Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 18, 1897 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1897
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T ¥01* 30. NO. 11. STIRLING, ILLINOIS THUBBDAY, MARCH 18, 1897 S1J0 A TilUJB TAB'tB, I atnxot v «ST. [£ r,K^«fc :::::: fa, 7. Juwa and DakotaExp...... [o. n,«Dgm«|n|6r(»rr.)... ,1:4? *8:61 p,», :« ». m. :86 p. m, I? OOIKO SA8T. K except Monday. • eolnaEort. icnR'r—0: — - < .— 6:60 p.m. B%C Arrived from East, 23 Frrtlht-ItiaiwiJ.!!*', Arrlre from T ""* JOHN a. ftANANANv AND iSfl*» tit Aefc4*H? •! Mwle Block. 7 ^ irriBRLiNa, ILLS. '.- . ... . .-,'....' ' . ... __ •-..•-- • -' -• _____ HENRY e. WARD; LAWYER. / SUITE i, ACADEMY OP MUSIC BLOCK, aTORLINQ, ILLS. At Ja tea ot UM OounwOonrt will b« In Moirt*on on MondftjiMaFrtdAyiefteh weefc. J. W. ALBXANpBR, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, STERLING, ILLINOIS. AoUeott out promptly Attended to. Met tin to First national B»nk ot BteirUiwi. nilaoli. s 1 . "1 *«' __f-" AT mm GOING Bourn.' • , ' ., D«My, except Sunday.. .{... .»:» »• J? MendotayrelfeUt, Dally.except Sunday .11 M a. m , OOIlfa MOKTH. Dubuqoe Pass., Daily, except Sunday... B:« a. m >^, except buuday...'.T^^T!lira. m ft \ Veterinary Surgeons, ftt'o., HOOVER, D.V.S. -OFFICE- :.•*... AT MEYERS ft BSHLEIRAN'S ORUQ STORE. Hoapltal, Cor.Third AY«.MdrittnBts: ' ' Harrison Tel., BeaWenoe, 80; Office, IB. tlatldenc*. (ttstb JLT«« North of 3twllnR School, DK. 0. E.;WBItrHT v Veterinary Surgeon and Pentist. '_OE(» w»d Veterinarlum atWrlgnt & Co'a , Livery and Boarding StaWes. dor. W. Third St. W»d B A.V9. ^ BTESUJKO, IIJJCNOIS. h ' Wbltealde HaniKar Telephone IB. Dr. C.A. fltUELLER, Physician afcd -Surgeon. :_• Office-Academy orfiFSSfiyl**™* *>= -RMildena«— 808 Fourth Ave. Office Houres ft-uium.) 2—* p.m.; 7— 8P. «a. sPBOUMT-Nerrbus and Women'B DUeaaea W. B. CARQLUS, ,n. D. t el th* Uver, Stomach, BoweU Kldaeyi treated »ucc«ftBtolly. Office and Bwrtdenoe, 4W First Ayenue, 0TBRL1N0, ILLINOIS. " FRAKKANTHONY, n. D., PHYSICIAN AND JSURQEON; OFFICE COR. M AVE. aa4 FOURTH ST. ' jaesWeace N. W.Oor. Ave, B »n4 *ourtli Bttael, STERLING, .ILLINOIS."; 4, P. KBBPJBR, JANE REID KEEPER, ' PHYSICIANS AND SURQBONS. OPFiCb AND RESIDENCE; -"' ' ^tOSFlrrtATenae.' BoOi Telephones. - : STBRUNQ, •»'•" ILLINQI5. A. C. SMITH, M,lU,, PH¥SICIAN AND SURGEON, Office Up SUira, 8 Ewt Tjblrd Street, Oror Perry'« Prog Store. Bwldeao* EUGENE V, Teacher of .... \OCAL and INSTRUMENTAL Tertnfc, enquire at Aldrioh'a Music Store, WestTbitdStreet. i Comet, Piano, Glveu. . . Une ojr any Wind or Stringed Instrument Musical Conductor Key? t«ae Reg v Band and SterJtng Concert Orch, Hardla's Muaio Store. VHQ5. W, BBCKWITH* >BNTAL OFFICE, Basic i to ifei i t« *, JARVIS DINSMOOR, LAWYER. Special AttentlOB to Chancery Matters. * OJTU'ICTHJ • OverBrowa'i Drof Store, cor, 3d fi l«ca«t, . Xll. . • WALTER N. HASKELL, LAW AND PATENT ATTORNEY. ,-'-'.. •. . • / (Money to Loaa.) JCait Thi'd Street, - STBRLINQ, ILL. Estate and Insurance. ^^V^*^H^^*^^^^*^J^^^^fcX^^^^VX«taX- J. t». HB5SUINQ, Real Estate, and Fire Insurance. Mon* but B«il*bl« Oompanle* Xtopreaamted IN AOADBKY UV8XO BLOCK. • Room 0. ' S. f. WICKENS, , REAL ESTATE DEALER. ffAKM LOANS A SPECIALTY. Office Orer RoaenthtTi Clothing Store, K, W. Corner First AVe. and Third Bt. . D. L. MAXWELL, DEALER IN' Real Bstate, WALL 8TBEET. -REAL ESTATE-BROKERH INSHEANOE AJfD LOANS Vor B«nU Property ' Mid Sold .on B«MonAbla Term*. -.-'.