Mr. Albert" Sapp aud family, and Miss .Lizzie Sapp, of Harrington ; Mr. J. H. Smith and Miss Susan M. Hughes, of Hughes' cross roads. 3 Jlolibs. « Mr. Luther West, of Greensbor- ough, moved in town Wednesday. Mr. Richard Merriken is visiting Mr. IJ. L. Glover, near Cambridge. Mr. B. B. Allen, of Washington, is visiting friends near here. Clerk Hobbs' sale Wednesday was 'largely attended. He has moved to Deutoii, where he occupies the Deakyne property, formerly owned by tho Tyler heirs. Miss Mary H. Moore is spending the holidays with her parents, at Federalsburg. The scholars of Ames' Sunday School received their Christmas treat Monday evening. Miss Emma Everngam and her sister, Mrs. J. A. Todd, visited the M o n u m e n t a l City this week. -A Miss Cora M. Pippin spent last week in the city of Brotherly Love. Mr. Thomas F. Green spent the holidays with his parents. Mr. Allie E. Cooper, of Denton, was in town on Sunday. Mr. William K. Section, of Denton, spent Christinas with friends in town. Mr. Harry W. Pippin, of Elkton, was at home for a few 'days last week. Mr. Milton C. Green is now so- j o u r n i n g iu Baltimore. Mr. J. L. Hopkius, a merchant of our town, has removed to Felton," and the store-house he occupied now vacnut. IS A n y o n e w a n t i n g stoves had better call mid examine llie f u l l lino of cook stoves, ranges, d o u b l e liaators, air-tights of all patterns; nlso secondhand stoves and repairs of all k i n d s , w h i c h w i l l be sold at r e m a r k a b l y low prices for the next t h i r t y days. H E N R Y SINCLAIR, Ridgrely, Md., opposite P. W..B. R. R. station. Morris Davis, an aged' Tulbot c o u n t y colored m a n , foil i n t o ' n well a £«w days ago and was drowned. Kolcruliimciit Postponed One Week. A member of the Entertainment Committee yesterday received tltis letter from Mr. Alonzo Foster, manager of the Star Lyceum Bureau: I regrcr to ln\e to write you tliat, owing to the illness of Mr. I/.inc, conductor of the ?C. Y. Male Qiiarltt, the company will be unable to nil itsen- Kagements «e*l week. I am compelled to postpone all engagements for a week. The committee, in announcing this unavoidable postponement, wish to express the hope t h a t all who have purchased tickets will hold them, promising them a most excellent en- t e r t a i n m e n t on Thursday evening, J a n u a r y 13th. The "Factory Girl" at Ktdgely. Next Monday evening the Ridgely Dramatic Association will play the "Factory Girl" at McShane's .Hall. This play, a highly pleasing corned lias been presented by this association in Denton and Greensborough, it being exceptionally well received in each town. The cast of cha'rac- tcrs is the same, and all those who attend may expect to bo highly entertained. A farce, entitled "A Quiet Family," will also be render-" ; ed, and the audience may prepare to enjoy a hearty laugh. The"'char- . acters in the "Factory Girl" will be ' taken as follows: Sir Arthur I/isscIl Mr. Frederick Flounders. Jasper l»ln in '. Dr. F. P. Herr., Stephen Plum '.....Mr. R. J. Colston. Frederick Plum Mr. Thomas Temple. Toby Twinkle Mr. John W. Grabill. Harris Mr. Clifton Jarrell.. Mnrtha Gibbs Miss Annie Stevenson. Lady I.eatherbridge Mrs. F. P.. Herr. l,a«ly Valeria Westendleigli.Miss Roberta Hobbs. Fugitive Boggs Heard From. An officer of the First National i Bank has been 'called to.'J|hiladel- phia to consider the " latest com-! nniuication from Will N. Boggs. In this letter the absconding teller says: ."I kept this man (meaning the leader o f ' T h e Seven') iSTobd" and clothes for years, and to-day 'he retains that 1 which wonld insure me the kind offices of the Surety Company and make my immediate return possible. I will come, how-ever." This refers-to the $10,000 Boggs left to placate the American". Surety Company of New York. It is said that Boggs will again soon -. turn up in Dover and that he has somesenational disclosures to make. It is said Ihatlhe money he stole from the bauk was invested in "wild-cat" investments through the fraudulent "Dean Co.," of New York. .1 W h i t e rose leaves instead of rice are the latest wedding fashion both in New York and London, a change t h a t will doubtless be approved. The roses are shorn of their petals as near the hour for the wedding a convenience may permit and this is done t h a t they may not wither. At I l i e s t a j r e o f the proceedings where rice is u s u a l l y brought forward b-iskets of while rose leaves are passed ronnil, each tjuest appropiating a h a n d f u l . The appearance of the bridal pair is the sigual for the rose loaves to be sent flying. Subscribe for ihe JOURNAL and gt-t till the news. Oue dollar. Blessed is the man who has the ',, gift of making friends. It involves; m a n y things, but above all is tlie power of going out of one's self and · seeing and appreciating wu'iltcver^is ^ noble and loving in .another man. Roy«l makes the food pure, wholejoae nd dellctou. Absolutely Pure -" L / # V?: ''J'.:' NEWSPAPER N E W SPAPEfif

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