Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 20, 1987 · Page 22
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 22

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1987
Page 22
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, ocr eat UMttfl UAILT JUUKITOL Sunday *«>• KRON WEEKEND EXTRA • KPJX WAYNE WALKER'S 49ER8 PREVIEW • KQO CHARLES M CHARGE • KQED SESAME STREET (R) D O KICU HOME SEARCH QD KTXL THE NEUROPSYCHOLOQY OF WEIGHT CONTROL <D MCTV JIMMY SWAGGART WGN RAWHIDE DISC NEW PACIFIC How the rapid economic growth ol countries on the Asian rim is changing the pattern ol world trade. NICK YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION HBO MOVIE "A Test Of Leva" (1985) Angela Punch McGregor, Drew Foraythe. A loving, familial bond forma between • aocial worker in en Australian institution and the cerebral palay victim ahe teaches to communicate. 'PG' 0:30 • KPIX NFL TODAY • KQO WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORT • KTXL PRIVATE BENJAMM ESPN AUTO RACING NASCAR Winston Cup Delaware 600, from Dover. (Live) DISN MOUSE FACTORY Host Harry Morgan discusses history of railroads. Shorta include: "Mickey's Choo Choo," "Pig* is Pigs" and "The Brave Engine." MCK MCK ROCKS: VIDEO TO GO SHOW ELEPHANTS CHILD Jack Nicholson tells Rudyard Kipling'* claasic 1*1* •bout • baby elephant's adventures on the edge of the gray-green Limpopo River, hi stereo. 10:00 O KRON MEET THE PRESS D • KPIX NFL FOOTBALL San Francisco 48ers at Cincinnati Bengals (Live) • KQO BUSINESS WORLD O KQED SESAME STREET (R) g Q KICU MOVE "Unfinished Business" (1941) Irene Dunne, Robert Montgomery. A would-be songstress from a small-town arrives in the big city in search of fame and romance. Oil KTXL EVERYBODY'S MONEY MATTERS ED MCTV MONEY. MONEY. MONEY WGN WILD, WILD WEST DISN TOO SMART FOR STRANGERS Winnie the Pooh and friends give youngsters tips on how to deal with strangers. Host: Sonny Melendrez. q DISC CHANGING WORLDS The changing social standing of women in Algeria, a Moslem country once dominated by males. NICK LASSIE SHOW MOVIE "Legal Eagles" (1986) Robert Bedford, Debra Winger. Two Manhattan attorneys employ some unorthodox methods to prove the innocence of their client, an avant-garde artist accused of murder. In atereo. 'PG' g 10:20 WTB8 MOVIE "Deatination Tokyo" (1943) Gary Grant, John Garfield. In 1942, the crew of a U.S. submarine un- dertakea a dangerous mlaaion that paves the way for the flrat air attack on the Japanese mainland. Colorized version. 10:30 • KTVU MOVIE "The Hound Of The Baakervlllea" (1939) Baall Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. Sherlock Holmea Investigates the mystery of • canine spirit haunting an English country estate. « KRON WAR OF THE STARS KGOTHM WEEK WITH DAVID BRINKLEY D BKBHK BRADY BUNCH J MCTV FINANCIAL DISC NATURE OF THINGS A vialt to Arizona's Chirlcahua mountain*. MCK ZOO FAMILY HBOJERRY SEINFELD: STAND-UP CON- FfOENTML Known for hie X-ray Space, comedian Jerry Seinfeld in hia flrat solo television appearance on family reunions, shopping and stubborn pets. In stereo. g MAX MOVIE "Armed And Dingerous" (1988) John Candy, Eugene Levy.An ex- cop and a former lawyer uncover corruption within their union after taking joba aa security guarda. In atereo. 