The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 6, 1966 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
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Sunday, March 6, 1966
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Sunday, March 6, 1966 TSEA Members Are Attending Corpus Christi Convention fee underdogs in the game. The monthly dinner meeting will be held at 7 p.m. March 11 at the Tower Restaurant. The club has been involved in several fund - raising projects to help finance trips to the district Circle K convention April 1-3 in Oklahoma City, Okla. Currently, members are washing Members of the Lee College ^"J- "^moers ar ? wasmng .T»hn Dewev Chanter of the Tex- windows for faculty members John Dewey Chapter of the Texas Student Education Association are attending the state TSEA convention which began March 3 in Corpus Christi. The theme for the convention is "Accent on Professionalism." Keynote speaker for the conven- Jack Beaird form a "musical" ensemble to provide after dinner music in the cafeteria, Judy Williams compares notes with a friend about some revealing pictures featuring a rose . . . Kenny Fullen is nominated as "plavboy of the month" in Circle K. Jan King shows up better late and any other interested per-!than never as usual . . . Cathy sons. Circle K wili have a car;Conner asks about developing wash and barbecue March 12. j leg muscles for a friend of her's CIRCLE K . ETTES | better known as "Bambi Legs" Circle K-ette members arei. . . Pat Bryan proves to be an correctly. Mike Gates and SITE DAVIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Davis, is a FRANCIS HOUSE Is the GOD of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. House Parents Invited To Visit Horace Mann By STEFAXTW SXEAD currently participating in a bot-! able substitute for an ailing i senior at Barbers Hill High j of Highlands. A junior at REL, tie drive campaign in which thejfriend.Thanks. Pat. School. She is the secretary of | Francis Is active in the Fu- tional Association, Department of Classroom Teachers, who will speak on "Opportunity for Responsibilities." The convention marks the 10th anniversary of TSEA. Included in the agenda of the convention were individual conference sessions which the students chose to attend by then- own interests. Recently. TSEA members and Horace Junior Higii Reporter Texas Public School Week win be observed in the Baytown Schools March 5-11. Parents and other interested patrons are invited to visit Horace Mann during the week. No special programs are planned, but this gives those interested the opportunity toobserve classes. In each room teachers will have a registration sheet to be S'.gned by the visitors. CARVER CHOIR The Carver Junior High Choir under the direction of Mrs. Mat- Durkee, presented a pro- during assembly last Wed- CLASS ! grade • - .ri«iw<iY, v^-uiuy iczic-ii, x^ujua f . , .. j th r,«wc iicc. knd ErVoi Dodscn. Of Mrs. Suzi Powers' eighth te^ s ' ~.-rol's work Bmtzel said, "Belgrade speech class presented Known ro oe sn> is one of the better art students j "Abraham Lincoln , a play, Sandra Irby relates . . Wendell Lyons is we have had at Horace Mann." SIXTH GRADE The ninth grade homerooms have elected officers for the spring term. Officers for 9.1 are Jerome Zieriin. president; Ceciie Cleveland, vice - president; Gary Kimmey. secretary; Joe Pat Kelley, fire chief; Femj Salinas. Johnny Snead is president of 9.2; Glenda Lamb, vice president; Mary Ann Griffin, secre- eighth grade classes Wednesday at second period. The cast included Joyce ^ ev, announcer; Thomas Dur- one" • - - P aul Smith say s you can't win over a 10 year old. . . Claudia Brown wears her sister's shoes Ross Gregory Dickens practices **v ojiiJv-ujs*v^* r •*• **v*"«j — — , t ham, Abraham Lincoln; Janet gets into troubte Smith reader; Lee Armstrong.' Lorna Lncxer Mr Cra^lord Yvonne HarviH.j "c h a r m" after attending a Mrs Crawford; Ronnie Milner. | charm school - . - William Beard- Berrv- Woman Brenda McCor-jmore is very convincing . Pat ™lk- Mrs Jefferson. Martha Way has a special way of greet- mick; Mrs. Jefferson. Stephenson; Mr. Jefferson, George Whitaker; Troy Munden. ing Cassandra Hamilton directs a play . .Lee Arm- vj^nji^iv •* iiiLinv*.