The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. fr^w^LAY, JULY 4, 1923' KING POWDER ON i HIS THRONE MERE Hutchinson Boys and Girls Arc | Riotously Celebrating. FIRST CASUALTY EARLY parrel Brilhart Injured During Sunrise Dance Celebrn- ticn. I / Tito 4th .Inly :, Tlutchlnum a! imt ' niornii'K u !.< n M. t' mi ItYlKiC *> -l T*f !r «h <M .'I. hoi;, Ills iittl.. rvM.r., yiunt fin 1 i ! •(;•!•' t.\ i'i lian.l fi^'r.'iv i.nriilM;: 1h< ilih hand G:-ir, A r .d a vry {-;ui <r :il <\i 01 t ho Si: i *• 1 '!i tie tflln rii"['ai,':;:. .-, )i. n <L li^tif'-d rii-.- ( r.v lu -r Jui war' li,>ldlliB. Tin en by the cM[i]n ^|.u j;^n^.v liU h'm on I'll. 6 :»."i A M. Mr:.. Ji.lin M.. ; . Slxtoi'.rith w.-.M. -wn.« Jilt by of the jrhics frnlii the bolt >-!im> n BUSINESS LED HUSBAND TO NEW YORK;" "BUSINESS" WAS WOMAN, WIFE .CHARGES Hi StfWIlS li .t'i foll.-w <: T<<W"H 1 u a hoi fit. 1 whicli Imtilo war brnk and ii pk'cu of forf-iicad. nf which •was lmik"ii liaml. The KU and ituult' (juld 7 :110 A. M. In CoiiM.'Iiiiit Manii 'H lilt her on the arm • a (if 1 ' 1 !' cut. Accident No. 1 to bo roportcri T.V as the sight of Imrroll at th" Snr*i-ip Pavilion Find JnrU how ihp In doubt, oin- * liart. wos liokiliif: in hin hand win- injuring <*f \hf oyt*- !1 ItrilhnrL of 21 R Fif •HM . Mr, Urilhitrl VT.IM <]niir.> :i.t thf rftovens hntwneu dfincoy fire- txiinfi *jx'i>iotiod. ucxidont Imppcnod IK *lory tu-ln^ thu .1 Hrtf- x lighted ftnvrftckcr lie saw out? roiniiiR toward him. Jio (lucked mid thf fir**- craclu*- v.'i-ut off in his itu-.- injuring •hum his oypii. Anulhvr Htnry TVU r [fiat jt firo'Tarl;ei' briti^. liirov. n in tlm air oxploih-d in front of kin i\r wap ruslKMt to th' 1 MuthodiHt hoMplc.i! where lib eyes wore fcivpn Ircittin'-nt nn-.i it io thought ti'iu un ^hirty Yeari Ago Todny Many Hutchinson poontn went to M*»dura to "celeb, ate the Fourth." i 1 :(3 DIRECT STEAMSHIP SERVICE TO EUROPE Boats Are to Run From Chicago and Lake Ports Ho Other Side. Ciilmjw, July A. —Dire ft stearnPrfip sorvk'e between Chicago uml Groat Hrltaln and northern Kir ope "will »o innni-Mirat.'d Aur^ipt It', wh'-rt lh<> first phip will !"av»> tMiifMi^o for England, it ^* as a in I mi a c od to day, Sixteen ftned ship:! will bo put into t."hr- lako .H ocoan porvico, florordiiiL; to aflvic-ca rccdvorl frc^ii William U ;*i- son. of }l.;>:*een, Norway, o^ii(?r of the lino whio'u -\flll '.io known ns the I/uke and 0-;:n;in 3t earn ship (Joinj-any. Thosu SUlp-i win lie ot 2,lK>a tons displace •to the Baltic. "Service v,ill be maintain^ bo~ twopn ClitcaRo and ali leading laleo ports and the United Kingdom, and the rouutrfoH t>ordcring on tho Hnltio Sea," lor>al agents of Mr. ilpTisen announced. "The Chicago and Northwestern (Railway will ip^uo throufeu billB of huling to tho United Kingdom witb thfi beginning of the service." Mr. Hcnsen'B represeivtativos say that alrGatly sufficient cargoes have been booked for the wwst bound voyages. SOPHIA POPULACE HAILS NEW GOVERNOR Mrs Ran r'runriseo: Enrique O. Cand Mexico City (rapitaliBt, wont to New York city from the Mexiextn oapiUil. rioforo he left ho took care, to explain to tiit* wife- -whom he left behind thai the trip WUH a affair, purely a matter of and very urgent business. In fact, it was (*<> important , , . Oand«.