The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 29, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 29, 1859
Page 4
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/• _ _ BEPORTICD VOfi THE DAXLY-HttPB. T -*- •' * * saas May 28. The following lamlUt of Ibe officers ordered "to tlWateainMlaai^JaoInto, preparing at New : Torlr-for the"African'station: Oapt. Arm- .strong, Lieut*. Donaldson, Hughes, Madlgnn, * Johnson and lioyall, AqUnirMaster, A. P, ~ ~ "" " " Farron : Cap*. lownsena, «{ the slawa- Echo, is «•- *>«*. ?****, Bwty, Chief Enginerr, onltted.' . I * * * !~1 J ~—"—"*' l" , —~ - ^unwu. _ ^— t Utwlkoaatflew-Orle...*. i, o.M.yas; In the WbeM 0orp«p ewe, <U» ^ecWoei is y^e d ea ,oo.-.trc SUte OonVention aClfctOii postponed until Monday $ r/fllook, -p Bongeiias after » w»rm contest of 8 days eoml- n*ted Thos. Hoore, a Slidell nan, for Gfevern or. i Specie <Mr Europe. JNKW YOEK, May S8." The slenmshlp "Arizonia has arrived from The VJgo for Liverpool took out nearly $7,- Braios 23d inst, with $200.000 in specie. 000 4n srecle, the Weser for Southampton §68,- ^fgam^gi^fmm^mm^^^m 000, and the Aityjo npwanLof.»a»IM>on and a^ ; _,- j, COMMESCI Al• -C|aaTcer* ^ ^ l - - Pant Merpty «t Boston. . Boston, May S3 GKO. GODFREY, BDITOB. K V I K W . Pan! Morphy arrived this morning, and • W E,! .»was reoaived at the depot by a committee of).. '^ , •• >.. *the Boston Chess .Clpb, and esoorted to the • . . : , , Severe- House. His'formal reception takes i place this p. m. at the Cliess Clnb rooms. } , . , , !*?"!7. ; ..-•••*:• ,, i weekhaibeen1qalteite»dy. The «nlfon» report bu been "Exchange mm at 2 per -cent. Gold the urne.— omcR OF *HB DAILY 'NEWS,, aflIw*Bkee,M»yM,lil6». > • market during the A Man Shot. PBOVIDBHOE, May 28. Last erening asMr. Bnrr.ll Arnold, of Cen- Oorrency scarce." fcchange daring the tetter part bf the weektt>pweVer,hu been lets Una, but»tlU without instantly killed toy some person ankno,wn.— The ball entered his back between the shoulders. He had just returned from this city. •" y«atnr tVoAa usvwasuu The steamship Isabeljfrom Havana and Key West, has touched off Tybee, on her way to Charleston. The Havana Sugar market was dull and unsettled;' molasses active and improving ; freights and exchange'were advancing. Fir* at MldoUetoury, Man. MlBDLKBTJET, May 28. The pleam saw planing and box board mill of Benson & Smith, and the Railroad Depot, and part of the South Middleboro station oi the Cape Cod E. R. were destroyed by flre last sight. There was no insurance. From Pike'e Peak. LKAVEKWOKTH, May 28. The Pike 0 * ?«ak mail with dates from Denver City, arrived here .last night with foot pas- •engers and s small Amount -of dost in the bands of passengers. Provisions were arriving at the mines and the general aspect of affairs had improved. Another Murder. TEOT, May 28. Robert Morrison, a well know citizen of West Troy, and Deputy Sheriff of Albany Co., was murdered late on Friday night, robbed, and his body (brown into the canal basin ,frotn which it was recovered to-day. Hoop-of-Wor Hartford. BOSTON, May 28. The new eloop-of war Hartford, which was C in commission yesterday, has her crew on rd, and now lies in the stream bound for the East Indie*. Capt. Stribling is her flag officer, and Charles Lowndes the commander.— She will make a trial trip previous to her departure. Important Crom Ttucany. PnovrBEHCK, E. I., May 28. The Journal publishes a translation of a circular issued by the provisional government of Tuscany, rehearsing the local which preceded the abdication of the Grand Duke. The only new f»ci staled by the circular is that just previously to his abandonment of the government, Leopold sent his'son, the Arch Poke, to the fortress of St. Geoive, ordering the commandant to file upon the city, which order the latter firmly refused to do. eroatFtrr. BALTIHOKI, Hay 28 The total loss by the fire at Key West is estimated at $300,000, on which there Is insurance to the amount of $100,000, all in Nt-w York offices. Among the principal losses are Coloucl C. Harris* estate 35,000; Wm H. Wall & Co ' $50,000; P. Clark, §200,000. Jas. Feler, $16000; Peter Gandolpho, $15,000; U. 8 $17,000; C. C. Horn, $14,000, 8 M. Shafer, §16,000; L-F.Campl.eU, 510,000. The firu raged 8 hours, destroying upwards of 100 buildings, of which 72 were store*, warehouses and dwellings Virginia Election. Richmond, Va., Maj 23. It is estimated here that Mr. Let-oher it elected Governor 2000 maj. Letcher'e majority in the isle of Wright Co. as far as heard from is 392. Southampton Co girts a small ma. Letcher. A small democratic loss is reported in Northampton. Democratic gains in Accomac anJ Rausemond counties Brooke Co., Letcher about 120 maj.; Hancock Co., Letcher, 160 m«v)-, Ohio Co., Goggin 298 maj—two opposition and one democratic members are elected to the legislature. Marshall Co., Goggin 200 maj.—opposition representatives elected. Nelson Co. gives Goggin 354 maj. Page Co—Letcher \522 maj., with five precincts to hear from. Bussel Co.—Goggin 40 maj. In 50 counties heard from, Goggin's maj. is about 800 to 900. A private despatch from Wythville s«je that 7 Cos in the 13th congressional district, have been heard from, and the democrats low 1,800 on Gov. Wise's vote. The contest between Fioyd and Martin is doubtful. Three Cos. in the 12th district have been heard from; the democrats lose 800 on GOT. Wise's vote. Owing to the i'mlted demand, U has not been materially .felt.' The banks confine themselves to home currency. Illinois being received at Itf per cent, discount. .; Bau.DEYOfn.