- Al»o Motary Public. - Offloe. Cor. 8d and Looaat 8t., Sterling Insurance Rentin . Ebersolej Gait Hqiise Block. Best of All is ••; The'' -;,'•;'•;;' Crescent, NEW BBJtHD PF-CH3ARS F. QQGHRAIM. THE JUNIOR NefCigarandNewsStand " In Qalt Houg^e Block has in stock the finest line of ' ' '• . ''."'' " ,-.-'.» : Havana 'and Domestic Cigars in the city. Also a fuit line of TOBACCO, and Wf doHctt some of your NEWS AND PERIODICAL SENSE AJO) NONSENSE,; WOODLAWN GLOB ENTERTAINS AT THE ACADEMY. * 'rogt»m Open* With * Clever Farce— turge Atiaience JProsent—Kxe«Heat Musical Program—The Que«tlon us to the NnUon's Probable Fall Dltctuied. The famous Woodlawn Debating Society gave An entertainment to a large audience at the Academy of Music Tuesday evening. The affair has been. ;he talk of the town for a long time, and those who attended were in no _ one of a varied naturei" embracing a farce, some excellent music and a de-, aate. The farce made the depj^ldf hit of the evening. Its title, twenty minutes in a Newspaper . Ofllce," was catchy and some good things, were expected. It told of the trials and tribulations of the editor of the Dally Sunshine; some or the hits, local and otherwise were very good, causing .frequent laughter. When the curtain dropped the applause was .prolonged, and it was evident that the^audlence desired the appearance of the star actors. There were several calls for Williams, the author of the piece, but that gen- tlema'n failed to appear. The characters were' well cast. The scene opened in a typical editorial oiat^apera-~wero^caitered— helter- skelter over floor .and tables, a huge waste basket graced the floor near the editor's desk, a sign "This is my busy hour," hung on the wall and a mon strous bucket of paste stood within easy reach of the lord of the establish ment. - , ; William Watson was discovered seated at a desk, scribbling for all he was worth. He was attired in a blazer and light trousers, and it was easy to see that be was the star reporter of the concern. . v With the appearance of Patent Inside, editor— John H. Byers— the fun began and it continued without ceasing throughout the half hour required to present the piece. ' Of" the characters, all did exception ally well. Mr. Byers handled the blue pencil and shears with the ease of a man who.has followed the business all his life. His diplomatic handling of irate subscribers and easy methods of dealing with those who were after personal puffs was admirable. Mr. Watson made a good-reporter and it's really too bad that he's only a banker in rea life.'-' • : -.. . - • \ • ,'• ' JJertie the Lamb, the printer's devil was the character taken by Scott Wil liams. He succeeded in bothering the life out of the editor calling for "copy. 1 It is 'probable that Scott played part especially-well because of a spirit of revenge on the young fellow who is constantly treating him in the same way everyday.. Revs S. P. Pulpit was excellently portrayed ,by Frank Morgarldge. His make up was fine and he received 'a hearty "hand" upon, his appearance, I. ISf, Martin, as Boss Tweed, the poll; tician with a shirt front that C9uld be heard four and one half blocks, was decided" success. His ticket for the city of Sterling was; clever and caused - a great deal of merriment. Jack Over holser made an excellent dude. He was well made up and he illustrated one of the daily trials of the reporter he wanted his name left out of the pa per in connection with ~a social function. . T. E. Hess, as Dr. Skinner, evidently knew all there was . to , know .about medicine. He succeeded in bringing the editor back to life on short notice, . When "Judge" Weaver appeared, a handsome boquet of paper .