The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 2
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Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, July 5, 191-. George Ehrhart Missed Chance To Become A Millionaire fenry Ford Made Offer Twelve Years Ago. G ICORGE W. EHRHART of this city saw tlie two. Mr, ForiJ stepped over to was In ChtcnKo a short w h i l e since , where they stood and remarked: anil made a rail on Sidney S. G o r - 1 "O'Brien, see If you can't sell $2,000 iam n prominent a t t o r n , y of that rlty. j of that Ptork to Mr. Ehrhart. He has Thov i n v i t e d each other- and t h e n Mr. | the money and we believe the veil.tire Gorhnin "Not lone since I hcarrl Henry Ford ' Detroit tell o story on you." rnk well cf m ·TM ' 1-1.,.],..,... "Oh lif !"st told me bow vou re- r.isol to Ir-t him m a k e you n m i l l i o n [iin-." a n s w e r * ] Mr. r.orlinm. "Wfll." replied F.h:-!"'M, "there Is n story of t h n t k i n d and I h a v e n ' t anv rto'iht t 1 "" Mr. Ford told it to yon Just at In was." A t t o r n e y On! h a m d e t a i l e d the story as to],] hv H«nry Fonl. and E h r h a r l gave it his O. K. A MAX OUT IN ILLINOIS. i Henrv Forfl told the story at a din- ; ner In Detroit, one t h a t was a t t e n d e d ! by A t t o r n e v r j n r h a m . Mr. Ford s t a r t - I od out by savin?: ' "There's a man named F.hrhavt out In , Illlnls. at D o o a f u r I t h i n k , Eelline I automobiles. Po yon know fiat once T ; tried hard to make h i m a m i l l i o n a i r e , hut he wouldn't let nie When you see ^ him ask him about It." I The story t h n t Mr. Ford told had to I Is a promising i ne. There may be j nnmethlns; of a gamble about It, but K we succeed our winnings will be j bltr. Pee If you can't get Ehrhart to ·?" asked 1 sro In with us for $2.000." w i t h twelve years about e « t t l n K a car or two for customers. Mr. K h r h a r t mmes mlchty n e a r ·o hetnc tli" o r i g i n a l pioneer a t t t o m o - Mle s»lo?mnn in It-eye narts. Why. he sold oars at a t i m e when the Ford people tried to huild a sl\-oyllnder machine, s o m e t h i n g tlint h n s escaped the memory et other sil- «inen. A SIXTH OF THE STOCK. Twelve years nso, J u s t at the time Ehrhart was In Detroit. Henry Ford was ensaKed In t r y i n g to form a corporation to hul'.'l cars. He was then iretting K-.ibprrlptlons to the Ftock. The total of stock in the firs: incorporation was put at $1210'". A man of the n n m e of O'Brien was then wl» Ford and Is still w i t h him O'Brien and E h r h a r t were t R l k l n c over the latter's wants, when Henry Ford TOOK HIM TO LUNCH. O'Brien them m e n t i o n e d the m a t t e r ·somewhat In detail to E h r h a r t . When | the two concluded the business t h n t , took E h r h a r t to Detroit. O'Brien asked I F.hrhart to luncheon. They went to j t n m e c l u b In Detroit and had a fair ' Ucrht spread. ! PurlnBf the luncheon O'Brien In a j ciulet way urfred upon Ehrhart that he take the $2.000 of stock offered him In the Ford company. O'Brien was entirely frank In the matter. He explained t h e plans of the company and showed how sood earnings might be made, p r o v i d e d plans didn't miscarry. O'Brien conduct! by saying: HAD TO TAKE CHANCE. "Fhrhart, It Is something ot a | ;amh)e. but it looks Rood IP me Tf you '·an spare ?2,nOO 1 believe you will not be sorry to put It In w i t h us. It w l l ' give you a s l v t h of the stork in tlv c ompany, and if we succeed this may bt- j better for you than a section of prairie j land out in Illinois. What do you say?" Ehrhart replied he would t h i n k It over. He rlid t h i n k It over for a few hours an-- then dismissed the matter from 1- mind. As he saw the proposit: · it was a good deal of a gamble; the stakes at $2,000 were a t r i f l e too high for the game he cared to play. WHAT IT CAME TO MEAN. "except that It would be a good deal · more than I was able to make." | "Well." continued Mr. Gorham, last year the and the year before that sixth Interest In the Ford company, offered you only twelve years ago for $2,000, paid dividends at the rate of $150,000 a quarter, at the rate of J600.000 a year. Three hundred times the original Investment In dividends in a single year; think what you missed." FORD PLAYED FAIR. "Yes," replied Ehrhart, "and Henry Ford played entirely fair with everybody who went Into the venture with him," "Yes," Henry Ford played fair; there would have been no d i f f i c u l t y on that score. You would have got SflOO.OOO a year, Mr. Ehrhart," answered the Chicago man. "What would you have done had t h same proposlton been made to you instead of to me twelve years ago?" asked E h r h a r t of the attorney. The latter smiled and w i t h o u t any hesitation replied: JUST THE SAME. ·T would have done just what you did, Mr. E h r h a r t , dismissed It. It would have s t r u r k ma there was too much gamble a b o u t ,It. You and I will never get to be millionaires through taking chances." It m u s t be that Henry Ford did not have t'~ m a k ( the o f f e r to m a n y people before he sot all his stock subscribed. ', He Is able to recall the n a m e of one ' man who let fortune 1 slip by. he couldn't do this had there