~-Tbe market for flour and country produce generally has been ta<n» daring the wr«*. Operations hate been conducted cautiously with a sharp eye on ths eastern advices, • nd prices not varyteg much from those of last week, and closing about the •nme, there being no sales of flour to mark prices at the dote; No. 1 wheat bringing 1,16 In store, which was the case on the Saturday previous. In flour, transactions have been vt-ry limited and with a downward tendency. No sales on Monday. On Tuesday sales or 100 bb-li conn;rj spr ng of brands at 7,00@7,£&: 168 bbls country spring extra at 6,76. On Wednesday, 200 bWs North Star milts at 7,25; 200 bbls Arena mills at 7,00; £50 bbls Portage nnUuat 7,00. On Tftmrfjday l&O bbls of variofks coflntry brands of extra at «,7B; and on Friday CO bbls of the same kino 0 at 6M. This with 460 bMs o< rye flour, xhlch ws» »oM on Wednesday for 6,60, comprise* the sales of Hour for the week—making 1.686 bbls, In all. The transactions In wheat were more liberal, o -cur rlag as follows: On Monday, 600 bush choice ,Ko. 1 at 1,2'; 350 bush No 2 at 1,12)4; SObiuh extra No. 1 at l,2i; SDOuueh dlttf at 1,30; 800 bush extra at 1,*S 600 bush extra No 1 at 1,83; 2,000 bush No. 1. In store, at 1,20; 125 bush extra for milling, at 1,4S; CO buch winter at 1,62J{, 14, 000 bush Ne l.,f. o. b., at l,5»ij ; 500 tosh choloe No. 1 at 1,25; 140 bush extra No. 1 at 1,85; 4,090 busn No. In store, at 1.2J; 7^00 buih Ne. 1. f o. b., 1,25—making 25,975 bushels In all changing bands at an advance »f On No. 1. Other klnda at a larrer Advance. On Tuesday sales were S* bush chelcc extra at !,<•; 625 bash extra al 1,40, 2.001 bush So 1 f. o. b. at 1,24; 800 bosh No. 1 In store at 1,22; Six) bush Inferior wheat at 1,15; 400 bush triple extra alt 1 ,«6; 806 ba,h extra at 1,60; 325 bush No. 2 at 1,18; S,000.bush No. 1 «n it, at 1,22. In all 7,675 bush at a shade k-elter prices. On Wednesday sales were 303 bus triple extra wtUte winter for milling, an extraordinarily One quality at 1,82*; 10,000 but extra Bo. 1 f. a. b, at I,**)*, 40 do white winter at 1,60; 500 do triple extra at 1,50; &&>) do white winter at 1,62*; 700 do No. 1 at 1,20; 1,050 do extra No. 1 milling a' 1,45; In all 12,910 bua at n alight decline. On Thursday aeJes were 10/too bua No. 1 f, o b , at 1,26; 8,0 HI do extra No. 1 f. o. b., at 1,40; 309 do while at 1,60; COO do choice extra No. 1 at 1,26, 1,000 do No. 1 In siore at 1,28; making sokl 16,900 Ims., the-i>fl -ei of the week culminated to-day. Oo Pna'ar saje. were 40 bus white winter at l.i'.o, 12,000 No. 1 T o. b , at 1,WX; 1S,<40 bos In all. On Saturday, BOO bus No. 2 at 1,03. 110 do e>tr» No. 1 at 1,30; 1,3(10 bni No 1 at 1,15; S64 to rejected wheat at 67 J£; 600 do extra No. 1 ol 1 35; S,674 bus In all, and at a marked decline of 6c on No 1. The aal«9 for the week amountlnf to 77,604 baa. Oats have been dull and the prlc- hai 1-eeii pretty un formly &0c; the Bales during the wrek hava beeD about 9.000 bua; aoffie of the closing aalre were mi4» at 48c, Khlch*howi a downward fc.nJencr. Corn, the Bales of corn hare been quite limited, price! opening at SOc and going up 10 SSc In the middle or the week and closing at 78 for ahellzd; aboul S.SOO bo> wtre reported ea told. In barley, there Wai nothing done, and p' • n«ml. nally the aatne. Potatoea ha»e l>«en}verr plenty and dull of aa e — Prices hart ratlfed from 4i to M for common, »r,,l fr»n> i5tc 65 (or Meshsnnocka. In the absencr nf afiy ahlp- ilng demand they havebeen hard to dispose of el the above figures FesiG T. A.SD SnrpMxxrs.—Prelsjhu for the week past itave been very low, hut pricr-a have been raised alight- •; t~ 1 Mfclta 'Bujllfls >r IiJC <20 bus | heat; 180 do barley;'73 com; TO do potatoes; «Sdo"oat»; TStbls flour; US saekfdo; t,7»lb« notaries ' v \ , ' Mslpment* *T (|I akc, UK* I«rons Dnnrana raijnraTt-ion BOIW.— 8M luna ooal; 100 If lumber; 100 M lath; 88 cords woorl; 260 sticks Umber; 1 h'tse and btt( yj CSpkp sundries;' '2$ tons mds. bui 800 bn' whsst; 181 bbls fionr; U> hide*; oattt T «OU5 tt<Ii; 28 but seed; 85 hf bbls fish; »tMs §undrle»;jS01>tnr»ej 4 bbl» whiskey; M bat corp, 88 pkgs aaedrlfi. {ByTelegrapb.Jl %*ork M •\ . . Ntw Ton,llay28 Floas— ttarket for flour htary bat unnchuig-d; 4,400 bbltat 5,30@«'^5 f6f nperflne state ; «,78®7,15 for extrs; 0,60®«^5 for tuperflne western, 6,91X^7,85 fi>r cfitnmon to good «ztn> western; 6,90®7,26 for round hoop Ohio. Market closing steady. Wheat— dull and depresfrd; Siles 6,500 buib at 1.T5 lot Mlchfgan and choice white Kentucky. Com— heavy and a thad e easier; tales t»,000 biufa at SSaSI foij Inferior yellow; 18 for damaged mixed western;M forsonnl. Barley-i-dull. Oats-dull; 63Qi54 for 8 ate; MS6S for western acd Oanadtaa. Ueteoroloa;|cal. 8 i.»—WlndB. W.; sky clouds with rain; sun roie clear. Barometer 28,10. Thermometer 68. 12 • — Wind S. W.; Iky m -,stly clear. Barometer 29,10. Therm imeter 75. 4 r.M.—WtodS. W.; brisk, sky cloudy; appearaoc* of storm In the Vfctt. Barometer £9, 10. Thermometer 73. 8 T. ».—W Ina North; ralniup; heavy thunder storm to the N. W. barometer 28, 08. Therm tm el er 66. Tm WaiTHER.—During 1 ,e past wrek, the weather has been lery various and % viable— a warm day and a cold ii«v—dry diy and a »et day—a day when th c Wind blew a little,, and a d»y when It rl| ped and lore like vengeance, raising tl e very d-d-d-du t. »an(, furs, un I fl es, furnisheA < irufort alternately. Overcoats wer* In frtqaenl reotc^t, and umkrellaa sprung up abundantly, like crops 11 toadttoola afur a khower. If Uieac dlfferrn'. Jn gments .1 clloutt; don't sul', folia luusj be hard to p'eASe. Tl. vegetable kingdom l%fcra U al' In g .nd part, as the gi.-rlh of alit giSrl anil leavei te. c tlQee. We haVf beard ofn • seriouit accidenta, c.u?e 1 by the wind. * MARINE RECORD. I'ur4 of .1Iil\»uukci A an iv eo. Fchr Tartar, I'otneroy, Oiev, land; 830 tons of coa'. fchr Norway, Jobas «, Met. raertre, tog m i u ra. 100 a lath Fchr Drn«r, Marts. Ballle'a Hn« M 41 cor«i Wood, 2(u sticks timber. I'rop OnMnann, Wuklna, f l» niwood, 1 horae an4 buggr, IS pkfrs randrl , 5 pa a Stmr Olrvrland. Dougal, Or>i.<i Uavra Sehr TraviUer, WrtirJit, 91an i woe. 88 corJa wood. Stmr Clty«,l Clerrland, «qu , i. (>ran« Uaveo, 25 loos mdi, 5U ptf < aundrlea CI.KA 111*. P«op Fountain City, Colllngw ud, 800 bed wheat, lie bbl< flour, 2W hides. Schr Baltic, Batrr, Buffalo, t9 250 bush r.ati Stmr CSty <rf Ulereland, gqulrr. Grand Bavru. Kttor Traveler, Sweeny, Ol !„•<), 4 t<m» mrti, f» bueh aandnea. S5 hf bbla e>ri. 7 table »un.lnn Prop Ontonagon, t\ llama, I't.i^agn. *tmr Gai-lle. Untlift, T» c. Elvers, S lona tail, 20 bush rre. 84 bbl, nou<. 4 UMi whlakcy, Vt but), corn, 500 greeo htdra, SI nkf;sBupdrte«. 