Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 20, 1987 · Page 23
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 23

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1987
Page 23
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-— J. THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL (Continued from page 2) knowledge. In stereo. 'PQ' n 8:30« KRON MY TWO DADS (Premiere) comedy. Two former romantic rivals play lather to a 12-year-old girl. With Oreo Evlgan and Paul Relier. Episode Information to be announced. In stereo D • KQED ASK DR. SCIENCE OFFICIAL NATIONAL SCIENCE TEinVcoTe^ special designed to test America's knowledge ol scientific fact and theory with San Franclsco'sDuck Breath Mystery Theatre. WON DEMP8EY a MAKEPEACE Makepeace reelgns after ahe witnesses I he near murder of Dempeey. WTB8 JERRY FALWELL MCKMONKEES ftW5JWON MOVIE "The Highwayman" iPrMWere) Sam Jones. Jimmy Smtte. An «ndefcov«f law officer la assigned to house i In Texas" (1982) Burl Reynolds Dolly Ration. The Chicken Ranch, a popl rJl M M - biwdy houte opwtlid by a close friend ol the local sheriff, comes am" rr " ° m ' muckrackln O TV person• KQED MASTERPIECE THEATRE "All for Love" After her domineering moTher's " k* a * omin •ccepts a paying guest h«: of him. Evelyn Laye, June amea OWC NFL Footb<11 WORLD ABOUT US A vIsH to Kew QardMia hi London. La... r d««ih by • wealthy former wt» buddy and • com* ehertff. ki Mer- •'&XMOVK "Mk*l a Maude" (I9t4) 0**»Moor«. Amy Irving. Dewptt* the ?**.»• ••>•«* •"•"**! to a ca " *£!?* ittanMy. • takjdelon per- . OW MOW "P.O.W. kj«e» then one. g Weekdays (Tlw) Auto Racing 2JC WORLD AUVE (MOM ki The WNd %*•£?!££* a<Ml} Al O""** ' **•» 0» The North (Wed) Animal Wonder Down Under (Thu) Wildlife Chrontetee Crn) KBHKJETSONS MCTV FIT FOR LIFE Jmagea (Tue) Journey Into India (Wed) History Of Chine (Thu) Lloht Of Manv Masks (Frl) y HBO FRAOOLE ROCK SHOW MOVK (MOM 7:46 OWN DTV (TUE) •*»• KTVU JEM •*! KQED TODAY'S SPECIAL ^ KWU DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH 0 D Km«^KBHK ADVENTURE. & - — -— — ™— •"• -» • •r*w**»J (MON) ~ii«.ic«n Baby (Tue) Freeh Ideaa (Wed. WON^u/roaM A " F ° r CooklnB f 11 " 1 ) ISPN HYDROPLANE RACING (MOM Mo?S ?S!* Racln8 (Tu * ) Truck And Tractor Pull (Wed) Billiards (Thu) OWN EOWON TW«W (MOM Dlnoeaure JTita)MoueeFeclory(Wed) DWC PEOPLE OF THE SEA (MOM Lin- dlefamo - Holy Island (Tue) Wonder Of Western Auatralla (Wed) World About Ue J2"J) J««2«y Wo The Himalayas (Frl) f^HQ LMU'B^BB! •HOW OMOWN-UPS (TUE) SheHey Du- 2tt IS1SSH *"?jW« (ThT OK HKH KTXL •HOW MOVK (WED) Faerie Tale The- alre(Ftl) MAX MOVK (MON, TUC) "0 IB KTVU I LOVE LUCY I KRON WON QERALOO IKP1X HOUR MAGAZINE I KOO A.M. SAN FRANCISCO IKOEO SESAME STREET (R) Q i KTXL DUKES OF HAZZARD ^ KBHK SHE-RA: PRINCESS OF POW- BBC DAMS RAD RBUVBD TIM SlMdow 01 •HOW TNI ALMOST ROYAL FAMLY <MOM The TMIUMMMM I Four Top* WHEEL OF FORTUNE KPK PEOPLE ARE TALKMQ KQO WHO'S THE BOBS? (R) - e ' "* RMdln ° R " nbow • KJCU LOST M SPACE • KTXL LOVE BOAT • KBHKDWN SHOW MOVIE • MCTV PROPHECY COUNTDOWN (MOM Truth For Today (Tue) Flret Light ,1 co » tc « w '"> Marti. lOhu) Robert M. Teylor (Frl) WuN NEW 8 ALL MON. FRO - F ««>«»«ll (Wed) z;—. -~—~"-"i (MOM Perspective (Tue) Towarda 2000 (Wed) Break- liSt MNWHEEL*"'*' * ^ Th * Mlnd <Ff n ) THE SCENES (MOM Movie COM- 10:06 WTBS MOVK .. —_ TOQ | KRONJE< KOO MR. KQ8O M KRON JEOPARDYlg KOO MR. BELVEDERE (R) LnSTYLE (MON. WED) Fin^ T »*«»fn«i) Moecow Meridian (Fri) oSS mSsx La^? 