Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 19, 1938 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1938
Page 8
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DENTON JOURNAL Page 8 MELVIN ft JOHNSON. Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, November 19, 1938 DENTON STORE DISPLAYS SENSATIONAL NEW PIANO "One of the best indications of improving 1 business conditions today is the increasing activity in the piano business," Mrs. Gail Cooper said this week when asked about the new line of Weaver pianos which the Cooper Furniture Company is now handling. Mrs. Cooper says that more and moie parents are realizing the increasing importance of musical education in the lives of our children, and there is a real demand for new pianos that meet modern requirements. The new piano on display at Cooper's Store is called the Weaver Verli- Mignon. It is really an upright grand, shaped like the colonial spinet, and has a tone like the finest grand piano. It is the result of a revolutionary development in piano construction, called bi-Ievel action, originated and patented by the Weaver Company, makers of pianos and organs for sixty-eight years. This bi-level construction applies the direct blow beneath the key level, thus enabling Weaver to make the Verti-Mignon beautiful in appearance, properly pio- portioned with plenty of knee room, yet small in size to meet modern . decorative requirements. Most important of all, the new principle makes possible a small piano with fine full tone, a deep resonant bass and an exquisitely clear treble. RICHARD DIX DRAWS POWERFUL ROLE IN "SKY GIANT" Noted »for his powerful dramatic portrayals, Richard Dix has one of the most gripping roles of his career in "Sky Giant," his new vehicle for RKORadio at Ridgely Theatre Friday and Saturday, November 18 and 19. As a transport pilot assigned to manage a big aviation school, and later to command mapping a flight across the Arctic wastes on a projected air route to Europe, Due has unusual opportunities for a memorable characterization. Romance Time Prevails in "Having Wonderful Time" A series of romances flourishing at a summer vacation camp, is woven into the co-starring vehicle for Ginger Rogers and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., entitled "Having Wonderful Time," at Ridgely Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, November 21, 22 and 23. Although Ginger Rogers, playing a stenographer, visits the resort primarily to evade a fatuous fiance, she soon finds herself head-over-heels in a romance with Douglas Fairbanks Jr., a young law student working as a waiter. "Fire Of A Kind" Adds Thrilling Chapter to Film Library When Dr. Allen Roy Dafoe is presented with a print of the Dionne Quintuplets' new starring production, "Five 1 Of A Kind," Thursday, November .24, at the Ridgely Theatre, a thrilling new chapter will have been added to one of the most important and interesting of all screen volumes. Dr. Dafoe, physician to Yvonne, An- nette, Cecile, Eniilie and Muiie Dionne since the day of their birth, May 28, 1931, has assembled an almost complete and continuous scieen biography of tlio only quintuplets in woild historv to survive moie than a few houis. He has a piint of "The Country Doctor," made when the babio, weie 18 months, and of "Reunion" made when they were 27 months. TRACY IS MICKEY ROONEY'S MODEL AS "TOPS" ACTOR Mickey Rooney figures he must have been born with a tabbit's foot in his hand, he's that lucky. It's not because he happens to be working in pictures as a whole but becau-e right now he's woiking alongside Spencer Tracy \\heic he can watch the fellow he considers the greatest actor in the world. So Mickey wont around the M-G-M studios visiting Tiaiy»on the set whenever possible and itching. to get into a scene with the star., Then, Diiector Norman Tarn-op | called Mickey into his office and told | him that he was going todiicct "Boys Town," at the Dcntonia Theatre, Fii- day and Saturday, November 18 and 19, and that. Mickey was going to be starred along with a fellow named Tracy. "You could have knocked me over with a snow flake," s.-^s Mickey. "Right then and theie I knew that prayer,; really woik because I'd sure been praying for that chance." Brilliant Cast In "Four's A Crowd 1 ' Top-Notch Comedy Coming to Dentonia With a cast topped by Errol Flynn. Olivia de Haviland, Rosalind Russell and Patric Knowles, "Four's A Crowd," Warner Brae, swiftly-paced comedy romance, will be the attraction at the Dentonia Theatre Monday and Tuesday, November 21 and 22. Walter Connolly, Hugh Herbert, Melville Cooper and Franklin Pangborn arc al-o featured. In the filming of "Four's A Crowd," the objective of every one concerned was to set a new all-time laugh record, and, in keeping with this laudable purpose, there is not a_ single moment in the picture which is intended to be taken