3chr Traveler, Write, Uanitoa ^c. ?chr Norway, Johnson, Men 'i ottee. &rhr J. * h. gtrooach. Olio, M inlatee SSchr tit. Paul, Uaaber Mari|ur>tr .nAHIM-: iiv n L ^^ TheBchr. Norway frocn Menomonee, which arrived here to-day reports b»vln|c Inat a man 4>y ihe name of Clifford overboard ..n tire night of the 2«th near Sheboygaft. ARSIVID At BcraiL-v, Mai iftrs.—Prop. Potoroar, Oehhard, OhlcaoTO; from Mtlwnubv-, 166 bbli fl^ur, bill do 1 iif b$l Qsh, 87 pkga sundn^a. OlrcnrtC . .-.,. - , B Y virtu* of Vn ei«ut on «aucd from a»fi> Cr«iri, fti thc»boifeent!tled..ctioo,*omedfrtctea.»aii dellr- .. ihe ptfnon.,1 and real pro pt£rtj of m d»DtJ, i «nfl K'iie.1 on , the folio vlnt real estate, l< ln« *°<* being la ;U>eO iy i,r HUwaakeK Uoanty of «IHr»Lkre and Stale Of •ID. to wit : : fae north east quitter of .tctJQu'lJ, tow i |T, -Enge 22, beginnlnff at the south can eoraer dr said quarter ..«Uoa; runnlnfj along the eastiiDe of e»ld quarter oect.ou nortL (p » fwilnl fiJl chaliu ionth of U)e north east JC*fLer of tam fcoirler seetlofi, btiog thewoth e»at comer rtr UnU conveyed >y •.<<* Ulcliirdd (u one Ohi'iBiopbef 8 loepf; theme line of said U D d cousryed (o Bcfaloepf w<Lt to a potat 8CU feel eaal of middle of lUj . PofcJ; thence Bouih 100 JL-C*; thence wi 8 l;S«5*) feet i(i njiddle of Orc> • BAJ- road; th«D«ri »lpD»r the middle of said ruad Booth lo the aoujh |ioe of -aid Quarter *ecUon, thei.ce wwt *<ui|g it&ld eouthli .e of .jaldqnartrr ecctloi. to beghnring, cootalaltig about 84 acres, being on ibe eait aldeof the Ort-eD Bay road, v :; Also t|ie (oitowliiK reai estate eituttiia ihe laid Dorth eaat quwtur of section \l t town 7, rang» £2, begiooJnff at oortk ea«t cnfnc< of laid quarter section; thence vrat with ; Lartb line of liiu quarter lecfon -£>.'£4 cbaJos ib mid- dtcof Ortren Bay road; thr nc<? touth along trld- dleofBajd rotd 4:86 cn^ln- to Qjrth west torner of land >c u ure)ed bj 1'aulel H, Uicliijrdf to Chrtifiojii achloe f f; thence Wist along: north lioeof eiilti land to eau llae of said quarter eect OD ^ii,24 chains; Uteuce Dorth 4 ^« ti-af.ti to bcgjatilag. being »t>uui I'l »crrs, KCMJ ^u the rtgh', tltto and Inieremt of the (aid rfcfrindubt or citUeriof them tn anJ to the flaiJ ^remisca aod appiiru-n uic* • on Uiu^ebth day of October, Ufi^or Eince acqulrt-d ttereto." ; ' Which aaid, property aa aloreaald, t btmll txpoee fur sale and sell at Public Aactun, at the Po*t-nffire, iY the City of BJilwaukfe.ou >u urdaj'. lUe I 4 lit off illuy, ls£r», *i u.e hour »l 2 p V , or •ale- , day, to aatlify >aid exvcutioc, 10^ ether witn ex pen set of ; d Bberlff B Office, SMt-aakee, March 2^. li'.y. Ks, ura^k A MILLKK, f A. J. LANG^\ ullrU » , fl'ffs Atl'ys. f A ,'U. Mil L'r» , W.J.. gg-lawiSw T'-e Ahorc sale is hereby p^stponeJ i'> ^-.ur- day, t&« 2Sth day of Hay, 1859, »t tin t me ..f day. i>a'p<1 S-jtrrlfT'e Officr, A J LAN.i »mnt? place , K r i'- ati J • , , . Thg itbore .lalei ts l.ertby lurth r pojtpoix <i l • Saturday, tht 4Hi day of Jane, 1£>9, at the eHint- j.ia c and Lime Of i|ay . Dated t herill 'B Offlcr, Mil* auk eu, M*> -'•, l-^ 1 -'. , A. J LObW <l. I li t . n,ay29 ' Sher ff \ln U. , \t > f 1 the abof c enlll^eil uj-ii'iu, in u.t d:rec'.nl L Qgaiubt llic | NonCf i . — Vessels enleMng Buffalo Her- >»r will clear ihe Ughl Hum- Hrr BO feet, a. there la >ut atx feet of water tn a nu-nbe of plam w thin 2o "eel of -he P\er — k-uff ffrrtntt ly on laat fee- charlera. Kingston have been a* low ca 5X . eigliU on wheat lo AatnMay wr beard Severe Storm. x. Maj SB. The severe storm of Thursday evening mad tU appearance in the south-east at 4 p. m. 1 seemed first about the size of a man's head Its first appearance was that of a fountain boiling over. It Increased in size throwing olond like folds from the clouds to the eart] inoreasing in width and violence as it ap proaohed the earth. As far as beard from i . bggan in Calhonn county, carrying everything with it from Manchester to • distance of li nules directly north. We can <sount 38 dwel u»g Jionaes, with all Jthe barns and out bouses destroyed. The number of -killed as far as heard from is 11, among whom is Mrs. Bonte » son of Geo. Vanaant, Samuel Brown, a Por- BnB n the empi oy of Mr Knto) JoIMl thim Jacob Sample and wife, and a Mr There are about fiflj seriously, if not mortally, wounded. To give an Idea of the force ?L * storm > a 8tone weighing 8 pounds was lined up and carried 60 feet, passing through a window four feet from the floor. A windmill was carried over 400 yards, with pipes,pmnps, &o., attached. There was no 10 feet square within the route of the stonn that has not got Mils, boards, etc., stuck in so that no one can easily pall them out, while partitions of houses are gone and cannot be found. A man ri- oing in a field was blown from his horse, the •addle torn off, and carried about Smiles from - -ilaoe. No one can form an idea of the ^™ t »_?l U»'B storrA, which lasted bnt "~ ith but little rain. The clone _ <, while on the other cide U WM to distinguish anything. Matter*. five wi im nts of several Railroad <»nipa. Weldon to the business res which re« wmon Mew we now 80 frequent It has been stated that Lord L ^ opinion that the British . Mto wHl «Km, « he hu not 'done ~ «0£ntae the Joarw Government, mnd that'lt is nndewtood that he has Instructions to thai «4wt, bat there is no fonndMioa' for this state. men*, wit is reliably asseited that Lord Ly- otufaMno information wepscting the intention «rf fl0 Ma>ity'« Gorernment with regard to Uatflontending parties ;in Mexico, and ha* Hnrswed no It wsi.deoi . in the Cabinet to^iay to »u- .eoe n e anet to^iay to »u- peroede P, JL Wewott of PMladelphli.. Mr. M.B. Brown will be his •oeoesior. There <tt^bntnT« Millkmi of dollars subscribed to drifti in the Treasury which u bkrelyamar- gta/seqoired 1 for .working wnoothly. Large torn* in Traworjr notes jan «ominf to and being re-issued. '" T5e»moant» would Absorb «verj dollar in the Treasury, »ad rerjuire two millioiiB'mora. j Despatohss . TOwreoriT-ed to-day ftomiCraa. tsimar. t ., H«»tatoi that tha BeU* «ontr4et bad not - ' ' < n V «•* Mln.«t»t, ,„. 1r»lker?«3»>dttat«d foray oe of . i that swaat Jurat that the Schr. glbley had been charter. 1 far tbe aaoM port at 7*. bat we did not become sure of ibe fact.