The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 29, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 29, 1859
Page 3
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(arntaued &l Aort notice utl *n Ml kliidi : iijturnlan the dOMM rom the well known Dairy of . !M. iBARBtK, -VEsoj »t a fair price and in quantities. from * pint to a puncheon. Those wishing to be sujjplled, can leave their ••• orders with Messrs. Hunn * Crosby, opposite the Wi ;ker Boose.:.;.: ••-••.•.-•- •.. . . ,.'V.j T. P. ABBOTT, AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAP3T. ALEX, SCOT*, l%EA»Elt. - . IS HOW READT TO PUiUilSU AST : " US ^-number of Initfcments, from one to ; tveaty-two, for llalli, rartlea, Pftndea, ' Eicurslonj, ic^ *c., at rcuonatle rates.. '-" i • •:••:. Apply or addreM C»pt. AIM. SooTToraA Hempstedi WnilcBtore, 118, East Water «t. MUKKAY, PKIQK * CO., Seamin'i Mammoth Home Fnrnithlng Block, HUKON STKEGT, HAsToraonniEss OF, AKD iudjcms in ' STOVES, TIN, 4 OALVANlZKDtlBO» BOOPIN&, GtlUcr and CondnctorPfpe. Also, agept* for Uolllni celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Oap», Hot Air rnrnoccB anfl Keg)>ter>, Ventilators, Ac. .. . t3f Order* thankfully received and promptly •Uen- ed to. my8&. ISAAC KIN OSL.KY, NO. 291 HABt WATER BTKBEl, ' WBOUtSiLEiBD 1C T a til, BKAl. 3*<< AND JSTBAM PIPE*, ' - r .: i ' OA6,«TKAM AND WATKE OOOKB, ; GLOBE AMD CHECK VALVKS, GDA&E COCK8, Ac. .Always on Imnd, a large aaiortmenLof Wort dene In a »-orltinaBllkc manner; at short notice mi lowest prices; r i ^ V ' ,i,. -J jeft-dly N. U. UK1SWOI>1> d: Ot)., ktTiiu ctxtiaa n 1, A HIES', GENTLEMEN"'* AM ,1 CHILDREN'S HOO'I'S, M1OJES AN1> «iAITKH8, SlAriON STREET, t> |> p o !> I t r t ti i- talker H o a B e. ray* I 1 •,.. \Y K 1 N B U K N N E K , KiBOriCTtmtk iKP UKILI^B 111 BOUTS, SBlOliS AND OA1TEBK, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, 4>pi>ot>iic American Houae myll Bout & Mioe Store. <\U. 48 KA!ST \VATtiU S fliEET, JOMN ! J H.ELiAN, KKKPb nl«-ays on hand good coitom made Boou and fitiocj. All kinds of Ladies' and UsnUenieu's Booti and Bhoes made to order in the latest style and warranteJ lopive satisfaction. aprSS JOHN HI OK, w is 01. i: * AI.I-: out' GO IST, NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Has just received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glut, Manufactured at Cleveland, New York. Transported entirely by vessel, it comes in perfect order, aod enables me to sell &t low rates 1 have permanent ar rangemenfe to aetl tine brand of Glass hereafter. rnySS JOHN RICE. AKMSTKONO dfc , V A I !S T U K S, «i It A I !* K U S , G1LDERX AKJi &1VX WRJ7KR&, «>.., bet\ver.u nia'in & Water. Particular attention paid to Kaleomiaeing Oeil- inn. mylS Harper Brothers, (ExUltdwhtd in 1843,) [1O17RK SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAL l*a I nleriM,*- lazier* A- t'apcr.IInnpcr*, 1 IMITATORS OF WOOD AMD MARBLE, NO. 39 01*15 IB A STREET, A fXW DOORS EAST OF TBE JtLARKXI HOOSX. jys JONKS & WHITKH.KAL) General Land and insurance Agent* WOT A It IKS Fl UI.IC< AC., OKFICP-, corner uf Keed and Oregon streets, Mey rose's Block, Fifth Ward. if lit attend to the 'buying and acllmg of Real Katate, Insuring' Good r and Building* In .responsible Companies, Attend to Uie Collection of Accounts, Making -ml of Deeda, Uortgagea, Contracti, Leaaea, *c. All .Qoliectionji made on accounts placed in our hand will be promptly paid over. ? .......... i.v22... — soautr WBITKBXAI>. FEES, WHOL.KSA1.K & 14KTAI1. — AT— Robert drnruey'ti tiUEtT \VESTEUN TEA STORF 114 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices. from 10 to 25 per fi> lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground on the pretr.ises by the most improved method*. Java l»c. Bio lie. gt..Domia«T> 12J6. Remember the number 174 Kaat Water «U, Beaman A Wta^s Old .Store. jygl SCHNCECKKL & BRITNOTrO, COMMISSION MKHCHANTS, Real Estate and Money Broken, NOTARIES .EDBUC, MILWAUKEE, WISOONStS. Orncw—So.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- wtUK D. GORSON. AT T O » N E V AT LAW HAS removed V> "Office, No. &. Slate Bank Bonding, corner ot East Water and Michigan W lU^onA at my office a Scpster, open to their In- spectlon of bonds aod Mortgngei and other securities oflcred for ftale> Persons wisninf: to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or ottfcr securities for sale, may find it to their interest to file with me tbeir applications or statement*. 0. SCEtBY, yl5 Opposite Walker House. ..D. T. HE*. t B. mtJTUSi I,:% r cry A: Boarding Stable, Pool ofMafOn steed, {on tlie River.) T HE subscribers-'have removed their stock from the stable formerly occupied by them, comer of Main and liurr.n streets, to the old establiehment foot of Mason street, Oins cansolldsaaB the two establish' meats, nmUoj; the largest and best appointed Livery establishment Ic the West. W> shall be Klad to see enr otd friends awl enktomers, and feel confident Uiatwe can furnish them with as good and stylish a turnout as any similar ebi.