Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1941 · Page 15
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1941
Page 15
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22. 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Daily Gazette S'irvt*T TlK 1 DAI1.T cfnt tn.x on from V*r- TODftY'S MEMU SOfifiESTORS By A trtTt odd lemon Juice Inro >'f n. T* . 1 1-2 r.irw p>*. Pimmer R*r, v ;v !-;rr.:nt *? cinnamon. I to brf • ; 1-2 nip XHRir, 1-3 t^tspoon «nH, 2 : rup« rruik. 1-4 T««<>rr»tw'«: Menn eSt*linR F Granrton f'rrrvrru D. W OraTT^ v o-. ~ Entered »t SIT;!.-.; P^'nrf ax Second _Cl*« Maun PRRPB I The Associated Pi^" is rT- ; -r-:\e- ly entitled to the uv for;ra- lion of all ne** di«r '•.-»•.'.' 7;^ to tt or not oth*r»."* r:crf!','-4 In this paper and *:so U-.s .oca. news (':• -, • '•:: '" >~ ' n ".,'.}*.' to f;'!! :;:• .- • ":r. •'''-, i "'.n\ri! n r ;rr • ' -T • M ~. \ f \ •.'•:-. v i• y I n r ri r;! r k C r.- r ' h«- PI;!', *',:'.:', '•>: ,?f>hh T>rnpf* flravr* think* Rdfi«»vr!t n on t takp it fourth trtm. Thi' i* thr fir-;t s«.Mir- anrr that thr war will b* over hr 1<>44. TERMS 'OF SUBSCRIPTION By oitfl In White5 r> nnn_ sdto'.n- ! J trie counties - p*v ••**? »•><*! * lx laionths $2.75. three rr.or.'h' $1 ,->r> on« Iteonth 75 cents Cfl.'h ri:h order . By msn out.Mde \W,:-r^d«? ar.d art- ; Dlnlnu countte.*—p«-r VMT 1.00 six Honths 13.75 thrw mon'b.5 «2 00. n« month 75 cents Ca.^h with order . per week dellvrred ov carrier In Wtber Sterllne or RtKtc Fai:? 20 payable everv Sat'irdav rnorn- I ten No papers wnt through the IjOBtofflc* in the city carrier district 1 — Sterling or Rock Falls en t T ii. A::: ." air n t rnns^nial ms»v 'i. r :r C",\r|r\. hut only r ~- \f\'. a bruit tlieir kitch- can make Rt» old f»ri> i<vilc yo-;nj. hut there's noth- rrl brenri '«'.*. fl, 'put t'a. n". '.< Dinn'r R-fl 5!fRk; rn: ••'••.• h'.r'rsrri ; "> fO'.lf ';'. fof'f. \>'br>l' r!OM°,'. 1-2 rur>|r'^?ir. rrrrove Trf>T, .^'T'.:r> sr.rt p'.»" Tie *p!crs in » ch^psfclofh b*> iTrnin t'licf. 1 N.a.d''''. 1 «h<">!» j on ;rrti\id-i»! .'.T-. -. nj d;.';}',' > . ! ; Re pntnt. Bnrt .*!rr,TT;»r Jrtn nnt b^-i' *f*t- • M-r ?'!«ftr *rr<1 9^ ! T in * f»;r!v ! <%-.*r pnpjrs ^-1} >i rsv-j'... A r.opr5:r.a i r ''"> ^ n _' nf '^ '• 1? to 1^0 rr,!"']!'*". rifprndii")fi; 'li^^n i d*'^;i p^n ^*'h n '^rse V^.^'- Add ; of 'Orpr 1 *'! rr**?T" »rd * S5rrv. t 'i of ho'v ront TiM'a'fd s rn'.xt'irr 15. rJe- / * ' 1 '' <•< RvH th" j-"" 1 ! «f;T p'i'':nR : r V ,''i;->p'x1 -V;T;-'P'= nr rra r v-""'.no j <"nn:r>'i:i p '"; .•.\rfri. Remnv* fj'v,r* h*s and. r r rvp ' ; -<---i in « I^CVP-V netf h«« Bi ins j r'r.'ji v »dri«, to '•'''."• ric:in^.< o! '.".'i rv,>: in tnp of nnnnmon. 3fmftn JulrP^ '. S *ti vflik.*- Irrnon m'rtr- '.' nnrt Page Fifteen scalding: prtnt f«i;ou 3 to S min- nt«o. Kind cook S jritmifM. ,*t!rr!nt frequently. Add b'i:?*r. spier.*., lemon Juice and. »ppl». Otx>l sl while r*at!nt P*.RA Add f«ft and mix well. Fold Into stiffly brntrn ?ze, whitr.'-- Turn into * srrrn.'.rr! hskiriR rt: tV v Place in pftrl of hoi WHIT «nd bflicf in rnfxl oven i35Q deerfc« F > M m ftt> ui PS. nr until .wjfJ.r if firm. Srrvs '!ank boiied ,. «r>i li!l;k. RiiErit ;r-r! spp'.'.s Find Hniio^e'en pmties K'.WK-.S RO tn«ether. nlonjf w.tii rid«-: H^aterl mid .'piced. It makes H f:;fnri:y old-fa.shiorT'd party l)*vej«ee. Hot Spired Cider 'One Rdllon> T». <> in. he.* of thuk nnnanion. 1 tubie.tpoon *ho> cloven. 1 tablespoon »':."> Rii^nlce, 2 b'.adr-s of l::z ', ou can rio nbout n scrawny rnorf. 1 esilon cider, 1 1-2 pound* !-.•-< k I brown ,«;iEHr. 1-2 ten5i>ooii fftlt. A Thought for Today T»ke h«*d what ve hear: with wh«t mMMirc ye mete, it shall b* |m«««urtd t« you: and unto you that •r thftll more b* None M deaf a» tlio* that will hear.