seriously. Hilarious Hi-Jinx Rate Top Spot For New Comedy Harold Lloyd, who was last seen 1 on local screens over a year and a half ago in "The Milky Wny," returns next Wednesday only, November 23, to the Dentonia Theatre in his latest comedy, "Professor Beware." Hilarious hi-jinx are in order when Lloyd starts a screwy ciot-s-country jaunt in search of a job. It seems that Lloyd employed as an Egyptologist in a museum, loses his p a n t = . . . and his job, in order to help a beautiful girl, Miss Welch, get a screen test. Raye, Hope and Grable Star In Marine Comedy Join the navy and see the girls! That's a fair picture of a sailor'^ life, at least when the fleet's in, according to Paramount's new marine comedy, "Give Me a Sailor," Thursday and Friday, November 24 and 25, nt the Dcntonia Theatre. With Bob Hope, Martha Raye, Betty Grable and Jack Whiting playing the leading roles, the picture tells a rollicking story of two sailors who pursue the i=ame girl but change their minds when the girl's Cinderella sister turns out to be the winner of a national beauty contest. SCHOOL NEWS Continued from page 1. So long, I hear impatient Turn 1 calling, and I've heaid that it dm-,n't wait for anyone. Seventh Grade News Our umthcmatic. class is studying and making ginphs. Each pupil will niiiki* a complete giaph booklet. We aic just completing a study of "Independence and the New G o v e i n - mcnt" in our histoiy clash. Our bulletin boaid shows home drawings made for this unit. Two dnji 5 last week the Seventh Grade in Mis. Raiiigh's loom had perfect attendance. As We Hoar II Someone said that Ii inn Ili-nxcn liked "Punch". Is that "Wiight", lima? Giace Gelk'tlyi spent the w u u k - t i u l in Hollywood, so thej hay, but we know that she was only at the T l o i Farm (otherwise known a. Hollywood). Was Skinny there, G i a c e ? ? ? In reply to last week's comment on the humor editor's luck of gos'-ip, Bill might reply that he hud a c ld in his "nose foi news". BETWEEN WAR AND PEACE By Floience Bic'xver Boekel The election of a new Congress at this paiticiiliu tune may have the uupoi taut iL'Mill of bi faking t'.ic Mttaiiglu-hold on the irovcrnmunt of mi lent ptejudict's and obsessions in our foieign policy. The State Deparl- nu'iit liiis made the mistake, well rec- ctiii/cd 11 Hie fa tsil nu--tiilc of diplomacy, ol petting itself into a position fnun which it cannot, lutieat when diangixl conditions i.ill foi ( h a n g e d policies. The Munich suttlem nt m:iie two l.icts dual. Tlu 1 w i l l of tlu 1 [itoplis of tin 1 wo i Id foi pi'ine '.as become a con'iiolling factor in tlu intei national situation. Second, Cleat B i i t a i n and Fiance are icadj after twenty yems to ndmit Hie crioi ot their own way.s and to ncicpt the lespon ibility of liiii{.;iiiK then own policies into line \ \ i t l i (he objective of \\oild peace \\liitli they seek to achieve. Thcii p j - lilical opponents are t i l i n g to make this new eflfoit on (he pint of the di niociacies to adopt just dealing and to touect ti'eir vision of world affairs by ic'ino\inp the beam fioni their own eves a "capitulation" as but there is no leason for it to mean loss of piestigc. However difficult delay in establishing justice niiij make its e tab- lisluiiL-nt now, the piestige of any Roveinnieiit which Inked the lend in facing cinrent \\oild pioblems with fail ness and intelligence ami in rracif- ing a settlement which will piotec't its people against win a the paient of all evls is bound to be incieased and to be lasting Unfoiluiiatly, the United States Guv eminent has based its foieign policy on condemnation of olfteis. Till policy lias tended to prevent our doing iin_\. of the constiuc- tive things out.selves which might alter conditions, ami to eieate hatreds and feais which ii'suH in the kind of hystoi in deinoiihti.Ufii by the public when Mm-- immlcd us over thc laclio. Umlei the Roosevelt-Hull administration ol foi c inn air.iiis wo icfusc to recognize .such conflicts as that go- MIR on in Asia as \ \ a i . We icfusc to accept tne fact that boundniies ai e changed if they aie changed b method of which \\e do not appiovu. We refuse to admit that out own policy of inipioving woild tiade conditions requiics logically improving hade conditions with all counti ies wlicthe.