— The New York Central RallroftJ has been taking flour through to New Tork for 4ftc per bbl, by their line of Propellers to Buffalo, avjd thence by rail. The ah pments of nouremd gra*n from this port during tr>e week bave beea aboul 6,00 > bbls of flour; 15,500 bus wheat; 24300 bus oats; 950 bus com; 20 bus rye. The amounts of the reeelpts ot the rsr.ons Ofttlroade during the first five days of the week, as reported to us% foot up as foRows : Hour 2,334 fcbla; wheat 43,596 bur, oats U.4&3 bus; rye 2,959 bo; cvru 8,065 but; barley '240 do; petatoes'4,621 do We do Dot grve these figures a» being entirely correct- There has been SOTTO larity in reporting daring the week which may have caused errors. Arrangements bave beea) made by the Board of Trade u> secure more regular reports, and we hope next week te give facts and figures ahat can be depended upon. HUG TO Vis-TRiri af OcSki Bocae Ve* E s — Ry a I. I r i. urn Lieut. M f. MaurT, U. S 1* . t" li P. • r a>v uf Ihe Board Of Lake Do'lrrwrtlera, we are toformr.1 tl,a'. the maater «f an» aalllng ves-cl fotng to aea from t e la^es, wl! be furntaheJ vlth a copy »>f ihe wind and current cKa-te, r>n ap:iticatl ,n if Lieut. Lynch, ^ o. 1C 8tat St., Sir* York, ID conkile'a ton of his tarnishing aa abstract of ht> log on his rr- urn —Bag MrprtM. C S. 8TB*««a« A.a«rVEI>.— Ssw Voii;, SEAT 27 —The IT. S alexnublps Western Fort and Caledonia, fri>m Montevideo, arrived here to-dar, -Jl irell \9 The at«»mer Svan w ao'd veal^rdar to Hr. •yank Chapel fur •S.SSo.SO. nul.jecl to a n.ortgage of »8,(»0 — Dfl Fr M /~r,», 24tt DAILY K K V 1 K W . — No chaage whatever tn money matteri from yesterday's report. Exchange still steady at 1 per cent. Gold dltte. Currency rather scarce, demand moderate. A sale of Milwaukee and Superior Railroad first mortgage bonds to the amount of $822,000, was made to day on change; they brought 7 per cent Mr. Scott, of the Juneau Dank, wai the buyer. ntltrankee Wbolrrale market. Flour — no sales reported. Wheat— 6c tower. Bales 12,000 bus No. f o. b., (late last even ; 800 do No. ii In Wore at 1,09; 110 doertra No. 1 at 1,80; 1,800 do No. 1 In store at 1,16; COO do extra No. \ at 1,35; 864 do rejected wheat at STX. Oats—nnehaoned. Sales 1,200 bns delivered at SO. Corn—shade lower. Bales BOO bos sdel'ed at SO; 100 do do T8.. Potatoes—lower and dall. Sales 400 bos commas at 45. We make the following quotations: Wheat—Spring Wheat 1,05; tit. 1 do do l.lfi; No. 1 extra do 1,$62»1,30; club milling do 1.802^1,85; red winter do 1,28®!^ white <to do 1^5Q,1J>0. Rye—nominal at 1,00. Dote—48. Corn—dnll at 76396. Xggf—rtry plenty »nd doll at T®7X. Batter—market fan «110® 13. Potatoes—common re* 45; neihannocks 65©6S. Hides—(ream hldea, bo'cbers 6X®7; do do farmers Z; do dossil ted 7J<®8; dry bides 16&M; dry calf and kip 16®I8; sbeepklns 75&1^6; |recn Salt—1^0. Teas—Qrscn T««s SO(}6S; Black OoVo goirara—Common 6Jitt'; Clarified 10; Crnshed 11. Molasses- common WfW, syrupi 62^60. Coffee—Rio 18®18; Laguira 13; White Jamaica 14; Fish—Geo. Bank Cod Cr, Ho. 1 Mackaral per bbls »19 Whlteflilir-5,00r*r X bbls., Tbers has been an In- •pector In FHh appoint^, and Inspected qualities are sailing Mthli figure.- Rice—SaCX- * Leather—Bole per tb. S7<a>0; Upper SOe per foot; »psW®70ptrlb; Call 80(a»0jwrlb;rrencl. Calf and Onees»-01d HamSmri ISj.oew, 10; Old Ohio Hew Ohio' tit." ' "..''' ' Shot— 16. ' : : Yrattc-Drled Applet, 19911, 4q PeaCbea; Prunes BQ1*; Oranges SfOi tamoBi «,8fl; BaiHn* .TBftS,*!; Ta-eecial^SO; Currants 8^10. Llquon—HlfJhwlnet declining, 87; Whl»«ey24a8S. Tha acbooner Viatuar,! left on Scn-lat for Europe, an ^ yrtterday the schooner Pt Helena came do.n from Chatham, where ahe baa been to take no p\pt of h?r oad will gel away for aurepe direct. — lut Fret Prttt, 2»U. The Clevelannl Utraid saye the Western Metropolis end City nf Buff ilo, two of the fineat boats ever lauoched^ipon our western waters, are going to run in the line between Cleveland and Buffalo Ihe com'ng *ea- son, a&d wiU eomiBepoe their regular tripe early next week- Coujsioa.— The bark 8. D. Woodruff, says the Detroit Fret Frrtt, passed up early yesterday morning with her, jib-boom, bowsprit, and ell of her bead-gear, Including the topsail yard. In the truss, carried away.— She had evidently crime In collision with some other •••'•atl, but as she did not s-op, lha partlcnlare could not be ascertained. (V The following Is a lint of vessels which passed this port yesterday. hound Up- Prop Hers Montgomery, Northern Light; bs>rks R.publi ,8. D. "'oodruff; schooners Sunshine. M.'aragaa, Bound Do > .1— Propetler Iron City; nrhoonem Ellen White, tortt\..—I>rtroit fret Prttt, 26<A. The Clc v. lind flatnStaltr, of the 25th, »ay» : 44 The schooner ^ i^nlght arrived down from Lake Se- perlor yesterday aiternoon, with a large cargo of excellent Ice. .It was shipped at Clnclonatl. FHOK Lin POPiki^a.— The Detroit Fret Prut, of the ?8th aays : " The propeller Iron City, from Lake Superior, arrived last evening at 9 o'clock. She left Ontonagon oo Saturday, with 80 tons of copper from the National and Adventure mines; took on 140 tons of Cliff copper at Ksgle River, ard loo tuns at Portage Entrii from the Pewablc mine. Left Harquette on Monday night. At Harqnette were the schooners VermtllU>n» Eetrnnm, Challenge, Queen City and Oonrtrlght. Met the Lady Elgin off Lan-hlng rVblleBsh ; the North Star at i o'clock A. »., on Monday off Grand Sable The .schooner New London, and another vessel, name unknown, were at anchor above the canal. Met the Propeller Mineral Bock at a short distance from Detour." BUTTER. I WOULD call the attention of Families to m; selections of CHOICE BUTTER. 1 am dailj reeelrlng by Express, choice lots of Batter from the best Dairies In the Hfale, which for quality andQatrorls nnsarpassed. Prices alwajl to correspond with (he ••market rates," snd qnallty warranted. Orders solicited and sent to all p irts of the cltj free. JOHN W. Uf.DfA.RD, Grocer a-d IFlne Dealer, may2S 1C I Bast Vgattr street. IBIJ sin illt>'> vii STATE flir' H ISCON8IM, I Olrcait Cour^ MUwaaker County, f 11. el U Uajii|i, \ Dan.el U. ItlcJiar-li, I VrarTtt N^M, | Jrap*-r Vllet Hid i John U. MniCli j B Y rlrlQe tf uu : I,J r*rai J.f» ,«ny ..! above nainc-J dcfli ndKi.iK, I harr seized Hi.d i- v l-.J tbt fotlowm^real t-staic, t . u u ; &t^Kt&Liiii>z Hi i* j/o.u l tn Uit i>«rt»u» a ieclion i?, »li<l 2", r/37 feet D.