— Mutthfw Henry. Tomorrow's Birthdays 7 K, T. Jans,«*n. Wllliftrri H. Re?s, Ir» Murtin, Russell Sulouff. Mary J131«n Murphy, Mrs, Car: Sclirnder, (jlwrvey R. CarpenK-r. Tony Pnpoc- Angvlo Bsrtolomel. Raymond alton. Ruth Dlehl. Sterling: O. X. Newburn. Mr*. Dun Schw^nk. | Hock Full*; Kmmett Warner. Doris I Owens, Twnplco; Rich»rd p.nd Rob- j «rt Harper, twin*. Los Ansele,-;. C»l.; Ktfith D*l« M««Klns. Morrison; Mrs. Hammer, MlllertRevllle; Don[ William Chejihler. 4. Shore Acre*; FlyHn, Toledo, O. Quillcn's Quips 99 Ho»*n Qullln Newt pictures Rhow us which of- kls tw on the Job in Washing- They haven't time for H h»ir- eut Now If only our radio speakers HOLD EVERYTHING! "Oh, Maw—I found oul where your reducing tablets went!' I *ould Adopt the new jiloffan of man | |tf«etur*r«: "Fewer but better.' Naval i»««Ult««»«* wwi't trwt with a J^» •"»«• y«« ***• here, tat, MM', our n«it- Int tralton arc natlvM. "If any must die," writes a moth "why not draft old men?" The i, lady. IB to kill the enemy— our-own trainees. No man la a hem t« his dentist, •Utter. The dentist can smell the that fave him courage. F' A critic »ays Roosevelt never for- '^IvM tho»« who oppose hl« plans. Do you mean he's mad at strikers, [.too? ; . • „ job may look good; but be- aoceptlng It. you'd better learn long the last three men lasted. . problemt are like children. _ who know just how to han- tbera are the -people who have- In 1M1, alM, MM «U. the Hitler says: "The war will be long, it the outcome wrtatn." Yes; tt'« kmf. the certain outcome will • universal bankruptcy. But think how our armlet oould misdirected into ambush if In- dressed like traffic cops, Bow funny it will seem, two yean wttU IM waa «•><« win. STAMP HEWS Rules Hungary But Nazis in Control he»d of Hungary is Admiral Nicholas Horthy, the •year-old regent, who. rulei an imperial palace but has AO empire, who is an admiral in • country which hai no navy and Who waits the return of the Haps. fcurgs, whom he doesn't want. To further complicate matters, iry Joined the axis in 1040 tr German pressure and ktever control Horthy now is delegated to him by laii overkw<U. The stamp above was issued lurch 14, 1M1. The surtax was to Anance civilian and army -filet training through the Horthy Ifational Aeronautic Fund. , Horthy is technically a dictator. |te suppressed the Bobhevik gov* *nt of Bela Kun in 1920. was declared a monar- i|gr and Horthy was named r*» it, H* r«c«ived the rank of admiral World War 1 when he com- the AusUo-Hungarian rtgcncy is an anomaly. H* the non-exiitcnt king f* kiOfteMi kingdom. Th« n««r- lalaunl is M-ye&r-old Arch- Otto, and th»t SIDE GLANCES By Oalbraltb "Ydu cmn'l chop down that tree! My family ha« used it 60 year* " THIS CURIOUS WORLD ftSr WE CAN, AND WHAT CAN'T, W« " . H- M. »sjl«LAKtO«, SOUTH lint «-;ih whipprd cream. boiler r',»" K - —— - — . brira to READ TMF. CLASSIFIED ADS. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE Hp!ii!i"ir'/ OM, THIS? ' A CfSZGO IN ITSELF NEAH.' I'M OM,6/r/. f |P IT'S )^ 6LAO YOU GOOD EMOUGH ^ > TO9 TOO. VJORC E.5TER * A REAL NAVY M6RO 19 vV US, /KM' ME'S 60T TMAT V5 QUEEMIE PICTURE 4/ TATTOOED ~ • • • CWE^T. 1 ' TD BB OME OF OUR. fAOST POPULAR. VOL) NEARLV YOU'VE GOT ^ M.Y BACK KlMO FOR REAL ART WILL KWOCK DEAD/ DEeVO WILL B£ MRS. DH PLASTER, THt VOONG (UrXM'S MAMrX» , BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS So Long, Chief 8 Y MERRILL BLOSSER Voi/vt GOT A GUN. OH, VPAMC wetL.weU 9OON P wo WE MAD A DMT you SHOOT us WOULD wt AU.OOT DAT8S WITH 6A4CA . ttrrcas/ WASH TUBBS At Bay ' BY ROY CRANE RED RYDER Why Not, Sister? BY FRED HARMAN ALLEY OOf Somtriiing, of Uost BYV.T.HAMLIN

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