Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 17, 1941 · Page 38
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 38

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1941
Page 38
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Page Four (Section Two? Life'* Like That By Fred Nehe "Mother said would yon please mind junior ... and here's the aspirin tablets." This Curious World By William Ferguson COMETS •STRUCK TERROR INTO THE HEAJ?TS OF .ANCIENT TO THEAA, THE CURVEO TAIL- RESEMBLED A I=ORETOLC> CES773UC77O/V. COFR. KM BYIIUSEBVICC.WCL T.HBEC.UH>AT.OfT. NORTH ^EPtlC IS ABOUT ^ xM/2^./ SQUARE AMLES -ANV BIRDS MIGRATE KALL. INSTEAD OF ANSWER: Yes. Many birds of the southern hemisphere go north toward the equator after their nesting season. NEXT: What caused the Ice Ages? Crossword Puzzle Ancient Egyptian Bird HOKEZONTAL Answer to Previous Puzzle S Most 1 Sacred bird of ancient Egypt d&Itisa : bird. tO Crystalline ~ substance. |2 Indigo shrub. J13 Undone. )I4 Genus of palms. 15 Skating pond. 16 Steals. ' JK Being. jtB Stain. O9 Postscript <abbr.), ijO To convey. iSlHair ornaments. 85 To hurl. 51 Rental compact 32 Blood pump. 23 Gibbon. 34 Urges on. 35 Street boy. 36 Pledge. lackluster. 11 New England 1 ' <abbr.). 14 Inspiring reverence. 15It eats small; 16 Holy. man. 18 Trinity. 20 To consecrate; 21 Prickle. ' 22 Sloths. 23 Railroad (abbr.)l 24 Gazes 43 It warm regions. VERTICAL 1 Exists. 26 Belonging to them. (27 Purpose. 129 Twelve dozen. 80 South Africa <abbr.). 37 Right to speak 2 Commences. 38 Worth. 39 Banners. 40 Thin metal plate. 41 Tapestry. 42 This bird is related to 1he 25 Theatrical 26 CharacteristieJ 28 To nullify. 29 Two bright stars. 30 Wisest 32 Rabbit 33 Veranda. 35 Obtains. 36 Dress. 38 Adult male. 39Brother. 40 Italian river.' 41 Exclamation.' 3 Golf clubs. 4 Lavatory. 5 You and L 6 Challenging. 7 Unsuited. £ Fastidious. HilPhUlifs rCopjTlcht) • IAPAN seems v anxious to get into the war, but there is just a chance that both she and America may be kept on the waiting list until somebody resigns. • * • New Jersey may not have any horse race tracks this year, after all. This will give it the distinction of being one of the lew states left with no photo finishes on their consciences. * * * That old cry about millions for defense but not one cent for tribute sounds like small time financial stuff today. * * » C For More H. I. rhllllpi ~l See The Editorial Page J Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Monday Morning, February 17, 194r .Our Boarding House - : . . : . With Major Hoople Don't Take MY Word By FRANK COLBX REVEREND AGAIN. From Modesto, Calif.: "Recently you stated that one should neve address a clergyman as "Rev Jones," that reverend is merely an adjective and not a title. We do no agree with you. Webster's Diction ary gives reverend as a noun, anc in the Forms of Address, states tha 'Rev. Jones' is correct. Minister always use the form 'Rev. Jones. Newspaper writers always use it. Please correct the mistake at once in your column.''