(lowers was thrown to the stage. The editor announced that it was from the ladies of the Gqzette force, btit, in justice to the ladies, it is only right to announce to the public that this was a joke. The ladies had nothing to do with the sending of the coquet,' The threa ladies in the cast all did .well. They were Misses Lydia Wahl, as Grace Smithereens Miss Lottie White,, as Ophelia Oversight, and Miss ^ "Ada. Weaver," "as Ura Schemer, , ; ' * Other characters in the cast who are deserving of especial mention are Wil llam Miller, as the foreman; L. D. Cannon, as the bluffer; John Boyer, aa the tramp; Eaton Andreas, aa the gen tleman with a-request; Harry Wilkins .the gentleman with a protest, Many of the hits were of a local na ture and all were apt and ridiculously funny, James i&. John Greenough was announced as the best flaheriuaa in town because he could make three Ash out of two in a wonderous fash top; Joe Doats was aaid tq be u candi* dftttj for 4-iderinaQ from theFirat ward it WB» reported that Fraak Bwartley * went to Morrison last night; John Mar- In was recommended for Chairman ot ;h« Streets sad Alleys Committee; Jeorge You>nans was enggeeted for Mayor, and 8 good imitstlori of 'Judge'* Weaver filing his first affidavit. Besides these, there were many telling bits on the public in general, sll of which were good-naturedly received. At the close of the farce a short musical program was given. Miss Bertha Martin «nd Walter Trlggs sang a pretty duet; their selection was dial- inltfbut it was rendered with an artistic skill rarely found In young people. Mlse Mignon Kannaly was the accom- panyist for the singers. -J^lttle Grace; : Kutt:gave-a" reading; ^sj^kVineBTiyTTen^ well and her gestures were appropriate. She;Was given a hearty round of applause at the conclusion of her efforts, M. C. Ward sang n bass solo, "The Church Across the Way." Mr. Ward waa in good form and his rendition of the pretty narrative in song was enthusiastically received, v Miss Kannaly accompanied Mr. Ward at the piano. The last feature of the program was a debate, "'Resolved, "That the Signs of the Times Indicate the Fall of the Republic." The affirmative was supported by Charles Deets, Scott Williams,; Frank Morgarldge and T. E. Hess; and the negative by I. ,L. Weaver, L. D. Cannon, John II. Byers and I. N. Martin. This feature was a disappointment, though Borne good points were^m a de,botb-aiiiea...^It-waB- too I6ng~by far and the audience' grew .weary of it long before it ( was finished. The Judges, Rev, Cass Davis, Hon. V. S. Ferguson and Prof. H. V. Baldwin, announce'd the decision in favor of the affirmative. M. D.John presided during th6 debate. The program closed with an excellent selection by the popular Sterling School Quartette. FITZIMMQNS WINS OUT. REV. GEORGE H. WELLS KILLED Suppose to Dave ,lWn Struck by a Past- Ing Train. The body of Rqy. George H. Wells, of Dover, Bureau county, was found near the St. Paul track at Wauwatosa, Wis., Sunday morning, and it is supposed that his death was caused by being struck by and engine. Mr. Wells accompanied his brother to the sani- tariumitq Wiu,watosp, jwhexe, be (.went, for-medical™treatment.—'When-his brother left he was at the sanitarium, but later in the evening the attendant went to his room and found It vacant. A search was instituted with the above resultsr^Mr^Wells = had beerilnrch~arge of Plymouth church in Minneapolis until the first of last January, when he resigned on account of failing health and went,to reside with'his brother in Dover. .'