The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY,' JULY 4, 1923 \ . 4 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE NINK. BAD A HIGH OLD TIME ON THE SHIP] Passengers on the Berengaria Seemed to Get Enough to Keep Health. Science Sees Birth of World Repeated in Etna Eruptions Lomlmi, July 4—One ot tho merriest groups, of. chronic lnvali<ln In history stilled Into Southampton on tho 3. ' IJoroiifrnrla, "dry" Cunarder from "dry" New York. When thoy hud boarded tho ship all appeared well. Their suitcases and hip packets htwt buldficd suspiciously, hut no one 'guessed {imt ths bulges wore- tnrdti ill supplies needed for their falling health. Once outside of the 3-mllo limit, however, hundreds ot shaken, ibrok-on, despairing wrecks lined tip outside •doetcr's office. They suffered from everything - -lockjaw, champagne complex: and vacuoueness of ( the hip ipocket. Ono and all tho hundreds clamored Jor doctor's prescription to lift a. quota of the B MP 'B "medical BUpi'lles." Physicians Swift Penmen. Thoy got Utile slip's of paper us fust <is perspiring medicos timid wrlto the pres.-riptloits. They rushed lo\no 'booze ioeker; Ihey dousr-d themselves in medicinal portlonn. of champalgno, •Scotch and soda, Kin, ale, beer, boau- Jolais. tnodoe, capri, meet ot ohandon, and oilier such drug store iv.erehan- Men who told the doctor they wort- golnis Whirl and needed hootch to regain their sight scorned eye droppers and took their inrjdlclua' by the tumblerful. iSouie were so determined to recover their health that they •drank their medicine directly from tho bottle. I "What is more preciotts to me than ' mv itenithr' they chanted. "Doc, 1 need aaother -bottle right away." I More slips of paper -were written. | Don't assume that this «aa a wild drinking party. In fact the sMp's har wan elose-d. Absolutely no one could jtrot n drinik-—unless hi) had a prescription with tho doctor's rubber citanip' Plgnature. It they hadn't these pre-, ©criplions they couldn't got any of t.hei scant medical supplies that Now York j customs officials had allowed the ship | •to retain after (lie raid. The scantiness; of these supplies was indicated hy the ; fact that the "medical -beer" lasted! ' until one day out from Klngtand. Derwent Cft-lne, son ot Hail Caine, tho novelist, told how the pasiiangerS' formed before the doctor's office. Doctors, he said, asked all comers lvow much they wanted, saying there •was sufficient aboard for all moderato drinkers. The Usual Order. The applicant Hp«eiCied what emota of champagne, cocktails, boor ami wine he. considered necessary for hi? health, a typical requisition being "a whisky in the morning, cocktails and wine at lunch. something in the ufter- 'iiwin to guard against seasickness, wine antl liquors with dinner nnd a nlghto.ip Ivefore going to bed." There v.aa a prohibition on drinking in the public rooms, hut gay partiey i were held In staterooms all the way j across, j The saddest of the Invalids aboard: weie those who. fearing for their j pacred health had Ixmg'ht caiie^ of| bbollegluii-U-h. in. N«.w York nnd snuiK-' pled tlu-m aboard the ship. They never j drank the stuff, for the Bi-i oliguria's , medical supplies were better and' cheaper. .Number of rattles is not a certain Indication of a rattlesnuke's age as two rattles sometimes grow a year. BALDWIN MAY PUT IT UP TO THE U. S. British Prime Minister Talks Like He Would Agree on 12- Mile Limit. (By The Associated Tress) London, July -I.