Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on December 12, 1935 · Page 2
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 2

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1935
Page 2
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX. IOWA Dear Santa: Dear Santa: I am 8 years old. I live in Lenox, Iowa. I would like to have a manicure set. And a cooking set. If you have any candy and nuts I would like to have some. I would like a dress for mother, she wears a 18. I would like some cards for father and some gloves for my brother, he wears a 7. And some ties for my other brother. And anything else you want to bring. Lois Jean Hayes Lenox, Iowa Dec. 3, 1935 Dear Santa: I want a tractor and a fire engine that runs. I would like to have a machine gun too. Bring me some Christmas candy too. With love, Dean Knodle Lenox, Iowa Dec. 3, 1935 Dear Santa: I want a doll with a blue dress. Please bring me a green tea set. With love, Bonnabel McFee Lenox, Iowa Dec. 3, 1935 Dear Santa: I am writing to tell you what I want. I want a train, and a dump truck, and some tinker toys. I will give you some pop corn and candy in my stocking. Bring some candy please. With love, Dean Evans meeting will be Dec. 19, with Mrs. Hugh Clipson. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Campbell and son Hall Dean, visited Sunday with his parents, Mi*, and Mrs. Ira Campbell. Raymond Cain was 111 Monday and. unable to be in school. Mrs. Arta Morley helped Mrs. Wilda Hiley with her work Monday, and to care for the sick. Miss Doris Denhart visited with her sister, Mrs. Ray Hewitt and family Sunday. Harley Morley, Ira Campbell and E. E. Howard were shopping in Creston last Friday. Mrs. Hugh Clipson called on Mrs. W. H. Leach Monday morning. Grace and Joyann Clipson and Irene Hewitt returned to Lenox Monday to their school work, after spending the weekend with their parents. day. <7 j Lenox, Iowa * ' '. Dec. 3, 1935 Dear Santa: I want a stove and a cradle painted blue. I would like a box of colored chalk. Bring me some Christmas candy and nuts too. With love, Jean Rhoades Lenox, Ipwa Dec. 3, 1935 book and some house slippers, a dog and a box of cherry chocolates. Your friend, Dorothy Preston DALBY OF MT. AYR BOUGHT CLEABFIELD YARD Clearneld Enterprise — The Anderson family recently made a deal with I. J. Dalby of Mount Ayr, selling to him three lots— 3, 4, and 5—in this block 7, also the lumberyard, nearly all of the west half of this block. A cement block building on Broadway is leased to the Grain 'ompany. The lumberyard has xicupied that site for over thir- y years. The stock was not old, but will be moved to Sharpsburg so far as not quickly old in the ordinary way. Mr. Dalby already owned four rards, and says that he will >oon build a new house 75x120 on the Main street frontage, and use the west area for overflow, later wrecking present buildings. We hear that the switch lead- ng to the elevator may be extended so that lumber may be unloaded right in the yard. And ihere are other rumors concern- ng changes, all of which are interesting if true. The north lot and warehouse has been sold, and Jay Henderson lot next south bought by Mr. Dalby. He has had much experience in building materials —and will be going out after business here in. earnest. Dear Santa: I want a Dear Santa: Lenox, Iowa Dec. 3, 1935 I want a six-piece blue manicuring set. and skirt. I want a sweater I would like green best. Then I want a story book; any kind will do. I want candy and popcorn too. I am nine years old and go to Grant No. 4 school. I am in the fifth grade. With love, Marjorie Knodle Prairie Star Events Miss Ruth Root of Halmes- ville, Nebr. visited several days with her aunt, Mrs. Hugh Clipson and family. Wilma Hiley was severely ill Sunday and had to have a doctor. Melva was ill Monday morning and not able to be in school. Larry Ray Compbell, son o Mr. and Mrs. Leland Campbell has been ill the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Leach o Omaha spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H Leach. The ladies of the Prairie Star church met last Thursday with Mra Hazel Butler. The next Blankets don't have to wash your blankets yourself. Just send them along with your weekly washing to us, and your blankets will come back clean and fresh and dry, without haying lost any of their warmth. Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Dey Ernuwd, Agent Telephone 96 Sharpsburtr Mrs. Whipple, mother o Clyde and A. C. Whipple, ha. rented rooms of Mrs. C. M, Jenks and she and Mrs. Mary Kepple have moved into them and will spend the winter in Sharpsburg. Mrs. A. A. Hamblin went to Grundy Center Sunday morn ing to get acquainted with thi new granddaughter, born t< Mr. and Mrs. Glen Brown. Mrs Mr. edge n was formerly Miss Qlad- amblin. and Mrs. Walters of ts spent Sunday at the ' of Mrs. D. R. Moser. M. Brown and Newt Aid- drove to southern Kansas week on business. R. Smith and Abe Rut- were Bedford visitors lay. W. Campaln of Ouss spent ay afternoon here with his its, Mf. and Mrs. OK W. sain. A. Clabaugh of New Mar- was visiting here Wednes- rf last week. s. L. Sanders and Mrs. Lyd- Ibert were Creston visitors rday. o. Gillette and family were la visitors last Friday. lie Brewer of Osceola was isiness visitor here Satur- irk Taylor of Lenox was on business Saturday. . and Mrs. Harmon Boyden to Casey Monday for a of corn. harpsburg School News mixed program for the Qt of the High school ath- fund will be presented at the school house on Friday ev- local declamatory contest. ening, December 13, at 8:00 p. The Sharpsburg basketball m. After the program pie and team wiu meet Blockton ln their coffee *ill be so Id. We shall confer<mce Tuesd even . greatly appreciate a pie from Deoea S et 17 . Ear [ ler ln anyone wishing to help. ^ fieason ^ g harps quintet A one-act play, "The Orange downed Blockton by only one Colored Necktie", is to be pre- point after a hard fought con . sented. The cast is: test The second teams p i ay at Egbert Hawkshaw, head of 7:30. the house, Lowell Baker. Mrs. • Hawkshaw, his wife, The Sharpsburg High school declamatory contest will be held Kathryn Hedwood. at the Presbyterian church on Marjorie Hawkshaw, their daughter, Leona Blood. Norah, the colored maid, Leona Sturm. Solomon, the colored man servant, Loie Baker. Aunt Freda Goodwin, Egbert's aunt, Mary Key. Messenger, Cecil Huber. The following upper grade Wednesday evening, December 18, at 8:00 o'clock. Fourteen contestants are entered. This work is under the direction of Mrs. Helen Dahlgren, dramatic instructor. The Sharps-Redding basketball game was postponed last Friday night because of bad roads. It will be clayed Thurs- day evening, Dec The Sharpsbur declamatory prog Orator "The Prince of Baker. Drami "And A Little Foster. "Ole Mlstis", "V "The Patient Freda Oxley. "The Swan Sor Pennebaker. "The Phantor Carol Shum. Humo "Who's Afraid' "At the Swimm Gillett. "China Blue Hamblin. "Mother 1 Q oe spelling last week. IKIIIIIIIIIBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBIIIIBIIIIBIIIinilllllllBIIIIBIIIiailllBIIIIBIIIIBIIIIBIIIIBIIIlB Grade 8, Alice Fickess, Paul ilirliil«liilBliililiibliiyiiUliilBliililiililiil*liilBliilBliil*liilB!iilBliilBlublinS1 Fickess, Walter McMahill, Maynard Stogdill. Grade 7, Bernice Blair, Ellen Knott. The school band under the direction of Frank Wilkins, is showing splendid progress. They expect to make their first public appearance December 18, at our i s 1 s m i i i i CLOSING 1 Will spll nn what is known as John S21141JECEMBR Peace", Loie Child", lone Aeroplane" Eyes", Esther Kathtyn 12,1 Richard Mrs. Gertrude p e n e Oswosso, Mich., suing orce, alleged that he had thrown her the house at least 83 • When Theodore Camden, N. jr., p to stealing a car to for a ride, j udge j ed the youth's father o, ister a good spankh™ to! IIIBIIIII CLOSING OUT SALE! As I am going to quit farming, will sell at my residence bet-' ser known as the C. B. Casey farm, located 2 miles west of Kent; 10 miles northeast of Lenox; 10 miles southwest of Creston, IVz mile south from Highway 34 on No. 25, turn west one mile and south one-half mile on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20 commencing promptly at 11:30 as the days are short 56—HEAD OF LIVESTOCK—56 2 Head of Horses One bay gelding, 8 years old, real worker, weight 1500; Brown gelding 9 years old, real worker, weight between 1100 and 1200. These horses are broke like you like them. 20 Head of Cattle 10 head of cows. All milk cows, except one. These are good hand milk cows of the different breeds, cows that I have selected and kept on the farm for good milk cows; 1 stock cow. 10 head of spring calves, part steers and part heifers. 22 Head of Real Native Sheep To lamb around February 24. 