Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 20, 1987 · Page 24
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 24

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1987
Page 24
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4 -SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20,1987 THE URIAH DAILY JOURNAL Monday 900 m KTVU THREE'S COMPANY • KRON • KPIX NEWS • KOO NFL FOOTBALL New England Patrlote at New York Jets (Live) g • KQED MACNEIL / LEHRER NEWSHOUR • KICU 8MON & SeMON • KTXL STAR TREK • KBHK FACTS OF LIFE • MCTV SPORTS . ESPN AUTO RAOMQ NASCAR Wlniton Cup Delaware SCO, from Dover. (R) DISN MOVIE "Archer" (1086) Brett Ciml- no, Robert Colby. A young man and hie racehorse challenge the Australian outback as they attempt to reach Melbourne In time to enter a prestigious race. DISC SMALL WORLD The culture and traditions of Loulalana'a Cajuns. MCK MY THREE SONS SHOW MOVE "Period Of Adjustment" (1062) Tony Franctoss, Jane Fonda. Two young married couples face problems with Interfering In-laws and •motional Insecurities hi tfiW adaptation of a play by Tennessee WHtiame. •:SO • KTVU JEPPBMONS • KSHKOOODTMES MCK ANN SOTHERN 7:00 • KTVU M'A'S'H t KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g IKQEOI TLYBUBMES8 REPORT KWUHAWAIPTVE-0 I KTXL WKNP M CMCMNATI I KBHK HAPPY DAYS IMCTVMTERNATIONAL (NEWS DISC LANDSCAPES A study of animals residing hi the two-billion-year-old granite hills of Alberta. MCK CAR 64. WHERE ARE YOU? 7:30 SI KTVU M'A'S'H • KRON ENTERTAMMENT TONIGHT Kirk Cameron ("Growing Pains") talks about his new movie "Like Fsther, Like Son." In stereo. . • KPIX EVENING MAGAZINE Featured: two-time World Surfing Champion, Tommy Curren; Dr. Joel Herskowtlz, authur of "The Popcorn Diet." O KOED WILD, WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS Q KTXL MOVIE "The Choirboys" (1977) Charles Dummg, Perry King. Baaed on the novel by Joseph Wambaugh. A rowdy group of Lea Angeles poHce officers causes almost aa much havoc on their •*• •• inty try to prwwtt. KBHK NEWLYWED GAME • MCTV FINLAND TODAY WON INN NEWS OWN DANGER BAY Grant .must find a gold model that disappeared from the Aquarlum'a whale sculpture during a blackout, a DISC WILDLIFE CHRONICLES Rattlesnakes are followed by radio transmitters over the couraa of a year. MCKMONKEES HBO FRAQQLE ROCK Boober searches for a quieter place away from the songs and games of Fraggte Rock, to stereo, g 7:36 WTBS MOVE "Operation PetttooeV' (1969) Gary Grant. Tony Curtis. A eubma- nfM COflHMMMr (QftOTtt ttfjUMtlOM In order to gel Ma veeeel back m action. 6.40fi KTVU MOVK "Lev* to Never Silent" (1966) Mar* Wmnmgham, PhyWa French. Two Ewmyswent to IMa etory of a young woman'e •fforta to byHd her own Hfe In the 1940'a attar serving for years aa a Hnk to the hearing world for her deaf pprwrttt. •BKROI _l KRON ALP (Season Premier*) ALF'a relocated to the family garage ae a result of his mischievous behavior. In Mar- • KPDt FRANK'S PLACE Frank leaves New Orleans to resume teaching hi Boa- ton, but a run of bad luck convinces Mm to return to Louisiana. • KOEO EVENMQ AT POPS From Roe- ami to Ellington, blues singer Joe Williams ("The Cosby Show") and clarinetist Richard Stottiman (oln John WDHama and the Boston Pops oreheetra. • • KKU MOVK "More American Graffiti" (1979) Ron Howard, Paul LeMat. A group of high school friends experiences the challenges of adulthood In a email town during the social upheaval of the 1960s. O KBHK MOVIE "The Visitor" (1979) Mel Ferrer, John Huston. An ancient being from a dlatant galaxy cornea to Earth to deatroy an evil 6-year-old girl who is destined to be the mother of a powerful, malevolent race. O MCTV MEDIA ARTS WON TALES FROM TNI DARKSCB ESPN AUTO RAOMQ Barber