'PG-13' a 11:OOtJ KRON WILD KINGDOM O KQED WONDERWORKS "The Fire in the Stone" A teen-ager hopea to use his discovery of an opal mine aa a means to reunite his parents, but the gems are atolen and he and hie frlenda set out to retrieve them, g • KTXL MOVIE "The Paleface" (1948) Bob Hope, Jane Russell. Calamity Jane shoots her way Into the heart of an Eastern dentist. « KBHK BRADY BUNCH MCTV MEDIA ARTS WON BASEBALL Chicago Cub* at St. Loula Cardinal* (Live) MSN THE HOBOKEN CHKXEN EMERGENCY The people ol Hoboken. N.J., are terrorized by • mon*t*r lighting until they discover it'* really • lovable 266- pound chicken. Stirs Gab* Kaplan, Dick Van Patten and Paler Bllllng*l*y. DWC FRANKLIN ADVENTURE A Journey along Auatralla'a Franklin River. MCK MW8 PEACH OF THE KILLY SCHOOL: BACK TO SCHOOL Live-action / puppet*. Ml** P**ch and Arthur'* claeamalaa try to convince him to coma back to school In the fall. Featuring -the voice of Martin Short and lyrics by Sammy Cahn. 11:300 KRON BEAUTY • KQO HOLLYWOOD CLOSE-UP O KBHK WHAT'S HAPPENING NOWtl NICK TALKING ANIMAL A study of camels, featuring often overlooked facts. HBO MOVIE "Players" (1979) All MacGraw, Dean-Paul Martin. A young professional tennis player pursues s beautiful but elusive older woman who turns out to be the mistress of a wealthy businessman. 'PG' AFTERNOON 12:00 O KTVU DUCKTALE8 "The Treaaure Of The Golden Suns" A Disney animated feature Introducing a new dally aerlea. Scrooge McDuck lan't too happy about taking care of Donald'a nephewa Huey, Dewey and Louie until the trio find* a treaaure map that leads the mleer on a fortune-hunting adventure. • KRON LORNE GREENE'S NEW WIL- DcRNCSS • KQO SPECTACULAR WORLD OF GUINNESS RECORDS • KQED MASTERPEOE THEATRE "AH for Love" A salesgirl, who bate* bar lh> atyle on a woman'* magazine, faces shattered romantic dreeme during a brief holiday In Franca. Garaldlna McEwan atara. (R) g • KKU MOVIE "Raffles" (1940) David Nlven. Olivia de Havllland. An amateur thief makes sport of Scotland Yard and falls In love with one of hie victims' niecee. • KBHK MOVIE "Les Girl*" (1957) Gene Kelly. Mltzl Qsynor. An American musical show hits the'European circuit when complications arlae. CD MCTV GREAT AMERICAN TRADE SHOW DISN BEST OF WALT DISNEY PRESENTS Host Maestro Ludwig von Drske presents a variety of musical entertainment with guests Nelson Eddy, Dinah Shore and penny Goodman. DISC SUN KOSI, RIVER OF GOLD This documentary traces the 1981 Himalayan Kayak Expedition, a 340-kilometer paddle of the challenging Sun Kosi River. NICK SOMETIMES I WONDER After their mother brings home a new baby, two children feel they're unloved nuisances and escape to their grandmother's (Colleen Dewhurst) home. SHOW MOVIE "Bill Cosby, Himself" (1982) Bill Cosby. Family life takes a ribbing as the comedian finda the humor In marriage, children and everyday frustrations in this concert performance filmed In Ontario in 1981. 'PG' MAX MOVIE "Three Men And A Cradle" (1985) Andre Dussoller, Roland Giraud. Three French bachelora find themeelvea saddled with a baby, whom one of them haa fathered, when the child's mother decldea she needs a break from parenting. (Dubbed)'PG-13' 12:20 WTBS SANFORD AND SON 12:30 O KRON NFL LIVE • KQOMCCLOUD • MCTV WOODS 'N' WATER SHOW ESPN AUTO RACING CONTINUES 12:60 WTBS CNN NEWS 1:00 O KRON NFL FOOTBALL Kanaaa City Chief* at Seattle Seahawka (Live) • KPIX NFL FOOTBALL Dallaa Cowboys at New York Glante (Live) O KQED IN SEARCH OF