—Prima Mlnlstir Baldwin told a questioner In tho house ot commons today he was poriectly willing to lay on the table of tho house tho terms of the American proposal asking for powers to seize outside) the three mile limits ships alleged to lie engaged In smugiillns intoxicating liquor, provided tho consent of tho United States could he obtained. Ftepy will bo taken, it i3 stated, to obtain this consent. THREE UP-TO-DATE HTNTS FOR MILADY'S WARDROBE THE DAILY RECORD vuueis now'wiped outjs; Tho eruption of Mt. Etna, spreading terror and disaster along tho whole eastern coast of Sicily, offers to scientist** a rare opportunity to siudv oloraental peoloalcal forces in Nature's own laboratory. With its ciroumferenco of ninety miles, and its aJtltudo of 10.800 foet, reaching up from the 1,000 fathom, floor of the Mediterranean Itself, ICtua Is the largest active volcano in Europe. In Its recent upheaval of fire and molton lava, geologists declare tlmt lOtna. is repc-ating, on a small scale, tho phonotnenii that took place when the world Itself waa born. It was in t'ho mi-dat o* just such THe 5TRAN6E PRQOVCt 4 J JOE VlfjrLCAWtC PtRfc-. j atato undor tho terrific pressures which woro set up when this planet began to cool off. Having been created in the heat of t'ho greater fires in tho history of •tho worM, asbestos 1s immune tO'any ordinary te>iniperatnre3, and ffhows no change at all In temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. That Is why It is used so widely in places where tho tiro Hazard 1 B great or whore it will be exposed to high temperaturee volcanic fires, according to researches ) as In packings, roofing's, insulations advanced undor the dlreirtlon of T. E.' and brake linings. Manvlllo, president of Johns-.Ytanvilla I In tho cooling process, asbestos do- Iiio., that tho world got Its present veloued Mores Hint look like Bpun storu of nbsestos, moat of which is to, glass. It Is tho only mineral In the be fotind In Canada. This substance. ( world with a fibrous s.tmcture, and It was learned is oldor than any other thus the only material from which It material known, either in tho vege-! Is possible to make both a fabric and tabio or mineral kingdoms. It is' a dense solid. thought hy most scientists to 'havej The reoorded eruptions of Etna boeu formed In Its present fibrous j dale back to 476 B. C. HUNTER, AMERICAN, IN TENNIS FINALS (By The AsFHirhif'-ii p r *>«*) Wimbledon, .Inly 4.—Francis T. Iluntftr, No. I) in tho Amorican lawn, tennis ranking, will bo ont- of tho tinallnts for the men's singles championship in th« Wimbledon lourna- mont. In tho aotuifin:ils today Hunter dofftatfrd F. Cordon I J O WC , I I I R Kngliah rival, In BtraigUt sots, 7-S. 6-4. Mile. Suzanne as oxperlcd, will be ono of tho tinaliats in the wo- mon'B singles. She walked away with hor Pemi-ffinal inatcli with Mn (jcr- aldtno Beiimish, winnitiK t>-0, ti-0.. Other Games. In the men's doubles Co*uit Da Gomtvr ami 'Ekl-uuWlo Flaqner ot Rnain, <l«fOHted Ivinut. Col. ^Dudley and J. M. .•Boll, Knglnnd, 7-5, 6-4. HauUalpli Uycett unit Miss Eli7^hcth Ryan, Knglund, defeated Jean ilorotra and Mrs. Colgate, 6-3, 6-4 in tho mixed dou.hles. NOT LIKE WICHITA. Hutchinson School Funds Are Well Protected fay Security Bonds. Tho Hutchinson School Hoards couHI not lose tiny groat amount of money through tho faihuo of nny one nf thii hiinks in this city ue th& Wichita Sohotil Hoard did, according' to Dr. J. J., Rrownle-o, n member ot tho Srnool'Board. "It ha:7 be<^n a prartieo oC Hie- school hoard horo fur itumy yvaw, to divide th*^ Kctuxil fun^p among all tho different hanks and the bank* are required to turn over bonds for tho security of the money on dnj>," ho explained. LADY LUCK DESERTS ALLEGED SLAYER Deeds. N"r»rn Hchubni 1 to L'I IR-H . .S. ll(mi,»flrt, lot 4 RrKl c ? ft. lot 5. hlk. 1^>, /lur.