been many. And rlRl" missed h|p rich man. Mr e George Ehrhar to become a ver Gorham of Chicago ·nplta! ' put It in t a l k i n g the t h i n g over a short while since: "Mr. E h r h a r t , do you know what that sixth interest In the Ford company would have paid you last year and the year before?" j "I don't know." answered Ehrhart, I No Di °ase Without A Cause The rause of bath acute and c h r o n i c -Mseases removed by CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS No m a t t e r w h a t or w h e t e tne a l i m e n t s. come and Investigate the method ot a m o v i n g t h r cause. I n v e s t i g a t i o n coats othlng n n d e x a m i n a t i o n Is free and in- 'tPd Landgrafi Wi Hams Chiropractors LADY ATTENDANT Rooms 213-215 Empress Theater Bldg H o u r s 9 to 12. 2 to 6. ! to 8 S u n d a y s i n to 12 a. m. P h o n e » - A u t o 1250: Bell 610 If you are building a home or are figuring on doing so, we would like to ; to you about the electrical fixtures and installation work. A home is built for comfort and conveniences--and anything that will in,se that comfort and enjoyment should receive your earnest attention. Oood lighting fixtures are most ira ortant in the home. It does not pay to -tall inferior fixtures nor to have it done in a slip-shod way. We will be glad to assist you in sele/ting fixtures that will harmonize in ulor and with other furnishings of the home. That is our business and it will nst you nothing to get our best suggestions. STEP IN MONDAY AND LET US CONFER WITH YOU Rex Electric Co. Both Phones 1321. 328 N. Main St. THE PIANO BUYERS REAL GUARANTEE of satisfaction is in the name of the piano, and in buying that piano of a REPUTABLE, SUCCESSFUL, PERMANENTLY ESTABLISHED HOME CONCERN. How much more fully you are protected when back of the name of the instrument is an organization you can go to, should you wish, at any time, concerning any feature of the transaction. To find that you have no house to look to after your purchase, means that your satisfaction is not assured --not guaranteed! * These names you know stand for highest quality--Packard, HAINES BROS., Schaeffer, Price Teeple, Bond, and Brinkerhoff Pianos. The Prescott Music House is the only house in Decatur where these celebrated instruments can be purchased. We've been doing business in Decatur for many years. Our headquarters are right here. We offer our customers not only the choice of the universally recognized leading Pianos but the protection of a strong, growing, permanently established home organization, wijh a record of hundreds of satisfied customers. Consider the name of the Piano, and the PERMANENCY of the House you buy of! Greatest values and greatest assortments at whatever price you wish to pay. Prescott Music House Decatur's Leading Piano House. 104 E. Prairie St. Decatur, Illinois. Bachtati-Brs THE BIG GREY STORE Cor. Prairie Ave. and Main St. BachmarrBros 6 /Martin Co, The Second Week The Annual July Clearance Sale Of Porch Furniture Starts Monday morning. You save 20% on any piece of porch furniture in our entire stock of Swings, Settees. Rockers, Chairs, Couch Hammocks. Three months of hot Summer weather just ahead in which to enjoy your porch and lawn. Why not make them as comfortable and attractive as possible at the special prices we are offering? You may choose from an immense line of Chinese sea grass furniture, weathered oak porch furniture, the kind that stands the wear and tear of outdoor use, comfortable natural maple with double cane seats and back, beautiful rustic cedar furniture, flower stands and hanging baskets. In fact, everything necessary to make your outdoor home pleasant and inviting. It will be to your interest to see this display of porch furniture. obfC Rattania Rugs Leave them out in the rain and storm; Rattania Rugs have proven themselves to be the best outdoor rug made. Their quiet, beautiful colorings add very materially to the cosiness of your porch. 9x12 foot Rattania Rugs. $9.50 7-6x10-6 Rattania Rugs : $7.25 6-0x12-0 Rattania Rugs $6.75 6x9 foot Rattania Rugs $4-00 4-6x7-6 Rattania Rugs $3.00 Brenlin Window Shades Brenlin window shades are acknowledged everywhere to be the best shade cloth made; free from cracks and pin holes. The new Van Dyke brown is very popular. Let us give you an estimate on the shades for your new home; you will be surprised at the little additional cost of Brenlin over inferior shades. looked^like that" Deltox Grass Rugs Deltox grass rugs are the kind you see advertised in all the leading magazines. Come in brown and green colors; some have borders. Their cool appearance, together with their durability, make them a very desirable addition to the porch. 9x12 foot Deltox rugs $8.00 8x10 foot Deltox rugs..... : : ......,, ,».$6.00 6x 9 foot Deltox rugs ~ ... .-... -$4.00 4-6x7-6 foot Deltox rugs .$2.50 Vudor Porch Shades Will make your porch livable on the hottest Summer day. You know they keep out the sun and let in the air. Brown and green colors. 4 ft. wide..... ...$2.25 6ft. wide^r.......$3.25 8ft. wide ...$4.25 10ft. wide...... ..$5.50 12ft. wide ..$7.50 UNFILLED WiitdowShades Martin Co 'ifdor PORCH SHADES 'SPAPERf

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