THE TROJAN WAR The archaeological, historical and literary evidence regarding the fall of Troy la summed up and a new possibility is presented. (R) g • KTXL MOVE "My Nam* la Nobody" (1974) Henry Fond*, Terence Hill. A you.ig man tries to keep hi* Idol, *n aging gunfighter, from retiring so thit he can offer the challenge of a final duel. . O MCTV OUTDOORSMAN WITH BUCK MCNEELY WTBS BASEBALL Atlanta Brave* at Loa . Angelea Dodgers (Live) DISN MOVIE "The Horsemasters" (1961) Annette Funicello, Tommy Kirk. A young woman enrolls In a preetlgioua English riding school and stsrts a disciplined course In horaemanahip In which she must overcome her fear of Jumping. DISC ODYSSEY Archaeologists Investigate why the 18th-century Incaa were prosperous. • NICK REAL KID Rabbit believe* that hi* foster mother I* pregnint and he fear* he will be neglected when the baby arrive*. 1:30 • KICU MOVE "In Love And War" (1068) Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter. The effect* of World War II upon three Marina* from vaatly different back- grounda are portrayed. • MCTV OUTDOOR TRAIL NICK MR. WIZARD'S WORLD HBO TRUTH ABOUT ALEX Scott Balo ("Charle* in Charge") atari ai a high- school football alar who mu*t deal with hia emotion* when ha learn* hi* beat friend la gay. hi atereo. 2:00 • KTVU VOWS GREAT ESCAPE Animated. Yogi Bear and Boo Boo run away after they hear the new* that Jellystone Park la about to cloae. • KQO CHARLES IN CHARGE Char)** leame he'll be the live-In helper for a new family after the Pembrokes move to Seattle. (R) O KOED HOLLYWOOD Two silent- screen legends •• the glamorous, durable Gloria Swanaon and the movies' greatest lover, Rudolph Valentino •- are profiled. ID KBHK MOVIE "Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood" (1976) Bruce Dern, Madeline Kahn. A atudlo chieftain turns a runaway German ahepherd Into a living legend during the heyday of Hollywood's silent screen. O MCTV THUNDER ON THE WATER ESPN HORSE RACING Marlboro Cup, a 1 and 1/4 mile* race for three-year-old and up Thoroughbred*, from Belmont Park In Elmont, N.Y. (Live) DISC INVISIBLE ASTRONOMY How the invention of radio telescopes haa contributed to astronomy. NICK I SPY SHOW MOVE "Girl Happy" (1966) Elvis Preeley, Shelley. Fabaraa. The leader of a rock group la ((signed to keep an eye on a club owner's daughter during aprmg break In Fort Leuderdele. MAX MOVE "The Ladles' Man" (1081) Jerry Lewie, Helen Treubel. A love•corned man decide* lo grv* up on women only to land a Job it a houeeboy hi a all-female boarding houee. 2:30 • KQO MARBLEHEAD MANOR Jerry and Dwayne get the mletaken Impression that Mra. Stonehlll and Albert ere having an affair. MCTV OUTDOORS WITH BILL WQNKUNQFU DISN COLLEGE BOWL '87 A quiz ehow Involving four-member team* competed of the country'* leading college scholsrs who compete to answer queatlona on science, art, politics, current events, music and literature. Host: Dick Cavett. In stereo. DISC DISCOVERY How scientists can prevent the deaths of divers who build and maintain deep-sea oil rigs. HBO MOVIE "Fast Forward" (1985) John Scott Clough, Don Franklin. The chance lo compete in a high-stokes showdown leads an Ohio high school dance group to New York City. In stereo. 