-lrl/i- aon Inv. P.-i. 2nd add., Hutoliinrnn. W. V, BmiWi to Sivl'o A. Swun, low C, 7, H find 13, Mb. 3. I-Aii^don. Wi:!Ijiin M. Schwftlo to Goorgo K\nlt>- forrt, lots - fia ,'inil 71 Ave. A unaU liiun- chnrrl'.q iHt jtrl.'l., South MutchJn.'nm. Ma bit* I't-ail Trcslzo Ut K. T. l'nn\p, and ![. 10. Hanwt-y, lots 1.1 and ]ii, l.!k, (J, Tlutehinncm l(iv. Co. tltli »<ld., Hutchinson. "S.. C3. t,. ChesbTO to 15. T, Vixjtf uml H. V.. Uamsey, l<vtH .11*, 3a ami 3< ( l^llt. 12, Shunk'B 2nd ad*t., Ttxitculn-.rin. NfMte Stouchtmi- to Vn-derif-'k <i. Rav. e\4 lot UCS and lot' 13tf Kiwt Itrd ILVP.. llutohlnpon. Suburban Inv. f*n. to Frcil&rick ('. liuv, c 1 It, lot 1;1 An) w 27 ft. lot H, blk. I, Ityilo & Wllca add . 11 ulchf nson. Albo.rt. 1i. * itvlibcuif-y to Arthur I>HVia, hjts 1,2 and neU of nof; mul lots A-l, B-2 in iu-\i und lot 3 In KeU 8-23-C. Kmnm \V. I'.;u-ton to Albert I.\ Siou-artr w lf»!> ft. tot 12, Woodbine Mclfctits add., I-Tutohlnson. D. J. I>ft.viH to Cliarl^n TL U*.indl03. lota 1H nnd 116 Ave F caat, Hutchinson. John Koobn, et aJ, to John K'oehn, bik. 1&, liuhlrr. N. A. Ca-mpbWl to Mulin Hond, lot 2:5 and.c 17 ft. lot 22, blk. 1, Hundy's Cast Side. add.. Hulr-liinson. IS FORD GOING INJ0 THE OIL GAME, TOO? NeK<^t'«ting For Purchase Of Some^Properties it is Declared. Whother milady vac-atiiui-i at homo or abroad she needs HOIII » now thitige and would prefer t-lio&e things to he jtiM, it little dWfr-ront from the nsniil and very much np-to-daU*. TJiw threo "ideas om-ho<Ued here nre all of those things. Tho silk *Hnover sw(Miter on the loft fe a s>aa"Ucnlarly clover ono. It has a unnare neck and is finished at the bottoin and cuffs with an unusually attractive design. Picoted ribbon encircles ilia waist twice and end-.i in heavy oUk tansels. On tho right Is a dainty bonidoir cap tvhtoh is g^mrnutcfd to erffeetually hide unsightly curlers and enhance the natural lovelinvaH of the face under it. U J K nuvde of &<\U val lac-e and is stif- ff.ined with bro-iil blue rihhois and trim* | mod with lo-s.-'luivlii, For tli«> woiium | v.ho likerf tn Insinuate a irftli: «'0: vjuetry into lu-r f.roo' ing *>f ; her p-'powHo not bins la HO intrUutus an a l^'-cornlag can. A very practical and a! th»> snmo time utULSual bathlnw ftii-t In ihowu in the center. ICnUted blftck worsted la the material used with a Mack and white cheeked d'>«ign applied as trimming An unutmal opt; ninjs at the „-dde <yf both ykfrt and knickt-rs is a!«o triir.ined with the eherkrrt niatfriiil. A narrow tin of the plain hlack eneir- C I HO the waist. TELS WHY THEY DO NOT LIKE B. MEYER Wichita, Kas.. July 4.—X report Is current in Wichita to the eWcct lliat Henry Ford and Pierre Samuel Du- J'ont, ot tho UuPont explosive manufacturing InteresiR of Delaware, have entered Into negotiations with the Skelly oil Company o'f Tulsa and tho Phillips Petroleum Company ot Bartlesville to purchase a routrolling interest in these two big independent oil concerns. H is said Henry Ford had representatives at Tulsa the last week in conference with Skeny officials. Mr. DuPont already is a director in the Phillips company. Borne credence is given the report anionic oil men here due to 'the fact that tile s'lielly Oil Company absorbed j all of Its subsidiaries the last week, putting them undor one