The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1971 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 25, 1971
Page 13
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7*'.5g Fa rti- facts »f MAROWERltK DAVIDSON Grateful hearts , for signal favors Display* at the Museum ol Natural Seienii? at 101 Tlii* Way, l4k* JMtam. remind, u* ineviuUy o( Hie rtfi t*»giy <rf thl* K»r<h plsiHflt, It ti appropriate for thi» wlunm to invite again jtjur «ti*>y ol U* *i*lih ««d ih«- lt»fly a wm-iAiion (hew objwU (f*ok(*""*turt varttly, what <il*mdantr, what pofwtjyn or the wKlw word Americans owe thanks "Th* tut thu * of hw Aim* ira. I Mp«l mtliion^ tj n»»ti IwVf »i*«J )«•»•• «>!ii more . than an> »ocj ( tiMintrri 41, j »)«(«• in an) u-lr», vf^uM SurfaUa-s* (t Wt) /H, lu'.r ;(« IS »,-.,/, i:ir-»ili . in I«"it4«*s.s»»rv> in t|r.iir,» *i'«r, )i»v«- nr« a jM?j{5r t'ctirr:»tu.*. :<> !ii^ !u!l «if»)ojft>M-i« n< lire dui!) u) ».i,r-tr S.ii»/j , !,, fwiiiikitt , lo IWSrlligrnt tntaminn ij lltrit ««?» <acviti« ch thu Join the philondendrons **rft.t'rt l«1!t)."r t ji.jftVje 01} !.'> Wsr *i:«M<un. mil ,'«- j j.£^.^i,f.,:)( c < «4^ f-\i.j..U'.>Mf; <* ».U. »-' «rffi l»rl"i r,;v.'«- «».! .v-*j| j£ !VT J i" J •».•}. •-, i: !)-jr Jl;.s ,-,.< i'.t "» 5J.*«.,.f *iV- V> '(-.< •,-, !?„ ^;i.Scj .' ^-^".wSt? >r^J :.i t.r )jf .:^ j J>- ,v 5 i ^1* Si. ^ W ,.r:jf ^ir-...V7»f.' *,.,'. >'l . i fiA ).-•> 5<ji i! jfjfjV'jrjs IV C. 1 ) !,',.r '.U', ! <» *t» '.««s •!*,:»•-, t.^ri," *';•.,.(• is»i/ hik> : >-Jit:f-'. ,'.i",;5'...i5".-^ »l !>K i'.J *!x, Men worshipped trees 'rti<'Cnrl*t«tait«ttison |*syritl>oli/,«Jfiy (rew, lite fir tret* with IU IllumfiwUnjt candles hiw token over from UK* oak (hat owe w»* the center of t»rtrtnl, pogun nficrlfkc-s. II Is Mid that trees «ere itifllntalned along the rocky slofxat of the Mcditerranwm llifuuRjiont tlte long early years of man'* •lory because thty were Mlevwl to he the sacred f/rijclncls of every local god, 'Hifirt l« *ltll wmiflhing Crocking in the felling of a tree, Food from ir«e» has Riven iinriculiurwl man more leisure ami abundance limn other crops. Where people really d*ptwl on such food, at in I'olyotisUi In ( lixltiy w here the olive tree Is often Ihc only crop, life isln/y txili-i.* lulling or imtintrx oilers irflK?ritnploymeni. We are lost in woods M«iiy iii!<t!M(»fi)( HjftvnfKt to U «* have wime Hit* way. To ojr»t|ud<', 1 »Jia|l pfWMiil lh«« very brirfly mid <%« Pulti>4Mi -*fitir<g in "Arch'.'otoKy" fi (IK (k-l«b«?r »<i|!);r-*l Oini the Mayan dvilijaiion l am! dt-vtjijjwd »|jrffavut»rly m tl«r tungie foteMs of -/I ,M'-*««wi»WH.< i'ir l,a» >••»»»»— 7W H.C.'. to 'A*J A I* tli>"tij;.li Hit- UM: ol she »«r«l* <>f I(H' ratuon ilirottinuin ttltcuMtujni a ittx <-i tlx* I IK I.<r.ily Wild *4al«ls ol ill* 4 !i*^' pl'ndiii:* •'< Itilitlliium y( ) !ftl \\n \»1 i-M ft ,ii!>' ViHlt cultiviiijur, Ihi* )i<"l<l oxjld \M- (VMil/lftf f/r ui Uii* <!<•«' |j»ovn(nl u reliable. at/ui!<i;in! WHJIC?- ol itf% (M'dl <S«Hai«lr«l no !a)*>t *;it ;«viii)i«lj4p Iw Iwiiiimj? ra!«)iih«il r«' - rioir* tut ;»«>! <!><r Ma) an *»•»• aWe to u»uv<- ii»;j) (riK ( lil'M l "tlkill V»i|)l It* (o«Kti'| til** . l'a»1 4 'A » t J«yJM.W; (»"!**«'> ''? )t( J 1 -^-" ^ T'XW III "Ttw i'l t'*irtu*> 1 1».