Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1977 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1977
Page 10
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Page Ten HOPF. «.\HK.' ST\H Tup"dav. December 27, 1977 Gregory free of < * WASHINGTON SAP, - A Su- |-x-r;or emir! in the District of O.i\;!r;tji« ha? dropped charges i'y!)>H j^fiinst comedian Dirk fiM'^Mv And four other peo 'e ftr r'-.'•!rd for protesting a! the- .Vii;th African embassy. A f ',urt spokesman said Mon- rtay that federal prosecutors dc- ':>ded BpJtiriM pressing charges against Gregory, h:s wjfr-. LiS- lisn, Allan Jar.kwi of Salisbury, N.r.. and Michsc-I X Matthew* find f'nr J Bunt of Washington The I'.vf were arrestf-d Christmas Day on charges of violating s local law prohibiting demonstrations within 500 of a foreign embassy Television Logs Tuesday Corn'" :!y Capers DepiiyDawe 8:30 Night 6 00 OvcrEssy News 2-9 3-4-6-11-12 Wednesday. Q*c 78, 1977 ASTRO-GRAPH Bernice Bede Osol r, of r,«> r jv/ |. Dec. ?». 1977 |,ro;;rxT,!f> MO ah'jad (or !'.!•• f>!j.Vf)C65 WOflrf Ihi5 fj y'.';j' Tipr* Of, irwijsl- followtj U{> if Ibey s you know »r<> CAPRICORN (Dec. ??-J«n.t») Voi/rr ovlm-sharp at anything |i'3t tut 1 .. to oo with I)usln<>s5 twtsy r<eturnf» c«n tx< gratify- mrj il you'll conr.fMitrale on old 'if now commercial venluroo f Ki'l on! more about yourself t'y '.rndmg lor your copy ot /•MM> C,f;jph UMifM. Mail 50 cr-ru. for ''flch arul ft long, sol','(!!()«>:. ',>•(), Mamped envelope <t, /-Mrr,-G',1|)h, PO BOX 480. HnO'0 C.ily f>lalion. N Y 10010. Be Mim I'; specify your blrlh f.,gn AQUARIUS (Jen. ?0-Feb.19) Al- I'.'.v yr.iir :v\ii\(>, 10 Iflko Ihfj !• .; ling ffjlc in HiiriQS vital to '{'irnoMir. wcii-boing today Bo ifi'-n- ,-)-, ;i back-up, bul rolain a !i(":on'1iiiy (OlC PISCES (Fob. 20-M«rch 20) ("orirjitionf, rnlaiing to your work 01 carnor arc vnry lavor- flbio today Should you nood sHit:fi. ihcjy will bo available. ARIES (March Z1-Aprll 19) Al- thoiirjli you may not havo doll- '"If." TAURUS (April ?0-M»y 20) HOn'.r- 'tori of »*n!^MAif.' today fvof. ,f ii <j ar, 'rnpffj OaihPfmn It *r;,,lr! dr- »•, n lent |imr» to fulfill Handing obligatif;rir s GEMINI (May ?l-June JO) in ^'J { ^<*. /Qursfil) m crrjative r<n- dnavor loday You might if/ psmtmQ. (Jf-'CO'aling of a np* QOurrrir?) roc.ipo CANCER (June 21-July 22) I! Ihpro's fiomolhing you ye r>c«?n working on wbero !h«> ff;li;rnr> have bfffin slugyish. don't givi? up the- raco no* You could be in (hr> home stretch LEO (July 23.Aug.22) Don't bo Sfjrpri.'K'd lodfly il you rjel compliments for rJoing things in a way that comas naturally to you Olhors ao'mirf? wnat you accomplish with ease VIRGO (Aug.23-Sapl.22) In a situation whf-rf? you havo a vested interont. take a detached rolu, but kofip an oyo on Clings to make sure all |h<> (joara ari> rnenhing LIBRA (Sept. 23-Ocl.23) There may be factions in your circle loday that ncom deMinod to stir up friction. You nutomatlcally act aB a buffer or arbitrator SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.22) Goals ol paramount importancu to you are attainable today Therefore, pull out all the slops in order to accomplish everything you can SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Doc.21) Be philosophical in all thlnrjn loday. You will bo able to keep your cool, knowing that vary Illllo Is worth getting upset about. Mary Tyler Moore 10 Bewitched 5 6:JO MncN>il-F/!hrer Report 2-« Bewitched 3 Brady Bunch 4 Crow-Wits 6 Adam-12 M Andy Griffith 10-12 