12 Head Poland China Gilts These gilts are owned by Dale Bunn, weight about 220 Ibs. Farm Machinery McCormick corn planter, good as new; John Deere spreader in good shape; iy z h. p. gas engine; McCormick cream separator clean, neat and nice and Just like new; Graple hay fork; hog feeder; Emerson gang plow, 14 inch; 4 section harrow; Spring tooth weeder; McCormick 5 ft. mower; John Deere 6 shovel cultivator; Surface cultivator; John Deere corn binder; one good as new wagon box; hay rack, good; feed bunk; Cowboy tank heater 2 sets Concord 1% inch work harness and collars; walking plow 14 inch; heating stove and a lot of small miscellaneous articles. Corn and Feed 1,000 bushels of good, yellow corn, raised on rich ground, making 50 bu. to the acre. We think this is the best corn that you wil see go through a sale ring this year, without exception; 75 acres stalk field; 60 acres of pasture and plenty of water. Anyone wanting to sell stock in this sale, may do so. at our IJ: Will sell on what is known as John Wray farm, 9 mi. east on High' . . If: 34 and 3-4 mi. south of Corning; 1 mi. west of Stringtown on Hieh Terms: CASH Lunch by Kent Ladies Aid H. O.WRIGHT E. B. Piper, Corning, Iowa and Farris Russell, Creston, Iowa, Aucts. Frank Locke, Clerk FARM AUCTION Season When you hold a sale, Remember THIS PAPER WILL BRING BIDDERS TO YOUR SALE FROM THIS ENTIRE COM- MUNFTY You Want Bidders BIDDERS are attracted to a sale through Advertising. The larger the Advertisement used the greater is the attention given to what you have to sell. The size of the Advertisement regulates the cost. It also brings more and better bidders to your sale. ONE EXTRA BIDDER, in many cases, would more than offset the cost of the additional space used. ADVERTISE IN The Lenox Time Table To reach the largest number of farmers in this community* llBTlllllllllll UT SAL HigU 34 and 3-4 mi. south, 5 mi. north on gravel, 1 mi. west and 3-4 mi. nortj Lenox, Iowa TUES., DEC. 1 Commencing promptly at 12:00 o'clock 115 Head Livestock 11 2 Horses 2 Mule 1 bay horse 7 yrs. old, sound and broke, wt. 17o0; 1 strawberry | horse 3 yrs. old, sound and broke, wt. 1600. This pair of horses will II the best seen in a sale ring for some time. 1 team mules 10 and ,11; ft! old, wt. 2750. .Anybody can work these horses and mules, as they ss Ii gentle and good workers. 51 Head of Cattle | SHORT HORNS, HEREFORDS, GUERNSEYS AND HOLSTEINSl | 6,milk cows age 4-7, two are giving milk and 1 has,calf by side, the | will be fresh in the spring; 11 head stock cows ranging in age 3-8,I § § Horns and Herefords, all bred to a pure bred Hereford bull. These' I § will calve in the spring and early summer. 1 pure bred Hereford H coming 3 yrs. old with pedigree. Bred by Lacy H. Jenkins, Sheridan,! § | These cattle are in good flesh and are good quality. Have been fed e iff 60. days. 16 head steers and heifers—1 yearling Hereford steer, wt, 8 H 1 Hereford steer wt. 650; 1 black & white steer wt. 650; 2 heifers, If 500; 5 Hereford steers wt. 450; 4 Hereford heifers wt. 450; 2 Herefd p steers wt. 325. These calves have been on corn 90 days and areing(j ftf shape. 60 Head of Shoats 61 I HAMPSHIRE & DUROC .CROSS—weighing 150-175 Ibs. Cholera! If mune, double treatment. Machinery and Miscellaneous I 7 ft. John Deere binder with,good canvas; Flying Dutchman hay J a Van Brunt 7 ft. drill; John Deere 9 wheel disc; Madison 14 in. | plow; wooden flexible harrow, 20 ft. Overland cultivator; Busy Bee< S tivator; wagon complete; wagon box; bob sled; seeder cart; 28ft,WJ g wa .corn elevator with horsepower rods and lift; oil barrels, cider W | few half gallon fruit jars; Farmall tractor with new sleeves, rings," I tons and bearings, and is in good shape; International tractor ,w i good shape; 8-in. International burr grinder; set V/ 2 in. harness; i collars; Ankerholth cream separator. Feed 500 bu. Iowa 103 oats; 1500 bu. corn; about 7 ton good timothy hay; . | some threshed timothy hay; 1 stack bean hay, about 10 ton; 80 acr«> stalk pasture; 15 acres timothy pasture; running spring plenty ot*^ Household Furniture I Parlor heater; buffet; wardrobe; 2 beds; pr. springs; iafe Jdtehen i inflt* 2 Rfflnde* crtmo linnlaum on*l a fnt* r ^4-Uxvm. «w4ijtl£ [I inet; 2 stands; some linoleum, and a few other articles. r Terms—Cash Lunch on grounds by Ladies Aid of Strini Earl B. Margerum ^^^^ j .__ /Man ft BRILES & HOWE, Aucts.

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