-.'' : ^." "' in the city. Tttankfol for pan patronage, we nop, b. Meet * eonttauuiee 6t the same. , : f3f Particular attention given to furnishing carrtaf- horses for funerals. BOTiEB * TOBT. GOOD OH.ANOK. HOUSE AJVO t,OT FOB SALE CHE At*. ;S HE undersigned will sell hi« Eooje and Lot, now It occupied &s & Tavm hy him, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Land og and the B. AM. R. B. l>epot. .The house Is located on the best business place,: and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer 'for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch U already now projected al that very, locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply •t the undersigned . JOHN BABTB. Riclne. January 25. raa. ; ' : ! )anCT-d»ro Lnmbcr Vessels for Sale. Bch«oner Fashion, 824 tuns. '.".' '," Bohooner I>. Newhall, 190 tunii. ; Bcow Schooner Kugby, 1C5 tuns. . , The saboveveiseln will be sold at very low prices Tor - .... . BuBWo, New Tork. Enojoireof B. B. Jossa, JIB ;»nltee,i Wisconsin, ,_ . . : ' ••- - '' -GENTLEMEN'S 1 i i H 1 _ ,_H*n9 ~lj£sli££iS&?&&'%* BOOKS AKD STATIONERY. ^W^^kv>*« ; -r-.i^'iv,r:-scr.^^ < ThelVe§(erof»licKockyMooiitahiN, Prom fact* narrated by himaelf. Jutt received by . tniylO - l;tad CJLlilAVKK, AMO ,JCT Eoet Water street,, r-E have just .received a full supply of these Qele- . .- brat:*'l«enblls from'the 'manuf»cu-r y ofJ.J. Behbach, la Rege»sourg, Bavaria. ..Theyxe carefalry assorted, and e4oh {grade Is dlslUignUhea I f a popular brana. PartlCBlarattenllOB^U called lc .he "Opposition Pencil,!' (round black gilt;) and to tbe "People's Pencil," (round red gilti) «lso to the "Engineer's Penell," <iiejtagon gilt.) Alt of vhich Killte found superior to any other penc 1 In tbe market. Always on hand a complete assortment of b'ack and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades A dis- eount sdloweB to'lhe Trade proportioned t'o extent of \ ; ap»29 A LL» BONE'S DICTIOftFARY iOIMfa lf,Bn{)Hth iOtrnture and Amert&it X<MM s, living and dc; frem tke Earli«ft.A ctmntt tothr Sid<H« ofllKninttiftn Century. Ctmtain- ing Thirty Thousand BtogrnpMt, void Literary A'oticee, vM firrtv InOaeet ifSu'jtets: Price »i. 1 NDMPKNBABLT Orecmry to all »ho Read, all who Write, all Clergyngut, all Physicians, *il l-mrj-ers, Identific «nfl Literary MOD, MerchnDts and farmerm, Manafactnrera and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMFA.NIOB. BY INSURANCE COMPANIES. ^iTTl-/S-:3^r! ; -ft-tfHP ^V J '!' j^fiii.j-.-.y/. v-^%ly.'--M /.^v i-;-.; >i'Hii^,*all:ltbihtaiate1y and get tlietn injured In the following '"First Class," old estabUsbed. and prompt .ji'ay'ok ^'ompanlej; •••""• '"- s.--.--- ..-»£* N 0,0-W-O-frXXJtV I.W., J« 1 » . ^Ca»h Cipltal and Surplos,... ....... ..$1,C«J,MO 0« ! Of Hartford, ConnwUcat,, ... iiilti otfit rw^*<i KV is i".. . 'Cash Capital and Snrplojs;. .-. .-. . . ., . . . . . 1788^83 00 -. .....;,. v i n '/Of llew Vork'CUy,. ":'' ^'-" Cailj Capital *DaBurplns,....;;,07T > 890 40 U< >\V A h l» mSDKANCE COMPA N V , j- Of HewYptk. 1NCORPOKATED IN 182*. .. .1583^50 33 INSlin ANCE COM PA N V , ' . Of flartford, Connecticut, ti(uh Capital •ndfiarplua,. ...... ...... 1419,08466 tAMAU 'FIRE INSURANCE co., -,.-.• , :| .OfKew.Tork, . . XV w Capllal and Surplua,., ..... ....... »250,C6» S3 .BSObUrE INSURANCE fjOMPANY, i" ' ' OrNei» TorkClty, Cash Oalilpl) sjnd Surplus,.... ... :..'... «246,R8» M CITV FUCK INSURANCE COMPANV, Of Uartfoid, Oonoectlcat, Cast Capital and Surplus,.. .. ......;... ..»30)t^31 48 I nolIcK I'ualucu for the above named Companies, entirely anon theif own merits and responsibility, anJ refer 10 their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies Is- Bued trUhout delay. , W. UEHBV UOLLAK1). Agent. JOUK llou.i»o, Ass'u Northwest cor. Halo and 1>. I 1 . MiiiaUiLL, Surveyor. WUtonala septS United Stale* ,>4. A, F. lu».Co. & CO., BOOK & STATION KB V JWBBRHK, 135 jRast Water *treet, KILWAUffE, From Theophlus Parifns, L. L. D., Protecvr of Law In Harvard I'nlvtrilty.l CAVBEIIXIK. Jan. 5, 1859. DKai 8lK :— I have had the Brst volumt of year l>lc- lonary for tome day« and have lat sOed mrsel/ that your p an is excellent, and that you have carried It out llli very great !ndn«try and with good Judgment.— lie faUneii and accuracy of its Information concerning Bodern auttiorl sntl their works, are indied remmrka- >le. To any one who dertre the know! >-dgr your b -ok mrports to give — and what educated man doej not?