- T H A N K S I wi~h to extend my sincere thanks to my friends and supporters in the recent election. John T. Schmick BUCKLEY'S FOOD Phone 107 SK ROLL BUTTER Ib3Zc 1=4 Ib Prints ib Libby's Sliced Pineapple Ig can ZZc Heinz's Mince Meat 1 Ib can 19® 2 Ib can 35c Sour Pitted Pie Cherries 2 cans Quality Meats ·:· Groceries "We Di liver" WILLARD L. SWANN Formerly Manager of the Denton Food Market Is Now With Buckley's Food Market Produce Denton, Md. Libby's Sauerkraut 2 cans 19c Turkeys Ducks and Chickens ATTRACTIVELY PRICED Cape Cod Cranberries Ibl9c Closed All Day Thursday, Nov. 24 Thanksgiving Day Open Wednesday Nite Best Cuts Chuck Roast Fresh Home Killed Pork Hams IbZ3c Standing Rib Roast Ib Homemade Scrapple IblOc Diamond Brand English Walnuts Ib we approve of their governments or not. We refuse to see that we cannot hope to prevent the as.scition by other powers of doctunu- similar to oui Momoe Duelling if we me unwilling to foi ego that Doctune for our' selves. I T*t' Roosevelt iidministiation in its foil-tan policy and pionouncementii has shown itself obsc- sed by the dic- l tutors. It is this conceiitialion of feai and attention on dictatois that the git-atest tin tat to deniociacy is to be found. It is a well establi hed law of tile that jou center voiu atten- | lion upon \ o u imitate. The piesent j Administration has ic-sisted uveiy ef- ioit on the p a i l of lecc-nt Cougiesses I to b n n f j about a moic- democratic j c o n t i o l of foreign policy thioiigh the n e u t i a l i t y law, tne war l e f c r c n d u m , and the establishment of a national dofcn e policy by Congu-ss. It has on the contrary made everj efFoit to establish one-man contiol of foieign afFans which means one-man contiol of the issues of peace and war. By the repeated intioduction of a mobilization bill it has endeavored to open the way for a militaiy dictatoiship not only in tune of war but in time of any na' lonal emergency. The leccnt elections have shown a widcspicad . icaction against efforts to control the wltole life of the United States from Washington, but If government by the people is to be maintained it muat be strengthened at what is now its weakest point--con- tiol of foreign policy. There is good leason to believe thai the incoming Congiesi will ic-cognize t h a t fact and that the opposition will provide the Icadeihhip in a sound peace policj which the people .have repeatedly shown they desire. PARTLY COVERED The wage-hour act does not change the lelations of about 31,000,000 vvoi kei s who ai c under State and local jurisdiction. Less than one in twenty vvoikers are affected by the new labor standnnl act. Daily newspapers generally fall under the provisions of the Act, but employes of weekly or sonii-vvrckly newspapers having circulations under 3,000, most of which are in the county where published, are not within the meaning of the law. The average hourly rate in many of the countrj's principal industries runs from 63 cents to more than a dollar, and the hours are adjusted amicably between the employers and the workers, which saves headaches for all concerned. The Administrator of the Act is confident that higher wagc.5 will follow in all lines, and the mal-adjustments of the law will straighten out as experiences develop the changes needed. Approximately 1,500,000 arc on the wrong side of the law, either with icgaid to wages or hours, and their affairs will receive fin.t attention. Good Food For Sound Thinkers I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.--Rev. 22:13. Here at last is the ultimate in finer piano craftsmanship. The Weaver is the finest new Style Piano in the World! Purity and Beauty of Tone. Unequalled quality of construction and outstanding distinction in appearance and beauty. Here is a modern piano that will really amaze you and more than meet the most exacting demands of those who like and want fine things--The Price is surprisingly low, too! (Convenient Terms) Full 88 Note SEE AND PLAY THIS NEW AND BETTER PIANO TODAY Cooper Furniture Co. Phone 130 Denton, Md. Meat, Qnocuf, SPECIALS for Fri Sat S IT Aft l l u i Nov. 18 19 BLACK (Round IbaSc ANGUS] Sirloin Ib 19c Steer Beef -PORTERHOUSE lb P G SOAP 7 ior 25c 1 Ig R1NSO .21 1 sm RINSCX01 both for .ZZ TisSo Good Pancake Flour 2 fOr 13c CountrySausage case Ib 19c loose SpareRib Ib 14c Fresh Ground HAMBURG Ibl7c Large Juicy ORANGES doz for Z9c Sweet Potatoes 4 Ibs for lOc Large Ripe BANANAS 4 Ibs for I9c Home Dressed FRESH HAMS wbole or half Ib 19c Pigsfeet Ib 5c CHOCK ROAST Ib 18c LBG-0-LAHB Ib 25c Denton Food Market Phone and Delivery Service PHONE 199 of DENTON'S NEWEST and FINEST F I L L I N G STATION SPECIAL ! FREE OFFER for Saturday and Sunday November 19th 6* 2Oth 1 gallon Gas FREE with every six-gallon purchase CASH ONLY Goodrich Heaters from $9.95 Arvin Heaters from $9.95 INSTALLED FREE We've moved, folks, just across the street, but into a fine new building with every modern convenience for servicing your car. Stop in and give us a trial. You'll be pleased with our service. SPECIAL ! All This Month Don't Let Cold Weather Catch You Unprepared Anti Freeze Specials duPont Zerone $1.00 Gal. Norway LOO Gal. Eveready Prestone 2.95 Gal. Sinclair .69 Gal. EARL M. GROUSE Phone 143 *$4.95 up 25% trade-in allowance on your old tires Goodricb, Generals, Atlas Mansfield Special Value Car Washing Lubrication Atlas Batteries And your old battery DENTON, MD. NEWSPAPER! :WSPAPLRI

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