-«» couldn't afford to waste iK'fAttoiis set hi no impair- j nient of the night in cither eye be foil by Mr. HriUiart. PRODViCE HEV1EW. My :-VJit ,t (\x will geltHu; vitaHe.d. 51 aria Terefia Candco, ' Hut &h<i a here now. And what'a more, she':; suing for divorce. Ami all he^cause of that tHp to New York. The "business" turned out to be a Inrwineas | woman, she charges in Iver divorce business I coinplalnt. She alleges that instead I of pressing business etmiigements It that ; wa .4 a woman that was awaiting her any 1 husband In tho American motropo3-is. j It was a business trip. T&at was NEWMCQUETTE USES CRETONNE So Senn;a Miirhi. Tcrr^a C'andeo re- i Caitdoo'a original mained in Mexico City. ; sticking to it. story, and he's LEVIATHAN ON WAY ON HER MAIDEN TRIP pvi Ml." T on light and in Mora;; lion won The uiiir im tion of <-', ! y.y-, coutljiii fl H | ral scale. C-orifiiinip'tion is | the Burplirs i i - l»'inir ida^-ed A lie'tor c.UMvnt (ini^iimp- « u licatfhier situation. ; i-( l-'isd^ney iu unvard lower price;:, uniii ! ri.nhx-l ion and oonHiunp- tion are im F !'< losudy bn hi need. •1/ive Tow! lia ve IM-PII Mild off the fuiTn in la ;'K * rman t it i<:;"< during l.h' 1 •past, few v.'d'iku. result in;; in lower MKirkWH than pee v;i ;)i -<i a year ago. Twejity-two 4,'iits :-e/ Mt;t .ii to -bo the prevailing market price for livo fowl In New York at t'he clone of the we-i-;. with unite a :-ur\>lu^ 'u\rrie4 ov«r. This yeai ''--i broi rs ari iiuivj;^ in larger quant it i> for u .*»o eurremly and for the Fotir !h -c*f duly ti\wl>!, Kacli week a hir:;.- nuniher of cbiekeuw will reach geiH-r; likelv The pone;-; J »CO !,'e cent ;•. Week Tho til" an n'e due. ite pri' to t.. pr. in]' M- r market i ; - rerieeMng thr New York, July lfer flags drip- pin;', beneuth a sudden downpour of rain, while pa;e-oagerH huddled beneath capopled tkvk:-, uml air planer, rirehirj the thunder rocked heavens, thf 1 I^viaMiati ea^ed ftxmi h.ev pier today and st 'i forth on her maiden voy- ag..> under tbe auspice,* of the United Si a tea win ]i ping board. Out At 10;01 A. M. , Tho giant mistress of the !;c;w slip- .pe*:l ber e-utdeH at 1U:01 a. in. eaRtorn (Standard time, uloi corn mi: t ced herself to the lint ilia of tugs which persuaded h<r out into tin- Hud.-oi; and down stream. The storm broke 'yu^X an the leviathan east off ami the r.kie.-, gioworing all morning, darkened. UiRhLs "were phud-ding a faint J:!OW jVom the ports. Whistles and Bells. rem •a i At Chicago quoted at of nut.: .Mil HI continue the mar! to Ihtrii! iwd.-- a:r ing a H More C gentiiO'. Par it If you e\p> J loll During Th.- ];K »f weok, iho huCor at New Y<rk wer« j : • :i<d!.imi. i s Ar ,:e:n inc. •n l»ani>h. 'ef mojr.ii of June, 2!1. ven- l f.'oni .six countries bring- '.itiately 'J,74-4,000 pounds, ted from T'enmarU, Arid and KHlhonia, xi-- panas oi' p-e wh.-irf b*'tv."e , the big VOS.M .'••ailing. Han fd niei IM-I river utistH. eautious'.v v • clo.'xir view, i th'dr whistle : jingle cxa: t a Fea oi unibr ,; t lie chf-ers e.e., os:-''unbled roriy-Fifth :Ui •i and thruj. on tho -el and for the. ri£,lu of way. d ' ; t i>ier, wont up At the if* pla.wd. '\\'-hi;ddo3 toot- M eii-.;igtni through tie- jllarbor eraft, poking ward th''' Hner to ^*-t a churned liantily away, chords thd down, as the boomed the 'long signal Hutchinson Produce. (Quoled by Carl Nelson.) PO I*UTIII'—Hbaa o ver * lbs., 17 cts.; under 4 lbs. H tta.; broilers 1% to 2 \t)ti. 25 ctd.; under XVJ 20 eta.; npringfl, lbs. nnd over, 18 eta.; rootitor?, 7 etfci. 1>UCKS—Young, 10c: Goeeo yotxag 10c; turkeyr., hmis 8 3 ^. lh. and over 20^. young toma 12 lb. acd over 20c; oUl lon»^ iScM* KniniiH, 30e each; pigeon.", ftr each or TlTc a do;:.; Belgian Hares 8 c. EtKiS—Fresh, candled IOSB off, 16 ctfl. dozen. Hutchlnoon Butterfat. (Quoted Uy Swift & Co.) BUTTER Creamery, SSfhitU c ts. I IWTTBHKAT—No 1, II -i cts.; No. 2, 1 31 OtF. I EGOS—Ijoope, IB ctF. ^ Hutchinson Prcd 'Jce. | (Quoted bv r -miflo -.VLi- Produco Co.) ! roUUTUY: Cocks 7cts.; hena 16 j !ct».; light h'-'iis. Hcts.; broilers 25 'cts, leghorns and blacks under IVj l V,± . 