Hogan'sHemes 8-11 7:00 Ficcadiiiy Circus 2-5 Hnppy Days 3-7-10 Movie 4-fl "Pine Canyon Is Burning" CBSReporta 11-12 Gomer Pyle 8 7:30 LnvemcA: Shirley 3-7-10 Doris Day 8 8:00 Three's Company 3-7-10 Mash 11-12 My Three Sons 5 700 Club 8 8:30 Showdown At The Hocdown 2-fl Soap 3 Movie 4-6 Farnlly 7 One Day At A Time 11-12 Odd Couple 10 Beverly HlllbllUes 5 9:00 Fnrnily 3-10 I>ou Grant 11-12 Movie 5 "Mary, Queen Of Scoto" 9:30 Concert: Dalene Baer 2-9 Soap 7 Practical Christian 8 10:00 Dick Cavett 2-9 11:30 Movie 7 "The Man Who Would Not Die" LifeofRiley 6 12:00 Tomorrow 4-6 12:30 NightwatchNews 5 12:45 Meditations-Sign Off 5 Wednesday Morning 6:00 PTI.Ciub 3-7 Rise and Shine 10 CBS News 11 Ross Barley Show 8 6:20 Your Pastor 12 6:25 Lone Ranger 4 8:30 Archies 12 8:35 Meditations 5 6:40 Morning Report 5 6:45R.F.D.6 6 6:56 4 Your Information 4 7:00 Good Morning America 3-7-10 Today 4-6 CBS News 12 Captain Kangaroo 11 Heckle fcJeckle 8 Slam Bang Theatre 5 7:30 Mighty Mouse 8 8:00 Good Morning Arkansas Captain Kangaroo Dinah! Du$ 9: Of.' News 3-4^-10-11.12 HEALTH Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. Lymph disease may worsen By Lawrence Lamb.M.D. DKAH UK. LAMB - My right leg IK always nn inch or more larger than my left, ever since my hist child WUH born three years ago. I've been id a specialist nntl he called it congenital lymphedcma. Is there anything I ran do through diet or operation'.' 1 would hate to sec it ).;c| worse. !>KAH KKADtfH - You .'iir nghl to ,,sk because the natural history of this dls- I'a.'.e i.s (hat it does get worse. The problem involves a part of tin- circulation that is often neglected and most people are unaware even exists the lymphatic circulation. The lymph Is a clear liquid that flows in .small vessels similar in some respects to veins. These small vessels connect all (he various lymph nodes in tin? body. The lymph nodes form lymph cells (one type of white cells) found In the blood. 'The lyrnph glands are everywhere. You usually don't notice them unless they enlarge us in the presence of an Infection. The glands that enlarge in the neck with a severe sore throat are lymph glands. You have them under your arms and in your groin. The lymphatic fluid is similar to (he clear fluid of blood. H contains proteins and can even clot, although somewhat more slowly than blood clots. The amount of lymph fluid formed Is dependent upon the amount of fluid in your tissues. The lymphatic vessels in your legs behave a lot like your veins do. When you walk or contract your leg muscles, the compression of the lymphatic vessels helps to empty (hem. If you stand still, they (ill up with pooled lymphatic fluid. That tells you that standing still is not M> good for you and that walking promotes emptying "I the lymphatics. The lymphatic vessels also contain valves that normally prevent the fluid from flowing backward. The whole system is .It-signed normally so thai the lymph flows toward thi' heart. All those countless lymphatic vessels finally connect to empty into the In-art. The swelling you describe will lead to fibrosis of the tissues under the skin and permanent swelling if not conn-oiled. You need to treat Jt u lot like you would treat varicose veins. Try to wear some elastic support hose i hat provide graded support. (Jo ahead and walk. Do not wear anything constricting around your thigh or a girdle. Don't constrict the flow of lymph upward toward your heart. Stay slim if you can. When you art resting, put your feet up. At