— t matt be of great interest a id valur. ReipecUully. «c , THLOPH1L0S PARKER. H. Austin All.bjne, Esq. From 8. Irenieiis Prime, D. D., Edilor N. Y. Observer.] Nzw You, Feb. a, ISM. (tOTLOlts :—The flm volume of your gr^at Picilon- ,ry of Aathora, I have permed with aatooisfcroent a d leltght. It isjoat what 1 nave lonp desired 10 have, aiftd iavc Bought for in vain. Thousands of clergj-meii, tmlenta, an< all literacy and Intelli ent men, mtm ish tohavejlsm f l< work; and thev will hnvt it, when iey learo t<al II Is m thi world. It dcs-Tves Uitmosk ordlai reception, and 1 '.lui'tthat the f-n:|ior aud the inbllihen will ha»e tl.e l&rpetl reward for their enter- irise and labor Vours truly, B. IRKJSAIUS PRIME. Cbildi A Pel. rson. ., !»«. wiLn, Jan. !-,IS5S. MV DEaa Sia : -WIUi b tier koowlrdee of your book rom repeated fr aats npon it, I »m ashani d to have rittenyou so commoni-Kre an ackni.wle'l^nieDt of Its ret n-c t|>t. Of all the gtorehonne of InteresUng and eadabie matter the "Olctionary of A'.lli- r-" gre b t • DC the most captlva-lTte. The food tnw, Indaslry, and tiU of arranfrrmeut therein manllesied loilil not b« UT>asaed. »nd It w!I make .or you a reputation very nvtab e. I shall try l^ make amends In pilnt for in <• pratently Inappreclative 6r«t acknowledgment of tl.e cquialt'on. n'lth many sincere thanks for Uie prl«> 1 hive in the iook, I remain, my dear sir, Y..O™, fa thfully, N. f. WILLIS. S. Austin Allibone, Esq. Aunt Jndy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motesln the Btfn Beam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Uncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sule Ly TKRRT 4CLKAVKR, aylt) 1C? East Wau-mt. NEW BOOKS —AT— TERKV A <Lt;\vi;i:s, 16T JUST WATKB STflKXT. B ARTH'fl Travels in Central A rica, 1 vol., al>n<l K ed. Llrlngstoti's-Travels In Southern Afrlrn, I rol Spcer^eous Sermons, 6Ui series. Higher Christian Life. u>aj 15 SHIPPKKS Ot PHOlTliOK SBppir themsdves wlih Bills »f Ladlnr at TEHRY tCLEATEK'X, 0 187 East Water street. B O O H » . f \OR stock U tbe largest In the W«t. We sell every L7 Book M tbe Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any book whlcb arlsts, eitti«r ntht KnglUh or other languages. We receive new book! u.inoed frotn the Press. janSO BTRICKALND * CO. W School Books. E have every School tVokln demand, and t then at«rholesHle or retail. STRICKLAND A CO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES I U^JK are prepared in oar Bind2ry to Bind Magazlnea, f f Periodicals or anything ebie la the form of a ook, ID neat and durable styles, at low rates. STRICKLAND t CO. ffTEhave rrclred a fine lot of Stereacopic Views TT embracing views of Interesting local! ties In SWITZEBLANB, SPAIM, KGYPT, NUBIA, GESSO, ITOKS.XT, INLAND, to., AC Alw a large variety or new American Views. Sear and very desirable style* of Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND * CO., Bookseller! and Stationers, 184 East Wajter street. fUXTH WISCONSIN REPQKTS For Bale at • STRICKLAND A CO, fet»l» 134 East Water rtxeet. PIKE'S 1'BAK. A HEW MAP, showing the Route to the Quid Be- glon« IB manias, jujicecelvfd by • BTSIOKI.AHP « CO., febl* . IMlastWahiritrKt' THE NOTICE SPEC'jroit or rir>ii, i PPOINTBD by the Common Council of the City of f*. Milwaukee, U par»nanccof An Act of Uu» Lecila- ure, approved JIarch H, 1S49, hereby gives .ootiov that le Is now runlsbwd with the properwelRhteanii brands or ike due pertortDHXe of the-dnUes of his office. • By the said "Act" It is matfe Un duty of aU peimona leallog )n Jish to give notice to Ihe Inspector to have tbe 4une duly Iwpe'ciea .and brandeS before packing. L .Mr. BmidtwHl be found at Uje New Warehonie of Messrs. John Fbrlofig A Bon, Bonth Water at, WWknr's ?61ut, whert »U ribtlco We rtqaesied, to be left. HUw»'kee, MayT,185». roavlO ' . • tOVSt BMITH, lospeclor. •Oorn»f SaA Water and Midiigan tit., IfOwavlat. -'•!•»«_'••••'• •• ;•• -•. ..••!;.••--.: •--,. -fj,',:. • i O»TBBLATE*TRsio> ',1 • .^ • :E;^.t;S: W.' Ai^. N,,, ; wnirenwrto »t UieoMrtaed where he vjlt beflciu- "' L " ^OH ARLES QUENT1N & CO. TsHftitUQ <JDsTO?nr * «0, corner, of Bapt Waver . sale SjeM Ss»al«.;in.ttuyOtti: o,f ,HllwaakeV,lR large ,01 mallparceU. BalWInglotsJa everyWaiiaofV'biOity, bf sJl site* »M!prlee«. tor 7 easiness or resMeno , and on easy terms, AIM, snail ranis of-trois fr'tofiO — —i- «*I-^"*T, for gardening porpooes. Ahxo, £^*^«RS4^--,,, $100,00000 SUKl'tUS ......................... 28.CS8 00 Office, und*r, Mllclisil'aJSank, corner of Ka«t WaUer and ' Michigan streets,-, ............... WISCONSIN. DUSCTOE8 : J. A. U*Ucasleln, K. Uaodersau, Mogrs Kneeljud, 8. 8. Daggett, Samuel Hale, G. U Uonsman, H U Palmer, Edwin Townjend, B^loinou Adlrr. J. A. HKLKENaTHH, President. Q. D. DOOBMAN. Vlee President. W. T. PALMES, Gen.ral Agent. 8. 0. Wa«r,8ficretary. &A. IXiooarr, .Treasurer. H. L. i'ALMBi, Attorney. raarlO RAILROADS. 