* , **wj .-——- . . ,, . «,„. -~v «,». ~^>. ^,, Little Joe: Jeff Ward, actor; strong is sad when his special tarv; Judy Lester, treasurer; JBillv Drai>er. constable; Debo- friend is absent .. . Stanley "* •* '._.__.. " * . . . .. i*> :„!».. ftf\At~ +i-v I j"iiiic*.5*rm Daniel Rendon, fire chief; Michael Gillen, fire deputy) Cheryl rah Stipe. Hannah Armstron; Ray Huey. witness; Janie Head, Lewis, representative. Miss prosecutor; Pat Berry, judge: Kathryn Wright's 9.5 elected ev-| Kenny Ferguson, Will Arm- eryone to an office with the top I Mrs. Lincoln, Juanita Bigler goes to Louisiana. Pam Herring inquires about renting a costume Bobbv Kinsey and George Armstrong sing "Batman" in biology . . *Ti > «JJ«T IV Oil WJ.lIV,t Will* m^r t.v^ ' ^11 Vilii, *•** J. ****,. — ««-, ------ } . -r* — * * I ~~. six being: Cindy Couch, repre- S-ninge. Students who appeared Beverly Burton uses nicknames Jones runs over a Lam.- Jones runs over a city in which thev will go fromi-gets a new pair of crutches from j Mont Eflvieu. Her plans to the freshmen members of Circle! college are to attend Lee Col- member of St. Jude Catholic Church and acts as vice presi' dent of the Catholic Youth Or- ! nesdav. door to door asking for bottles that are refundable. The giris club is planning a luncheon in which Circle K mem-i bers will be guests of honor. The ] luncheon will also include a} K. Too bad, Giz. but rehabilita-j lege where she will major in tion won't take too long. ! business. Some of the numbers presented were "Sing Praises ganization. Future plans for Musi<; .. .. aimb Evfty Moun . ^ Francis are a college choice ta in ." "Every Night When the . sentative; Louis Bryant. presi- as townspeople and the jury .. . dent; Jay Jackson, vice presi-lwere: Wendv Stvens. D e b b i e heater . . . Marlene Martin goes | dent; LaYry Benoit secretary: Pagel. Debbie Hurt. Terri Peter- \ visiting on Sunday if the numbers present- Gary Brinkley fire chief; Saliio| son , Cassandra Hamilton. Cathy; Saunders likes f : "Pilgrim's Chorus." Kalbitz, fire deputy; DonniejFannin Roseanna Lowry and Debbie Hensler •aises." "The Sound of Messerschmidt. reporter; Lu-jstefann'i Snead. hair . - - Bcck\ of Tevas AiM University. ] Sun Goes In." "Catch a Falling d<?nt . " " in-. guests heard Charles Hamilton, style show for both mens' andj Teens Of The Week 9.6 elected Ann Sanders presi- Zavedny, vice- Ann Saunders likes her new save!. . frosts someone's Becky Bailey delivers Student directors wire: Wendy messages for her teacher. Stevens. Janie Head, Cassandra Drusilla Lashloe goes to the Star'\ "King Jesusls A'Usten-[ ' dent - : - Martha vma ^ sec . , J "f;' a ?? i 33 ^' 10 " '? ^."S 8 " |retarv: Chervl Stoerner. repre-j Debbie Pagel. T^f-w^f- ATAT-1-* tT»«-n->irt»»*e» C T T< rtcr ! - - * i ™.. . _. Hamilton. Debbie Burt, Terri rodeo . . . The cafeteria ladies Peterson Mildred Goodwin, and dress western Dale Ward assistant director of field operations for the Texas State Teachers Association, speak on "The Spirit of Teaching." A question- answer period followed the talk. Hamilton was presented the key to the city by Mayor Seabom Cravey, also a teacher in the public school system, at an earlier luncheon. Mayor Cravey gave a brief speech on "What TSTA Means to Me." Following his talk. Hamilton was honored at an informal reception in the Student Union. TSEA members presented him a gift in appreciation for his time and effort, according to David Eames. TSEA president. CIRCLE K The weekend of March 5-6 will be a busy one for members of Circle K with activities including a hayride and a football game. Members and their dates will meet at the college at 6:30 p.m. Saturday (tonight) for a hay ride, according to Kenneth Martin, president. Sunday will bring the forces of the freshmen members of the organization pitted against the sophomores in a football sports