night, you might find that if you elevate the foot of your bed above your head level that this will help to drain your leg. By consciously applying every opportunity you have to promote emptying the lymphatic vessels, you may prevent them from getting worse. Also, do what you can to prevent accumulation of flu- Id, as accumulated fluid Increases lymph. Avoid salt and, If need be, take water pills (diuretics) to prevent premenstrual buildup of body fluid. These measures will go a long way toward helping you. I am sending you The Health Letter number 5-ft, Varicose Veins, as you need to follow that program. Other readers who want this Issue can send 50 cents with a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for it to me In care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10019. Metroplex News 5 10:15 Movie Continued 5 10:30 ABC News 2-9 Movie 3-10 "The Man Who Would Not Die" Johnny Carson 4-fl Gun smoke 7 Movie 11-12 "Somebody Up There Likes Me" Lucy 8 11:00 Green Acres 8 Q&A 1. "White Christmas" was first sung by Blng Crosby in the movie (a) "Holiday Inn" (b) "White Christmas" (c) "Going My "Way". 2. The Caspian Sea is a lake. True-False ? 3. The Tidewater is the Coastal plain of which southern state? '£ (H) PYRAMIDS PLANNED NEW YORK (AP) - Pyramid-shape recording studios will be built in Malibu, Calif., it has been announced here. The reason is a belief that to achieve the best recorded sound, no two opposite walls should be the same. BRIDGE Oswald and Jim Jacoby Coke hand is grand slam N OK Til * A K Q J 7 A K Q J 8 WEST 96 A K 10 EAST 4 10 8 f 10 9 7 5 AKQJ 10 875+94 J 9 6 «* A 8 7 3 SOUTH * 5432 ¥ ti 4 3 + 63',! + 5 4 J i Vulnerable North-South, jDealer: East, Opening lead: ; ;Ac? of diamonds, him to seven. West opened the king of diamonds. South ruffed in dummy, noted that he had a pretty good play for his grand slam and cashed two top trumps. When both opponents followed he claimed his grand slam. East protested so South played it out. It required a little care due to tin; 5-0 heart break, but South was equal to the occasion. He cashed four top hearts to discard one club. This left him with two trumps to ruff the fifth heart and third club. West North 4* Pass Pass 5» 7* Kail Pass Pass Pass Koutli Pass 5« Pass By Oswald & James Jucoby If we awarded prizes for special hands, South might get one for the worst hand ntld by a declarer, who bid and made a grand slam. Not just for 1977, but possibly for all time. Not that South bid the grand slam himself. His partner cue bid diamonds at the five level, South did have a four-card spade suit and bid it. We must confess that South's voice did not peal out like an organ, but sounded rather like a low-toned squeak. Still he did bid five spades and North promply raised s Trec'b'.'Use Kascsis Merv Griffin San ford & Son Price Is Ru-h 1 Dinah: Phil Donahue I/eavc It To Beaver The 700 Gub 9:30 Ho 11 y Squares That Girl 10:00 Wheel Of Fortune Happy Days Match Game Cross-Wits The F.B.I. 10:30 Family Feud Knockout Love of Life The Rock 10:55 CBS News 11:00 The Better Sex To Say The Least Young and the Restless Ironside Charisma 11:30 News Gong Show Ryan's Hope Search For Tomorrow Big Valley 5 8 7 5 S 3 *•€ 32 10 11 5 S 4-fl 7 5 4-6 7-10 12 11 5 3-7-10 4-6 11-12 8 11-12 3-7-10 4-fi 11-12 5 8 3 4-6 7-10 A Michigan reader wants to know the correct opening bid with: *• K » \ • * \ '• + Kxxx The correct opening bid is one club. There is very little chance that this will be passed out while there is