1859. i HEW AH$ FAVOBKBl EAST ! §| DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R < •_ (No* ip^ned to Uke Michigan.) f . ' •! ABD • i firtt-Clau SUamera, "City of CWvWand." & "Cleveland." (Thiiron'.gbJy refitted for this roule.) . : O N AND AFTKai MONDAY, April 11, 18,','J, passenger Tralni i>]lll run as follows: WEST: . • Night Hail. Mixed. AccW Express. ir. M. r. w. A .». A ». a. Bup. Bridge, d p.' I fc<0 4:20 1/^rJO < i a. M. i. M. r.«. p. M. *Oetrolt, depart.. ' 7:00 1:80 4:45 (I:(H| Fentonville, arrlv* , IfcSO 6:86 7:so j... •Oswego«srrve.. )iO:6o 7:40 . ', P. M. ii M . St. J( Ln», arrive. Grand BapKs, »rr. • SM •lirand Haven, arr. >• 4:40 - A. •• Milwaukee, arrive. . 2: 0 R AILROADS^^&TRAN$POR'N Kacine.sfe MissisMippi K. K. I- 1C N TO 1> A V I S , 90 HI I 1. li S . \H MUt» from Freeport) ON AND AFTER MONDAY, DKC. 6, 1808, Tratijf wilt run as follows, vw : . Leave Uacine fur Duvis— Freight 1 Acr , i Leave Kaoiuc (or Ueloil - Passenger , J ; UO1NO tA^T. Leave Beluit for Racine — Passenger, t:J4) Leave Davis (or hncliie — Fi eight A Ace., v.BO Pasaengera by taking tlie T A M. tralu on the iiliore KaUrvad at MilKuukec. oounecl ai Racine train to Uavu ; arriving at Uavls at ^:oO i*. u. tf leaves J>tt\U jor Freepurt ou arrival of train. S:; u. train (rolu UavlB uunneeis at Racine «ieh afu-r trains ou tlie Lake r.hore KA'Iru^'l North au>l ^»ul1> ' KUiltUT II A It U Id, .lupelM.len.icnl. i. u. iJike willi Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago 8:50 P. H. •gef'eshments. Milwaukee, depart •Grand Haven, dep. Grand Rapids, arr. St. Johns, arriTe... Owosso, arrive. ... FcBtonvllle, arrive •fJetrolt, arrive... »:40 r. v. Bus. Bridge, arrive »:»5 Mail Acco. Kxpr'n Mlled. ' r. M. [ 8:lHi '• »• ». M. 6:20 . D;80 A. ». 7:00 9'iS ; j f. M. 9:55 &30 i. 11. 4:00 r> v. 18:13 Nlgh'l K«urV p. u MS 10:3(1 i. u. 1:00 4:00 r, x. 4:5(1 M11,WAUKKK to., In ilfltrbell Ktiildinir, ffltrblicaii. »t. MiLwirtia, WIBOOIVII. (IHARIKkBD (JAPITA1., - - fstuioiKi 4'a»h Paid in, $IOO,OOO. UIRISCTOR8: d. L. PauiMi, O. n. Davis, «'. A. Pa«MTi«^, E. Tongnn, B. 8. Ooiovu, • 11. KH<.H».ICUT, J. II. Knxooo, J. HnnpnErr. Jnsicp* r. HHL, J.ljHiBRiS J. Il.Ooinra, Jia Moaui, CUAS. GKTSBKBO, C. CnHHTooc, GEO. DrBM K. TOWNBEND, Prr.ident. A. I.. WALRATU.Berrrtary. E- L. PJUJIIB, AUnrney. Fire and Marine Kliki Ink en M cnrrent ratei. AND IIMM KA.M I . rr\Ht DDdcraiRned li prepared u> lake Marlnr Rnki M~ &nd Fire Rlska OD l roduce In Btnre, In Uie NurOi Western Ininrance Co., of Oawepo, New York, at as low rate* M I'V olfter reliable Onrnpanles. The rej.utaUoD of Uiia well. known, lonp established Company entitles i I to public confidence. UOltADO HILL, Apenl, nov» at i.ffiee oril. * J. F. lilll BY STATE AUTHORITY, WISCONSIN CJKNKKA1. INSURANCE AGENCY *Kefreabment0—Ud^el in Depot at Grand Haven. : Boat will leave Milwaukee on gatnritiiys at* p >J.— for Saturday Right'* kxpress paasengerji west, but 4'*. «. tra<n wUi » T leave on Sundajrs. Trains leave termini dally, Rundaya excepted. TUB TEUCGRAPH LINE n i,.,» open for PUBLIC Bc- surss. CONNECTIONS. AT UKTHOIT-GRKAT WESTERN RAILWAY (or all [xjlnu E««t—MICHIGAN OKMTnAL and UICBIGAN EODTBBKN BA1LHOA1W, and CI.EVK LAND Line or Bteamtn. AT UHAND • IIAfF.K—With " HURON •• Steamer for CHICAGO, Ac., 4c. AT miLWAt.'KEK—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA ORO888, OIIIOA6O, WATERTOWN »n.l HOUI- CON RAILROADS, fnr all Important p»mU «>sl u»,l Northwest, and ou UlUisslppi Klvet, aud v'tvb Ble&intra for Ports ou Lake Michigan. t • Mili uew and dirccl Route now oj-i-n to New Yi>rk, J. lioBtoa, 1'ituburglt, Ptuladvfjfhui, Baltimore »Li<J Waaluugtou-city, C'lcvelar^i, Dunkirk, Uufrato, Niagara Fails, and ali c aster D cities. L'lnciuuau, ColutDbus, Day tua, Hprm^ilrld, L'rbAija, '/^nca\ lilt-, crteubvi.v ill,-, Newark and Uhetrlju^r, a.£.d i*jl ii.Ler:or lown^ oi "Jhi«., I'euQ •/ivama, \ tr n m:*, >».ir> iiu.ii, Nrw J t rhr> , A,-. it nt (.rand t tibiu'.rn If. It. i,nn . piy~ Tdotc ilf*!r:l-u l . r;o Uy .> •» K-.ui.- *.!! l>r j.-ir ticular .AUU uu.fu.rr l..f I'n d,-i; , .^ » ,,ri i\ n v :»r, ll.. rtfl- nvytilUiii the annoy jincp of r--\ lit i *int; n>e -t tlivi'y ^»fe TAMy.v^ / ^u'A" tn£rurt>.\ r.i.v /;i ..-i.v ^7 iM //. 1 ^JO >-'£/ i- H.s s uo r M. — N Iff tu tjtprtis, ilaiiy , tf 'iiuT'ia^ » i \ .|.Lc'i. 6.^«o i . M. — MoruiUK Wail*n<i cxj-i.aj, .i.*.!j , .^uri.lxj rACt-plc'l U'.lh bat one rhantrv rf --ars u. Pii'st-n',;'.. OUtCCClfiU B*uOJiUt THHiai,H To fiUatmif-h, PhiiaJt-ij ina. I.A«,,II. .- -,. CunuectiDg difecLiy wtiii tr^iua • .J ^-- ^rra ni* Central Kailruiul, tc » : < taateru ciUr CleVtlaiid 4 Co lu tubas Uaijiou-l tu Ctc-v-i^ buffalo, Niagara Kali* v.a, N •- - Ym-'n (.'cu Yi m A trie /villroails L» Nt w Vurk ami tli T[i>r. Fer&ous ^'J'HK e^at WiH tiud Una ruuu- 6) 'u,r tf.c in out deaifitbtt:, both from Lht aJ v ii^t.;* to .d [»n:,t f , ,-tlan. c vanely and bt-auty of tlie- couiuij Uirni^-, »:.;,(, ih. roads pass, aa well as the less frequent >:tianci.-i "\ -\' and Uie anuoyaoce of re tliei:«.'Lig ba. K -^a,^r r c «ju rtfii L., other ruuto*. P&riliUtfi ('T Lhc Irans.M.rtrttii.ii f Km. ' ' tu-i t *• Sluck by this ruulr nr r uu- ui ,••»..