-itl. uf Un ,C--".<-< tectloD cornet, ruiuiit>K;. t • cat l^'J '( fc- : lu the ettal line "1 F'-urtt-fuUi at; eel, U.CTK. witb sa.jj cast Uotf of fuurtft-uCi stm-i, n^rtli 764 fe«;l lo Ut-aubiAn sutrtrl. ur tl.e csiei -i .T; ..f tbat ilrr^t as rcprtrsente.1 1., I' e j.r»t <>' \lie('i AdtiitiOD-Xo the aly of Milvhah^v, ihn.rt v uii Uie »out|i hoc uf na.d sirrcl, rait ^K) r.ti. tbeDCc vatrlh the southerly Hue of **iJ nre» i .ureet.; Lbtoce WiUi Hie south line of »;i i iiref ea*t ibulil SO ferl to ititr p*>lnt is her- thr t-n .nh wuttrrl> 'Itue of the iatid coDve>r>i : < ."ii-rani Vliet bj tired recorder ID Milwauk-^- Li-ualj to rol (il D( deeUnal fuift: ^}U, rro-vixr* -^.dimuih line of Ha.kl Urcel; Uienc« »Md B»uUiM-b4i<:r - lj IIDC of',Al/r.lni VlitVi land couth 4." Jr-^r ( ^,s, r.ut about &rv tr-t iu a pon.; on Klisv •ircel, wiief*: i-nc tJ ibtersrctcrJ n.t tlje *'«i.>i line of Abrkm \ act's .and, a«:<ji>r>iu^ it) „••>! record fcij ":in *ul 61, uf Jcetls at L.H.^«; ,i4^, firuat- »outb vtUi eilJ H eal liar of Abraui \ un V lao>l 1^.36 cttalrisl it) a co rue r, tru-ncc went •* ilfi N ul, ar/ ol mid At>r»ai \ IM !*• .ami a tha.t,., Ui r,i • •ulith wiUi tajil boundary 613 ^ l-ri. 1.1 r^.ri;, Hue ol Shtrui».n .trrc., UieDCf n .,fi e.^,»J L n: line, we*4 i.y*J cuaias to *ectloD liii<r, t/ir-occ • iLb •cctHju lm« oortr. y6i( lecl to Lh*r pl.n'r ..f OelDH BilUatr-J tu Uir ctval fiall ul the u»rU' nfUt quarter >>t s t ctw>n I a, ^ud IN LI.*- »e§ na<: > llir DOrUi weal quarter ^[ ncclloti '/O ir»ii . range ±/. Allu 9, I . )1. 12, bl.-Ck. ^ LOU at, ^, 4. •'•, 6 ftlj.l .. trtufl Lot 6, blue* 4 Lot (i, bluik i. lA>t 8, block 14 Alt iu VUci'f Ad-1 .lo j L, t:. c . waukee, beti.g iu t.c -nt l.ail east <}.iarL< r i.i tr< L...D IV it,? tl *% jk4 ^t Sri-lioi* i*', to*ii i, rau Alt-,. Ltlc I<>1IOV.:.|T rraJ t-^lAl^ !.point in $PV t. .11 i ujf- l'i ; * i r r , M gU at DorUl B..IC "f rhrrmAi. direct north of Ui*. .jUAitti Bf-rvi .n . • r will) sectio:. iu.- :. <i\tt t^-'J '• • . n«>rlh «liJe ol nai.1 tvlley s. u'.J, . »;., lo uurLh fill <r >/f ?:ierma;i m , , , t t •»)J nor,th line o' Shi-ruiar. »tr-** plare of DffTirmlr.c. couin'tim^ ! 1 w, or leas, be tug situ Ate -1 in thr >-*.,-< r n( lUi eaal> qnarl.r o! »< ciif>n i W, I.. 2V east- Auo Lot 4, block 89, £ecun>l W ar.l NorUiKlot B, block B». 8-.ot..l W Al»o the lOllowmg real rataie bt-it./ tra^t quarter of icction li\lo«n T, bfK lfto JnK at a puint in tli» wni i. wot corner ol isods I-I.Q %» E child! la one Ji-t.n f .-r with laid ^e»t nor of sa^i >jui to a poiDt &.16 chJUDii suuifi corner of i»>d ijuarter ar< 14-tU chains U> la.'liHe ul < ihroce sJofig mtdttic »f §»,i>J r 1U.«0 cbAltn uorth of tt.« qoa\rler icctlota, tl>ence we-ii CHERRY i'ECTORAL, 1 FOR TUB I'.APID CORK OF Colds, Coughs, aud Hoarseness. , MASS, 20th Dec, 1854*. WU J. 0. Am : I do not hesitate tosay *» best naatdj I ban etnr found for OooRhi, Honr>en««», InBomu, Mid tht wncomltut ijiaptbnuof »Cold, Ujour CUMT PTCTDUI. Iti cantant OM ID B; practle* »nd mj tuaSj for Uu iMt tnt jt»n bu ihowB It to poucn rape. (lor tlrtOM for th« trwtmcat of thaw Onmplnlnti. EBEN KNIOBT, M. B A. & MOETLET. E»o,,o/ UKOA, H. T, .rite. : " I b.Ti ami jour Jtctant mjnU and In mj tuallj tin ttac» foo indented It, *nd b*Uct» It U» l«t medicine for 111 pnipoM «T«r pat out. With i bad cold I ifaoold Bonn paj twnttj-fln dollan for a bottle tJun do without It, or taki any otbor nntadj." Cronp, Whooplnc Coafh, Influenza. SpiXNoniLD, UISR, Feb. T. 1S44 Baoma Ana: I wfll •bawfully cwtifj jonr Aetoral to th« but ramedr w* poaMn lor UM cart of whooping Wash, enrap, and the cheat UKUM of chlWren. W« of four fratarnttj In th* 8o«th appraclate ftui iklll, uui aommend four mMldn> to our paopl*. HIRAM OONKLIN, II. D. AMOS LKB, Eatv, MOBrmn, U., wrlua, 3d Jao, 1«M: " I had a tadioo* InfliMnia, which confined m» In doon <lx WMki ; took maoj madldmu without relief; «nally trlrf roar ftrfor*! by the adTlce of ow etatjvaa. Th» fint ioM rallBTed the eonneei In mr throat «nd long* ; ttm than on* half tha bo«U. n»^. 'o« oompletalj weU. PATENT MEDICINES. pletalj weU. Tear medldnw are the cbtvpan u w.S u th* beet w> e*a boy, and we eiteeia loa. Doctor and joor remedial. ej fh« poor man'i friend.' Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. WIST MiKCHrarma, PL, Feb. 4, 1850. Bra: Tour CVrry Fkaonl U yet tui mint marralUmn raree In toll (action. It baa relleTed laTeral from alarm mg irmptoxne of anninmptlon, and U now carfax • m*n Who hae labored under an ilTectlon of tha iongn for ttx> lait Ibrtr jean. HKNRT L. PARKS, Uerchxn' A. A. RAMSEY, M. D.. Auiiai>, Uomoi Co., lo«, wrttee, Sept. «, 1S55 : >• ihjrinx mf practlcvof many ;<«r4 f hare fcand nothing eqaal to yo«r CTerry Ptttaral for flTlag eaae and raUef to con«timptl*« patlenta, or enrin^ nch ae era curable." rf • ml|(bt add nlomae at ertcanee, bat the aMet ena- f Indnf proof of tha Ttrtnee ef tbli remedj to feoael lei la •fle«ti upon trial. Consumption. Probably no one remedy bu <r»«r keen knowa wok* aored e^ many and inch danfarone caeae M thift. Boeaa oe hmnan >U can reach ; but erea to thoee tha Oi^ff t+Oonl affnrdi relief and eomlhrt A»ro» Hecn, S«w Toaa Crrr. M»rch i, ISM. Docroi Ariv LOWILI: I r M | It • >lncy and a plearon to Inform you what yonr Cherrj P*eltni ha» dona (br my etlfe. Bhe had bei<fi QTe vontfeoi laboring uwi«« tba dao- <«TOae symptom* of C«n>nmptlOn. from wblch no aJd wt snld prnrar* ga*e her maeh relief .^he wu KteadHy ull- •cg. nctU I>r. gtronj, of 1M« dty, whrn v» hure n.m« 9n hdvlce, rec^mmaaded & trial of Tear medtetna W« blaei bi* klndneim, a* we da yoar Ifeill ; fur the baj renuTered from that day Bba !• not yat aa ftrong aa iba ujed ta ba, bnt !• free from ber CTRftli, and r<Ula henwlf well. Toon with ETCtltuda aod regard, OIILANDO SnFLBV, or do not deapalr till yna bete tried Ami CsiaaT PiCTOau. It U made by ooe of the l>.