20 t is. I I:\;<;S; lor doxon. General Lazaroff being carried through streets of Sophia after the recent Bulbar revolution. The popularity of the re-cent Et^gar revolution in Sophia populore of the Bulgar eapital hailed the new military governor, through the streets cheering wildly and bailing the revolution. s attested by tho enthusiasm with which ,-tbe General Lazaroff. Tho crowds carried him SYMPATHY STRIKE WITH BRETON COAL MINERS Eight Thouc&nd' in the District Quit Work Because of Other Strikers. Sydney, N. S., July 4—Right thousand coal miners of the Cape Breton district were on strike today in sympathy with striking Sydney steel workers. Six hundred federal troops, a large detachment of provincial .police and the British warship Wjptaria are on guard against disturbances. The miner's union demanded that the troops and special police guarding against disturbances by the steel workers be removed. The authorities r ef ii s cd, th e y sa y , h e ca u s e no a u r - anco was given that uiPor<ier would be prevented. Then tho minora went on fitrike. SEARCHING FOR WAY OUT ON REPARATIONS Hutchinson fQuiMoct by W:r your rar (M-cJiBiorwilly, find an Rttll w;i ]k.--Atnlijson Globe. A Large Metnberehlp.' tciii, of Mllw -iutiOi', treasurer of tho National Fodfrution of Muatc Clubs I'oportu a Hieuibyrahlp of mora than 100,000. Flour and Feed. . K'Mly MIIUIIR Co.) WHBAT-K'J. 2. now or old, 83c. FI.oril-iH.-r 9S lb. saoks $3.15; 43 lb. »:H')U-;, JJ .20; 24 11). aacUn, $3.30. (JHAUAM—l'er cwt, 10-1 b. sacks $3.F.O. CORNMIlALr- por cwt., lull), sacks $3.20. SHOUTS—Per Cw1„ $1.4G. ltRAN per $1.20. 8 C R K EN ING S—$ 1.3 0. H 'Ui.'' Hnu- pjgo hOUiiHCllOi'-Hfti of ci-fio l^oro wore also dr..' piodi,: effwls. Th« la !ri -t trft'."J\'G niutf-rial it; to quotifii. ^^'<n-il wit!) a v. i white bat, slioo .-f ittnd n tutuly a striking t\i)d blnallon. Tin- f lower,xl POPULAR HERO ACCLAIMED IN BUCnAI^EST . /General Avcrescu, utanding barcheadtd in Ms carriage whil« Buchareat citizens cheer Um wildly. One of the heroes of the Houmanfan pojuilare i^Mieneral Averescu, le.ruier of tho Peopla'a Party. Averescu liaa suor.eeded in forcing tho enactment of lawa which bonofk 'the peasant claabeu. Sine© Cho pCBaago o£ tbeao Jaeaa- ilres Avorescu has boen a popular hero- _ . ... ^ c rii.'ini'inn * n. h KOTno 1,'retty t ! Ui i i j i .:- t il irt, •Hi 1 , ii is cer- traelive com- material in Briti&h Cabinet-is ^Struggling to Find a Ray of Light in Situation. (By Thr • Tvondon, July -The British cabine conteF-t at Michigan City, Ind.; a par- ado oi' vetorana of three warn and peat 'e monument es&voisos at Atlanta, Ga.; and the Lake Michigan Yachting a»yociation races at Milwaukee, Wis. I A Holiday. Whilt? tho nation generally was nrakins a holiday, Koine thougbtfnl Anvoricans were reminded of courtesies paid their country in far-away capitals, of colehi*ations hy patriots in American colonies and communities scattered an>\md the globe, of tho honor paid to America in Peru, that rrouth .-T-rr -rnean nation having" hiarie July 4 a national holiday, and In Prance, where, in Paris, a monument to Ame.rtea'ft volunteers in French armies in the world war, provided by the contribution* of the French populace, was unveiled today. SHOCKERSIAKT MORNING GAME (Continued From Page 1.) out at third trying to make R a three badger. With 1?hoots down Waiea hit over the feate. in the seventh, Goodc doubled and MorbUr.ttr was safe on Brown's error hut Pnrtell was out to Brawn and fester fanned, In the eighth P -'Lnks filed to Snyder and Solomon singled. He wa« forced by pi;>; I who Ftole sex-ond and scored on cih <H >t'3 double to Ifft. Tin- two tennis play the second pratne of the day's double header at 4 o'clock this afternoon. A kid-game fwillhlart at l!:4o, between t^vo picked temns of Sig Mc/ore'a hoys' school. H will bo tbo final same for the first season and if tho "Shockers win At Chicago. Chicago, .Tuly i.