• •>»•! u.n-a *.» i • w •. any "iJit r rout*-, aijj w.ili rtjut. '.i.i|-aLi i . 1 l. Hi- 11 Il-r iitlf al *IK -tr ] ' .. ['Ml . r I .', . t-3 If V. c*;., arid m OmrJiNy't Utt- • . N-» -U . " s - L- . ,;, o|.|<isilc Tremor.i ll-,ti*--. Of : -i^"'. air.t .1; . .* r t -- tJ.c Like M.«.rt (UUlr,,:i,j. \. IH HU^LL . i > A (i t . • r. JNO J l.ut'o'luV , . Chicago, ilarcti li. ISi-'J a. irti A: C hica^o ftc, K. F ' T l K E s A L K S . OTJT ^_T COST. NOYES, PLERZHEIM & CO, URNITURE RVKR 0»?ieP.KI) IN THIS CM Y AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK Nl XT SIXTY DAY- TIIK SUNK is HFaW. AM» ,u vi in *o 218 and 220 East "Water Street MISCELLANEOUS. IIK. II V* * t.TMCI.Vtltl MHIMKK.LY OKCLM M. v DRV GOOD:-,, AC 1 •».•»». > i U J •..->!» SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! V" . i \\ .1 , , j 7 „ Pauengen for Great Wiai c rn Railway fo on the Railway FIRET .HTEJLKUI, at D. t M. U. Dock, leaving Coet at 8:10 A n , 1:00 p y , and T:30 r. M. BIGHT TRAINS on tbe G. W. R have 8LEKP1HU CARS attached. PAROKlJi left at any of the TICKET OWCM »r.- | forwarded by Piasnon TBAISS «T \ ts» M..nt& j ITS RITES. j The Company's T)me-Tal>lcf T.n be t.n/l »t »nj uf U.t I Stations. i W. K. .HI IK, Geu'l s-.p'i. i WuiTMiH A FO«BUI,Ticket Agenl, »» K«»t Wat- r » WM.Gmmy, Prelgllt Apent at Comnany's Duck. : II. O Wii^oJ, General Western Airi-nt D. A V. R Offices, April, 18S9' apr-1 Mil., \Va, A Barabuo ValKy SI : MM Kit AUK A Nli I ..M 1 . N 1 . (irtiit Ututfd ,>/u/'' -I/an' >i"d t-.jrprts* U-<-:e. ! |\Ut only reliable inJ > Li Iwl « T •» r H « K , ,-r , .^. ,. i .1 _I_ jiuil ^ul,^ll-W^r, an.. ('•• i. y 1.'.- i. ri.-.^-- 'IO.\I)V», VI-KII .'.,lli is,!i. Traiu.- Ira i r [i.. ( . ;, c-.i ..rr i. •- ; , ai . . i. L; , , , 111 I .'i I'. 1|.- The Latest Neve. it I It %I,4>, < I,C t M, \ A > i I Chicago Line ol screw J. ^ • ) t/. • »<<i nl 6.15 ,• u.i,,,. ,.'•,. , ., .-..nn.,: ,,>!,, w.i'. h. -i, .. I 1 - , i,. t.,.: [ I OH 'MM. \ i,.t - ^ . ,, .- • 1 • :|.K I ' \ I K ' I i; \ I 1.IM .." K l.\» I I l» UAILROAI). I I-K OAK flKK I 'VK. Co., Hartford, Conn. CASH APJiKTiS ............ t^UU-UC 9S O N ADd hfler Mnutla^r. April 4th, und untii furUer QU- ttc«r a PfXssrlitfcr Train will Lr»ve Milw*uk-;« from thedepot,footef f*t- eodd Biivrt. for IV«.vukt*r, Umrtl&dd Pine Ij>&tct* t OronoTiiaisrt'C, WaLertowii, L-jWt-ll, at.d C<J1- anrbaj at 4. BO p m , injinn^ in Milwauld-t -n '1 3 1 * \- tr. PMsenffer« arriving il Mtlw» u krt- hy tli. M :»i»u.iert A Of cairo It U., La OrPtoc A M.I H. K., vl Mi). A Vil^ R U , «r by Hoat, rtait pr.tcfix] f. ir..- ai»,n r ,.!.*(--- . O.mnrcUons arc niaJf al \Vnirrt. ,wi. * a'. *ts.'e» fi i l^J.*r MlIlF.J.>ffrr&'in, 4»i«TUif>,H.-.iirr.rtv tlr.fu- 1'iJ, rie, lU.tla^f*- Orci\.- \Ud MaJifton. Am. •»! t • .in.U,, for l,r.di, Meriroar, AlAr-i". -* 1 *" U'Vr , I.*-- I'- c- tr,«-f. Waojdcn, Uivrlllr, Delura, Yi>rfc, Arln../t -;i, nnaioi ab 1 for all pomti toihf \\'(^i au.i North V\cxt P.V«srDCFt« arr'VtDff a Uir Junrlu.n frc.n II r AI..-H- pla-^f!" m»kr r('iiin<^tron.« r. U,r Mitwaikir.- A M'M.«- np{.l U. R., for Jan«9villr, Mn..(i»<.ti an.i l*TMr,r Ju i'fur-1. ..o<t al Milwauk<3e, vitti rn«.]i t<> '.N. H-.i.U,, VN ,-,( an«l Nortli. l.'ic N..rvjr U , HI .it JINJ i « , , . ' . ' . * . .- • t.ef t; al !J:5ti p j *i i . „ ', . M »|.r'J4 J.S i T .II..IMIV. M ,,'. r r. ... • ,• (' L U ! FI NOKTIt A^ IT t > Flltr livs. < «)., RitUs of t'reitih- Rtduc d Again by \«M 1'ork A i fn iiiHr :ui IS I) JVortlii'ru Iran-jioriafioi! ( i/.'s K X l' n KS s I 'M II lortl.. ....... . -..,,. • M .,.„.-. u : . .. ..... •,.. ., . ,. . CAM! AUfKTfl »SM,.'ICn (it S« i MM KH A KKA .\( • I-.M KN 1 iKI r,* li.-, OA*U A3.SKTTS ............ |i01,C9-.' 41 «'O>\VAf riKK. l-vs* ItANt K. i:i>.. Of Conw»y. Slass. CA»H ASSFTf ........... »2«3,4« 41 HA11PDE!* riBF. INS! H A \« K < «»., 8prln)rfleld, Mans. CASH ASSESS ..................... JZS.,000 CASH (>f Ph. ......... J-S4 " J. W. (/'rnhi, Aijcnl, OFPlOt, NO.», MART:M BLOCK, UP STAIR.". mar29 Milwaukee. Wlsn.nun. — VI 4 N C.KNTKA1, --ANS>G-. Western ( Railway. F IW.A INS leave the Gfr at CVtural Dep«.t, fiMHt.FLaie IIOO /%. 1TI.— DKK1<>1T ACCUMMOKATI''N,(!iuii- r •. 7:OO M. TI . — CINCINNATI EXPREU*. tKun.layi .- vre|,U-'i ) Arrive M in,I. tuitj. 1,1 il IK. n:ito ,\. M. LI<J'M.TMN<. KXPHK-C sut,;».n ceplel.J urnve* at Liir,:l7... i «.. .HUB|>cil«ion Bridge yr lijfl.l 4 n . u , Albai ) ." ><0 r. • , Nr* 1 i. l J (<i r M ; !>.,»:• i, 11 r w 2:«»O I«. .••I.-MI-B'-- 4' . UMJJollATMN, ex rtl J M T iLK-. A J- • I . 1 ," I!'. . C*r .-"IP •"»..> -•!-• T tut i if- «t ffl. N .-w \ . • ., f l..r t>ir .-I ..... ., i,,.! ..... . , .•urarian* , I , n I. IN f. < .a ,-rc • ,n • • L ' flic, l > " 1 'A I- ..... •. ,!rr-t . ..... . [ A[.n!, wher^ f.r irrt r»r t«- . 'i. , i ; * 1 MILLINERY GOODS. f s:uo p. ; fui.dor .