Saab Series, from San Antonio, Texaa. (R) MSN ADVENTURES OF OZZK AND HAR- DISC LMNQ TOMORROW How electron- Ic security gates work. NICK I SPY HBO MOVK "Youngblood" (1966) Rob Lowe. Cindy Glbb. A minor-league hook- ey player must prove hlmeett among hie more experienced teammatea. In stereo. SHOW SHELLEY DUVALL'S TALL TALES AND LEGENDS "Davy Crockett" When an eighth grader (Adam Carl) la transported back Into time, he meets American hero Davy Crockett (Mao Davis) and accompanies him when he serves aa Gen. Andrew Jackson's (McLean Steven- eon) chief scout and nghta at the Alamo, hi stereo, g MAX MOVK "Murphy's Romance" (1966) SaHy FtoM. Jamee Garner. Until her ex-husband reappears to complicate matters, a May-December romance blooms between a divorced woeM-be horse trainer and a benevolent emaH- townArteona dregotot. *PO-13' g 6*0 • KRON VAUNTS PAMtY (Premiere) Comedy. In tMe reworked version of "Valerie." the oNMren'a aunt (Sandy Dunoan) becomes the woman of MM houee. With Jeeon Batemen. Episode Information to be announced, hi stereo, g • KPIX KATE t AUK At a college dance, Emma befriends an egotist and Jennie breaks up wNh Jason, g WON TRAPPER JOHN. M.D. ESPN SPORTSCENIER DKN MOVK "An American m Paris" (1961) Gene KeMy. Leslie Caron. The music of George and Ira Qarahwtn underscores this Oscar-winning tale of an art- let caught between two women In poet- war Paris. DISC JOURNEY tfTO MDIA A study of India's film Industry. 9*0 • KRON MOVK "It It's Tuesday. H Still Muat Be Belgium" (Premiere) Claude Aklns, Bruce Wettz. A dozen European travelers become participants in a tour bus driver's plans to rescue his missing daughter, who Is being held captive by a Belgian circus performer. In stereo, g • KPIXNEWHARTg • KOO MX RAFPERTrS GOOD TIME • KQED TREASURE HOUSES OF BUTT- AM Viewed: Hardwlck Hall; Burghley House, bulH by Queen Elizabeth I'a Lord Treasurer; WHton House where Gen. El- senhower plsnned the D-day Invasion of Europe; and Chateworth. (R) g • MCTV MOVK "The Stranger" (1946) Edward Q. Robinson, Orson Welles. A small-town college professor and pillar of his community turns out to be a hunted Nazi war criminal. ESPN8PORTSLOOK DISC WONDER OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Hang gliding from mountains and the MCK DONNA REED SHOW MOVK "Dreems Lost, Dreems Found" (1967) Kathleen Qulnlan, David Robb. WhHe In Scotland to rediscover her heritage, an American woman and her nobleman lover vow to break the curse that hangs over the castle she now owns. »«>• KPIX DSSKMMQ WOMEN Mary Jo feels threatened by the thought of her children being wtth her ex-husband's new WON MOVK ."A Little Sex" (1661) Thn Matheaon. Edward Herrmann. A newtywed commercial director tires of MebrMe and becomes a philanderer. u •KTVU • ncu • KTXL NEWS WK CAONEY a LACEY (Season Premiere) The detectives aid a schizophrenic who le their primary witness hi a robbery cese. g • KOO MACQYVER (Season Premiere) MacOyvor becomes the pawn In a Soviet scheme to steal a valuable Chinese artifact. (Part 1 of 2) hi stereo, g • KOED HOLLYWOOD The popularity of the silent comedy and its growth aa a distinctive art form la Illustrated with the work of Harry Langdon, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin. • KBHKAUCE DISC ORPHANS OF THE WtLD Two rescues Involving a python, a gold mine, s duiker, and s csrscal. MCK MY THREE SONS HBO WORLD STAGE: THE SECOND ANNUAL PRINCE'S TRUST ALL-STAR ROCK CONCERT Performances by George Harrison, Rlngo Starr, Elton John, Eric Clapton. Phil Collins, Ben E. King, Bryan Adama. Paul Young, Midge Ure and Jeff Lynne. In stereo. MAX MOVK "Marlowe" (1969) James Gamer, Gayle Hutmicutt. After being hired by an alluring blonde to locate her miaaing brother, a private eye sets oft In pursuit of a stripper he feels Is connected wtth the disappearance. 