<*t nudicaj chemlata In tbe wttrld, and Ita <^irra ail aronnd qj U>e high raerlu of lt< Tlrtna» — /^iili<Wp/iu Lrdyr f rrii U«> r K.l d -outfi to [•' i:,i ->uLti tio< ot «i •: u 7u r- a<o* t<> fr &>•'> aD<l be tig oc tii« west iidt* ol t,*.f Orr«i road. WbJcb said property, a« aforesaid, I chill rSpoir fur naJe arid tell at-Public 4uctu>n at lh« C«ari lmi*r :i, ifie City of H)l»aultrr, on fiaturd n j-, iti t- ItUU Uu y Ol Jlarcta* 1-^69, at Uie hour OL -if <*•, of t: Hi -lay lo taUftfj staid ex«-rution t t .K-U-rr w ith e ^ i»-i»»—> ,r Ayer's Cathartic Pills. •T^ H B >daocM of Chamliftrj tod Medlctus b>T(* b>w«Q ••i t»XP<l tb«ir Qtmnat tn prtxlac* tbl* bsja«t, mod p«rfnct pargmtlT* which !• bnnwc to mavn. Inotim*r.vM«i p>-^->f< u-« ihowp that tbese PILU KAT« rlrtnfifl whlcb larpam In •xc«Mr>Qr* th.» ordiosxry m*dlc.o«.v *nd thmt they W!D an prYcedeTit-tdly apon th« Mt«>eDi of ill men. Th«y avr»«atfe ».nd pleasant to taltv bat pow«rful to can Tbetr p^ne- trmting propertiMitlmaUite tb« rltAj n-OnO^rjof t2i« body, mmoTsi tb« f*b»trcctlnn» nf It* orjfmn*, parlfy th» W*x>d, Mid «lp*l dia^isUA. They purge ont the fr>oJ humor* whlct brfnd &nd %ro* di»t*tnp»*r, (ttronlat* ilaggiih or dionr d*r»d orf.m» Into tbvtr D*tor»»J »*rt]en, and tmp*rt htrnJlh; ton* with §tr«ri|[lh ts th» vbole tyftam Not ouly <in they core tb« »Tery-d»y coaipUlnta of rv*ry body, bat tl*o formtdmbj-, and dAn^crtnu illTniMm that have b*ffl«l the of bonuui it 111 VTMle they prtxioc* po»»>rfhl rttectx, they »r« at the mn* dm*. In *Unilntih*»d df«f*s, th« «a/f*«t avod taiMt physic Uial can be en ployed for children Bming. iuear<-*t*d. th#y arc pio«*»ot to Lala. tad bnln^ puri>)y T»>(;»*abia, art fr»* fr«m aaj rlik of haj-m. Care* i h»Tf bssen made which forpftci ballef w*r» th*»y not tub- 1 ttAntUtxi by m^n of »orb exaJted pMrltlao and cbaratrttx 1 aa U» fbrt>td tb« miplcl^o of nntrath U»vny eminent i clerjryn;<*n and phy«k-1ana bn« lent th*-lr nm^ to mrtlfy lo the pohUf tb« reliability of m? remedies wb(]« olbfit bare tent me tfie finur&Bfe of tbelr warlrtloa that my atfflletarxl, •nffrsrlnj feiJow-tnaa. ^ The Agent bflow named •• plnaavrl u> fumUh (ratii my i marl can AJrnaoaat, coaLaJnlog -iir»rtlnra» tV>r cbatr aae »nJ .-ertlflc*t*« of ibxtr ruma, of th» fnU-jwIng comptaJot* — Cnetlv«n«a.v Blllooi CumpUalnt^, RhonmAtlim, Drotwy, HimrtborD. (It-rVl&rFi* arA<ln( fr^oi a Crul •i/,ma**h, N»& avrinlng lht»ntfr"m. Klatnlcnry. Ltxm of AppfLtm, all L"lr«-r •n» anJ CvHaii«*'a» Driwajnw wli'rfa rv\ u4r* in <-T»rnant fDMfio*, iVrofula or Klnf'i B»1L They fclst-i, by purify Sr-i T .u* I rHlA> lin ». b-r^.n.TT'moaU -f t>— L.»»r i.n.1 K l«^ a*y«. Gout, and oiht-r tin4n»d oomplaintj ai iFtna fr^-m t low MAie ,,f th» bsily or I'trstrnrOon uf lu faii-ilnn* Do not l>* pnt tiff by nDpr1nHpl*tl 'la«*iain with a»itn« •th^r pit! th«-y m«\k» tn.>r» pmfll oo Aik for A T ra'i foo T>mparsa« with thti In lu intrlniitr T%Jn» ur -nrmHr.« Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER, Practical and Analytical Cbsmiit. LOT el'. Haas. Pua 8» Ors. ro Box. FIT* Bmra r-* | 1. BOLD BT JOHV RICE. Ml », u iir,. 1 U RE ITI * CO., O ';*i »..! *.-• '. ••• T to»n i-' l -rnll-' a t»r». ^^' 7 . i t. DR. M'LANE'S CELFBRA IT.I) VERMIFUGE OVERFILLS. DR. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, A3TD DR. HOOFICASI^S BAL8AMK CORDIAL, The grtat standard medicine* of the prttent age, have acquired their great popularity unit/ through yean of trial. Unbounded satisfaction u rendered by them in all eases; and th* people have pronounced them worthy Lire* Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the .Vervons System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a dwonier'd liver or weakness vf the stomach and 'h(/*stnre 'oryanj* are rpeedily and permanently curtd ty the GERMAN BITTERS The Balsamic Cordial ^u acqwrid i rtpfiJatiOn suT^JOJSiny that <>f any ttmiliir pr»- parvhon rxtani ft will curt, wiTHuri PAIL. the most ttvere and lony-ttanding Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchi u 3. Ia- fluenia, Croup. Pneumonia, Inciplont Conaumpuou, titid ha.J performed rht mast .ufjntihin-j -u/--- -VST tnoirn of Confirmed Consumption. A few doses will aUv at onre r/i^-v <id cure the n*ost severe DlarThasa t"--,,--^,^,,^ from COLD IN THE BOWEL* T'kest msdianea ar* pr*f*ir*d ty I'^ \ \\ JACKJOV A Co., So 4M Ar-k >"f-^. /"^,. t 'Jelphm, Pa., anti ar* s^l-i '/y druyyiyrt : -, t dralen tn msdmrifs even/wh^*, -n ~ ', • p*r *j> t ttU. T W ngnaturv ,f i 1 M J \- K-*..S \otll *>f on tkt outside wrapper ->f w*\ "-•-'- In tkf Almanac puhlwhfi inn>i,i..''t -,>, ->e proprietor I, <"filled ETTRTBuDT * V L M \ •• \. you \c\ll "ind 'sstimony md ••imni^mt.i- -r. t 'i'-fiC'S f'-'ym all p-ir*$ ,.r ike >un'^ /"-p-a Almanacs if* g\vm jway l jy lii >'f tyri I > v i (';"(> K' A r \ < > l :,." I > K Kl' I. 1 ! I'K - \ ^ - 'Hi Kiitirt'h Inn. 1 sale. l)at*r:l ShenlTo Office, Mil PIHCH.W, LTir**t A il'Li-iH, Pl'Ji Atl'ya. aukee, Feb. •(, IH.V... A J LANifVVi'KllsY 8nV. ».»:;. v , . ( rt j,Tif lU »< I i.- . ' / Jtlll N V <H - »rftl Rc-tai'. ^ , * I'll --, N 1. \V i li K A T M K N J . f FLIV-A. T13 AMD {oulitl^ntial Medical Advice ! V T if.f Puffa;.. P- v %.r H i*piti. —^-iiahi «ii -1 '• r -r,f .-vir- -f ^jrpli...^ * -.*< -,^^, *.,.!••- — • r -• I i.i Till r-a i. ' Yu-itr, in.I VI 11 ur i c . • v :>' * M - I I.N\ ENT1"N ur« -f G~n.M< D- b; antfve is r e ehy ' onrd till .*atur- • Coit Olhci-, at da>, the ii6th day of M.rch, I the hour of i P. *.. Sheriff '» OtTCe, ^!Uaukee, March 19, 1V>9 A J. LA -li WoKt li V, mar20 Sher.U M Iwautti-r i <> Jc^T" The abOve sale u further |i<.«t|>onr>i t v> 1- nesday, the 6th day of April, at the >arui* place and time of day. l)*i«d ttherlS"» Office, Mil wankee,>rh 'tf\\* 9 A. J LiNtiWOlttH V, mar29 cherifl >fJl C". f^" The above aaJe »» further poeifxin. ii tn ri*fnr- day, the Hist dKj ol May, ls&y, at the P«-»i-0^ce, at the hour of '2 r. M., of that day Dated Eh end '» Office, Milwaukee, April 6, 1&9. A, J LANl.WuhrUV, aprT oiier.ff Utlvau xe i^o. 120^* The above sale In hereby farther )>"<<; pom d to Saturday, the ibth oay of May, at ihe »aice |.Uc*j and time of day. Dated BtivTi.T :i s Office. Milwaukee, May »1, l^y. • ,A. J. LANUWuUrH , ma>22 ; Sheriff Mil Co., « is. ^T" Toe above tale Is hereby further po»tp. nr«i to Saturday, the Itth day of Junr, l&&9,atth e oattie pl»c« and time of day. Da tea Sheriff '• Office, Milwaukee, May 25, lN*.9. A. J. LANGWOKTHlf, i t4hrriJM<l. *'^-, VVi«. YOl M, I'.r-i, I' 1 MKN TAKfc. A !