'PG 1 p 3:00 O KGO AUTO RACING CART Bosch Spark Plug Grand Prix, from Pennsylvs- nia International Raceway, from Nazareth, Pa. (Same-day tape) O KOED HOLLYWOOD Two of Hollywood's moat flamboyant silent film directors - Cecil B. DeMille and Erich Von Stroheim - are profiled. QD KTXL MOVIE "Journey To Shlloh' (1968) Jamea Caan, Michael Sarrazln Sevan Idealistic young men join the Confederacy during the Civil War, but have trouble accepting the hardships. O MCTV MOVE "Blood On The Sun" (1945) James Cagney, Sylvl* Sidney. Jspsness warlords try to alienee an American newspaperman who toreaees Japan'a threat to democracy prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. ESPN HYDROPLANE RACING OMC Cobra Series, from Dayton, Ohio. (Taped) DISN DANGER BAY Grant muet find a gold model that disappeared from the Aquarium'* whale eculpture during a blackout, g DWC FROM THE SHADOW OF THE QUN Differing political philosophies In Northern Ireland. (Part 2) NKX MAD MOVES WITH THE L.A. CONNECTION The conclusion to L.A. Connection'* parody of "Shock." 3:30 WON PUTTM' ON THE HITS Semifinal. In stereo. (R) DISN ANIMALS IN ACTION Featured: the animal kingdom'* laatest runners, highest jumper* and largest fliers. NICK CAR M. WHERE ARE YOU? 4:00 • KTVU STAR SEARCH Bl KRON STANFORD FOOTBALL HKJHLK3HT8 8 KPIX CAL FOOTBALL '67 KQED ONLY ONE EARTH Men's dependence on lifeseving drugs whose origins ere found In plants and animals, and threat* to this supply. (Part 2 of 1 1) • KICU MOVE "The Secret Of The Golden Dragon" (1983) Ranee Houston, Brian Halnes. While fighting rivals, some potential regitta contestanta dlecover a aecret In an exotic houseboat. • KBHK MOVE "Dark Paaaaga" (1047) Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall. A man eacapa* from San Quentln to prove himself Innocent of murdering hia wife. WON FAME Danny landa a apot on a live television ehow; Duaty Invite* Je*** to • rock concert. (R) WTBS MOVE "Three Violent People" (1066) Charlton Nation, Ann* Baxter. Two man and a woman become Involved in a triangle while fighting an unfair provl- alonal government. ESPN NFL PRftfCTME Score* and highlight, ol today'* NFL Football QAHMA DMN MX —I MOVE "Th. Had Badge Ol Courage" (1061) Audie Murphy, Bill Mauldin. John Huston directed this adaptation of Stephen Crane's novel of • young Union •oldier whose panicked reaction to hia first Civil War battle Is ultlmstely replaced by bravery. DISC COWBOY UP The akill and courage of rodeo cowboys Is displayed. Cliff Robertson Is host. NICK SMOTHERS BROTHERS SHOW MOVIE "Except For Thee And Me" (1976) Richard Klley, Shirley Knight. A family of Ouakera risk their lives to help a pair of runaway slaves In Civil War-era Indian* In thla adaptation of two novels by Jessamyn West. MAX MOVIE "Chisum" (1970) John Wayne, Forrest Tucker. A cattle rancher battles the growing Influence of a villainous land baron In 1870s New Mexico. 'G' 4:30 O KRON SPORTS EXTRA • KPIX MORE REAL PEOPLE DISC FULL THROTTLE The sport of racecar driving. MCK BAD NEWS BEARS HBO HOW TO RAISE A STREET-SMART CHILD Documentary. Police official* and chlld-abua* expert* offer edvtce on educating children about the dangar* of abduction and assault. Commentary by John Waleh, lather ol Adam Walah. who w*s abducted In 1081. Ho*t: Daniel J. Tr*v*ntl. 6:00 • KTVU WON UFE8TYLB8 OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS Requel Welch; King Teufaahau Tupou IV from Tonga In the South Pacific; actor AI Waxman ("Cagney a Lecey"); the jewel-meking Houee of