—^ W. B. Answer: Sorry, out my recent re lease was correct in every detail Reverend is given as a noun b Webster's, but it is stigmatized as "colloquial." In the Forms of Ad dress, Webster's does not authorize •Rev. Jones." The correct form o address for a Protestant ministe; is shoxvn in Webster's as it was listed by me: "The Rev. Mr. (o Dr.) John Jones." Webster's state specifically: "Most authorities dis approve tie use of Rev. with the ast name alone." The correct form of address for i priest of the Roman Catholic church is: The Rev. Father John Jones. I am grieved that r-ost ministers and practically all news writers use be erroneous form "Rev. Jones,' nit it still remains the duty of this column to report good usage, anc not to condone misuse regardless of its source. Incidentally, the word reverend s used but once In the Bible, and correctly, as a simple adjective: ". . . and reverend is his name.' Psalms 111.9. Press Portraits •Children are a chaUenge In the warped conaciences of the worid." we are told. Also, It may be added, a challenge to the makers of furniture. —Boston Globe ^ » » * wor IV gii laugh when a girl gets married simply because she is tired of Do your Income tax worrying earlyana avoid the rush, thtogs «nJuonto 0 backit f0 up a "^ t0 * ha * Ve<an ata fronj If he has no am- !«. hav. to oWvat. soodUite! Th. bad ones grow ^4 ranum Crackers THE SUPREME COURT Another vacancy on the U. S. upreme Court again focuses-at- ention on the highest judicial ody in the nation. Here are five uestions about the court; how many can you answer correctly? 1. The resignation of which jus- ice gave President Roosevelt the pportunity to make his sixth ap- omtment to the bench? 2. Can you name the three jus- ces not appointed by President loosevelt? 3. Which president appointed the most justices to the high ourt? How many? 4. Who preceded the present hief justice in that office? 5. Which of present justices has been on the Supreme Court bench longest? Answers Below Mopsy By GLADYS PARKER WYPOTHE WPERS PRINT SO MANY PUZZLES P. THWSSOTUf KHKSWJOOOTT TO READ WU. Out Wickenburg Way ByJ.R. Cranium Crackers Answers 1. Resignation of James Clark McReynolds gave President Roosevelt the opportunity to make his sixth appointment. 2. The three men not appointed by President Roosevelt are Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes and Justices Harlan Fiske Stone and Owen J. Roberts. 3. George Washington appointed 12 men to the court. _- 4 i C" ief Justice Hughes followed William Howard Taft 5. Justice Stone now ha« the ongest record on the bench, having been elevated la 1925, coHi^i-eAiMutK: iHfc ^jU&NCE OF ?%# I'VE HADADE>ST \t ri»w ir»- w» PHRENOLOSY,OR SKULL READINI&, Jf^TUE OLD 6OURD | THAT /WAKES HIM f DISCLOSESVOUR HATDR^TO ME ^ SIKCE t FELL OUTA 1KICK CROTCHES< ~ ' TlftW WAkWORCETRIMjlLMY H16HCHAIR—• ^OUTraCWMJMOB BUMP FOR RUS&EO IND1-Jf SUPPOSE THAT'S WHATV CWPPLHS, S^—UWP--K«FF/|VOU &%£&&* MAKES ME A «fMAJOR,&MI HAVE SAGACITY, ARTISTIC ABlLrwI^^m, SUCKER v FOR)V\VE 1 Lt- IROhi AMD UTTERLY NO CONSCIENCE'v^MST^ STUFFED. \H IT OUT/ „ < **«'THlS LARGE. BUNAP J—r^JJ^agtS LUMP 1 BEHINDTteB^R^^IS^TOOW , „ . DENOTES r <>CN ^ A SNSOWSALL ^ ^ £JJ^ &V^ . r*! I-: IN IT/ . "LII EANDER] SBEEK vlNGffl LUMPS = 1-17 VI // THESE? WHV, THESE IS STUFFED WITH OL' PAPER AM' T3AC5S TO PROVE TO VOL) THAT WHEMEVER SISTER SEES ME PASS HER. HOUSE WITH GROCERAES.SHe , PACW1S UP TH' KIDS AM 1 COMES DOV\/KJ HERE PERTH 1 PAY, TO FILL T=M UP PERTH' WEEK AM' SAVE WORK. AM' GROCERIES.' MOYV/ YOU W^CTCH —SHE'LL BE HERS.' 1 %1 * . afel^ WHY MOTHERS <^T Jfl-WiUMM^ eefM»*tivnmo buperman [ Sea Thli Comic In Full Color 1 Face la The Sunday Kcpubllo J By Jerry Siegel and Joe Shatter r NO!I W1LLT BUT IT ^>y SURELY IT SUPEBMANC NOT6JVE JMEANSSO \VVOULDKTHUBr) JV/O HAS BEEN ( YOU AN ,/MUCH TO US-)YOUTO6IVE[^BELIEVE ME, DOIN& >OCOEB! J TO JUNE QUITE WELL V-v^IX AND ME-I IN HIS \f ^ V.MEAN! DISGUISE AS A'&X MEEKHJSBCEl X 5 ^^ WATSON. BUT " *»"^»^ ESS! WITH JUNE CACLSON.HE FINOSTHEI PBOSPECT INAFACFBOMl BECERTVE* I J* vt^v • ^V* **X MEANWHILE- THE REAL EUSTACE -• WATSON PONDEBS IMA&INE ME SITTING IN ASTBANGE AFAETMENT-l WAITING FOB A SUPEBM TOSTBAJ6KTEN OUT MV PRIVATE LIFE. GEE. fTS JUST' LIKE A OBEAM.GOSH-M4yBEj AT THAT MOMENT A KEY ftOTLB IN THE KEYHOCE.THE DOOBIDM AmCTMENT BgQNSTOOPBl.,1 » t. G-GOSHl-THBjp OWNERS OF THIS ^ AROJZTMENT-Bi-^ TUCNINGHFTHEyll FIND ME .THINK fMA The Gumps [ £M Thli Comlo In Full Color "1 Pa« In The Sunday Bfpubllc J Patting Panchln the Act OW fAY POOR, POOR HEAO-VT PEELS UKE \TVJAS AW>Y. MvY PRAM' IAE. SORRY OR BUL\ YOU Boots and Her Buddies n-WASKrvMi* -««*w»»««K^ FAUVT, BULL MOOSE- i8$g3£$£*r %MAKevou^ OR Wtf NEXT BOOK»Mfe \MIL\-BE Uncle Tobe In Person U6M-MANA6£R 9UU. IAOOSE RX.' AY6E CaWS KICK.TOO.' ACT-HE'* BEEN LOOKING FOR. YEARS R* By Edgar Mutt and Jeff See This Comic In Full Color "I PaKe In The Sunday Kepnblle J Je// CoaW Fill The Gas Tank With Hah Tonic ByBudFiiher MHlTiWITH MVGlRLi' &A^ Mni'AU^RieHr^tFir /.T<jopeE?. fc^ ?*., *,».— .**- j.^ Jfcllft"^ I fci fc*^« • JWX.7 : S" Tnl » Comic In Full Color "I P . w ta Tne Sun day R» P ubiic J See By The Papers By Frank Rentfrow and Don Dicksoo WELL, LISTEN TO THIS TONS-SEE IF IT DOESN'T GIVE M3U A WIIAIE OF AN IDEA: OONT BOTHER ME WITH NEWSPAPER STORIES. TRIGGER. REPORTING OUt, FAILURE IS GRIEF ENOUGH 'MILITAEY OFFICIALS WILL GATHER AT 1 THE PROVING GROUNDS TOMORROW TO WITNESS DEMOtKTRATIONS OF AK < IMPROVED ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUK AND A ERIAL BOMB-SIGHT DESIGNED-" The Nebbs [ Se« This Comla In Full Color *1 Fate In Th« Eunday Bepnblle J GOLLY, SLUSSER.YOU WERE SURE HOUGH LUCKY MR.SERGEI GOT YOU OUT OF THE BW6 6UT,SNAKE. THOSE NAVAL INTELLIGENCE GUYS WILL RECOGNIZE US A LITTLE DISGUISE AMD FORGED CREDENTIALS FROM A FRIENDLY EMBASSY WILL TAKE CARE OF THAT LUCKY/ I6OT OBTJOSTIHTWETO (SET HOOKED FOR* SPECIAL WATCH ATT* PROVING GROUNDS ; Different Now By Sol Hen MH5.TUUM: AND NEVER AS MUCH AS SAID SHE otDMT PUT us IM TOUCH VrtTU HER BAMKER FRIENDS SO 1 CCUUD MA.KE ARRANGE M«MTS WITH NEBS A.MO CXJT OP THIS OONT NOU \WORttV ABOUT THAT— I've OUST ABOUT MADE UP MV MIKiO TO STAV RIGHT HERE _4. MET MR.RJNT AMD WAS LOVEUV TO M IKN1TEO US TO A PARTY ES GIVING A BI& UOAO OPP , MIWO-

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