The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 6, 1966 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
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Sunday, March 6, 1966
Page 5
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Sunday. M«rcK 6. I96& St. Joseph's Science Fair March 12-13 By Artone Wootaun St. Joseph'* Junior High The date for the annual Science Fair at St. Joseph's Junior High has been set for March 12-13. Sister Louis de Montfort, science instructor at St. Joseph's. informed the students that the science projects will he set up in the school auditorium on Friday. March 11. The science projects will be explained and graded bv Sister Louis. CANDY SALE The profit received from the candy sale was put to use eenUy. A total of $1.000 was put intothe funds for the schoo library. Four classroom lecterns were bought for the junior high Miildir.g. The school a.f.y? purchased reading, spelling and math computation kits. TEACHERS' CONVENTION The teachers of St. Joseph's Junior High are attending a teachers' convention in Houston this weekend. The meeting will be held at Marion High School. STUDENT COUNCIL Student council members mot recently in the library conference room. The topics of discussion were the Friday night recreation in St. Joseph's auditorium (which is skating), the general assembly to be held sometime in March and the field day at the end of the school year. Gary Konecny. president oi the student council, appointed a skating committee to speak to Father William Tinney. who supervises the skating program, in order to have a session for the Dale Remkes Gets Offer Of Football Scholarship By BARBARA JAMES and CYNTHIA MALCHAR Crosby HIgfe Scnooi Dale Remkes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Remkes of Crosby, has been offered a four - year football scholarship to Stephen F. Austin State College in Nacog- BJH Band Makes Good Showing In Port Neches By PATH IK Baytown Junior Reporter BJH band members won Brsi divisions in a solo and ensemble contest in Port Neches. T h doches, it was announced at thte annual football banquet bj Coach Jack Spence. An array of awards was presented at the banquet at the Tower Restaurant in Baytown sponsored by the Booster Club New captains of the footba] :eam were announced. They art Clifford Michalsky. Darryle Pet ters and Jerry Jones. The 1955 Buffalo football team. winner of the 27-A district championship, was recognized along with cheerleaders and the foot- sail sweetheart, Barbara James. Cheerleaders were Barbara James, Regina Brock, Cheryl Slovacek. Mary Michalsky, and Sylvia Doskocil. Coach Earl Neves presented Junior Varsity players their jackets and certificates. Coaches Spence and Lewis Harris presented varsity players their awards and special gifts. Joe Liska. a teacher who drove players to all their games, was given a football jacket with a bus driver replica on tthe patch. A jacket also was given to I>r. Leslie Hinton, a physician who was in attendance ai all games. Main speaker was Walter F. Williams, a referee who has lementary school immediately fter school and a separate session for the junior high students. On the monthly assembly, the y p e of entertainment was jrought up. No definite decisions were made. In the past school years, all the students of St. Joseph's School eaJoyed a "Field Day" away from school. This year, the students of the junior high would like a separate trip. The meeting was attended by Michael Le Blanc, the ninth grade lomeroom teacher and art director. . CONFIRMATION Students from the elementary school received the Sacramen' of Confirmation Friday night The members of the St. Joseph's Junior High Choir sang for the Mass which was said this same night. BLUE JAY JABBER Sharon Wicblep has a nea handwriting . . . Jeanette Sobotik is questioned about her pres ence . . . Gary Konecny supports his cause . . . David A] den's mystery secret is reveal ed . . . Alma Boudreaux seeks an answer . . . Bernard Svrcek and Randy Hanle demonstrate several hand locks for the ninth grade class - . . Deiane Bailey gains many compliments. Virginia Reiter sports a new hairstyle with the help of friend . . . Amy Roshto tries something new . . . Roslyn Fisch- Cattle Perish In Prairie Fire SAN ANGELO, Tex. (AP) — Urty cows and 10 calves perished as fire blackened several hundred acres of grass land at \ T orth Concho Lake near here Thursday. Valued at $10,000. the black State College. Several were registered show stock. Most of the Three Services Set Sunday Trinity Episcopal Church The Second Sunday in Lent;strong. Jerry Cox, Barry Gid-,J. E. Boydell, Mrs. A. Schmaci will be observed Sunday at Trin-iden, John Cantrell and J a m e s jMrs. J. O. Roy and Mrs. Re**" —, . , «, » -,.