organization. Due to tho i^sent state of the oil nioricet and with tho Industry said to tie in a state of over production, oil men say that this would be an opportune time for Mr. Ford to begin negotiations. It is also reported that several other largo independent concerns of the oi! industry are considering offers to purchase all or- part ot their companies "by still larger organizations. These include the Waite Phillips Company, which is reported to have received a hid of W> million dollars from tho Hoxana Petroleum Company for its producing, refining and distribution properties. Ibme, Cleveland "Hying squad" car at Eljrrla, O- etation, surrounded by carious crowd, waiting to rhiskl John L. Whitfield Into Cleveland. Br low, Whitfield taken from train at Elyria, shackled to Deteetivo; Lieutenant Nevel, on hia light, and Detective Conroy on his left Between Nerel and the prisoner,! ti: the rear, is Chief GravJ of Cleveland. Between Whitleld and Conroy, Assistant Prosecutor Jamea S. Cassidj. JjBdy Luck, which for ten weeks kept John I^onard -Whitfield, giant mulatto and allt>ge"d «l.'iyer ot Dennis Griffin, Clovelaad uattelmua, out ot the clutches of the law, finally, de- esrtcd. htm. Now sie's lodged behind Jail bars lit Cleveland, following his arrest la Beiroit. whlla I'roflocutors EdUie Stanton and James T. Caasidy are preparing for a Bpeedy trial, which thoy hope win eond htm to 'the chair. GriKln wua kiiiod arroatloK WliitfleUI, Jack Orrenman of iKansas City wpont the day hero with friends. Norman •Fioinliiir, Santa V« operator' at Stafford, was h(-re today. Tho picnic planned for tomorrow by. the Daisy club has been indefinitely postpoueHl. J. W. Gondon of Eureka was picked up by the city police last night for being drunk. Miss Gertrude and Miss Itcssio Westmacott of Spearville were here shopping yesterday. J. ft. Edwards of 619 Sherman west was arrested last night for currying concealed weapons. John Sehardein, city milk inspector, reports that only ono milk certificate was grant*] during the past month. Don Uaumhart, city electrical inspector tnado 102 light Inspections and paid into the city treasury $116,112. Mr3. C. V. KeJlar is spending the Fourth at Newton with her father, E. 13. Pollard and sister, Mrs. Lee Powell. Battery A will have the usual Wed •osday evening drill hut will observe Fourth of July and^have drill night on Friday Instead . 0. C. Wood worth, city weight master, weighed 135 loads' during the month of June and turned into the city treasury the sum of $13.50. The outage during the past^nionth roported yesterday to the city commission was: H bracket lamps. 4 alley lamps, 75 white way lights and G a.rc^ lamps. Tho amount Hurned over from the plumbing inspections was the greatest in months, W. H. Hlckerson collecting J235.2S for his inspections of plumbing, gas and excavations. -..Puts A| Smith In. New York—Norman Mack of Buffalo, national democratic committeeman, announced that Governor Smith would outer tho next Democratic, convention as a contender for the presidential nomination. Ignorance wouldn't bo eo bad if it weren't so zealous.