greater chance that one spade will be. One spade is still a good second choice, while an opening two would be a bad call. .NKWSI'Al'KK KNTKIU'KISE ASS.NV i (Do you nave a question for the eipens? Write 'Ash the Jacobys" care ot this newspaper rftt? Jacodys will answer individual questions il stamped, seit-aclaressed envelopes are enclosed. The most interesting questions will be usea m this column and will receive copies ol JACOBY MODERN / !".00 All M> Children 3-7-10 i .ittic Kr,<k Today 4 News 6-11-12 Metroplex Noon News 5 12.30 Days of cur IJves 4-6 As the World Turns 11-12 The Archies 5 1:00 $20,000 Pyramid 3-7-10 Afternoon Movie 5 "Ixxrk. Stock & Barrel" Marcus Welby, M.D. 8 One Life to Live 3-7-10 Doctors 4-6 Guiding Light 11-12 Andy Griffith 8 Another World 4-6 All in the Family 11-12 Dennis the Menace 8 General Hospital 3-7-10 Ail in the Family ii-12 Popeye& Bugs Hour 8 Edge of Night 3-10 Marcus Welby, M.D. 4 For Richer, For Poorer 6 Popeye & Friends 5-7 Tattletales 1M2 Electric Company 2-9 Three Stooges 3 Our Gang 6 Bozo's Big Top The Flints tones I Love Lucy Porky Pig I Love Lucy Mister Rogers Star Trek Bewitched Leave It To Beaver 2:00 2:15 2:30 3:00 3:30 Star TrPk 3-S New Mickey Mouse Qub 7 Dick Van Dyke 10 Munsters 11 Gun smoke 12 4:40 Zoom 2-9 Emergency One 4 Giligan's Island 6 Andy Griffith 7 Hogan's Heroes 10 Gilligan's Island 5-6 Wild, Wild West 11 Brady Bunch 8 5:00 Sesame Street 2-9 Odd Couple 3 My Three Sons 6 News 7-10-12 5:30 News 3-4-6-7-10-11-12 Night 6:00 Over Easy News 4:00 7 5-8 10 11 10-12 2-9 3 4 6 Mary Tyler Moore Bewitched 6:30 MacNeU-Lehrer Report Bewitched BradyBunch Cross-Wits Adam-12 Andy Griffith Hogan's Heroes 7:00 Piccadilly Circus Eight Is Enough Grizzly Adams Good Times Gun smoke Gomer Pyle 2-9 34-6-11-12 10 5 2-9 3 4 6 5-7 10-12 8-11 2-9 3-7-10 4-6 11-12 5 7:30 Szysznyk 11-12 Doris Day 8 8:00 Charlie's Angels 3-7-10 Black Sheep Squadron 4-6 Movie 11-12 "Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo" My Three Sons 5 700 Club 8 8:30 Dan ce In Ame rica 2-9 Beverly Hillbillies 5 9:00 Policewoman 4-6 Movie 5 "Cleopatra" 9:30 Book Beat 2-9 The Rock 8 10:00 Dick Cavett 2-9 News 3-4-6-7-10-11-12 Metroplex News 5 Gospel Crusade 8 10:15 Movie Continued 5 10:30 ABC News 2-9 Starsky& Hutch 3-10 Johnny Cars on 4-6 Gun smoke 7 HawaiiFive-0 11-12 Lucy 8 11:00 Green Acres 8 Pro Soccer 2-9 11:30 Starsky& Hutch 7 LifeofRiley 8 11:40 Mystery of the Week 3-10 Kojak 11-12 12:00 Tomorrow 4-6 12:30 NightwatchNews 5 12:40 Mystery of the Week 7 12:45 Meditations-Sign Off 5 HOC HEAD WHOLE AND FRESH Round USDA Choice Full Center Cut Steak. • 3 Breast Qtrs. W/backs • 3 Leg Qtrs. W/backs 3 Wings • 2 Pkgs. Giblets USDA CHOICE Pork Jowls Ground Beef Safeway Reoular ANY SIZE PACKAGE!. Portion. Water Added Ib, Ketchu Texsun Pink Grapefruit Qt. 14 Oi. Tin Town House Macaroni & Cheese 25 Ot, * /$1 Pkfl. 4/1 Ovenjoy Flour Shortening Salad Dressing Chili w/Beans We Welcome food Coupon Shoppers Cabbage Soft Drinks SH ftPr Rnttlac H Cragmont Beverages. Why Pay More? Plui Boff/« Dmpotit Pears Niblets Green Giant Whole Kernel Golden Sweet Corn , , . . Yams Orchard Frejh Great for Breakfast Pricei E/rectiVe rhru Dec. 28, 1977 at Your HODO JOfewoy Store, Flour 96' Family Martha White Plainer 5 Lb. Self Rising . . Bag Bread Hot Dog Buns r. ambl " 9fr Lowfat Milk lucirl " Large Eggs Honey Grahams ,. i t * ^^^tk _^__^ Keebler lib. .Pk 8 . 87 Copyrifjhf I960, Safeway Store*, Incorporated

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