spectacular. According to fairly accurate sources, namely for the sophomores, the freshmen are picked to be womens" fashions, stated Becky- Camp, president- New members of Circle K-ettes were "entertained" recently at a slumber party held in the home of Shari Lee Brown SENIOR XIGHT Seniors from all of the area high schools are expected to attend the annual Student Council- sponsored Senior Night at Lee College starting at 6:30 p.m. on March 7 in the auditorium, according to Charlie Mickel, president. Plans include an assembly to orientate and acquaint the prospective college students with the academic and social aspects of Lee College, Charlie stated. Following the assembly, the play production class will present a one-act play, "The Pot Boiler." Mike Gates will perform magic tricks. Other events of the night include tours of the campus and JENNY SOOY, ninth grade student at Cedar Bayou Jun- DON WHTTEHEAD, a senior MALENE MOORE. daugh- , at REL, enjoys swimming and I ter of Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Mrs. Merla Kramer's 8.3 Eng- j 1 lish class presented "The Roar-! ing Twenties" during siixth period Friday. The entire eighth; grade was invited to see the production. \ Amateur actcrrs and actresses in the play included: Deborah Stipe, narrator; Johnny Carrell. i Elmer Gantry: Deborah Calhoun as Sister Amy; Louise Tolar and DurreJi Stovall as Joe College and his girl friend ;Jimmy Lyons as the speakeasy owner; Gevan Werley as the bartender; Ray McCune as the piano player: Billy Webber as Henry Higsby; Brenda Coker as Higsby's wife; Mike LaGrone as Al Capone, George Whitaker as Spats; David LaVergne as "Machine Gun Kelley; Ted Hazelwood as "Babyface Nelson": Wally Collins as the dancer: Troy Munden, Jack Sheffield. Charlie Mitchell and Randy Lindstrom as Elliott Ness and boys. The Charleston portrayed by Becky Bailey. buildings, booths from ail of the! ">r H1 £ h - is editor of the Ce- j surfing along with hJ s duties j C. Mo ^>re^ 200.-> Kansas, is^a organizations on campus and aj da r Post, CBJH's school pa- " " ------•—-—• *«- • special edition of the Lee Lant-i P« r - Jenny has served as pres- ern. A dance featuring thej ident of Ninth grade for first Marks will begin at S:30 p.m. to! semester and has been a stu- grade student at St. Joseph's Junior High. Recent- climax the events of the night. REBEL RAMGUN'S Charlie Mickel has a slight problem pronouncing adjectives Student Tutors Selected By National Honor Society By BECKY MOORE Cedar Bayou Junior High Reporter The National Junior Honor Society recently selected new student tutors from their member- Parrish, Don Slaney, and Kevin Rogers. BAYOUETTES Kathy Atteberry presided at a recent meeting of Bayouettes. Plans are under way for their annual banquet. Paula Bishop was appointed chairman of choosing the location for the banquet. Sponsors for this organization are Mrs. Bonnie Hazel Martin and Mrs. Pat Blun-l dent council representative for two years. She is a member of Bayouettes and a two-year member of the National Junior Honor Society. She is a member of the student committee lor Sterling High School- Last year she won awards in English, history, and scholarship. Jenny's hobbies are swimming, skiing and horseback riding. She is a member of tile First Christian Church. Jenny plans to attend | the University of Arkansas and become an English teacher. She is the daughter of .Mr. and Mrs- Byard Sooy, 1706 Richardson Lane. in the Industria! Arts Club. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Whitehead of 202 Pecan Drive. Don is active in the chtirch work at Cedar Bayou Baptist Church. He was a members of the Biology Club his sophomore year and is a j Church. Marlene was award- sent ative; Bobby Painter, treas- The eighth grade choir sang r T ommv Clark urer: Randv Williams, fire chief; the following numbers during information Tomm> Clark Rilv R aP Clawson. social chair- the program: "Battle Hymn ofjbelives in he Ou.ja board pretends he is a puppy . . . Joe Pat Kelley gives out valuable Tommv Clark Bilv Rae Clawson, social chair-1 the . ma'n. 9.9 chose Mike Enoch, as (the Republic". "John Browns ; Joe Gentry, vice pres-JBody," "Tenting Tonight,"J'Dix- • i e - — - - ~ Patty Motley knows fall off a surf board Robert Lemmon, representative; Ksthy McDougald, fire chief; Charles Anderson, fire deputy. how to Tim knd '"When Johnny Comes! Dodson discusses the position he i played in football . . . Johnny MANN MEDLEY Carrell loves "the grease paint Rex Fisher makes a good | trail". Marching Home." Dickson. Debbie Mickenheim. I and Janie Reed. Fashions of the era were modeled by M a Band To Participate In Contest school volleyball team have been! Mrs. J. B. Gill is the English chosen for this year. The A;TV teacher, team is made up of Sandy Bar-j EAGLE CHATTER •o\v Avey Burns. Cathy Cotton, ! Elizabeth Clark and many Sue'Davis, Carolyn Lowery. and, band students w?r e disappointed Cynthia Thomas. ' ! because they didn't get to go to The B team consists of these | the Fat Stock Show . . . Shelia members: Florence Bradford.! Williams lost her shoe in the Linda Camp, Elizabeth Clark,; band hall . . . Connie Blythe Fairy Crocker. Rosetta Ford,:just knew her dress would get | and " Beverly O'Bryan. Their holes in it ... She got acid ! coach is Mrs. R. G. Santos. j spilt on it. Members of the high school i xhey have already played one i Avey Bums ha s a new hairdo band will participate on either j ga me " and nave participated in ; ... Deborah McKay and Connie or 12 in the Inter- j J volleyball tournament at La-: Blythe like to type . . . Cathy and En-! ,„,,,. rv>]io<Tf> of Technology. [Cotton and Marsha Seal never 1 can get their flutes in tune. By GLENDA BUTLER and JEANETTE RHODES Barbers Hill High School lev Sprague" Terri Evans. Ondv j sco f £ ^ oo n - mar T^_,'_ rUv^:- -VT:«I^"K=™ semble Contest to be held at Lamar College of Technology. WESTERN DAY Each member who wishes to the student council was held A western day sponsored by j Dana Porter gets her cast off , •> , __*"___ -i ..._. i TJ! A«I*-n TJ^ill c-Ti-.- tVi— M^-nnn fr Anita Bell says wrong l_ A ct «t;i v * tii-fVi^rit u uviTi,<i*> [•— — -- f , .. Pierce. Cindy Wilson", Clifford enter the contest has to select | March 2. Members of the high, thing at the right time in band past meml>er of the Drama Club. Don hopes to study IBM Data Processing at Lee College next vear. ly Marlene won first plate in dents displaying work are: Reed a check for $10. As a member of the Blue Jay Band at St. Joseph's. Marlene plays f:rst , chair clarinet and is a Girl Scout in Troop 1499. ny Fitzgerald has a hard time be'k'ah " Elliott, ° Gary Langley, After the solo and ensemble | The senior English Classes | making it to first period typing Mark Nelson,' Mike Donahue, contest the band will begin to! last week saw the picture show j class .^. . rrank Clark w-ears a Nathan Dickerson, J. C. Cato. j prepare for their band contest, j "Othello." It was an actual^per- -'-'- -*•'-•• *" "' ' Joe Fayle, Steve Knight, Roger VOLLEYBALL TEAM Brasher, Don Rosprim, Glenda The members of the high h Cost Of Vandalism Hits Schools ship. There are 39 tutors, eachj, iel] of whom has approximately j HONOR SOCIETY three students to help with a j The National Junior Honor So-1 \ specified subject. This tutoring j ciety he i d its first mee tin<j of' is done during homeroom period the "second semester with fom- z-.jGhost Mountains Are Setting Of By Donna Hoffpauir Robert E. Lea High School I Vandalism at Robert E. Lee i Kigh School and in other schools i of this district cost s parents. toward school property as he has at home. Adams remarked, "I don't think students would throw ice with the sophomore choir is scheduled for March 24 at 8 p.m. Southern Gents will also par- cream on the floor or write on ticipate in the choir contest at tables at home." REL on March 18. The estimated costs of these One Southern Gent comment- malicious acts has been stu- ed, "The Southern Gents, the (lied bv a committee set up bylon'y male chorus group at the school board who felt' stu- i Lee, are gaining a knowledge of formance