The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 3
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Snnday Morning, Jofy 5, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Easy Way To Obviate Double Telephone Evil j-^TjpiiCATI! t*lephoB* s«rvle» 1* frequently cited a* · dlr* calamity that has settled upon Decatur to stay. "Why ha\e two telephone companies when one can serve the public better than two'" Is a question that has b**n many times asked. Half ·r anproxtmately half of the telephone ·jubscrlbers In the city can not oom- TOunlcat* with the other half because there are two telephone syntems. Business and professional men are forced to pay two telephone rentals Instead cf one because of two B stems, and there ars other evils that might be mentioned. The public utilltie« commission will not permit the establishment of a second telenhone system In a community that already has such a system. ONLY WAY OUT. But the public utilities commission can not compel two telephone companies to consolidate or It can not confiscate or destroy one of the companies. Deoatur has two telephone companies and they are here to stay unless the two systems should be consolidated by the purchase of one by the other or otherwise. There IB no good reason why two telephone sj stems In Decatur should continue to be an annojance and a handicap to the masses of telephone subscribers In the city. As It Is now If Mr A who has an automatic telephone would communicate with Mr. B who has the Bell he must go to the corner giocery or to a neighbor who Is a Bell subscriber. It Is pointed out by a practical telephone man that this Is a difficulty which may easily be eliminated and every automatic subscriber put Into almost as direct communication with every Bell subscriber as with the subscribers of his own company. PLAN FOR COMMUNICATION. The plan U perfectly slmpl* It Is only necessary for the "two companies to arrange for an exchange, or nn Interchange jof service. There -would be an Interchange switchboard In each exchange and an Interchange operator. There would be several Interchange ·wires connecting then* two switchboards The automatic subscriber w h o desired to talk with some one on the Bell lines would call Interchange The interchange operator without asking any questions would connect the subscriber with an Interchange wira lead- ins i n t o the BeU otf!ce - The Beh o p ~ erator would promptlj answer: "Bell interchange. Number please 9 " The number would be given, the connection completed and the chief evil of the duplex system would be abated. SIMPLE The whole thing Is so simple and so easy that the wonder is that It has not been put Into execution before. Possibly the telephone companies might object but no doubt the telephone companies could be ebrought to see the light The coat to the telephone companies would be slight--a few t r u n k line wires for which the conduits are a'ready In. a section of snitch board and an operator. It might he necessary to facilitate this interchange business for Bell subscribers to havo automatic telephone directories and for automatic subscribers to hive BeU directories. It would be scarcelv fair to expect one company to furnish these free, ex- cr^nses to the subscribers of the other company, but a small chaige might be made for them. One would not absolutely need a directory of the other companv. however, if his use of the Interchange service was I n f r e q u e n t He cnu.d call for the Information operator, pet the number of the part-v he ·w-.ntfd and thus get the connection It n o 11 re'iuire a little more time but that w o u l d be all. STILL. DOUBLE PHONES Xo doubt bus'ness houses and some e'*u~s would c o n t i n u e to h a v e the telephones of both companies There j ( Penny Grocery SO 1 514 N. Water. ·Jenny Grocery 0 Z 632 E. Wood. The Penny Store Is the place that always has big bargains for you Ibs Cane Sugar $1.15 NEWSPAPER! !