«. «-»<>• iiJ" ln'{*t<t!;«Me Hun i!,.«i wilt rMwrit to ib'- "< t«< "it^n'tjf llui !i .»£!!<• piatii*. .Vili »iis«J i>ii<S Ox-' j?ji«** 1(.*!!,"5 tj\ 'Siti'aiii|>u*ils«>n of M-"*;I is«j i»it-..1<" i«ii) (/»«.<» rile [*ya<T A5(;,j<- «i|I l«- <«•».} <«» (};<• -(.K v*lt».S> s:ti !(ua to ,«^. t- .vt."-1 Jirt") *J : < !urh, v» 0* t«-«S liili .'if«i v^i-iUit' \ j*-j-«iaj-;r?!! ;>^'1 si whut t- !».>w! ••*! U'«' r««JJ-, . Jwt'.iCiliistl) i WANT YOUR PHOTO BACK? If .100 ittbmB t pkvUu U> Ttit > »<l» for DMIII aw utd «inl h tuci. IfttST Ikt m«IIing »dditn en (far HACK ol Usr ffrtAo Hwll (NOT ae inolljrf f«ir<r al paf>rrl, , Htiilt fhr f'urtt c»e«»t br frUrni-d. Mr "111 Uj lo The Brazosport Facts T'HK Klt/lZOBPOfir FACTO, Fwepttri, T«x«*, T\tW*Aay, November 2S, W\, Sheepherding losing its a I'MCK, Utah <AP> — Alter &6 year» of lonely hour* and hnrd work in all kind* of weather, nheophcrdlng In foiling Itt appeal for "I mlitbt try town this winter/' he »ays. "Thin ix the only work I've ever liad, hut I'm getting a little old. , . " fiit()Aud, wtw herdi thtfp war tlw central UUih town of l'rice-(x>pulation 6,200— 1« 011'; of a nrwwing number of vrterari thcpphwi'T* in Ifm Wi-sl who arc relirmx It's iwrd to fitvl young men « ho are wtlllfiit I" put up with On- ivtlahfiri ;ni'1 demanding ««rk (or only JW a month. »ay» MarirvlluK Palmer. enwulive wicretary 'H Ihc Utah Wool Grower* Finding iriwi to lw«J Ihc (liA-ks «)i th* iii.ijw pt»it>k-m lacing « i»t ftrirA'-rs and i,s «ir <i( Of mam M-.'iMjm liw m duMr> i* <itx-limtt£ hy about Iixjr |.»-t '•<•(!) ;> >i';ir. Palmer xi> •. Many raix-trf-t* haw Ix.-tfun Palmer nay*. Hl»|)aud mokes W» round on homcback and try fool, He and his two brother* came over from France as young tx<y» lo make their fortunes, "We thought the whole country *n* full or gold when we corne over In 1914, We (hough! we could ju»l rill up our pockeu and go home." liut it didn't work out that way. He's never hcwi hack. Ami hin (wo brothers died In America. Kvcr since, Kred ha* watched nver flocks of shwp. winter and summer. Trip* to !<«•/•« have been rare— v)i/ielime* tor a trip to a hospital and an operation. liu* d'O'l was (?<jo<l a'nd the nuff-es were nice, Kul I couldn't sleep II was loo wavy," he says Slse'.'p men have turned to im|xirted MXJT from France. .Sftain. and, more fix-ently. 1'i-ru Uu! there still are problems with immigration v opposiliiH! from labor at»d with fin (roll^ct af<•:!>. tupervising llK*m Irt/rn uirkul) (rwrkk. men familiar wilh ibt* WE'RE AT A NEW LOCATION THE BLACKLIGHT 412 LAKE JACKSON RD. CLUTE A BIGGER & BETTER BUILDING To Handle A Large Selection Of Merchandise WE HAVE WATER BEDS - BLACKLIGHTS POSTERS • PATCHES CANDLES & INCENSE Special Price on Some Posters COME BY AND SEE OUR BLACKLIGHT ROOM EVERYONE WELCOME "A man with a herd on winter desert range l» responsible for an $80,000 or *90,<WO inve«tment/ So many thing* can happen. If a man know* (he danger*—sickness, weather, predator*—he can try to prevent problems," Palmer *ay». ftfspaud doesn't have to do it all alone. He ha* three horses and hi* dog, Hlackie, to h«lp him mind 1.200 sheep. His camp is comfortable. A saddle hang* from one tree to keep moisture out. Chaps hang from another. The wood SR. CITIZEN DINNER