of the National Theater of Great Britain. deer skin shirt to school Marsha Seal and Barbara Jackson do a lot of paper grading. ceme April 16 —Junior Optirnisses, Banquet. April 15 — Fine Arts Festival, REL. April 16 —Play Day for Junior High Girls, GRA sponsor. April 16 — District Number Sense meet. P^EL. i April 17-19 — Key Club dis-i By JEFFREY Highlands Wins Plaque For Science Fair Enfries every Wednesday. Those tutoring ninth grade English are Tommy Turner. my Turner presiding. New members were welcomed and presented -with membership cards. Cheryl Smith and Sonny Rou- They a ] so discussed ordering geou. Those assisting in algebra j pj^ for a u member^ or tie are Kent Gandy. Holly Ehlig. c!asps and nec klaces. Kathy Atteberrj', Linda Bush, Fritz Lanham, Carol Schrader and Larry Battarbee. Gary Shatley is assisting in German. New members are Larry Battarbee, Kandy Campbell, Everett S e y m. o r e, Lyman Smith, j Stevie Underwood, Peggy Mil Also, Greg Sander, physical j ler, Kay Roberson and Keith By DEN1SE uar science; Steve Mitchell Kathy Kalisek, general math; Betty Lintelman, Phyllis Ewell and Di-1 math. I Keith Carr, eighth grade science; Ellen Watts, Alva Dean, Rhonda Sherman, seventh grade English; Belinda Bliss, seventh grade Reading and Spelling; and Peggy Smith, seventh grade His- KEESTEKE Teen Book Reviewer The tspectro Mountains loomed from the Arizona direction ofS trict Convention. j April 21 — San Jacinto Day. j The cost to repair' objects j p ersons living near the school FUTURE TEACHERS Fourteen members of the R. damaged bv vandalism with or! can hel P b >' reporting unusual! Fourteen memoers ot the K. -"-pm -- Sut malice harbeenes^ihappenings after school hours j B. Sparks Future Teachers left Spring Concert. Holiday. April 22 — Southern Belles i Highlands Junior High Reporter without malice has been estimated at 334,000 in this district. such as lights being on or opened windows. Separated into eight maior "i'^"=" wiuuuws. points of destruction, estimated j These acts of vandalism ire a last weekend to attend the an-i April 23 —Brigadier luncheon, j nual state convention in Austin, j Country Club . Members wre I Highlands Junior High again then conies back all on the same week . . . Cassie Harman pays back a douehnut . . . Roy Geringer likes cinnamon sticks . . . Johnny Coleman claims to be a certain secret agent . . . Arnold Castillo is worried. Larry Heidbrcder surprises everyone . . . Danr.y Jones got a blood test . Eddie Caugh- A P ril 30 ~ Band Banquet, Stu- 1 won the Science Fair plaque Ior| man >ins a " [ he ScUrncc Fair *«.„« u, u« uul;U o,, « u «« le u, ------------- --------------- ~ - , costs are glass breakage, $7,- j reflection of the lack of over- Bianchi Renee Bishop, Saundra dem Commons. 8 to 10 p.m. | the highest number of points ini "- Va!1 P ride »« the school. 000; roof gutters and down spouts. $4,000; transportation, - , S2,OaO; furniture including Dat vandalism with the help of j Mary Jo desks and chairs. $5/000; build-1 scents and a " Baytonians. Also Susan Harrison REL CHOIR IHiUard, Arm Hughes, A. Gresham and Sharon . .. nn& resam an iBrounshadle, Judy Burnett, Vie- Apri i 2S-29 — Brigadier try- the annual Baytown Science i Bark( , r h; , veso me sp;,ce food lei < Timminc; c aTnlvn I JonnPllv. t_.- ir^; M ',+ t>^K^-,-t- f T ^._ tj ; ., u i _•__". _ . can be done to com-1 ki Cummins, Carolyn Donnelly, Cathy i Mav Cai-ol Lang is Highlands' **, grounds 56,000; Carr. Mrs. Elizabeth MuenninkThey had an uncanny power of The Robert E. Lee Choir has i Miller, Karen Nelson, Karen is the sponsor. HOMEMAKEVG CLASSES The ninth grade homemakingj watching these boulders. drawing the eyes of a passer-! " > by and never make him tire of • ijljr ! - - - - » - i UOC*. Ooo' announced the results of the all- j Schiller and Pat Wimmer. damaW «4 | state choir meeting in Dallas, j Linda Ellis has been selected | June 1 to July 29 " ' " ' ! Representing Lee were Janie • as the club's candidate for the I School. Fair at Robert E. Lee H i ; — REL Choir Spring Schooi - | budding