- MlM VuftK Bargain* in Dry w.'oo«l. THA. IMMENPK PTOCK Of ,-AT-: . l§? K; *>i Water Mirer i, MOST ££ CLOSED OUT -T OISTOEI! BY THK ASMGrNkK. (treat Bargains ma) be Eiprcled* aprl7-iltf JOXF.Pil CAItV. Assignee. R E M O V A L . AND BOSTON t \!'RK.-J--, (eio. |M .^xlur.Jaj'.) Arr,\. »: hetr-i.l 7: .1 -i..* , S-5jM.nsi,.ii ir.,l,<r .r liu'toJ., I 4.^JJ r. M.. Alkfcr j 4:i«' i w. t N - ,. ^ ofk 10:I<| 4 M., B..JI..I. ..'II f > | «:«»(! I'. ,t|.- CINCINNATI ANh Uil I^MI I K K.J i Pttli-i ifU'ept .-Utur.lij ) Arrtveai i CiiKinnat. 9.n.' J, n , 1- aisi, u 4:0.. I r. «. i One Uam on MIU r. H Tht^.tHiA. M. an.l b.OO r, si ',ra,i,i connect ai I'aGs , with ti,. Buffalo t Lake liuruu Railwaj, for llu:i»J I ikntl all boibl4 e- Jt, at Toruutu • it, Gra&il Trunk R&l* i way, to Klngmu a, Ogiiecubun:, Montreal, <4oeb c aou ! all pomu in Canaiiu >Jtst, Nor'Leri. Vtnc n nl, N^m ; ilamnshirf and Malne&T BagKage ChrC<J«i lliroajh. Through tickets lot sale at u,.- |.n:i,-,],»! k»,,r(,4,i offices In the West, abi al Uie p«Aeral office, , ortirr Lake A Dearborn streets, oupon if tlie Treav.oiU.u4e, Ohlcago, and at the Despot, foot of Lake itrret. R. H. BUOIi,l*u|,-t. H. J. HriLfino, Gen. Pass. Air'l anrl:! Detroit A nil. Railway. _ .jtiT^'f THK *«m,r < Icvellllld »lll ta«r 4sV«isss>sssssl htr ( .iac« in line t.f tlir 1 M:hr:it>. tee hailwiij.on Mon.lsi), tlie 14Ui Siaich. P»«a ncera vishlnil through UckeU can be supplied on :it,.l nfur Monday next, at 230 Kasl Water iitreer, or at tt>( ulliti on the docs of tli« Dvtfolt & Mlln-auke Rajlwaj" Co.^- l>ne notice of the tune M departure will W itlven. This «ill make the shortest., cheapest and quick^jt n.use |u all potats Eait. mar8 INCREASE OF BUSI L ADIES— your attention Is now called to tbe best stock of , RIBBOXSAXH VLOWEHS, Ever brought to Milwaukee, to be f»nnd at BLANCH ARJD'S, l'Ot'Nl.»* KLOCK, 1TIAIN »T. apr21 . TI \ cm M.S. IIV DOOBLf THREAD SEWING llACPINFg. That took tke *'IKST PIJEMIUM A U1PLOJ1A, f»r family use, at the Wisconsin State Pair, October B, are for sale at the tewing Machine Emporium YOUNQ'S BLOCK. octlS IN A AC A. II »N« *: dc «•«>. • : .-fii...r. . ' ur A ..:.. f.- ,t' < i.aini. 1.1... M i« I.A. r. \i» NEW YORK&ERit • II.: •: <• i" >••* "• I.-.M. .. . 1. Nr» A h ;,. I, ..!• . , . .. I'., r l. I . 1 ijTl" ! II I ' ; NoTK'l-,. i ' P H i. • > 1 1 : t li 1 .- . , P t i , i M . , i' i v i l>>.-|..|, , Mi, j • L , ... f i M..« auk,. . A,, r ,-..*. | f ^S «0.1 nflT April 9lh. 1-vVJ. «:,.! ,-.! • 1 V^ U< t, no per*, n ' HI.' r , r (• I ' u. L I -.r i- ntrR*rt f-r mnu-r A:. Inrt,',- M'.:»*u.— I ;:u K»i rv»d « ithAul A H i I'.-:. ,,r. ^' f in • . j e.l li, I* «llj b. ;.* .] m i l,j j ,n.l ft.- ,[. iu,,rithJy I'll s C. U. llAl.L, C.v-V, \;l il tt-n.r »prlC J. T Mi.<p[)V, Ma.trr .f Tr,r,.,,. r ETRGIT &, MILWAUKEh U.tilua) Iramboal Lin. '. ;^ JOfidING OEPARTMtMT j' • »- A N L V ' N Xi; \ ; . \ i \ 1 ,,.,., ' .. , ii llnur. of, .1 u.ini.iii,; ..i I I. . ll». SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. RA1X KOA1). >TATF..S ?IAIJ8«AI.N SAI.K Tke Fanners Loan A TnutCom 1 P»oy, | TS. | The Milwaukee A Superior R .11- i road Company, I In the U. 8. Dls- Oity of MJlwaunee, Vtrict Oo»rt for tbe •Jolm Stewart. | District of Wisconsin. Johann 0. A. Allerdlng, l In Equity, tfhristino Habm and | Gottfried WooUcn. J I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree Bade by the District Ooort of the Uelted States, for tbe District of Wisconsin, nn the nineteenth day of March, 1859, in ..Ihe above entl le* clause, I shall Be)I at Public Auction, 'on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1S5», at 8 o'clock In the alternojon, from the steps of the Castom House, in the Oil; of Milwaukee, all and singular, tke mortgaged premises ipentloned in tbe bill of coulplalnf In said cause, and described as: "Ail the following, present and in future to be acquired, real a*>d personal property ann real estate ol Uie sani defendant, tbe Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, t at is to say, all of the Drat division of pie Railroad oLsald. Railroad Com. pany defendant, from the City of iMMwinkee, to the Uty of Gresn Bay la lild Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, Including the right of way, and land occupied by laid Brst division of said rold, (subject to the right, Hue or claim, which the said - aeteniants <Stewart, AllerdlDg, Hahm and Woolscb, or cither of tbem, may have bad at Uuj time of mating said decree, to laud upon which said • ftall- toti Company htn located its way, and for which BO compensation has Wen msxle to i tnem,) together with tie superstructure and track thereon, and all rails and other materials iosed thereon, -bridges, viaducts, cnl- Terts, fences, cqulftnents, necessary depotgroands and bluldings thereon, baoegiDf; toOie«»Jd Railroad Com- tany,and all rolling-stock, engines, lenders, cars, WoftBiiilerls^ ! inJ»4hilJ«rjrj;fi«t<jJM«,"*niJ all other personal properly,»pt>erUipinK to said first division of *aldro»d, aed sjl rllihtt iheteto, and Inleresis to be acquired by said dlgfaiidanl, the Mllwauiee and Superior Uaflroad OoaipaoyVitoBCt 11 *'' w)U> the name' font: Woni appertnlnlng to^he sirid, Brtldivision o( said road, all tolis, rents and Inoome to be Ji»<f or .isvled tfie.fe- from,abd all corporate and other franchises, rights :uwtt»Mu^. oitaiKsiW'ilVaUroaa'.flainnanjf In or to .. Baited II. J. THOMAS, s MArahij. District of Wisconsin. . SoUcitors. THK AND TOO NT FXfKOITIUI .X Hill I'K! TO LaiiNing', La t TOHM-, Wlnona, Read's Landing, Bed Wing, PRESCOTT, BT, PADI, AND CT. ANTHONY rhnnerof Time, Monday, April I, IS.vj. 1ST THAI-V LKAVi:s ,nil.\»AKKFK 11.00 A. M., Arriving at Janeavlle 2.30 P.M. ; Madln-tn 3:36 P. llj; Prairie do Chlert S.-00 P M Oonnectintf with the Prairie du Chlen artil SU Paul Rackets, which leave Prairie ilu Chien oa the arrival of the 3:00 P. M. Tmlo. THAIIV IT1 lf.\V A I KF.E 1859. 6:09 P. M., Arriving st Janvesvllle 8:Ui F. M. , Madison 10:00 P. MJ I fy Pari to all points on the sll8sUslt4>i Rlver^Aa low as an* other Route. i WILLIAM jsavia, aplC I Gen'l Superintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE JUOAD. ! i85a SPKINO KkiKANOKMENT.} STATKS trfAII, A EXPRESS ' AND ONLY\ IALL RAIL ROL'T&. TO TiA CROSSE <fls tbe flPI'EK tniSS18SlPPl BITEK, 6n and after Mondaj^ April 2Mh I Through Express Trains Dailj*, L.EAVK MILWAUKEK, j HIOM DKPOT FOOT OF CHESTNUT 8TRKET, rouows: *!»:4.1 A. Trains Utr re at Alilwaukee at 9:I3<), A. Mi < Close connectlo ami t2:45P .ml ANT> a:3o; P. is are maJe a( LaOrosse. Twice daily caci way wilh the Min» •' lifesola Packet rompanV'R New and 1 Splendid l,nt eUSlntcs Mail Line .; ofJSicamcl-sao A from St. I'aui ] and iuter'mcdiute liuihu. &r Passengers, ojr laking-this route; will; save It miles in dUtance and ;,8 hours time, from Chicago c Milwaukee to- La Oroise or St. Paul,;over any nth( roule.. "." r " •• "• : . { •Mondays fxeepled. tSnndays excepted.' Milwaukee, April 34, lb*9. • j." ' £0ilflN II. (JOOllltlCII, <J'. .--.^sJ-JiC-U Managsr. sMsslssto,^jj:gL.j!?:<r'.-;.--..•.-.•-•.';...•,,:..•:••.-.-.•••..;.-.o; ^-':.:-i I, April 4tfi,' trains on the Ml ">: A BtritbooTaller Eall/oa<, ,»tlt:SS'A.' si.,' an* dSparl sit T . . , M .,»„. 1 -r- . , • r » , M i ii \\ J j IH.19. I >.!!>. 1IIF .\OKTII KJJ A TRANSPORTATION COMPANY prrs.-[,t tft-.v^.n, ruri i!.,-ir w.-u n ami j.tvpuiar I.MI-- if Kt>-u!.\:ly, Will, < U I vt ( )S\V K< .O. Till I IT 1 II I \KI s : Formlnp ft Sera t- Weekly line Urtw-cn O-fflftn 1 urv" i; ; J Oswe^'o, ami CliiCAjri), Mila*aukt-e »n ( J Iniprnir -au- l orls, couaccttu^ M b.;tJciiBl>ur.:^ wth tin? UOI>KN.-«BCftGU A VKRMONT CKNTRAL RAILROAD HOUTK, Hrtween Okfitenabuf^h, Huri,, C-i , t-r-l , Manchester, N&ihuA, Lawrence, Ix.wrli, W.. ( -, str-r and Boston, »nci At Os»rK« »'tfi UIP N*rw Oawriri. l.,r,r- nf Tliirtj Firtt Clans OanaJ BO.VU on the Knlmr^t'l Cuna,., between O***"ego,5Xro>', .Albany A >e\v \«>rli. OonneciiDg also \l Dunkirk wiLh NKW YORK A\l> KHIK UM!.K<t.\l\ Aod forming a Trt-Weekly ilAilroad Lm«- i..-twr-cn Dunkirk, Miliraukee &. ( liica^o. fW ' Properly forwar.le>l hy this Line he lut.jcrt to but One Transhipmrnl. %3T~ MerrhADdi-H niftrLed »'\. I'-. 1 u. I \- CSJSt" will ••!• fnrwarj(r<l from Nrw \ .,rk hy i.r, Aoil promptly forwanled fr«»m L)ur,kl,rk.j J MI«RM, Aifent N. T. C i , 177 llro»,i»v>j , New York J. I,. H>K--««, Aprnt N r f.i., .1 Cn-iiti - ."lit., N.-W York. Ca«a. S. TArriJ. ,-nrner Oth »n.| l i..»i,,11 ,i., PI,,u. llOTtr * CaiwroHD, O>«eifo N . V. 8. D. CiLB'SlJ., Agent, Dunkirk, N Y CHtkiBiRLia, Cajtwroan A Co , Cleveland, o. JOBS UOCI1SU, Agent N. T. Co , 9A ftaie it., I'.o.l, r, • A.CoaHlitx, Agent V. C. Line, 10S State .1., Uostotx J. F. CHDBCH, AKenl, Kouae'n Point. N Y. GKO. I'AaEKa, A^ent, Ot-ilenshurxh, N. Y. U J. H1GOY, Milwaukee, WIs , ,.llice LaGrosse i M. R. R. Depot. J. II. CltAWFOitlf, i .... b .. U. J. IIAl.i:, ( Milwaukee, W utron.ln. Office near Si i M II. R. De|K.l. N. B.—Shippers are requested to nee one of the above Ageati before making contracts, as they arc prepared to offer very low rules, anil their connections with llie Ogilcnsburgh anil Osvego rruus, an.i esj-eHally with the New York A Erie Railroad jflve them unsurp.iMi-,1 facilities'.for. cheap and speedy transitortalioo. ftoficr lo C'ontraclor«>. S EALED proposals will be received until noon of the 24th Inst., for the grad ng, briil^lnt; aoit ira^k-Uy- log required to complete the hacme and Mtsi*iyslp[.i Railroad from Its present terminus a^ Davia 8taUon, to Preeporl. Oootractors will be.requlred to cu amenrc flie work nn the 1st of June, and com lete the same on or hefor* 1 the 1st of September next. Information concerning tbe amount and t!hiraeter or the work to be done, may be obtained