~ (National) finals: Cincinnati 6 12 1 Chicago 3 7 1 Luque ar«d Ilargrave; Keen and O'Karrell. Jicport of OHulition o( tho Commercial National Bank at Mutchinwun, in tie state or K»nsas. at tliy CIOKC or UvtsSnc-'s on June JHHh, 1923. KBS0URCJB3. T^oans find dis- t'cmnta . Overdrafts, until:-- briitht, dainty colors in hhown to advantage again. 3 1 tin 1 pure white of the font of th? cirstumc. The cut of the jacquetie is loose and comfortable with wide, surplice collar and loose alcoves. It in fastened wit'll a tie oi the maleriai at the left side- it ia a passing fad, of eouTBe, but an attractive and inexpensive one. The all white hat worn with thf*-I suR is one of the off the faee models with a cockade, at each side. The Bunshado carried migbt ahso be of the cretonne, following a fashion of Paris for printed Bilk parasols to match dresses of the sumo material. atni^Ied today to find some ray of j t hev will -break even for the season h P .ht in the ovcr-thicki'nliig fop of the; , vlth S2 wilJ . s an<1 3, hKA *" n re-tKit attojiH situation. I _#ord (Hi'/zon, | tlie «wrotary of foreign aftalrs, pre- — - tiu.-.- 1 .. _.i _!.;- penled iliis (.-ollc'iij^ues with the sub- f. • c a . _ fta.'iera of yesterdays verbal replies Clt y ot rurcell, Okla., 6% Pay of Prance and lle^citim, PXP'AIIIIIIIK tho' jioInU on -which those countries e3iww-: ed any tendency to tut -el the British 1 views. I Some Secrecy. The cAbiniH'u deliberations wt.-re CT )-1 shrouded w:£h n ;oro t .ljtm Ihe u.siml' jioi.-roc;.'. Xu ciie idoitific-.l with the ) governn«?nt would give any hint re- gardiuK wliat had huppene.d, but Uie poislmistii whioli luni prevailed ail Uu> week v,-aa not. alleviated. Tho same sevcro reticeuco »•» manifest In Hritfc-li, Frencli and Belgian diplomatic circles. No Meeting Now. No further meeting has been arranged between Lord Curzon and Count lie St. Aulalre, the F'rencli ambnB- sador, biit is is understood; t'hu conversations initiated yesterday will he resumed bofore the week-cud a.nd that, there is a possibility that Franco may supplement her oral explanations by •written-expositions of certain points which Lord Cnrzon does not regard BUfficlently clear. ing bonds, exempt frcm all fed eral-income tax. Legal opmiorj Hon. G. A. Paul, Oklahoma City. Price ?1Q0 and accrued interest to yield 6%. * , U. S. So nds tit- poslt ,1 In fipcir" circulation t.pir vaiuoj OtUtlC UolU^.H '.il ^kM -*•-*'<-ui-itlM, 'to. . . Hjonkirtjr hou .se . . rurHltuYt- umj fixtures Koal e«t.ito ovni'd banking hr -i ^c .. I,a * Tul i ost r v u with l->iU'iul He- s«:rve !!;ir k .... Casts. U\ MU! anionr)t» ii u u fro m n. .Ui 'tmt Pnnks Amount iliit* frurn ba nkera, and Ua«t co'iipanle-f K.vclin ngt*> t o r olr-;*rii 'o' house. . Cliccky banks lo<-.- t (-;ci outride A rlty or town of r »: p o i- t I n if hunk ton! other '•A!*b itfina . . . . It--dcmptlf»n f 0 n d with l„\ H. ttt^- urer uud duo from l.I. S. trta»- urer 4.000.00 other than 610.73 100.0O0.M 81,747.34 E4.0W.0O 2 7,7*0.1 13,366.27 i7,t;t;i;.04 &.oao.oo 100,000 .00 &O,0O0.QO Harry Tidd Phone 360 INTER-STATE CRAP GAME INTERRUPTED AMUSEMENT ON FOURTH (Continued Prom Pago 1.) An tnteratHle crap SUM was broken up this monitap oibout H o'clock in a box car near tile Twin Wheel Windmill fajotory. niero were retpreaontatlves of four different. BUttes in the gatno and tho pot r>< J 211.