new star . . . Marty Concert 8 p.m. Highlands had 152 entries and j Sammons p!ay loss with a "dia- Mav 14 — Senior Prom Syl-. '° n ^ first> second and third!Wood. Karen Wood and Patricia van Beach from Highlands j Parker, Diana Darby, models. tory. Ann Mary Bain. Beverly Guthrie. seventh grade Science; Penny Sharp. Sherry Hare. Lota Moore. Denise Treham. Brenda Burton, class has just finished a unit on personal grooming. Horton i way to lected Ann Parker from the first | h*< a unit oni - comparison to the amount!Gray, second soprano; Sharon;Lee Relay Queen Contest. Linda AT r t> The S .P €ctro Mountains—Ghost: allowed for vandalism repairs i Shaddix. first alto; Carolyn Bell, j is treasurer of the club. j " \h , i Mountains! For they were i the school i= able to spend" S^ 50 j second alt °; Gary Burroughs,! CALENDAR I tne correct j haunted as ^ e ghost of them ; ^ person - gch y earon library i "rst tenor; Mike Rogers, first | March 5 —Distributive l 8 " 8 " 1 ^ ^ mountam P ass ? s to i material in the district. keep from neriod clas, and Liann P Foshe°i period class ana i_ianne f osne^ search i ng for ^g lost gold mme . ; ' There are 12,000 scholastics frorn the second period as the ' ln ult: schoo' district t>i.nLX.). tusmci.; and Criss Goodman, grade Math, seventh But Gary Cole would not ac-;At S2.50 for 12,000 individuals, it! Tne Girls Recreation Associa- j Q ueen ivs+ +u._ ^flfL-** f^f ^ frh/^e-f- \n-*«at : _ r_ : T *. TJ. firvT; crv^ncoy*"^ fhta tVtiT*H s*rtnnal • I bas s and Leroy Krolczyk, sec-1 cation State Convention, F o r t j njck name _ _ La j an i ond bass. Worth. j ter has new glasses . . March 7 — Vote for King andjwiliams and David bass. TOURNAME>T the third annual! of a ghost. What i s very impressive what could-tion sponso. tu me i..^u OHKUOI, ^r arc h if vandalism was com- : Girls Interclub Volleyball Tour-i * ,ueh bated. ] places. -Summer! Winners were: ! I Math group, Patricia Sam-: ^. j mons, and Karen Wood, first;! i Buena Dill and Brenda Hopkins, | Lou Ann Miles makes a mis-j second: Harry Johnson and An-1 calling Molly Cartlidge her thony Munos, third. Individual math, Hal Rich-j ards, third. Physical science j group, David O'Banion and P.ob-! ert Glenn Hubbard first: Brad! Dennis Petrash ihave a duel on the 19th floor Concertos \Organize In McNair Mrs. Cheryl Tanner and Don^fP 1 Wright later came to demon - j Mod l els a used^ a ere 0 CarorSchredliof his hi S h schDo1 life to ex 1 Things which could be done if |Gym. UrnbivVctfvitv period/ Uure s " toat~n^ke^er~cry" "7. B i o ! o g y group, Cassandra 1^^ I S*" Hi°h^ho^ st£ P r and Cnnn,« r*mnh P !l f mm i ploring the entrance to thcjtaxpayers were willing to pro-i Seventeen teams entering the-- -• - * _ /- mtc !.Tnh« ra a v» find. » inct »rtirli» Tomlinson and Kav Cain ««•-! .°° ert E ' Lee Hlgh Scho01 stU ~ — Traffic Court, j in a Dallas hotel. Supplies were j Sheffield and Tim Svvick u- " j Miss Gloria Pooe's homeroom.: brought from home. inarnem recently in the REL j' ^ arcn 10 .u _'stage Band As-1 MariljTi Marshall watches pic- j Clawson, third. Campbell first period class; and Millie j mountains. March 11 Southern Gents; finds a lost article Lu Caiheryn Crawford is pres- , , ,. , _ i>cc "i ident of the newly organized ???. : ... L f ri A.,_ >JIaCOn and Gera!d ,Concertos of McNair. which con- of a .croup of Carver and '«i B^K_, Tomlinson and Kay Cain sc "; dents. Also/ Diane Wilks, Debbie Considine from fourth Davison, Coleman Pat Ra\Tner, Debbie David Alyea, and class. !vide_the amount per ^rson; tourna.nen L were from the Art^— -j - H^-^^. —^ |. . .John Hunt has an adventure! ond; Sheryl Gilbert and Sharon ;"^j M Davk ^Ftt^i March 12 - Keyette banauet, j j"_ study h-U - - - Charles Dahl-1 Arsemcnt third , - . Ninth grade students have!Haunted Mine.' • ui ^ ^rinh Kpvptto<= TT- Prvt-n-v- Ann<; i Assembly at Horace Mann. ,. . . j u »i« imm nas «n <»u.c.n.un. |- ... r -..^. t U , 1CI ^,., 0 . ul ,, F ; ^. Davis ; vic pres i- ^--•^-~!