-*_ !^*-_T.--_- I \V "M=»t1t£>i-nt* will fUTW^lMWl AS tn& ity Episcopal Church, with conducting the three services. . . . [ W. Mstherne wiH function as the Lenten services for the week will be Holy Communion at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. the 11 a.m. service of Holy »•--— — — • — lilt A. 1 Ci-Jt*l- Jt* •i*.^. v* *dt*n.7 Holy Communion will be ceJe-j Communion. Richard Bain is 55? as'e^tolef S^jSfk* *™*>' and ^ Stanley Hankinson a s acolyte. Miss Deb-(Fisher is organist. Edward L. bie Elliott will be the organist.!Roberts will read the epistle. will be hosts for . The Church School will meet 1 4 ^ ,-, and jwill be followed by Litany at at 935 a.m. and 11 a.m. R. C. Halter, superintendent, will be in charge. The nursery will be Die £-lliOtl Will iK Ltlt UTg.cUUU>l. i XWXJtTi 15 Witt *^«»\* «*c ~t-~-—-» *i* *,*«**£,*.- --..- , and D. C. Walsh Jr. and W. C.I and Gary Greenwood, Gr an ^available at both hours Angus cattle belonged to Angelo Wismer will serve as ushers. j Halter. Ralph Terry, _ ^^ _ _ _ • VT i _.-.?! /"^^lf TlAillair'* ai Jack The Junior Choir will sing at'.Henckell, Chuck Miller and Lee . Ekholm will be acolytes. Mrs. college farm is in the area swept by flames. „,. _ „„„„.»„. —._. San Angelo firemen, with helpJH. N". Lov e will be the lay read- "rom Goodfellow Air Fore ejers. with Pete Sultis and Le Roy the 9:15 a.m. Family Mrs. Le Roy Holcomb is organist - director. Gary Garner and Base and neighboring towns, controlled the blaze after a six- t»our battle. Holcomb a s ushers. Acolytes will be Bill Lewis, Henry Stewart, Scott Liggett, Lee Arm - AVOID THE RUSH! HAVE YOUR CAR INSPECTED NOW. The Vestry win meet Tuesday at 7:20 p.m. The rector will conduct confirmation instructions for the young people at 3 p.m. . . __ The voung people of St. John's!buildings in the new 58.5 million Church, La Porte, will be the Owen Fi ne Arts Center at South- guests of the Trinity young peo- em Methodist University will be Building Is Named DALLAS (AP )— One of the pie at 6:30 p.m. after supper, .there will be a service of Lit- 'any, a film and a recreational I period. named for Dr. Hastings Harrison. Dr. Harrison Is senior consultant lo the university president. Reward k Offered ;Nr Mercury Theft Dita ELPASO (AP)—A $500 reward is offered in the Permian Basin for information leading to arrest and conviction of anyone guilty of stealing mercury from El Paso Natural Gas Co. A simjiiar reward posted by the company last fati In the San Juan Basin has been very effective, a company attorney said today. Several arrests have been made and convictions obtained. Holland's Fabric's QUALITY FABRICS 324 N. Main Highlands, Tea. Phon« 426-2375 ALWAYS RRST QUALITY I\l N IV judges were C. R. Smith and work at many high school and A. Land. The IS winners are solos. Jeanne Laurence, Larry Barron, Steven Shifflett, Linda Wil - liams, Marie Watson, Carole Patterson, Jim Ashby. Susan Oliphant. Terrv- Smith, Marieen Hicks, Glenda Lyon. Lucy Whitson. Mark Brown. Ensembles, cornet duet, Jane Rogers and Carole Todd; brass choir, Larry Barron Carole Patterson, Arthur Martinez, Mar- ieen Hicks. Bill Burns and Jim Ashby; drum quartet. Mark Brown, Teresa Renteria, Gloria er speaks up ... Becky Bums loses a key . . . Ellen Coates helps to find it ... Theresa Fanestiel is missed. Thomas Giroir reveals important information . . . Paul Ostermayer tries to prove his point ." Michael Rice gives his opinion . . . Ditto Bobby Eike . - Sandra Mitchell gives her report. Helen Fontenot gives her ex-j planation . . . Kelly Mitchell is not ready . . . Margaret Bevel misses