Cheumet. (R) « KRON NEWS KPIX AT THE MOVES Rex Reed. Bill Herrls. Scheduled: "Fstd Attraction" (Michael Douglas, Glenn Cloee); "A Prayer for the Dying" (Mickey Rourke); "Home Is Where the Hsrt Is." 8 KQO ABC NEWS g KOED MCLAUGHLIN GROUP KTXL MOVIE "The Lsst Hsrd Men" (1976) Charlton Heston, Jsmsa Coburn. A retired lawman straps on his guns once again when an old enemy, a brutal outlaw, escapes snd seeks revenge by kidnapping his daughter. CD MCTV CABLE SHOWCASE ESPN NFL THEATRE Dream Teems DISC SURVIVORS OF THE KWAI The story behind the building ol the bridge that spans the river Kwsi. NICK DONNA REED 5:30 O KRON TO BE ANNOUNCED O KPIX MAC AND MUTLEY Featured: meet Dean and Bobbl Harrison, owners of some very unususl cats; visit a pet supermarket: Warren Eckstein on csrlng for old pets; Dum Dum the singing basset hound. 8 KQO NEWS KOED-EXPRESS A discussion on the Catholic Church and what It meana to our aoclety. DISN DISNEY CHANNEL PREVIEW DISC HERITAGE OF CHINESE MEDICINE The philosophies of Yin-Yang and acupuncture are highlighted In thla look at Chinese medicine's history. MCK MISTER ED HBO FRAQQLE ROCK Wembley hatchee an egg that fell out of a garden tree. In atereo. g EVENING 8:00 • KTVU MLL STREET BLUES 0 KRON BAY AREA BACKROAO8 • KPIX AMERICAN JOURNEY ENDS A summarization of the Pope'e vlelt. • KQO BLACK EDUCATION SPECIAL • KQED AQRON8KY AND COMPANY • KICU GREATEST AMERICAN HERO • KBHK MOVE "Holoc.ust 2000" (1978) Kirk Douglss, Simon W*rd. A cautious designer end builder of nuclear power plint* discover* the! his evil son plsns to hsrnsss the power to destroy mankind. O MCTV COLLEGE FOOTBALL Tsams to b* announced. (Taped) WON STAR SEARCH WTBS NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER An Enter celebritlon marking the firat daylight after eight monthe of darkness for the Inuit of Igloollk, Canada; Dr. Eugenie Clark and Emory Krlatof photograph d**p-*** shirk*; steel drum music from the Port of Spsln; the Tssmsnlsn devil end wombet of Australia; Yale's a capped* glee club tour* the People'e Republic of Chin*. ESPN TO BE ANNOUNCED OWN MOVE "Turtle Di.ry" (1886) Ben Klngsley, Glends Jackaon. The uneventful live* of two ordinary people take a turn for the better alter they discover a •hired Interest in sea turtlee. 'PQ' OMC YANKS MEET RIDS The April 24, 1046 meeting ol American and RuMlan soldiers on a bombed-out bridge, aignal- Ing the end of World W*r II. MCK MOVE "Johnny Angel" (1046) George Rait, Claire Trevor. Th* mar- chant marina captain unravel* the my*- lary ol Ma father'* murdar at aa*. HBO MOVE "Ramo Williams: The Adven-, tur* Begin*" does) Fred Ward, Joel* Gray. With th* help of a phllosophlcsl martial art* matter, » New York cop recruited by the government It molded into an invincible crime fighter. In atereo. 'PG- 13'g SHOW MOVIE "Legal Eagles" (1988) Robert Redford. Debra Winger. Two Manhattan attorneya employ some unorthodox methods to prove the Innocence of their client, en avant-garde artist accused of murder. In stereo. 'PG' g MAX MOVIE "The President's Analyst" (1967) Jamea Coburn, Godfrey Cambridge. International agents pursue the chief executive's analyst, certain that he can provide them with national aecreta. 6:300 KRON SISKEL a EBERT « THE MOVES Scheduled: "Fatal -Attraction" (Michael Douglas, Glenn Close); "Or- phsns" (Albert Flnney); "Tough Guys Don't Dance" (Ryan O'Neal, laabella Rossslllnl). « KPIX NEWS KOED TERRY FOX: I HAD A DREAM Terry Fox's coursgeous run scross Cen- sds for th* benefit of cencer research Is documented. 