•... The Rev..Wells was once the pasted of the Rock Falls Methodist church. BEST STAY IN ILLINOIS. OIrs, toouile, Formerly of Amboy, Tells of Her Uxperlenco In Oregoii. Mrs. -C. E. Loomis, wife of Dr. Loomls, formerly of Amboy, but now of Eugene, Oregon, writes to her brother, Assistant Cashier Stephen Pankhurst, of the National bank of Oregon, Ogle county according to the Reporter, contradicting the roseate stories that have been so systematically circulated all through this neighborhood by real estote syndicates, giving such glowing'aocounts of the Pacific elope. She learns-that there are about forty families in Oregon, Ogle county, who are going to her Oregon. She says the stories of fruit trees blooming in January, and the gratis growing then for'the cattle'to eat are all nonsense. There is nothing of the kind; the very .earliest trees have been in bloom was the twelfth of March, a few cherries, Mild wintere.early springs and summers are not so hot asv here—no storms to speak of. The soil cannot be compared to that of Illinois. If a person has a good farm in Illinois and is doing well, be bad better stay here. HAD AN EXCITING EXPERIENCE Dr. Hoover Encounter* . Two Drunkeu y~^ Meo oil the PenuluRtou ICoad Dr, H,G, Hoover had an exciting experience on, the Penrungton bridge Tuesday when returning from a profess-ion»l ;ca!l • in .tho country. -The night was very dark and a • couple pf men driving in a buggy in an "opposite direction collided with the doctor's rig, tipping it against the rail and almost thr9\viug him'into the creek, ilia team took fright at the' crash" and plunged forward, tearing the buggies apart. At the same time one of the unknown men was thrown from the other buggy, the wheels of which passed over him', The doctor had all he could do to manage his frightened horees and was unable to discover whether the other man sustained a»y injuries. the (Wnlriimftn Knock* Corbet Qnt In Fourteen Round*, i_._"... Fitzimmons won the great prize fight at Carson, Nevada, in fourteen rounds. . ' * The fighters entered the ring and the fightjfor the world's championship was begun .at 12.-07 o'clock. There was no decisive fighting until the tenth round. Up to this time Fitzimmons apparently had the worst of it. His face was badly pummeled and he bled profusely. Jo the tenth Fitzimmpna forced Cor* betWobfe i corner and had him -licked when the gong sounded. Corbett came up In the eleventh and got in several hard blows on the "Cor- ishman's face, but the exchange of blows was about even. Fitzimmons bled from the mocth profusely at the close of the twelfth round. In the thirteenth round Fitzsimmons landed a hard right on Cor belt's stomach and forced the Californian to his knees. Corbett went to his corner wearing B look of terrible agony. As the referee counted the tenth second before the beginning of the fourteenth round, Corbett staggered to his feet and was easily knocked out by from the effects of the* blow on his stomach in the thirteenth round. At no time during the fight until the thirteenth round.was there any certainty as to the result, though F,itzsimmpns seemed to be getting the worst of it. Corbett had repeatedly hit him in the face and ribs. Fitzsimmons used a body blow chiefly, though he had landed several times on Corbett's face and jaw. The decisive blow waa the terrific right band swing which Fitzimmons landed on Corbett'd stomach in the thirteenth round. The result is somewhat of a surprise to the sporting faaternity. The bet> ting odds were all on Corbeit, and at one time odds of two to one were offered on the Californian. THE.COLETA FARMERS. The Program to ba Rendered in Shannon'* Ilntl, Coleta,'/Thursday. * The following program will be ren- Vdered in Shannon's Hall, Coleta.Thurs- 'day, March 18, by the Farmers' Institute of that town. . Afternoon Session, 1:30 O'clock, Bong......... ?.