'PQ* 0*6 WTBS NATIONAL GEOQRAPMC EXPLORER An Easter celebrstlon marking the first daylight after eight months of darkness lor the mult of Igloollk, Canada; Dr. Eugenie Clark and Emory Krlatotphor, tdgrephdeep-sea aharka; steeldwmmu^ sic from ths Port of Speln; tha-Taemanlan devil and wombat of Australia; Yale's a cappeHa gree-club Wurs the People's Republic of China. OttSOMNDTV 0:30 •KKUMN NEWS • KBHK THAT S MY MAMA ESPN NFL'S GREATEST MOMENTS DNM MOVK "OM Yeller" (1667) Dorothy McOutre, Feee Parker. A young boy la given the responsibility of caring for Me mother. Ma younger brother and a lovable dog whHe hie father to on a cattle drive.'G' TheeHver guirahnpacl on Ha ecoeystem 11:00 • KTVU • KTXL LATE SNOW hi stereo. « KRON •KPIX* KOO NEWS KOED GOO AND MONEY A took at the contents end results of a paatorel letter on poverty from America's Roman Catholic blahopa to their churohee, challenging Catholics to re-examine U.S. economic policies. • KWU ROCKPORO FLE8 • KBHK DATMQ GAME • MCTV MOVK "Headline Woman" (1936) Heather Angel. Roger Pryor. A policeman agrees to supply s journalist with news items when It becomes clear that their superiors ere Involved In a serious dispute. ESPN NFL'S GREATEST MOMENTS DISC ODYSSEY Underwater archaeologists use remnants of three ships found In the Mediterranean to reconstruct the development of snclent shipbuilding. Tuesday EVENING 6:00 O KTVU THREE'S COMPANY 8 KRON O KPIX BKGO NEWS KQED MACNEIL / LEHRER NEWSHOUR ID KICU SIMON a. SIMON CD KTXL STAR TREK O KBHK FACTS OF LIFE CD MCTV PAT DYE Auburn University football report. ESPN DRAG RACING IHRA Molorcratt World Nationals, from Norwalk, Ohio. (Taped) DISN MOVIE "Topper Takes A Trip" (1939) Constance Bennett. Roland Young. The ghost of Marion Kirby follows Cosmo Topper to the French Riviera, where his wife has gone to seek a divorce. DISC PEOPLE OF THE SEA Photography of the Palow Islands. NICK MY THREE SONS HBO MOVIE "Sphinx" (1981) Frank Langella. Lesley-Anne Down. An Egyptologist seeks a priceless statue while ruthless black market antiquities dealers attempt to stop her. In stereo. 'PG' SHOW GROWN-UPS Jules Feiffer'e drama about a successful journalist (Charles Grodin) who attempts to cope with family demands and expectations. Costars Jean Stapleton. Marllu Henner, Martin Balsam. In stereo. 6:30 O KTVU JEFFERSONS S KBHK GOOD TIMES MCTV COACHES DISC NATURE OF THINGS The Windy Bay rainforest. NICK ANN SOTHERN 7:00 O KTVU M'A'S'H fB KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g • KPIX CBS NEWS • KGO ABC NEWS g O KQED NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT Scheduled: the Money File. • B KICU HAWAII FIVE-0 • KTXL WKRP IN ONONNATI • KBHK HAPPY DAYS WON NEWS ESPN BILLIARDS Mike Slgel vs. Joss Garcia. International 9-Ball Championship, from Atlantic City, N.J. (Taped) DISC ANIMALS OF THE GREAT NORTHWEST How the glaciers of Columbia's icefield are slowly grinding down the Rocky Mountains. NICK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? . 7:16 WTBS COUSTEAU'S REDISCOVERY OF THE WORLD Jean-Michel Cousteau and the crew of the Alcyone travel to the Channel Islands, located off the California coast, and expound on the theory that man must become "an ocean farmer, not an ocean hunter." Narrator: Raymond Burr. 7:30 • KTVU M'A'S'H O KRON ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Actor-director Rob Reiner. In stereo. • KPIX EVENING MAGAZINE Featured: Susan Luccl; Blue Devils. § KGO TRUTH OB CONSEQUENCES KOED WILD. WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS OD KTXL BARNEY MILLER CD KBHK NEWLYWED GAME WQN INN NEWS DISN ANIMALS IN ACTION Featured: the animal kingdom's fastest runners, highest lumpers and largest filers. DISC WORLD ALIVE A atudy of South America's jaguar. NICKMONKEES 8:00 B KTVU MOVIE "The Martian Chronicles" (1980) (Part 1 ol 2) Rock Hudson, Gayle Hunnicutt. Based on a novel by Ray Bradbury. After two previous expeditions fall to return to Earth, a U.S. astronaut volunteers to lead a third mission to colonize Mars. O KRON MATLOCK (Season Premiere) Matlock travels to London to conduct a mock retrial for a man convicted of killing . his billionaire father. With David McCal lum and Don Murray. In stereo. 