7:008J KTVU •KTXL 21 JUMP STREET (Season Premiere) The undercover learn Investigates th* kldnepplng of • high- school *tudent. In *t*rao. • KRON OUR HOUSE hi th* aftermath ol the earthquake. David'a caught In a maaatve explosion end fir*. (Part 2 of 2) In stereo, g • KPIX 80 MINUTES (Saeeon Premiere) Weekly nswsmsgailn* with Morley Safer. Ed Bredley. Harry Reaeoner, Dl- sne Sawyer and Mike Wallace enters He 20th seeson. Segment Information to be announced, g • KQO MOVE "Double Switch" (1987) . (Pan 2 of 2) George Newbem, Elissbeth Shue. Feeling the need to get back to a simpler lifestyle, s teen Idol temporsrlly trades Idsntltles with an unassuming look-alike. A "Disney Sunday Movie" presentation. (R)g 09 KrCU KNIGHT RIDER WON NEWS DISC LAST PLACE IN ENGLAND The Ills ol s fisherman on Senln Cove 7:30 O KOED DEORA3S1 JUNIOR HIGH (American Premiere) The lives of stu dents growing up in the '60s. First up Stephanie (Nicole Sloffmsn) decides to run lor school president Also stars Niki Kemeny. (Psrt 1 of 13)p WGN INN NEWS 7:36 DISN ZORRO Zorro helps two Indian servants who want to get married. 8:00 B KTVU OD KTXL EMMY AWARDS Live from Passdens, Calif., the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' 39th annual ceremony. Topping the Mat of pro- grama with multiple nominations are "L.A. Law," "The Golden Girts" and "Moonlighting." Presenter* Include Join Collins. Michael J. Fox. Shsron Qlesi, David Letterman, Howie Mandel, Bob Newhart, John Rltter, Joen Rivers, Tom Selleck end Tracey Ullman. In stereo, g If KRON FAMILY TE8 In stereo, g • KPIX MURDER. SHE WROTE (Seeson Premiere) Murder's eround th* comer when Jessies trsvels to Paris to sttend th* premiere fashion collection of *n old friend, g • KOO SPENSER: FOR HRE Spenser seeks revenge sgalnst th* msn who seriously wounded him In • shoot-out. In stereo. (R) g • KOED COMEDY TONIGHT • NCUMCMLLAN • KBHK MOVE "Mr. Billion" (1977) Terence Hill. Valerie Perrlne. An Italian auto mechanic Inherits a fortune but must weather a aeries of perilous eecapades before he can collect. WON HOQAN'S HEROES WTBS SPORTS PAGE ESPN 8PORT8CENTER SUNDAY DISN MOVE "Chauteuqua Girl" (1984) Janet-Leigh Green, Terence Kelly. The harah financial climate of 1021 Alberta complicates a woman'* new position es sn sgent for treveling performers snd leads her into • romsntlc encounter. DISC ALCATRAZ William Conrad narrates a history of the leland of Alcatraz focuaing on ita uae aa a maximum securl' ty prison from 1034-1083. MCK SMOTHERS BROTHERS HBO MOVE "Mandela" (1087) Danny Glover, Alfre Woodard. A fact-based account of black political activist Neleon Mandela's efforts to bring world attention to the Injustices of apartheid In South Africa in the 1060* and early '60s. In star- SHOW MOVE "Half Moon /Street" (1088) Slgourney Weaver. Michael Caine. An London-bated expert In Middle Eaalern economic* who moonlight* •• •n *tcort become* Involved with an Eng- Hah statesmen *nm**h*d in international Intrigue. 'R' MAX MOVE "Short Circuit" (1088) Ally Sheedy, Stave Guttenberg. A bolt of lightning bring* an experimental robot designed for dalan** u*e to life, complete with an IneatlaMe appetite lor

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