(10 van taken by tho police officers who ltold Ute upper hand in the gaano. The men 'Who were nirested wore W. Murphy of Olsltthomu, Bill Williams Of Arkansas, .lolm Myera of Illinois, L. M. Allen and Allen Hasliam of Tex. Tiey nTe be\nx held in tho city Jail, tor trial tomorrow aftornoon. A doctor: "A mtm camo to me yoa- terday arxl said ho coulda't imagine •why ho ha-d a pain In his otomach. 1 asked him what ho ate during his last mottl, and ho said chili, a cheese •amlviou and cherry pie, -with a glass of milk. If ho ever ooinea into my office again, I'll kill Slim. A man who oats that way deserves to die."— Atchison Oloba. t-VRiits familiar to the Fourth celebra : tIon3 as well as the customary though somewhat restricted traditional use of fireworks, engaged tho interest of some sections of. the population. Eleven children In St. Louts suffered hunts and two persons wore' wounded hy revolver shots in Chicago in reports to the police .of those (jitiea, in spite of tho efforts to make the nation safe for democracy ( and human life and limb. • • . i To (Enforce Laws. ' Safety, organizations and public of« fteials in most cities were endeavoring to enforce law's against 'explosives and fireworks in an effort to carry out "safe and Bane" ideas of the celebration of the day. i Among the principal events for the day "were thq elimination, balloon races at Indianapolis, "preliminary to the James Oordoon Bennett international race to be hold later in the year; tho 260-mllo national automobile championship race on the Kansas City wooden track; tho Lew Tendlor- fiallor Freedman lightweight boxing Chronic Diseases and P ilea FREE treated by Dr. •ult another Illustrated Literature telling of thousands of satisfied patients Hover. Don't'con- doctor until you have read every word of this wonderful Non-Surgical. Health Booklet. Just place your address on a postal card and mall to— DB. HOOVER HEALTH INSTITUTE Office* 5'/ 2 West First Street, Hutchinson, Kansas. Total Cash & Slrjht Exchange.* 186,893.07 TOTAL $1,143,710.75 LIABILITIES. Capital stork p. hi in 9 S\H'l»'.UH fUlHl Undivided profita J W.4S3.03 Lt 'KK current r-x- penst-s, iiUttrust, and ta_xeH paid.. 27.4r. r ..7i 3.0M.3!1 CireuhiTinK noH*« outstanding 97,200 .00 Net amounts diia to N a I I i) ii t- I I'linlta ;U,3il.2» Net amontits duo to hunks, tvanU- ors, ami truyt comrmnft's 50.183.CO C'asitlt-i'.'i ch'-'.iu on island hit,' 17.570.C7 1 '"iiui nd Itejio^lts: ]n«Hvldu,'d iiOKltf* mibjcet to ohock 42r.,0li.63 Stiite. county, or otht-r municipal dopoKity B ;-*ur<;d hy plrrtse or aa- st-tM of this hank 103.S23.36 T'me l>t*posits: C'TtiflcatCH of deposit (other tlion for inbncy borrowed) 163,038.38 ., Othur Time depos- /' Its 20,013.51 Postal suvfriKs de>- poaita 2,403.95 Total Deposits Notes and bills rodiscountcd. 838,936.41 54.491.00 TOTAL 11,143,710.73 State vt Kansas, County of Itono, SH. i, Wm. M. Ruddlok. Cashier of the abovp-named hank do solemnly swear that the above stau-m^nt is tru« to the beat of my knowledt'fi and belief. WM. M. ItUODICK, Caslilrr. Hiibsrribed and sworn to before me this 3rd day of July, 1923. 3. K. TIIOMA.. (Seal.) Notary Public. (My commission ezplrca Jt>cc. 31, 1923.) I Correct—Attest: C. H. HUMPHREYS, ' J. C. PKTRO, U S. PEGUES, R. K. STKBLV.. A. 11. SUTER, Directors. Will Call for Poultry and Eggs Anywhere CALL AT OUR EXPENSE FOR PRICES Sunflower Produce Co. Phone 2522 713 S. Main {

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