-j5^.S;i^£ 7 i^^ CONTEST CHOIR grade started making their first jment. Beginners win make shifts. I be that of old Asenio, a half 'Other students may choose from I real, half mythical Indian out- ties, another need at Lee. presumed to ! good start'could ^ be made on ! Donkeys. Kangaroos, Mice, Poo-! March 14-l^Southem .__._ _ v._it ^,L-;^<r ^,^^,,of« ^^r-L-i^^r f^ili. dies Roadrunnei-s_ Falcons Ea-:=;rhrv%] Ascpmhlv nrtivitv Belles ! George Hanson forgot to wear Harrington, ihrrd; earth! -idles, Roadrunners, Falcons, Ea-i School Assembly activity per-! his ves t and tie . . . Pam Haf; - - ' ifelfmger takes :'g!es and Ravens. Mod. The concert choir has beeun gown, shortie pajamas, house- i law' whose hideout was in thej REL's expenses for vandalism ! Poodles won the tournament j M arcn 15 _ Vocation Day. "... . .... '— M ^ n « ^^tn. 4:.«^. »u^«*» ..««^ i.r->_—--. c-«».^ n ^ An in fnt* A*. • ^ a m a && ^ TV> mi i f h hirrHoi- tH^n over the Roadrunnerc in the fi-i -..• . ./. T .™ coat siim jims. breakers, two or and blouse. practicing for the University Interscholastic League Choir Contest, which will be held at Robert E. Lee High School on March The seventh and 12. Choral selections to be sung \ classes are now are "Sweet Day" by Baughn-past meal. The eighth grade has j se ts Williams. "Now Giad "of Heart", 'chicken and dumpling dinner! the by Praetorius: and "I Knowjand seventh grade has broiledi sp ur __... --- - ..- , - a" Young Maiden" by Lassus -jham dinner. j venture whelming within his sev-j Dallas, Texas covers vandal- Hirt. Sopranos are Paula Bishop, Becky Phelps. Debbie Johnson, Kathy Blanscet, Debbie Jeffrey. Pam Herrington, Debra Hibbard, Kathy Murphy. ShJrley Morgnn, Debra Solis, Jan Frandolig, Diane Boney, Debbie Jenkins. Kathleen Garrett, Connie Campbell, and Vickie Cook. time opening i doors . . . Linda Hollaway! speeds down the hails at school Pierce and Ann Dom, individual. at arms; Ruth Wells, parliamentarian. -„,<. club was j 3 in the home of Lu Catheryn ! Rheta Newman, first. Teachers who worked with students were Glenn Marring -^tatTo'n' J^a'TSleT^nr^^r^^'^^ S3id {he Jan. BAND terscholastic Choir Contest. P.EL! SCIENCE FAIR i enteen-year-old body, and anoth-1 ism expenses with only 22 cents j Six members of the RELj March IS—Holiday. CBJH students entered sever, i er is the finding of the truth of j per person selected a s members of i March 19 — ! projects in the Science Fair held j who crippled his father. For] If precautions were taken in | the All-State Band are Cookie March 24 Tickets On Sale For Very Fuzzy •e Relays -^ , , A , Southern Gents OOnf 6St At Altos are Kathleen Atteberry, Mary Bain, Joanna Brewer. Linda Bush, Holly Ehlig, Teresa Fisher, Sue Loggins, Marilyn Ridge, Debra Tallent, Kathleen Tavary, Nanci Wiedman, Becky Wimmer, Kay Stanley, Debbie Coleman, and Debbie Davison. Tenors are Bob Cowart, John Morgan, Paul Jaubert, Charles Pursiey. Randall Badgett, Dennis Dauphin, Van Logging, and Larry Johnson. Basses arc Don Allen, Jerry Bolinger, Danny Casey, Allen Caruthcrs, Don Childers, James Creel, Ken McWilliams, Cecil j Taylor, Rodney Woods, Randy called "Radio Control and How it Works." Beverly Guthrie and Margaret Humphries entered a project "The Closed Ecological Chamber" and also advanced to the finals in biology. Also participating were Lisa Coker and Patti Beck with "Static and Current Electricity"; Martha Lippe and Lynda Magee with "Respiratory System"; Dan Hemdon with "Advancement of Tic Tac Toe" and Mike Hoskins with "1 Tube Radio." BEAR BUZZ Jerry Williamson yells to Debbie Coleman Gloria Smith crows in Mr. Flynt class - . • Hubert Yeager draws on book covers. . . Diana Jennings hunts (See STUDENT, Page 5) Passing skulls with bullets • "pon. burglar alarms installed i oboe and Rocky Whitson, tenor |cupations District Convention, at lodged in the backs of them,!adequate covered walkways saxophone. Gary and Tuck enter the Espec-!' Iirrlrou .