-•- Audience Prayer : Song .., ColetaMale Quartette DIscimion oi/Toplcs, How to handle cop to receive the best returns.—J. L. Peugh, .1. C. Crow, J. L. Deets and others. Music, Violin and Orgaiu..,.._. IiuJ ,,,;,, .',,,.„: Fred and Charles Fraser. Topic, Handling of corh-Iodder, Its value and method of leedlng. Discussion opened by D. C. Overholser, followed by Hugh Shannon, Frank Deets, Joshua Anthony, Charles Gleason and others. '• Instrumental Music.... Fred and Charles Fraser .* '. ... Kvenlog Session 7'30 O'clock. Bong... .......ColetaMale Quartette Prayer ;>.„-.;.... Vocal Sojo Miss Minnie Proctor Paper, How to manage poultry for the production of eggs tnd chicks, by James Biddies. Discussion by Mesdamea: Charles Gar wick, Frank Deets and Larkln Wick. ' Topic, How to battle with vermin and the diseases of poultry and the building and management of the poultry house, by J. C, Fraser, followed by Mrs. Jefferson Hannls and Frauk Anthony. . . Instrumental Music........ Miss Minnie Proctor Song Misses N elite and Bessie Stanley Oration.,., Glenn Colcord Vocal Duett.- . . MIssea Elizabeth Acker man, Lizzie Garwtck Instrumental Music : .Fred and Charles Fraser. CAPTAIN MILES IS HONORED Governor Titnuer Appoints Him a Trustee of Soldiers' and BaUors' iloine. Capt. J.W. Itilea, of this cityf received the following telegram this afternoon:" . • 1( ./;.'. Springfield, 111.', March 17.—Have appointed you Trustee of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home at Qulncy, Meet the other. Trustees here tomorrow. , JOHN It. TAN^EU, This will be an agreeable surpriee to the many friends of the popular captain, for there wer.e. but few in the city who.knew that he was a candidate for the position. ••- Captain Niles is well qualified to fill the office to which he has been appointed and Sterling feels sure that of all oth,er members of the Board of Trustees, there will be none better or more popular than hw. He has the hearty congratulations of all of his friends. The ^aptuiu left this afternoon for Springfield to attend bis first meatiog. DEpLAMATORV CONTESTS, to b« IBteld at Woodla-wn, Mont. The annull deelfmildfy the ungraded echools of Sterling and Coloma townships will be held a* Woodlawn school house Friday evening, March 19, The fofionf lug progtaw will be rendered: Instrumental Music. ..... . ........ ; ..Snste Cnw« Prayer^... .............. ...... ______ ftev.E. Brown tJXDEK MINK XKAhS. "The Little Girl's Trlais" .... Alice Wortlilngtoa "Is H Anybody's Business" ..... Bobbie Breiwter "Running Away" ..... . ..... .........Key PnftUps Instrumental Music ........ '.....-.... Mabel Jones !!The JVfty |o Do ..It 1 ^, .^ . , . ,_. . . . John Ntmomaker "Aunty Dolefel"..... ........ ,. ..... Hel "The Owl Critic"..... ..... ( M.; ....... tred .Tones Music..... ....... . ......... ' ....... Maine McGinn OVER rtlHE YEAHS. "Union and Liberty" .............. .Earl Andreas "Village BewlnR Society". . .... . ...Alice McFalte "The Artnless Love*" ........... . . Elfza Ebereole "A Lad's Idea of Education".. .. ..Max Bressler "The Freckled-Face Glrl",..,Lnlu Worthington Music ..... ....... ., ......... , ....... ..Susie Crase OVER TWELVl! YEA118 "Little Fritz", ............... .. ..... .John Klsela "The American Flag" .......... ....Tracy Fturall ''How He Saved St. Mlohael'i"... Agnes Hartlng Vocal Duet .......... Mollle V/eutse), Grace Rntt '•The Jlners" ...... ;. .......;...... Minnie Landig "McClaln"..t ......... . .......... ..Nellie McGinn Musio ........ ,.. ...................... Busle Cruse Decision of Judges Music The Judges of the' contest wilt be Rev. E, Brown, Prof. H. V. Baldwin and Prof. H, L. Chaplin,all of this city. ' The following program wiH be rendered by the Hopkins schools at Como: Fnrt .1. ' Instrumental Solo ............ Miss Mamie Heath Recitation, " Wnnt the Choir l|a»g About the New Bonnet"-...!...... ........ ...... .... . Alice Overly. Recitation ........ ............ "Casey at the Bat" , Roy Burcli. < ' Song. ................ "Come, Oh Come with Mo" Como School. Recitation ........ ....... .."An Egg an Chicken" Bertram Hart. . Recitation. ... ..''How the Trouble Came About" 1 Charlie Reed. .•• ' Musis ....:...... .......... ......... Instromcntal. Recitation. ......... ....... ....... ..... "Virginia" • Maggie Barry. Recitation ..... i ...... "The New Church Organ" : / v Katie O'Brien. Duett ............ ............. .'."Only a Picture" Edith Robinson, Edith IIuU. Recitation ------ ......... ."Asleep at the Switch'! , Earl Johnson. •i* Hannah Meyers.. Recitation.;... ..... ....... ..... ...... "The Duel". Lulu Graham: ' Violin Solo...... ....... ........... Clarke Heatfc. Fart III. , r RecUallon.......;^;T77;"LIncpln's Last Dream"? Florence Kauffman; ,, Recitation ....... "Supposed Speech of Begulus'^ • John Wilkinson. Vocal Solo...... ....... ...... ..... .... Unlce Hopkins. Recitation . ... ."Curfew Must^Net Blng Tonight" Rase 1f eager. Recitation ................ "Sein Things at Mght* L • ' ' Ira Book. . RecltatUn...£ 'Death Bed pf Benedict Arnold' Patrick Reagan« t Music ...... . .................. .... ........... The Judges for the contest are Scott Williams, John H. Byera aud Thepdore Hess, all of Sterling. ' ' The following is the program for the* contest of the Montmorency fichools: , , Instrumental Solo..-...,..',,......, A Little « rand ma Xo.-s Asleep -at the Switch.... , ,. .../No. i A Boy s Troubles No; 7 Music ....-...: Sterling School jtjuartette , Trouble in the Amen Corner. , No, 4 Under the Wheels .,..,.' NO. 0- The Secret No.ft.' The Boy and the Lobster.......,, No. a Music., Sterling Stlioul Quart* tt« Poor Little Joe.., ...,,., No. JO Jennie McNeil's Hide i, ..•-.'„',.„',,••,' No. 5 No. It Brother Bill , xo,» Muglo . j...Sterling School Quittelte Presentati jq of Prizes ,...,.-. THEY ARE AFTER HIM. Sterling SulVtttlonUtg After 111* batsnlo ' lu Dlxon. • • ' . f Dixon Sun: Captain A. Harris Bfid .wife, of PearU, assisted by officers of the Salvation Army'Corps of Sterling, were at Bosbrook'e Hall last eranirtg, but the meeting waa got very largely attended. Meetings were held in the. afternoon and early evening at corner ofHennepin avenue and street and large crowds gathered $t ' both meetings. It is not likely titiat &. me|ting will be held tonight, but ar- rapgements are being made foi orgjit^- zlvg an army corps in this city as aa possible, '•".'•--;;---.----•-,-;••--• - > After the opening exerciats at hall.a varied number of seleptloas wary given on the grsph^phoae, of voez*l and instrumental. and seroioaa by nptod Salvationists. Mj-a. Harris eang very beautifully.'K^ guitar accompaniment two soloa aAw which she gave an iatere^tiug tsifc on tbe work of the army. l 'v%^^i-j|

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