*n 4 \ '.an* KIDS, 1 11 t s^'t t.y Uu n,a;l nr ^ unienl r-vt-r ,u * - :• •! a, -<r *ny ji»c;ts«; »f a r Ai/rcei .'.*bit if j omri * CURE ^ARRANTKI) Dr. AMOS i ?ON have Jev-U:d ihetr >ti~y fav* c^ ullar ciass if [n«, .ijueiuly ht-en ,-n»£>ie'l SU L»ai8 Sugar OweA Haiai* i AM constantly recelrlng • -upplr of tbese celebrated Hams, the best In theD .lied Btates. Those who lore good things lo m< line would do veil to call and * examln* mjr stock. JOHN W. LKDYAED, Grocer and Wioe Dealer. 161 East Water itmt B-aaa-iearoe; white 60O90. Lumber— common Jreefl, nupUefl 8,00; eourroondry 10,00; clear elding 1*^, 4d clear siding 11,06; common •MloflO^IO; Soaring dreasedK; flooring undressed 88; M clear dreaaed floorfau 18,00; «otnmon"3B; dear stuff 16; M dear W; koardi «d K; ihlngles I,TS&8 > 00; lath »f»; pickets 10; sash stuff 16; o«dif poM SaiOc. fan -dull; BaU lOc; Minks 10XQ11X; Ooons 40® 60 MaUlns^l J 25aS^O, rjshert.4^0; Otter 4,00^4^0; Lynx ; Btawk 88; Beaver per lb. " ' Vuw* tarn Niw|WnlT^-The AngruU (O».) Co** "• ' «Asm»n«hlp. OIROUIT CODET, r Milwaukee Count;. ) John A. Page, Plaintiff, •gainst Orlando Alexander, William A. Darstow, Edaln Ti.wn- E«uJ, Btorer Bine*, fames Satherland, The Central Bank of Wisconsin, Horace H. llaBn, Jasper K. Goodrich, Joseph Gary, Henry Williams, Oonda R. Alton, George B.Bmlih, Thomas 0. Ooreblns, John M. nlzon and tdward Fox, Defendants. The,BUtc of Wisconsin, to the a bore named defendant* Y OJD an hereby summoned and required. to asiwer the complaint In this tclloD, which la «kd In the offloeof theOletkof thfOlnnt (hurt for the Ooonty of Mllwsoiee, at the Chy of Milwaukee In (aid Ooontj and to serve a copy of yoor answer to the (aid complaint, no the «nbicriberi, at their office, Hoi. 8 and 4jAlbM>jr tlnlldlng In the Uty of Milwaukee,within • Wenty Jay• alter the senrlce hartof, «tclnstre bf the <J«y of goch|senrlce; and If JOB fall to answer the com?'-^?* JJ UW " *• Ume •' orei « l ' 1 i therplalntlir will apply to tbe Court for the relief dimanded to the'eomplailat. —- ) Wltaeu the Bon. AOKTHUR MoABTHUB I Jnd ^ e ^ the Circuit Court for said Ooon. ;ty of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this 2nd day of April, 185J. , HOOKtaiPPANeKNBERG, *prt»-l»wpw K'a"» AU'j«, Milwaukee, Wii. • Mll»aukee County, f TteodoBla* ritra^ng, Jamei B. AdnatVce aod Sttpbeo B. Btratig, J' nalhan Mapia, Almlra J. Mafle, Jamei A. SwaJn, FranceJ C. Siralb, The Bi*te Bank erf Wis CODJlD, i Joseph H. Ogdefa, Peter V. Lane, ! .ckn. w r-rcfd by cnnval^scent [", Lilly »rnviti|£ m uiwn frifm till par-a .f Lh repress ^urpo»« unly of rnnaultationjt, »ml- their t-\eriionJ have iie^n crowned wuh it-? ai<>it *i,fnai ad- VKnt-a^e^, yrt fruoi what they have eiperem -'I n ^n- '(Uir p ng iotu thff caa^ea i>( ih" ,of(rct.<Mi«i .-Miripiftim , i [mm their mo B i <lmpl« cim-dttnm to Ui*i .1 h« ni-.^t i^rirerous at.a LnvettraU;,) iney fi«vj i,*»ji _M, i<r lainrtl ihe p->s^iblliLy of llitfir prrv-ntl< n *n.l - '^-iJ. »nd HfefWtac mvanal'ly fount! if al ihp ni >at nurr-ntr? ind malignant forms ul .lise.vat? c. uid i UI^-L .nvu .tiny | !><• r»ctr<l to one of the fol .nwnif r:iu.*»fa tf n..r»M--f, neglect, ur th«- lit •llt-i-t-s of unsk illlui *u.l mpr-i j.-r Ue»un*i!il, tnt,r«torr, Ua- A no A A ^<>N h** 1 ? «uctr-**ii ' 'm discovunnp, in ihe seletulon i—For Bi-litL^ (Com |nol ««r. I 8TAT101-WTBOON8IN, I , _ MilwaokBeCoaaty. 'J«- In Probate. an1hem»tt*oIlh«Bstat*af ft. 8. Kinney, deceased. OflMMJonUne 1 1?^^ 1 ^ «Ksftf nwlaV U A KlmtlalW »»* t). i ft, ._ "^*TZTaf'» »a,a»n^asaj^ William u. Gull a and I John Ogden. ' ) glate. o( Wisconsin, to the shove named defendants : VT OO are hereby summoned and required to> anivei A. the complaint In this action, which was: filed li the office of tbejUlerk of the Circuit Court, Odunty o MUaraaHee, at Milwaukee, on the 18th da/ of April 1859, and to se(re a copy of your answer to the salt complaint on tile subscriber, at his office, In tbe city of Milwaukee, irlthln ninety days after the se^rlte o this summons on you, exclusive of the day 6f such serrice; and If'jou fall to answer the said cotaplaln within the time! aforesaid, the plaintiffs lo ihla; action will apply to. toe Court for the relief demanded m the complaint. : f ' Witness the Hon. AB1DUR McAttTnua, Judge of the Olrcnlt Court for said Ooanty of ililvraukee at Milwaukee, the 14th day of Apr! , 1859, ! ; K. HABINCR, aptJO-lawOr"; Plalntlir'f AttoVnuy. OtROTJIT COOBT, I Milwaukee County. I ttllllamF. I/ynde, afilnit Kphralm Uarinet and JohnJ Orton, executors and Ida tun LewU, execotrix of li« last «0t and ntita- ment of . [ Allison Lewis, 46psa»d, Martha Lewis, f Barah Uwls, . Mary Lewis, ; Martha H. L«wUJ Bliabeth LonliaXewls, William J Lewis.; The Globe Bank,! Hiram Farnlmanh JohnJ.Orton. il 8 5V?..°. f w ^«on«jni»o »U the defendant! above narted and required to answer Summons.—for Kbllaf (Oom. njt s&rried. V 'lU areherdfy summoned theoomplaldi In tola ar.ii ar.iion, rwhlch filed In (M- Ma«nysWtt>ttt*nrichMl.VOo<bi,T» taAtatmtfA • ----- J :~)0. ^ jf ^ rp?. thMone B.8 KlBBtr, of MM County of died mtortkt* on or about thsi6u,dty*of r W>a paying that *be be app-olnteJ Administratrix ^t,' the|ilstaUot«»ld deceased: nistratrB on ItlS Ordered, That »ald Aj-pllcaaan ba heard before n»> ihe Praoate Office, lo iheO.tyof MUwaukee, 9 ™ the 18tl«.l»/ l ofJone,A.*^1869 r »tlOoWockJu».?^ And It Isforther Ordered, That ntttlce of said arrou. ^of IkBd hwrloflieftren by pobllshlnga^iopr.c/thls order far flaTeeanaoe«alTewe«kj, ono»lDetohwMk,lji %tty,prtor ( to, kU kwdaff. i ' , Byth»0ouit, tho office of this C|.vk of Uie Circuit Court, Oo4nt»of Mll»T«uk»e, on *he litb. day of M v, *, D., 186J, ind to •err* aoopy of y6n» answer to the said compiiflul uu Uu, sobscribers kt their office, Nos. 8 and « Albany Bulldlnj, .,llw»akee, wrtbln ninety days »n*r iha Krtlct of thl* tnm'aonl on yoo, cxclu5lre of Uw day of such seirlees aind if you faille Answer Die said cam- plaint within the time afortiald, tl,., plaint." Ifi this action will apply to the i.'ourt for il.e relief demTtndeJ In the complaint, i : Dated May 12, IBS* m HOUSES TO: haTe seye^al Brick and Jrame Boqies t |on*W»teniu. We have also foyeule of real estate, to slstlng of H4use», Plaintiff's Ailnrnij*. ^ beg leave ro call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to Dr. Chaa. 51'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills. V\e do not recommend them a? universal Cure-alls, but simply foi what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling Worms from the human system. It has also beer, administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animals subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS. ..