8 KPIX HOUSTON KNIGHTS KGO WHO'S THE BOSS? (Season Premiere) Angela and a woman from Tony's past bid tor his housekeeping services at a charity auction. In stereo. O O KQED NOVA This history of ths Galileo project to explore Jupiter examines the U.S. space program's atrengths and weaknesses after the Challenger dlaae- ter.(R)g O KICU MOVE "Who Is Harry Kellerman And Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?" (1971) Duatln Hoffman, Barbara Harria. A succsssful rock composer becomes obaeaaed with a mystery figure who has been apreading vicious rumors about him. O KTXL MOVIE "The Oaterman Weekend" (1983) Rutger Hauer, John Hurt. A controversial television journalist Is convinced by a CIA agent that his closest friends are really Soviet agents, turning an annual reunion weekend into a nightmare of terror. O KBHK MOVIE "The Amityville Horror" (1979) James Brolin, Margot Kldder. A couple searches for the reason behind a series of bizarre and frightening events occurring In their newly purchased Long Island home. O MCTV MEDIA ARTS WQN TALES FROM THE DARKStDE ESPN INSIDE THE PGA TOUR DISN ADVENTURES OF OZZHE AND HARRIET DISC ARTHUR C. CLARKE'S MYSTERIOUS WORLD NICK I SPY HBO MOVIE "Shadow Play" (1986) Dee Wallace Stone, Gloria Leachman. Plagued by writer's block, a playwright seeking some form of inspiration heads back to the ialand where her fiance died seven years before. 'R' SHOW MOVIE "Prlzzl's Honor" (1986) Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turner. Directed by John Huston. Complications arise when a hit man for a Brooklyn crime family marries an intriguing L.A. blonde with a closettul of skeletons. In stereo. 'R' MAX MOVIE "Stewardess School"' (1988) Brett Cullen, Mary Cadorette. A motley band of rejects enter the Wleder- meyer Academy In hopes of becoming flight attendants. 'R' 8:30 • KQO FULL HOUSE (Premiere) Comedy. A musician and a comic help a widower raise his three children. With Bob Saget, John Stamoa and David Coulier. Q WON TRAPPER JOHN. M.D. ESPN SPORT8CENTER DISN MOVE "Lota Of Luck" (1986) Martin Mull, Annette Funlcello. For an auto mechanic and his wife, winning a million- dollar lottery is Just ths beginning of a prize-winning atraak that brings more headaches than expected. DISC LIGHT OF MANY MASKS Bali's masked dsnce drama, known aa Topeng. 9:00 • KPIX MOVK "Angel In Green" (Premiere) Bruce Boxleltner, Susan Day. A Catholic missionary and a Green Beret Army officer reluctantly join forces to aave the Inhabitants of a South Sea ia- land from rebel violence. • KQO GROWING PAINS Mike puta hie talenta to use as a aaleeman for a atereo store with s disreputable Image, g . O KQED WE THE PEOPLE (Premiere) Peter Jennings narrates this four-part series on the Constitution. This episode: freedom of speech, religion and the right of assembly. (Part 1 ol 4) g CD MCTV MOVIE "Africa Speaks" (1930) Early sound film record of an expedition throughout Africa, led by cam- eraman Paul Hoefler, Including footagv of wild animals and tribal hunting parties ESPN SPORTSLOOK DISC LOST KINGDOMS A profile of Sheik Badji. NICK DONNA REED 9:16 WTBS MOVIE "Escape From Zahraln" (1982) Sal Mlneo, Yul Brynner. A nationalist