— AtcMsan Globe. Saliiia Writer Charges Faulty Management on Part of the Miller Skipper. C. Ti. Mooriey, sports writer for The Sallna Journa.1 telia without mincins words the reason for rent criticism of Bennle Meyer ant] why the tana there are sick of tile Miller pilot- Here is what he says: "Meyer gets sympathy from loop scribes for a raizing given him recently. One funny fellow sport scribbler, after spending much space telling managers, umpires, the league presidunt ami other towns how to conduct baseball, now advises us that a manarcv should bo allowed to handle his team without Interference or outside pressure. "Conditionally, •»« agree. But— "Salina funs are disgusted wish inexcusable, mismanagement. They have boon patient patronizing games and contributing generously through, throe half-seasons, only to see the home team flounder because of faults which almost any novice could have coiTcet- ed- The principal dissatisfaction is in seeing a hig pay given to big dubs. Last year the manager seemo-i to operate on the tlusiry that a star t-:t!ary made a star. Mcf'loskcy wa^ paying $.10<i a month to a catcher wit., lind natural ability but was too lazy u> tun out an infield hit. He paid something like $200 a month to a pitcher who seldom lasted five innings and always laughed at the joke on himself when he was pounded trom lliu box: and McCloskey clung to that hopeless irniit through almost the whole year. Other cases of the same kind existed and good bail players were available almost anywhere eager for chances to play for less money. "Almost half tho payroll this year lias bee-l given to tour players nnd thrc?o of them represented the weakest spots on the team. Another big salary goes to another piayor who is one of the Btrong members, but others in the league are playing Ju^t as good or better ball for pay^oport- ed to bo loss"It in none of the outsiders"business of course, how much is paid a player as long as the outsider Is not asked to pay it. Perhaps It is not even any of tho loyal fan's business, but it becomes some ot his concern when the management asks 1)1 m to donate. Then he" has a right to ask why the management can't pay the players, and if he. learns that some of thorn are getting twice his own earnings for playing punk baseball, he won't feel like he owes much. "We have a promised new manager now. Let's see the big pay go lo the hoys who contribute most to the team's battles. Drop Cms payroll pet system. "Look at Gear, Topeka pilot, lie kicked out the dubs ns'fast as the; proved themselves such and has run a parade of players trying to fill three or four weak spots." lateral to bo laid from .Main to Twen- ty-se-eond street north to .Main and Twenty third street and from Main | and Twonly-HO'vent.h streets south to j Mttln and Twenty-third street thence, west, to Adams and Twonty-thlrd Birevts. —I— Want block of paving—A petition calling for tho paviuc. o- HU'.h btn-etl now called Vincent Street from tho north tvde of Hhcrnian !o tho south side of Fii-si avenue was pn'tionted to the city commission tind referred to the street department. On Bona Dry Charge—11. Williams of f»r»p First avenue east was arrested down or. South Main yesterday afternoon about + oClock with two pint iKittles of whisk,'}- In his possession. Ho is .being he-'<t at the city Jail clitirged with the violation of the bono dry law. - - x— Recruits—Four recruits for the C S. Navy here tho local roeniltlng sta- l'iiunleo of Sprin;rdale. Mcnei'ne- of Kiowa i'prentire soiunail Four New wen- sf-oured yesterday al tion. Homer A,rk. and Fver was taken in and Charier; Kc-ili y of .ioiuitugs, Okia. and Itaws Ingle of Cleveland. Oklahoma were enlisted as firemen. BLASDEL FUNERAL TOMORROW. Fewer Business Failures. New York - Ilradstreeta announced that, the total of 1,1178 binfttiess failures in the United states during June wan smallest of any month in the las; two years. TOO LATR TO CLASlirv that rlanedrod Jills .uti s-U anything yim Uav<; iu s.'ll. aceui,, any tiling yuvi w'«h to tltlV. K*' r V 'H1 'I ronltton in *,M-ur* h£l(l lo- *->u? A:iy timu yuii are li. iifcd i l t any of '.to'Ffl tldcgp. cub miml-fi 3, c.laliBir.