· not »o much of thli duplication of telephones a* on* might cuppoa*. Frequently It l* not a duplication of the telephone Bervlce but a doubling: of the service If a store has much use for a telephone it needa two telephones and It gete that In the supposed duplication Increasing the number of telephones frequently Increases the business by Increasing the business facilities, as the telephone companies point out The merchant- who has only one telephone when he needa two le Jn the position of the merchant who has a doorwnv to hlo store too narrow to admit the people as fast as they wish to enter LIKE STREET Easy to Cross North Main at Any Point. A few people have been heard to complain about tne ragged condition of North Main street Blnae the dlslnter- ment of gras pipes, steam pipes and water pipes set In but they aro not many. The majority accept th» sitn- i t i o n i hilosophically. LIKE IT BETTER. Se\eral people have been heard to ·xpr*M aJs admiration (or th* Mrtei ot op*n ftTra-vvs thmt now mark the street. They say that they can dodr* automo- bll«s, motorcycles and even bicycles ridden by boys without the least bit of trouble. By observing the least bit of ear* on* can cross th* street anywhere without dang*r of being run down. The pedestrian has all of th* b*st of It on that street, which Is as It should *. LAST CHANCE. The situation will b* different, ot course, when th* new pavement Is laid and automobiles and motorcycles can whirl along at any old speed. Pedestrians will hold their lives In their hands, after that, and It Is well enough for them to make the best of tie present situation while It last*. CUTTINGS CORNEBS. JLnd City Engineer Hicks Is making wider turns at the corners so that automobiles can turn these corners more swiftly. Just why should any automobile be able to turn a corner In the down town district faster than It now whisks around? It Is this whisk- Ing; around corners that Is the chief dangjsr to people on foot. These eor- ners which th* olty engineer Is cutting off th* walks belong to the pedestrians. TRAVEL ON THE STREET CARS Fate Saturday Bn( Wui Wot Abaro The travel on the street ears Saturday forenoon was fair but not exceptionally heavy. The depot oars wers well loaded and there was a very satisfactory travel on the other lines The cars to Farles park were all heavily loaded. Besides the reg-ular can on the Champaign line there was a special turn around train consisting ot a motor ear and trailer which made the round trip every hour. This train had all of the people that It could Y. P. S. HEADS TO ATTEND MEETING K you are » president of a you tie people'! society In Deoatur you are wanted at a meeting to tie held at 7:48 Monday night at the T. If. C. A. The president* of all the *oeletl*s are Ule- ad to attend thi« meeting to plan for the big union nervine to be held July 19. This Mrvlce will be (or all denominations. Hot Weather Bargains We are making special prices during the hot weather on linoleums, oil cloth, mattings, rugs, ingrain carpet, etc. £tNOLEUMS 2-yd. wide, 60c quality, at, a yard 45c 4 yd. wide, 70c quality, at, 50c a yard RUGS Room size rugs at prices ranging from ?3.98 up to (20 NEW MATTINGS We will sell all 20c mattings 12Vtc a yard; 25c matting at 15c a yard; 35c matting at 25c a yard. These are all new and perfect goods. INGRAIN CARPETS All-wool ingrain carpets, 55c and 60c a yard. Other carpets as low as 15c a yard. Expert carpet and rug cleaning by the pure air system. AD work guaranteed or no pay. Decatur Carpet Rug Co. Pfister Bros, Prop. 259 E. Main St. Old Phone 1236. Auto Phone 8306. Traveling Bags, Suit Cases For The Traveler For the tourist or vacationist who needs new equipment for this season's trip we are offering exceedingly good values in genuine leather luggage--Then articles are of fine workmanship, and will wear like iron. SPECIALS! Genuine Cowhide Traveling Bag, leather lined; 18 inch bag with brass trimmings, special at $5.00. Genuine Cowhide Traveling Bag, real heavy, $6.50. These bags may be had in either tan or blade. Genuine Cowhide Traveling Bag, stitched fraxn*, 18 Ineh bag, special value at $9.00. Genuine Cowhide Suit Cases special at $5.00. Rattan, Matting and Fiber Suit Cases, $1.00. Trunks, all sizes, all kinds, $2.75 up. Decatur Trunk Factory TEMPORARY LOCATION ' 146 Merchant Street. Deeatot, IB. We're forcing down stocks for our semi-annual inventory, Most dependable Summer merchandise at most attractive prices. *s Day In Our Great July Clearance Sales W HILE these popular bargain sales will be at their zenith in every section of our store tomorrow, we will give special attention to our big domestic and linen aisle. We