something . . . Kathy Wells has a birthday . . . Jayj Juenger is watched . . . Theresa Eilers lends encouraging words] Brian Worth hasn't mention-' ed his "debt" lately . . . Archi Gunter makes himself noticed Robert Kubica passes out buttons. REDUCED Fashion Manor self-insulated draperies ff' college games. Master of ceremonies was tthe Rev. Dan By num. former Methodist pastor in Crosby. The welcome was given by Charles Goodgion and tthe invocation by John Clifton. i Tables were decorated by Mrs. Jackie Dodge and W. A. Hearn. Mrs. Dodge made ceramic football players, footballs and heart- shaped dishes with gold footballs on them for the cheerleaders. Hearn made wooden buffaloes. GOES TO PRESS The yearbook staff sent the Sunday Events At St. Joseph's Are Announced Services for the second Sunday in Lent at St. Joseph's Catholic Church will be under the direction of The Rt. Rev. Mon-l signer Denis Kennedy, assisted by Father William Tinney and Father Joseph Fertitta. Members of the KJZT will receive corporate communion at at the 7:30 a.m. mass. Other masses for the day are schedul-i -,'R, Hi r'fVi .1 Baraja's and Eva Martinex; andj final shipment Saturday to the trombone duet. Gene Lovering publisher -Shirley Tyler, editor. *,^ Ti m jrm~t- n,,f- t™ TCnn^v. thanked the staff for a fine and Tim Elliot; flute trio, Nancy * Howell, Stuart Haney. Rene Eastham. LIBRARY job" this year and said she hopes the students, teachers and families "enjoy the annual very ed at 5:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m., and 5:30 a.m. The Epistle is found in 1 Thessalonians 4:1- and th e Gospel is found in Matthew 17:1-9. Monsignor Kennedy points out, "In the journey of the Israelites through the desert, an extreme- The library has a variety o fj much - r.ew books on the shelves. Miss I BUFFALO BEAT Virginia Carter, the librarian, has displayed book covers and I the books are ready to be checked out to the students. The following is a list of the new books: Medic in Action; Experiments with Lights; History of Rocks; First Men in Space; How Paper is Made; Brady; The Cabin Faced West; Combat General; Leif Ericsson,; Kit Carson; Harry S. Truman; and Theodore Roosevelt. HISTORY QUIZ Mrs. Sylvia McKinney's sixth period history class had a different type of history test Friday. This oral test was like a spelling bee with questions being given on history rather than spelling. The last student standing at the finish of the quiz was Lucy Murphy. The seventh grade students study Texas History. GOSLIN GOSSIP BQlie Carpenter goes to homemaking before school . . . Debbie Jackson always visits bus 46 in Ronnie Hechler is teased his shoes . . . Linda Frans "Bat Woman" . . . Nancy Clifton and Jean Armstrong surprise a bunch of ?irls with a come - as - you-are party early in the morning . . . By the way, Nancy Clifton was honored recently as the sweetheart at a church banquet . Karen Hardmon has visitors and shows tftem a new house Jeannette Hosch can really dance well. ?/ 4\ / r m^ Hi & =3Jv 5* vj f y* & s>' V?5vJt.^; *. : .x* iTr-' Student - (Contitnued From Page 4) for Cheryl Smith. Miller's name was left out of the new Honor Society members . tays in . . j> a hurry . s watched. Karen Scrivner the morning is called Tig Pat Stewart Keith Clift goes to a banquet Kathleen Farley doesn't understand . . . Vesta Bowden loses some red ribbon . . . Calvin Keating, Pat Arnold, and Ricky Slagle don't think classes continue during lunch . . .Betsy Simmons has trouble with an umbrella . . . J am e s Malick seems mad lately. Margie Burch dislikes rain. . . Elizabeth. banquet )avison sings in gym . . , Jenny kVhitley gives Brenda Burton some water .. Cindy Edwards aves a seat . - . almost too late. Tommy Maxey, Mark Ocker. Stevie Underwood and Larry Sattarbee get ready for a debate Warren goes to a . . Leslie Foyt loses some surfer rings . Busby's very quiet . Margaret . Price x>pes . . . Larry Sandlin sticks Kathie Friermood with a compass. Fritz Lanham drops his books . . Becky Wimmer has a cute gold dress .. . Ulrich Klein- Boothe is liked too much Marty Johnson is a Shakespeare fan ... Jimmy Creel, why do you like to go to the library?. . . Donna