„. ^^ inil cautlou , „„„_ ill BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK Ciln *" or "" rem*di M which hear «, HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of" FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, ind never known to fail when administered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, . FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business in wfiich they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc their manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele- orated Vermifuge and Liver Pills shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great remedies of the day, they fnH continue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring the-Best ini Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough mariner. Address all orders to PLEHINQ BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa. P. $. Dealers and Physicians ordering from otben unlry fo in^ir r(.ni^,l.« >mitii. ^ i i ,- ton i«eniing Bros, will do weH to writs their ordwi and tola none but &r. ITZanSi, pnpand Bra. Pitabwyh, Pa. To those wisbtefTto gl" «»•:» ttoi, we will forward per mafl, poet paid, to anJ »rt bf thtf United -States, one boi cf>ina tor twelr. dntioctot postage stamps, 6r one f 1*1 of VennlfUCT fat imrtaen three-cent stamps. All orders from CintminHUI »acflompanled by twenty cents extra. >™ " ' ' 0. HARWNGTOS, -^ ,!«j Retail, .Agent a«4 ITLtoe Ttrmir«ig« ler, aj well *a ih-vie whii»e prrmalur'. ir ojn.L plu:.llion mli;tit b^ productive nf bad <;• i..en -.^10 b-*Dfla ul private individual*. In ^li,.r , i t-;e ...n«l of their remedies 'i tlie It^isenini; . [Dana of huruaD misery hy ide i!l»-v •^t:^n. prevention ,il th«j»e (jnevoua *lll,.-li .us ui reality tin; ,e<:rt:t fnes of life, ami »h cli, *ri exleusively Mlrrnund u.^, 'all »I<?nd ',,r >.ir I Jterfereiioe ui ih. ir extermination. tuLNTBY INVALIDS. Pers ns in any | art of thiftwurld may ^ . treated l>y |,r<hn(i a i:.. rrwt ,leu,l o: i w th a remittance for Medicines, Ac. Ur. AMOS ftreet, Buffalo, N V. iON, corner (lain an I -lu.« jAa : i t .v I t U..-,] NMCHIFF'M «.A»,K. >ru. STATE OF WISCONSIN, ( Circuit Court, Mllvaakee County. 1 ?Uney Shepard, against Christian Henry Meyer, and Margaret, ILIA vkfe, J»m. , S. Bruvrn, Uavlu (i. Power, Edirarxl Uuse, W ill *m P. Merrill, Nelson Webster, Charles A. Kn.dlrr Detmer Fuchback, B. KoJJu and A. w Gr'iwui I AJmlnlitratura of ihe eatate of John C. L*R..y, t* ceased, Ormand T. Crane, Charlea f Bode, A.lmin.a- trator uf the t slate o( Charles O. Schrs ner, .leceas eil, Jamea W. A»eiel! and lie man 8 C. Kemper I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In said Court In tha above entltledactton^wated Fahrua. rj 8 I6W, 1 'hall expoae for tale and sell at Public Auction, al the Po.t-OlBce, In the City of Mllwuoke-, on ' jiaiurdn.*-. «l»e 9»U day of Jali, 1S58, OF THE AGF. Si . \ l.) '3 1 J; i i r i • i r 1 1. i, it K ^ r h.-1 \.. ' r n K I, K c. % i •.* r i , : .' I' 1 1. •, 'IK v Vf.-« : \., Hi i > i N I ; A Hi . N , \ ; r > ;..-<> •<> -1•• •(•-> . •; ' r \ i.-? -41 -:•'•.- I T •.:-)•!-.- K - - . . I I' IL.-I M. -r. •„ -.- . , I'RKV UN ' - if- f I I i ">f \> N r» • l - •• ( , I' K iv \ li M - I - • \ . , >..»? VII k -• i I., 1 • •( • .(.I c..^ 1 !l !• .. ^ , , • . rKrt«.> TMr- -, \\ •.IM .' MS > I . t \1 » fiA * T 'I . - I 1 4 M » UK K r •*'!' . -i 1 . I MA11HKT *\ ~1 114 M \ UK 11 .^ I . -° 1 . at the hour of 3 r. «., of that day, the rollo -mj (in- U J WiJvii < V irk, i n Uio j tml HI Mir«.-. ncrlbcd mortgaged prrmlsts or ao much ihereof u mnj be neerasar j to raise Ihe amonnt of said .ndament, in- dol-l Iiv tcrest »nd costs, together with the ezpenara of .ale u> ' an.i IT»n. . wit: _yLai number ilxlein (18) ancf the east bal( .,f i,,i naaiber 8fl«n(15), In block forty-fire (Ml. in the Second Ward ol the C,tj af Milwanlre, be ing on I'.iraivrack street, between Fifth and BUth streets, all In the Cnonty of Milw ^k?i> and ftate of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff'i Office Mllwankr?, April 9, l&tf. A. J. LAN .WOHTUY. apr3-8m-lln2w gherlQ* Milwaukee L'o., Wb 6001 SllEKIFF'St SAt.K Sl ( r H 1 A N I i t 1 i I y. ( STATE OF WISCONSIN, Oirc.aU Court. HUwaukee. County James B. Brown, Jaihna Hathaway and Thomas L Oyden, agalnit , A. Patterson Bmlth and Alfred Edwards.j Pnreclosure. i N rlrtue of and puranant lu a judgment reuder«d .n said Ooart, in the above entitled action, J.terl March 17,1859, 1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post OlAce, In the city of Milwau'k, e. on >aturdar, the £d dav of July. IS59, at ' the hoarof 3 p. at. of that day, the, following described mortgantd premises, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise tbs> amount of said jndgment, Interest ! and costs, together with the expenses of sml«, to wit "»oc« number twenty-eight (83), of Clsrk's addition, in the Eighth. W»rd. of the city of Mil- i wautee and county of Milwaakee, and State, of Wiscouain. ' , Dated AherUTs Office, Hllwauiw, April 1st, last ifro B. Osoia, I , A. J-LiNSWOaTHvi PlTs Att'y- f Surlff MIL Ce, WU. »prt-amllnSw ^ JJ>R. F. %. t \ft\\ nj.!., f •r.i.arlv ,' r , , \ . , „ , : ,-,,„ ,_.,, ,, ,., -raineni *il ,, ,_,',,. ,,. rr .,ior ,, f,^ At N.i IS Runil.iiijh. -., r .,^r ./ i>^ H , l.»-*r XI'. HP (.V// :iK .\KI~M) Dr C * 'h M in.> ».t , v». ^ -,.,,,y .,i *rinm ^»v a hren blind !.., ,,..1,111.,,. ,..,, r , .,,,._ ,„, u,eir iluht r«»'nr».ll ll)MH!l.!t '' . /.,.,-.;'. . ( wl.tle oiher^. »' .> .^/ ,, .,,,r ment. mm iiBeajc, il <*nUe treat• l>' all part a or the .ountry ^n.t Hit early received sojen kVo Ft* ia require,! for ,u "\a Stated when ihe patient is "•t-iciv.*!. Ur. i ul Eye '.4M &e ftad qr

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