1 '* »«•».. OU8WORLO (MOM SclentlMs (Tue) Memory » Come To Think Of H (Wed) Ar- HBOMOV« .X&ySXf 9Sf> T * "W I^DPtWTRUCTIONALI - -CuSeVOBJUHULK "*^ umiffir on rfuvrESE BAY Unteel Hour (Tue) OMrtl. QlMll. (Thi) f , THU) SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20,19&7-4 tation of Stephen Crane's novel of a a °' dlBr who " P« nlol <" '•' 1 War ballle "» ul »- MOVIES Rex Reed. Bill Nlcl1 •ehoouor • "**«"• » •" HHUrat. etu- rt'iJ! i!!T* d - 0 ' 11 *••»•«« to •••reh for hie dktcerded Meete. m Mir. «° roomer MO.OOO which MM to • M«OM| park M yeare be- WONFAME WO VBRNAM WAR STORY " Home NCK ADVENTURES OF THE UTTLEKO- ItaB 1 t:M WTBB WOMANWATOH WW AF1ERNUUN S KOOAUMYCMLDRBN KOJD NEWTON'S APPLE (MOM QED FOCU ' °" Edu ' MCTVINTERNATIONAL (MON) Look- Ing Esst aue) German Newa (Wed) Hello pWC ONE TREE ISLAND (MOM Chang- wJX°w d l7 M ?. ° rph f^ P 1 Th « Wl ' d (Wed) Wildlife Cinema (Thu) Animate Of SHOW MOVK (MON-WJD, FRO i2:os WTM TOM TJERRY ANDI n«ENDa 12:90 • KRON 8ALE^T»COENTURY KTXL DICK VAN DYKE MCTV GATEWAYS / MMOPOWER *"* <Tu " > (MSN WELCOME TO POOH CORNER MAXMOVti U ANOTHER WORLD 1: JJ^MOVK Kno.FAu.auv OK YOU CAMT DO THAT ON TILE* 1KWWTBSFLINTSTONES KOED U.S. CONSTITUTION (TUE) "" I-THU) Amerl- W«W DONALO DOCK PfKSINTS .HBO MOVK (TUE. I ans Administration hospital deal with re- a ity In different ways. (Episode 3 of 3) In KRON • KPIX flD KTXL KQED COMEDY TONIOHT ,^ " Thund «f In The Valley" (1047) Lon McCslllster. Edmund Qwenn. A sadistic man Incurs his son's bitter- nesa when he treate the boy'a dog cruel- DISC LIVINQ TOMORROW How modern technology la allowing the handicapped more freedom. NKJK MOVK "Johnny Angel" (1946) Oeorge Raft. Claire Tr«vo7. The merchant marine captain unravMa the mys- KOED MAKtNO OF SUN CfTY KICU SAN JOSE TODAY ***• MOVIE "Until September" Jt. ?H ^ are "' Allen - Thierry Lhermltte. Stranded in Paris after being separated from her tour group, an American woman meets and falls In love with a married banker. O KBHK FANTASY ISLAND WTBS LARRY JONES F " tur ' d: " ny 11:4 »« ;«X MOVK "Paradise Lagoon" (1068) Kenneth More. Sally Ann Howes. The members of an aristocratic English family are forced to rely on the resourcefulness of their butler When shipwrecked on a tropical island, g t""««»o '?? l * n < D * n »'»»" ir. Eugene Levy.An ex- on family rewi- MM" Mubborn pets, ki BMOW' *<OWmK OOABT TO COAST iMMidMi Herbte MMooeh ckjbe^ with perlormantee by both eeub- sassr*" 0 ' MCTVAUVE e Flkn Club _ , 0 """ «*NT« (MON) Wild Canada (Tee) Unfcel How (Wed) BMkmm TT..MMM (Thu) Wrack On Can^KJ HOC YOU CANT DO THAT ON TtLfW TIM Truit n . (TUE) Interactions In Science And Society (Wed) Middle East Onu) • KTXL WOODY WOODPECKER • KBHK SPIRAL ZONE WON TRANSFORMERS iMPBROR-S NIOHTINOALE High School Narc {Tue) Concert ?«•••• 01 Europe (Wed) Shelley Duvall'e n-,, SOR WON) Kids Of OeQrassI Street (Wed) Pardon Me For Living (Frl) DISC AROUND LONDON (WED) Trevel MCK DOUBLE DARE MAXMOW (TUE. THU) Pet. Townshend 2: *J!"M LAVERNE a SMRLEY (MOW- WED, FRO Baseball (Thu) 2:MDI8N OAK STREET CHRONICLES 3:00 • KTVU SMUR' ADVENTURES KQO OPRAH WkVREY (MON. TUE) opr ' hwin - QED OHOWINQ YEARS (MON, OWN HOME ALONE (WED) Mouaeter- place Theater (Thu) CANARC8 TO CLYDESDALES NJCK MR. WIZARD'S WORLD HBOTHE Q»U ON THE EDQE OF TOWN SHOW MO VIE (WED) MAXMOVIE(WED.THU) " THU? ap ° ON8 KRONUVEAT6 KPWPEOFtl'B COURT *" ACTIOM •"»» Unr»w»»- (R) p (Tui) Bo. (Wed) OeQralu jJSoV OWN MY FFMEND PUCKA (MON) WUder R. ri OMNZOM»0(FM) OMC PORTRAITS OF POWER (FRO NICK NICK ROC&T STRANQE POWERS (MON) LMoo Tomorrow (Tue) Pera P ectlve(Wed lArthw (Thu)Sd- MCK DONNA REED HBO BEHMD THE SCENES (MOM The

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