SET A liam awl covered dish dinner (or members of the Senior f'iitzcns Ass<icialion will be givfm this Saturday al ih* Senior Citizens Onlcr. S«;%-enth and Pine Sis in Krwfport. Serving will begin iit 12:."» p m. pile Is just outside hi* door. Inside, (here's a place for everything, A camp lantern gives light after sundown. (On bos* bring* groceries, a few magazine* every two or three days, and check* up on him. Summertime means lots of visitor*. Some just come to »ee what, it's like al a sheep camp; what he's like. He talks mostly of the land and his work. .Vow, Kispaud is starting to think of spending winters in town, collecting Social Security, Shortest and Tallest James .Madison, with a height of !>••», was the smallest of the U.S. president.*; Abraham Lincoln, who sto«! fi-4. was the tallest of our chief executives. FRESH BARBQ DAILY 3-BROTHERS N0.5 Coastal Roofing Co. Built-up and Composition No job too large or too small. 265-6836 916 Highway 288, Clute Commercial Residential Industrial Tree displays popular A * Ji J (A ihf rw! Ice t« ,-!.»» tr«'J Ihi- prtc !("•»! SI ; '-*-T fei IHJS Hint r«c<f. l>r mtmbmol KipU«rr 1V»i JU t)r Schwlrf'-' fhwtinan -S S*!a-vhUr \M frtH>> iV,s* Haiti- IVX ol On-intr-il . IlcKr auraiwc r«jMirnn«\l» amlcurtuula c«r«tT gppirtun«»w. and ^mUniuol llw (irtmr With Dr ,Vht-<*tw stwvr arc KI~MI» ( vininiiu* IHl pcwuJwl Jran Siarp •*"•««). *wi l>.>»» j »'«!'•»«>• «rn»»urrt ilCKREID'S 199 1 ov^ 1972 decorator 'ZENITH MODDLAR STEREO SYSTEMS Fealuring Now famous Zenith small,! medium, large and extra large... A revolutionary color tv system featuring a pict ure so much • so much sharper, with so much greater as/ and detail, you really have to see it... to see it! ^Jf&IJ' t •"— 1V> v.vut,\ *. .'-. iJ. SLJ S 89 95 16' DIAG RECTANGULAR CUSTOM COMPACT PORTABLE COLOR TV The quality goes in before the name goet on" w.<»ft«i C iW* *J rt«i« '129' 5 T "" \ •*««C»MI New 1972 S 379" ZENITH HANDCRAFTED ig - M COLOR TV SUPER SCREEN Featuring TABLE COLOR TV t ,„. - ; ;; . s -r;;u!uKna5 1l5 U69 95 23 ri Si .: 5'il? J S'sj* If Amplili*» .'^ ^. ! , » :'U -' f' ,t.^:t f'^«<[ Stf-' 'i, : ) . , 'i-.- G-t;-' liii'ii;} S'/sitiri DIAG RECTANGULAR ? e .« !u CONSOLE COLOR TV Model C «)>) f 529 95 StU'p fc-'.j' B.p.tentij! [teciion Guns #or,:c,: •»•;-. P-.r.e-.i tr > jc* f'uu 4jlJ-J'-: C-.' : -.'i ti.K .lit: 1 :•;-.-• V^> v.: ifca-ti fUSi U I •«; v !•;.••< Cs.Hiol ii'li- -J'rt .-'f J.-.-'Or-f SjWlt.ti; Pl(l<IS S ii. tiit'lv he:.; s iK'«r!«-j Ce>H'::gtr,.;e Coastal Air ionditioning Company Service-Sales-lnstallation Commercial-Residential-lndustrial No job too large or too small 265-6836 916 Highway 288, Clute Coastal Air Conditioning Company W 189 ""ZENITH" TRANS OCEANIC RADIO - N STEREOPHONIC! HEADPHONES •rassiw chsig* ROYAL ?iKX>V : 11 [«(JiO u'CepVen b f M. AM Ir.liidU! v'»a WA<». A'njtoui. Mi'i \\oa\t\e'. IVV FAA tt Navflalion VHP W« cns!j) Sfirjuie Band »* tt^lh tand spieiJ lu'imo 21 (i.r-ed vim;>« Usus "O" c« f»t'.c':os ci -"lo'nal U5V/' ,»:W AC Pc»-«' Soppi)*269' 5 Th« qualify goe* in b«fw« Int nam« 90*1 on* {•^ iv. 25 QIAtS SUPER SCREEN CONSOLE COLOR TV Meatl C UU $^^IA95 649 CHROMACOLORI Only Z©nith| has it I ?«-«. • tst.'

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