Tucker laughs at Susan McPhail . . . Bfll Riley doen't want to finish a history test. Vickie Tousdale doesn't enjoy her history class Bridget Brennan goes to a band ccncexl . . . Janie Ferguson likes to sew . . . Sulema Garcia finishes making a blouse. Mike Carpenter enjoys reading his pictures . . . Steven Shiflett rides a skateboard behind a car . . . Billy McHugh wears X-Ray vision glasses Kay Johnson doesn't like rats or guinea pigs ... Jan Stasney makes wonderful pizzas. Carole Buyer can't Eve without her ring on ... Scottie Wor den, Missy Savell, and Shirley Bishop attempt singing Friday Carroll Allison loses bis dog . . Robene dark moves to Oklahoma . . . Kathy Kirkland goes to the rodeo. Darrell Telford John L, Bailey is . Kathleen Tavary and Debbie Rhonda Considine stil! ly important event was th e pro-j mulgation of the Law on Mount Sinai. In the journey of Christ [ towards His victory an important event was His transfiguration on Mount Tabor. As we journey towards our promised lard of heaven, we are guided not only by the commandments of t h e Old Law, but also by the glorified Christ, who while on earth gave us the New Law." The monthly meeting of the Catholic Daughters will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday March 7, Hall. The KJZT will sponsor a bake sale after all morning masses this Sunday. The Girl Scouts of St. Joseph's School will be hosts to the Brownies and Girl Scouts in this area at the 9:30 a.m. mass with breakfast afterwards. The faculty and children of St. Joseph's School extend their thanks to those in the community who helped make the recent candy sale a real success. The proceeds from the sale will be used for educational aids and for materials needed in the school library. The Parent Teacher Conference which was slated for this Sunday after- Lota Moore is noon has been cancelled. The students will receive their re- ^iF .vi V/i f •£ *-*> >.* -f _v< ' r f- t c? \, »5^U,.«.._...l ' $*& .,y&^ -_ & Schmidt goes to a banquet. . , tfary Walker, Leslie Lanham. Marilyn Stanley, David Gunn, Jay Treybig and John Morgan play football. Ruth Hoover gives her lunch away . . . Keith Carr helps people .... David Marshall plays with gas . . . John Alexander takes back a book. Robyn Cook leaves her papers in homeroom . . . Mike Repp has cinnamon toothpicks . .. Greg Hunsinger leaves his shoes . . Troy Taylor is m a hurry. Linda Emory finds out the wrong information . . . Susan Weimer forgets her promise. . . Mike MitcheD goofs off . . .Gary Whitakes goes to town. Terry Burnett had the mumps . . Kay Roberson and Debbie Boatright are welcomed back . Teresa Barrow walks in the port cards Monday, March 7. Lenten Devotions include an explanation of the Vatican Council Decrees on Wednesdays after the 7:30 p.m. mass and the Stations of the Cross will follow for the Lenten season can be found in the Church Sunday bel- letin. Confessions will be heard Saturday from 3 to 5 p.m. and from 6 to 8 i>.m. and before all daily masses. mud. Sammy CWtty has fun . .Wesley Crawford is liked . . . Vickie Eddleman falls down . . . Dalton Fisher says "hi!!" There s lot to d BAYTOWN n 583-4380 Keep rooms cooler in summer, warmer in winter single window to wall-to-wall widths, sill lengths, floor lengths! In stock or rush ordered. Machine wash and hang—no ironing! 2 year guarantee against Sun fading* Luxurious Avisco® rayon and cotton brocade, weightly, handsome. OUR OWN "TIQUE 11 ACRYLIC LINED DRAPE REDUCED! FOR A LIMITED TIME REG. 7.98 39 White Beige Olive Ice Green Bronze Gold Orange HOW Pair 48"x84" 48"x63 I! Reg. 6.98 NOW 5.99 96"x63" Reg. 16.98 NOW 14.99 96"x84" Reg. 19.98 NOW 17.49 i 44 u x84" Reg. 29.98 N0 w 26.49 Fashionaire thermal bedspread that doubles as a thermal blanket. Smartest two-way deal of the year. A handsome diamond thermal weave spread that dresses your bed by day becomes a thermal blanket by night. Luxury-finished with deep fringe.j All cotton, it machine washes in lukewarm water. In all the newest colors. Outstanding buy! 99 %'1 twin or full 220 W. Texas White - Gold - Beige - Baby Pink Open Til 9 pjn. Mon. & Thursday

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