by application to ROBERT II ARRIS, Superintendent, at Racine. Proposals 'will be addressed to the undersigned, Attorney for the Mortgagees of said road, at 1C co, Win ! Q. A. TUOMd .N, i T. B. BLACKBTONE, lUcin^, May 18, ISM. may2I-d4t Attorneys. i NtJTICK. flAURJiB hundred and twenty^two thousand dollars of X tne first mortgage bonds of tne Milwaukee A Superior Railroad Qo., will be solj at auction oh Saturday, the 28lh of May Instant, at WX r. «., at the Chamber of Commerce. ' ' m%ygo-<l6i X)UJI.... / »moiL»TT. E)OHAW & JLliVY. Attorney and Counsellors c Law, (>0lce--Eutpire£locJ:,M\ Etut Woierit., •^-~ • /..;.,jm»y29] .WISCONSIN (11ILS SIE8S B««!», in store, for isje. f*^ MVTQM * PHIONTOB. OTpir ct. at slanufaoture's price. -' n.t lut>-.1 .. » i. s.- *r' .- I , . • • , A • - ' ivi. !•'- :. A-1 ,;, in-,.. *: . : JIT- T '.-u .» L- ".».! r ... . . .iM ..-r. .r j ,;ir.| ^l^a.-H-rs IP 1 IN K Ml 1H, 'A '. -I Vil \M. i..fiii-Hiii"]'. M vi.i. I-A1.I. ()!• is.j.s. '• i »>l \» ATEK > I :t i: K i . J... r .1 l ..ii, ll '.^: ' A.I. \ , s j&. 30 3i> J^. JEJ n. Y : lV-OUU>r«, M . c if Ui :ya n n,.uu,-rt.. U,,r ,.| >T ns. lhal if..-y n.ll ,-.T,t,nu- :.. >,,-, L, -.;.- -*..-•< ! -in.] t-esi sclt-cteil ^t.)fl( l( ' it '". M •• i.-'.- - . i- '..i F- j loan.! in Llie Suite, rin.l will o.-t.-l ucl th* r -tin'•!-<„ , J.rrcto'urtf, L);<- lr;L.-ni.i.n •:,;'. h/. i^.-: i.". . . | ll.t A i Ail , » L A • Iti'l i.l V '!"' ' "If K mVELLlM, Hoi - t>, w AI; i: H; . i- > i..^. , V( . I SU. '1 1 5 . ll i l hav n •...ti.ic-l :,, rr.lnoo i.'u- ,r .- .if ^...iij-t, tthuJfi »'f -'i.UI i ./[iLinii.- "-I ' I. in rat )ir..-.-n n \\t-tUriv ^ rkrU*- \> r \r, c.insUlIllly ri-v^ivtii: 1 M t .. < -ur »I).l WlH Hfp it 5(1 i!liaipJelr> i.-* I • !'•• -lli" •»• *.! 1.. lUi -.r.l«-r» I .r *n> H.ii.l .*( .-Jt-Mk-ri', ' iff .i^- tn.-rn' '.r I ruuk M *k r-ra 1 ^Ui.-k . .T.n-1 w > I ! i i ' M 1 uc: . • ;-,v ,- -, nt.-i i, ti-.n in rf-p^ci t.. .(a.i. t_, ... i VVf il.v: »ci-|. -in ».•,!»«• rinifiit af licni .-tuil, !' . *. Kei .•»,•*, • |«'si^, llulm, A.r , ,t.* . i" 1 r> ,v-- ••'-:-•! ti i ••;.: , . i M .il ni *« e to or,ti-r, in y k in- 1 ' - >. r > r-,A t -f , v\ Ji^no i.r T«iin Ha.rn'-«t. U»li *u<t St-r fur ir-iiirsfives. n U E M O V A L \% . I . B \ V I. B \ Uafl remoTr.l t,, nu ol.l -tt.m t, Ami hav.Otf miide suoh a<l<litiona to 'if '»f-tai^s -r.r !•' I N 1'i f j t > li. I K A 11 S ! ihfU In- la imw jiri-parcil L.. lurni.iti them s»>i(i -vr*y 1,- siratilf ilylf n| PH uir- k ti,i wn In tJ.«- < n.u iiiry, »n i ivt auoh,hn,f I, - w Price-* n 'inp-i.t --n tor I *2( 4f%. r MI M i.i. si/i i-iioni<;ii i i>n-> Km »l.l«l Ihe Urn ..o.'. at..I S(k tor The Uu^.i- l.-« mi I.AI.M-.O r> pt-N, VIIKICIH.IC IPHS At d in fact pvery oth.T .stylf' of Ploturi-. at i-orr^^- ponilitifj low prices. mPEIal.%1. PtIf»TO<4t(.t P H*. OnUireil m either Oil or Water Colors, nn.l llnmh^'l ;i the highest Jtjrle of thu Art J THE STEKI.OTYI'i:. A new ami popular style of Picture, Oolnre t in OH which far etcels In Accuracy, Boldness anJ llefiuty o( finish, any other Picture ever offered to the Pubtio These. Pictures have only to be aeeu to be ».lmi.ieil. All who ire desirous uf saving money ani respectnillj solicited to call an.t «amln» Specimens at the Ol.l Stand, , No. 186 Ea»l Wattr street, JIU-aautet, tt'i*,-on.iin. marl3-d6m W. f. BAYLKY . Doctor C. S.amlor, H AVING located htmulf In Milwaukee, olfera his services to the public. Dr. U has served In Uie Itritlsh Army for fifteen years, in India, tlnrmah aoj In the Crimea. ' fSf~ Surgical eases promptly attended. odice comer Huron and Van Buren st. T ERRA JAPONICA, 80 tons for sale by V. UARfilNUTON, febS At 5 oenis. per 100 Ibs. A'i'LA N i'i, i Aiil .\\ \ v\ 3.J. s'J' ) 3 } ^ |j s j », o . 1 ii O t :i •» I VI ;» l »• r *» j i- , , »u«l* . \%'. S5. «. i-|-u«>r> A. i .» C'« > \l.\l 1->1, I.N, \M I.I I I v -. I N't. Jc * '»« r ^ i \l \ l | ;, -•III ' 1 *l»-|/ <».!•• s.itlJSJj. IS1III-. |.Ul.l.. - T.'-v ,. • .' H. I,.. „. .>,,-! JL 111. I .". .1 !•! . - . U , I I', ll I , ,, , a if. !(.. IIIIIIK •• ill . i I ..... , ,, wfult ..,- -nlir-l. ..... IIUN il( , ;l 111111 "I'l" 1 ' L 'I, v ' .3 o i> :i i h a i* < r <> u « is . i; N I>KU i .\ K i i >|'rliiit .M.. oppoi.ll>- t III«T|< 11 n M..II,, KEHT.S U'ONST.4.% TI.Y ..u fian.l i ar-,. ,,.,.,, u,,..,, >( Mahogany, Ulaok Walnut mil .tt.'.er \V .. i .,1111,9,;.,. Aether with Flsk'^ Melnllo Uurml Ciwes. The olflcu ol ttlr J/i,rvsl. U,.m.- 'eujeti-ry :,..ii|,.»n, ,n U my |ilaeu, »I.ITI- I liinetli._- |,;.IIH ,>f ihe s -r...u,.U. 1 m llw.iy* r-:stly '.u t.'i-..t.ii.:tnv jiatronji u, -.h,. .Vm»- ircy to iclutil lota or (.l-i.v.i'or burial, «ii.l ^-au fe ',,,,n,l tinmy [.lace .>f Imsmeas tlay <tr aujht Corfln Vr-iii- naitt n< all fur tale. irf-jii M H-Sd POaK, (jooJ svrUriL-, in iiore, Tor i&j u *a«15. , LAlfTON A PLANKINTON

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