are going to make Monday the one best day of the _ entire Summer for the housekeeper to replenish her stock of every day necessities, Inventory comes at the close of this month and we must reduce our stocks, Read what we have done to regular selling prices on clean, new merchandise, Table Linens, Towels, White Goods, Muslins, Percales, Ginghams, Etc. * 45c Mercerized Damask 35c Extra heavy and extra fine finished mercerized damask, in fine range of patterns and t'ood value for 45c yard; -·pecial for a yard $2.00 Bed Spreads for $1.40 Extra large honeycomb bed spreads, full size and extra heavy, guaranteed to be worth ·^·200; special -t /I A for each »J5 JL.'iU S2.75 Betf Soreads for $1.75 Extra heavy and full size honeycomb bed spreads in fine range of designs and good value for $2.75; special for $1.50 Napkins 98c Dozen Extra fine finish mercerized napkins, full 22x22 in size, in fine range of patterns and worth $1.50 dozen; special for a dozen 29c Linen Crash for 22c Extra heavy all-linen crash, full 18 inches, with red border. The finest made in roller toweling and worth 29c yard; special for 50c Eice Cloth for 25c Extra fine rice cloth, full 40 inches wide; the new things for dresses; extra good and worth 50c; special for a yard 75c Rice Cloth for 40c Extra fine rice cloth, full 40 inches wide; new and scarce; as long as they last, 75c rice cloth for a yard lOc Crash for 8 l-3c Yard Good weight unbleached crash, full 18 inches wide, with blue border; fine, smooth finish; always sells for lOc; CjL/» special for O 3 C 22c 25c 18c Crash for 14c Yard Extra fine all-linen heavy crash, in blue, red and white border, fall 18 inches wide; always selling for 18c; special for a yard $1.25 Damask for 98c Extra fine all-linen damask, full 72 inches wide, in fine range of patterns; good weight and worth $1.25; Qft/» special for «/OV $2.00 Damask for $1.50 Extra heavy and extra fine double damask, full 72 inches, beautiful designs and worth $2.00 yard; i£-| PA special for «JJA«tVJ $1.19 Damask for 90c Double damask in unbleached, full 72 inches wide; beautiful designs and will wear fine and smooth; always sells for $1.19; special for a yard 69c Mercerized Damask for 50o Fine finish mercerized damask, full 64 inehec the best made in finish and weight and always sells for «9c; special for a yard....-.-. .-.-.y.-.-.-.. $1.00 Rice doth for 75c Extra fine rice cloth, 40 inches) wide, ID black, blue and lavender figure and vtry hard to find; $1.00 rice cloth, with 7P»f» colored figure, a yard I OC $1.00 Crepe for 60c Yard Extra'fine weight white crepe, full 36 and 40 inches wide; the proper weight for dresses and good value for $1.00; special for a yard 35c wool flannel, 27 inches wide, for_..25c 50tf wool flannel, 30 inches wide, for.__4Qc 12 l-2c white outing flannel, 27-in. wide lOc 95c diaper cloth, 27 inches wide, for 80c 7 l-2c color outing flannel for._. ,, 5c lOc apron gingham, 27 inches wide. .7 l-2c 8 l-3c apron gingham, 27 inches wide.. 6c 12 l-2c shirting gingham, 27-in, wide.. 9c 15c percale, light and dark, 36-in. wide.!2c lOc.percale, light dark, 32-in, wide 7 3-4c 35c feather ticking, full 32-in, wide for 25c 25c feather ticking, full 32-in, wide for 20c 32c sheeting, full 21-4 wide, for 25c 38c sheeting, full 21-4 wide, for 32c 25c white cambric, 36 inches wide, for. _18c 15c white cambric, 36-in. wide for..-11 l-2c 12le muslin, white,36-in, wide,for.8 l-3c lOc muslin, white, 36-in, wide, for.. .7 3-4c 6 l-2c muslin, unbleached, 34-in, wide.. 5c lOc muslin, unbleached, 36-in, wide. .8 l-3c 8 l-3c muslin, unbleached, 36-in, wide 6 l-2c White Wool Skirts Monday 50c \ \ 7 E are vef y anxious to c ^ ean U P a sma N stock of yy white skirts and are placing this insignificant T * price on them.for Monday morning. There are just 25 of them in white serge and white m o h a i r , slightly soiled. They were made to sell at $5 to $7.50. Come, take your choice at Trimmed Hats Monday $1 W E are rapidly closing out our stock of trimmed millinery. Throughout our big display we are selling hats without regard for cost. For Monday's patrons we have put oufeabout 50 very pretty colored hats-fine quality and beautifully trimmed--that were designed to sell at from $4.50 up to $8.50. Take your choice at

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