leader in an Arab oil state Is saved from execution by his fellow r«b- els. 9:30 O KQO I MARRIED DORA (Premiere) Comedy. For the sake of his two children, widower Peter Farrell (Daniel Hugh- Kelly) weds his Central American housekeeper (Elizabeth Pens), g WON MOVIE "The Charge Of The Light Brigade" (1936) Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland. Two British officers lead their troops into futile battle against the Russians In this adaptation of Lord Tennyson's epic 19th century poem. Colorized version. ESPN SURFER MAGAZINE DISC THIS ENGLAND The railway station bar at Stalybridge. NICK MISTER ED MAX ORIGINAL MAX TALKING HEADROOM SHOW Guests: Gilbert Gottfried, Grace Jones, Don King. In stereo. Q 10:00 O KTVU ID KICU OD KTXL NEWS O KRON CRIME STORY (Season Premiere) Luca's heir apparent. Carlo Mastrangelo, vows to halt an organized- crime commlaaion hearing headed by an ambitious politician. In stereo, g O KGO MOONLIGHTING Second-season finale. The morning after flnda the detective duo Involved In the case of a lovesick heiress sad her flsnce. (R) g O KOED EXPRESS A look at the parole system and what it takes to make It on the streets handicapped by a prlaon record. ESPN SCUBA DISC NEW ANIMAL WORLD A atudy of reindeer. MCK MY THREE SONS HBO. MOVIE "The Man With One Red Shoe" (1986) Tom Hanks, Dabney Coleman. Chosen at random, a somewhat off- center violinist Is thrust Into the crossfire of rivsl CIA factions In Washington. 'PG' 9 MAX MOVIE "Shsnghal Surprise" (1986) Sean Penn, Madonna. A small-time hustler and a missionary in 1938 Shanghai search for a large cache of opium that had mysteriously disappeared e year before. In atereo. 'PG-13' g 10:30 O KQED IRAN: BEHIND THE VEIL A look at the country that has drawn the U.S. Into a complicated Involvement that pre-dates the original hostage taking and currently entangles us In ths Iran- Centra affair. O KICU INN NEWS CD KBHK THAT'S MY MAMA O MCTV MOVIE "Tom Brown's School Days" (1940) Cedrlc Hsrdwlcke, Freddie Bartholomew. A young boy finds excitement and adventure when he enrolls at a fashionable boys' prep school. ESPN RUNNING AND RACING DISN MOVIE "Over The Moon" (1940) Rex Harrison, Merle Oberon. A young woman comes Into a financial windfall, but soon learns that love and happiness are more Important than material wealth. DISC AL OEMING • MAN OF THE NORTH Huge herds of reindeer are rounded up in the Arctic. NICK ANN SOTHERN SHOW MOVIE "Fool For Love" (1985) Sam Shepard, Kim Baslnger. Obsessive love breeds a mixture of antagonism and passion as two people confront each other in a run-down motel. Adapted by Shepard from his play 'R' 11:000 KTVU OD KTXL LATE SHOW In atereo. O KRON O KPIX O KQO NEWS CD KICU ROCKFORD FILES CD KBHK DATING GAME ESPN TOM MANN OUTDOORS DISC PANTOMIME DAME The role of parody in British pantomime. NICK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? 11:16 WTBS MOVIE "Ths Violent Ones" (1967) Fernando Lamas, Aldo Rsy. Murder suspects In dsnger of being lynched are saved by the sheriff. 11:30 O KRON BEST OF CARSON From August 1986. Singer Belinda Carlisle and Don (Father Guido Sarduccl) Novello with host Johnny Caraon. In atereo. (R) • KPIX BARNEY MILLER , • KOO ABC NEWS 8PECIALI"Capltal to Capital" Politicians from the United States and the Soviet Union participate In spontaneoua discussions. Anchored by Peter Jennings. (Taped) g • KBHKKUNGFU WQN LAVERNE A SHIRLEY ESPN SPORT8CENTER NICKMONKEES 11:36 HBO MOVIE "The Fly" (1989) JeH Goldblum, Qeena Davis. A scientist's (exportation experiments take a frightening turn when his genes mix with those of a houeefly, causing him to gradually be transformed Into an Insect. In stereo.

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