^a rt.-isinmfWi. Ti Jl-3ftt uUAUANTEH'i rtbur.t 1 y |i"Wi I (. r-j .if all loulo-'.i. ',V,- tie .KMiiiiii; .itut i .-p.ili lug. Klnuyl Typeu i it^v t^h.iiisv-. l'h,,<... 4»J2. TI J-301 TVl'ICWKITiai rlbliena r ,,r ah makes „f Ijpi-u rlOJi K K.-nvv.'.'l 'C> p.-iv i e.ei- k',x- cJlaniiC, i-4 U '^.-it i-irst. phullu 'CI Paper IHIiuiii^SDg and pnltitlng. M. ii-'-nu, plcoo f,S9W or 101 West Sixth. TI 25 19c ESntchissoiE Mm£ IFsacSasry • Wp L'luii, a\~ti iitnl rterub niKH w„ iia alt klncln rus viH'UlrhiS. l'lioau "S'J. Mi Wi'st Flint. TI 2t-38t Masons Will Have Charge at the Church and at the Grave, The funeral services of Dr. 0. A. Blasdel will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Pir-M Con- gropat.ii>unl church, eornt r Eleventh ami Walnut streets. The services will K.' in charge of lt.ov. Stephen Bntch-i- and the Musons. Interment will be at the l-'airiawn cemetery. BOTS Real Information. Several of our Congressmen are aibroail getting the stciight of Ihh- Kuropean mess froai sightsceiiij gulduB.--New Orleans Times-Picay- uno. Aviators siiy Hint a wlnil that Is lo miles an hour a| tile ground is usually i!0 to 30 niiies at 500 foc-l. BARN EXTHA HI'IuNl UNO MCSIir CV K10I.1.INC, TilU NlCVvH AF'i'KB 4 P. M. KAfli KVKNI.S'U. IO. I STAHTH YOU. AI'FI.Y TO Hit, UUAUti, NBW8 OFFICK. 1» 13 -2SI W 'Eisiifis'iBi Sdate iElteiiiEa® & ©K c« Ci'<e «iiBs| Co. OLl> AN i 1 Ni'.W UiNPoWS I't.KANItU, ui.'iss <si'Kv.iAi.rv. No niuiivy If weiiv !.< not aatoir.utcry. fHd.s'K I. Sli .SOUTH MAl'l.K. HUTCHlNSf'N. KH, TI i-2H JII'TrKHMII.K for «»lf. for i>l--K rc<l. le PfS- I;:,.!.,, loi^i i.f leu It.-, i,f luero. i'te- Miiii'ii '.'ivi.u'ier: , VI — - -< Siaith Main. Ti U'JlUt l-'illt .SAt.i: Ne-oty li.-iv fiiif it oi *>, ur will tr.el,. i i.i l'\,rii, <.)c v.tuit h.iv/) y,u? I'll, le- !»;», S»-«t ir^tp 'swriit^ir IKulhiiSsiEiEiS C'liiien pa:s'e.,in! Oi'.-ts. i-u < i,il'l«-ll Hulo I'rcHH. 7 .Slici-in.Tli I-iadt. Tlnuc C'J"^• 2iit I GOSSIP OF THE STREET "^ai!^Hlto^i•nc^•^aldlHJWJlHM•Ml!li»ln nan.inmiii.iti6i».m,ft'j*imiiiimyAaiirji? Pave Bungalow Colony street—The grading and paving ordinance calling' for tho paving of the roadway beginning at Sixth ami Mudlson and run- 1 nltiK to the Intersection at Seventh and Harrison was paeaed iast evening by tho city commission. Gutterlna for/ Fifth—An ordinance calling for tho Krading and guttering on Fifth from Severance to l'erwhlug was passed oil final rending by the city cmiunlHwion. —x— New drainage sewer—A resolution calling for a drainage sewer to be known aa North Atfama No. 'I sewer "fonfulonco imparts to Hy possessor." wonderful iusulrutioa —Hilton. CONFIDENCE We np])i(.i.-i.iU' the confidence that our jxitrons have displayed in this cninpany nnd in our offer of Stuck. Our friends liiive everj- re as-<>n for their confidence in us, however. Experience, resources, management, supervision, equipment, facilities, personnel—all these we have and many other confidence inspiring factors. If you wish to receive 7Vi% interest on your money, with perfect safety, invest it in our Preferred Stock. ( "" United Water, Ga£ & Electric Co. Customer Ownership--Depnrlment.* United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Gentlemen: Please send mo information about your preferred stock. Narao Addre City

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