-h the schools' grounds Climax of their recent week- tros aided by a derrotero. But j fenced in and floodlights left on i end in Dallas for the all-state many adventures await them! at night. These ar e just a few | meeting was the Grand Concert. even to being trapped in a cave I examples of what could be donej Many band students have pre- by the madman ghost of th e In- a n d has been done in many j pared for the solo and ensem- cil Convention, Hurst. dian. The secrets of these enchant-j schools of our nation. Adams, assistant princi- City. I We contest Saturday at Texas cupations District Convention, at Lamar Tech. March 25 — JCL Convention, 4-11 p.m. March 24-26 — Student Coun- to all who dare to read it Did You Know? Prior to the Civil War. many March 26 — National Honor Society Banquet. March 23 — Vocation Day. our schools are a good place for!working for is on March 26 at march 28-29 — Choir assemblies, I students to enjoy during free! Spring Woods High School in j activity period, time, much like a park area. Spring Branch. A sweepstakes] March 30 —Vocation Day. The secrets of these enctiant- «u.-m ^uaius, «:>SI;>ICIIIL piu,ui-|V-ji.y. ing mountains unfold its story! pal. remarked "We like to think I Another contest the band is it would be a shame to have to fence these areas in." How can you combat vandal- Southerners ignored Thanksgiv-;ism? ing as a Yankee custom. Abra-! The one who can do the most trophy will be awarded if the band receives a first division rating. SOUTHERN GENTS Southern Gents of REL have ham Lincoln revived the holiday! to eliminate vandalism is the j announced concert dates as and set aside the last Thurs-i student. Parents can also help; Horace Mann, March 11; Cedar day of November as a national! by instilling in their children! Bayou, March 31; Horace Mann, observance. jthe same sense o£ responsibility April 21. Their spring concert March 31 — Southern Gents assembly at Cedar Bayou. April 1 — Concert Band, assembly. April 6 — Vocation Day. April 8-12 —Easter Holiday. April 13 — Tennis Meet April 14 — Southern Bellas Assembly. beard growing contest in pre- . Fair April 1-3 m Houston. ---n,- i v. . j ASSEMBLY ; c a new a very ,„ .. , ", ... . (small organization." she contin- day. Mrs. Winnie Brown and j" ' Roy White met with the students Thes <? K'rls and boys are eager who will be going to Ross Sterl-! to lcarn new ideas that ma >' ^ ing next year. Mr. Henry Arm-! uscf . ul to thcir club - Thcy are that wili go to Robert E. Lee. BANQUETS Highlands Parents' Council paration for Western Week April strong met with the students i anx ' ou s to become useful to the 18-22 ' *" ---iiT T^ . . ^ . ' ! np^f^v anH ci^lr Western Week will include two dances, a barbecue, a basketball and She said the standards of the club are "very high" and earn game between the Rodeo Club j will sponsor two banquets for j mcm ber "must keep himsrlf and Rho Epsilon Beta fraternity and the awards for the beard growing contest. Prizes will be awarded for the different categories in the board- growing contest. Categories include fanciest, most unusual, bushiest, longest and scrawniest First prize will bo a S-10 pair of boots. Entrance fee is 51. Prizes will be donated by Webb's Western Store in Dayton, Chandler Western Store, Anderson's Western Store, Cowboy Store, Foremost Dairies, and Jacobs Jeweler... graduating students this year. One will be for ninth graders and the other will be for the eighth graders, who are also graduating this year. The banquets wii be helld at the Tower. This dolble honor is due to the ninth graders moving to senior high next year. CHOIRS The Baytown Junior High Choir visited HJH last week. Friday, the Horace Mann choir came to HJH. Billy HIGHLIGHTS Wilkinson leaves and above reproach at all times." Future projects will be to raise money for charity drives, stage a membership drive and have many social functions, the president said. Carver students in the club are Laura Washington, Heyward Etiennf, Joseph St. Remain, Paul Mathews Davis, IJnda and Ruth Wells, Charles Choice, James White, William Breedlove, Helen Creeks and Alvin Sims. REL stuedents arc Lu Catheryn Crawford, Dorothy Robinson and Doris Mays.

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